If You Don’t Fall In Love, You’ll Die


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With so many people in the entertainment industry, the most unpleasant thing for Ye Chen is Ren Jing’s hypocrisy. Ren Jing looks polite and amiable, but Ye Chen couldn’t listen to half a sentence he says.

Then one night, Ye Chen got drunk. When he woke up, there was a naked Ren Jing next to him.

Ye Chen: Son of a *****!

Ye Chen escaped, resulting in an accident and he died. Then, the time was like in rewind and he saw himself sitting in his car a minute before he died. After that, he heard a voice inside his head.

“Daily mission: kiss Ren Jing and reward after completion; the life point: 1.”

“Friendly reminder: If the life point became zero, you will die.”

Ye Chen: ! ! !

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Fall In Love if You Don't Want To Die
Không Yêu Thì Đi Chết Đi!
ภารกิจโกงความตาย รักของนายต้องเป็นของฉัน
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Remiel rated it
October 1, 2021
Status: --
I was almost tricked into not reading this lovely novel due to some of the negative reviews. Therefore, I feel very compelled to refute them lest someone else ends up reading the reviews and falling for them.

One of the most upvoted reviews mentions: "... the system is basically forcing him to have a relationship with someone he doesn't like. Sure the ML's in love with him first but it doesn't look like the MC liked him."

I'm sorry, what? Are we reading the same novel? Because for me it was extremely obvious from the very first chapter that MC likes ML. Let me elaborate. MC is a little cutie with a low EQ, so though he clearly has the hots for ML and likes him too, he refuses to admit it... more>> and finds excuses for his feelings and behavior.

At the very start of the story, MC wakes up in bed after a drunken one-night stand with the ML. However, MC remembers the night very clearly and he remembers enjoying it very much and asking for it. He wasn't drugged, he wasn't dead drunk or taken advantage of, he was a willing and enthusiastic participant. Yes, alcohol lowered his inhibitions, but that's it. He didn't get together with ML because of being intoxicated, he got together with ML because he had the hots for the man and the alcohol made him go for it!

The fact that MC secretly likes ML is clear from the very beginning, and everything that happened later only serves to prove this even further, so the system isn't forcing MC to be intimate with a person whom he doesn't like, but is helping the two get together with their sweetheart. Read the spoiler below if you are not convinced and want even more proofs that MC liked ML from the very start.


The first task the system asked MC to do is to kiss the ML. MC immediately decided that this meant to kiss the other on the lips, trying to wiggle out of it and kiss on the cheek or something didn't even occur to him. He didn't even ask the system if kissing on the cheek would work.

And you still want to claim MC doesn't like the ML?

Aish, let me tell you, if a person really did not like the other, they would certanly try to wiggle out of doing something so unpleasant as kissing them on the lips. They'd kiss the lips only if there was no other way. But when it comes to MC, not only did he not try to wiggle out of it, but he even kissed ML very enthusiastically with tongue for a whole minute. He even shamelessly tried to ask the system for a bonus because he didn't give just a quick peck but went "above and beyond".

Does that sound like the other person doesn't like the ML? Dear other reviewers, are you blind??

And this is not an isolated incident. Whenever ML kisses the MC, the other's mind goes blank, and before he knows it, the two are enthusiastically kissing for a long time, until the ML breaks the kiss. No resistance, no pushing ML away, just enthusiasm. Is that a response one would have when being kissed by someone they don't like?

It's not the novel's logic that is lacking, it's clearly yours. (–_ლ)


Speaking of the "lacking logic" that the previously mentioned reviewer accuses the novel of having: "The MC finds out that someone tried to kill him but ignores it completely and instead goes off to do the systems illogical tasks."

Wow, you are really capable of turning black into white, dear reviewer. Let me give other people some context so that they can better judge whether the novel is lacking logic or you are lacking logic.

So here is what happened, not a spoiler because it happens in the very first chapter. The MC was supposed to die in a car accident because his car was tampered with. However, he is saved by a system that tells him that if he wants to continue living, he has to collect points. If his points fall below zero, he will die. Every day, in the morning, his point total will be deducted by 1. And every day, he has a daily mission that awards him 1 point.

He gets 1 point, by completing the daily mission, and that point is deducted in the morning. So every day, he is working hard, to earn that one point so he would be able to live one more day.

Tell me, what is more important? Living for another day, or finding who tempered with his car?

Of course the poor bloke would concentrate on chasing his hubby so he can complete those blasted daily missions and live for another day!

It doesn't matter that the missions seem illogical. This is the system that saved his life and if it tells him that he needs to do these little things to keep on living, of course he will concentrate on doing them! What would you have done? Ignored the immediate death treat to concentrate on revenge? And then potentially die the next day before avenging yourself?

It's not like the system is asking him to kill people. It's asking him to be intimate with his hubby. Why is there a need to question it, ah? Just go along with it. (/≧ω\)

This is the key here, since the system is not asking him to do something that goes against his conscience, MC doesn't need to struggle against it and question it.

Aish, sure, the MC is a bit on the dumb side, but it is the endearing, cute kind of silly. If you are not into this type of shou, that's fine, everyone has their own tastes. But please don't mislead other people with your one-star review.

And you guys who upvoted this one-star review, have you even read the novel? Or did you just see a review complaining about something that seemed totally reasonable and then upvoted it without even bothering to see whether this review is reversing black and white?

Please, to everyone reading this, please don't upvote reviews willy-nilly. Only upvote the reviews if you actually read the book and agree with the review! I've seen so many highly rated reviews on this site pointing out so many bad things about certain novels, only to actually read the novel and realize that those reviewers had water in their head. It is inevitable that some people are overly sensitive to certain things and get easily triggered, they are not to blame for this. Everyone is entitled to their own views and opinions. But if you keep upvoting them because of their one-sided retelling without actually reading the novel, then you are wronging the author, the translator, and all the potential readers that would have loved to read this book!

The review might be talking about all kinds of moral and right sounding things such as condemning r*pe, child abuse, etc. which might make you inspired to click that like button, but if it is posted on a novel that has nothing to do with r*pe and child abuse, by clicking that like button you are condemning an innocent novel for the crimes it did not commit. Please think about this the next time you are tempted to click the like button. <<less
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Justpassingthrough rated it
December 10, 2019
Status: --
The translator has done a good job. Sadly the same cannot be said for the author. In the pursuit of a comical romance the author seems to have thrown things like common sense and logic out the window.

The MC finds out that someone tried to kill him but ignores it completely and instead goes off to do the systems illogical tasks. He's basically a doormat to the system. Even after finding out that it's been lying to him about the rules of the tasks he just lets it go after... more>> a couple of hours of a cold war and never bothers to question anything. He doesn't seem the least bit curious about something thats literally controlling his life and takes everything at face value. In this case cute protagonist = dumb protagonist.

It also makes me uncomfortable that the system is basically forcing him to have a relationship with someone he doesn't like. Sure the ML's in love with him first but it doesn't look like the MC liked him. After a couple of times the humorous misunderstandings caused by the tasks aren't quite so funny anymore. <<less
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SharkBunZ rated it
November 23, 2021
Status: Completed
People saying this novel doesn't have any plot or MC is forced to love the ML, let me tell you!

They haven't finished the story when reviewing it!

So give this novel a try!!! At first it seems plotless and brainless for their relationship and more of "funny" misunderstanding but around chapter 80+ it became quite depressing and we know more about ML back story after that, it was truly tragic which balance well with the other fluff chapter!

... more>>

yes, MC is trying to be killed by his cousin, but he doesn't ignore it! Just that he have to focus more on completing the mission to gain life point, but eventually he decided to investigate more on his cousin mu*der plan which then get resolved around the end of the chp.

The system isn't unreasonable, the system exist because of (SPOILER FOR CHP 80+) ML willingness in saving MC's death, ML exchanged his life to revived MC in which then the Death System exist to help MC gain Life Point. I won't spoiler more than that it's best to read it blindly


"MC is forced to like ML" dear sister... Are you blind?? Have you skip some chapter? Have you properly finished the story?

Throughout the flashback, we can see MC genuinely love ML he just doesn't know it! Heck! MC actually have "funny feeling" for ML from 10 years back! And after he realised his feelings MC and ML relationship suddenly became so fluffy it give me diabetes!

Most of the bad reviews are really from ppl who haven't finished the story. I was too, bored around the first plot since it does looks like MC was forced and thinking the plot is just- that, the system and nothing else. But it proven me wrong! The plot became thicker and more exciting and hilarious.

But I do say, if you're someone who like more serious drama then this novel isn't for you. This novel is huge fluff & comedy with a little balanced of tragic that hit you hard.

Tip: don't trust bad reviews when they themselves haven't finished the story. <<less
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yiuwai0830 rated it
August 31, 2018
Status: Completed
I MTL translated the from chapter 10 to 105 ?. Bit it a fast read and flow through smoothly as you can understand aome words xD I recomment novel101 to mtl as it has complete novel. And stoc only have up to 95? Maybe

So sweet, many fluff and hilarious scene of MC and the system talking hahaha.

The ML is so sweet

The MC is cute

... more>>

There are 3 couples.

The main is Ye Chen/ Ren Jing

Second is a bit sad because of there stories, fyi I cry for this couple, the shou hurt so badddd. Gu Xi/ Shen Jiaze

(dont know if his name is correct)

Third couple is ok not too much drama.

Yu Xingzhe / Sun

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YCR rated it
November 5, 2021
Status: c105
This novel deserves a higher rating, really. MC has his reason to hate ML, and ML also has the reason for his infatuation with MC. If he has to he could dig out his heart and present it on a silver plate for MC. Their feelings of ML's love and (a little bit of) MCs hate are all reasonable ok!? Just a lil bit of spoiler of ML's love and MC's hate ↓


For ML, MC is the only reason he could live on cuz they have a past tgt and MC cant remember him due to something (Not amnesia)

And for MC, well the first few chapters said he feel like ML is too perfect, too OP, too good so he thinks ML is hypocrisy. But the real reason it's just ML is the "other kid next door" type of guy. MC's mama is a big fan of ML and boasts abt him a lot at home (and much more) that's why ML become an eyesore for MC since then.


You just have to ask one question to yourself when you consider whether you should read this story.

Do you love an unreasonably cute MC and ML with a healthy relationship NO FORCE, NO TOXICITY, NO VIOLENCE, NO HEART WRENCHING DRAMA?

If yes then just dont waste your time on the reviews and go read it or else you will feel like losing a millions!
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rainydayromantic rated it
April 2, 2019
Status: Completed
Really good quality, premium dog food right here! I used MTL to read to the end. Nothing too heavy or serious, just right if you want a feel-good read and to laugh a little. Very romance-focused story. The spicy chicken system seems determined to pit the MC at first, but you'll find out the reason later. _ (: 3) ∠) _

The side characters and couples are great and you get to explore more in the extras at the end. Really just makes my heart feel like it's been tied up... more>> in a bright red bow. I definitely recommend this one! <<less
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dlover627 rated it
September 30, 2021
Status: Completed
Do you like romance?!

Do you like sweetness?!

I loved it!

Why the rating isn't higher?

It's funny and sweet all over.

Is the plot flawless? Nope.

Is the author going to get a seat in the Chinese literary academy? Maybe not.

Is the NSFW enough? Definitively not.

This is a romance without revenge, without transmigration, with a suspicious system and lots of pink sweet bubbles.
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secondthots rated it
March 10, 2021
Status: c91
Forced to perform embarrassing acts to your “hated rival” in order to accumulate life points.... hmm screams secondhand embarrassment- I’M IN!

I’m a sucker for nonsensical, hilarious, fluffy plots. This met the criteria. I always have a bone to pick when it comes to Long Qi’s pacing.. this one came to an abrupt end & had me stupefied for a hot minute. I’m eagerly waiting for the extras because she sowed a lot of seeds about the side CPs & I want them to come to fruition! The story itself- just... more>> focus on the fluff & not the finer details. The twists aren’t that great & the climax was pretty underwhelming. Nevertheless a good novel if you’re just sporting dog food! <<less
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January 22, 2020
Status: c11
It's frustrating to read but also amusing to read.

MC is most likely hated the ML simply because the ML is too OP that it hurts his eyes to watch the OP-ness.

Yet after a misfortune, he was force to do the embarrassing daily lovey-dovey task that caused the ML to misunderstand that the MC is simply a tsundere that also like him just as much.

What's great is that although the MC is from a wealthy family he didn't flaunt it although it makes him lazy to gain popularity and improve his... more>> ability. He simply went by with what's coming and didn't care for the rest.

The question is, why did ML, the Film Emperor, like the MC? <<less
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applebeans rated it
June 6, 2019
Status: Completed
The story is fun, engaging and cute. Ye Chen is a nice boy, and Ren Jing is a gentle and kind soul. There are different types of missions and it's a bit random, so that makes it exciting. The words used is cute quick and without excess, not too over dramatic and never too callous. The characters themselves are good people! They're easy to like

I like most of it, and especially that it made the dramatic afternoon-drama twist later believable, JUST a bit put off of threatening people to fall in love or they'll die. I'd rather they fall in love without the system. It's almost like there's too much focus and credit put on the system.

The main couple has a wonderful love, but supporting characters' personalities and stories... more>> are not really great. Maybe when you read the main couple's story will make up for it. Minor characters' chats are a delight though~ <<less
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Avonberry rated it
October 30, 2019
Status: Completed
Not mtl.

If you are a lover of romance novels. THIS IS A MUST READ. So well written and well rounded.

Not just the main characters, even the supporting characters are really fleshed out. I literally love everybody ? There's only one person considered as a villain, but it doesn't impact the story much.

... more>> FLUFF FLUFF FLUFF SO MUCH FLUFF IN THIS. Almost every chapter it gets thrown in your face but its never enough. And this is coming from me with 100+ chapters of the novel and still wanting more.

And just so you know, apart from our main couple, there are 2 others. I want more of them ?

Bascially this novel

  • Is maxxed out in love
  • Has characters well fleshed out and rounded. They are really given personalities and I fell for everyone. The mc's parents, grandpa, friends, even the system itself. So you get the gist
  • Pampering of the males x1000000000 like literally. Eg by our main man "Qin Cheng: anything Ye Chen says is right. "
  • Angst? What angst. That vocabulary does not exist in our main op (okay, maybe in the renqing's backstory) . But if you look to our 2nd couple, it's there : (which is why I wanted more sweetness from them, but I understand. It's not their story : (
  • Good plot. Everything has a reason. Like why the system is there, how ye Chen got revived, why the tasks have to be done, his (silly) reason for not liking renqing, and why renqing loves him ♥
I really do love this novel. I wished it had a hard copy version, I would really get it and read it over and over. <<less
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Rustle silver butterflies
Rustle silver butterflies rated it
May 14, 2020
Status: c58
It's just fun and amusing to read. Many dog food. Simple written and without angst. Hilarious and cute interact between characters.

ML isn't yandere at all, he is ordinary person. Works hard, good cooking and has love filter. He doesn't jealous without good reasons and don't hurry up in developing relationships (doesn't forcing for something).

MC is forced to be active because of system but he quickly falls in love and he really enjoy this. MC has two childhood friends and other people who make the story more interesting. They also... more>> have flashbacks and side stories.

Novel hasn't exciting plot, action scenes or dramatic moments, because it's slice of life and just entertainment reading. Story isn't boring and you can just rest of tragic deaths or difficult communication between people. <<less
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max2payne0 rated it
July 15, 2019
Status: c18
I love the story, but the MC is annoying. Its cute at first, but after a while it stops being cute. I also don't like the forced aspect, since the MC is given tasks that he has to complete daily with other bonus tasks, and if his life points hit zero then he dies. On the ML's side, he thinks this guy loves him, but the MC actually dislikes, and low key hates the ML in the beginning, so I kinda feel sorry for him. I absolutely love the ML,... more>> and everything else aside all the misunderstandings are so funny. I might edit this review after I read more chapters later. <<less
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ike_00000 rated it
June 25, 2019
Status: c18

It's a real pity about the translation though, I think it's MTL, but it's still kinda understandable. Honestly, I just loved the synopsis and story too much I had to push through haha. It's very similar to Don't You Like Me?

Although the MC is a lot less likeable cause I mean he's kinda useless lmao

But he's funny hahaha
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TheLadyWhoLikesBoyLove rated it
April 1, 2019
Status: Completed
Since there's already quite a great reviews ill just add some icing. This story is so cute, at first of course you'll be pissed off by the MC but that's his character and it was molded like that, after a few chapter it will gradually be better though like, totally better that almost every chapters it will feed you dog food (dog food: flirting in front if you or something like that) but yeah

5 stars

Highly recommend to those who like systems and fluffy love stpry with extra bl from supporting... more>> characters <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
October 26, 2021
Status: --
At first I was confused why this story got a drastically lower rating when the story ended.

But now I understand, it's because this story basically doesn't have any plot at all.

... more>>

Even the main villain in this story doesn't have any lines to read


Actually, this floating plot problem can still be fixed considering the amount of dog food in this story, which makes this story sweet and fun to read.

Unfortunately the author doesn't realize this, this can be seen from how good the author makes a story about a side couple (Especially the story about Gu Xi).

Which ultimately makes the story of the main couple look like a complete failure. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
silverbb rated it
May 30, 2021
Status: c96 part2
I regret putting this novel on-hold after 30 chapters because the rating somehow went from 4.6 to 4.3. Now that I finished reading, I have one word. R PEOPLE BLIND, HOW DID THE RATING OF THIS NOVEL DROPPED. This deserves to be up there with all the other novels rated 4.6. If you're 30 chapters in and you're thinking it's getting a little redundant/this seems forced/fake/getting nowhere/etc (like me at first, even though u enjoyed it). I will just say that the story will NOT fail you. I don't want... more>> to spoil you anything. But I promise this will be a story that makes you scream, hit the pillow and die from second hand embarrassment and how chaotic the situations are. Lemme emphasize, IT IS WORTH YOUR TIME. I came searching for fluff and comedic moments, and this novel resonates with me. The chaotic trio (MC and the gang) is one of the most memorable thing that happened in this novel. The story does a good job of having a main couple and two supporting couples (love them).

But if you're looking for a solemn, realistic, a lot of face-slapping, angsty, revenge, tragic fate story, you may exit. This is not that type of genre. If you're in, you're in for the fluff. Rest assure, it does its job and does it well. This is a story that'll promise you a good laugh (I recommend to not read this in public or people will think you're crazy from giggling) and (perhaps) some tears ;) <<less
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nurcerise rated it
April 24, 2021
Status: --
I don't like the system. It's forcing the MC and ML to have a relationship, and it used to be quite humorous at first, but not anymore. What I don't agree with is how the MC is THREATENED to fall in love, as said in the title, or he'll die. Wouldn't that pressure you? I also find it very annoying when someone is forced to do something he doesn't want to do. It'd be better if he falls in love without the help of the system. I'm seeing system as... more>> a toxic shipper who forces people to be in a relationship. The system's illogical, too.

As for the MC, he's dumb and annoying. Why does he not question anything? He just goes with the flow when something is controlling his life. Does he not feel like a dog in a leash? Oh well, he's completely the dog of the system and I bet he's not aware of it. He's afraid of dying, yes, but doesn't it make sense why you need to fall in love to not die? He's such a fool. I can't. However, it's all thanks to that shitty system who was actually lying to him all the time. This system is def one of the most annoying and infuriating ones.

For the ML, he's okay. I can't say anything out-of-the-ordinary (or stereotype) about him.

There's a lot of fluff and all that, but so many misunderstandings are made in order to obtain "comedy" (and it's getting annoying). It's an okay read so if you're looking for something to read in order to kill time, then read it.

idk how many "annoying"s i've typed but whatever <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
CaitlynLei rated it
December 28, 2020
Status: c91
I just finished the main Story so I had to write a Review. I never really write reviews but this story is far too good for me not to encourage others to read it.

Its a cute and funny story plus its light hearted with a really small touch of Drama so if your looking for a light read definitely try this.

Yes the System is like that for a reason and gosh the plot twists and bombs that are dropped on the second half of the Novel are incredible and the... more>> plot may have slowed down in the middle it soon picks up again and you'll be in for quite a ride.

I dont really hate the naive and innocent MC and the ML is 10/10 in my book its really hard to find a really loving ML that doesnt turn into a possessive psychopath.

I know it may seem annoying at first because of how it starts but I promise that its a great story once you get past the start and the plot begins to take shape :)).

Yes the Novel will explain when and where the ML gets his feelings and why the MC is reborn and why everything is like this so dont worry and read away~ <<less
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Radishhh rated it
October 5, 2020
Status: Completed
It was really sweet and cute. The dog food is everywhere. There's no much drama, I almost think the drama is nonexistent. The MC is quick to resolve his feelings. And I like how the ML always pampered the MC.

The reason as to why the MC is reborn is explained nearing the end of the novel.

It's a quick paced romance and I love it. The misunderstanding is quick to solve. Overall, I'm absolutely satisfied and digging it.
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