Don’t You Like Me


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Short, rich, and handsome, Lin Feiran was always the center of attention. But after transferring schools in his second year of high school, he discovered that his limelight was snatched by his Adonis classmate, Gu Kaifeng.

Lin Feiran was very resentful, and he and Gu Kaifeng became archnemesis (one-sidedly). Although the two lived together, they were like strangers.

When Lin Feiran went back home to attend his grandfather’s funeral, he accidentally inherited the Yin-Yang eyes that had been passed down from generation to generation. After gaining the ability to see ghosts, the timid Lin Feiran discovered that his two-person dormitory was actually a sixteen-person (ghost) room. Every day, he was scared to the point of collapsing.

The more aggravating thing is that because of Gu Kaifeng’s innate body constitution, he possessed an abundant amount of Yang energy. Lin Feiran found out that whenever he touched Gu Kaifeng, Gu Kaifeng’s Yang energy could temporarily disable his Yin-Yang eyes. A light touch would disable it for five minutes, a kiss for an hour, and so on…

Lin Feiran had no choice but to throw himself into his archnemesis’s embrace. This complete reversal in attitude to being intimate with Gu Kaifeng persisted every day from morning till night.

When sleeping, he must squeeze in the same bed as Gu Kaifeng. Going to the toilet? He must drag Gu Kaifeng with him. Homework? It must be done hand-in-hand with Gu Kaifeng… He also had to try his best to persuade the teacher to make him Gu Kaifeng’s deskmate. Every day in class, he would rub Gu Kaifeng’s calf with his foot beneath the desks…

Following the clingy little bastard’s sudden change in personality, the initially shocked Gu Kaifeng gradually became smitten. Every day he would chase Lin Feiran to flirt with him, make crazy confessions, and even routinely push him against the wall and kiss him…

Gu Kaifeng: “Don’t you like me? I like you, so let’s be together.”

Lin Feiran: “I don’t like you! Don’t come over!”

Gu Kaifeng: “……”

Five minutes later, to avoid seeing ghosts, Lin Feiran sneakily came to touch Gu Kaifeng.

Gu Kaifeng turned around, stopping his hand: “After you just rejected me, you come back to flirt with me!?”

Lin Feiran: “Who’s flirting with you! I was careless and touched you; don’t imagine that I like you back.”

Oh, that’s it.

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rhianirory rated it
January 22, 2019
Status: Completed
Cute. Sweet. The MC isn't an idiot, though he is a little timid. ML isn't a borderline yandere, though he is a little possessive (nothing as bad a lot of ML in BL or straight romance). Lots of humor and the ghost interactions end up being more touching rather than scary. Made me wish the whole story was a little longer. I want to know what happened after they got out of high school and into college; I wanted to see them grow a little more as people. If this... more>> was longer and a little more in depth i'd probably rate it a five, as it is it's more like a 4.3.

Thank you to the translator, please keep up the good work!

On a side note I need to rant a little: I think it's ridiculous that this author got 10 years in jail for "spreading obscene fiction" in China just because she self-published a BL novel. Her novels (the ones I've read anyways) tend to be sweet and there's very little smut. Aside from that, putting a person in jail for ten years just because she wrote a homoerot*c novel is almost unbelievable. <<less
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Vithri rated it
February 24, 2019
Status: c20
Lin Feiran (16- or 17-years old) is a somewhat bratty and socially awkward guy who is used to being the center of attention thanks to his money, good looks, and musical talents.

But he's hit a bit of a bump in the road: he recently transferred to a boarding school attended by Gu Kaifeng, and Gu Kaifeng seems to be richer, better looking, and a better student than him. Even worse, this Adonis is his roommate. He just can't catch a break.

Maybe things would be fine - the Arts Festival is... more>> coming up and he's performing a piano solo that is sure to put him in the spotlight - but the death of his grandfather causes him to inherit the mysterious ability to see ghosts. And he's absolutely terrified of ghosts.

But, whenever he touches Gu Kaifeng, the ghosts go away...?

Cue a series of adorable, heart-warming, and intimate interactions between our MC and ML. Every single chapter. The author does not disappoint.

This is a feel-good story. The interactions between Lin Feiran and Gu Kaifeng are guaranteed to make you smile every time.

The more I read this story, the more I fall in love with it.

If you want a bit more sweetness in your life, then definitely give this a read!


I want to say a bit more about the relationship between the MC and the ML in this story. For those who may be concerned, the characters do not start liking each other at random or without reason. Lin Feiran's circumstances are certainly a necessary catalyst, but if you stop and think about it, the development of their relationship seems quite measured.


The relationship between the MC and ML is so far all based on physical attraction. I don't think the ML has a reason yet to especially like the MC emotionally, but he has a lot of reasons to be attracted to him physically, and as long as the MC shows him a good attitude he's happy to use that as a basis upon which to deepen their relationship.

The MC, on the other hand, is discovering that the ML is actually a really nice guy and finds himself having all these subconscious physical reactions (heart beating faster, blushing, etc.) to him. What I'm hoping is that as the story progresses even more, we'll see reasons for actual emotional development in their relationship <3. If it goes like that, I'll probably think the romance as a whole is very well written - they won't have fallen for each other instantly or without reason.

As an added note:

This is also not a story about the MC or ML making the other turn gay. The ML already knows he is gay, and the MC is just... clueless. But the ML recognizes the signs, and is being patient with him (so far at least) as he figures it out for himself. This also adds more complexity to the layers of knowing/not knowing to this story: Gu Kaifeng may not know exactly why Lin Feiran is suddenly sticking to him so much, but he does see Lin Feiran's subtle reactions that let him know Lin Feiran isn't as straight as he wants to believe. Lin Feiran, on the other hand, is so caught up in what he knows that Gu Kaifeng doesn't (namely, the existence of ghosts) that he fails to see the things Gu Kaifeng has noticed about himself...

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femalenovelist rated it
February 25, 2019
Status: c13
A sweet and funny BL!

The "misunderstandings" tag here could be misleading. It isn't those angsty type misunderstandings that make you want to slap someone. Rather, these misunderstandings lead to cute moments between the MC and ML that puts a smile on your face.
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
samie rated it
July 17, 2019
Status: c45
By far, one of my favorite novels. There’s no heart-wrenching anger, no face-slapping. It’s just pure sweetness, all around. RanRan is so obliviously cute and Kaifeng is domineering and doting. You can’t help but cheer them on. I love this story so much I’ve read and reread it more times than I remember. The characters, the storyline, all of it.
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jiang ying yue
jiang ying yue rated it
September 21, 2019
Status: --
Hi, this was my first bl story to read, and because of this story, my hetero novel loving self slowly but surely turned into a hardcore fujoshi that imagines my ‘boy’ friends as uh.. Lets just say I sometimes run loose and literaly ship boys in front of teachers, and the boys themselves which I totally feel proud of myself!

Anyways moving of that topic, I love this novel dearly, I even lost some brain cells just to read the mtl that istg it decapitated my brain. I love how the... more>> MC kept thinking he was straight, when surely you could see him slowly becoming a cut sleeve for our beloved ML Gu kAifEnG!!!1!1

their interaction was funny, fluffy, cute, and filled with my shrill ugly laughters you could hear all the way through the globe. It’s sad though that the author got jailed for ten years just because she self published a bl novel.

beside that, thank you translators for translating such a wonderful novel! My fujoshi/rotten infested self has been satisfied View on bl has become better. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
cmall rated it
April 22, 2019
Status: Completed
Cute funny story & full of fluffiness. I read it twice coz it's so addictive😅MC's solution for his problem create misunderstandings with ML. ML aggressiveness & patience of pursuing ML is adorable. The story roll smoothly (not rush) Yes there's smut too (I'm not telling you where😁)

Love this novel! Great ending and highly recommended!
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
blueise-chii rated it
December 9, 2018
Status: c1
This novel will melt your heart. Heart warming and an easy read. My tear ducts had even loosen in some few chapters.

In the beginning of the story MC and ML did not start out well but later when MC inherited the ancestors ability to see the dead it practically titled his common sense in a huge proportion. Later he learned that his hated rival the ML has a pure yang body that could suppress his yin yang ability, like a man finally seeing an oasis after being trapped in a... more>> desert for a long times, clung to the ML leaving behind his high strung pride.

MC is practically a little Tsundere, he might think himself a fierce Tiger but actually just a little cat waving his soft paws. And ML can’t help but hold him like a pearl in the palm of his hands. Doting on the MC like a good husband. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
kiraluvst rated it
December 9, 2018
Status: Completed
It's fun and refreshing!

Definitely not a shounen-ai haha..

More than half of the story focused on the romance and relationship. The serious plots were like thrown here and there to balance.

... more>> ML is the typical perfect husband.

I would say that there weren't many significant obstacles, everything just went smoothly. Even where there was a hurdle, it was quickly solved, just like that.

There were some developments that I couldn't grasp, like why the ML just fell in love with the MC, considering the cold treatment he was receiving since Day 1. There were many misunderstandings at the ML's side, I think it's a bit unfair. This was brought up later near the end of the story, but yeah as I said everything just went smoothly it almost felt unrealistic.

Well, I still found it quite enjoyable for a fun, quick read :) <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
November 13, 2019
Status: c23 part1
What happened to this author is so sad QAQ, she's honestly one of my favorites... best of luck to her.

As for the novel itself, I really like it! It's full of fluff, absolutely full of it.. both the MC and ML are super endearing and make for an adorable pair. It's very happy-go-lucky, totally recommend this to anyone that doesn't mind being made to eat dog food... continuously.

(to the review complaining about the prison sentence, I feel you.)
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Ichigoeater rated it
September 13, 2019
Status: --
Yeah, sorry, but... did this author seriously get thrown in prison for 10 years for writing and self publishing a yaoi? Chinaaaa... every time my opinion of that country improves a tiny bit, I hear something that lowers it twice over. There are so many stories from authors of that country that are so good, whether they contain homo-eroticism or not! I actually fooled myself into thinking the country as a whole wasn't as closed-minded as media had me believe, how stupid.

That may be irrelevant to the story, so... yeah,... more>> story's pretty good, you should give it a try...


RAGE. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Boba rated it
August 18, 2019
Status: Completed
Read this long time ago... And I seems can't get over how cute and 😔 this story and the ghost's descriptions are (/ω\)

Is it worth reading? DEF!!!

Honestly, this story keeps me intrigued and make me finished it in one sitting (when even I have difficulty to finished one novel). LOVE IT

Tho if you have light stomach better not to read... No, just skip the gore-ish detail, KEEP READING. For myself I didn't find the desc scary/ frightening/ disgusting

But seriously....


2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ike_00000 rated it
June 25, 2019
Status: c28

I loooove stories where one party teases the other and the other party doesn't actually hate it and can't run away. Too adorable. I almost want to pity Gu Kaifeng, except he's enjoying the hell out of the situation haha

To be honest I'm a little afraid that the story will lose a lot of it's charm after their feelings become mutual.. Definitely the solving of ghost problems will become a core topic later, so I feel like this story will become entirely different (good or bad, I don't... more>> know).

Anyway, right now it's super cute, worth reading for those that like this genre!! <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Kaylee rated it
February 25, 2019
Status: c13
So far so good.

Perfectly the stereotype BL characters, cant ask for more. Funny, entertaining.

You'll get the feeling 'ah youth....' I'm not old but kinda want to say 'where art thou my youth? XDD

... more>> Totally forgot that they're just 14yo, but it's nice to see the seme isnt that 'cold' as the usual adult seme LOL

All their characters are suitable for 14yo teenager, with lotsa hormons to keep up and confusing identity&character crisis. Thank goodness the author didnt make them adult, coz the uke is just too stupid to think, this is not a proble here but it's a problem for those reborn cliche story lmao.

I'll review more when it's complete/half way there. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
DeanRae rated it
December 23, 2018
Status: Completed
Cute. Not gonna lie though, I feel like it could have gone a little longer (great ending though). I especially like the interactions with the ghosts and the mirror on the ceiling scene hehehe
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