The Target Always Thinks That I Like Him!


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After the nth time of failing a marriage meeting, Xiang Han got himself a job: good treatment, high salary, free world traveling with food provided, house provided and even a ‘lover provided’?!

At first, he thought, apart from having to travel into the body of a scum cannon fodder, a scheming fake white lotus, everything else was okay. It was only later he realized that saving the target was also a problem. His imagination was neverending, even eating a cup of ramen was seen as a way to rouse his ( target’s) interest!

Xiang Han: This target is a no-go.

Certain Target: Very good, you’ve already managed to rouse my interest.

Xiang Han: Go outside and make a left turn to the optometrist, go get your eyes healed! Additionally, this “lover provided” isn’t necessary.

A Certain Target: This is certainly necessary!

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Kal rated it
June 21, 2018
Status: c1
The synopsis seemed interesting and the first chapter held up to my expectations. Waiting, waiting for new chapters!

I expect there will be a lot of inbound misunderstandings for our poor MC.

Also, this is BL! If you didn’t figure it out by reading the tags. So don’t bother reading this and then rating it badly just because it’s BL.
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August 25, 2018
Status: Completed
The story is full of misunderstanding to the point that you won't know if your going to pity the MC or laugh in the situation. The reason? The ML always think the MC like/love him.

Every moves of the MC, the ML think its about him. Its annoying sometimes but you still cant stop to smile and laugh.

Warning there is bondage scene here 😂😂😂. But is it cute to see the their different personalities in 8 world and how their feeling bloom.

Good luck in reading.
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elvira12 rated it
January 2, 2019
Status: Completed
Highly recommended. Although it may seem like your usual system host story, it isnt. Basically, the host is recruited to be a beta player aka host in order to save the ML who is the admiral. The ML got stucked in the system due to the attack by insurgents.

The story is fluffy, lovely, with a mild flavor of BDSM. But it is very, very light. And a light tendency of ML yandere.

Basically, you get everything. I love this and hence, I MTLed this. Worth it!
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Emmitouflee rated it
May 13, 2019
Status: Completed
Definitely not a bad read, some of the arcs are especially enjoyable and ... more>>

two of the arcs were even linked together which I really enjoyed.

I also enjoyed how we see the characters have to fall in love all over again, which was an interesting change from QWFOD or Holding Onto My Man where about halfway through they were in love immediately because they could recognize who the ML was. (Although I still prefer the QWFOD method)

But ultimately, it did not feel like the MC loved the ML as much, definitely not to the extent of the QWFOD's MC for instance. MC is very much about self-preservation, holding his feelings in check, and being reserved and it was a little disappointing to see that that held true up until the very end. Also it seemed like s*x was a bit of a chore for the MC, he only seem to show active interest during the times he tried to top the ML. <<less
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rhianirory rated it
January 30, 2019
Status: Completed
a good story, the only thing it's missing is a cat (tpwskmffi). The MC isn't trapped by the system and forced into a role he can't stand nor is simply bored and playing around. There are a lot of misunderstandings with the ML at the beginning of each arc, hence the title. The MC is in almost continuous contact and monitoring from the outside world (big A and little B) and comes out of the game after each arc.

... more>>

he's told the ML is trapped and doesn't keep his memories from world to world, especially in the beginning. The entire reason the MC was hired is to help the ML escape from the system he's "lost" in, since the two have such a high compatibility rating


the ML is the usual aggressive and sometimes overly possessive type, but he doesn't belittle and treat the MC like a stupid little girl, though he does sometimes try to baby him. The ML is gay in almost every story and there is even an arc where they talk about the issue of whether or not a person is born gay or if it's a "psychological defect" which I found interesting since many BL stories tend to avoid the subject all together or do the "I'm only gay for you" route.


both ML and MC insist they were born that way, though the MC is a little more hesitant when he says it since he was pretty much a shut-in before the project and didn't have any romantic experience one way or the other


unlike most people I didn't like the drama during the RW arc


i wanted to smack the general upside the head when he told the MC he didn't like him. So much trouble because of that stupid sentence


also, why is it that in every single Chinese quick wear novel I've read (and a few other sci fi based ones) the MC and ML are always fighting against the Zergs? Do the writers lack imagination? I realize Star Craft is fun but seriously, just once i'd like to see a brain sucking jellyfish or some kind of a symbiotic species like DAX or anything other than the same old bugs over and over again.

other than that I rate this at a 4.5 it's not really a 5 but a 4 is too low. <<less
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Kailyria20 rated it
March 29, 2019
Status: Completed
This is really sweet and kinda fluffy, the ML is not really a yandere type at least not to me, there are hints of it but he always keeps MC's feelings in mind, always very considerate, which is very cute imo.

MC starts off kinda clueless I guess uh easily led by the nose then eventually wises up and gets very bold, their interactions are quite sweet, there are angst moments but it's not long lasting... it's due to circumstances or misunderstandings, which don't last long so don't worry.

As for smex... more>> hmm.... lets say it's not super detailed, there's not too much to imagine though, and it's very short scenes most of the time... what I find funny about this is the fact that MC never gives up on trying to 'top' ML but always ends up losing in that aspect due to things just not working out the way he envisions...I'm pretty much roFL most of the time because of that.

For example, a moment when things go contrary to his plans:


This one time he managed to hypnotize ML into being on the bottom.... except ML just let MC go into astride position pfft... and he tearfully tried to beg ML into switching to another position because it's *cough* too intense but ML would just reply in an entranced way that he has to stay on bottom pfft... 🤣

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kumastories rated it
December 23, 2018
Status: c19
just finished the first arc and loved this already. Will probably read other novels first while waiting for the rest to translate. Entering another arc without translation is pure torture and reminds me too much of my past chinese tests. Anws, love this novel so far. Gave it a 5 because although it seems to lack originality, there seems to be something deeper in this story. Can't wait to find out how the worlds are actually linked and why this system exists.
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Narutolvr rated it
October 9, 2018
Status: Completed
Torn between 4 and 5 stars- I'd say this is a solid 4.5 (great story, but nothing stellar or super moving or anything), but I rounded up to 5 stars because I really enjoyed it. It's somewhat like your standard fare BL quick wears as far as plot lines go, but all of the stories are entertaining and the fact that the male lead is always convinced the MC is secretly in love with him makes for some pretty hilarious interactions. I'm trying out this thing where I do shorter... more>> reviews, so I'll just end this by saying it's a worthwhile read. You absolutely won't regret reading this, raws or translated! ^^ <<less
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darlingv rated it
May 30, 2019
Status: Completed
This quick transmigration novel is definitely one of the better ones. The overarching plot is rather interesting and so are the arcs, but I think what really makes this novel a great read is the sweet moments between MC and ML. This is definitely a novel that is more focused on the romance rather than action or adventure.

My favorite arc was the zombie apocalypse one. There were some arcs in between that kinda fell flat for me and I was a little annoyed that ML wouldn't let MC top at... more>> least once, even though MC wanted it so badly (I find that there's an imbalance in these kinds of relationships) so overall I would give this a 4.5 rather than a 5. <<less
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DanmeiAllTheWay rated it
May 13, 2019
Status: Completed
Just finished reading this! God, I so love this book. Even thru MTL you can clearly read it and understand w/o sacrificing some of your brain cells (tho tbh I would sacrifice my whole life just to read all danmei stories in the world). In my opinion, this story's plot is basically 'misunderstanding' but it's not the kind of misunderstanding that you would hate, in fact, this one is full of sweetness damnit I have to go to the dentist for some cavities this is too much for a single... more>> dog like me!!

Don't get me wrong, this whole book is good but the ending could've been better. I still want to know a little bit about their life after marriage and after they got their little buns.

Overall, this is a good read! Totally recommend this! <<less
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April 10, 2019
Status: c15
I LOVE THIS! Not the usual or world hopping trope 😂😂😂😂 and based from the previous comments i've read (which are spoilers), my hunch is right about the ML. 😂😂😂😂😂
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Chrysajin rated it
February 19, 2019
Status: c13
I think the premise of the story is really interesting as well as the misunderstandings that continue to deepen between the MC and ML are hilarious, but characterization wise, the MC is a little daft. He is focused on the task at hand, but prioritizes food over everything.

I feel like the explanation that his former home didn’t have a lot of delicious food explains his obsession, but I feel like it’s used more as a plot contrivance or a silly quirk.

I don’t have the firmest grasp of the male lead... more>> as of right now either.

But I will still continue reading. <<less
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TheLadyWhoLikesBoyLove rated it
January 25, 2019
Status: Completed
This one is tied with quickly, (both top 1) in my transmigration bl lists. Since there's already many reviews I say many things. The last arc (real world) is so good that it beat quickly (last arx real world) for me 😍😘 thats all thank you
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Wife of Sovereign
Wife of Sovereign rated it
October 24, 2018
Status: c8
The MC is cute, silly and actually trying to accomplish his mission despite it was actually in vain as the ML misunderstood everything and love him more instead of the supposed protagonist.

... more>>

Unknown to the MC too, the 'Game Master', or the Admiral to the game he's playing and trying hard to accomplish mission in, was actually shipping him with the ML rather than the supposed protagonist, because in his opinion, quote, "They have a 99.99% compatibility, it will be against heaven's will if they're not together." unquote. Poor the MC was actually serious in trying to get the ML and Supposed Protagonist together.


The ML is decent, his misunderstandings are funny, and he's also a capable man from the description.

The "Supposed Protagonist" is a reincarnated white lotus b***h, despite the world was actually a game.

That's my opinion so far for the three center characters. Idk, this novel sounded like it will be episodic, and jumping from one game scenario to another. So, I'll say, these are the personalities for the people in the first world. <<less
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