The Target Always Thinks That I Like Him!


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After the nth time of failing a marriage meeting, Xiang Han got himself a job: good treatment, high salary, free world traveling with food provided, house provided and even a ‘lover provided’?!

At first, he thought, apart from having to travel into the body of a scum cannon fodder, a scheming fake white lotus, everything else was okay. It was only later he realized that saving the target was also a problem. His imagination was neverending, even eating a cup of ramen was seen as a way to rouse his (the target’s) interest!

Xiang Han: This target is a no-go.

Certain Target: Very good, you’ve already managed to rouse my interest.

Xiang Han: Go outside and make a left turn to the optometrist, go get your eyes healed! Additionally, this “lover provided” isn’t necessary.

A Certain Target: This is certainly necessary!

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59 Reviews

New zenivamp
Dec 07, 2023
Status: c168
I've finished the main story.

Overall I liked it but the novel got a bit boring near the end. It's been a while since I've read a good quick transmigration BL. This wasn't the best but I liked the different arcs. It just got a bit annoying how the ML always misunderstood the MC at the start but it kind of added to the comedy and the development of their relationship.

I felt that if the ML didn't misunderstand they'd never be together with the way the MC was acting. So not... more>> a too fluffy story.

I found the ancient arc with the marriage from the start the most memorable. <<less
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May 02, 2020
Status: Completed
I only liked the first arc and the apocalypse arc. The other arcs just irked me off.

Just because the MC and ML had 99.9% compatibility, Big A let MC get drugged/drunk just so that ML can top him.

Since it's non-consensual, ain't that just r*pe? Oh and don't get me started with the "he likes it anyway" BS. What made it worse is that almost all arcs' s** scenes were like that. It gave off the impression that their relationship is so forced.

Another annoying thing is how Big A keep on... more>> meddling with their relationship. ALWAYS. EVEN UNTIL THE LAST FEW CHAPTERS. Oh I get it. He's just concerned for the ML. He might as well be the MC ffs.

Not really much character improvement seen. The world-building is same as other QT novels. The translator did a great job though. Kudos to that. This rating does not, by any means, reflect their translation work and is only based on the story itself.

TLDR: Good translation but personally wouldn't recommend it. <<less
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Jun 21, 2018
Status: c1
The synopsis seemed interesting and the first chapter held up to my expectations. Waiting, waiting for new chapters!

I expect there will be a lot of inbound misunderstandings for our poor MC.

Also, this is BL! If you didn’t figure it out by reading the tags. So don’t bother reading this and then rating it badly just because it’s BL.
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Jan 30, 2019
Status: Completed
a good story, the only thing it's missing is a cat (tpwskmffi). The MC isn't trapped by the system and forced into a role he can't stand nor is simply bored and playing around. There are a lot of misunderstandings with the ML at the beginning of each arc, hence the title. The MC is in almost continuous contact and monitoring from the outside world (big A and little B) and comes out of the game after each arc.

... more>>

he's told the ML is trapped and doesn't keep his memories from world to world, especially in the beginning. The entire reason the MC was hired is to help the ML escape from the system he's "lost" in, since the two have such a high compatibility rating


the ML is the usual aggressive and sometimes overly possessive type, but he doesn't belittle and treat the MC like a s*upid little girl, though he does sometimes try to baby him. The ML is gay in almost every story and there is even an arc where they talk about the issue of whether or not a person is born gay or if it's a "psychological defect" which I found interesting since many BL stories tend to avoid the subject all together or do the "I'm only gay for you" route.


both ML and MC insist they were born that way, though the MC is a little more hesitant when he says it since he was pretty much a shut-in before the project and didn't have any romantic experience one way or the other


unlike most people I didn't like the drama during the RW arc


i wanted to smack the general upside the head when he told the MC he didn't like him. So much trouble because of that s*upid sentence


also, why is it that in every single Chinese quick wear novel I've read (and a few other sci fi based ones) the MC and ML are always fighting against the Zergs? Do the writers lack imagination? I realize Star Craft is fun but seriously, just once i'd like to see a brain sucking jellyfish or some kind of a symbiotic species like DAX or anything other than the same old bugs over and over again.

other than that I rate this at a 4.5 it's not really a 5 but a 4 is too low. <<less
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Feb 20, 2020
Status: c166
The basic plot of this story is thus: an ordinary young man from the Interstellar era is hired to hop through a number of virtual worlds modelled after the Earth era to assist/save a target who always thinks the MC is in love with him.

Time flows differently between the real and virtual worlds. The story spans over the course of eight worlds + the real world, and after some math, I estimate that the MC spent around 650-700 years in the virtual world. Obviously the person he was with the... more>> whole time was the ML, who was the same person with a different body and set of memories in each world. The actual reason behind why the MC was chosen and why the ML is the same person is that


the ML is an Admiral who was assisting with research that involved him putting his consciousness inside a virtual world, however he was attacked and made unable to leave the virtual world as a result. To safely extract him from the virtual world, his subordinates and grandfather tried a number of different methods and eventually found the MC, whose genetic compatibility or whatever with the ML is 99.9% and hoped that he could induce a resonance with the Admiral to pull him out.


What I found hilarious was that, most of the time, the MC was only able to successfully seduce the ML when he wasn't trying or didn't want to. Like, when he rejected the ML, the ML thought it was because he loved him and was sacrificing his own happiness or whatever, but when the MC actually tried to hit on him, the ML rejected him so hard. It was only in one of the last few chapters that the ML realises that his brain was at fault for always thinking that the MC liked him first and coming up with s*upidly excessive reasons for the MC's simple behaviour.

Things that made me laugh:


World 1

    • There is no escaping the ML's brain hole. No matter what the MC does, the ML thinks it's because the MC is madly in love with him.
    • The MC and his System can't cook to save their lives. He also doesn't know what takeout is, but when the ML says he's going to get some the MC wants it too because not even he can stomach their cooking.
    • The MC lets his System take control of his body to get rid of his attackers and the System overuses his body to the point that he ends up in hospital.

World 2

    • Th MC forgets that he's impotent this time around and tries to top the ML only to realise that he can't.

World 3

    • ML spends years teaching the MC not to be gay + not to favour only one lover/subordinate (because this is a world with harems) and then he falls for the MC.
    • The MC tries to drug the ML and gets drugged instead.
    • The ML lies to his mother by telling her that he can't get it up just so he doesn't have to marry a woman.
    • The MC lies to his people by telling them that he can't have children so he can be with the ML.

World 4

    • The MC's crow (curse) mouth.
    • The MC asks aloud why the ML hasn't fallen yet and then the ML falls over.
    • The MC tells the ML that he'll never grow taller if he doesn't eat, causing the ML to freeze, eat, and then try to make the MC take back his words because he is VERY aware of the MC's crow mouth by now.
    • The ML can't handle the MC's crow mouth so he tapes the latter's mouth shut.
    • The MC panics when the ML tries to initiate s*x so he says that the ML won't be able to do it, which results in the ML then being unable get it up for a while.
    • The ML gets mildly psychologically scarred after the above incident so he goes online to ask on forums how to stop his partner from talking and someone sends him a link to a shop filled with gags and thus the ML discovers the wonderful world of bondage.
    • The ML's "I'm straight." Then several chapters later he's the one getting off to the MC in a kinky kitty costume.

World 5

    • The ML loving the MC's chubbiness and squishing him whenever he can.
    • The ML calling the MC "Little Silly".
    • The MC dropping his bones everywhere and the ML frantically searching for them.

World 6

    • The ML still calling the MC "Little Silly" after remembering what happened in World 5.
    • The MC teaching the ML how to hypnotize, leading to the ML hypnotizing the MC into doing naughty things and admitting that he loves him.

World 7

    • The MC stuffing apples in his shirt to pretend he has breasts.
    • While the MC cross-dresses, the ML (who thinks the MC is a woman) accidentally pushes the MC's fake breasts out of place and then was so embarrassed he gave the MC half a million dollars as "spiritual compensation" for "work injury".
    • The MC is 100% confident that he can seduce the ML this time because every other time he did it without meaning to, but this time around the ML is gay af and pretending to be straight, so the MC's crossdressing has no effect.
    • The ML finding out that the MC has a d*ck and having a mental meltdown because he doesn't know if the MC is transgender or has a gender identity disorder or has a fetish for female clothes or is gay and if that makes him (the ML) gay/bis**ual/heteros*xual for liking the MC.
    • The MC/ML going to the other's hotel rooms to pretend to offer "services", but the hotel staff overhear and come to the door because they're a fancy hotel and they "don't offer that kind of service", so then the MC/ML have to explain that it was a joke/that they know each other.
    • The ML is 100% certain that MC is taking female s*x hormones and that is how MC's skin became so soft/white and his features were so feminine.
    • The ML locks the MC in his house without any way to contact the outside world. MC uses his System to hijack the neighbour's internet, purchases takeout, and then lowers the rope he made out of his bedsheets to collect the takeout from the deliveryman. Deliveryman proceeds to ask if the MC needs him to call the police, to which the MC responds that he is fine and just doesn't like going outside.
    • The MC's dad thinking that the ML locked up the MC (he did) because he finds his son wearing handcuffs/chains and chained to the bed. MC: "It's just his taste." Dad gets angry. MC: "I like it too."

World 8

    • The MC accidentally getting turned into a rabbit for half an hour, and then getting captured by his disciples who want to eat rabbit meat while their master is away.
    • The ML deciding he wants to keep the rabbit and doesn't know if it's a boy or girl so he spreads the MC's rabbit legs to check while the MC is screaming internally.
    • The MC getting carried around by the ML after getting temporarily turned into a phoenix that looks like a chicken.
    • The ML's mother handing him what I'm pretty sure was either lube or p*rnographic books.
    • Did the ML's mother just give him tips on how to make the MC's body weak so he could top???

Real world:

    • Big A repeatedly pitting himself.
    • The ML occasionally calling the MC by all the nicknames/titles he used to while in the other worlds (e.g. Teacher, Little Silly, Brother, etc.).
    • The ML remembering all the world they spent together and all the kinks the different versions of him had (cat outfits, bondage, chains, animal ears, etc.), which leads to him developing those fetishes too.
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Apr 12, 2020
Status: Completed
Mtl is pretty much ok, of course, not as good as the translation (thank you translator !!)

as far as word hoping goes, I likes the fresh idea of the reasons behind it, and the fact that it's not based on tiresome revenge, but sadly, for me, the whole thing is a disappointment

there's really not much in any storyline, the universes are not varied (plenty are normal nowadays), the scenarios are pretty weak and the relationship not very rich (the MC becomes more manipulative (and s*upid ?) while the... more>> ML shows a variety of borderline yandere tendances)

i'd say to me the fun parts that despite none of them being the protagonists, their own changes will disturb the original storyline to various degree, and I like that ripple effects. It was really something that could have brought a lot of interesting ideas, but it hasn't been used: however disturbing the world changes is of no consequence, so basically, there's no tension, and everything is a bit too long.

i also can't really stand the male/ female take on these same s*x couple, so when it becomes a little explicit, it feels like non consensual all the time. You'll have one straight guy ending up being the painful « wife » of the gay ml, it's a running - not fun - joke to have the MC try to « top », in vain of course all the time -
You can also expect him to be painful for a lifetime, because in chinese novels, the « wife », be it male or female, cannot expect to stand and walk after s*x : of course one of the special powers of « husband «, is infinite s*x drive and no care for their partners - nothing beats the gratification of self indulgence, which implies no control upon their powerful prowess (???)

So it was kind of cute, but these s*x trend kind of really take away the cute and fun for me - it's boring (overused) and mean - the rest of it being quite weak, it's certainly not a novel I would recommend <<less
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Aug 26, 2020
Status: c5 part4
Started off alright, if rather typical, but as the story progresses the ML becomes more and more forceful and typical overbearing rapist-type, while the MC keeps being a weak chicken. While I like some of the stories and details, I still dislike this very stereotypical basic Chinese BL trope setting, and there's not enough to set the story apart from the rest.

Can't men be attractive without being rapists or rollovers?
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Jan 02, 2019
Status: Completed
Highly recommended. Although it may seem like your usual system host story, it isnt. Basically, the host is recruited to be a beta player aka host in order to save the ML who is the admiral. The ML got stucked in the system due to the attack by insurgents.

The story is fluffy, lovely, with a mild flavor of BD*M. But it is very, very light. And a light tendency of ML yandere.

Basically, you get everything. I love this and hence, I MTLed this. Worth it!
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Jun 27, 2020
Status: c3 part14
This Author is very abusive with the idea of MC being drugged in every world and forced into non-consensual s*x, fully supported by a sadistic co-worker (BIG A). I agree 100% with agathe above on this one. It's very off putting, to the point that when the ML is abused in turn by the MC in the second game world, I was in full support and really wanted him to suffer. That should not be the effect that the Author should go for....

Other than that, I do find the stories... more>> to be interesting and I do laugh a lot during some of the worlds (particularly arc. 2 and 4) <<less
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Sep 25, 2020
Status: --
The starting of the novel was pretty good enough but as it goes on it becomes very bad...a roundabout... The ML abuses the MC but the MC has to cope up with it because he's being forced by 3 idiots. They tell the MC that you can't do anything about it or you'll be fined for breaking the contract blah blah.

And they do this because of a reason..

... more>>

Because the MC and ML has a perfect soul match.... Excuse me I mean what!! Just because they are a perfect match means the MC should get continuous abuses and they even help the ML.... argh I hate this type of person, they assume that's good just because they think it's good..


Ps. The ML never cares about the MC's feeling they just do whatever he feel is good.

The system gets dead when it's needed... It would've been nice if it wasn't there at all.

The MC is a idiot himself he just goes with the flow and doesn't do anything to help complete the missions.

The relationship between MC and ML was quiet forced... not natural at all... like they r forced to be together just because the author-sama wants them to.

If you like abusive BL novels you can gladly read it... not for me sorry...I need to find some fluff to forget this andmake my mood good.... TT﹏TT <<less
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Jan 17, 2022
Status: --
Premise: It's an interstellar world. MC is an ordinary person, who was looking for a job in a gaming company. Before the interview, he went through some tests and his compatibility with ML turns out 99%. ML is a high ranking official who is trapped in a world simulation program. To save ML, MC has to enter the world and try to fulfil ML's wishes or systems tasks.

The things I liked-

some well-timed jokes, translation and the background story.

... more>> The things I hated-

Actually, there are too many. Firstly, the relation between MC and ML is quite forced. At the start of every arc, MC doesn't like ML at all. Until ML forces his love so MC reluctantly accepts it. Almost every arc mentions the use of aphrodisiacs on either MC or ML. It's used so many times that I feel feed up. As the title suggests, in each arc, MC was given a task to save ML and find love for him. But as you can imagine, that love always becomes MC. ML somehow misunderstands that MC is actually in love with him. But he's NOT!! Well, I can understand it for the first or second arc. But it keeps going on. After so many repetitions, this becomes a weak point.


Relation between leads is pretty problematic and poisonous. Almost all reviews complain about ML but I don't feel MC was any better. At the start of the 5th arc, the author had written that MC wanted to save ML fast because he was afraid that it goes on, he'll really fall for ML. But then what about the previous 4 worlds brother?? Basically, in the first 4 worlds, MC decides to save ML by taking any route except love. But MC's system and 2 administrators pit MC and eventually ML forces himself on MC. Then they got together. Like hell!!

ML has many issues but MC is not far behind. You can say, actually he leaves ML behind in problematic character. Even after 5 worlds, apart from becoming a little smart, MC shows no character development.

I very reasonably doubt MC's feelings for ML. It actually feels as though he treats this thing as some sort of dating game. Even at the 5th arc, he is not in love with ML! He loves him in that world, but that's that. Reason for love- ML f*cked him and then he agreed.

ML does have problems and it's logical to blame him for forcing MC. But I don't think MC is without any fault. Well, as in the first world ML has misunderstood MC's reasons for helping him, resulting in their relationship. So if MC really don't want that to happen in the next world, he should have been more careful. But NO!

In 2nd world, MC enters a pe*verts body and ML was tossed at MC by his family. He was sent there to fulfil MC's pe*verted desires. In ML's eyes, MC was interested in him from the start. So, what should our MC do? MC broke up with his past playboys by saying that he is in love with ML. He gave ML a handjob when ML was under influence of a drug. MC's butler kept hinting ML how MC was giving him different treatment and MC really loves him. Well, at least I don't think ML was wrong here. MC always kept things between them a little ambiguous, so don't blame if another person misunderstands. I have serious concerns about MC's IQ. Lastly, under the influence of a drug, MC had s*x with ML. During that time, he kept calling him by a nickname, that was the same for ML of this and last world. Then what should ML even do? The next day, MC told ML that he was mistaken and rejected him. ML was even ready to act as a substitute! I felt really bad for ML.

At this point, MC did not know that ML was the same person as before. So felt it was reasonable if he was rejecting ML because of a past lover. But then the writer said- it's not that MC can't forget ML from the past life, it's just that MC always saw ML as his son! Which f*cking father gives a handjob to his son and even gets f*cked by him?!

Also, MC is quite apathetic towards ML. I don't really see he really loves ML at all. In the second world, when they tell him the truth that ML is actually the same person from both worlds and in reality he is a great general, so they need MC to save him. He actually refuses with determination. I mean, you just found that your lover is the same as last life, for whom you were having heavy heart a moment ago, but when you now know that your lover is also in reality and he is trapped in this virtual world, MC actually refused??

I mean, just why?! The author has written that it's because was afraid that ML will forget about him when he woke up!! I'm like- are you sure you love ML, right?

What blew me up-

In starting of the 5th arc, the writer is saying that MC wants to quickly save ML, because if not, he'll fall in love with ML for REAL. So, my question is, what were you doing for the past 4 worlds? Was that some kind of FAKE love? At that point, ML has already lived almost 400 years with ML. His real age is under 30. So, you can actually love someone for 400 years and then say this?!

Seriously, it's really irritating if you have a normal IQ. Well I can turn off some IQ, but there isn't much fluff either! Just their abusive relationship.


ML abusing MC physically, while MC abusing ML mentally. Readers, well they are abused mentally plus physically (headache🤒) <<less
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Aug 25, 2018
Status: Completed
The story is full of misunderstanding to the point that you won't know if your going to pity the MC or laugh in the situation. The reason? The ML always think the MC like/love him.

Every moves of the MC, the ML think its about him. Its annoying sometimes but you still cant stop to smile and laugh.

Warning there is bondage scene here ???. But is it cute to see the their different personalities in 8 world and how their feeling bloom.

Good luck in reading.
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Dec 10, 2020
Status: c5 part23
WARNING: This series is all about r*pe. Any romance is limited. The ML repeatedly chases and forces down the MC and r*pes him in every single arc. Desperate for money to help his family, the MC endures this again and again, developing something akin to Stockholm syndrome. Fortunately, the ML isn't supposed to remember any of these worlds or experiences when he recovers and wakes up, so the MC should be able to escape at the end. I doubt the author would free him from his rapist so easily, though.

I... more>> wouldn't wish this abusive relationship on anyone.

Although the MC claims to develop feelings for the ML, the ML obviously does not love him, making this one-sided. However, he pretends to do. Even so, he won't let the MC have freedom, won't change s*xual positions, and only treats the MC as an object for him to screw. He ignores all of the MC's complaints and forces himself on the MC again and again, never stopping when asked to. He injures the MC enough to make him have difficulty walking and takes pride in this abuse. He will give the MC items to make up for this, but he's clearly treated as a s*x object rather than a lover. He doesn't treat the MC with kindness and only does nice things occasionally to confuse and manipulate the MC into becoming dependent on him and possibly forgiving him.

This ML is one of the most disgusting and inconsiderate ones I've come across in any series.

The transmigration worlds are not memorable and don't stand out. They're quite bland. <<less
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Jun 11, 2022
Status: c8.6
Almost missed out on another fun QT because of the drastically negative reviews. I've now adopted the "give it a chance" attitude with novels like this. If I haven't been hooked by the first 10 chapters, I usually DNF it Immediately. This was fun and ended up liking it more than expected.
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Nov 21, 2021
Status: --
I lot of people like the MC but I don't. I really don't. Can't emphasize more.

It's like it doesn't have to be him because it's not like he's doing anything. The people around just assumes and advances the plot on their own. So what's the point? Just change the MC with an AI.
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May 13, 2019
Status: Completed
Definitely not a bad read, some of the arcs are especially enjoyable and ... more>>

two of the arcs were even linked together which I really enjoyed.

I also enjoyed how we see the characters have to fall in love all over again, which was an interesting change from QWFOD or Holding Onto My Man where about halfway through they were in love immediately because they could recognize who the ML was. (Although I still prefer the QWFOD method)

But ultimately, it did not feel like the MC loved the ML as much, definitely not to the extent of the QWFOD's MC for instance. MC is very much about self-preservation, holding his feelings in check, and being reserved and it was a little disappointing to see that that held true up until the very end. Also it seemed like s*x was a bit of a chore for the MC, he only seem to show active interest during the times he tried to top the ML. <<less
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May 15, 2023
Status: c3 part15
I've read this novel and dropped it a few years back, but realized I never left my review on here from the translator's website:

June 5, 2021 Review, (Chapter 2.20 on DummyNovels's comment section for this novel)

Note: The "Edits" I put out are my thoughts on re-reading my past review.

Personally, seeing how abusive and forceful everyone has been on the MC, I really wanted to drop this novel. I 100% agree that the support team is very toxic and I scorn other readers that left comments saying the MC... more>> should keep being ‘forced’ by something or someone to come back. Honestly, though fictional, just how rotten could people be to support this kind of behavior? It’s not consensual in the very least!


(Edit: I dropped this novel on arc 3 part 15, as that's when things were escalating to the point MC had to rely on drugs to try having the chance to 'top' the ML. All the other times he tried to do in arc 2 were blocked due to his body in this world being 'impotent' or failing to have an er*ction due to a condition. When the drugging attempt failed in arc 3 and he got drugged instead, he was r*ped by the ML. I couldn't stomach fully reading this chapter, and dropped it before I could finish reading the end of this part.

I don't condone the use of drugs in any relationship, especially for purposes such as r*pe or forced interc**rse, but what really sets me off about this part was the desperation of the MC. The man had to resort to drugs because the system and support agents never let him 'top' the ML. If anybody ever gets to that point of desperation in a relationship, especially because they want something and can never have it due to external forces, that's a sign of a failed relationship. If the MC had just been able to be in that 'top' position at least once before deciding he didn't like it as much as being on the receiving end during s*x, he wouldn't have gotten to that point of using drugs to achieve his goal, which he didn't even achieve in the end.)


Sorry for being a long comment, but I’m just frustrated that no character in the story even considers a ‘reversible couple’ relationship. Like clearly, our MC would like to top, yet Deus Ex Machina always stopped him.

More thoughts incoming, stop reading if you don’t wanna see it. I just need to vent ;-;.

Hum... All I wanted was to see a healthy relationship T_T. Instead I got this bulls*it, like many other novels. MC will 95% always be the bottom, and no matter how harder he worked than the other, will always end up being on the submissive end of the relationship. (Edit: Still true to this day. I'm not hating on people who'd rather not be the dominant one in the relationship, aka taking charge, but I am just tired of how little representation versatile relationships are getting.)

Like clearly they are both men, yet why is one of them always being referred to as the ‘bottom’ or ‘top’, and why not just call them by their names? Like, are they only worth as much as their s*xual life? Are relationships really just built on whos dominating over the other? Get a grip, this is why a lot of relationships fail for crying out loud, and why fujoshis or other groups are condemned by many as toxic and unforgivable. They simply can’t understand how to properly treat individuals as real people. (Edit: Wow I got really heated here and targeted the community. Take my views with a grain of salt, I simply hate characters being referred to by their positions in s*x and hate how it is normalized within the community.)

In addition, these people have also decided calling people or characters by tags such as ‘shou’, ‘gong’, ‘wife’, or other derogatory terms for the couples in a relationship, as well as influenced other normal readers to think this is completely normal. Thus, even more people are becoming rotten, and suddenly it is hard to find a normal person to communicate with.

(Edit: :^) Sheesh past me, I must've been really bottling up a lot. I still am, but working on getting the word out rather than keep it inside. The 'wife' terminology to refer to m/m married couple more so ticks me off in that you are not registering the fact that they are both men. They each are referred to as husbands, for gay couples, or wives, for lesbian couples, not one of each. It's a heteros*xual terminology when you refer to one another in a different address. It's fine to joke about it, but it's unwise to be familiar with calling them based on heteros*xual standards.)

Like, I’m sorry, but why are romantic aspects of a relationship, as well as several others, so overlooked? Do both partners only do it for the s*x? Do they need others’ judgement of how they operate their relationship? If I ever meet one of these people with this kind of messed up rotten mind or judgement, I will be very tempted to punch them in the face. (Edit: Yeah, like past me said, I'm still very tempted to punch people in the face who are like this. Real relationships aren't a part of one-night stands and ho*kup culture people.)

Now, back to the story.

Poor MC, no one even listens to his own desires and goals. He simply wanted to earn some money to not starve himself to death, yet a series of events led to him being tricked into selling his own body and soul to save a consciousness that he was not even aware of. The Marshal even stated himself that the support team had forcefully implanted Xiang Han (MC) into the world without full information, not even obtaining his consent for the project. This is basically the same as forcing a stranger to trade their life in exchange for another. While they say it has been patched, it’s still undoubtedly a fact that not once had the MC been properly given a choice in the matter. (Edit: I don't remember what I meant by 'patched' when I reviewed this)


Heck, he was even coerced and tricked to be the lover of Lu Ze (ML) in the first world, when his first instinct had been to quit and push the other away. Clearly, this man did not want any part of this at all. It’s almost as if the genre turned into r*pe and manipulation rather than the type of story that signified a healthy relationship.

Edit: Honestly forgive me for not seeing those r*pe and manipulation tags on this website. I had found the novel through DummyNovels's list of ongoing novels and they had no such tags there, hence my surprise.


Hah... ok, I’m done with my rant for now. I’ve read many novels that were as long as 300+ chapters before, so while I’m not too experienced, I have a general grasp of how this genre works. Simply put, I am disappointed. Will drop this story once it touches my bottom line once more. (Edit: Once more, I officially dropped this on c3 part 15. Read the spoilers above if you want to know more.)

Edit (May 15, 2023) : I'd like to bring attention to the dynamics between couples during 'bedtime' activities. It's going to get very steamy reading past here, much more so than the review you just read above, so feel free to stop reading if you are uncomfortable or just not interested.

Everyone has a preference, especially so in M/M relationships. During nightly activities, no matter what the outside world perceives their position to be during the time for int*rcourse (I'm talking about most of you fujoshis/fudanshis), they are free to choose which position they want to partake in regardless of their physical appearance as long as both partners agree.

There are many surroundings aspects when it comes to preferences in bed, but I'll summarize it for those curious about M/M pairing positions:

  • One may want to 'bottom', which most of you are familiar as being on the 'receiving' end.
  • One may want to 'top', which most of you are familiar as being on the 'giving' end.
  • And some might even want to be both, aka 'versatile' or 'reversible', which is a more or less unfamiliar term to most. Basically, partners may want to switch being the 'bottom' or 'top' during s*x. This can occur before, during, or after s*x, and they may even switch up the days or times they want to be in a certain position. (Overall, in my personal opinion, a very healthy compromise where both sides can experience both roles in the relationship... Side note, but if I ever want to finally settle into a relationship that involves marriage, I'm definitely pushing for this kind of dynamic, and yes this is a gay adult man typing this entire review.)
  • There are also roles such as 'verse top', 'verse bottom', as well as many more, but you get the general idea. (Google the terms if you are curious to learn more)
And even after picking a position, there are also some side considerations as well:

  • One may want to be dominant, aka be the one to take charge regardless of their position. This refers to the terminology 'power bottom' and 'power top', but more so regarding the former, which is usually the more submissive and passive role during s*x. It can also refer to verse dynamics as well, with perhaps only one of them taking or switching the lead. (You can look these up for more information)
  • One may want to be submissive, aka being the one who takes a less active role regardless of their position. All positions mentioned above can fall into this category, as there are 'tops' who'd rather let the 'bottom' take the lead. The 'bottom' position usually falls in the submissive role, but as mentioned there are indeed those that can take charge even in this position. To make this simpler to understand, one wants to move, and one doesn't want to move during s*x.
  • Lastly, there are those who want to either both be 'dominant', or both be 'submissive'. This refers to a dynamic in which both partners match each other's energy, with either both of them taking the lead, or both of them actively not leading the lead. A bit confusing, especially more so on the 'both submissive' side of the dynamic, but it usually is accompanied by some type of ad*lt toy. In terms of the 'both dominant' dynamic, you can take it as both partners being very aggressive with each other, a 'power bottom' and 'power top' match-up if you will.
These information includes tid bits of my own personal opinions as well as some online definitions, but I hope those reading can get a better general understanding now of m/m dynamics during s*x. Please remember to not identify people based on what role they look or decide to take in a relationship, as that can be taken very offensively by the couple in question. If it is characters you are describing, make sure to only use their names, nicknames, or personality descriptions rather than their role in s*x. If it's a real life couple... you should mind your goddamn business. <<less
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Jan 17, 2023
Status: --
I really feel surprised about this novel's good rating. This one doesn't deserve even 3/5...

This is just your typical CN novel where ML is an obsessive as*hole and all he knows is how to r*pe or abuse MC.

And people still think it is love just bcs the victim has no choice but to accept the torture.

In this novel, our MC doesn't like this motherf*cker ML at all but he was forced by the so called system to be r*ped and abused by ML. And people take this as love where... more>> most of guys even find this sweet and fluffy.

If you guys usually enjoy toxic plots and think of abuse, r*pe and violence as love then you can go ahead and enjoy this one. But if you has a normal brain and can't bear to read abusive contents (especially r*pe) then you should stay away from this. <<less
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Aug 11, 2020
Status: c5 part5
Every arc is interesting enough that I wouldn't mind going through a fully-fleshed novel for each. The great part is that once each relationship settles and resolves, we move on from there--no dragging on when the drama ends.

Translations are great.

MC is realistically ordinary, but also realistically reasonable. ML is ... more>>

the same person throughout the arcs, but he does not have his memories. However, you can tell it's him. Even if he becomes a serial killer, some essential personality traits remain. His brain hole is especially entertaining.


High quality read, would recommend to friends and family. <<less
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Jun 15, 2020
Status: c4.25
There's great character development in this one. The MC starts out completely trusting his system and advisors and then learns to doubt them whenever they talk. All he wants to do is complete his mission but the ML might as well be called Mr. Jelly. He won't let the MC go near anyone else.
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Mar 30, 2023
Status: Completed
-4 stars for Mr A alone.

What hate the most is forced relationships and what I hate even more when someone forced an innocent person, trying to manipulate him and knowing the risk he would take on regardless the out come.

Mr A deserve to get shot for abusing the MC with his lies, if MC was the emotionally unstable type. The harm from his lies would be unreversible. Him helping the ML and disregard the MCs feeling pissed the hell off.

Nothing we're consensual from the start there was manipulation, ... more>> r*pe and forced.

Don't read this if you can't stand it.

Also I wish MR A quick death wherever he is. Human tr*sh. <<less
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