The Demon King Always Thinks I’m Secretly In Love With Him


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Bai Yang is the youngest son of a rich family who grew up spoiled, unambitious and having no one expect anything from him. He doesn’t really mind this though, because he’s still able to live a simple and happy life.

One day, however, his older brother got into an accident and is now comatose. Bai Yang’s father now has to consider his youngest son to take over the family business. Unfortunately for him, Bai Yang is a weak, timid, and cowardly child. How can he ever succeed?

Wanting to change his son’s personality, the father has Bai Yang transmigrated into the world of Wild Wind, a very famous fantasy novel. Bai Yang’s father hopes the environment of that world will shape his son to be more arrogant and domineering, as a child of a wealthy scion family ought to be.

However, due to an error with the Main System, instead of transmigrating as the protagonist, Bai Yang ends up becoming a cannon fodder villain, Xie Zietian, from the Demon Realm! In order to safely and quickly return to his world, Bai Yang has to ensure that the protagonist, Zhou Ying, ascends to the heavens so his transmigration mission will be complete.

In order to sneak into the human realm and help Zhou Ying, Bai Yang comes up with a variety of excuses to the Demon King of Eternal Night, such as…

Bai Yang, in a dignified manner: “Your Majesty, that person might threaten the demon world. I went to the human world to kill him for you!” (Actually, I went there to meet the protagonist.)

Bai Yang, proclaiming his loyalty: “Your Majesty, hang in there. I will go to the human world to find the elixir for you!” (Actually, I went there to save the protagonist.)

Bai Yang, with an attitude of selfless dedication: “Your Majesty, I just want to go to the human world to further your great cause!” (Actually, I went there to see the protagonist.)

The Demon King’s face remained impassive but, in fact, the tips of his ears were red. He was thinking: I can’t believe he loves me so deeply…

Demon King: “Hmph! Seeing how clingy you are, I’ll accept your love. Tell me! Whatever you need, I’ll give it to you!”

Bai Yang: “****! Your Majesty, I don’t love you.”

Demon King: “No, you love me.”

The Demon King truly believed Bai Yang and he shared a deep mutual love until he discovered that Bai Yang was having an “affair” with a “wild human” …

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The Demon Lord Always Thinks I’m Secretly In Love With Him
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117 Reviews

New Wangxian365
Sep 27, 2023
Status: --
i wish NV had a reply to a comment option (if it does I can't find it) . This novel is both funny and well written and the chapter 70 that most of the reviewers are talking about is definitely not non-con.


The ML is really inexperienced and like every inexperienced person he hurt the ML on their first and second encounter, but after being told off he asked for advice and improved he's skill, the MC clearly states that he enjoys it a lot.

I don't get why people get... more>> bu*t hurt over fictional worlds and characters 🤦‍♀️.

Also when your partner coaxes you to get it on, stops when you say stop 🛑 but continues when you start enjoying yourself that's not r*pe (otherwise we will ALL be needing explicit disclaimers every time we get at it) .

stop under rating a good book because of your insecurities.

#doneranting enjoy 😊 <<less
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Sadie Woods
Sadie Woods
Apr 21, 2021
Status: c72
I really loved the beginning of this. It was hilarious! It was actually one of my most looked forward to stories to be updated. The characters were great, the plot was interesting, and I eagerly awaited seeing how our MC could get through the plot considering he was on perma-death mode. Then.. Chapter 70 happened. Mind the r*pe tag! Please, mind it. I went from loving the awkward tsundere Demon King to wanting him to have his thing torn off. This was extremely dubious consent with utter lack of kindness.... more>> Painful, abusive, uncaring. MC was in so much pain during and after! It was traumatizing! And it was played for laughs! So disgusting. ML plays an abuser perfectly. Doesn't actually care about his partner feeling good or even just not being in pain. Only tries to fawn over the MC after so he has a chance of getting in his pants again. And guess what- it happens just two chapters later in an almost as traumatizing repeat also dub con to the extreme! And ML has the gall to not only not feel bad yet about causing so much pain but thinking the MC is just lying and "being shy" so why would the Demon King ever need to change his behavior! He's perfect the way he is! And reading reviews, it only gets worse. The reviews about this being funny are a lie. R*pe isn't funny, there is nothing to be happy about if you as a ML always make your partner bleed and don't care about making it better. Oh, it's fine to hit them because you'll give them flowers afterwards and just beat them worse next time. This isn't romance, its abuse. And it's not funny. Dropping this hard. What a disappointment. <<less
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May 31, 2021
Status: c72

I used to love this novel so much. The MC is quick witted and the tsundere ML misunderstanding everything is hilarious. I thought it was going to be one of my favourites but then chapter 70 happened.

This is the direct excerpt from the novel: ... more>>

He loved me that deeply before, with how good I am, there's no way he wouldn't not forgive me.

With that thought, he suddenly felt that he made a big fuss over nothing. Maybe Xie Ze Tian's was just awkward. No, he was definitely awkward.

Or else he wouldn't have rejected all my attempts even though he loves me.

Maybe when I forced Bai Yang, he actually did want it. He said "no, no", but he actually did want it, or else he wouldn't have sucked me in so tight, or yelled at me to go faster.....


Holy f*ck. The ML straight up r*ped the MC and the whole narrative was set to victim blame MC??? The system ruthlessly said MC should've expect to be r*ped because he was the one who "seduced" ML and there's no way ML could resist raping him which is so f*cked up. The MC was SO hurt during and after their "first time" that he developed a psychological shadow and was absolutely terrified of the mere thought of having s*x with the ML. The ML felt guilty for a minute seeing that MC was seriously upset but quickly rationalized his action and brushed it off. But surprise surprise he did it again the very next day.

Not even mentioning the HARD coercion and manipulation ML did, the fact that he only stopped because MC fainted is enough to make me drop this book. (ノಠ益ಠ) ノ

Oh wait, even worse is the victim blaming narrative like you can see that the author had an absolute confidence that their mindset is right and it makes me nauseous. They even wrote the MC trying to justify being r*ped like "oh yeah sure he should've seen this coming when he genuinely offered to help the demon king but was r*ped instead. why is he still surprised and hurt by it?"

Absolutely disappointed. <<less
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Dec 02, 2018
Status: c93
I think this novel is a really fun read!!! (I don't know why the bad ratings tho) and I laughed all the way through it, very VERY funny. The language and style the author used in this novel is definitely very charming and bubbly. Even though this book gives you a premise of nonsense comedy crack, but actually, the fun parts are carefully planned out and there's foreshadowing for later events. It's not some intense drama heavy plot twists, it's precisely planned but laid back funny adventure of how MC... more>> navigates through his life after his transmigration

I read it in chinese (very ahead of everyone else) so spoiler!


I did not expect at ALL, for the events happened in the later chapters. Usually with this kind of premises, the protagonists, MC, and ML will turn into a cringy awkward love triangle but no, this author, turns in into a romance comedy where MC and ML suddenly become fathers and adopt the protagonist instead. Thanks to whom? MC's oscar worthy acting and his ability to talk bullsh into reality, all to save himself. (To some point I kind of think MC is more like a villain that just messes with everyone)

Every time the author left a clue, a key item, a hint, I would guess what/when/how it's gonna be introduced later. I have this fixed tropey cliche thoughts in my mind. I thought I could guess the outcome of the plot because let's admit, authors use tropes a lot (and we kind of dig it). I thought the demon bug would be used to trick MC into dual cultivation, but no. I thought the fruit would be used to cure ML's condition, but no. I thought the pearl would cause chaos and angst, but no. I thought there would be a cringy love triangle, but no. Every single time, the author twist it so unexpectedly I was so weirded out but at the same time it makes sense and it's funny! It's not like mega plot twists of dramatic ending, it's like "haha bet you didn't see this joke coming". This is what keeps me reading and reading and keeping me excited for every new update.

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Aug 14, 2021
Status: c70
I'm giving it two stars purely for the first 60 or so chapters. I enjoyed those - I adored watching Bai Yang be so incredibly clever when he was BS'ing -- that was fun! And nine times out of ten, funny! Sometimes this involves a bit of second-hand embarrassment, but I can safely say I managed to get through it, and that's generally super effective at turning me off of just about any media. So kudos to the author!

... But then, you'll never guess what chapter.

It - it was Ch.... more>> 70. The one that lives in infamy, mentioned everywhere. It's for a good reason.

I'm gonna level: I'm probably gonna keep reading. I like Bai Yang, and I - I used to like the ML. Plus, I want to see this "affair" and run into the OG protag more often. I like that kid, he's fun! And this novel is mostly fun. So I'll power through it, and find more to enjoy. But after chapter seventy, both the ML and the System take on very, very different tones, and just... It's, at best, incredibly uncomfortable, and at worst... well.

I'm gonna put the details in a spoiler for your perusal, but buyer beware! Dubcon at best and victim blaming. Summary at the top.


TL;DR: Bai Yang is penetrated by the ML, who proceeds to f*ck him incredibly roughly and breaks his promises to 1) only do this if he was undergoing a Qi Deviation (he's not), and 2) to penetrate Bai Yang and not move. The author makes comedy out of the fact that Bai Yang is hurting, has lost his trust in the ML, and wants nothing to do with him. Afterward, when they have separated, the System informs Bai Yang that he was asking for it, and the s*xual assault was his fault entirely, so suck it up.

Now, here is my dissertation.

So first of all: the s*x scene. Specifically, the post-s*x scene because the author inserted a tactical light's out. Understandable, and honestly, I wouldn't want to read it either. Not given how it was described by Bai Yang afterward.

To set the scene: Bai Yang gave his consent with a couple of conditions attached, because he wasn't really sure about this. Specifically, Bai Yang has to talk himself into going through with being penetrated with the mantra of, it's to help someone, and, the conditions as explicitly agreed to by our ML: 1) They would only do it if the ML was experiencing a Qi Deviation, as a last ditch resort, and 2) If the ML penetrated him and then did not move. Understandable, given how unsure Bai Yang is, how generally disinterested in sex/romance he has been this entire time, and the fact that this is his first time. The OG person may have been promiscuous, but Bai Yang was not. He, as far as I have read, is mostly pretty uncomfortable or just utterly disinterested in s*x entirely.

Anyway; the ML agrees to these conditions... and then immediately breaks them both. For the first, it's seriously implied he is lying about undergoing a Qi Deviation to get into Bai Yang's pants. That's a pretty big strike. Second: He penetrates Bai Yang without much warning, to the hilt, and then we get our lights out. Afterward, Bai Yang exposits between his rage and hurt, that the ML just f*cking jackhammered him. This is with no preparation, no lube, no warning, and no attempt for the ML to make him more comfortable or to try and make it enjoyable for Bai Yang. None. The first line before the light's out is even described, and I quote, as "...a tearing sensation [that] pierced his brain like a knife."

Now, I want to remind everyone, because I've seen a few people who are minimizing or dismissing this entirely, or blaming Bai Yang, and... here's the thing. Bai Yang gave his consent before, under those two conditions. That's true! What's also true is that consent can be withdrawn at any time, and given Bai Yang's reactions to everything happening, it's fair to say his consent was withdrawn, and the ML... kept going. I get that he's a 4, 000 year old virgin and incredibly pent up, but that doesn't suddenly mean that Bai Yang's wants/consent are thrown out the window. I don't expect either of them to know what the hell they're doing. But I did expect the ML to at least try to make it enjoyable for Bai Yang, or follow through on his word. He did neither, and I am livid. So at this point, I believe it's safe to say that this is pretty firmly in the s*xual assault/r*pe category. For more information, check out a video on youtube called Tea and Consent. In fact: ' /watch?v=oQbei5JGiT8 '.

Slap from / to 8 after the usual youtube dot com, and enjoy.

Now for the aftermath... which is played for laughs. Bai Yang is: freaking out. He is in pain. He feels his trust has been thoroughly violated, and states that if he weren't such a high-level cultivator, there was no chance he would have been able to stand it. Between this, we have the author's attempts at slapstick comedy - which involve Bai Yang getting hurt further - the ML making puppy dog eyes, and Bai Yang entirely losing his clothes for... comedic effect and dog food? Not what I'm really in the mood for, author.

And, in the same chapter, after they have returned home and Bai Yang has retreated to his room, we have Xiao Ling. The System.

I'm just going to quote it directly.

'''[Bai Yang] let out a sob and cried as he explained what happened.

Xiao Ling: “...”

After listening, Xiao Ling wanted to laugh. However, it wasn’t the time to be laughing. She consoled him by saying, “It’s alright. You’ll be fine soon.”

Bai Yang said, “I’ll never trust him to keep his word again!”

Xiao Ling pointed out the facts. “Sir, you having s*x with the Demon King was within your expectations, isn’t that right? You also must know that asking a man to not move is inhuman. The Demon King likes you, which means he can’t be indifferent. Therefore, you’d already mentally prepared yourself, right?”

Bai Yang gritted his teeth. “... I held onto the 1/10, 000 hope that he would keep his promise.”

Xiao Ling had the appearance of someone who knew a thing or two. “Men will say anything to have s*x.”

Bai Yang: “...”

Xiao Ling: “So don’t worry. You’ve been blaming him, but it’s you who was wrong.”

Bai Yang pointed at the thorns on his face and body. “But he shouldn’t have done this to me!”

Xiao Ling stifled a laugh. She said in a deadpan voice, “You know in your heart that it was an accident.”

“I don’t want to forgive him!” Bai Yang shouted.'''

I am utterly incensed! I am livid! Furious! And to clarify why, I am going to dissect this real quick.

The System wants to laugh at his pain initially. It proceeds to tell him that he must have expected this by agreeing to be a channel for the Qi Deviation (which, again, there wasn't one), dismisses him with "men will do anything for s*x, " and then outright tells him that it is his fault this happened, so he can say all he likes about the ML, but Bai Yang is ultimately completely in the wrong.

Look, most BL novels aren't great with first times, but this is my first time running into a scene where the protagonist got no enjoyment or at least comfort out of it, was tossed into slapstick for comedy as he's literally trying to flee the ML, and then promptly gaslit and blamed for his assault. What the hell? I thought BL stood for Boys' Love. Where the hell is the love?

There's a lot more I could say, but I've basically written an essay here and y'all have lives. I apologize that I got so frustrated, but it's with good reason, I think.


Now with all that out of the way!...
Well, that's all I wanted to say, really. It's a fun novel. Until it abruptly isn't, though it tries to convince us it still is. I might keep reading it, but not for a while. I felt physically ill after reading Ch70, and I don't want to tempt fate or see a repeat so soon after the first. <<less
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Dec 02, 2018
Status: c2
It's actually not like how Trane reviewed it.

His dad did send him off to make him braver, but the MC agreed out of his own will, although persuaded-cough-scammed by his father.

And he was supposed to be the main character, but by a miscalculation in the system, became a cannon fodder.

... more>> It's not like his father sent him off to die, it was an accident.

And it's not a Yaoi setting at all (although it would soon be).

I actually think it has a logical start and it has a balance between sarcasm, humor, and seriousness. And the system is quite cute too.

I really don't know why there are so many low ratings for this story, have you even read it properly? Did they only read the first chapter and decide, "Meh."? Because, so far, I'm quite fascinated by the MC, and the plot to come.

So what I'm saying is: Give it a chance, don't judge it so early. It might actually be your type of story. <<less
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Feb 23, 2022
Status: Dropped
that r*pe scene was written in the most disgusting way possible. And it wasn't even the actual r*pe! that was censored out, no no, it was the post r*pe scene.

How do you f*ck it up that bad? MCs reaction was completely understandable, he agreed to it (no moving!) because he wanted to save MLs life. and then ML lied to him that he was going to qi deviate, and full on r*ped him through out the night, in an extremely painful manner (as we are informed by our poor MC,... more>> who canonically only survived because of his bodies power).

If that wasnt bad enough, we get our lovely system informing our MC whos having a trauma response to being r*ped by someone he was trying to save, that it was in fact his own fault?!

Our MC is crying and scared of ML, shouting at him to not come close and trying to run away after having his trust thoroughly broken and the system's response is that you cant possibly ask a man to not move after penetration????

what the actual f*ck

I have read novels where the MC is nonchalant about being r*ped, Ive read novels where the MC gets r*ped and is traumatized for the rest of the story. I have NEVER read a novel where the MC gets r*ped and then gets victim blamed into forgiving his rapist as a genuine plot point.

I physically feel sick.

Author seems to have written in their own feelings about r*pe victims into this and ruined what was a good story (until that point).

I dont think I'll ever get over an AI telling our MC "So don't worry. You've been blaming him, but it's you who was wrong."

That is a quote. a f*cking quote.

I dont think ive ever genuinely been this disgusted by an author before...

Save yourself the trouble of reading this. <<less
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Jan 25, 2019
Status: Completed
Edit [26-03-2022]: I think the r*pe scene was deleted from the aggregate site from which I read this novel. I never knew that such an incident happenend. I did like the ML really but I have doubts after reading that spoiler in the review.

Deducting 2☆


I really liked the MC but I came to love ML more. He has no knowledge about love... And he has an enormous black hole in his head. What our MC can't say or tell, ML makes it up on his own. Especially when he suspected... more>> that MC loved him. Quite a logical and dramatical love story.


ML thinks that since MC touched him, MC fell in love with ML. MC didn't touch any of the backyard people. Then, MC went out to solve the Protagonist, saved ML from going into demon by his magic, went off to get whatever was needed to save him and also got injuries, and finally he hastily ran back when he heard that he had a battle with Western Lord. And when ML heals MC in pool for the first time, ML rejects MC. MC (at first, denies then thinks that's perfect misunderstanding) gets heartbroken as ML leaves after rejecting him.


MC always trying to leave ML to help the Protagonist doesn't work much except at crucial times.

In the chapter 90, most laughing thing is...


Demon King (ML) : Why? Why do you want to maintain him so much? Is he so important?

Bo Yang (MC) : Of course he's important because he's my most important person.

Demon King (ML) : heavy rage, overflowing magic

Bo Yang (MC) : I have to say it - Zhou Ying is my son!

Deming King (ML) :...

Zhou Ying (Protagonist) :...???!



Gyahh!!!!! Just read 91st, too hilarious!!!!

Father, son and father's lover...


Demon King (ML) : Lie!!!

Zhou Ying (Protagonist) : confused, doubts life, (prospective crush became father)

Bo Yang (MC) : Test our blood!

Demon King (ML) : Fine, if not he dies...

Bo Yang (MC) : secretly eats mother fruit

Blood matches...

Demon King (ML) :...

Zhou Ying (Protagonist) : Impossible!!! Your age is same as mine.

Bo Yang (MC) : I'm thousand of years old (You're right!).

Zhou Ying (Protagonist) : Really my father?!

Bo Yang (MC) : Blood proof.

Zhou Ying (Protagonist) :...

Bo Yang (MC) : Call father...

Zhou Ying (Protagonist) :...

Demon King (ML) :..., long forgotten, still shocked



Just read 101...


MC needs to be killed by the Protagonist in order to go back to his world as well as to take ML along with him.

MC gives him a pill and he reaches robbery period. MC asks him to kill him. Zhou Ying denies. MC rolls on ground and cries. "Son: Dad, ground is dirty. Don't roll." "Father: No! You kill me!"



I have completed this one and it's lovely. Although I find Zhou Ying's character a little disturbing at the few last paragraphs of main story. He's very pitiful also... he has to continue the the story cycle as the data. ML is very idiotic in real life - did everything that might offend MC. MC is very pitiful that he wasn't aware of ML's ideas on him in real world. ML was too deliberate in real world. Xiao Long is my fav.. A super cute system with a nice cute voice.

This novel definitely worth a read. <<less
31 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mar 22, 2021
Status: c95
Well, I really liked the beginning and I'm also going to continue reading this... BUT there were just a bit too much scenes where the MC gets punished by the ML with basically r*pe. Not enjoyable.

The story seemed really fluffy and funny at first and later there were also some comedic moments. Just... their relationship... the ML always gets his way with the MC because our protagonist is afraid of the strong demon king. And he also puts a monitor and tracker on him... that's kind of bad. I was... more>> ready to ignore this because it could lead to a lot of funny and exciting situations, but together with the other points mentioned above... nope, don't like it.

I will continue reading though, maybe their relationship becomes healthier. <<less
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Flax of Sorrow
Flax of Sorr
May 17, 2021
Status: c73
I used to love this. The MC is brilliant and funny, and the ML was a cute tsundere. I was excited to see how the MC would solve all the problems approaching him as he protects the protagonist while appealing to the ML. It was great. But as many other reviews had said, there was r*pe. And it’s all used as a joke. The story didn’t really take a nicer turn either. Disappointed that this went downhill.
25 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jun 17, 2021
Status: c77
Dropping this. 100% agreeing with @poyopoyo. Go read their review please it's extremely correct. The plot is good but ML just turn into this s*x loving monster. Respecting the MC at first but then after having s*x with him, ML started just forcing MC to have s*x with him every single f*cking day.

Oh my god I can't stand the ML. At first he was really lovable and cute. I liked him a lot. ML helped the MC and stuff and the misunderstanding was funny.

But then the r*pe scenes comes. And... more>> holy sh*t, it came like a tornado. Seeing how the ML was all puppy like, you would think he will never r*pe someone and blame them instead. But that is exactly what he did.

He manipulated the MC saying how can a man endure it, you're the one who seduced me, only do it once. He's basically victim-blaming. And the f*cking system isn't any better. System was also victim-blaming going on about how the MC should've expect this because MC was the one "seducing" him. F*ck off you're the one giving him task.

I thought ML would apologize since he felt guilty but of course not. How can the person who manipulated and blame the victim apologize. After feeling guilty for like a second, ML would rationalise it as MC being shy.

bit*h WTF? Being shy does not equal to literally being terrified of having s*x with you. ML knows that MC is mad but still be like

"Do it multiple times a day for every few day or do it once a day for everday"

This is the part forcing MC to choose that part above ^


“𝘕𝘰𝘸, 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘩𝘢𝘷𝘦 𝘵𝘰 𝘮𝘢𝘬𝘦 𝘢 𝘥𝘦𝘤𝘪𝘴𝘪𝘰𝘯. 𝘐’𝘭𝘭 𝘤𝘰𝘶𝘯𝘵 𝘵𝘰 𝘵𝘩𝘳𝘦𝘦, 𝘪𝘧 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘥𝘰𝘯’𝘵 𝘤𝘩𝘰𝘰𝘴𝘦, 𝘐’𝘭𝘭 𝘭𝘦𝘵 𝘩𝘪𝘮 𝘪𝘯 𝘵𝘰 𝘸𝘢𝘵𝘤𝘩 𝘮𝘦 𝘥𝘰 𝘺𝘰𝘶.”


𝘉𝘢𝘪 𝘠𝘢𝘯𝘨’𝘴 𝘸𝘩𝘰𝘭𝘦 𝘣𝘰𝘥𝘺 𝘵𝘳𝘦𝘮𝘣𝘭𝘦𝘥. “𝘓𝘦𝘵 𝘨𝘰 𝘰𝘧 𝘮𝘦!”


“𝘍𝘶𝘤𝘬 𝘰𝘧𝘧!”





Most of those people who write good reviews don't even talk about all the r*ping or manipulation or guilt-triping or the bad side of ML like wtf. They just say how amazing the novel is, okay go on just blatantly ignore how hard ML tries to coerce the clearly unwilling MC to have s*x with him.

The plot was sooooo good, too f*cking bad it got ruined by that motherf*ker ML.

Even the MC had to agree only by consoling himself "It makes me feel good might as well not fight it" He says himself he's literally actually terrified to do it with ML because ML just so forceful and only stops when he faint.

BUT EVEN THE MC DOESN'T STAND UP FOR HIMSELF. Okay he gets angry and refused and stuff but MC never actually explain how damaging this whole situation is to himself and ML. If you like someone, you shouldn't have to feel scared to have s*x with them. If you like someone, you wouldn't force them into doing anything they don't like.

If the ML realise his errors in the future, then I'm picking it up. But as of what I'm seeing and the mindset of ML and MC, I don't think this force s*x thing is going to change. <<less
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Sep 24, 2021
Status: ---
I loved the first 60 or so chapters so much. However, there is r*pe in chapter 70 and everyone victim-blames MC, including himself. The ML aknowledges if he had a chance to do it over, he'd take advantage again. Then he does it again the next day and forces MC to accept repeated offenses. It's coersion. MC eventually accepts months of daily penetration in order to be allowed permission to go to the human realm to complete tasks he MUST achieve in order to survive in this world.

In fact,... more>> MCs affection for the main lead seems almost like stockholm syndrome. He isn't confined in a room but his actions are constantly being monitored and restricted by the demon king's will and power. MC choses to bend over sometimes to prevent the main lead's anger. That's self preservation, not love.

If you are reading this novel, please remember not to accept this behavior from people in real life. It does actually happen and it's not okay. The fantasy of r*pe can be attractive to some who are afraid of their own s*xual urges, but it is a violent and violating act both physically and emotionally. It is never the victim's fault. NEVER.

ahh... I'm so dissapointed. <<less
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Dec 02, 2018
Status: c2
I have to agree with @jl050503. The plot seems to be much more complex than what that other negative review has laid out. The MC is indeed now stuck playing an evil cannon fodder, but it was definitely not an intended situation.

What we've seen from the MC is interesting. As a younger son of a rich family, he's been used to being able to live as he pleased with the happy confidence that his older brother would inherit and take care of things. When... more>> he's unexpectedly thrown into the heir position, I sympathized. His father and the people around him want the kind of domineering character we see so often in Chinese novel MLs, but this guy's personality is not, and the father hates this so much that he's puts the MC to such extremes to try to force a personality change. I wonder if the novel will help address this, especially since the MC isn't playing the scenario's protag.

What's also a nice change is that, thus far, the MC and his system seem to be getting along! His system is legitimately helpful and, while the MC is bound to complete tasks and missions (now tied to the scum character he's playing), it's sympathetic and aims to support him! You don't see that very often. Of course, with starting off on such a wrong foot, I expect nothing the MC and his system plan will go as they intended.

As for the translation, I will say thus far it's been excellent. Few to no issues with spelling or grammar, nice flow, and easy and pleasant to read.

I love xianxia, and it looks like this novel will be full of some wonderful comedy and some hilarious misunderstandings as the MC and his system try to muddle through this mess. I'm especially looking forward to the Demon King's appearance, as in many of these kinds of transmigration stories, the ML is usually the world's protag.

I'm looking forward to see what happens next, and I hope others give it a shot. From the few chapters we have so far, it seems like it will be a fun ride. <<less
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Feb 21, 2022
Status: Completed
First and foremost. Thank you for translating the novel.

Next comes the f*ck you to those who ignore the obvious "r*ape" and "s*xual abuse" tag. You people choose to read despise the tag warning. Don't complain and sabotage the ratings just because you were curious and decided to have a go at reading it. Then run off crying because you don't like it. No one force you.

Personally, I don't like horror or gore and I avoid those genre. Even if I decided to give it a go, and couldn't take it,... more>> I would close it and move along. Patting myself on the back for trying. I wouldn't complain and leave bad review/ratings just because it is horror or gore. That's st*pid.

Moving on. The story itself is pretty interesting. Loopholes are everywhere but that's a given. Protagonist halo is the best loopholes 😆 Interesting characters and development. At one point, the story is so foolish I found myself wondering how will the author cover the pit he/she has dug 😁 And that is actually a plus point for me. Its foolishly funny. I like how the author manage to crawl out of the pit with swag.

Overall, I enjoy reading this. Not the best, but it was good. <<less
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Mar 28, 2020
Status: c34
I can't handle it any longer, my god. Don't get me wrong, the writing seemed promising and the synopsis really made me interested, but I just couldn't handle how idiotic the MC is. Like the interactions between ML and MC are cute and funny but sometimes the MC just does things without using logic and gets himself punished by the system. I find it s*upid how he doesn't think some things through even after getting punished by the system so many times already.

I know this isn't entirely MC's fault, the... more>> story tries many times to tell us how he was spoiled rotten as a child by his dad and had turned into a good for nothing grown up. But, as someone who was said to have played many video games throughout his life, you would've expected him to have a better sense of intuition. But, then again, I understand that this isn't entirely his fault since the system is so strict with being OOC.

Another reason why I dislike the story is because of the system. Sorry, but I just can't handle system worlds where they prevent OOC so severely. Scum Villain Self Saving System was already my limit since the system anti-OOC didn't drag out for too long and didn't really force the MC to act in character and receive literal painful punishment if they acted OOC

Overall, the plot was actually quite interesting. The writing and the translations were great. The ML was really nice, I found it very refreshing how he he had a great sense of humour and was really playful with MC. I was actually genuinely interested in the plot and wanted to know more about what would happen but sadly I just don't have the patience and heart to handle stories like these. <<less
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Dec 02, 2018
Status: c2
I really love this story. For me this story is funny, and it attracts me to read more. And the settings is kinda different from other novel about system settings. And I really recommend it. You guys should give it a try. Cause it is worth it.
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Aug 18, 2021
Status: c70
So I wasn't the only one who was absolutely thrown off by chapter 70. This was one of the danmei's I looked forward to updating, but it just disappointed.

The first half of this novel is genuinely very good. It has a similar light hearted tone to the first half of SVSSS or Life Going Wild With Plug Ins. I love both so I was excited to see if it had a similar more serious tone shift towards the end. These first 70ish chapters are the only reason I'm giving this... more>> a 3 at all.

Let me get this straight, my problem with the noncon in this story is not a moral one. There are tons of other novels that I love with noncon scenes between the main cp that don't bother me, so when I saw the r*pe tag I was not deterred. I'm a huge fan of wife chasing so anything that will cause drama I'm in for. Of course take this with a grain of salt, not everyone has the exact same tastes as me and if you just have a problem with r*pe in any context then this is obviously not for you.

The author wrote a sweet slice of life comedy with silly dumb characters that were charming and awkward, throws in a very graphic and painful r*pe scene, and then no one cares and they just go back to the quirky comedy. The author makes no effort to make the scene less violent to even slightly mesh with their previously established dynamic and just tries to convince us afterward that is was just silly goofy. The MC is fine with it, the ML makes no effort to make up for it (he continues to do it), and the system gives the MC a slap on the wrist for being upset. When all the reactions are so lukewarm and there are no tangible consequences it's just bland. There is no joy without heartache and there is no heartache when the MC is just fine with everything. It doesn't even allow the ML to be redeemed cause what is there to regret if no one gives a shit. If I had know this was the path it would take from the beginning then I would probably care a lot less, but I had my expectations set and then shattered. If you read this and think 'I don't really care all of that sounds fine to me' then happy reading! I wish I could be you and just enjoy the story but this really just irritated me so much I couldn't enjoy the rest of it. <<less
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Jun 22, 2020
Status: Completed
In short, this story is an enjoyable and easy read with an occasionally silly MC and cold-but-passionate ML. Misunderstandings never quite clear up until the very end but the MC isn't excessively frustrating and the drama never gets tedious (I'd even call it fun). Unfortunately, while the story is overall fun to follow, the ending leaves something to be desired: things felt slightly rushed, certain events could have been expanded on further, and the relationships between MC and certain characters could have been richer (though they're still nicely written!). Even... more>> so, I enjoyed the story. Had the author taken more time with the ending, I would have definitely given the story a 5/5. I originally gave this 3/5 stars based on my assessment of its writing but added some more points just for it simply being fun to read.

Tone (4/5)

The overall tone of the story is light and the story ends on a happy note, but the last few chapters prior to the end feel heavier due to the direction the climax takes. The story leads in and out of serious moments quite naturally after setting up the initial humour, so the story-telling doesn't feel emotionally flat. Even so, I think certain events could have been improved/expanded on further, mainly because while I still felt quite moved at parts, I wanted a bit more.



  • A greater acknowledgement of what happened between ML and MC during that rough punishment sex
  • A bit more lead up/expansion on the growing feelings of MC towards ML
  • More interaction between the Son of Destiny and MC
  • More lead-up to the selfless sacrifice of the cute System for the MC (I loved how sincere their friendship became but felt there was minimal work done in transitioning them from a professional work relationship to a lovely personal one)
I would have loved if some of the serious moments had been expanded on further!

Characters 3/5

MC is a modern, likable and overall nice guy who hates having to fill his role as a typical 'scum' villain that harasses others. He tries to hold back while staying in character, but he is often misunderstood by others anyway and seen with either: a) fear (eg. By subordinates), or b) disgust (eg. By ML and some peers).

ML is a cold and powerful character who is most-often portrayed as strict, intimidating and unsympathetic but occasionally has tsundere moments in moments of shyness or agitation.

MC's system is a cheerful and earnest worker that follows the rules more often than not. I came to see her as a cute little sister.

The characters are quite likable/consistently written, but I find they fall short in really selling emotion to readers. There is a passing level of depth to the main characters (and some supporting characters) but I was waiting for more throughout the entire novel.

Relationship (3/5)

As implied by the summary of the novel, the romantic relationship between MC and ML first begins through a misunderstanding. Under the belief that the MC likes him, our ML becomes more aware/considerate of MC's actions and slowly develops feelings for him in turn. Unfortunately for ML, he is actually the first to fall in love, leading to much of the comedy written at the beginning of the story.


At first, MC denies his romantic feelings towards ML, but his eventual acceptance is quite lovely, stemming from his feelings of wonder and grattitude whenever ML shows he cherishes him.


The ending left much to be desired with their dynamic but ultimately maintains their feelings for each other. I mainly wish the explanation of MC and ML's relationship in the real world had been polished a bit more. Keeping it short is fine, and I suppose they did demonstrate to some degree, but I definitely felt that the adage 'show, don't tell' applied here.



Take this with a grain of salt but I believe there is a moment of actual non-consent between the MC and ML while they are both romantically involved that is treated seriously at the time of it happening. At the very least it is dubcon. ML takes his anger out on the MC after the latter's 'betrayal', and I was surprised by how violent it got -- to the point that the ML broke the MC's leg and caused him real pain (though I believe this was softened somewhat by the demons' fast healing). There was a moment afterwards where the MC again feels fear when thinking of s*x with ML, but this was eventually forgotten/looked over with the progression of the plot.

I thought that this was important to note because while one can skim over the scene and perceive it as aggressive s*x, I think the scene was intended to show a moment of true darkness. The moments after this were definitely of those I thought would have benefited from being expanded on further.


Plot (3/5)

The plot you followed within the transmigrated world was quite easy to follow so long as you remembered who was who and what everyone ultimately wanted but I do wish that there had been more chemistry between MC and the Son of Destiny.


When starting the novel I had expected more interactions between the MC and Son of Destiny but the author spent more time designing goofy scenes between MC and ML.


The real world plot was quite straightforward but ultimately felt unimportant despite being the cause of MC's transmigration. Even so, I thought the twist at the end was quite interesting, and while I again wish things had been wrapped up more cleanly and in less of a rush, the story wasn't terrible.

Overall I really wish I could have given the story more points! I genuinely enjoyed the story and saw so much potential but I could feel the disappointment keenly when things ended and certain things I had waited for never came. Even so, I definitely would recommend this novel if you're looking for something fun and easy to read. It's still an enjoyable story. <<less
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AmNut Obcess
AmNut Obcess
Jan 14, 2019
Status: Completed
Great story I tell you. The characters are just pure gold. The MC really cracks me up especially his interaction with the system. Also usually, systems are there with you to go through thick and thin, but this one just does not (in a sense haha). When MC is faced with difficulties and ask system for help, He'll be like 'Sir this is your test, I cannot help you. You can do it bro' or when MC is about to die (or so the MC thinks) the system is like,... more>> "don't worry I'll send your will to your parents and brother, but before that, can ya give me rate of 5 before dying?' Lol. Really cracks me up.

Also the ML the way he imagines things is really hilarious (as we can see in the introduction haha)


So right at chap 40-41, the MC told that all of those are just misunderstanding. And the ML is like smile but really want to grind him to death haha. Then ML had to heal the MC (since MC save him) but since he was mad at MC he deliberately do it rough haha. After many days, the MC finally can't take it and told ML that to do it gently. So he did and he did it so good that the MC was unconsciously shouted "ah~" it was so sexy and hawt that even the system was silent for a moment haha. That ML was so mad at him and said that why are ya seducing me if ya don't like meh. The MC apologized said it was unintentional. So they continued the process again, and again, it was so gentle and comfortable that the MC cant help and say, copy paste "Well lighter... lighter.... ah... just like this.... exert a little.. fo.. for.. force..' So you can imagine the mood of the ML then hehe. So what do you think the ML did? ^^ hehehe~


Anyway, I have not finish reading this. I just want to right this cuz I was itching to write the spoiler haha. Adios amigos amigas, I'll be back at mlt-ing this haha. Probably write more after reading the whole book. Ciao!


Aw man. Just finished this. Well it could have gone longer or have more extras lol. The chapters about the real world was kind of short. It would be good if it was longer. Wanna see more of their interaction.

Probably one that stuck aside from above is this:


ML found out that he was raising a wild man outside. Rage rage rage! Kill! Destroy!

MC: No! I'm his father!

Protagonist: sound of a broken glass


Haha all in all it was good. Tho itching for more extra chapsss <<less
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Apr 27, 2022
Status: c0
(Ignore rating, I'm on my phone and have no control over the stars for some reason)

I just made an account to say this, I haven't read it but this just rubs me in the bad way. I hate the dumb reviews in all the novels. Why bother reading a novel with abuse and r*pe tags if you hate it so much? If the novel is bad I want to know based on the plot or the ending on whatever, not something I already know is there. Please save... more>> your self righteousness. It's annoying and a waste of space for useful reviews. How about people here learn to read tags and not be so entitled that you want the asian writer to change the story because you disagree. This behavior is more disgusting than whatever you can find in a work of fiction. It's not real, we are adults with functioning moral compasses. Damn, so annoying... <<less
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Jun 28, 2021
Status: c79
I saw a lot of other reviews about this novel that I disagreed with, so here's my review:

It's an alright novel. 3.5/5, I guess. Not too bad, but not the kind I'd consider well-written. It's mostly the interesting premise that keeps me reading the story. I can't say that I particularly like the MC, the system, or the ML, although ML was certainly my favorite in early chapters.

Prior to chapter 65 or so, ML basically imagines their relationship with MC. MC doesn't really like him, although he might feel indebted... more>> ML because of ML's kindness to him. This is my cup of tea.

What most people are complaining about is what happens in chapter 70. That's also when the story starts to get worse.

(EDIT after reading other reviews: When chapter 70 was first translated, the 'R*pe' tag had not yet been added. This is when most of the reviews that didn't like it dropped. Not to mention that r*pe is still a trope that can be played well. This story did not do so.)

Proceed to read a bit more about the details of chapter 70: (nested spoilers don't really work)





Strictly speaking, it's not noncon r*pe, but dubcon. I suppose it is still r*pe, but reviews make it sound more blatant than it really is. MC gave his consent--on a condition. ML did not deliver. Details about what happens below:


Basically, ML has a qi deviation problem, where his cultivation is unstable. And the way to fix it is...R-18 dual cultivation. Of course. The plot must go on. Don't question the author's decisions. Anyway, in order to fix his problem, ML must establish a "channel" between his and MC's body while, you know. MC's condition for the sexy times is that ML must establish a channel while they do it. But, voila, ML has so much fun during the sexy times that he forgets.

Anyway, afterwards, ML was all, "Oh noes, it was too fun and I forgot to establish the channel! Now MC is crying and sad! But I kinda wanna do it again cuz it was so fun!" and victim-blaming the MC a bit because MC also enjoyed sexy times a little. Which kind of ruined any sympathy I might have had for him. The story thankfully seems to know and recognize that this attitude is pretty twisted, though, so it's not a story that completely glorifies such actions and thoughts.

After that part of the story, ML also treats MC a bit more like a pet rather than a lover. Rather than regretting actions, he tries to coax MC into forgiving him for them. He installs what's basically a secret surveillance camera on MC without MC knowing, things like that.


And my opinion on it:


To be fair, this is a Xianxia where characters don't necessarily have a modern view of things, so it's fairly understandable that ML, who also has had no relationships ever prior to the story, s*xual or romantic, doesn't really understand how healthy relationships work. Especially when the guy who advises him on romantic matters is a scum.

Nonetheless, it kind of ruined the hope of fun fluff and misunderstanding that I had of this story before.

I still read it because it's not the end yet, so there hopefully might be some development for the ML and he learns how to do relationships properly. And I still want to see the ML finding out about MC's "affair" with a "wild human" that's in the summary, and the story stuff that happens after it.

Still, the earlier chapters were fun to read, and it's not as if the ML's transition in such a direction will bother everyone. After all, it's fiction. So yeah.

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