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  • The Demon King Always Thinks I’m Secretly In Love With Him ×
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    11 Series 0 Comments 285 Views 0 Follows May 27, 2020 Nabriel
    No Tags
    Wuxia transmirgration historical (swords n robes basically)  bl novels i read /currently reading that actuallly have an enjoyable plot good characters and ofc good romance 
    49 Series 0 Comments 928 Views 1 Follows May 25, 2020 tundra65
    A little bit of everything. Every story on this list is my favorite. The #1 will be the most recent story I added to the... more>>
    48 Series 0 Comments 2676 Views 7 Follows May 23, 2020 cv
    No description.
    100 Series 0 Comments 1632 Views 6 Follows May 22, 2020 cv
    Will update the description as I go along. Ratings 4.0 and above
    48 Series 0 Comments 3382 Views 11 Follows May 20, 2020 Meatshield
    Only the best written BL stories from here on out. Happy endings and mostly no abusive texts 
    40 Series 0 Comments 5270 Views 12 Follows May 14, 2020 sadbutfab
    No description.
    79 Series 2 Comments 6023 Views 18 Follows May 12, 2020 PrincessAhLuo
    No Tags
    LIST 1 - 10 ARE THE TOP 10 NOVELS I’VE READ. FYI, my standards are exquisite, meticulous and flawless. You can trust my list. ... more>>
    86 Series 0 Comments 2644 Views 0 Follows May 12, 2020 stepfane
    No Tags
     ♡ #HappyEnding #FinalFeliz #fluffy #comedia #DileNOaLaAngustia #romance #Fantasy #XianXia #yaoi #Adventure ♡
    11 Series 0 Comments 1596 Views 5 Follows May 12, 2020 ollyputz
    No Tags
    nuff said
    14 Series 0 Comments 401 Views 2 Follows May 12, 2020 ollyputz
    No Tags
    Short review on each that I have (finally) read. Must have good rating, great translation and relatively good review (not OOC in the last chapters)
    92 Series 1 Comments 7954 Views 64 Follows May 12, 2020 dee_ism
    No Tags
    Novels translated by Chrysanthemum Garden translation team. For novels I've read, I put on higher list and give a bit comment.
    Their translation is good and the pace also great. And many enjoyable story there.... more>>
    100 Series 0 Comments 7588 Views 24 Follows May 12, 2020 Fuinara
    No Tags
    No description.
    16 Series 0 Comments 164 Views 0 Follows May 11, 2020 riri
    No Tags
    No description.
    41 Series 8 Comments 8735 Views 62 Follows May 7, 2020 ponkansuits
    don't you just hate it whenever you got transmigrate in a novel? especially a bl one? the feeling of adapting to a foreign place, with a golden finger- a whiny useless system? with your top notch acting skills, trying to not get killed but everyone falls in love with you suddenly? every single damn time, you just wanna go home but some hot pancakes tries to do you?! ah ah ah! what to do! this laozi just wanna go home!! send help uwu... more>>
    70 Series 0 Comments 6774 Views 12 Follows May 6, 2020 CannibalTurtle
    A lot of Quick Transmigration novels cause that's mainly what I read. 
    21 Series 0 Comments 992 Views 6 Follows May 4, 2020 Hazelia
    I like BL with a happy ending and 1 vs 1 couple, with side couple, and mix genre to fantasy, modern, transmigrations, gaming and apocalypse.... more>>
    13 Series 0 Comments 284 Views 0 Follows Apr 21, 2020 karyn0986
    No Tags
    No description.
    86 Series 0 Comments 20034 Views 76 Follows Apr 20, 2020 Suranchan
    What's better than a possessive ML?  A possessive, obsessive, thirsty gay ML!
    Re: thirsty and protective tags - for novels I've read only. Please feel free to suggest more.... more>>
    48 Series 0 Comments 5875 Views 28 Follows Apr 19, 2020 wallyblob
    Hungry for some yummy yaoi? Come here and quench your thirst. Basically a hodgepodge of every yaoi genre. Modern, xianxia + cultivation, (quick) transmigration, historical,... more>>
    20 Series 1 Comments 599 Views 3 Follows Apr 19, 2020 aujnbr
    A compilation of funny and sweet stories that you can read after an angsty or tragic novel. Beware, some in this list have no logic... more>>
    100 Series 0 Comments 9183 Views 30 Follows Apr 19, 2020 Momorelia
    No Tags
    From the first to the upcoming here are the amazing stories who made me love this universe!
    15 Series 0 Comments 1288 Views 3 Follows Apr 18, 2020 sumerain
    No Tags
    Romance, got some humour going~ Mostly BL ^_^... more>>
    16 Series 0 Comments 596 Views 0 Follows Apr 17, 2020 NightfoxRiveria
    Basically either the shou or the gong fall in love with something not quite human. Such a preference involves Demon Kings, Demons Lords, the occasional dragon, and maybe something else.... more>>
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