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Group Name Dummy Novels
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Group Releases
Date Title Release
06/21/21 Faking Straight c18
06/21/21 Spirit Boss c86
06/21/21 Spirit Boss c87
06/21/21 Spirit Boss c85
06/21/21 Sea Monster Alliance c48
06/21/21 After the Rebirth of the Film Emperor c21
06/21/21 Living Paper c6
06/20/21 Bite Your Fingertips c33 part2
06/20/21 Marriage Agreement c44
06/20/21 Fake Demon Lord c27
06/20/21 Living Paper c5
06/20/21 President Wife is A Man c120
06/20/21 Reborn as the Villain President’s Cat & Dog c32
06/19/21 Pastel Colours c41 part2
06/19/21 President Wife is A Man c119
06/19/21 Meeting the Wolf c20
06/18/21 The Target Always Thinks That I Like Him! c6 part16
06/18/21 He Lifted My Red Veil c42
06/18/21 My Nemesis Has Finally Gone Bankrupt c29
06/18/21 The Villain Has Been Coveting Me for a Long Time c36
06/18/21 Meow! A Kitten Stumbles into a CEO!Novel! c28
06/17/21 A Filthy Rich Hamster in the Apocalypse c72
06/17/21 Could You Not Tease Me? c24
06/17/21 How Could This Cat Tease Me? c46 part1
06/16/21 Withdrawal c6
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