My Underachieving Seatmate Doesn’t Need Any Comforting


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Qiao Shao, who worked hard to stay up all night and study, was first in class — if you count from the bottom.

He Shen, who was able to get a perfect score even when he slept all day, in a rare display of kindness, bought a bottle of drink to comfort his s*upid seatmate.

Then he saw the messages popping up on Qiao Shao’s phone—

Dad: Don’t panic, it’s okay if you didn’t do well in the exam. Dad just ordered a new sports car for you.

Granddad: Grandson, there’s no need to hurry. It’s alright even if you didn’t do well in your exam. Granddad bought a new yacht for you, come and take a break.

Grandpa: Grandson, don’t cry, it’s okay if you didn’t do well in the exam. Grandpa’s billions-worth of properties are all yours.

With a blank expression, He Shen threw his 2.5 Yuan worth bottle of drink into the tr*sh.

Hold your horses! Comfort?

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124 Reviews

New RipeApricot
May 16, 2024
Status: c65

I love how literally ALL the characters are misunderstanding something haha.

Every single chapters are full of funny and cute misunderstanding. I can't even be angry at it because it's so silly.

... more>> Anyway, this is a cimedy genre and it's indeed funny and entertaining.


Anyway this is not a proper review, just a bookmark coz I'm dropping it for now.

Read until 65, jumped to around 80 read until 101.

Dropping it because it takes a really long time to end, and for them to confess etc etc.

Might not read it again tho. But this serves as bookmark for future reference.


- RipeApricot <<less
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Jun 02, 2020
Status: Completed
Papa Qiao is so cute. Grandpa and Granddad also. (๑╹◡╹๑) ノ♬

What I like about this novel is how the author protrayed a person with mental Illness. I've read many psychological theme novels before. Some were so exaggerated that there were almost no normal characters left there. Some have symptoms of other illness that did not describe the character mental disease.

This novel describe how a mentally ill person live their life normally and function well despite their illness. In truth there was no actual cure in mental illness. Psychological practitioner prevent... more>> underlying symptoms of the disease to worsening. Using medicine, therapy or other.

(~‾▿‾) ~

Let's evaluate our main characters~

Our MC here, Shao Shao, have multiple mental illnesses that resulted from his past experiences and mental strained.

He was kidnapped and was imprisoned by a mentally ill woman who lost her son. Our MC developed PTSD, he can't stay in any silent places because of his imprisonment, and the word 'mom' made him recall his bad exp. He developed a trauma with older women. He became anorexic, dunno what kind of food that woman gave our MC, but it was sure very disgusting. Later he developed depression resulted from his mother's death. His illness worsen.

In the very start of the novel, you won't be able to guess this kind of development. It means that our MC was already slowly adapting to his illness. But his abnormal attitude toward the word 'mom' and his behavior in quiet places, revealed that he was still recocering. That's why he can't cope with his acad performance like any normal kids. He also have an extreme anxiety towards it. He study very hard and is being socially awkward. Nevertheless he performed very well for a person with an extreme trauma. Well, there's others that refuse to admit that they have mental illness and that there's nothing wrong. There's also others that refuse to get better. That's why our MC's psychiatrist says that he is the best client he ever met. Well, that's true.

Then our ml, on the other hand is a genius. Many people with autism is a genius, but our MC here is normal. He had Avery strong mentality and resistance. He developed depression when he saw his mother died but he cope with it very well and was still very highly functional. However he have social issues and of course trust issues. His very alert and cautious person. His defense mechanism is always activated resulted him having distant and cold personality. He also shows symptoy of anti social. But very mild, papa Shao already help him with dealing with his family. Maybe that's why his agressive personality was repressed. With all those pressure and strick teaching he received when he was a child no wonder he have that kind of personality.

If our ML did not meet our MC, he will became one of those genius highly functional sociopath living in their society.

Hahahaha scary~

Our side characters.

Roommate # 1 - Four eyes.

Well, he have social anxiety. He is introverted and has a low self esteem developed because of the poor environment he grows up as a kid. And he was being bullied too. But his desire to raise his and his family's quality of life is greater than the psychological pressure so he cope with it by centering his attention in studying.

Roommate #2 - blue hair??

This person too is a walking defence mechanism who also love Freud. There's not much to say, he says different than what he thinks and feel, he always rationalize. And he desire companionshio the most, that's why he became friends with the wrong group.

Roommate #3 - school Tyrant.

Sigh~ all of them love Freud what to do. Well, maybe Freud is the only one I remember his really famous. "He does not like to wear glasses because there's nothing he likes to see" I like this one. Very poetic. Like he does not like to see her mom's expression Everytime she sees him. He loves his mom but his mother reject him. Thats his mental struggles. He let go of it as he quit his school and focused on his dreams.

I like how they all became successful.

Special shout to novel's Psychiatrist. His really great and the author really captures the attitude of a good therapist. He does not force his client to talk, he encourages but he knows the limit on where he could push. There's also the talk about confidentiality. And I love his foresight. He told that our Shao Shoa won't have a normal marriage since he have a trauma with older woman.

Special mention with the family's attitude towards mental illness. That's how you should deal with it. Our it was not mention but they were undergoing family therapy. I like how the author advocate mental illness in this novel.

And the way the author thought about the therapy using vr.

I'm not an expert~ so correct me if there something wrong~

It's just my opinion ok~

(◠‿・) —☆

Hahaha~ over all...

Like ~ like~


I really love the author~

(灬º‿º灬) ♡ <<less
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Jul 16, 2020
Status: Completed
I won’t lie, this is positively one of the sweetest novels I’ve read. It’s mainly slice of life, without much drama. A pretty fluffy book overall. Filled with not only sweet romance, hilarious interactions and misunderstandings, but also with maternal love. 10/10 recommended it.

Me rambling as of now:

to address some of the issues other reviewers have:

1) MC is spoiled and a liar - let’s say that because of an accident or something, everyone in your entire school, including the teachers, began to treat you differently and look at you with... more>> sympathetic gazes. You wouldn’t want that right? Especially if the accident caused you mental trauma, you’d still want everyone to treat you normally. Ok, now you’ve changed school, choosing the most low-key one possible, and you try to “be normal”. In order to prevent those sympathetic gazes and special treatment, which you know will never help you recovering, you decide to try and hide your real identity, because if you didn’t, everyone would look at you like some sort of freak show. Since childhood, however, you’ve been loved and cared for by your wealthy parents and they want only the best for you, so of course you don’t know what is meant by “normal”. You use a hard-working classmate as an example, the only problem is, they are a bit on the poor side. You, who got everything you wished for since you could talk, didn’t make fun of them, didn’t isolate them, didn’t look down on them, instead, you supported them, and wished the best for them. (Gz, how many “them”’s were in that sentence?). Now, does that sound spoiled? Sure, the MC told a white lie, but which human hasn’t? Does that make all of us liars? At that time, he couldn’t handle it if his classmates knew, so does that make him a liar?

2) No chemistry between the characters, MC is using ML, MC is childish etc. - Back to role playing. You were only 11 years old, barely old enough to go out on your own, when something happened to you, something so traumatic that it caused you to get severe PTSD, stunt your growth, loose a lot of weight, and get insomnia. For several years, you had to work on the ability to converse normally with people, eat food, fall asleep at night, but during that time, your mother, who loved you with all her heart, died, causing you to loose your memory of her, your dearest mother. Finally, you had courage to venture out into the world (high school) by yourself, but you were still deeply affected by the accident. You meet this person, who seemed annoying at first, but soon, he proved to care about you a lot (but he stated he wasn’t homosexual, very clearly!) and slowly, you began to break out of your shell, which had protected you at first, but suffocated you later. He helped you, every single step of the way, but you never thought that it was because he liked you (because he stated he was very straight, and why would he like you?) Finally, you realised you really like him, and muster up enough courage to confess. He - surprisingly - said he also likes you. Are you childish? Yes, maybe a little bit, especially with your loved one, but who isn’t? And who wouldn’t be, after a traumatic experience during their childhood, stunting their growth in all aspects for a couple of years? Also, how can the MC possibly be using the ML? The ML needs him, as much as the MC needs him. This sort of trust and reliance is one of the things that make a relationship last. And no chemistry? Their acts of PDA gave me diabetes! Sure, there’s no smut, but do you really need s*x to have a good relationship? This story stated, very explicitly, that love isn’t about the gender, or the family background, or even about their grades/wealth. It’s about the person, that’s what truly matters. Love has no boundaries.

3) The MC is st*pid - first of all, how dare you??? A thousand emotions are running through me right now, and none of them are related to happiness. So what if he is a a bit academically challenged, or a bit slow to perceive the underlying meaning in other peoples’ sentences? Does that give you the right to not like him because of it? Let me get this straight, sure, he’s not a genius, but he genuinely works harder than almost everyone. I won’t spoil it, but let’s just say that the reason he does bad on exams is related to his traumatic experience. And, if he got over his fear, with the amount of effort and time he puts in, he’d be one of the top students. He isn’t slow - he understands everything, and if he doesn’t, he will make sure to redo the problem until he fully grasps the knowledge. I feel ashamed that I’m not as hardworking as he is. He is, at first, a bit on the slow side when it comes to dealing with people, but remember - he’s not fully recovered yet. And if he was, there’d be no growth.

4) The ML is too “Mary Sue” (perfect) - this novel told us something. It said that being perfect is not good for everyone. Our ML is an example of that. I won’t spoil too much, but given ML’s family situation, I honestly believe he would’ve been better off as a normal kid. The novel’s telling us that being perfect in all aspects cannot save you from everything, and sometimes, being too perfect can lead to too much pressure. I myself suffered from perfectionism (a lot better now, if you can’t tell from my spelling and grammar mistakes :)), I know how tiring it is that even if no one puts pressure on you and they all look up to you, you put a huge amount of pressure on yourself and you believe that you have no self-worth. What has this got to do with perfectionism? Well, for me, I tried to be perfect in every aspect in order to get recognition from my peers, because maybe that way, I’d have a bit more self-esteem, but I was entirely wrong. ML is different, he was born to be perfect. But his perfectness caused him a great deal of pain. We are human, we were destined to be imperfect, to have flaws, to suffer from our mistakes. Being a genius can lead to as much, and probably more, suffering and pain.

Sorry for the ramble.

There are a few flaws in the story, but it’s basically impossible to write one without them. There are parts where it’s not realistic, but let’s be honest, most novels aren’t. That’s what makes it beautiful and interesting to read - life would be boring without some creativity and mistakes.

Give this novel a go, don’t be discouraged by bad reviews. <<less
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Feb 17, 2020
Status: Completed
TOP of most adorable stories ever. I honestly think that this summary is undermining the potential readers' interest. Because it sounds so unfavorable and doesn't show the glimpse of our MC and ML true characters and the story.

MC Qiao Shao is actually a really nice, righteous, hard-working person. He's such a lovely and charming boy, it's impossible not to like him. He managed to grow up to be a good boy, although his dad and grandparents dote on him, but it didn't spoil his sense of right and wrong. He... more>> even went with the image of a poor boy to stay low, but later had to keep the story out of care to his classmate situation. He comes to an average school to have a new start. At the point I'm reading at there's an obvious line that something happened just before his enrollment that actually affected even his tests.

ML He Shen is actually also a righteous and good guy. Despite his own situation he cares for his little seatmate and slowly gets interested in him.

Although they go through major misunderstanding at first, their interactions are really nice. With right amount of sweet, adorable, morale and the list goes on. If you like this type of school, modern story, hop on, I'm pretty sure you'll like it. <<less
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May 05, 2020
Status: c88
I do not understand why other Reviewers say that the MC shows absolutely no signs in liking the ML until the author decides he should fall in love. I mean, have we read the same novel?

The signs are there and they are very well and gradually created by the author.

From MC's blunt rejection of the s*upid and funny comments the ML makes in the first week they meet. To the slightly embarassed reaction later on, to missing the ML when he is not arround and wanting to secretly touch his... more>> hair.

I mean, they are all there and beautifully written.

But the difference from other BL is that the MC does not wallow to long after realizing his emotions (which I personally hate). He kows how he feels and he acts, even if the anxiety of rejection is almost petrifing.

So yeah, give this novel a try. It is super cute, with touches of learning to depend on others to get better psychologically. <<less
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Apr 15, 2020
Status: 82
Very slow moving plot up to chapter 70-ish. Although very fluffy, the dynamic between the leads isn't ideal; there is literally no chemistry between them. Although 90% of the novel features only the leads together, there isn't really any other character interactions. ML can be said to be MC's best friend (I'll even go with familial) and the practically the only person he hangs out with. MC also does not have any romantic thoughts or doubts (consciencly or unconsciously) towards the ML for roughly 70 chapters; it's literally 100% platonic.... more>> Until chapter 75 where he does a complete 180° realises he caught feelings (after showing no signs of it in 74 chapters), and without doubt/hesitation panics on how to tell the ML. It's kinda hard to pair them together with that type of development. Especially with how abrupt MC switches gears (2 sentences dedicated to the realisation, and bam!). Also, the MC is very innocent (think earnest middle schooler who aims to bring good grades home) and has a psychological trauma from his past.

There is no explanation for ML's (he's a Marty Stu btw) fast infatuation. And I really don't like how the ML indulges himself in the relationship with MC knowing its platonic on MC's side. And of course the MC is ignorant to it all. The ML is also pretty possessive of the MC as well. All in all, if this was not in a fictional universe and they were not predetermined to happily end up together, this would be a pretty unhealthy set up, as fluffy as the author makes it to be.

On the other hand, I found myself more interested in the side characters (roomates and school's tyrant) rather then the leads. They got some good positive devlopment and relations going on. <<less
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Mar 19, 2020
Status: Completed
As most reviewers said, the summary is really misleading and doesn't do enough justice to the story. It's not cliche at all. It's actually very deep. How willing are you to love someone just for who they are and not their identity? There are multiple instances where this is tested both on MC's side and ML's side and even their friends are tested on this lol. The disparity that a social divide can bring and having the courage to cross that gulf and keep fighting for love is such an... more>> age old concept. However, this story presents it in a very interesting and meaningful way. Both the MC and ML heal each other. The fluff is so sweet, I might as well get my diagnosis.

MAJOR SPOILER: I'm only mentioning here to gush about this tbh.


There is this scene where they both realize they met each other when they were ten. I had this whole, mind blown to bits moment, where everything in the story just clicked for me. MC finds ML reassuring mainly because subconsciously he knows he is the kid who is crying to be with his mother and send a flower while MC is the same. He wants to fight for his mom. He loves her too but she's gone and he doesn't have the courage to face her. ML too finds solace because MC is genuinely a very caring person who knows just the right thing to say to make the ML feel happy. I especially got so emotional when 10 year old MC said he can share his mother with the poor kid. Like, how many 10 year olds are that magnanimous? Most 10 year old rich kids are spoilt brats.

Honestly, there are too many ways in which they heal each other. I can only say that by the end of the story, we get to know why they're perfect for each other.

You know how, many BL stories make light of trauma and how the ML just sort of magically fixes everything for the MC? Total yaoi logic? I'm usually not a fan of that. This story didn't really make me uncomfortable in that way. Even until the last 10 chapters MC is still struggling with his demons. But ML does help him fix things gradually. It does have something to do with love. But mostly, it has to do with how the ML faced similar tragic situations and managed to pull through. MC finds ML extraordinarily strong and has a sense of reassurance with him. So, he takes baby steps and slowly gets better. And during this whole time, we get dosed with megatons of sugar.


Also, there may be some people confused as to why MC's family couldn't play that part. Thing is, for MC, his family just became pressure for him. He blames himself for being so broken essentially.


Overall, I really enjoyed reading this. It's very light-hearted despite dealing with heavy issues. MC is adorable. ML is smitten. Friends are a gaggle of sweet idiots. Family is doting to heavens. There are some unsavory characters because the story would be very bland otherwise, however, it only added more flavor to the story and showed how love and support can trump everything.

Amazing translation and OwO 5 chapters/week~ So happy! <<less
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Jun 22, 2020
Status: --
It feels like I'm reading a story about elementary schooler. And I cannot find the chemistry between MC and ML.

dear ML, who supposed to be genius and have traumatic experience and said to not be able to love somebody before meet MC, he surely fall in love at MC at the first sight and very childishly pursuing him. HA! HA! HA!

and MC is so cheesy. His lines supposed to be romantic but I always find it so cheesy, like looking at a kid who seriously talks about love which last... more>> lifetime, lmao

and what about the supposed to be a revenge to Xie family? It's. Ended. Just. Like. That????!

maybe it's simply not fit to my taste, but I really can't even bring myself to give this novel an average rate, sorry. I was basically dragging myself to read it until the end.. *Sigh <<less
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May 05, 2020
Status: --
I really wanted to like this story and, usually, I wouldn't review a novel that I haven't finished but considering how long it is, I feel the need to give potential new readers at least a heads-up.

The characters are meant to be young adults (17 years old) yet they collectively behave like elementary schoolers, which is even more irritating because the ML is said to be oh so independent.
For me, the most frustrating aspect is the "misunderstanding", to be precise, there are more than one, all of them completely unnecessary and solvable with a few short sentences, sadly none of the characters in this story have even the slightest bit of common sense or are too childish to see where the line between teasing and causing actual problems is.

I can't see how any of the relationships could still turn out to be healthy, all of them started with heavy lies and deception, no matter how hard you try to make up for it by being a good "friend", it's a fundamental breach of trust. Never, ever, waste your time with people who have been lying to you from the very start.

To top this off, it's your typical "straight guy turns gay" premise, something I really can't stand anymore.

Maybe I'm just too old for this story, still, if you want to start this be aware that you will have to deal with very frustrating nonsensical "misunderstandings" caused by nigh-adults behaving like children, and relationships built on nothing but lies.
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jun 26, 2020
Status: Completed
EDIT: After much contemplation, I have edited and given it only three stars instead of four. Reason? Apparent flaws could be evidently observed in the story.

This story should have been considered good for a modern, fluffy with some drama high school love story if not for the glaring plotholes.

... more>> I'll start tackling the positives without spoiling.

+ Overcoming psychological fears. This story successfully justified the mental states of each character and had carefully written events on how they overcame their shackles with the help of their friends, family, and *ehem* lover.
+ Smart and funny characters. Truly, no one in this story is boring.

Okay. Now, let's tackle the reason why I'm writing this review. Here are the negatives:

- Confusing timeline. It's a highschool story and initially, the MC transferred at the start of the first term, however, the author decided to make it almost the end of the term. Some events that show that it's the start of first term was not edited, which confuse the readers. It truly bothers me as it shows that the author was still undecided on his/her plot outline while writing the story. It made me wonder what are the other things she/he was undecided of, which led me to...

- ML's change of family situation. This is just my feeling, my guess, that the author originally had different plans regarding the ML's financial and family situation. There are narrations in the story that prove this hypothesis, however, I'm too lazy to find them. The point is (this is somehow spoiler-ish, continue reading at your own rish) that the ML was supposed to be a poor-ass genius but for him to stand on the same social class as the MC, the author made him a...

... runaway young master.


Those are my observations. <<less
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May 22, 2020
Status: Completed
I'll give it 3.5

Although the story itself is fluffy and is very good when you're done reading a story with tragic ending, I can only rate it no more than 3.5.

Let's talk about the good and bad about this story.

The good side:

  • There's a lot of misunderstanding but it didn't cause any harm to the MC and ML, and supporting characters.
... more>>

The school tyrant thought that the MC and ML were in a relationship even though they weren't.

BlueHaired youngmaster thought that the school tyrant and MC were the original CP and the ML was only kind and generous to MC because he's the best friend of the school tyrant.

Everyone in school thought that MC is



  • The MC is hardworking. He paid no heed in giving up despite getting bad results every time he took exam, so in other issues.

He always do his homework; and study the previous and current lessons.

He's not afraid to challenge himself. He wants to join the club where he's weakness lies.

He faced new environment and was determine to improve himself- whether in studying, sleeping, or his trauma.


  • The ML is supportive. He did all he can to help the MC.

He takes good care of the MC. He wants to support him in every aspect.

He guides the MC in studying. Cheering and tutoring him.

He fights his own demon and the MC's with the MC, supporting each other.


  • MC's family is very good.
  • MC's friends are likeable. Even the teachers are considerate.
The bad side:

  • The misunderstanding lacks supporting causes.

On what basis the school tyrant thought that the MC and ML is in a relationship? Because of the closeness? Or because the MC sleep at ML's house not only once that resulted him to think that the two done only those adults can? Does having overnight at someone's house, whether to seek help or just play, is already labeled as dating?

It's understandable that Blue Haired young master have his suspicions because the school tyrant asked him to look over the MC. Like when the MC cries and/or set a rule that preventing two people from using the bathroom at the same time. However, isn't it questionable too? He is the school tyrant himself- a straight man. Who knows if he hate gays that's why he asked favor to test the MC's s*xual orientation. After all, they are in the same dorm room.

The MC didn't try to hint his friends about his identity. Why? Aside from being afraid to leave the school once he was found out, what other reasons? It's like his trust and faith to them is not high enough to slowly introduce them to his world.


  • Although the MC is hardworking, but why do every time he took the exam he always encountered the word "mother"? Yes, he's an effort killer. However, the author didn't give him a little justice.

The MC is not a slacker, yet took last place every time. He only manage to remove that.... how do I say this? Curse? at the end of the story when he's totally recover.


  • The Xie Family's conflict.... I was like..... Wait.... Give me more drama! Give me more actions! More twist! Seriously, a little more details why does the family are in that state to the point that only the ML can save it. Hmm....
  • The reason behind MC's poor mental health. This........ Idk. MC's family is so rich..... I just don't understand why they didn't manage to catch the kidnapper. Ah yes! Because of the secret room.What?! Secret room?!*speechless*
  • MC's kidnapper is really capable. *Creased forehead*

The MC was kidnapped by a woman who's mental health is unstable. Locked on a quiet secret room for 1 whole year with that woman alone. Yes! Being brainwashed, too. Then how did the woman stored the food and water that lasts for a year without stepping out of the said room/building? How about the electricity? Or even without electricity. The water alone... Where did she get water? If the building have it, they need to pay the bill. This can leave clue to solve the case of MC's disappearance.


  • Last but not least. Both ML and MC's identity revealed to their friends at the very end.... as in..... last chapter of the main story..... without further explanation. It's actually like "Hey! My family is actually rich." Nothing more.
I really want to give it higher rate but I couldn't do so. A lot plot holes preventing me to. *sigh* <<less
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Jan 08, 2020
Status: --
So far so good!

A very lighthearted type of novel, with nuggets of humor buried here and there in the text. The MC comes from a very rich family, and he's been endlessly sheltered by his grandparents and dad, but his personality doesn't come off as annoying or spoiled.

He just wants to go to school and learn.

... more>> And it was kind of humorous how his relatives didn't believe him, until he made up a story that a fortuneteller had foreseen his future, and only then did they let off.

His dad seems to be away a lot, and I wonder what effect the absences will have on the MC, if any (Edit) Or not... their dynamic in chapter 2 seems to be pretty good!

Don't know much about the romance, as I haven't gotten that far yet.

But pretty sure ML makes an appearance in the very first chapter; he seems like the hardworking type

Edit: Nope, he's the school bully, geez, this is why you shouldn't trust first impressions, the ML is the problem child... is what the MC thinks. But he mistook the ML to be the bully, and the bully to be the lackey!

, and... what did you expect? Of course he's handsome as well.

The mc's grandpa sends him a ton of overpriced school supplies and clothes, but because our boy wants to have a taste of the frugal lifestyle, he goes to a supermarket to buy discounted clothes and stationary.

He spots the ml, working as a temp worker in the T-shirt aisle, and overhears a bunch of girls swooning about the ml's looks, first impression of the guy is: unprofessional.

While the ML looks at this "middle schooler", and thinks he's just really careful with money, when his relatives are all freakin billionaires.

When he spots the MC picking and choosing shirts, he hands him one.

(sigh, these shou's just keep getting smaller and smaller don't they?)


But turns out, it was a shirt for women!


Interested to see how this story turns out... haha, can't wait for those misunderstandings! <<less
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Nov 22, 2021
Status: c122
First of all.... the Description is misleading and this never happened in that way.

Our MC (Qiao Shao) enters a new school in the second half of the semester. He plans to study hard and use every moment to better himself while laying as low as possible.

His new desk mate seems to be the opposite. Lazy, always sleeping, not doing his homework, skipping classes. On his first day he didn’t even see his desk mates face since he slept the whole day with his face to the other side. Teachers didn’t... more>> seem to care at all! His desk mate seems to be the school bully on such a whole new level that even the teachers don’t care anymore... but he also seems to be a good guy? MC hurt his leg on the first day of school exercise and his new seat mate was nice enough to play his personal crutch for some days so they became friends fast.

There is also another problem... MC is ridiculous rich and his family is well known. This is also a reason he changed schools and tries to lay low and doesn’t let his father come to school or buys cheap clothes. When he set up his school persona he did miscalculate and took one of his new friends and learning enthusiast as his example unfortunately his family is dirt poor and so our MC came out as a poor student. For reasons that are explained later our MC is not able to clarify this misunderstanding...

In the first part of this novel I was really pissed cause MC never clarified the misunderstanding or told at least his close friends that he is a rich families son. That annoyed me greatly but around the middle of the story you will learn that this was not just a fancy of him but had some real reason and will be understandable. The Story itself is or seems to be a light heated thing but it has real deep underlying drama. While the day to day story of MC and ML is rather fun and easy going, there is a sad background that will get lifted in the later part of the novel. Just a warning, keep the tissue box nearby!

I also liked, that MC and ML while being close to each other had so deep misunderstandings about the others persona that they even told the other the truth about their own family background just for the other to misunderstand it as a joke. That was hilarious. Spoiler about one of these scenes:


MC: why are you working so hard?

ML: My family has a strange rule. I need to make 10 Mil before age 20 or I need to go home and inherit my families property

MC: Oh my father is Qiao Zenming (one of the richest ppl and well known).

And boot think the other joked around


So they told each other the truth about themselves but neither believed it.

Also, this novel has one of the most likable school bullys which contributed lots to the fun. All the side character were nice, not exactly all too deep but nice enough to enjoy the story.

It’s a feel good story with some heavy moments but all ends really well. I like the ending which is not abrupt and heals lots of wounds in booth kids.

A wholesome story with some minor issues and a little bit of dogblood. <<less
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Jan 14, 2021
Status: Completed
A freakin fluffy and adorable heartwarming masterpiece. This is so true for this novel. I'm so vexed at how little recognition this has when its truly a great novel! NU arranges ranking list by number of people who have it on reading list so its rank is so low that naturally it was pure luck that I found and decided to read this!

Is there anything extraordinary that can make you just go 'amazing!' in this story that made me fall in love with this headfirst? Nope. But I'm going to... more>> tell you that it did a great job being a highschool romance. It perfectly did its job as an ordinary genre so good that I'm hopelessly in love with this!I really like highschool romance a lot but unfortunately most of them are so dry and boring (sometimes even full of scheming and so) that I truly don't expect anything great now. The only novels in this genre I liked are "everyone thinks I like him" and "Heartthrob cannon fodder childhood friend" and now this novel has also been added to the list.

Both ML and MC were proper highschool students not some OP characters and no one around them was malicious or sinister. Thus they had the perfect highschool-ish environment. The interactions between these two were pure gold, always managing to make me grin so goofily. They quibbled with each other quite so often and I loved how the ML was so shameless and witty when teasing the MC and the MC would always humor him with his comebacks. From strangers to friends and then to lovers, these two were so freakin sweet. Both of them took no BS, when they figured they liked each other, both of them decided to be honest outright and didn't try the "I'm gonna make him fall in love with me then confess" strategy which was great and didn't drag it out making it boring or dry.

MC (Qiao Shao) was such a strong baby. Despite suffering from his trauma, he wanted to better himself and tried his hardest for it (I don't think normal people can do that after experiencing what he went through) He fell in love slowly and when he figured it out, I swear I fell in love with his "in love you gotta give it your all" mindset. Yes, I know a lot of shous do sincerely love their gongs and all but its all mostly about gong doting on them (I don't hate it tho) but don't you just love when shous do their freakin level best for the MLs and show/express their love in the most beautiful way? So far I have only seen few such MCs (with Song yu from heartthrob cannon fodder childhood friend being my fav) and I freakin treasure them to death. If you love someone, you gotta show it! He gave the ML his everything, he made everything that was "his own" to "our". Even though ML wasn't everything to the MC because he still had his family but I do believe that MC's love was so freakin honest. He was willing to give all of his to him and ML was the only person who was able to pull the MC from his hell like state and save him!

Talking about the ML, I think this dude has already entered my fav MLs. From the start, he was so attentive and nice to MC. Cracking weird jokes and quibbling with him. But silently, giving his best to the MC without even the MC knowing. When he fell in love, he thought of confessing and was like its fine even if I get rejected i'll just watch over him from afar and do whatever he wants even if he wants me to go away. His love was so pureee (like thats rarely seen in BLs like most of MLs are so overbearing and possessive). Our ML too was possessive but right he was a real highschool student not some OP scheming guy who was omnipotent! And one thing that was crucial was that even after he got together with MC, he didn't dare touch him till he was an adult even though they were both the same age and the MC would have never rejected him. (Pedo MLs please take note!) He treasured him so much!MC literally was everything for the ML. Only a few MLs have managed to move me this much!In short, both MC and ML are like my favourite!

Do I even mention how good the side characters were? None of them were malicious/sinister. They were all good guys. Best wingmans for our main couple. They gave their support to them and they were all so freakin hilarious! Wei Blue hair with his high imaginative power, Lou Xiao our soft school bully, Chen Su our quiet cutie and ofc Song Yixu and Jie Kai the hilarious duo.I loved them all!And bruh yesss, Girls now-a-days just want to ship guys like the girls in this novel xD!

Can the MC's family be any more cuter than this? Chinese novels always potray such dangerous families with internal strife making me scared so this family was so freakin cute. Da Qiao stop being so freakin cute! You remind me of my dad! Grandpa and granddad fighting for grandson's favour were cute too!They were all so freakin supportive of the MC and oh god it melts my heart into a puddle remembering how they accepted ML into their family so naturally that it made the ML cry. Really, the MC shared his everything with the ML (i never expected that and it was so heart warming)

Plot wise, it was a simple heartwarming highschool romance with greathighlight on familial love, friends' support and overcoming their past traumas. From the reviews, I had thought it would be angsty, but was it angsty? No way in hell! My hearts feel so freakin warm that I feel like crying after reading this! (I will forever love MC's mom too! Such a gentle, beautiful lady!) Comedy in it was freakin good! From the main couple's quibbles to side characters' antics, I couldn't help laughing out loud!

Everything was wrapped up nicely in the end, with the extras even telling us how they were doing in the future! No smut tho, but the kisses were so freakin cute that I don't even mind it!Its perfect as it is!

Do I recommend it? Freakin ABSOLUTELY YESSSSS! You guys gotta read this and feel like your soul is being cleansed from the filth of this world. Another novel added to my absolute favourites! My favourite highschool romance story! 5/5 I would even read it again when I get the time! My only complain is that its so under rated! This is an absolute hidden gem that the world must know about! <<less
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Jul 23, 2020
Status: Completed
Very fluffy and cute story. I don't understand why some of the reviews are so low, this is basically a slice-of-life story with no real villain anywhere. It's not dramatic and even the misunderstandings are resolved quickly and without any fanfare. Of course the story isn't going to complicate itself with dramatic reveals or overly convoluted characters and etc.

I enjoyed reading this little novel mainly because of the above points. I just wanted an easy read to take my mind off some of the heavy things going on in real... more>> life and this novel was it. The backstories, while sad, are not overly dramatic or traumatic to read. The face slapping was not ridiculous or drawn out but perfectly satisfying.

Yeah, I do agree the MC is a little too naive and childish, but it makes sense. He's been crazily sheltered all his life and spent quite a few years trying to get over his PTSD. He's not gaming or watching sexy videos and learning things that normal teenagers probably would. Also, he's still a teenager. So is ML. There's no smut in the novel, but they don't need it to be overly sweet. <<less
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Oct 05, 2022
Status: --
Surprisingly the plot of this story is really good.

Honestly, I didn't have too much hope for this story... after all the synopsis looks very bright (not to mention this story is a light genre aka slice of life)...

But surprisingly I was wrong... due to the fact that this story has a slightly dark plot and is also full of angsty.

So yeah, apart from some background writing mistakes and some other minor mistakes in story details... This story is already very good and belongs to the kind of story that will... more>> make you think about them (characters) when you finish reading it.

I'm really really don't want to part with our MC and ML 😭😭😭 <<less
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Oct 11, 2021
Status: Completed
FLUFFY FLUFFY FLUFFY I can and WILL say it a hundred times if that makes all of you guys to read this amazingly written novel!

THIS IS SO SWEET! My mouth is gonna rot from cavities and my eyes are crying from joy!! I'm so happy I got to read this web novel and OOOOOH my heart is gonna melt because of the plotline! Its so interesting ACKK! I really, really, really reccomend this book!

also this has no angst! Like no one (major characters) dies or gets hurt or anything, so... more>> yeah! Its so good and sweet, so please give it a read (/*v*) /~ <<less
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Jul 28, 2021
Status: Completed
An ode to all the mama’s boys out there

I honestly believe I was high or drunk when I dropped this novel the first time I read it. I only made it thru 10 chapters, give or take, before somehow forgetting all about it & moving onto reading Little Mushroom. To put it simply, I made a mistake.

This novel seems pretty fluffy & light, but it surprisingly holds much darker tones. It addresses trauma, maternal & overall familial affection though not too in-depth. But it’s still very heartfelt, a... more>> little angsty for the readers who enjoy some bittersweetness, & all in all a worthwhile read! The dynamics are great; I’m a sucker for the naive tofu shou x cold-to-everyone-but-you baddie of a gong. Flirtation game is strong, side characters are funny, & it didn’t seem rushed or anything. The ending is somewhat lacking imo, but I think it still scores very high in my book as a whole! <<less
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Jun 23, 2021
Status: Completed
This is a very sweet and fluffy story. I really liked the relationship between the characters, both romance and friendships were full of sugar and heart-warming fluff. The misunderstandings and secrets were understandable and funny, they weren't too much of a stretch.

Though honestly, I felt like the MC character growth was quite rushed and not very realistic. However I can ignore this point as it seemed fitting for a light fluffy story filled with dogfood and sugar. Who needs realism when fluff is more healing.
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Dec 03, 2020
Status: Completed
The more chapters I read, the worse the story became. The translators did a fantastic job, though.

First of all, it's just weird how much emphasis was placed on the MC looking like a kid, looking like a girl, being pale, etc. Why does it matter so much? The ML constantly thinking of the MC as a child he needs to take care of was weird too. There were some aspects of MC's character that I liked; he's loyal towards his friends and he's hardworking, but his childishness was something I... more>> could've done without. All in all, not a memorable character.

Let's move on to the ML. If the MC is boring, the ML is even worse. He's goddamn perfect. In the MC's words, "there's nothing bad that can be said about He Shen". That's exactly it. He's good at fighting. He's good at cooking. He's good-looking. He's a genius who always gets first place. He doesn't have any flaw. You can perhaps say his possessiveness is a flaw, but it's obvious the author didn't intend it to be. He even has a Tragic Backstory™ boo hoo. He's just leagues ahead of the MC in every way. And just when I thought it was interesting that he was extremely poor, we're hit with the

ML being a runaway young master bullshit.


Don't even get me started on the plotholes. I'm just really disappointed, especially because I thought it was getting good in the middle. It did not. If you're a reader who doesn't mind any of this, I guess you'll like it. I personally did not. <<less
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Km omStarry123
Km omStarry1
Sep 17, 2020
Status: Completed
I like how thees actually background stories for the MC and ml. I actually hope that we can get more back stories for Lou Xiao and his family. And I'm actually curious about how ML family will react to their relationship. But since I really enjoy it, I give it 5 stars! Worth reading!
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