A Certain Someone


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Sheng Wang moved into his ancestral home at White Horse Lane, along with the woman that his father was presently seeing.

His dad pointed at that woman’s son and said to him: Call him ge (older brother).

Unyielding, amenable to coaxing but not coercion cold generator Gong x Regards himself as something precious lazy young master Shou

Sheng Wang: I’m super straight

Jiang Tian: I’m homophobic

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just-add-oil rated it
July 27, 2020
Status: Completed
Ohhhh the feels. This novel is a fantastic read, 11/10 recommend. I have a weakness for novels set in high school, and this one is honestly one of the best ones I’ve ever read.

NOTE: Jiang Tian, our ML, is just a good child, he’s not actually homophobic!! I repeat, he’s NOT homophobic!! The reason why the author said that will be made clear later on in the book. (It has something to do with his past)

I know the description doesn’t tell that much so here is my summary:

Sheng... more>> Wang transferred schools to Jiang Su (a province in China that is notorious for their exceedingly hard exams) in the middle of the school year. His father was seeing a woman (not married), who had a son the same age as Sheng Wang, but Sheng Wang didn’t want a stepmother, and therefore was quite hostile to them, although he never met them.

However, on the first day of school, guess who was his desk mate? The answer was: Jiang Tian, the son of his father’s lover. Cue the drama.

The first first three quarters of the novel depicts their everyday life, from laughing and teasing classmates, to preparing for competitions and exams, and falling in love. It’s packed with the happiness and awkwardness of their teenage years. The last quarter was kind of heartbreaking, so I do recommend you to be prepared and have a box of tissues at hand (though it gets really sweet at the end).

This novel made me become more independent, made me want to work hard and study, and also to treasure our present, because we’ll never know when the good time’s going to end.

Go on, read it! You won’t regret it, I promise (^~^) <<less
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Purple Rain
Purple Rain rated it
January 17, 2021
Status: Completed
Definitely one of the best slice of life novels i've ever read, and one of the rare school campus bl novels where both MC & ML act like actual teenagers. Highly recommended for those who enjoy emotional coming of age stories.

Plot: 10/10. Simple and realistic, but very engaging at the same time.

Characters: 11/10

I saw a review here saying that ML is a cold as*hole & MC has a bad taste for liking him. I know we all have our own personal tastes regarding novels, but I couldn't help but wonder... more>> if they even read the same novel as me to leave such a review about 'a certain someone'. Jiang Tian is far from the stereotypical scum gong who treats MC like shit. It's pretty obvious right from the early chapters that he's quite a caring & good natured person despite having an introverted personality. He has trouble expressing his wants & needs, and showing openly that he cares abt ppl close to him, which is actually very realistic when u take his lack of parental care in the early childhood. *His initial clash with MC was not one sidedly caused by him either as they were both in pretty bad moods when they first met bcuz of obvious reasons. Their relationship only got closer & better in a few chapters onwards.*

Now, let's talk abt our MC, Sheng Wang. He's neither the stereotypical cutie bunny like type of MC nor a gangster teen who beats ppl up at the drop of a hat like in certain other campus novels. He is, first & foremost, a very relatable & likable character. I think we all have had a classmate like him at one point in our school lives, the type of student who is good at english & 'cool bookworm', who is also cheeky, generous, & can make friends easily. He's also hilariously bad at remembering faces, which is exactly the same as me (probably why I like this character so much


Anyway, he's someone who knows how to take good care of himself (treats himself as sth precious young master!) & adapt to surroundings easily. He's definitely NOT being looked downed upon by ml, or being talked down by him all the time!! He acts his age & has a soft heart compared to ML (who is a year older & also tends to be more mature than his peers) despite both of them sharing a lonely childhood, but their relationship is very EQUAL, ok? They have a lot of childish banters, but also respect each other's good qualities, as well as heal each other's loneliness in their own way. Their relationship dynamic is one of the best!

Edited: Also for ppl worrying abt the angsty part


It's a HE. They become a very soft couple who spread dog food everywhere


Ok, i've been ranting for a while so I should stop

Anyway, novel is A+, translation is A+, so this is an A++ recommendation for all slice of life lovers out there.

Edited: Stop comparing it to Saye or whatever. I think these ppl just haven't read modern highschool life danmei a lot. As for me, I see zero similarity between the two. Goumen, Moumou, Saye... these r all danmei from same genre. It doesn't mean these authors (all of whom very famous) copied each other. Even Goumen has a more similar storyline compared to Saye. But still different.

Anyway, these r too completely different books abt completely different ppl. I personally prefer Moumou to Saye bcuz as someone who only studied & did nth else in highschool, I can relate to bookworm proper type of students more than cool gangster students😂 (although Saye is also a very good book) <<less
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Devrai rated it
June 29, 2021
Status: extra 2
Maybe I've read another book than everyone else but I think this book is highly overrated.

This one is really heavy on the slice of life genre. Don't get me wrong, I like slice of life but sometimes it felt more like slice of minutes. I kept on reading because of the high rating and reviews and made it to the end but I have to say there were times I really wanted to abandon this.

It's not bad but slow and didn't exactly resonate with me.

The MC and ML interaction is... more>> rather good. The story starts with two single parents that move in together and their sons that are so not happy about this. And as fate will have it, the sons are in the same class. Both kids were rather neglected in childhood while ML was a bit more tragic. So the two lonely kids find a secure haven in each other.

The first 93 chapters are basically this first year in school.

About that part in the synopsis that ML were homophobic... he is not. He had a rather bad experience as a child but was already able to get over it a long time ago. This is turned up and solved in about 2 or 3 chapters.

Since I was fighting with this one and kept wondering when there would happen anything, I insert this spoiler now. So if you want an overview keep reading, if you don't want to get spoilt so be it.


1-53 introduction of the Charakters and getting along of a daily basis. On our two blips but all in the league of normal and youthful awkwardness.

54 high extern impact, seeing a gay couple kiss. Starting from this first deeper thoughts from MC about possible feelings for ML. Also starting to struggle against them.

61 giving up on the struggle.

60-65 Key story about MLs father and the reason for being (not) homophobic.

70 first kiss, following awkwardness and stumbling their way in a somewhat relationship.

80 more than a kiss. (Handjob)

92-93 being more or less torn apart by their parents after finding out about them. Also ML somewhat agrees to this.

94 about 6 years in a blink

95 meeting again

98-99 back together


I'm disappointed with this story cause there was no real charakter growth. In that one chapter they were apart, it's written how much MC changed and all but you will see none of this cause next chapter ML is back in the frame and thaws him back to his old ways...

All of this has no real tension and I was annoyed with the first 50 chapters cause it felt like an ongoing rambling how op MC and ML are, followed by faceslapping.

Not sure how to explain but I felt bored and won't read this ever again.

Is an barely OK story and might be good for ppl that love slice of life in high school with daily cramming. There are"moments"but not enough for this long a story. <<less
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aiji rated it
October 19, 2020
Status: Completed
My second attempt at reading Mu Su Li's novel...

... I swear I didn't sign up for deep, lasting heartaches!

Since the author managed to torture my heart but cleanly nurture it back to life after a heart-piercing session I didn't sign up for, here's my 5/5!

... more>> STORY:

Looking at the description provided here in NU up above, it gives us pretty much the general idea how the whole premise would play out. If you are like me who's also reading BL mangas, the premise is nothing new. Love story between stepbrothers, would-be stepbrothers, even real brothers (yep, the in*est kind) exists. But what separate this story from the rest is: for one, this is in novel form (surprise!) ; secondly, the story delves on the delicate topics and obstacles homosexuals commonly encounter after accepting their doomed self and exchanging "I love you, bro"—which we don't usually see being tackled in 6-chaptered mangas or short stories.

To give my take and provide an overview on what this story is about: yep, MC and ML are soon-to-be brothers (planned by parents, of course), got a bumpy start before becoming "friends", then "close friends", then "boyfriends". How very straightforward and smooth, right? I mean, it's the 'typical' set-up. But oh—they're both high school students, "top students" to emphasize, and in the eyes of many, practically already "brothers". And as if it's not challenging enough, the ML's 'traumatizing' childhood memory and his parents' relationship 'situation' is also complicated it was even hard for me to digest as I read along. I mean, it's just so freaking complicated and a big "WTF". Interesting enough? Heh, got ya ^^

The overall story's pacing is good, and the premise, despite sounding not 'unique' for me, played out really well through its complex family, friends, and school life drama. I don't know if it's the author's kink or what, but she has this style of conditioning you that it's all rainbows and unicorns at first, make you laugh chapter after chapter, will make you think "what, is this story about how to ace an exam?", tickle your heart and make it flutter with her smooth 'scattering dog food' move in low-key manner, and then make you cry as part of the story's climax! I swear, the naïve me literally challenge the author in my head this way upon reaching 70+ chapters: "Oh, okay. So I'm now munching dog food. So... how are you gonna do the 'coming out' to the parents? We still have, like, many chapters left... "—

And I think I jinxed myself—real hard. I can still feel the lingering effect of the consequence of that s*upid dare of mine. To be honest, I didn't expect a drama here. A heavy one at that. I won't say further details so as not to spill any spoilers but to describe what I feel: the heartache I felt never felt this long. It lasted for, like, years. The next chapters felt so painful to read. For the first time in my novel-reading life, I prayed hard for dog food just to ease the pain, to the point I won't even complain if the author insert smut out of nowhere. This is how convincingly realistic and gripping the author made the characters are and the story itself as a whole.


... Oh, shit. I feel kinda sad just remembering this story's main characters xD

And since I want them to be together forever even in my review, I'm gonna do the justice by always combining them both in this section.

Anyway, the MC here is the sunny, soft-hearted honey bun named "Sheng Wang". And Jiang Tian, the cold with popsicle-like personality but very kind and attentive, is the ML. Actually, there's nothing much to say (lol), aside from they are both described and portrayed with depth. Like I mentioned, this is a very realistic approach about BL life that starts with pure puppy love, the type other short stories or fluff-themed stories lack of or simply just touch very lightly as if it's not a big deal. And to set everyone's expectation, they're both high schoolers, both has living parents, everyone's practically having high expectations of them—but they've committed the 'taboo' of falling in love with each other. They both know the consequences so they tried to 'plan ahead' and make it work, but like what the 'certain side character' have already warned, the road is not easy. And thus... it's raining heartaches!

Nah. I'm gonna stop mentioning my babies here. They've been through a lot. But let me assure you that this is a happy ending. They deserved all the happiness in the world.

And about the other characters... A very, very good set of characters we have here, I gotta say. Like the author's other novel's (Global University Entrance Examination), side characters here were not mentioned just for the sake of having side characters. They are alive and effectively adds colour to this compelling storytelling. I gotta say, this type of characterization style firmly secured the author's standing as now one of my favourite Chinese novel authors.


A very good read.

I usually avoid reading non-fantasy/supernatural/historical themed novels with modern setting because my standard and requirement for it to be an enjoyable read is pretty strict compared to their non-straightforward (a.k.a novels with extraordinary premise) counterparts. And the reason? I always want the characters and the story flow to be a little "realistic" and "convincing" because, you know, I am literally set in modern setting myself, and I know what the status of BL is in these times is like. I especially apply this standard to young, straight (not-yet-gay teens until they fall in love, lol) main characters in stories I read. To be honest, I tried reading ones in the past but instantly drop them once they act like it's 'natural' liking the same gender the way the heterosexuals does. Well, I'm telling you, if you're not originally gay, it's not natural. You have to do some questioning in your head a little. But sadly, some authors skip this part, therefore I brand their story as a little 'unrealistic' and 'unconvincing'.

Well, enough of my mild uncalled for 'ranting' above. This story is definitely different, and I liked how well the author executed the overall story. I MTLed the rest of the non-translated chapters (chapter 29 onwards), but that didn't hinder me from enjoying it and stop the tears from falling and experience several chapter long of heartaches and happiness. This only proves that the author is great... and I'm a pro MTLer, lol. The author's writing is just my style. So clear and smooth, and very much easy to MTL. It's so flowing you won't see the 'stiffness' you can see in some other authors' writing style.

Looking for a heart-warming, heart-fluttering, heart-rending, and heart-wrenching love story—portrayed in a realistic but enjoyable way? I highly recommend this one. <<less
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Rutabaga rated it
January 30, 2021
Status: Completed
This became my favourite Danmei novel. A solid 12/10. I'm not a sensitive person, but I cried quite a few times while reading this.

Like in the tags, it's a slow romance and a school life, so you can expect it to be a bit slow and not focused on the romance in the beginning. However, it's a really good rival to friends to lovers romance. It's slow but steady, no random weird moments where they suddenly turn from rivals to lovers.

The characters are 3d, to that random guy in the... more>> reviews saying the ML is a cold jerk, that's because you're not actually paying attention to the story. The ML is shy and very caring, he's just not good at carrying out his words. It might not seem very clear in the first few chapters, but you can see his caring underneath his cold appearance after a while. Same goes for MC. He might seem cheerful or smooth, but he just hides himself very well.

The plot isn't complex, but it is well laid out, no sudden plot twists, the dramatic moments have something laid out before, and no stuff that makes no sense. The author is also really good at showing the emotions of the characters and making the readers empathise with them, so even I, a person with little to no tear ducts, cried like 2 times while reading this novel.

It also deals with how parents actually see the whole homo thing really well. I guess it's realistic for that part. Even the angst seemed real and not forced like in some other novels.

In conclusion, I love this novel. I'd recommend you read it, especially if you're a fan of angsty stuff. Angst is real good. Sorry for the bad English and have a nice day. <<less
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YellowNoodle rated it
September 23, 2020
Status: Completed
I'm not gonna lie, I cried big chihiro tears reading this.

My heart and soul just goes out to these two boys. The complexities, identity confusion, and family problems just made me empathize so much.

As the story genre is slice of life, their circumstances can be applied to a lot of people and it was heart wrenching to see them teeter on boyhood and adulthood in such a difficult situation.

... more>> Thankfully, everything turned out fine.

Our MC, Shen Wang is a young master, often transferring to multiple schools due to his father's work and because of his mother's death and his father's busy work, Shen Wang grew up a lonely child. Nevertheless, Shen Wang grew up lazy but cheeky, often adapting to his surroundings and making friends easily. But as you know, he is still quite lonely.

Our ML, Jiang Tian, is a good boy (so good to the point I want to cry). Often silent and cold because of his absent parents and being tossed to his grandmother who has a mental illness, he passed his childhood days with an elderly neighbor. His precocious mentality allowed him to understand things better than his peers but basic emotions that children typically have, such as crying and voicing out their wants, were not taught to him. Thus, he grew up a bit unsure of how to voice his feelings and used actions to show his thoughts and care.


I really love this ML and had to add this because my heart just hurted.

He tied a ribbon to his mother because he was scared she'd be gone when he woke up. He wrote a note and put a picture of himself for his grandmother with dementia because he wanted her to remember him. Mind you, the grandnother often locked him out because she thought he was a theif. This all happened so young and I- (QAQ)


If I could describe their love, its much like a blossoming rose. From a small sapling to a blooming flower. And it applies much more strongly because such figure of speech is also applied to growing up. And you certainly watch them grow up.

You can't help but smile at their youthfulness, you cant help but worry when problems arise, and you can't help but cry when decisive actions must be made.

But in the end, no matter how much time pasts or how much the world turns, some feelings still flourish.

Overall, these two young people have been through so much and deserve their ending.

Time waits for no one, whats important is to make up for that time and live as much as you can in this short life.

No ragrets. (I had too lighten up the mood somehow. If yk, yk ^^)
Its so good/10

Enjoi and Adieu! I need to read something fluffy now. <<less
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Shortk rated it
July 21, 2021
Status: Completed
why didn't I notice the tag drama. I was not emotionally prepared for the angst that literally had to ... more>>

time skip 6+ years. Although grateful it's about 1 long painful why am I even alive I'm so pissed at every second these parents of theirs are little homophobic selfish b*tches chapter


i mean I credit this to good writing but I want to hard core baby rage at this dumb mother f*cking parents. Esp the MC's dad. Just because I can understand their feelings doesn't give him any f*cking right to do what he did to the both of them, both guilt tripping and manipulating them.

Yes it s societal issue of h*mophobia but I was not prepared to watch it in action while what the father only slowly seems to not regret anything except but like oh hm my son's changed even tho I never saw him or was a present father for very long ever but I know my son best bs blindness a**holery. Although I will say what I say about the mom, the father is the one I truly disdain. The fact is he was only half a father and then not one at all by the end of it


The ml's mother is like I get her but damn damn get your sh*t together.


You already failed your son by leaving him alone as a child as he starved and was dangerously neglected by your ex-husband and you tried to make it up but just "giving up your job and being there" much too late but honestly it was your f*cking son who always was a good kid to you so you wouldn't feel guilty but the moment the very f*cking moment he needs a mom to stand up for his love, you undermine homosexuality and him because you choose to not be a mom and be selfish and project your trauma of your ex-husband on to him. Like f*ck you too. You were never once a mom. Seriously it's like you popped him out to burden someone with your issue while never caring about him. You only even cared about him in the brief moment after you took him back from your ex-husband BC OF YOUR FEELINGS, YOUR GUILT, YOU YIU. God when was it ever about your child. Ever. You never felt a responsibility or desire to be his mom smh


But omg the angst does continue

it's like 3+ long chapters and you bet I am pissed at the author for making sure the MC STILL DOESN'T GET THE MLS ACTUAL WECHAT THE f*ck



But dude the words the ML said to his mom near the end f*ckin rocked my world. She's like:

I really treated him like my son so I can't see my son's together


The ML casually burning her w probably an expressionless face:

have u seen him after these 7 yrs? He doesn't smile anymore. You raised another me


Is it amazingly written yes. Do I hate myself a bit because I am mad at what happened / read this book bc I'm so upset. Yes. God damn it. Is it worthy well duh but it was painful and I don't like pain ;-; <<less
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janieieie rated it
November 23, 2021
Status: Completed
If you've read the summary, this doesn't have any spoilers, but if you like to go into books not knowing wha to expect, you should probably skip this :)

I mainly want to talk about the characters since the author has done a great job at writing teenagers who have actual depth to them and aren't 2d caricatures from teen movies. Both the characters have faced trauma in the past, both have grown up in extremely neglectful households. What I find extremely interesting (im a psych student bear w... more>> me pls) is how differently they reacted and dealt with those situations

Shen Wang grew up with a neglectful dad, his mom passed away and his father basically uses his money to make up for his absence. His dad is also emotionally manipulative in a way that really isn't obvious until you keep reading and see all the little signs scattered across the novel. Shen wang, who grew up with no really family and is constantly carted around from one school to another, tries to create his own semblance of family wherever he goes. While he is aware that hell probably move away and loose the friends he made, he is still just 16, hasn't lost faith in people yet. He isn't the one to reach out first, which makes sense given his past, but as soon as someone else opens up to him first, any sort of affection or attention he's given, he seems to hold on to it and cherish it. He's open, caring, friendly and honestly an emotional person, though he tries to convince himself that he isn't and nothing bothers him as a way of protecting himself.

Jiang Tian on the other hand has faced both abuse and neglect for as long as he can remember. He sort of has this shell around him where he doesn't let anyone in, for fear of getting hurt. It makes sense that he things everyone in his life is going to leave him or let him down, since that is all he has experienced. But the few people that stayed, he never forgets, constantly taking care of them. He is extremely caring in his own way, doesn't want to be a burden to anyone, but at the same time, like any other human, craves affection.

To me, their relationship makes sense because while they are kids, they still are able to emotionally connect with each other in a surprisingly mature way. Having gone through similar things in the past, they sort of are able to understand why the other person acts a certain way, how they became who they are. The relationship is like any other teenage relationship, flirty and cute and a little cringy, where they talk about the future like its a magical time where all their problems will be solved.

Another thing I personally feel the author dealt with well, was the years they were separated. Unlike a lot of danmei, they weren't obsessing over each over the 5 years they were apart. It was more like one of those situations where you remember someone very fondly, but the situation that tore you two apart was extremely traumatic and affected the course of your life. So when you experience something important in your current life, you sort of look back into the past and think, if only we had been dealt different cards, if only we were mature enough to deal with the sh*t that was thrown our way. You can't really forget that person, but you move on with their memory.

I have to add, the reunion itself wasn't too fairytail - ish either. It actually manages to make sense, with both of them making the decisions they made that lead to them meeting each other subconsciously with the hope that they may just get to see how the other person is doing these days. They could have, in fact got in contact with each other much earlier, but I appreciate the author making them wait until they each could resolve their own internal conflicts and were mature enough to have the conversations they were scared of having as children <<less
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jellyfishies rated it
July 15, 2021
Status: Completed
At this point everyone should know that this novel is mind-blowingly good.

If you're just looking for a quick, brainless, light-hearted read, this is not it. It starts off quite fluffy and actually when I recall the entirety of the story, I would say that the majority of the chapters are sweet. However, when the f*cking angst eventually comes damn does it cut deep. It's not a quick tragic scene where you get one big cry and then everything's ok. The angst creeps in on you and I was left with... more>> the bitter feeling of wanting to cry but not able to cry until the --big sad-- eventually happened. Reading this in one go (like I did) is a serious challenge for those who tend to get emotionally invested because I had to just lay there and rest my aching eyes quite a few times. The fact that I probably cried on and off for 10 chapters straight was seriously physically challenging. But it gets better! It gets better, really. But when it did get better, I cried even f*cking harder. I think I literally was hit with every single possible emotion at once.

Ok but it's a happy ending and all ends well I swear. <<less
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glitteryjoon rated it
June 23, 2021
Status: Completed
This was an amazing novel. I really should stop relying on other reviews as well as the “summaries” to base my decision of reading a novel on. I almost didn’t read this for that very reason. The summary was ass and made me think I’d have to sit through s*upid assumptions of lgbtq as well as a dudebro claiming they’re straight every.5 second, and during pride at that.

Glad that was completely wrong. This novel was so cute and reminded me a bit of fake slackers.

My heart was aching and aching... more>> and aching while reading this. It was like author lured us into a false sense of contentment and happiness only to suddenly dump a steaming pile of ANGST on us for no reason! DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD I SOBBED??? HELLO??!!

anyway, ahem, that aside it was really enjoyable, the questions I started to have along the way were answered and I believe that it was wrapped up fairly well. We know the parents were on their way to acceptance and I was glad they didn’t try to force feed a rushed ending of them playing at one big happy family like I initially thought was going to happen.

all the friends were really amazing, and I felt like the main friends that made multiple appearances were well fleshed out and it made me happy that even tho there was a bitter taste towards the end, it wasn’t overpowering and they at least managed to keep the friends without feeling judged.

Our ML really deserved some sweetness and I’m glad he got it

As a side note, the older cp reminded me of another novel (uhhh..i forget the name I think its Reborn with an old enemy on the day of our marriage?) either way, I initially thought this was the same world although I know the names differ but they really seemed similar.

The translation was pretty good. It was readable and understandable tho I do have to admit the phrasing for some parts were a little weird but it doesn’t take away from the overall story. Thank you Translator, you’re amazing.

i recommend. I recommend. I RECOMMEND! <<less
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dee_ism rated it
July 30, 2021
Status: Completed
4.5 round it up to 5

I'm gonna say I will trust Mu Su Li story after this. I came from her another novel, GUEE. And this one also not disappoint.

It's about someone's warm youth, the reckless of young age, friendship, first love, the confusion, separation, adulting up, and reunion. With a family drama in between.

... more>> It's a slow romance, but their relationship building up is placed naturally and they fit each other so much.

I love the characters. The MC and ML are likeable. Their high school friends also lovely: Old Gao and Chili my dear. <<less
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rayraybites rated it
April 25, 2022
Status: Completed
I never thought I would enjoy a novel in a school life setting, but once I picked this up, I couldn't put it back down. This story is now #2 on my list of favorites.

I came to this after reading two other books by the same author, GUEE first, then Copper Coins. I'm generally more into fantasy and paranormal, and I already thought those were amazing, I really didn't expect something with such a typical and normal setting could top both of them. Honestly, I'm mindblown.

The people who rated this... more>> low probably just came with the wrong expectations or stopped at an early chapter.

The setting here is highly realistic. Maybe people who graduated from average classes in public high-schools won't be able to relate but as someone who attended a private one and was in the top class out of the three we had that year, a lot of the dynamics resonated with me even though our class definitely wasn't as hardcore as them, most of us just got As and A*s for more than half the subjects and Bs for the rest. There was only one all A* student. We were a lot tighter and closer to the teachers than the other classes.


This book touches quite deeply upon the different parenting styles and the problems arising from them.

Sheng Wang's dad is very cordial but often in a business-like way, sometimes leaning towards manipulation. He's very good at guilt-tripping his son into doing his bidding when it comes to things he deeply cares about, but at other times, he's very responsible, trusting, and clear of his boundaries. As a result, Sheng Wang grew up to be someone a little unbridled and cheeky, a little prideful, but knew how to use those qualities to navigate through his social life.

Jiang Tian's parents were people who had too much baggage of their own to ever really care about their son. The dad was just an edgy man stuck in the past, in the mentality of a teen in his rebellious years, and with extremely low self-esteem, a little too obsessed with a definition of perfection that was someone he's not, and as a result of struggling between being himself and trying to be someone he thought he could be more proud of, he ended up making many irreversible mistakes. Jiang Ou was likely one of them. On the other hand, Jiang Ou tried to be especially caring towards her son but it was almost entirely out of guilt, and the damage had already been done. Jiang Tian had already grown up to be someone who didn't dare to open up to others, didn't dare expect anything he currently had around him to be there for the long-term.

Qi Jiahao is the only other person in this novel whose family situation was portrayed relatively in depth, more of like a prime example for the typical terrible parenting (unlike Jiang Tian's situation which was like dog blood drama) and an inference that shitty people aren't shitty for no reason. I could somewhat relate to him and I can't say for certain that I wouldn't have done the same thing if I was in his position. Raised by parents whose expectations are too high, probably due to their own problems back in highschool, and constantly being abused due to his grades. Just when he had worked his way up despite all those and he dark clouds surrounding him seem to be parting, he witnesses a transfer student who basically seemed to have gotten a fast pass into the inner circle of the great and mighty Class A that even he hadn't managed to worm his way into. What he had been working on for a lifetime seemed to have been as easy as breathing to achieve for Sheng Wang, who had the looks, the money, the confidence, and the popularity he didn't have. His inferiority complex then worsened and he tries to drag the other down, likely mostly out of impulse, but it always seems to backfire on him tenfold. It was unavoidable that he spiraled into a worse and worse situation after that. It shouldn't be a surprise he didn't get a good ending although he didn't deserve such a bad ending either. I hope he'll be able to experience pleasant things, come across people who'll try to understand him, and turn out for the better in a place we can't see.

The views on homosexuality was also touched upon in this work, but imo in a much lesser degree. Jiang Tian definitely isn't homophobic, just traumatized by his dad. I personally don't think they were exactly gay either, they just found comfort in one another, fell in love, and the other person happened to be a guy. It would've been fine to them if they were a girl too, although there definitely wouldn't have been as much drama to make a story out of.

I saw someone mention that they didn't like how the Chinese education system was explained so much in depth even though it wasn't super relevant to the story but I think we should keep in mind that this story wasn't really intended for a non-Chinese audience in the first place. But I don't think the explanations were intrusive enough to be worth mentioning anyway. It was interesting for me to read about a different education system and it almost fired me up to work super hard too, almost. <<less
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August 6, 2021
Status: --
One of the best school life novels I read. Great characterisations from main characters to minor characters. Really love the relationship between MC and ML, it felt so natural. Cried and laughed alot while reading, so glad I found this gem. Translation is amazing too. Read it!
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sonialu rated it
February 12, 2021
Status: c68
This novel is godly and simply wowed me to no end - from all the characters to the plot line itself.

The characters are all very intricately outlined, all with their own emotional background stories and experiences - especially the main couple. I love their youthfulness and the dynamics in their relationship - from initial curiosity all the way to being head over heels for one another =^^= Their journey and developments are simply beautiful~

Plot line is absolutely amazing, the way that the author connects everything together like one giant cobweb... more>> - all the family dramas to the simple youth of impulsion and competition during school days just makes it all the more captivating and addicting.

The moments are numerous from humorous, competitiveness, impulsiveness, romance and misunderstandings - I simply loved every single one of those moments whether it was important or not.

To note, the translator did an absolute amazing job in making this novel becoming a very excellent quality read~

All in all, you'd be taking a loss for sure to not read this high quality gem - believe me, it's very unlikely to not like it. A laid back and relaxed read, do enjoy~ =>o^ / ~~~~~ <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
overclouds rated it
January 16, 2021
Status: --
5 stars, 10/10, A+++

If you like slice-of-life novels you need to read this. I started reading it expecting a meh type of story but oh boy. I was hooked on the first ten or so chapters.

The characters are obviously teenagers so their interactions are always slightly awkward, but that made the story much more realistic. I really felt like I was witnessing the MC and ML fall in love in a natural, organic way, unlike many other slice-of-life novels that make the characters fall in love in a couple of... more>> chapters.

This is also an ANGSTY novel, all caps necessary. I can't count how many times I cried throughout the novel, these poor mc's really go through a lot. But the angst is worth it in the end, I really couldn't enjoy reading a novel that didn't have a happy ending and this one thankfully has a really sweet, happy ending:)

So if you are thinking about reading this novel, I would say go for it. I even MTLed this so I could finish it:') (and I hate MTL, so that should tell you something). Also, the translator does an amazing job and is pretty far ahead in translated chapters, so I recommend this novel to everyone, 100%! <<less
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Lily Lily
Lily Lily
January 10, 2021
Status: Completed

Story: 5/5

Cp: 10000/5

musuli's writing style is so smooth, tender and beautiful.!!

I really loved the cp relationship dynamic so much and YOUNG MASTER SHENG WANG IS JUST SO ADORABLE.!! ♡
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Weiyuexuan rated it
January 10, 2021
Status: c52
For me this is so good while listening to super junior D&E growing pains, the sadness when they separated multiply.

Plot 10/10

Char 10/10

Sweetness 10/10
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
graow rated it
December 14, 2021
Status: Completed
I have a very mixed feeling toward this book. Objectively, I think this book isn't bad. Just extraordinarily overrated. I came here expecting a very heartbreaking and relatable slice of life like how people described.... and didn't get it. The romance parts were okay, msl is good at writing s*xual tension and my heart fluttered a couple of times. I'm a sucker for reunion scenes in general and I like how this book portrayed it. But unfortunately, there are things that Baffled me, such as:

  1. The explanation about the school system was excessively long and a bit unnecessary. It's not like the goal of this story related to that.
  2. Both JT and SW felt kinda like a Gary Stu. I'm not against OP characters but the way they keep pulling skills out from nowhere does not flow naturally with the whole story. Not only that, I do think that they are a bit lacking in character development.
  3. The side characters don't feel like humans, they seemed like just some accessories to make JT and SW look good. All the unnamed female students did was squeal and fangirl like a cheerleader squad. There is a disabled character that only there just make JT, SW, and co look upright and caring. The author didn't even bother to give him a name, he was only referred to as "the mute" and that's it. The supposed villain, aka the student who outed them, was the only one who are given bad endings. He was also struggling and didn't get help, he didn't even get a redemption arc. It wasn't like this novel was going for the realistic part where some people have to suffer and we can just sigh and lament how much that it's a given. The ending for each other character was so smooth sailing, why can't he at least have a normal one.
  4. Other than SW and JT, the gays were written in the worst way possible. I'm not only saying the girl who was mutilated for having so much debt, but also the fiasco between JT's parents. That part sure makes the story change direction 360 degrees to some kind of dog blood drama.
TLDR: If you are looking for an exciting read, something that is almost like a feel-good easy romance with a good amount of angst you can get it, but if you were looking for a "relatable-for-queer asians, coming of age story",... more>> this is not for you. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
January 14, 2021
Status: c8
Really don't understand authors who present a character - in this case the ML- in such a way that they are completely unlikable-cold to the point of being pissy, constant superior/mocking attitude (in short, a jerk) - and expect the reader to just forgive and forget as soon as the character starts being romantically interested in the main character. It's so annoying, seriously. What's even worse, and what often happens, is when their attitude doesn't change at all and the main character still likes this jerk anyway even though he... more>> hated the ML to begin with for that attitude. Isn't it just vanity and feeling flattered instead of actual affection? The bar is set super super low at the beginning by having the ML act like such a jerk you feel like throat punching him every time he talks but then he gets slightly less jerky-just a tiny microscopically bit less-and the foolish MC has a good impression of him all of a sudden?so s*upid... really poor taste. Why would you want to be mocked and looked down on by your partner? I will never understand this aesthetic. This is tr*sh <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
RD_Queen rated it
June 28, 2021
Status: --
God this made me cry and laugh at the same time.

This is one novel where I can freely say to everyone that you are going to love it if you give it a chance. Gosh it became one of my favourite novels from thousands I read and believe me I am picky.

I love love love it.

Anyone conflicted about this I'll say one thing.I RECOMMEND RECOMEND RECOMMEND IT.
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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