Fake Slackers


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After class placement were decided, the school’s two infamous ‘problem youth’ not only shared the same class, but the same desk.

They’re clearly good at studies, but pretend to be slackers. Fakers from head to toe who just keep walking farther down the path of their performance.

Hear on the grapevine about the two big brothers who always fight over the last place in class.

Basically, this is a serious comedy. About the little matters of growing up.

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Sutad Aatma
New Sutad Aatma
July 31, 2020
Status: Completed
The novel radiates the aura of youth and innocent love. They are hot-blooded yet they are not reckless. The author and the translator not only successfully portrays the nostalgia and vibrant feeling of school days, it also interweaves a tragic yet beautiful tale of two troubled youths who find solace within one another. I loved the character growth that takes place.

Their love story is not, I only want you to be happy. It is more of, I have you, that is why I am happy. You pull me forwards. Being... more>> with you, I have learned more, loved more and lived more.

Although the side characters are not prominent, they are not forgotten either. They all play a role in the story. Their presence is minor but it is like adding salt in a dish. It is subtle but noticeable and essential. Every little detail adds more color to the story.

Minor spoiler:


Although, I was a bit upset that we did not get anything in regards to a certain tr*sh step brother. I would have loved some face-smacking on that part. I also would have liked to know more about He's missing sister. But still, over all the story was quite satisfactory.


The ending reminded me of Perks of being a wallflower. It is vivid and it leaves a way for endless possibilities. The novel may have ended, but their story is just starting. <<less
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New Aila rated it
July 30, 2020
Status: c112
Nostalgia hit me as I was nearing the ending, and it sure hit hard. I'll surely miss reading this, wondering when I will encounter such good work again. As my reading list attests, I dont think I have read high school slice-of-life bl novel aside from this, because they suck and they're boring. This? This is such a gem I laughed throughout. The cast are such a mood you'd wish you had them as classmates (especially the ml).
It's that good, the story hooked me - from the start to... more>> the end.
It's one of those times I have to thank my eyes for spotting a potential good novel! Hah I know my eyes are never wrong (Just kidding. God know how many times I was proven wrong). <<less
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Efu-sama rated it
December 4, 2019
Status: c76
I find this story a bit fresh, well because the MC and ML are still in high school LOL. It's time to clear my mind from my usual middle-aged iceberg ML LOL LOL LOL.

One thing I find it funny here is because MC and ML are both acting s*upid, no, they're earnestly competing the spot of the lowest grade in the school. Both of them also don't know that the other's a genius. So, when they got together later in the first half of the story, both of them... more>> worrying over each other bad grades, like : "what should I do, my lover is beyond help, he's so s*upid, I should help him to make his grade better..." BUT! what makes it hillarious is since they stil don't know that the other one is a genius, then their worry just turn out like this to each other : "what should I do.... my lover is acting like a wise smart person, urging me to study, while his own grade is actually even more worrisome than mine...."LOL! <<less
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rakuu-en rated it
February 4, 2020
Status: Completed
I read this entirely in Chinese because a good part of Chinese fandom (as in, China) was in raptures over it and I was curious as to see the fuss.

At the end of reading it, my foremost thought is simply this: I'm old.

(I'm twenty-two, in case any one is actually wondering).

The language is fairly simple. There's a lot of humour. The characters are generally likeable and their interactions with each other are cute, even if I'm sure I've seen each of their tragic backstories lifted wholesale from a Korean... more>> drama before (sigh). The supporting cast (their classmates) are a riot as well. But.

Even though I came into this novel knowing full well it was going to be a high school romance, I guess I wasn't prepared to be reading a high school romance. These characters' main concerns are winning the inter-class sports competition and doing well on the national exam to get into a good university. If I recall correctly there's a Cultural Festival of sorts where the mains' class puts up a dance performance. They're in love and they think it's going to last a lifetime.

Which it may. God knows first loves only last forever when immortalised in the pages of a shoujo manga. Or the C-Novel equivalent with gays, which is this book. But I just look on that youthful optimism with a good deal of eye-rolling and cynicism, unable to suspend disbelief even within these mere 100+ pages of fiction.

I think you would enjoy this if you were fresh out of high school and teeming with hope for the future. Or a little more elderly, as long as you've retained some optimism and remain young at heart. As I am neither, reading this book felt not unlike how I imagine my parents would feel if they were to watch High School Musical at this point in time. Even as I type this I feel the mysterious urge to cluck my tongue and mutter under my breath about young people these days. So natural cynics take note. <<less
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potxki rated it
December 4, 2019
Status: --
The story is worth the MTL effort. Still looking forward to the great translation the chaleuria team is doing because I probably missed a lot of details.

It's a story of two HS boys who became deskmates and faking their school rankings, trying their best to stay at the bottom of it. They also act as the perfect idiots in school, MC with his cold-face and i-can't-be-bothered attitude and ML with his charming, arrogant im-an-idiot-so-what facade.

... more>>

their acting are so good it came to the point when the two are dating and both of them are worried for the other one's future prospect. MC thought ML is a hopeless student, and vice versa. Like MC made a comprehensive reviewing plan for ML which he sent anonymously via email to ML while ML bought review books for MC which he left anonymously on MC's side of the desk, lmao.


Each of them has their own reasons. When you're in that age, everything seems like a big deal and tend to do self-sacrificing things so the reasons are believeable.

Also, their classmates and friends and families are supportive and hilarious. There's really no big villains, just people being humans. The side characters are not one-dimensional and hilarious at times.

It's a really good read while I'm waiting for a strong typhoon to pass by. I hope the translator keeps up their good work. <<less
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kakaoing rated it
November 2, 2019
Status: Completed
A cute, sweet, and funny story about two problem students and their school life together. I finished the entire story in Chinese, and it's really one of the best school life slice-of-life stories you can find. Both main characters are likable and endearing with interesting motivations, and the chemistry with each other is really charming and believable. Xie Yu is cold but inwardly soft, and He Zhao is ridiculous but has his serious moments; they work really well playing off each other. Their dynamic is compelling and leaves you wanting... more>> more even after you finish all the extras (which are highly satisfying and give you really interesting indications about their future together). I seriously recommend this web novel! <<less
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July 10, 2020
Status: --
Awww... I arrived too late... T_T

For those like me who planned on reading this novel, you have to pay starting today for the translations. Chapters are free until ch29, then you have to buy 'carrots' to read the rest. Each chapter costs 8 carrots and there are 85 to buy, so you need 680 carrots and.. that's about 12$. (If I understood well)

The translators explain the reason why it became pay to read, still..

If only I had read it earlier!! Come cry with me-- boohoohoo
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zhaoyu rated it
November 8, 2019
Status: Completed
This is the best novel ever! I've read it more than five times and listened to the audio drama (season 1&2) too, but still can't get enough of them. They're so cute, sweet and funny❤️
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just-add-oil rated it
March 12, 2020
Status: Completed

I only found out they were translating this a moment ago, but I read it in Chinese, and bought the audio drama (yes, they have an audio drama (❁´ω`❁))

This is unquestionably, one of the sweetest books I've read. The main characters are Xie Yu and He Zhao. The book follows their daily lives at school (and basically makes you reminisce your highschool days). (*^▽^) /★*☆ Another pro is that the developement of their relationship is realistic, the ML isn't your... more>> typical, overprotective a-hole, the ML and MC have a healthy relationship, the girls in it are well written, characters other than the MC and ML have backstories and are realistic, and the overall feelling of the book is light-hearted and sweet.

If that wasn't enough to convince you, it's packed with fluff, hilarious moments of banter between classmates, and occassionally some tears, this is just the perfect book to read if you're looking for a slice of life novel. ヾ ^_^♪

P.S I love this book soooo much <<less
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sleepycaptions rated it
July 13, 2020
Status: c62
I've dropped this novel so many times and at this point I don't see myself finishing it. It's not for me.

The MC and ML are lovable and the relationship between the two is great, it's a slow, mature, realistic relationship where the two go from strangers to lovers. It's very sweet.

The actual plot line however is slow, almost non-existent. I understand the focus is on school and for the two characters to fail their classes but it was boring to force myself to read through them doing so, or the... more>> reasons why they are the way they are. It wasn't badly written, just felt super tedious to read and care, and despite how much I love slow books I would have preferred this story to end faster.

Overall still a good story but ultimately not for me. <<less
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1darling rated it
June 24, 2020
Status: Completed
The MC and ML are both secretive and both are delinquents but why??... You'll find out.I JUST CAN'T STOP READING THIS NOVEL!!!!!? YOU HEAR ME? This is a ride. This is so f*cking good. It is not your typical novel with toppers of class, being deskmate or sharing same room. But everyone will develop and understand their lives better. They will grow with everyone. This novel is so good you won't regret reading. It is also good to reminisce about our school time. The romance is not out of place... more>> at all. People will come to an understanding and not everything stays same. Some things happens for good. Although it is slice of life but trust me the author puts every thing so correctly that it feels so real and can't help cheer for them. The side characters are so good OMG!! I can literally die for them. MC is cold stern face doesn't waste any words and just fights head on. MC REALLY REMINDS ME OF LAN ZHAN. And the ML is just as dramatic devilish handsome... So just go for it. <<less
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Shortk rated it
July 10, 2020
Status: c45
Dropped...I just, think it's boring? I mean, it's just kind of dull?

I think people who really love slow slice of life will like this, but excuse me I also like slow slice of life?? Hello? I just really want to like this but it's just... Dull. It's trying to go somewhere while feeling not interesting and very much taking it's time doing very little in the meanwhile? Ah...I may be alone here....

Also HELLO THE LINKS DONT WORK STARTING FROM CH19? Anyone? No? um maybe I'm missing something here...
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Fujoshiforlife rated it
July 2, 2020
Status: c112
  1. This was my first modern BL novel I read before this I only read the historical ones. So it was a new experience for me. I really liked how MC and ML were on equal level (not like other novel's where the uke's are protrayed a little weaker than the Seme) . I also liked how ML was funny and out going person while the MC was not (I understand you Xie Yu). Most importantly I like their relationship with their classmates. It makes me remember my days when I was with my classmates preparing for the exams to get into a good college. (But the exams got cancelled due to Corona virus and it's a pity I didn't get to say proper farewell words to my friends)

    The character of Old Tang made me remember my homeroom teachers who were really understanding and encouraged us to study hard but at the same time to enjoy life.

    Overall the book was according to my liking and I loved it. Maybe I will comeback to re-read it again in the the future.
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xiazahra rated it
June 14, 2020
Status: c83
Heum... stopping at 83 currently because I want to binge read it later, but so far I LOVE the characterization, the pacing is sometime too slow but it is a slice of life and I do love the characters and their relationship dynamic so much.

So often in danmei you have either a memorable MC or a memorable ML, it's not hard for me to count the danmeis where the main couple are both someone you root for, related too and get equally attached to both but so far, I LOVE THEM BOTH EQUALLY?!?

Also all the characters in this novel feel alive, not just the main CP, but even the side characters felt real instead of plot inducing, and you just ended up in love with all of them, and I say it, even though the plot is slow, it's very reminiscing and nostalgic for your high school days, I'm really looking forward to finish reading it!
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RottenQueen rated it
June 13, 2020
Status: c98
Well, well... It is my first time writing a review. It was quite unexpected that it is for a type of slice of life kind'a novel. The reason is the fluff, wholesomeness, and the relatable school life!

Know what, as long as you get pass the wait and arrive at the confession scene.., it will be worth it. Because the one arduous thing about reading this novel is the sensory imagery. The author's literary sense is too great that it makes me lazy most of the time. You will need great... more>> patience, and passion for the characters. (But if you do like sensory imagery then, why are you still reading this?? Go now, GO!)

On the other hand, I think it wouldn't be that difficult for you to get through this. Cause the likability of the characters just want to get past the moon. The supporting characters are just perfect at adding to the colorful life of our main characters-- a cold, solo player and a shameless, handsome devil. You'll enjoy their compatibility and their struggles that involves the help/support of the other and how they grow with their relationship. The healing will heal you too, yes.

I love, love, love them. <<less
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YoriMei rated it
July 10, 2020
Status: c112
It’s a very fluffy story, if you’re into school settings then this one is 100% up your alley. Both MC and ML are very funny and I like how even though they’re described as cold or silly they still show moments where they joke around or get serious. While I wish we saw more of the Black Water Street people, I really liked the background characters and the character interactions.

Plot-wise there’s not much, it’s a very fun and light hearted story with very little drama. For better or worse, the... more>> story and the character interactions are very very reminiscent of OP teacher mangas. Think ‘Assassination Classroom’, ‘Gokusen’ or ‘Greatest Teacher Onizuka’. The feel is very very similar and while you don’t have the teacher character as the central figure, the whole class being friends/banding together feeling is there.

Overall, it’s a very solid high-school story with lots a humor and fluff. While it wasn’t some mind shattering, life altering reading experience for me; I still had a very fun time reading and recommend you give this story a shot. <<less
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gremlinbaby rated it
July 6, 2020
Status: c112
Cute. Definitely funny as well. Found myself laughing out loud at certain parts. Quick easy read. I also love the more flowery descriptions of things. It goes well with the high school setting. Sort of ads a whole air of nostalgia.
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springday21 rated it
June 29, 2020
Status: 110
edit- my brain deadas thought the trans r complete. Here's my review anyway I tell you this is pure comedy! I laughed most of my read and I really enjoyed the entire story. I barely read modern stories now that's why I have low expectations but omggg I didnt expect to enjoy it so much. Trust me the romcom will make u stay. Even the side characters blended so well. The leads' endless bickering and showoff attitudes were so entertaining anyway im glad I stumbled upon this story by accident,... more>> it was fun~ <<less
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as per my last email
as per my last email rated it
June 25, 2020
Status: Completed
very funny, the misunderstandings at the beginning about their relationship is hilarious. Lots of fluff and very cute.
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hejikkk rated it
June 12, 2020
Status: c102

God I love this story. It really captures the humorous moments in everyday school life, and the author is amazing at writing fluid conversations. I'm even taking notes on some of the retorts the students used just because they are simply too genius and hilarious.

A+++ for characters. I especially love Xie Yu's personality. He Zhao makes me laugh almost every time he appears. The rest of the students are simply amazing as well, each with their defining features. Even the teachers are funny... more>> and not simply cannon fodder. Also I love the fact that their personalities and the general way they treat each other doesn't change even after their relationship?? Makes the experience even more enjoyable even after they get together ahhhhh

The plot itself is just awesome as well, and sooo fun to follow. You will literally cry tears of laughter and joy.

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A1N6G1E1L9 rated it
April 3, 2020
Status: c72
This is my first time writing a review and that is because I love this novel😍!!. The plot is fantastic its not like any other stories which puzzled our minds because its unrealistic but this one has a simple theme and setting which we can imagine it in our minds. I might say it doesn’t have much of a romance/fluff, It has one but it kinda slow? I guess but that is how love works and it is telling us how the MC and ML care for each other. I... more>> can’t wait to read the next chapter!!. If you haven’t read it yet your missing a lot of fun. So Im suggesting you to read it now😍😍😍 <<less
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