Transmigrated into a School Idol and Forced to Do Business


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Yu Bai Zhou transmigrated into a book.

The talented protagonist was the top student in school. Due to his excellence in every subject, many people were dissatisfied with him, so they devised various schemes to mess with him, to the extent that they left a dark shadow on his high school years.

However, the villains did not know that the seemingly poor protagonist was actually the eldest son of the richest man in City A.

And in six years, the protagonist would replace his father’s position as the new richest man in City A with his own capabilities. Ten years later, he would become the youngest and richest man in the country! When that happens, the villains would be tortured to death by the protagonist!

… As bad luck would have it, Yu Bai Zhou transmigrated into the villain that bullied the protagonist the most.

In order to live for a few more years, Yu Bai Zhou, the villain, begins to formulate a character correction plan.

However, just as he is struggling to save his image in the eyes of the protagonist, out of the blue, the protagonist anxiously pushes him against the wall, and traps him within the circle of his arms. Those refined brown eyes watch him attentively. “Yu Bai Zhou, if you make trouble again, I will kiss you.”

Yu Bai Zhou, who was just kabedon’ed, panics. “Can someone tell me, exactly where did I go wrong?!”

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132 Reviews

Sep 21, 2020
Status: Completed
This is another one of those novels that started off strong, started fizzling out, and then took a real nosedive. The beginning of the novel is somewhat compelling as MC tries to puzzle out ML's character while ML is suspicious of MC. However, once they begin to develop some semblance of feelings toward each other, the novel really starts waffling about. Forget about MC being a smart, funny, and capable albeit ditzy kid, because halfway through he turns into a dumb white lotus.

And then... I don't know what happened... more>> with that last arc. A random love rival popped out of nowhere and MC got kidnapped, and then he turned into a rescued damsel in distress. The end. It was super out of the blue.

Numerous plot holes and loose ends remained at the end of the novel and quite honestly, it seemed like the author truncated this story. For a similar and better read, I suggest checking out Transmigrating Into The Heartthrob's Cannon Fodder Childhood Friend instead. <<less
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May 10, 2020
Status: Completed
5/5 for fluff.

Story is fluffy, focuses on relationship development rather than any career of both MC n ml.

ML reminds me a little bit of ML of "guide on how to fail at online dating"

Well when ML comes back after he died well designed death, he does have some sort of vengeance but because of MC wanted to live a more peaceful life.

Mostly focuses on their interactions. MC may come of as a child but he practically still was a high schooler when transmigrated. Just the psychological age difference of 10 years I find weird but ML character was made up in such a way that it doesn't look bad as ML aura of a big man doesn't come out much as he lived his past life in revenge and sad memories of his mom death, consequences of bullying, so this life is peaceful for him due to MC, he is more livelier, saved his mom from conspiracy death and also caught mu*derer (wanted to mu*der him but stopped at last moment) .

This novel is a treat for fujoshi as MC parents are bl couple too plus romantic one giving dog food everywhere ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

MC and Dads interaction are very cute and funny especially Big Dad is strict one so their interactions always have comic tone but Daddy still cares for his son a lot..

oriMC kinda have strained relationship with Dads due to them being "different" plus I guess ori MC was closet gay as he asked his best friend Lu Bei to try while drunk plus he feels disgusted with his Dads.

It's funny how at start of awakening of MC, he throws pot at Dads for him to have those thoughts.

System of MC is like matchmaker/cp fan of MC n ml. He is like to MC you were never interested in actresses rather abs. I loled on system line to MC "best choice is to climb ML bed and be his zero"

ML confession to MC just took my maiden heart ahhhh!!!!! Simple words yet soo touching.

ML is mature so he is more thoughtful rather than being all "domineering ". He pursues MC in a most gentlest way and always respect MC in their relationship and always create comfortable environment for MC. ML always knew MC is changed.

He Yan deserves to be in list of best Mls.


Story and sweet, enjoyable for me.

Good choice for bl fluff readers
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May 10, 2020
Status: Completed
OMG so fluffy and funny! I smile till my cheeks hurts.. It is the story of MC (shou) who transmigrated into the body of villain who tortured the protagonist ML (gong). So after he received the book's information, he started to make a plan of correction and hope to change his fate (hahaha he changed it All right sksksks). This novel is a bit unique for me, in this novel MC who transmigrated didn't have to complete any mission or follow the previous (no OCC stuff)
all... more>> he had to do was to live. Another surprising thing was that the book he travel into his parent were a Gay couple, it's my first time reading with a gay/BL couple as parent of one Main characters which made me very excited plus the Two dads are so cute, endearing and understanding to each other.
I like MC, he smart, funny, so oblivious especially after ML misunderstood him but he still don't know Hahaa, at hardworking at trying his best to avoid his former tragic fate but

ML isn't even the one who made his tragic end, ML just didn't help him and his parents when they were in trouble but he didn't create it


I like ML, he is calm and matured. He is the usual Overpowered gong type. Now plot twist

ML is reborn, so he remember what the villain did to him before so he confused by Mc's actions


And to add fuel to the fire, ML caught MC putting a love letter under his table and since then think MC is in love with him. However the letter was given by a girl in their school. Anyway it lead to the journey of their new relationship and new fate.

I laughed so hard when ML think that they are together as a couple while MC think that ML finally doesn't want to get revenge and has accepted him as a brother (reminds me bit of I Ship My adversary and I" novel) Hahaha so much misunderstandings!

Now not the last, the system OO8 is so funny, is the most elusive system I ever saw, at little problem he disappear hahaha.
Recommend! Light read, no big drama, romance, fluffliness <<less
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Nov 25, 2020
Status: Completed
It was cute and fluffy, like laying on top of marshmallow and cotton candy.

But why do I felt like the mashmallo and cotton candy I was laying on to suddenly melted as I read the end of the novel?

Where's the revelation arc?

... more>> That the most waited part in this kind of theme. But it was completely omitted.


Mc: "I died on a car accident and suddenly wake up, in this unknown world."

Mc: "I was nervous and scared. I did know anyone, and didn't know if he offended someone he cannot afford."

Mc: "Then when I learned of the things the original did, and when I came to know the story of this world. I panicked."

Mc: "I wanted to gain your favor, so you can let my family off in the future. But I didn't think this will lead into a different story than I thought."

Mc: "Maybe, it was the first time we saw each other. While I am sitting relax and looking everything high and mighty. On the other, you was knee there on the ground, with your face covered with your hair and was tied up. Maybe, from that moment, I was already in love with you."


Ml: "I died and came back. I thought it was an opportunity. I wanted to get back and made everyone who led me a painful life a miserable end. And finally moving on."

Ml: "but time and time again, you always disturbed my plans. But I was thankful and grateful for that."

Ml: "the first time, you stopped me from killing somebody. The second time, you saved me from succumbing to negative feelings because of my biological father. I thought, since I came back, everything is now within my gasps. But I was wrong."

Ml: "Everything can dance inside my palm, except you. I didn't expect you arrival. From the moment our eyes met for the first time, I already knew you were different."

Ml: "it was facination at first. Curiosity that led me to test everything time and time again. But despite my calculations, you always moved in a way that was really unpredictable."

Ml: "I choose to trust you. I believe you. Until, I completely fall and made me fall in love with you."

Ml: "Now I can never live without you. I love you."


Where's this dialogues!! I was expecting this kind of confession. At least I expect the in the end. But I find nothing.


Never mind. It was still a great one.

Though, when I was reading the end. I really expected more. I thought after that summary chapters, there's more.

Now, I felt that I just hanged my appetite.

(^~^;) ゞ <<less
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Jun 08, 2020
Status: --
The title is misleading

Its not bad but disappointing

Basically an 18 yrs old boy transmigrated into another 18 yrs old boy

He's job is to survive hence he has to mend his relationship with the protagonist

Which he did by sticking to the ML, cooking for him... etc... misleading the ML to think that he likes him...

Why 2 stars it's simply because he ain't doing a thing

No character development

No morivation aside from making friends with the ML and then at some loving him

Ummm boring to say
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Jun 03, 2020
Status: Completed
The story is sweet, light-hearted, and nothing major goes down. The relationship between the leads was cute and their interactions were heartfelt.

This novel focuses entirely on romance. There wasn't much character development (aside for the change in ML's attitude as mentioned in the description), world-building or the like. This is an appropriate read if you want something fluffy without much drama.

The main character's personality was solid at first but later he transformed into this cute, naive, fluffy standard uke marshmallow. Cute? Definitely. But his character just stays within these adjectives... more>> and nothing becomes of him as a person/character.

The ML wasn't the standard cold, aloof setting but he wasn't developed enough. He was very sweet with the MC, though, and I guess that's all that matters. This novel focused a lot on how competent ML is while walking on the path of becoming a trillion-dollar giant and being perfect all around as he follows the novel's setting of going from rags to riches with even more of a golden finger added cause of his rebirth.

The MC, on the other hand, doesn't do much besides improving a bit at school and even this wasn't explored upon after the first test. His change in personality does bring a lot positive changes from every character, though. But there was no mention of his future, passions, or anything. In short, the ML was focusing on and exploring his career since 2nd year (of high school) but the MC? Nothing. He might as well become a house-husband. "Forced to do business"? Where?

The MC becomes a standard cute, naive, short, adorable uke who loves this super cool and competent ML. Their story was cute, the MC was likable but his character wasn't well-developed.

This novel has the typical CN BL development where the love interest became the main character instead of the actual MC. And none of the side & supporting characters were explored well. Same goes for the villain (s), they were just there to show how powerful ML was.

I don't dislike it but I am disappointed. This novel was lacking but it's good enough if you want something sweet, quick, and fluffy. <<less
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Jan 18, 2021
Status: Completed
First, the title has nothing to do with the story, MC does zero business, or anything else worth mentioning, he's pretty much a teenaged, salted fish.

Three stars are quite generous, I made it through 61 chapters but can't say that I really annoyed it yet giving less would be too harsh for a novel that tried to be casual – so I'll be casual with my rating.

MC is by far the biggest let-down, his IQ can be said to be negative, much like his EQ, for someone who seems to... more>> have been intelligent and independent in his last life, that's quite the unexpected nosedive.

In short, it doesn't make any sense – just like the majority of the story.


MC is fleeing from someone who might kill him, yet he's idle enough to talk with ML on the phone and think about him, instead of how to escape/hide.

He suffers from a head injury that puts him in a coma for several days, wakes up and is totally fine – several days of coma means the chances of him not having at least mild to medium grade brain damage is realistically close to zero.

Believing and getting into the car of the brother of the guy who kidnapped and tried to r*pe him a few minutes ago, totally ignoring why he would know where to look for him or calling anyone other than ML – like his dads or the police.


All these points are just a small fraction of everything that's so badly crafted that you can't believe or enjoy it.

There are so many inconsistencies and discrepancies, the only redeeming point is, that the time MC needed to accept that he's gay was believable enough, he slowly came to terms with it instead of changing asap.

Characters are a mixed bag, MC's friends were relatively flashed out, while he himself and ML felt more like cut-outs, the clueless fluffy Shou and cold, super powerful ML – but as teenagers.

One bonus point goes to ML, he really loves MC, never forces him, and makes him the centre of the world. Very wholesome.

Villains all have the mental capacity of a half-rotten tomato with little to no personality.

Sadly, this is another BL novel that uses women as a source of drama, apart from ML's mother and two women that have been mentioned in maybe five sentences, all the others are vile people.

Classmates, "love rivals", stepmother... nothing wrong with a female villain, I love them, but if 5 out of (circa) 8 women are horrible people, and two of the nice ones are only mentioned in passing, then there's something massively wrong.

In comparison, there are around 12 male characters, but only 3 are "villains", if we count MC and ML, it's 3 out of 14.

The number of gay guys is off as well, with 5 out of 14 plus one who might be at least bis**ual, there isn't a single healthy hetero relationship.

I could go on about the story's flaws, but it's already obvious enough that it's just your typical, cliché BL transmigration novel, and there really isn't more to it.

Lacklustre characters, gay all around, cut-out CP, constantly blushing Shou, ML to the rescue, slap the s*upid villains, the end.

If you have nothing else to read and don't mind these clichés then give it a try, chapters aren't that long and after the initial "getting-together-drama", it's a very light, low-effort read – just keep your expectations low. <<less
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Jan 17, 2021
Status: c61
The start was quite good but it got worse each chapter. The insensitivity of the people around Yu Baizhou is simply astonishing, even the parents are unaware of the big changes in their child. Although Yu Baizhou managed to get away with some

lousy lie, it is still such a freaking obvious lie that I have to lower my standards with the characters of this novel, especially to Yu Chen and Fu Xia.

    • First of all, these two as the parents of the original Yu Baizhou, does not even know why and how their lil' baby change- just casually thinking it's a phase and Yu Baizhou is now maturing... like sh*t it is, such a big change and only He Yan and Li Bei noticed it and thought that maybe people inside changed. (Tu Gaoming, Chen Cong and also Pei Xuan also noticed but like the parents they thought the same, so can't really count it)
    • And He Yan, such a big f*cking variable got easily bent by a villain that made his high school life worse. I can understand that maybe He Yan know that the soul inside Yu Baizhou is another but to exactly know the events that will happen, how can one not raise their guards? Although He Yan is portrayed as a cold and ruthless man that doesn't easily trust people, his body says otherwise.

      And to fall-in-love so easily, are you not scarred? Did this motherf*cker not said that his mother's passing scarred him, also his high school life? To be easily bend by your bully, can't really f*cking imagine it, just 666 oorz.
    • The inconsistency of the world, Pei Xuan liking Yu Baizhou can't be changed but Mother He dying can be saved? What kind of sh*t is this? It feels like the author just forced this Pei Xuan into the picture so that He Yan can feel some danger and to push Yu Baizhou to open to He Yan more.
    • And the biggest villain, Pei Jin, can be dealt in such a way? What the f*ck? Too easy 666.
    • The matter with Li Bei, so f*cking confusing, one time he feels some sh*t for Yu Baizhou but then nothing, are you a f*cking ghost? Although it can be counted as the possessiveness of a best friend, orz.
    • The system thing hasn't been explained yet but I hope that it will be in the extras.
The list is just so f*cking long but, BUT THE FLUFF IS GOOD, THE DOG FOOD IS OF GRADE A QUALITY, NOT THE BEST BUT CAN DO. The fluff is just what keeps me going and the translation quality is also excellent, but to be honest 4 stars rating is so high for this book but since the author facedf*ck me with dog food, I can't help but rate it high.

edit: actually the matter with Pei Xuan can be explained since they met before the Yu Baizhou of another world but I just can't put my fingers into it, anyways f*ck you pei xuan.
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Jun 15, 2021
Status: Completed
If you want to read some light-hearted story with simple plot and fluffy romance then definitely check this story out. The good side of this story is that MC and ML have a very healthy relationship.


    • I like how MC is smart and s*upid at the same time. The best thing about MC is that he doesn't rely on anyone for anything. He is extremely decisive, kind, little naive, cute and hard working.

      He actually escaped by himself from kidnapper TWICE!

      He is really brave when he needs to be. Also, normally in a situation that MC goes through, novels usually show ML being all omnipotent but here, MC really saves ML from a lot of trouble. Basically, MC makes ML's life easier in high school. Just how many stories are there where the 'bottom' takes the 'top' under his wing? (I seriously don't like this top and bottom thing in BL stories though).
    • I liked how MC's parents are two dads. I don't think I have read many books where the lead characters' parents are from LGBT+ community.
    • Also, although the system's presence isn't much in the book, it is damn hilarious and MC and the system really act like best friends. Also, I have never read any other book where the system allowed its host to do anything the host wants, even helping by providing necessary information. By far, I have never seen such a friendly and open system.
    • Although the story isn't anything groundbreaking, the best thing about this story is that compared to similar C-novels that depict s*xual assault and possessiveness as love, this novel is quite different. MC and ML went through some misunderstandings but ML really lived up to his status as an adult. When he knew that everything in front of him was a huge misunderstanding, he didn't force MC and decided that he would pursue MC in the normal manner. He always cherished MC's wishes. May be because their mental age gap is more than ten years, ML wanted to give the teenager MC the best romance ever. He is f*cking sweet and gentlemanlike when it comes to loving MC. He wanted to make their every physical intimacy special so he controlled himself despite MC's obvious advances and gave MC the best experiences ever. ML is the adult here so he knows how fast relationship can be harmful, thus, he takes slow steps to be intimate with MC. I think this is very rare in romance novels, especially in Chinese novels.

      For example, despite MC wanting to have his first kiss all the time, ML only gave him his first kiss when MC confirmed their relationship with his parents. This is really him being a responsible person as an adult.


    • But ML isn't always responsible though. In fact, he was really, really irresponsible this one time which really turned me off.

      I really didn't like that ML decided to take everything in his own hands when MC was kidnapped. He knew who kidnapped MC but still didn't inform MC's parents. What if MC was r*ped or he died? How was he going to explain all that? After all, ML is only MC's boyfriend, not husband whereas MC's parents are his legal guardians. No matter how I see it, it was s*upid of ML to do so because ML had the obligation to inform MC's parents.

    • I would like to complain that the main focus of the story is only romance. But, honestly the novel would have been much better if the story included some other details. The novel doesn't even mention what exactly MC's parents do or what exactly ML's mom's disease is. ML's mom f*cking remarried but it was mentioned in just 2-3 sentences! MC chose to be a civil worker but the story never mentioned him wanting to be one. Simply speaking, the story skipped too many details that could have made the novel better.
    • Furthermore, the title of the story doesn't make any sense. You see, the title of the novel is "Transmigrated into a School Idol and Forced to Do Business" but MC was NEVER EVER forced to do anything. In fact, he had the freedom to do anything he liked. So, what the hell does it mean that he is forced to do business. I mean, he never did business.
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May 27, 2021
Status: --
I just felt like there could be so much more that could be added to the plot and some things that doesn't make sense either such as how the person MC transmigrated to is apparently a bully/delinquent AND a school idol beloved by most of the student body. How can someone who goes around beating random students out in the open also have fanatic fans (popular with both male and female students). It's almost as if the author wanted the MC to be a popular school idol but needed the... more>> delinquent side for the plot (bullying the ML). There's also some jealousy issues that made me go ??? such as MC being jealous of someone ML repeatedly rejected over and over again and would get mad if ML even walks near another woman. I don't find it cute and

I'm confused about how a mentally 30+ yo ML would find this juvenile behavior cute.


The plot was also rather empty. There's a plot point that should have been a major thing but was barely mentioned or explored and could have replaced point several fillers

(ML being the illegitimate son of the richest business dude; his legal wife knew and tried to killed ML's mom, the father was really in love with ML's mom and would later come to accept ML as his son)

I summarized the entire series below.

  1. Spoiler
    • MC transmigrated into a handsome delinquent dude (actually has the same face and name as the original) who was in the middle of beating the ML up. He began acting nice (stop beating people up, started studying seriously, baking strawberry bread for the ML every day, visiting ML mom in the hospital...)
    • ML was actually also transmigrated from the future (11 years ahead) and figured out early on that MC was someone else because he saw MC swim. The transmigrated MC could swim but the original dude would have drown a year later in the old timeline because he couldn't swim.
    • ML figured MC was here to save his past self because MC stopped the assassination attempt on ML's mom (not really because it was actually ML who already knew what was coming and already made preparations for it). So ML began pursuing his saviour MC which basically consisted of ML getting into MC's personal space and telling MC 'we're in a relationship now' and MC going 'but I don't think I'm gay???/blushhh'. There was a small misunderstanding that made ML think that MC was into him first and made him started seeing MC as a romantic partner. The misunderstanding was ML seeing MC put a love letter on his table but in reality MC tripped and made the letter fall out. The letter was already there and written by a female character who would contribute to another plot point.
    • The girl that originally wrote the love letter to ML began perusing ML openly (sitting next to him, giving him a water bottle after a sport game, pairing up to do 3-legged run with ML). ML basically rejected her at every turn (didn't accept water, didn't touch her during the 3-legged run, told her he has someone else etc) but MC got jealous anyway (why?). The jealously FINALLY drove the couple together (honestly the series could have just ended here and it would still feel just as empty).
    • The girl who got rejected repeatedly finally figured out that ML and MC are dating so she got jealous and posted pictures of ML and MC going on a date on the school forum (literally just them walking side by side, nothing scandalous). Nothing really came out of it: ML and MC got very very minor backlash where MC's fans are like 'nooo my idol can't be taken wuwu' and some homophobes going 'ew the gays are in our faces'. Essentially this whole thing became a face slapping moment for ML where he used his connection/computer skill to find proof and made the girl lost her program placement... and serves as stepping stone for the last conflict.
    • The last conflict/plot point kinda came out of no where in the last 5 chapters... It was revealed that the originally MC got into a car accident (he got minor bruising etc but transmigrated MC used it as a over up for for why his personality changed so much) last summer vacation. The cause of the accident was because this evil dude wanted the MC but MC rejected him. The evil dude found MC again because of the photos the girl took (but HOW? it was posted to a school forum, didn't go viral outside or anything and the dude was not a student). Anyway, evil dude kidnapped MC but just let him go because MC told him his parents expected him home by 9 pm (?????? okay???? this dude literally drugged MC and kidnapped him in broad daylight by pulling him into his bright yellow sport car in front of everyone... but he let MC go just like that?).
    • Anyway, because MC got kidnapped, ML became worried but mainly because he knew that the evil dude has a brother who would become more successful and lead to the down fall of MC in the future. ML already knew the future so he was busy working behind the scene to stop the brothers from success, and he also started working at his father's company, so ML's a busy duck. MC basically became a house wife and was saddd because ML was slow to reply to his text messages while he was working. MC thought ML's feeling must have faded... DESPITE THE FACT THAT THE ONLY TIME THEY'RE NOT PHYSICALLY TOGETHER IS WHEN ML HAVE WORK. At that point, they basically lived together, see each other at school (sit next to each other in the same class), and eat together everyday. This screams so clingy. Also, MC kept running into the creepy dude but decided not to tell ML because he's dumb.
    • At work one day, ML accidentally dropped a photo of his mom, his father (the boss of the company) saw it and suddenly the whole company knew the ML was the dude's son (???? we literally got a short paragraph of explanation of this event in chapter 56, how did the whole company know????). The ML got home a little upset and told MC he needs him. MC was happy again. The father later came out to the public and was like 'yeah ML's my boy I'm so proud of him (also fuq my other legitimate child! I don't know him when I have this ML UwU) '.
    • ANYWAY, so ML and MC had this agreement where if one of them is not coming home for dinner, it has to be via a phone call notice and not text message. Towards the last couple of chapters, MC sent ML a text message about going to stay at his family's house for the night and yep ML figured out that something happened because he didn't call. So ML used his hacker friends/connection/pressure the evil dude's brother/whatever. Anyway MC got rescued and the end.... Let me say one thing, MC is a strong man whose good at sport, had a body that can beat people up, is tall, apparently smart etc., yet he was so easily kidnapped, overpowered (even in an undrugged state), and tied up over and over again by just one person, his power really fell for the plot.
Ps. The characters in this series iced their red wine... Hopefully it's a mistranslation because for some reason, iced red wine really disturbs me haha! <<less
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Dec 27, 2020
Status: --
Juvenile and shoujo manga-esque but it's not bad. Recommended for ppl looking for that first love story fluffy romance type.

MC is not 30+ ahjussi. He's just a highschool guy with same name so I'll give him a pass. He's a bit of gary stu but it's understandable since the guy just want to live in comfort (and he's the ex villain). He turns from school bully to smol white rabbit fast (luckily he got excuses for his 180 degree behavior changes).

ML is a 30+ ahjussi and it does reflect somewhat... more>> in his character. Author portrayed his genius and maturity in a good way (not just telling but also showing) He's not a yandere per se, he still know MC is immature and taking good time not to rush him which I really appreciate. He's smooth AF and basically the prince type ML (but like from the Underworld) lol.

Plot is good and not just pure floof. Romance development also okay. Overall a pretty solid 4. <<less
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Jun 05, 2020
Status: Completed
I saw a couple chapters translated, got interested in the story and then went and MTL'd the rest. This story is easy to MTL by the way, since it's set in modern era and uses simpler terms.

The story is funny, many typical transmigration tropes are used here but it does not seem too repetitive. The MC is a teenager who just finished high school and died in a car accident and got transmigrated into a school bully in a novel world. The ML is the protagonist of the novel, he's... more>> a thirty year old man who also got killed in a car accident and got rebirth'ed back into his last year of high school. So: teenaged soul in teenage body vs middle aged man in teenage body. This was pointed out several times in the novel, that MC and his friend are 'dealing with children' in reference to the MC and the other school bullies. With this in mind, ML actually takes it very slow with MC. Even the kisses are just pecks on his eyes, nose and cheeks until MC can't take it anymore.

One thing I really liked about this novel is that the face slapping and revenge wasn't overkill like a lot of rebirthed characters.


ML's mother in the original novel died when he was a teenager due to his father's wife hiring someone to inject her with poison when she was hospitalized. MC thwarted this whole event from happening by calling the cops and just appearing in the hospital. So, his mom gets to live and eventually gets better completely in this rebirthed storyline. ML never goes after his father's wife or his half brother even though he hates them, he just makes sure they can't hinder him or his loved ones anymore by making his own position public and secure. Quite refreshing from other novels where even if the villains haven't yet plotted something, the protagonists will go after them as viscious as possible.


Also, apparently MC wasn't the greatest villain in ML's life in the original novel. He was just a canon fodder character ? I don't think he ever realized that either!

Reason why I didn't give full stars is because all the loose ends got wrapped up too simply. MC and ML never reveal to each other that they are transmigrated or rebirthed though they clearly are aware that the other knows more than what they should at that point in their lives. I don't get why ML's friend also transmigrated too, if it was because they were in the car together then why didn't the person in the other car who hit them transmigrate as well? That would have added some major plot twists.

Overall, very fun and easy read. No extremely frustrating plots or dramas, villains (there aren't many) are taken care of appropriately and family and friends are very supporting of their relationship. <<less
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May 19, 2020
Status: Completed
A really sweet but typical storyline

The common misunderstanding plot but I liked that it didn't drag long and ML is the proactive kind that very quickly went on to woo MC. It's really sweet. MC ... more>>

goes into denial for like a moment there but even his system encourages the pairing. I also liked his family dynamic with his parents (a rare MM couple! Even his grandfather was amusing!) I felt like his best friend had some repressed feelings for him but it didn't really go anywhere, thankfully. There was also a sudden heightened plot towards the end with a deranged character involving a kidnapping that was resolved in like 1 chapter before the story ended. My only question to this is what was any of their reaction to ML being the illegitimate son of that rich person??


One thing I liked about the extra is

they both find out the truth about each other. That MC is not the original and ML is actually reborn (awkward moment where mentally they have a big age gap haha). I liked how there's no lies between them and they accept each other wholly. In fact, ML knows from the very beginning that MC is not the original. Very nice.

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Feb 24, 2021
Status: Completed
To start things off, CWAS Translations did a good job with translating the novel! Despite not having an editor, the grammar was neat, and it was an easy and pleasant read! Thank you, Translator!

I would recommend this if you're looking for a novel with high-school romance stemming out of initial comedic misunderstanding, humour, a lot of dog food and something to quickly binge — this is it!

However, don't expect any dramatic developments and character growths, and such. Just read it for the dog food and the humour! Again, I will emphasize that this is a light read so don't go about expecting things and subsequently disappointing yourself :')

Also, a note for the slightly misleading title. I think the only "business" that Yu Baizhou (MC) does is cooking... more>> up the dog food moments and comedy for the readers. Nothing more serious than that!


Yu Baizhou transmigrated into a novel as the novel's villain. Due to the technical reasons on part of his system, 008 (who by the way is honestly the most useless system), he doesn't receive the entire plot of the novel after his transmigration. As a result, he doesn't recognize several people, and this just adds to the humour of it all.

Yu Baizhou decides to correct the previous owner of his body's way of living by becoming a more sincere person, and leaving behind the previous owner's reckless nature since he's nearing the end of his high-school life — something he uses as an explanation for his change of behavior. Not really logical if you think about it but like I mentioned earlier, this is a novel meant for light reading. Take it as it is.

He Yan (ML), on the other hand, is not the same teenager from the original novel's plot (as in the novel Yu Baizhou transmigrated into). He is actually an older version of himself who was sent back several years to his teen self after he, and a loyal friend of his, Pan Yi (who also gets sent back to the past), died together in a car crash. That part was a pleasant surprise! I like such tropes where a reborn (?) character and a transmigrated character simultaneously exist in the same timeline! Having not expected this, it pulled me more into the novel!

The novel has several moments where you experience second-hand embarrassment on Yu Baizhou's behalf because of his actions, and moments where everything is just peak comedy.

The relationship between the CP stems from an initial misunderstanding. Someone wrote that Yu Baizhou tricked He Yan into falling in love with him — but I digress. The entire misunderstanding solely stemmed from He Yan witnessing an incident, and drawing conclusions on his own. Yu Baizhou simply wanted to improve his relationship with He Yan, and had no other ulterior motive like tricking He Yan into falling in love with him.

I appreciated the way in which He Yan took a step back after the misunderstanding was cleared and decided to sincerely pursue Yu Baizhou, because he knew, and also accepted, that he had come to really like Yu Baizhou.

The whole period of pursuing and getting together just felt like being slammed with a truckload of fluff and sweetness! It was very cute!!

However, after the whole getting together, a scene of conflict was ushered in which felt quite forced. It gave an expectation that only resulted to nothing. The conflict itself also got resolved after a very exciting action scene was abruptly cut short too.

Even the story came to a quick and abrupt end after the conflict was resolved, so that was quite disappointing. Everything towards the end felt pretty rushed.

But overall, this was a very cute and enjoyable story. I had a good laugh and an enjoyable time reading it, not to forget, almost getting cavities from all the fluff and dog food shoved at my face! :') <<less
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Apr 21, 2022
Status: c29
The true title should be Misunderstandings, it was so artificial it was annoying.

MC starts smart and strong and becomes cute and foolish. ML is the typical handsome, rich, powerful, intelligent, domineering, always on top of everything.

At the start of the story, the MC sees the big picture and try to change the future but his entire life soon becomes entirely focused on the ML for no real reason, his reasoning vanish and the plot decides only misunderstandings can move it along. So MC and ML communicates, but "I know... more>> what you know!" "How do you know that I know that..." "No don't say it!" "Ok"... ahhh so annoying, that's already 20+ chapters of this same misunderstanding. Am I supposed to find it funny? And let's not speak of the plot holes, too much work for this kind of story.

As for the original title? School idol: not really, more of a handsome and rich school bully, but there are a lot of handsome and rich guys in this school. Forced to do business: no idea, must be related to him working to change the future. <<less
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Mar 29, 2021
Status: c41
1.5 stars really. It was a pretty solid start... and then any plot just fizzled and it felt like the author’s tween sister took over writing. ML was a bit of a creeper, being mentally in his late 20’s but pushing hard to have a relationship with a 17 year old boy that he keeps calling “cute”, “child”, and “boy” in his own head. And seriously the ML is incredibly immature for his age, less mature than the much younger MC. But what bothered me most of all, MC was... more>> smart, athletic, and great at gaming in the beginning, but all of that disappeared, and he suddenly became incredibly mediocre to highlight how “amazing” the ML is 😤 he lost all ability to kick arse at games within just 2 chapters! The title is a fraud

Although I didn’t like what the story became, it was a pretty great translation from CWAS 👍🏻 <<less
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Jan 27, 2021
Status: Completed
Oh, this was adorable.
The fluffiest of fluff, which is exactly what I need right now - to take a break from all the heavier novels I tend to read lol.

1000% recommend if you are looking for a novel to read lightly over a couple of days. MC is pretty smart and an interesting character, and ML is cool af. The story is your typical highschool blossoming romance, but is still refreshing and nice.

It's not an absolute masterpiece - of course every novel comes with its flaws. For example, ... more>>

as much as I enjoyed the kidnapping arc it felt a little forced, and over too quickly.

But like I said, no novel is perfect.

TLDR: read if you need fluff, cute moments and just 100% romance the whole way throughout a novel.

side note: did anyone else think of SVSSS when they saw the jade pendant? Probably not but I'd like to think it's a reference lol. <<less
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Jan 25, 2021
Status: --
The title is misleading but this story was written straight-up just for dog food and fluff. Don't expect plot, fleshy characters, unique scenarios, thought-provoking insights, etc.

This is the kind of feel-good story you want to read while you're wallowing in stress and frustrations.
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Jul 12, 2020
Status: Completed
Just done reading this novel. ? Each chapter has its own spice and there are no boring moments. I love it and I will read it again. ?

The misunderstanding between the MC and ML is so cute. The ML thought that MC was pursuing him. ❤️



I love how the MC treated his parents (who are both men) and MC also accepted them. I also love the supported given by his parents to MC. I wish there is a side story on how his parents met though. ?

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Apr 16, 2023
Status: c62
A cute and fluffy story.

If you enjoy high school enemies to lovers where the MC transmigrates into the villain, this worth a read. It isn't the best and did make me roll my eyes at times, but I made it to the end without getting bored.

There are a few points where I was disappointed.

For example, the MCs original identity is never really discussed.

... more>>

The identity reveal of both ML and MC is in the extra, and feels kind of glossed over. The extra focuses on fluff so I won't complain too much


I also felt there were a couple of contradictions/the author didn't take advantage of a character setting when they could have. The MCs parents are a gay couple, which is refreshing and I really like them, but there is a plot point around h*mophobia and I feel like the parents could have been used more here as (I think) it is common knowledge in the school that the MCs parents are a gay couple.

I had an issue with how the ML and mls friend dealt with this situation too.


The ML is supposedly in his 30s but has rebirthed, along with his friend, something that the story often references as it tries to make them seem mature and that they won't waste time on these teenage children. But when you look as an outsider to the situation with that knowledge, then it's basically two thirty year old men ganging up on a couple of teenage girls. There are plenty more mature ways they could have dealt with the bullying.


It would have been nice if the mls family situation had also been fleshed out with its conclusion. In the end it was only summed up in a few sentences.


There was also potential for the best friend to become part of a love triangle with the MC and ml, but it got nipped in the bud fairly early on.


But there are plenty of good points!

This story doesn't stray too far from many other high-school rom com danmei, so it's a safe read. It has typical dog blood drama at times and the MCs gay parents are two of my favourite characters.

Please give this a read I you enjoy fluffy high-school romance centric stories! <<less
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