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Gu Xia has long yearned for Ji Zheng to f*ck him senseless. However, he always held himself back, continuing to feign innocence in front of the man he loves.

Ji Zheng has long yearned to f*ck Gu Xia senseless. However, he always held himself back, continuing to put on an honest man’s facade.

A story of two men, unaware of their mutual feelings of love, trying to seduce each other while one pretends to be innocent and the other honest.

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05/23/19 BlackBoxTL c4
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05/23/19 BlackBoxTL c2
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New katiethairu33 rated it
March 21, 2020
Status: c4
So... Uh...I read it once a long time ago but didn't mark it on NU. I just saw it on a list recently and reread it while thinking, 'did I read a similar manga?' Hahaha.

It's very short, so I wasn't expecting much in terms of plot, and even the character development, I had very low expectations of. So it was a pleasant surprise to me that the characters weren't flat!! This proves that you don't need 100 chapters for characters to develop! If you can't tell, I'm hella annoyed by... more>> flat 2D characters in novels right now. Grr!

Anyway, MC is an adorable little cutie who gets caught up in his own thoughts of seducing ML and ML is a big bad wolf with tender loving feelings for MC. They have their own little quirks and are trying very, very hard to not just straight up jump the other person. The tension through out the story (all 4 chapters of it. Pfft!) was so tangible. Ah, ah, ah! There's 4 chapters and 3 of them are just straight up so charged with UST (Unresolved Sexual Tension), I was dying! Ultimately, one of them has to give in and take the first step. And then, we have our resolution in the form of an epic bang (in the literal sense). Huhuhu. It was great!

Great translation with some minor typos. <<less
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teargrants rated it
July 7, 2019
Status: c4
i love when two characters mutually pine for the other but aren't aware of the others feelings. The flirting and seducing were hot and funny and the smut scene was A+ rly good if u just want a quick pwp read. Would of given it a 4.5 but rounded it to a 4 and not a 5 bc:


the author kept describing GX'S lips as soft and pink but there was no blowjob feelssadman

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BillionJellyfish rated it
May 27, 2019
Status: Completed
This is such a fluffy and sexy short story!

The MC and ML are both office workers. The MC has been pining after the ML for a long time now and recently has been trying to lowkey seduce the ML. Little does he know, the ML has also been trying to seduce the MC! After several rounds of seduction from both parties, the ML finally caved into his desires. And as for what happened after that is history~
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lolihantaa rated it
September 10, 2019
Status: Completed
Well, it's really good short story! Cute and sexy at the same time!

The MC and the ML totally my type! I really like when see them teasing each other. If you see this novel, you have to reading it!

((I'm kinda sad when I reading last chapter. I'm sad because that is the last chapter and no more!))
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potatosince1992 rated it
September 4, 2019
Status: Completed
This is the first BL/Yaoi I've read, and... wow.

It was both fluffy and intense (?)

But I definitely liked it. It's not too complicated to understand and the misunderstanding between them makes for a funny and hot interaction.
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_choochun rated it
August 5, 2019
Status: Completed
hjsjjsh ohsht im sweaty and choking fck that was literal steam.

hhhhdooaja ohmygosh that was hot af hshhs ML is a gentle prince like guy but is a dom in bed hhh, , pls, , , he's the perfect daddy

chap 1-3 made me want to scream from the sexual teasing/tensions very thick in the air you could slice it lmao it got me, the reader, on tippitoes and pulling on my hair thinking oh gosh pls just fck already ;A;

but boy oh boy was THAT a satisfying get together smex... more>> ohohoho


best scene for me was the collarbone f*cking scene I choked ohmygod this idiotic, kinky fools!!!


so sweet and hot and funny !!! <<less
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izayaYY rated it
July 13, 2019
Status: --
A sexy one-shot about 2 men trying to seduce each other... very sexy 🙂
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Passerby Soysauce-sama
Passerby Soysauce-sama rated it
June 14, 2019
Status: Completed
asdkdj.....>\\\<...... And~ BlackBox TL doubted her erotica writing skills like, don't do that again! Please. Even I doubted you (definitely mistaken) ~ *ahhh. Too hot*>\\\<.

I'll be magnanimous and give this 4.5 round it up~ ★★★★★

Definitely not for plot-driven readers. Short and sm*tty. (Fujoshis will never be too young for this~ *insert swear!)
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Hweianime rated it
June 11, 2019
Status: Completed
super cute fluffy and sexy. Recommend for a quick read, not for plot.
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