Friends with Benefits


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We used to be friends. Although he’s flirtatious, he f*cked around, I just couldn’t let go of him.

When we could no longer remain friends, it was already too late. What was done could not be undone.

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Ji You Nan Dang
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SummerX rated it
September 8, 2017
Status: Completed
Translator here. As I am writing this review, I am almost done translating vol 1. Hooray!

I know this is definitely not the best danmei novel I have ever read, however, when I decided to translate, it took me no time to pick this one as my first project, even though it's not a popular genre, it's not even the writer's most popular book (in fact it's one of her least popular novels), many readers hate the main ship, and the ending is frustrating to many.

One of most fascinating... more>> thing about this novel is that I have read it over ten times, but I still find something new in it each time. Both my understanding on the story and the relationships between the main characters have changed a lot comparing to when I first finished the book, and as I translate it, my views are still changing. The novel is short and fast-paced, which leaves a lot of room for us readers to interpret for ourselves. For me, I generally see most controversies in a novel as a good sign. A lot of times it means that the writers are not forcing us to accept the one and only narrative based on his/her value, that there is more likely some complexity in the characters and the story.

Now, I won't claim that this novel is a perfect example of "novel with complex characters and story" because it still has many flaws, but it successfully creates three characters who have strong personalities, and they push the plots to go forward instead of being pushed along by the plots. The conflicts in the novel lies within them, instead of between the good heroes and the evil forces outside, or the misunderstandings the author creates between the seme and uke. They are mature characters that care not only about love. They are selfish and selfless. They do bad things and good things. They hurt and help people. Just like we normal people do. There are no perfect choices in life, and every action will have its consequence.

I do admit that a big reason I enjoy this novel so much is Lin Ye and his love-hate relationship with Ou.

I enjoy seeing a proud uke fall pathetically like him. It's so satisfying to watch him uncontrollably fall for Ou even though he pretends otherwise, despite knowing Ou is a trap.

The power struggles between them is my favorite thing to watch. I am always fascinated by relationships that are not purely about love. The lies, the true feelings behind the lies, and the blurred line between them.....

I enjoy reading the discussions (sometimes arguments and flame wars) about who the MC loves, who the MC should be with, who is right and who is wrong, is the ending good or bad, etc. Each point of view is enriching the story.

If you want something more than a fluffy love story, something that you can debate about, and you don't mind main characters you don't like, and ending (s) that's not perfect, I recommend your try this story. If you read it and enjoy it, please read it again. I promise you will see things differently! <<less
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LadyBlue rated it
October 12, 2017
Status: Completed
I'm a sucker for this type of stories. The characters are a train wreck, but I can't help but ship them together. What I love most about the MC and ML is how their relationship is based on them wanting to use each other. There is no holier than thou feeling. I like the ML more than the MC because I can relate to his inability to come to terms with his feelings and voice them. He also seems to be a bit of an introvert. (Although it's mostly because... more>> he kinda reminds me of Laurent from Captive Prince lol) The MC is the kind of guy who has worked hard to get where he is now, can make friends with anyone, and is way smarter than he seems.

I came expecting smut but wow I got better than what I was expecting. I'm on the ride for the characters, none of whom are perfect, but I love them anyway <<less
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shoujokaguya rated it
November 19, 2017
Status: c37
This bl novel is definetly a must read to those who wants an engaging storyline. When you think you can predict the characters emotions, actions, and motivations; suddenly, you were wrong. In that moment, you will get hooked in reading more as you tried to understand these complex characters, especially the main character. Oh how I love the main character!

It is also not your typical deep in love story. Because love relationship is not the main focus but instead it spices up the events in the mc's life and the... more>> main character is cunning and defensive to protect whats important to him. It is a very intriguing bl novel and the translator has smoothly conveyed the otherwise godly difficult chinese novel into english for the readers to understand. I highly recommend those who love reading bl novels to try this ASAP and immerse yourself in this exciting story as I did! <<less
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ResidentialPsycho rated it
September 23, 2017
Status: c31
This is a dark, mature series with plentiful yaoi scenes, but it is still interesting if you skip the s*x scenes and only focus on the drama and relationships. It is dark and focused on the criminal and business worlds.

... more>>

A sleezy character shows up for a while and causes some tumult in the beginning. The MC hooks up with him a few times for fun. Later on, he brings down the mafia and reappears as a serious business owner. I guess you could say they thought they were playing with a kitten, but he actually turned out to be a tiger in disguise. When his brother is imprisoned for his crimes, the MC seduces their arch-enemy in order to save his life and also get some cheap revenge on the bastard. Since he is quite skilled at business, he becomes an irreplaceable member of the staff.


The thing I like most about this series is the strong friendship between the sworn brothers who will give anything for each other, whether it be their lives or every juan they ever earned. This trust, compassion, and loyalty is the most fulfilling part of this series and what keeps me coming back. <<less
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earlgreyt rated it
March 3, 2019
Status: Completed
This is a deep and complex story with a lot of baggage between the main characters. Nobody is good or 'clean'; everyone has their own secrets, motivations, and manipulations. The relationships are not even close to perfect, which is what makes this story very real and emotional. Instead of your typical fluffy/breezy romance, we have a business/mafia world layered with power conflicts and very jagged relationships that struggle to be more than cost/benefit calculations. Wonderful read and fantastic translation.

... more>>

My only gripe is that the last four sentences of the ending ruined it. The author spent an incredible amount of time building such intense character and relationship development only for the MC to regress to his behaviors at the very beginning of the novel? I'm not looking for a stereotypical happy ending, but seriously any other ending (or even cutting it off and leaving us to wonder) would have made the story a lot more meaningful. Or something that showed some kind of "moving on" would have been better because the author essentially threw all of the main characters back into a purgatory of stagnancy like nothing had ever happened to change them. Super unsatisfactory and undermined the struggles of the characters throughout the story.

3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
trippy-chan rated it
March 19, 2018
Status: c52
The main characters, as one reviewer has already said, are trainwrecks. The story is another kind of trainwreck. I felt like there was a lot of potential that the author ended up dropping in the last 10-ish chapters.

The best: The translation itself! I highly encourage everyone to read the other works the translators have done/are working on. The word choice, sentence structure--it's evocative and smooth, respectively.

The good: the characters, mostly; they are multi-faceted individuals with distinct desires that ultimately lead to their downfalls. The set up of the first 40-some... more>> chapters.

The meh: the execution??? I'm baffled by the ending. I'm baffled by some of the middle. Certain details and plot points seemed all over the place. Like, this is supposed to be a coherent narrative right?? Characterization starts to break down too.

f*cking He Ling and Peter Xiong need a whole arc for us to not only understand them, but what role they play in MC's life/plot ---they get 10 chapters


Anyway, I think that this was an interesting read, if only to try and wrap your heads around the complicated interpersonal drama that happens within. Just... be warned that 52 chapters is not nearly enough space for what the author wanted to do. <<less
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Otwentyfirst rated it
February 15, 2018
Status: c52
Ignore the stupid cover design. The description though was on point. It's an appropriately angst filled story with realistic characters that weren't over the top. Definitely the kind of story to binge read. Character development, pacing, and atmosphere reminds me a little bit of Kill the Lights. ... more>>

It's not a happily ever after and works better that way. The relationships between the characters, not just the MCs, were believably portrayed.
I really enjoy these kinds of stories. Although they are a tragedy, they are not all just about the ending. It's more so about the characters and the ending just happens to be a byproduct. I really dislike stories with the tragedy tag line that focus on death to pull at the heart strings. Those stories always seem a little shallow to me.

This story on the other hand was very satisfying. The drama and the social interaction we're all well done. If there is one thing I was disappointed in it was that the author chose to complete the final chapter with exposition and a time skip.


Would put in the reread pile. <<less
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Kittsune rated it
September 6, 2017
Status: c28
This is a dark BL with your non-typical Seme/Gong Protagonist.

The MC had to deal with a harsh childhood to get to where he is today as a businessman while his sworn brother which he goes to no bounds to protect ended up in the Underworld. You can definitely see that the author has shown how in-depth her characters are. I'm fascinated how the MC deeply cares for his sworn brother but at the same time has a desire for this flamboyant player that turned out to be the cause of his sworn brother's harm. Its also interesting to see how the sworn brother and flamboyant hate each other and wish the other didn't exist due to their attachment of the MC.

I'm hoping to see how this novel fares and am greatly anticipating for the rest.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
March 4, 2018
Status: Completed
I am biased I am a total Chu and Ou shipper so I will tell you for me that ending sucked like hell. I could not believe what happened so that took like a star away from it for me. But, I definitely liked the characters and how they interacted I especially liked the MC and Chu being so close

... more>>

He took care of him while he was injured


I felt like the author chose the wrong uke big time but, I loved the realistic ness with it that showed love is not perfect and sometimes you don't have the courage to take that final step I mean.


The MC and Chu never even slept together even though there was obviously sexual and romantic tension there


So while I did not agree with the ending the way they got there was awesome for me.


In my opinion Chu was the wife while Lin was the mistress and the MC kind of hesitated on who to decide


I will forever be a Chu shipper but, this was a great book regardless


I do feel bad about it though and the MC obviosly had chosen Chu a long time ago because, the wife can't compare to the Mistress unfortunately he died


I did not get very much of a fantasy element from this book though so if you want fluff this is not the place to go it was a slap in the face for people expecting fluff and just petty fight I mean the ending wasn't even very clear. <<less
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March 3, 2019
Status: c16
I was so ready to drop everything just to see MC and ML continue prancing around each other and have it all end up bittersweet (I read some of the top reviews) but MC literally raped ML..... I came here because I thought there was no rape! I had to add the tag myself. Really sad. Translation for this is excellent and even though I was constantly frustrated about how the main two interact with each other, I wanted to learn more, but I ended up dropping this with a... more>> bitter taste in my mouth because I felt sick to my stomach. Idk if that scene became a big issue but r*pe itself isn't a small issue and I wouldn't want to see it trivialized or overlooked as normal either, so I just stopped.


MC, nothing can excuse rape. Wanting it really bad to the point of going through with it even though ML was saying no isn't right or justifiable! Please become better ㅜㅇㅜ

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Staringatastar rated it
February 5, 2019
Status: Completed
Really intense story with complicated characters. The author doesn't tell you everything, so you're left thinking about the motivations, the feelings, and the ending long after the book's over.

I wouldn't call this a happy ending, but I guess it's not really a sad one either. Rather, it's a bit bittersweet, as are most real-life people's stories after a while.

Also, the translation is wonderful - really captures the whimsical mood at the end and isn't a pain to read.
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Littlegirl78 rated it
December 7, 2018
Status: Completed
I liked it. But mostly I was shocked. The ending is definitily different than what you think. The begining and the ending are just like belong to two different novels. But you should read this novel for sure.

They started as sexy buddys then became lovers in the end they were sexy buddys.. Amazing!!

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ikitty03 rated it
February 2, 2018
Status: v2
If you're hoping the story be more a s*x tell; please do not read it. This isn't a hardcore s*x or deep love story. The story about a rich man, his lover, his bestfriend, n business life. You get to see the character personality n how they like each other. I would not said it the top best yaoi novel. If your into Tv Drama than its your cup of tea. There are secret within the story you would think of. The story really tell about relationship with the MC.... more>> The couple never tell each other how they love each other. As for being a couple; you have to guess that out yourself <<less
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kiraluvst rated it
November 29, 2019
Status: Completed
Holy sh*t.

What the f*ck did I just read?! (ノ・∀・) ヽ So mind blowing.

The story in overall is really unpredictable, so many twists (although I kind of suspected the ending with ML, still 85% of the story was a surprise for me).

I find the author very clever in narration and presenting the views and feelings from each character. There are always 2 sides of a coin, what people is showing does not always represent their inner feelings. The characters are not flawless, very human I would say, but charming in... more>> their own ways.


For me, the main couple is right (Ou & Lin Ye).

At first I was like everybody else rooting for Chu Yuan Jiang and patiently waiting for Ou to just hurry up and realize that you're more than just "brothers"! However after Lin Ye's point of view and as the story grows near the end, I feel that Ou & Chu Yuan Jiang could not be other than "brothers". Although their bond, connection, love and loyalty are so deep-rooted, Ou does not see or desire Chu Yuan Jiang romantically and he will never do.

Lin Ye is the one attracting him and making his heart beat faster, even though Ou may refuse to admit that. I think the same goes for Lin Ye. Both of them were in stubborn denial of how strong their attraction towards each other was and refused to let it impacted their life too significantly, until near the end.. Perhaps a defense mechanism?


The pace is very fast. I finished this in 3 nights so if you're looking for a quick, unusual but still awesome read, this will fit your needs.

I will for sure re-read this in the future :) <<less
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xinxe rated it
August 16, 2019
Status: c52
This was a great story and I binge read it in a night. I loved the romance and friendship but also the intrigue of all the things that were happening. It was nice and at times left me feeling sad and bittersweet. Definitely recommend.
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