Introduction to S*x Education


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Inters*x student forcibly deflowered in front of the class by the biology teacher.

Prideful Beast Teacher X Ignorant Inters*x Student with a sensitive body

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13 Reviews

May 21, 2020
Status: --
I don't even read this novel. But looking at some reviews really makes me laugh. So, someone rate this novel bad because he didn't like r*pe and s*xual abuse, and he thought that this kind of novel can influence people to hurt others.... Sigh.

Wow, with that kind of logic then most of novel in existance should be illegal. I mean, violence, mu*der, massacre, gore, drugs, s*avery, etc. Those are exist on most work of fiction.

Please stop being open minded only to your taste and opinion.
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Little Potato
Little Potat
May 20, 2020
Status: c8
I usually like to ignore bad reviews but sometimes I wonder what kind of eyes other readers read with when the summary of this novel already screams out 'underage' and 'predatory' from the occupations of the two characters and the 1st chapter has explicit warnings. It takes real talent to be able to selectively ignore information just to suit your own narrative.

Besides that, if we were to condemn authors for writing a work of fiction, we might as well call all the Japanese Mangakas who fetishize lolis as dangerous. So... more>> much for being open-minded I guess...

Besides that, Golden Pavilion always has excellent translations of R18 BL work and this novel is not an exception. 5/5 for translation quality. If you like hardcore works that are rarely seen in the community, Golden Pavilion will have them and nobody will kink-shame you for it~

(Edit: Learnt that someone even changed the summary because of how shook he/she was, wow, the audacity. Imagine blatantly disrespecting both the tl-er who took the time to tl this and the author...) <<less
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May 20, 2020
Status: --
Made an account just to review this.

People! Read the tags! You're not interested? Okay, don't read it and go elsewhere!!!

NUMEROUS times the translator & author have highlighted the tags relevant to the story. It's also very well-emphasized that THIS IS JUST A MINDLESS MEAT NOVEL. If you're looking for morality and ethics, it should be clear that is not found here so just go elsewhere rather than leaving a bad review.

... more>> This story is exactly as it is packaged to be. SMUT SMUT SMUT. Very very smutty.

The translator has worked very hard! <<less
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May 23, 2020
Status: Completed
Here for the meat. Got it. Don't think too much. It's mindless f-ing with power play and manipulative adult to shota-cat. TL quality is superb though
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RoseAmethyst remembrance
Sep 09, 2020
Status: c10
****So apparently one of the haters changed the original summary by the author...😐 Sure, if you don't like the novel, then fine but don't convolute the words of the author like this. Everyone is free to interpret the novel however they wish but don't try to mislead other readers on the author's intent by distorting the summary that newcomers are likely to believe to be written by the author

This is a P0RN novel features a biology teacher and his inters*x student demonstrating the art of making love to the class... more>> as part of their s*x education course. Aside from the juicy smut 😋, the entire novel is centered around exploration of one's own sexuality. It's a coming-of-age story that focuses on a pubescent inters*x student who is confused about their sexuality (I deliberately used this pronoun since this character truly did not understand their sexuality at the start of this novel). By the end of the novel, this inters*x student has finally decided on their gender

While the haters may criticize the novel for the young age of the students, understand that the author deliberately chose to set the inters*x student at a pubescent/preteen age because this is the age when a child starts going through puberty and is starting to grasp their sexuality. (It would not make sense if the student was a legally aged adult in a coming-of-age story)

While this storyline is very hentai-like, it actually gives you some serious insight into gender fluidity. It's the only Chinese novel I've come across that seriously talks about the concept of gender fluidy.

On a side note, it also imparts a couple of legitimate s*x Ed info (like how the hymen is simply a residual tissue from the v*ginal development...i looked it up and it's actually true! I didn't even know that!)

Regarding the hater's use of the word "forcefully" in the altered description:

Indeed, from a legal standpoint that this could not be considered legally consensual due to the student's age and the teacher-student relationship

When you disregard the legal standpoint and societal views of shota-con, I don't think anyone can disagree that this inters*x student was completely willing and had clearly expressed s*xual interest in the teacher.

Regarding the teacher himself, it's undeniable that he's exploiting the student's naivety. The teacher even admitted in his POV that he intentionally gave misleading info regarding the reproductive capabilities of inters*x people. This kind of deception really turned me off.

I honestly was disturbed when the teacher entered the student without proper lubrication towards the end of the novel. This was very hypocritical of the teacher to do this since he emphasized the importance of foreplay and lubrication during the sex-Ed session in the beginning of the novel

On one hand, the teacher is giving positive encouragement to the inters*x student by telling them that any gender they choose is ok. On the other hand, this same person seems to be taking advantage of the student's confusion to selfishly fulfill his own pe*verted desires.

I was honestly confused as to why the author would make the teacher contradict himself like this, but I have a theory....I believe that the author is actually against the student-teacher ship and mainly used it to help propel the inters*x student's discovery of their own sexuality. In short, this teacher may have help the inters*x student in discovering their own sexuality, but in no ways would a romantic relationship develop between them

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Dec 29, 2020
Status: Completed
(I'm French so sorry for my shitty English)

Before you start reading, take into account that this story is all about s*x. Nothing else. No feelings. 🔞

... more>> Also take a good look at the tags which are well highlighted, do not shock them when everything is explained in the tags. 🔞

I only put 2/5 because, firstly, there is no precision on the age of the young student so I had a lot of trouble imagining the scenes, sometimes I had the impression that he was 17 and others he was 12. I think that since it is specified that it is a shotacon, it is important to know the age of the young boy. 🤔

Second, I was really, really disappointed that he only had s*x with his teacher. I wish he had s*x with his classmates too, that there was a f*cking gangbang, but no. 😔

Third, too much pain. In reality, I don't mind that there is pain, quite the contrary. But there is too much passage with pain. Just have fun, please. 😤

And fourth, I wish he had f*cked his ass too, but he just got f*cked in the p**sy. 😔

So, if you like inters*x s*x with pain, embarrassment while being watched by all your classmates, I recommend it. 😉🔞

Good reading. 😉 <<less
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Jun 29, 2020
Status: Completed
Translation quality was excellent! And story was great - smutty & naughty, exactly as the tags forewarned. While it was mostly smut action, I really did enjoy the writing and the flow of the story. It was a satisfying ending - pun intended.
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Jun 29, 2021
Status: c10
Not gonna lie, I’ve reread this novel way too many times just bc I really do enjoy the explicit scenes. Plain smut and no plot, sometimes that’s the mood 👀
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Sep 01, 2020
Status: Completed
A really good smut novel. Satisfies many weird fantasies too.

10/10 for translation.

please read the tags, summary, and warnings to know what you are here for.
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Mar 04, 2021
Status: Completed
No thoughts, head empty, only smut. That’s the kind of mindset you should have when reading this. I sealed all my morals & blocked off all the red flags. TL is phenomenal!
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Mari Gongzhu
Mari Gongzhu
May 10, 2021
Status: Completed
*Chef's kiss* Hmm-uhmm-hmm! So well seasoned! It stayed in my mind for like ahmm, a whole week! Like gosh! This is so hooottt!

PS. This is whole smut with no plot! If you don't want it then don't read it! Hmpp!
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Empress M
May 22, 2020
Status: Completed
I don't approve of this kind of um.. plot..? But I did learn things from this, mainly about the inters*x gender. I had seen a video talking about how a female that had surgery to become male still got pregnant, but I thought that was all, and was just a lucky fluke.

Now I see.. Mpreg exists IRL.

... Why am I here? xD

... more>> This can be considered as educational, but the MC was like, what, a middle schooler? I felt slightly sickened, but after all, I did learn stuff here.

The smut is good though.
2.5/5. Really. <<less
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Dec 01, 2021
Status: Completed
theres absolutely no effing plot. Just s*x which was okay nd the only thing that bothered me was how uncaring the tr was to the mc's pain nd didnt care to see if hes enjoying himself or not nd that he was not at all controlling himself to stop as it was his first time nd kept on banging him even when he was unconscious but eh its just a story.
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