God Level Summoner


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This story is about a god level player, Li Cangyu, who returns to the game Miracle after being away for several years. The story explores him playing the game and setting up a team in an attempt to finally win a trophy in the Miracle Professional League.

This is the second part of the god series. The plots do not affect each other.

E-sport God Series 1 “The Strongest God”

E-sport God Series 2 “God Level Summoner”

E-sport God Series 3 “The King’s Return”

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azha_ rated it
November 3, 2018
Status: Completed
This is like what I've been waiting for in a bl gaming book! (is there even any besides this one?) I always loved The King's Avatar and I still am a huge fan of it. The only thing that I wished it had was a happier ending (?) and maybe some relationships and more character background/history, which God Level Summoner has. (OH! Plus it has the international arc with our main characters together *-*, totally my favorite part!!)

This is litterally a tiny bit less technical (like there isn't 10... more>> chapters describing one match) and fluffier version (wahhh! too much cat food!) of The King's Avatar. Everyone in the team are all foodies as well, it's totally hilarious. They're totally a bunch of cats! (lol you'll get my really bad joke if you read it) What's there not to like? Especially since it's bl, MWAHAHAHAHA!!

Okay I'll stop now..... :P <<less
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PappyThePenguin rated it
October 7, 2018
Status: c19
First review. I am sorry if it is somewhat chaotic.

Got hooked after the first few translated chapters and have been MTLing it.

Rainbow Turtle's translations are well done and update frequently. (This is why I give it 5 stars even though I am not far into the story)

About the shou/gong question: The translator confirmed at the end of ch. 6 that ... more>>

the MC is the shou, not the gong. The ML is not the Bai Xuan.


Definitely feels like a BL version of The King's Avatar. MC's team gets disbanded and he begins to build a new team. I am not far into it, but I have enjoyed it so far. No quick romance. At ch. 19 I don't know who ML will be, but there may be hints of of romance for two other characters.

Only thing that has bothered me so far is that the MC is still OP after a two year break from the game he began playing again. The author made a big deal about how so much had changed during the time he was playing the other game, but after what seemed like five minutes looking at the forums hes already in top condition. <<less
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Ichiiya13 rated it
October 28, 2018
Status: c53
Unexpectedly hooked. Binged it from the start to the lastest translated chapter, and what can I say


It does give you like a King's Avater moment, but its LESS (just a tiny bit) detailed and intense as King's Avatar who throughly discuss how to get there and the step-by-step process. In God Level Summoner, it focus more on the relationship in between characters rather the detail equipment build, the stuff they have to sell to get more funds, game management politics, etc.

The characters are very... more>> likable and not very annoying as other game novels. No revenge here what so ever. So expect the story to be light, not as dark and heavy. Truly sportsmanship all around here. (Psst somewhat like Free! Swimming club or Haikyuu)

So give it a try! <<less
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rhianirory rated it
January 20, 2019
Status: c225
Cat God is pretty awesome. Demon king is very cool. There's lots of fluff and gaming action sequences. The technical side isn't so drawn out that it makes regular readers eyes glaze over (happened to me a couple of times in TKA). If you like TKA than you'll like this, as long as you don't mind BL. Someone complained that there are too many couples and I kind of agree. It seems like almost everyone is paired off and ratio is way skewed (almost all the captains and vice captains... more>> in the pro league have a same s*x interest or partner). There are so many that I don't really care about at least half of them, and end up wishing it would just get back to the actual MC.

there's the usual fanatical nationalism to be found and some racist comments/descriptions which are par for the course in many modern Chinese novels. I thought the way the author portrayed the black guy in the basketball competition at the New York World Carnival was particularly appalling. I'm really hoping it's not as bad at the World Championship or i'll probably end up dropping a star. on another note, after seeing it mentioned so many times in the beginning of the story I actually got really distracted trying to figure out why Xie Shurong is forced to eat half-cooked steak every day? Maybe he doesn't know he can order other foods in a cafeteria? Maybe he doesn't know he can order it well-done? Maybe that's the only food he knows how to order (though that doesn't seem likely since he's been there a couple years) ? Whenever they go out to eat "authentic Western food" its always half-cooked steak. Now I'm left wondering; do the Chinese think all Westerners sit around eating steak all the time? Because I only eat it about five times a year, (if that), and I don't know anyone else who eats steak as a part of a regular diet, let alone eating it every day. It's been bugging me since I started reading the novel; is this a common misconception in China? <<less
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ColdFrontDM rated it
August 6, 2020
Status: Completed
As a straight male this was the first time I have read any Yaoi but with such good reviews I decided to give it a try. The romance wasn’t my cup of tea but I appreciate that it was more emotionally descriptive than physically descriptive if that is a problem for anyone.

i would rate the story a 4.5 but I decided to give it a 4. Solely on the fact that while the story is amazing, it felt really rushed. But compared to King’s A stars slow paced. The pacing... more>> was better. For example the entire second season happened over ~30 chapters and 11 of them were the finals. It was a bit jarring.

mom it overall the message of the story, the characters, the descriptions all 10/10. Translation 8/10. Pacing 7/10 <<less
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reiyaa rated it
October 29, 2018
Status: c45
Good novel, I always love gaming novels and its really tempted me to destroy my brain cell with MTLing the raw

But for me there is one big downside, , too much side-couples, , where is the main couple?? I dont really care about what realitionship other team captain with their vice captain, or the other couple, , make my head dizzy to remember them all haha

i hope there is more about main couple
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raindroptree rated it
October 5, 2019
Status: c9
I know I have only read to chapter 9, but so far this novel is surprisingly boring. It is a slice of life novel for sure... so much so that there is really no story, it is just the characters playing games and living a normal life. Someone even said it is slow until around chapter 80?? There is nothing to keep me reading, which is kind of rare for me. The Characters are pretty lame, all very chill and only focused on playing the game. The story has nothing... more>> going on so far, there isn't really any comedy or drama, the mystery of who gets with who was filled out from the very beginning and they are pretty much already together with no relationship progression or teasing/spice. I really don't see anything that can keep me reading this... again, I only read 9 chapters, but that seems plenty of time to capture the reader somewhere and to give at least some sort of mystery to keep you reading out of curiosity alone.... The most interesting thing about the novel is that one of the characters has a slight illness that is easily curable... but that was the first hurdle of the novel and it was dealt with as easily and as fast as squishing an ant. Even in the gaming part of the novel, the MC has such a smooth and effortless time leveling and creating his team, there is nothing else happening. No backstory, no curious or interesting characters, not even any backside gossip to clue into anything happening in the future. When I feel like reading more, I will update, but I am too bored for now. At least it isn't badly written, and it isn't necessarily a bad story. <<less
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beaugardinee rated it
March 15, 2019
Status: Completed
I really like this book, it's well written with great characters.

The romance is straight foward and I really like the perseverance and patient of MC.

ML is also great, suportive and loving.

... more>> The reason that is was not a 5 stars for me was because of the poor description, stereotype and prejeduce the author showed in his writing toward other races or countries when describing some scenes about the World tournament. I pretty much skip that part because it was too cringe worthy for me and went straight to the extras.

It's still a good read and I recommend. The translation is really good. <<less
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Paper_Plains rated it
August 18, 2019
Status: Completed
If you like WangXian you may love this couple

Story may have alot of couples but the main coupleis just so adorable I could die, this is probably one of the novels I can read again and again.

I'm surprised at myself for not reviewing this I thought I did
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twilly rated it
February 5, 2019
Status: --
I wish this series would go on for a a few more hundred chapters. Honestly, I wouldn't mind if it basically became One Piece, with no discernible end in sight. However, without Old Cat, I guess it wouldn't be the same anymore, so I understand why it stops just short of 400 chapters, because it's essentially his story. The reason why I want it to go on is because it's such a comfortable read, just like Loving Master's Wife. I can read just a chapter and then put it down... more>> at anytime without inwardly going 'noooooo'. But it's also interesting enough that I can binge tens of chapters in a row. The gaming is well-written and exciting, even for a gaming noob like me. The characters and couples are all interesting in their own way with different characteristics, so you'll definitely find a character you like. I personally enjoy them all.

I'm probably making it sound like it's boring af, but that's far from the truth. It's enjoyable, but not in a blood-stirring way, and that's a compliment. I recommend this even for non-gamers. The translator is also super fast, kudos! <<less
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wuwuissad rated it
March 24, 2022
Status: --
I've never wrote a review before, so it might just sounds like me ranting.

Usually when the story is good I would buy the book, when the story is bad I would just leave it. But this novel put me to the point of me writing a review about it because it's a bit disappointing.


Well the plot is good and interesting but the side couples are too much, what I meant by "too much" it isn't only about number, but it's also about how detailed they were described in the novel... more>> (like we get to know how person A felt about person B in detail) and it doesn't just happen once, it probably has happened more times than the main couple itself, honestly it doesn't even made me feel sweet about it anymore, it felt tiring to read those scenes.

Do they really need to explain it in that much detail? They could've just show it like the relationship between pine and bye (I Can Do It), the author of ICDI never wrote that detailed about the side couple but the author showed their ambiguous relationship through their actions, and I believe that's enough.

Because sometimes I do feel like the side couples are taking over the story. Aren't we reading this for the main couple? Why should I care so much about how person A thinks person B has a good nose, lips to the point of them wanting to kiss it, like- 😭 where's the main couple broooo

Currently on, chapter 66 and will finish it despite this review I dropped, because I am staying strong for the main couple haha, I'll just skip every side couples too detailed paragraph, because it's annoying me 😭, fr they're cute but it's too much <<less
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auroraRMC rated it
May 31, 2019
Status: Completed
Shot right up to be one of my favorite novels ever. When I read the first chapter, I already knew I was going to love it. How could I not, with my favorite LN ever being the King's Avatar? My only regrets about TKA were the absolute lack of romance, the series being way too long and detailed about games and the competition, and the series just ending with YX being the captain of the world competition. Totally unsatisfying ending. But this novel fixes all of that, and more.

Godly, OP... more>> MC. Godly, OP ML. Amazing romance. Hilarious and well-developed teammates and friends. Detail but not too much detail about the game and competition. Epilogues. Actual world competition. It truly checked off all of my boxes. Plus, the summoner character is definitely really interesting. I loved the lack of fighting and chasing around in the game itself as there was in TKA, I loved that the MC was able to find a supportive and strong organization as his support, but most importantly I love the MC and ML together. They're actually so sweet and cavity-inducing. The five (four?) other couples are just as sweet, and even the budding friendships/relationships between the younger generation are adorable. I was so attached to the characters. I loved how they were able to blow through the competition without many problems, not like in TKA where YX would still lose a bunch and there would be tons of chapters on those games. I love the MC's straightforward personality. When he realizes that he loves the ML, he goes for it, and I love that he and the ML understand each other so well. I feel bad for the ML for waiting so many years for the MC, but it was worth it. They love and understand each other so deeply, I probably have cavities now. I do wish the epilogue for them was longer, and that there were more scenes of them together. I need to know more. I am so happy I read this novel. Words cannot express the joy I felt when I found out the novel was actually completely translated. An absolute favorite. <<less
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February 10, 2019
Status: c269
Love it! This is a gaming novel and really fun to read as long as you enjoy reading about the game mechanisms and tactics. Super light and fluffy with no major drama. This is a very peaceful and exciting rise to the top for the MC. No major plot twists but the author still captures the attention of the readers. 100% recommendation


Basically while there are wins and losses in the games. It’s generally very smooth flowing for the MC. There’s also no issues with any of the CPs.

5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
drollawake rated it
November 26, 2018
Status: c134
The comparison to The King's Avatar is apt given the similar e-sports settings. However, the novel focuses less on the power fantasy aspect and oddly enough, moves a faster pace. Unfortunately, this difference also leads to far less tension, which makes it harder to sustain interest based on the plot alone. For a BL novel though, this is good enough. Another difference is that the slice of life moments are fluffier and tilted towards food and romance. This can also be a decent read for readers who don't like too much romance (even of the BL kind). There isn't the emasculation of the MC that's common in BL novels even though his love interest is strong and independent. In fact, they are presented as equals. Nonetheless, for such readers, the possessive thoughts of the love interest might still be uncomfortable and the slice of life scenes might seem like too much filler.

More on the tradeoff between power fantasy and pace:


the MC has no dark past of getting betrayed and doesn't have to spend a long time preparing to go against established guilds and teams as an upstart, so there are less scenes of behind the scenes drama and machinations. Fights and engagements are also less drawn out.

5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
yellauraya rated it
February 9, 2022
Status: Completed
★★★★★ [4.5/5 stars]

When I wrote my review on The Strongest God, I expressed my desire to see a satisfying ending for Cat God/Li Cangyu (MC) because among all the characters in TSG, he has the most unfavorable career until the end. I love his character's personality so much in TSG even though he only appeared quite a few times. I didn't expect that the sequel would be about him and his final push to achieve his dream. It was really a pleasant surprise.

I think I loved this novel a tiny... more>> bit more (0.5 rate difference) than The Strongest God. TSG and GLS both have an almost 400 chapters but I really felt like TSG is a lot longer because it has some dragging chapters. In the TSG, the building of the new team and recruitment of the members happened in the first quarter to almost halfway of the novel and the main competition itself in the last half revolved in just one regular season. Imagine how a single season of competition was stretched in 200+ chapters, it really dragged a bit sometimes. On the other hand, GLS not only included the recruitment of the team members and one regular season competition, it also has the World Competition so it doesn't seemed dragging at all. But regardless, both novels are great!!

Just like TSG, this novel only has a romantic subplot and it focused on the actual e-sports competition. I love that both Li Cangyu (MC) and Ling Xuefeng (ML) are god-level players and has their own OPness, but they don't always win. And even if they lose a match, it didn't affect their reputation as a great god. This novel is actually my first e-sports novel where the MC and ML are in different teams. I usually read the main couple being in the same team and reading this was kind of refreshing. It's so good to see the MC and ML being competitive with each other but also care about each other at the same time. They both have this captain demeanor in front of other people and only showed their softness in front of each other. They have this incomparable tacit understanding and it makes them the best rivals in the league, as well as the best lovers. And what I find hilarious about their relationship? It was whenever Li Cangyu, the actual shou in the couple, called Ling Xuefeng his 'wife' and thought for a long time that he's going to be the top in the relationship, only to get flabbergasted when he got pinned down and was entered from behind LMAO I always burst out laughing whenever he has this thought of 'eating his wife' and I was like, "wife? Yeah right!" Though the main story was not focused on the romance of the main CP and side CPs, each of the couples has their own extra chapters/small arc after the main story. The extra chapters fed me a loooot of dog foods and the initial lack of romance was solved in those chapters.

There's one more novel left in the series that I haven't read and I've learned that the apprentices of Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng, the little princes Qin Mo and Xiao Han, are the next MC and ML. I'm so excited for that!

This novel is totally worth of my time. I highly recommend this for those into e-sports novels. My only wish is to discover more novels like this in the future. No heavy angst and it's a complete stress reliever for me. <<less
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enaillig rated it
July 29, 2021
Status: Completed
What I like:

Plot wise, it's really great. It's about Li Cangyu who strived to win the championship of the Miracle World League, after years of struggle of not winning a trophy. From the start to end, the story stayed true to its plot, which is for Li Cangyu and his friends to realize their dream ;))

Romance wise, it's alright. It's heavily focused on E-sports so I think the romance is just a flavor. But it's not lacking in any way, since ML is always with our MC to support... more>> him. The ending is very satisfying :))

What I don't like:

Too many chapters. I appreciate the author's dauntless effort to write each match and stages in intricate detail tho. It's really epic, however some of it gets repetitive that I just skimmed thru it (especially on the World Championship). I wished they just kept the essential matches so as to not bore the readers.

And lastly, the question I kept wondering about. WHY IS EVERYBODY GAY? <<less
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dee_ism rated it
June 21, 2020
Status: --

It's not like other danmei who take gaming as the background of the love story, this story is TOTALLY about E-sport. The MC start again from scratch: new game character, level up, building guild, searching for team mates, make a new team, enter professional e-sport league, training the newcomer, slowly climbing up to the championship.

What I like the most is the strategic battle of each game. Our MC is talented and hard working gamer. And I always curious about how our MC strategy to take... more>> down his opponent in each games. Like, really, it always surprise you and found it entertaining.

I know nothing about e-sport but I thoroughly enjoy the story.

Minor down points: If you looking for romance, this novel is really not for you.

But anyway, it's totally a long journey, but you will entirely enjoy the ride. I found the pace is just correct without any filler chapters. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
nadeshikoyuu rated it
October 17, 2018
Status: c92
MTLing it cause I couldn't take the suspense; it actually gets translated quite well compared to others.

After reading it up to where I have, I must say that I wished it had more chapters. I don't feel that 393 chapters are enough to soothe the wave of fluff feels that I have for this novel :3...

It's an excellent "feel good" story, with lots of different cute couples and cute platonic bromance scenes to keep readers' hearts occupied while the main couple's love line slowly develops.

4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
karyyy rated it
October 6, 2018
Status: c5
Not bad so far, but from the first few chapters I can already tell the main character is the gong (seme). Not really my cup of tea so I'll probably be dropping this pretty soon. The story is however pretty interesting, especially for those that like mmorpg or esport novels. The translations are done pretty well too, so if you like bl its worth a look.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
animeart rated it
September 28, 2021
Status: Completed
I have read this novel so many times that I have no longer kept a count. If I want to read a story that is perfect combination of sweet, fluffy, motivational, perfect BL combo then this my story to read. I rarely leave reviews as I am silent reader but I felt this novel deserves its spotlight.

The MC is a 'nothing can get me down' type of person who strives for his dream and passion with his long time friend. He is crazy about fish and is aptly named Cat... more>> God!

The ML is the cold silent types who is waiting and watching over his Cat. He waits patiently for his partner to achieve his dreams and stand together in the world's highest podium.

They understand each other completely - Strongest Rivals and perfect lovers to each other. They also only show their soft side to each other!

There are many side CPs - The author made all famous captions of the various teams have a CP with someone. Honestly was not sure if they were really needed but it didn't detract from the main story and each pair had extra chaps so it was great bonus!

The story in itself focuses more on the game named "Miracle" and some of the game-play is quite detailed and goes few chapters - it might get a bit boring for those who don't enjoy that but I quite loved the description as I could almost imagine the various maps and game play!

So those who have not read and are thinking about this book -- give it a chance, its a happy story with right amount of fluff and fighting spirit!

Novel - 10/10, TL - 10/10 <<less
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