The Elegant Dancing Years


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“I really want to taste and see…” Lying on the bed, the man licked his lips, his finger tips lingered on what could only be described as the most delicious dish.

“Of course you can,” his expression didn’t change, “If you want to see me bleed to death, fa…ther….” he suddenly muttered out the last few words, Qi Mingyue’s six year old arms opened up, and ignored the man’s expressions as he sat up and left.

When he was the number one of a host club, he died from a gunshot. When he woke up he was a prince, and he met that man. The cunning and two faced, flirtatious and inconsistent man, but when it came to himself, it was unconditional love and care… so what if they were father and son?

As an emperor, he saw many different people. To him, everyone on this earth weren’t that much different from one another. Boring. But this prince was up to par with even himself. He is as calm as water, and as cold as the moon… so what if he was destined to murder his own mother?

Just love him already, that’s it…

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IndusEla rated it
March 4, 2020
Status: Completed
Hi~ I'm the new translator of The Elegant Dancing Years.

The Elegant Dancing Years is a novel wherein the main character, now named Qi Mingyue, died and is reborn in a different world as a prince. This novel has unorthodox and unconventional themes such as incest and shotacon which might be a turn off for some, but believe me, this novel is addicting and outstanding.

The love interest is MC's father, the Emperor. While he does have a harem, don't worry about it because it isn't a problem for long.

... more>>

Also, ML knows the MC's true identity. I don't believe it to be a spoiler since it happens in Chapter 3. The shotacon aspect isn't too heavy... The leads' personalities make it so that those scenes aren't revolting in the least (to me, it wasn't).


About their relationship:

The harem might be a bummer for some, but this is a 1v1 novel. They don't necessarily see each other as potential love interests until a good few years.

They have s*x for the first time when the MC is fifteen.


Romance isn't the only focus of the story. You'll follow the MC's growth from infancy to his adulthood at just the right pace. The author has excellent control and knows exactly which age of the MC the readers (unknowingly) want to read about. Each character has depth with cruel sides that Huo Li didn't shy away from writing.

The plot starts picking up soon with hidden conspiracies and schemes, prophecies, powerful leads, and multiple sexual scenes. This novel is a treat despite it having its shortcomings (or these can be considered as characteristics that set this novel apart from others, it depends on how you look at it), much like every other novel, namely too many ex-paramours, shamelessness to the extreme, apathy when it comes to anything besides each other; still, I find it to be a great read.

TEDY is a novel I adore, I've read it multiple times and wanted a version with somewhat decent grammar and comprehensible English but there was no on-going translation of it. In the end, I personally took the job and I hope you'll like my work~ I was new to this so the quality of the translation gradually improves. The author's writing style is unusual but still engaging. Give it a chance! <<less
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YellowNoodle rated it
September 17, 2019
Status: c59
If y'all interested in daddyXson mixed with a lil bit of underage touching play then this is for you.

I also noticed as I was mtl'ing this, the protagonist's physical age isn't a HUGE problem because of his mental age. And because of his mental age, the MC knows that his body won't be able to handle s*x so they really don't do the deed until he's seventeen. And when I say physical age isn't a HUGE problem, I mean it as in, you can't treat the MC as a child... more>> because unless the MC mentions his age to get daddy dearest to stop touching him, readers view the MC as an a full grown adult rather than a child.

Although, they were close to having s*x when he was age 12 but then the Mc's mom walked in on them


Anyways, I personally think it's good because the author tightropes on the moral and immoral aspect of both the MC and ML's love story.

It's taboo yet beautiful yet... complex. Like, you know the background of their relationship but you don't know how to feel because they ARE related but they fit so well together.

Two lonely and cold hearted people coming together from different worlds only to be physically related by blood. But mentally?

Nah man, they don't care.

Also, I'd feel it'd be super angsty if the author decided to make the characters hesitate on confessing their feelings due to being father and son.

But the author doesnt.

And there's a sense of satisfaction to it because readers know, mentally, the MC has no relation to the ML.

But if you can't get past the their father and son relationship or r18 kisses when Mc's like 12 then don't read it.


Their reunion s*x was hot and he's 17 or 18 okay so he's far from illegal in ancient china





but like seriously it was really hot, like HO DAMN hot. I seriously had to pause and take a breather.

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yuyuu rated it
May 21, 2020
Status: c22
In response to a review above:

[1] It doesn't make sense that the MC doesn't care for his mother.

Actually, it makes perfect sense as long as you've been reading the novel. The MC himself explains that he has a soft spot for his "mother" because she's still his birth mother. But, he disdains that she is driven by status and prestige.

... more>>

Currently, it is insinuated in the novel that the MC's mother had a previous relationship with another man but chose to enter the Emperor's harem for the prestige and status that she'd get. The man would later enter the palace as a male concubine. That's why the MC disdains his mother; he sneers at the fact that she gave up heartfelt, pure love in exchange for dirty, worldly trifles. (In his eyes, at least).


Not just that, he also says in the beginning that he doesn't see himself as a true member of the royal family. Our MC differentiates between his body and his "soul", I'd say. Therefore, he never truly treated his "mother" as his actual, birth mother. Instead, he treats her as the mother of his body. He gives her a decent amount of respect and holds a soft spot towards her because she gave birth to his body, but he doesn't have the same emotional ties a real biological child will have towards their mother because of the simple reason that he doesn't see her as his true mother. She didn't give birth to his "soul" but rather his body.

[2] It doesn't make sense that the MC, as a modern man, is so immoral.

It actually makes some sense. In the beginning of the novel, it is described that the MC is a s*x worker. In fact, he's the most popular s*x worker because he doesn't give off the same "energy" as the s*x workers in the same company do. Instead, he's cold and dignified, with a noble aura. In the beginning chapters, it's very clear that the MC himself doesn't truly see the goodness of life. He also doesn't have deep attachments to people. It's stated that his only "friend" is J, who, to him, is just a f*ck-buddy and a sometimes-companion.

[3] It seems that the MC is incapable of love, so how can he love the ML?

That's exactly it. The MC *is* incapable of love. The "love" he gives to the ML is less than half of what the ML gives to him. His relationship with the ML is literally like his relationship with J. The other party strives to further the relationship while he remains unenthusiastic (about everything other than sex) and uncaring. <<less
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paulinhakawaii rated it
August 24, 2019
Status: Completed
It's incest because the bodies are physically related. But as the son is reincarnated, he never truly considered the imperial family as family. So I wouldn't say this is incest, per se.

I liked the story and would recommend for anyone who doesn't mind the tags. It's very enjoyable.
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Meow4meow rated it
May 14, 2020
Status: Completed
Apart from being too possessive of each other, being women magnets, and the occasional lack of information this book was pretty good.

Some of the things I was worried about: a) MC killing his mom. Turns out she was looking for death the entire time and he really didn't want to kill her. B) The start of a incestuous father son relationship. They didn't do anything until he was 15. And contrary to expectations, the relationship was actually solid, not insta love. We can actually see how they fell in love,... more>> and why. And unlike typical overbearing gongs, this one allowed the MC to top him. Something we dont see a lot of. C) The harem, cause ML is a emperor. When the relationship got really serious ML turned into a one man kinda guy.

So do give this book a read. <<less
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xtruthxliex rated it
August 4, 2019
Status: c3
I'm all for incest, if done correctly, like the Manga of the twin older brother and sister with a heart disease. BUT! This novel confuses me. I don't think it's lost in translation either unless Translator-sama missed a whole 20 chapters. X.X Unlikely as they have confirmed that there is no missing chapters... Author-sama... QAQ

Also how can MC be so cold to his mother? Every child has a special place in their heart for their mother, even psychopaths who have killed their own mothers. A mom will always be the... more>> weak point in every person. Whether they were a good mother or a bad one matters little.

And I know our MC is like s**-oriented, but... His dad? For a modern guy, MC has no morals. He's okay with being the end of his mother in his second life. He's okay with f***ing his father in his second life. Uhuh.

Then there's the major issue of the novel so far... I know I'm only three chapters in, but the first few chapters should already establish some sort of world building, background or something. We know nothing about MC, not even his real name. -____- We do know he's gay... That's about it. Oh! And he's a part of some mystery, big shot organization in his first life.

This novel has the premise of enginuity, but missed it by just an inch from the lack of depth and detail. It wouldn't kill the Author to maybe write 200 words about the MC.

On a side note: The MC can talk at the age of 100 days. Like... Fluently... Like super good... Like better than a normal 100 day old baby or even a 30 year old scholar who has studied philosophy. This really screams, "I used to write self-insert rebirth Naruto fanfictions" to the T. Hell, I still remember reading something in fanfiction. net about a self-insert Sakura being able to walk at the age of 10 days or so.

I sort of like the story, but it's not exactly detailed and the MC lacks character depth. So does the ML.

So far the plot has introduced ML as "a good leader and good military tactician who can also be very tyrannical and erratic" while the MC is labeled as some sort of "eccentric and unique personality who's big and bad and doesn't need no one's help."

Again, I don't hate nor dislike this novel, and I'm not discouraging you to read it, but this novel is quite dry when compared to other BL novels.

It has no focal point. Yeah the MC is super into s**, but he's a baby so no ecchi stuff or anything.... At least what I read is not on the path of... Okay.

This novel had no clear direction. The author seemed to focus on the MC being s**-oriented, but.. I'm not about to read something about a little kid who's not even close to being a teenager.

With how the author set up the MC, I wonder how can he ever fall for the ML? ML is "the handsomest man he's ever seen, " but surely if he's SO into s**, he would not be capable of loving some eye candy? Idk. He doesn't catch me as a person with emotions or as a normal human capable of love. A robot would end up loving someone before this MC could even come close to something like love.

Ugh, I'm only three chapters in and yet I'm so confused and biased already... Okay, biased isn't the best word, but maybe frustrated..?

So in the end it comes to "Why did I give it three stars?"


  • I could be 1000% wrong about the course of the novel since I only read 3 chapters + a prologue.
  • The story line seems interesting... But is it enough?

  • So uh.. Yeah.
  • Horribly done incest.
  • Flat characters.
  • No world building. They live in some country that's lush with resources... That's it.
  • MC has supernatural baby strength and can talk and eat food when he's 100 days old.
  • Weird time skip in between chapters two and three. A lot of people were confused by this too.
  • ML seems to know that MC is not who he seems... Bear in mind, maybe... Just MAYBE.. It's because MC can talk already and he could see when he was just born. Babies can't see when they are just born. This is a big mistake that a lot of people make in the OC/self-insert fanfiction community.
  • Super fast pace. I understand the author wanted to skip the boring baby stuff, but then... Why make him a baby in the first place? There's this other BL novel where a guy transmigrated into a prince and his brother was the emporer. You can save yourself a lot of time and effort if you just made him transmigrated into a grown up, tsk tsk Author-sama.
If I cared about this novel enough, maybe I'd have read more than 3 chapters plus the prologue, but no. I care enough to give this a review, but not enough to read this novel longer than I already have. The scary thing about novels are that you can slightly guess what's going to happen next and I don't like where this novel is heading.

You might like it though. <<less
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holachica rated it
April 4, 2021
Status: c80
Just... really bad. Reads like Wattpad CEO fiction, except it's set in ancient times with extreme pedophilia and a psycho Emperor. One star extra for the smut, because I'm morally ambivalent. Nothing redeemable about the novel as a whole, though. Read carefully, there may be spoilers below. These 5-star reviews... I don't get it. Even if it hits your kinks... everything else about the story is so bad, from the plot to the characters. I couldn't take a single part of it seriously.

If the author wanted a twisted pampering story,... more>> then leave it as is. The problem comes when she tries to make her story more in-depth, to make it more substantial... she has no clue what she's doing. She's trying to hard to make it deep, that it all comes off as a prolonged, cringe-y, farce. If she wanted smut, she should've just written smut... why did she try and make it more :/

Anyways I'll just list a few of the bad things (there's really no good)

    • The MC: Supposedly 'smart and calculating' but...
        • The author can't seem to make the abovementioned description believable--all her plot instances and events are just tailored to the MC so that he can appear smart.
        • Instead of appearing 'smart', he just seems to use arrogant, lofty speech. The MC is basically posturing 24/7--from his speech alone you'd think "Oh, this guy seems ruthless and cold" but while he barks really, really loud but he has no bite whatsoever. He's all style and no substance. He speaks of how he has these goals, 'OMG look at me I'm so ruthless and calculating', but there's nothing to back him up.
        • But "he's just a baby/child, what actions can he do?" Well, he can also think but his logic/analysis is that of your Average Joe. Nothing astounding that the reader wouldn't have thought of themselves. Nothing where I go like "Wow, that was some great deduction/planning/calculating/analysis". In fact, he often goes off the rails and does something completely illogical.
        • Example 1: Put yourself in his position. You're put into this new world, you're a baby, you don't want other people to find out your abnormality. What do you do? You act like a baby. Considering the ancient setting, typically if you're found out you'd probably be executed or burned to death because nobody wants a ghost possessing an infant.
            • The MC though? He doesn't bother hiding it at all. Put him in anywhere else and one of the servants would've bound to have noticed, reported it, and he'd be put to death. In fact, with his past as a spy and his 'cold calculating mind', you'd think the first thing he'd have done, after realizing his newborn life, would be to act as a baby would and blend in.
            • Instead... he literally stares the Emperor right in the eye, not bothering to hide anything "observing the environment", like sorry dude is that really the time? And how does he get away with it? Because in this plot, the Emperor is conveniently a psycho.
        • Example 2: The side characters. Each side character or villain character is either conveniently dumb or doesn't talk much at all. Or fawns over him. It's one of the three. His mother is an absolute idiot, along with other concubines, characters like Wu Ye and Liu Yi don't talk at all and barely appear, and his servant girls' only dialogue is to fawn over him. All of them are just there to bolster the MC's grandeur and elegance and overall amazing-ness.
        • Example 3: The compliments. No one seems to compliment the MC for 'himself'. In fact, most of their astoundedness just comes from the cliche of "OMG how could a child be so elegant?" "How could a child have such a way with words?". So basically all they're impressed with is that the child acts like an adult, "So mature for his age~". Again, plot convenience, not MC's own substance
            • Anyways I'm sure you get the idea. The MC is basically 2D, like one of those flat female assassins who gets transmigrated into ancient times. The MC's a "smart and calculating" shell. There's no how he's smart and ruthless and calculating, just that we're supposed to accept that he is, because the author says so.
    • The ML: A psycho, but not the good kind; supposedly also "ruthless and calculating" but...
        • Man spends his time doing two things:
            • Looking through memorials, like actually just that sentence. The author doesn't elaborate or anything, literally just "he went to a court meeting... he came back", "he sat at the desk looking at memorials... he threw it aside."
            • Groping, french kissing, sexually touching baby/child/preteen MC. I don't have the biggest problem with that, but it does interrupt my suspension of disbelief a bit when that seems to be all he does. Is he not supposed to be Emperor? Shouldn't he have a lot of things to do, people to order around, problems to discuss with his advisors? He doesn't even seem to have advisors, to be honest.
        • The only reason people seem to respect him is that he's a tyrant. Because he's volatile and moody can kill people at the drop of the hat. We do not get instances of him showcasing his ability. The few times we're even shown a court meeting... it's to showcase the relationship between him and the MC. The author tries to showcase the ML's ruthlessness in the court meetings... but it just comes off as cringe.

            • Again, the ML is also just a shell. He's a "cold, ruthless tyrant", that is, he goes around being cold and indifferent and tyrannizes people because he can. There's no substance to him, no moment that makes me go like "Wow, the ML is a good Emperor! Wow, how smart!" He's one of those 2D CEOs that owns a huge company and pampers the MC.
        • It's basically a case of "OMG! He's so cold and indifferent to everyone else, but he dotes on the MC~ How nice~". The part in quotes being the core of what little personality he has, and is thrown in your face every moment the author can make it.
        • Example:

          the case of Concubine An (MC's mother) and Han Ziqi (a lover from her past, but now also a male concubine. I won't go too in-depth, just that Concubine An poisons the MC under the instigation of Han Ziqi, shortly before she discovered the MC and ML sleeping together at age 12. Now that begs the question,

            • The ML is so shocked, but he really shouldn't have been, like, how the hell did the ML even allow that to happen? It makes no sense? He's the Emperor. Shouldn't he have spies on his concubines, and everywhere in the palace? He already knew the relation between Concubine An and Han Ziqi, yet didn't bother paying even a little extra attention? I'm sorry but that's just dumbass behaviour. Any logical scenario given his settings, the ML should've put extra caution in because he obsesses MC so much, so shouldn't he be paying extra attention to the people around the MC, so that they can't hurt him?
        • Spoiler

          Also Concubine An catching them in bed... she was only able to get into the palace because all the guards were gone. Someone had gotten all the guards to go away, AND THE ML DIDN'T NOTICE AT ALL. I get it, you're busy trying to f*ck the MC, but you're also the Emperor? Shouldn't you have noticed, that the whole palace was empty--dude, these are your guards. How did you even allow someone to get away with that?

    • Anyways there's more, but I'm tired and I'm going to move on. The rest is going to be a bit shorter.
    • The PLOT: reads like a Wattpad story... really cringe.
        • The plot is also a shell. The author wants a story of "Cold and calculating MC reincarnates in ancient times, and is pampered by ruthless and calculating ML", and then tries to make the story deeper.
        • What do we get? We get a piece of artfully written tr*sh. As in, the author uses lots and lots of fancy prose (complicated sentences, lofty speech, etc, you get my drift. The stuff you'd write into a literature essay for school, thesaurus vibes galore) in a bid to sound more sophisticated.
            • Spoiler: it doesn't work. I'm left trying my best to lug through a mediocre plot that's written in a really flowery way and am driven into just skimming for areas of substance.
        • By shell, I also refer to the setting. The author wanted a story of "Ancient palace drama, ML only treats MC differently", and that's just what we get. The bare bones of it. The author tried their best to write concubines, to write scheming, to write politics... but it's all so amateurish.
            • The Ancient Setting? Okay, they live in palaces with eunuchs and servants.
            • The harem? Okay, look, here are the concubines!
                • Except each concubine is dumb-er than the last, and not even in the fun way. Like I can't even smirk at their s*upidity because it's just so... "head empty no thoughts".

                  Like Concubine An. Before catching the MC and ML in bed, she was fretting over losing favour. So she wanted to carry a food box to the ML's palace, despite the ML announcing that he did not want to be disturbed by everyone and that no one was allowed in the palace.

                    • She literally goes through the thought process of "Oh... the Emperor did say he didn't want any disturbances, that no one is allowed, hmm... ponders for a moment... okay I'll go to him anyway!" Bruh. Also on the food box, her thought process was "I'm losing favour, I have to do something! Okay, one food box will solve~ it~ all~". Like, I'm sorry? How is a single meal supposed to do anything? That's next-level s*upidity when the logic doesn't even make sense for a s*upid person. ML doesn't want visitors? Okay, she'll go visit. ML wants nothing to do with her? Okay, she'll go deliver a bento~
            • Way back in the beginning too, with Concubine Wan,
                • Spoiler

                  She knew the MC was favoured/spoiled by the Emperor (ML). She knew the ML would be pissed if anyone tried to provoke the MC, so what does she do? She provokes him in broad daylight and tries to use hidden weapons to harm him/slap him. Not even in a private room, but right out there, in the courtyard, she knows who the MC is but pretends not to know him, treating him as a servant and attempting to punish him. Then when the ML catches her, she leans into his arms and says "Ah~ I didn't know he was the second prince~ He did not tell me who he was~ Aiya he's so spoiled so I wanted to punish him~" I'm sorry but that... that logic?
                  You know the ML's a psycho. You know the ML doesn't want anyone to touch the MC. So you straight up go and try to hurt him? Because somehow that's supposed to put you back in the ML's good grades and take the MC's favour away? Bruh.

        • The politics? Okay, here, look at the ML punishing/threatening perfectly innocent people!
            • When the MC got hurt

              because one of the princess toddlers threw a fuss and an inkstone broke the skin on the MC's head, an imperial physician rushed over. Except, the physician was an old man, and could only run so fast. When he finally arrives, what does the ML do? The ML is already angry from the MC's energy and begins to threaten him, "Oh look, you run so slow... maybe I should get rid of your legs? Or just make you disappear?" all while MC sits behind him, with a bleeding head. Like, I'm sorry, that makes no sense? Is this really the time and place to be throwing around threats? Shouldn't the ML be rushing to have the physician see to MC first, to bandage his wound before making a huge tyrannical fuss? A fuss that is frankly unnecessary because you're threatening an innocent old man?

            • And about his court meetings,

              these, when elaborated on, are few and far in between, and frankly, all the ML does in them is terrorize his officials. He doesn't seem to come up with any decent ideas, and when his officials displease him he just threatens to have their head cut off. There could be more stuff going on, but at that point, I was so deep in a pool of cringe I couldn't bring myself to read through it.

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Taekookie rated it
January 5, 2021
Status: Completed
Your opinion towards this novel will really depend on your moral views. I for one am willing to look past the incest relationship between MC and ML considering how MC's true soul isn't really that of ML's son. And, not to mention, the background of this story is set during ancient times where laws against incest are lenient, so it may have turned me off a bit at first but ultimately, it wasn't that big of a problem.

Similarly, I have no qualms with the age gap between MC and ML,... more>> since again, the story is set during ancient times. However, albeit codoning the incest and age gap, I do not tolerate the cheating. Going back to what I said earlier, one must consider that the timing of this story is set during ancient times and ML is the emperor, therefore, it wouldn't be confusing if ML already had a few concubines and even children. I was willing to overlook ML's past relationships and affairs thinking that MC would be his only one from then on. However, this does not seem to be the case as even after conveying his feelings to MC and saying that he'd wait for MC to grow older before he would have a "taste" of MC, HE STILL WENT ON AND IMPREGNATED HIS CONCUBINES. It was said during a time skip how a few years later, another prince and princess we're born. Logically, there seems to be nothing wrong with this notion since ML is indeed the emperor, but I can't help and feel disgusted by the ML's act of philandering around. Not to mention, ML explains that the reason why he sleeps with his concubines is because he's horny and doesn't want to use MC to fulfill his desires because MC is still underage, and the reason as to why he's horny is due to the MC being so charming and sexy. So basically, MC seduces ML and ML restrains himself by having interc**rse with his concubines. This happens early in the novel and I understand that ML won't continue to do this later on but I can never let go of this fact. Overall, I chose to give this story 3 stars considering the translator's hard work. However, character wise, neither the MC or ML in this story were to my liking. Update: I'm currently at the later chapters and I've realized that the story being of ancient background does not mean that incestual relationships are practiced. As seen from how MC's mom found out and scorned MC and ML for being in love. <<less
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CuteNightmare666 rated it
July 16, 2021
Status: c60
Can anyone tell me where I can read the MTL of this? I love it sooooo~ much bit the updates are a little slow. Nothing against the translator, they are doing a wonderful job and the reading is smooth and simple to understand. I just like to binge read but I don't think I can wait for this to be completed as every chapter is a cliff hanger. If anyone could tell me were they read the MTL I would be very grateful 🙏
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Honey B
Honey B rated it
October 11, 2020
Status: c43
If you're like me and like dark twisted sh*t that is full of taboo then you might like this. It has many sinfully delicious things:

Father/son relationship even though the son's soul isn't related? Yep.

Older guy in an underage body seducing an older man? Yep.

... more>> Violence and Blood? Yep.

An MC with little to no morality yet a tiny drop of compassion? Yep.

An ML who's wickedly scheming and violent? Yep.

Possessive MC and ML? Yep.

Kinky smut? H*ll yeah! Drool worthy!

The only thing missing so far is that the story seems to drag in parts but that's okay because SMUT!

Don't like any of the above? Then pretend this novel doesn't exist. But for those twisted like me, let's drool together!

So far my rating is 4stars. Depending on how it ends, my rating might change. Waiting for the continued translation.

BTW, thanks translators! <<less
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August 5, 2019
Status: c5
This father and son is so heartless... so let pity people around them... >_>
The story-line is great as this go on... well we all can guess as much what going on.. heehee but why not follow to see if our guess is right or wrong UwU
Just that the time-skip in each chapter is doom for us... so u guy need to be well prepare but I guess this might only few start chapter.. (best of luck to u all :D)
The translating is very well done...
Overall,... more>> this novel is pretty interesting... jump in people!! what are u waiting for (*゚∀゚) <<less
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Les Mandarines
Les Mandarines rated it
August 5, 2019
Status: c4
I love it ?. This is actually my first time leaving a review. Even though there's only 4 chapters it really captivates you. Everyone should give it a try only if the incest don't revolt you ?? Me I can get pass it.

PS : Sorry if my English is not that good. Its my third language
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Realvnv rated it
August 6, 2021
Status: c60
This whole thing doesn't make much sense honestly lol.

MC and ML are ruthless, that is, only to irrelevant passerby A or minor villains. When it comes to ppl deserving death by 1000 cuts (speaking of their standards, since the author stressed the fact that they're ruthless multiple times) tho, they're just left of the hook to continue the plot.

This smart MC is plain s*upid, I'm at ch 60, I still can't get over the fact that he got caught the first day he came to that world. Ex-assassin, bah.

Speaking of... more>> babies, what was that french kiss with the baby? Even if it was my 10000 year's old crush that transmigrated into a baby, I'm not confident that I wouldn't be psychologically impotent lol. Gotta hand it to that man, to actually get the feels for a baby... Whatever, as long as they're happy.

Anyways, I don't wanna talk all that much, this novel is s*upid, MC and MLs' personalities weren't that much to begin with but the author refused to give even that. It's relatively quick read soooo- if you're THAT curious about this one, get ready a clean wall to slam your head into ig? <<less
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July 12, 2021
Status: --
Thought he was loyal, turns out even love is nothing in the face of lust.

Cheating is cheating. Does it matter what form? He didn't sleep with them. But isn't engaging in other sexual acts still the same as cheating? And he even wanted the other to not be close to others, it's too hypocritical.

When reading novels, I like things between protagonists to be equal. I wouldn't even care if they were f*ckng other people (for both MC and ML), as long as they don't love each other. Cause... more>> there's no emotional entanglement, no need to feel guilt.

But I just hate it when they start talking about feelings, tangled in complex emotions, yet still do that (ch 58-59).

-lol, not a serious review, don't mind me

P.S: if it's just lust, all you need is a f*ck buddy. If you want a lifelong partner, but can't commit, then just don't look for one in the first place.

#serious advice <<less
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June 15, 2021
Status: Completed
This is hella great!.. Novel with full of taboos and twisted shits especially the father and son's personalities, it's like reading Reverend Insanity's double MCs but in danmei, instead of being individualistic, they're possessive and obsessed with each other without care in the world, there's also schemes and this one is kinda dark too...

if you read this with a "norm" moral view maybe you'll be disgusted so it's not for you

One thing I can complain is that the son didn't really showed his skills that much in the novel as... more>> he was describe as genius, extraordinary etc but still I understand why he's still a bit dependent on his father and also he always use himself as a bait to lure the enemies and his father again will save him

Read it completely on mtl, ngl I cried abit at the ending <<less
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BeneathAHibiscusCanopysWarmth rated it
June 8, 2021
Status: c65
Story Quality is 2/5, Entertainment Value is 2/5.

My problem with the plot has nothing to do with the dark themes of this story (incest, sexual contact with minors, suicide, murder), but rather with the fact that the plot's movement relies almost solely on characters suddenly having large drops in IQ or suddenly acting OOC.

... more>>

Why did Concubine Hua act against the MC? She doesn't know either, but apparently she over-estimated the Emperor's regard for her. Why did Consort Hua's brother fall for MC's plan? Because he believes that a five year-old knows the location of the bead he's looking for and will murder his father out of hatred, despite the fact that father literally punished the consort who gave birth to the eldest prince for his sake.



Why did the queen of the other country allow her envoy to make contact with officials, despite knowing how fickle this country's Emperor is? Apparently, he over-estimated the Emperor's regard for her and thought he won't harm her envoy for her sake.



Why did the Empress act against the MC? She also over-estimated the Emperor's regard for her and thought that the MC, who she thought of as a normal twelve year-old, will be unharmed by what she did. Is anyone seeing a pattern here? She was curious why the Emperor loved the MC so much, and when the MC accidentally stumbles upon her palace, she decides to search for her own answers.



Why was the MC interested in the Empress? Eh, no one can tell. Apparently it's because she's weird and has that special music magic he wants to learn. Why does the MC's maid whose good at poisons not say that the gu he ingested has several cures but all of them have now been considered and instead say that it is incurable? Drama



Why does the MC continuously defend the interest of his mother despite him saying that he doesn't believe in filial piety? Because she gave birth to him, which in his mind is something he has to be grateful for (apparently for his whole life, considering all the chances he gives her), which is literally what filial piety is.



Why doesn't the Emperor, who DOES NOT have any feelings for any of his concubine or children, not secretly do something to Concubine Hua that will make her get sick and die even though her death will be beneficial to him because her family is already gone, her life is of no further use to him and is instead an active detriment to the MC because as the eldest prince's mother, she'll naturally want him to be the Crown Prince instead? No one knows. The plot needs to move along somehow.



Why does the MC choose to stay outside of the Palace to study Tianyin in the Lofty Mountain instead of just bringing his master to the palace? Because he wants to... for some reason. He says it's because of the matter with the Evil Star, but he KNOWS that the Emperor already has his own plan to solve that. He has no reason to do this. It's not like the master who will teach him Tianyin won't agree, he'll probably do anything for the chance of teaching his art to a Celestial Being.



It's just a way for the MC and ML to be apart for some reason. It doesn't make sense for them to do so if the concern is that they may have s*x before the gu is cleared from the MC's body, the Emperor has said and demonstrated multiple times that he won't touch the MC before he fully recovers. If the MC just doesn't like being in the Palace, WHY? It's not like his life has ever been hard. The Emperor has virtually gotten rid of everything in his way. If he wants to get strong, he'll improve better in the Palace where his Martial Arts Master and the Empress who, despite being inferior to Chu Yi, can serve as a master of TianYi that the MC is actively fond of are.



Don't even get me started about how the Emperor never found out the scheme between An Yang and the Han family. He KNOWS An Yang had plans against him because of Consort Xiao. And yet somehow he doesn't hear anything about An Yang's special envoy meeting with the leader of his Privy Council? What, did he not pay attention to those things because the MC wasn't there yet so he doesn't care about what goes on around him? His guards can't even find ONE concubine who apparently doesn't have any martial arts? He has An Yang gadgets, but it doesn't say anything about turning him invisible. If An Yang really has that kind of thing, one would think they would have just sent someone to the Harem to assassinate the Emperor.



The MC keeps acting OOC by being unnecessarily nice to people (insisting on sparing Concubine Hua, the Empress, Han Zi Qi) even though he has said that he doesn't care about anyone's wellbeing. And he really doesn't, he just have random spouts of pity when the person's continued existence is needed to move the plot along.



The Emperor also keeps leaving enemies unscathed for some reason. He's ruthless and he's already having enough fun with the MC. I can understand it with the Third Prince, but with the other characters it just doesn't make sense for his character.


And that's why the entertainment this book gave me plummeted. There were some interesting scenes, but nothing so special it'll cure me of the massive irritation I have when a plot hole comes in order for the plot to move. It's not like this is a smut novel where a p*rn plot is necessary. This is supposed to be a dark, serious novel with some smut. <<less
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Ariri rated it
March 6, 2021
Status: --
I like stories were the ML has a harem but only has eyes for the MC aswell as the MC being a ruthless character. So ye.
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Sarah_Jae18 rated it
June 25, 2020
Status: c61
I like this novel but it's not fully translated?

I read the rest on mtl up to ch 61, I have to use a lot of brain power to make sense of the story...?

you know eventhough they are father and son, they're related by blood but not by soul? bc Qi MingYue's soul is transmigrated? so yeah it was not like they commit incest voluntarily... (yes I think so?)
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snooppyed rated it
March 15, 2021
Status: Completed
i like the story and the plot. The posessive and cruel father and son really interesting. But what is unfortunate that the MC always got in trouble and in the end will need the father intervention. Like I dont really get it when MC independent despite always called smart and simillar with the father, the praise for MC feels like empty talk. The MC character only got more ‘overpower’ when love scene or in the ending of trouble. MC always praised with high skill martial arts and have tianyin skill,... more>> but I feel the author just empty talk, despite having those skill MC rarely use it like just some side dish of the novel. So it’s unfortunate that I dont got feeling the genius of the MC and after all MC always depend on father when solving problem <<less
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vancie rated it
January 10, 2021
Status: c53
I am loving this so far! I love the characters and how unique their mindsets can be. The story is well-written, and the translation is fantastic, with helpful but unintrusive notes occasionally. I think the ML is a little too possessive sometimes (like getting jealous over a child) but he truly cares about the MC. I also think the MC's thought processes are interesting, and his understanding of the ML really shows the depth of their relationship. It's all very sweet, can't wait for more! Till now there hasn't been... more>> many complex things in the plot, but I'm looking forward to more drama as the MC gets older! <<less
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