The Elegant Dancing Years


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“I really want to taste and see…” Lying on the bed, the man licked his lips, his finger tips lingered on what could only be described as the most delicious dish.

“Of course you can,” his expression didn’t change, “If you want to see me bleed to death, fa…ther….” he suddenly muttered out the last few words, Qi Mingyue’s six year old arms opened up, and ignored the man’s expressions as he sat up and left.

When he was the number one of a host club, he died from a gunshot. When he woke up he was a prince, and he met that man. The cunning and two faced, flirtatious and inconsistent man, but when it came to himself, it was unconditional love and care… so what if they were father and son?

As an emperor, he saw many different people. To him, everyone on this earth weren’t that much different from one another. Boring. But this prince was up to par with even himself. He is as calm as water, and as cold as the moon… so what if he was destined to murder his own mother?

Just love him already, that’s it…

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YellowNoodle rated it
September 17, 2019
Status: c59
If y'all interested in daddyXson mixed with a lil bit of underage touching play then this is for you.

I also noticed as I was mtl'ing this, the protagonist's physical age isn't a HUGE problem because of his mental age. And because of his mental age, the MC knows that his body won't be able to handle s*x so they really don't do the deed until he's seventeen. And when I say physical age isn't a HUGE problem, I mean it as in, you can't treat the MC as a child... more>> because unless the MC mentions his age to get daddy dearest to stop touching him, readers view the MC as an a full grown adult rather than a child.

Although, they were close to having s*x when he was age 12 but then the Mc's mom walked in on them


Anyways, I personally think it's good because the author tightropes on the moral and immoral aspect of both the MC and ML's love story.

It's taboo yet beautiful yet... complex. Like, you know the background of their relationship but you don't know how to feel because they ARE related but they fit so well together.

Two lonely and cold hearted people coming together from different worlds only to be physically related by blood. But mentally?

Nah man, they don't care.

Also, I'd feel it'd be super angsty if the author decided to make the characters hesitate on confessing their feelings due to being father and son.

But the author doesnt.

And there's a sense of satisfaction to it because readers know, mentally, the MC has no relation to the ML.

But if you can't get past the their father and son relationship or r18 kisses when Mc's like 12 then don't read it.


Their reunion s*x was hot and he's 17 or 18 okay so he's far from illegal in ancient china





but like seriously it was really hot, like HO DAMN hot. I seriously had to pause and take a breather.

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yuyuu rated it
May 21, 2020
Status: c22
In response to a review above:

[1] It doesn't make sense that the MC doesn't care for his mother.

Actually, it makes perfect sense as long as you've been reading the novel. The MC himself explains that he has a soft spot for his "mother" because she's still his birth mother. But, he disdains that she is driven by status and prestige.

... more>>

Currently, it is insinuated in the novel that the MC's mother had a previous relationship with another man but chose to enter the Emperor's harem for the prestige and status that she'd get. The man would later enter the palace as a male concubine. That's why the MC disdains his mother; he sneers at the fact that she gave up heartfelt, pure love in exchange for dirty, worldly trifles. (In his eyes, at least).


Not just that, he also says in the beginning that he doesn't see himself as a true member of the royal family. Our MC differentiates between his body and his "soul", I'd say. Therefore, he never truly treated his "mother" as his actual, birth mother. Instead, he treats her as the mother of his body. He gives her a decent amount of respect and holds a soft spot towards her because she gave birth to his body, but he doesn't have the same emotional ties a real biological child will have towards their mother because of the simple reason that he doesn't see her as his true mother. She didn't give birth to his "soul" but rather his body.

[2] It doesn't make sense that the MC, as a modern man, is so immoral.

It actually makes some sense. In the beginning of the novel, it is described that the MC is a s*x worker. In fact, he's the most popular s*x worker because he doesn't give off the same "energy" as the s*x workers in the same company do. Instead, he's cold and dignified, with a noble aura. In the beginning chapters, it's very clear that the MC himself doesn't truly see the goodness of life. He also doesn't have deep attachments to people. It's stated that his only "friend" is J, who, to him, is just a f*ck-buddy and a sometimes-companion.

[3] It seems that the MC is incapable of love, so how can he love the ML?

That's exactly it. The MC *is* incapable of love. The "love" he gives to the ML is less than half of what the ML gives to him. His relationship with the ML is literally like his relationship with J. The other party strives to further the relationship while he remains unenthusiastic (about everything other than sex) and uncaring. <<less
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paulinhakawaii rated it
August 24, 2019
Status: Completed
It's incest because the bodies are physically related. But as the son is reincarnated, he never truly considered the imperial family as family. So I wouldn't say this is incest, per se.

I liked the story and would recommend for anyone who doesn't mind the tags. It's very enjoyable.
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xtruthxliex rated it
August 4, 2019
Status: c3
I'm all for incest, if done correctly, like the Manga of the twin older brother and sister with a heart disease. BUT! This novel confuses me. I don't think it's lost in translation either unless Translator-sama missed a whole 20 chapters. X.X Unlikely as they have confirmed that there is no missing chapters... Author-sama... QAQ

Also how can MC be so cold to his mother? Every child has a special place in their heart for their mother, even psychopaths who have killed their own mothers. A mom will always be the... more>> weak point in every person. Whether they were a good mother or a bad one matters little.

And I know our MC is like s**-oriented, but... His dad? For a modern guy, MC has no morals. He's okay with being the end of his mother in his second life. He's okay with f***ing his father in his second life. Uhuh.

Then there's the major issue of the novel so far... I know I'm only three chapters in, but the first few chapters should already establish some sort of world building, background or something. We know nothing about MC, not even his real name. -____- We do know he's gay... That's about it. Oh! And he's a part of some mystery, big shot organization in his first life.

This novel has the premise of enginuity, but missed it by just an inch from the lack of depth and detail. It wouldn't kill the Author to maybe write 200 words about the MC.

On a side note: The MC can talk at the age of 100 days. Like... Fluently... Like super good... Like better than a normal 100 day old baby or even a 30 year old scholar who has studied philosophy. This really screams, "I used to write self-insert rebirth Naruto fanfictions" to the T. Hell, I still remember reading something in fanfiction. net about a self-insert Sakura being able to walk at the age of 10 days or so.

I sort of like the story, but it's not exactly detailed and the MC lacks character depth. So does the ML.

So far the plot has introduced ML as "a good leader and good military tactician who can also be very tyrannical and erratic" while the MC is labeled as some sort of "eccentric and unique personality who's big and bad and doesn't need no one's help."

Again, I don't hate nor dislike this novel, and I'm not discouraging you to read it, but this novel is quite dry when compared to other BL novels.

It has no focal point. Yeah the MC is super into s**, but he's a baby so no ecchi stuff or anything.... At least what I read is not on the path of... Okay.

This novel had no clear direction. The author seemed to focus on the MC being s**-oriented, but.. I'm not about to read something about a little kid who's not even close to being a teenager.

With how the author set up the MC, I wonder how can he ever fall for the ML? ML is "the handsomest man he's ever seen, " but surely if he's SO into s**, he would not be capable of loving some eye candy? Idk. He doesn't catch me as a person with emotions or as a normal human capable of love. A robot would end up loving someone before this MC could even come close to something like love.

Ugh, I'm only three chapters in and yet I'm so confused and biased already... Okay, biased isn't the best word, but maybe frustrated..?

So in the end it comes to "Why did I give it three stars?"


  • I could be 1000% wrong about the course of the novel since I only read 3 chapters + a prologue.
  • The story line seems interesting... But is it enough?

  • So uh.. Yeah.
  • Horribly done incest.
  • Flat characters.
  • No world building. They live in some country that's lush with resources... That's it.
  • MC has supernatural baby strength and can talk and eat food when he's 100 days old.
  • Weird time skip in between chapters two and three. A lot of people were confused by this too.
  • ML seems to know that MC is not who he seems... Bear in mind, maybe... Just MAYBE.. It's because MC can talk already and he could see when he was just born. Babies can't see when they are just born. This is a big mistake that a lot of people make in the OC/self-insert fanfiction community.
  • Super fast pace. I understand the author wanted to skip the boring baby stuff, but then... Why make him a baby in the first place? There's this other BL novel where a guy transmigrated into a prince and his brother was the emporer. You can save yourself a lot of time and effort if you just made him transmigrated into a grown up, tsk tsk Author-sama.
If I cared about this novel enough, maybe I'd have read more than 3 chapters plus the prologue, but no. I care enough to give this a review, but not enough to read this novel longer than I already have. The scary thing about novels are that you can slightly guess what's going to happen next and I don't like where this novel is heading.

You might like it though. <<less
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IndusEla rated it
March 4, 2020
Status: Completed
Hi~ I'm the new translator of The Elegant Dancing Years, IndusMTL.

The Elegant Dancing Years is a novel wherein the main character, Qi Mingyue, dies and is reborn in a different world as a prince. This novel has unorthodox and unconventional themes such as incest and shotacon which might be a turn off for some, but believe me, this novel is addicting and outstanding.

The love interest is MC's father, the Emperor. While he does have a harem, don't worry about it because it isn't a problem for long.

... more>>

Also, ML knows the MC's true identity. I don't believe it to be a spoiler since it happens in Chapter 3. The shotacon aspect isn't too heavy... The leads' personalities make it so that those scenes aren't revolting in the least.


About their relationship:

The harem might be a bummer for some, but remember, this is a 1v1 novel with unconditional love. They don't necessarily see each other as potential love interests until a good few years.

They have s*x for the first time when the MC is fifteen.


Romance isn't the only focus of the story. You'll follow the MC's growth from infancy to his adulthood at just the right pace. The author has excellent control and knows exactly which age of the MC the readers (unknowingly) want to read about. Each character has depth with cruel sides that Huo Li didn't shy away from writing.

The plot starts picking up soon with hidden conspiracies and schemes, prophecies, powerful leads, and multiple sexual scenes. This novel is a treat despite it having its shortcomings, much like every other novel, namely too many ex-paramours, shamelessness to the extreme, apathy when it comes to anything besides each other; still, I find it to be a great read.

TEDY is a novel I adore, I've read it multiple times and wanted a version with somewhat decent grammar and comprehensible English but there was no translation of it. In the end, I personally took the job and I hope you'll like my work~ I was new to this so the quality of the translation gradually improves. The author's writing style is unusual but still engaging. Give it a chance! <<less
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Meow4meow rated it
May 14, 2020
Status: Completed
Apart from being too possessive of each other, being women magnets, and the occasional lack of information this book was pretty good.

Some of the things I was worried about: a) MC killing his mom. Turns out she was looking for death the entire time and he really didn't want to kill her. B) The start of a incestuous father son relationship. They didn't do anything until he was 15. And contrary to expectations, the relationship was actually solid, not insta love. We can actually see how they fell in love,... more>> and why. And unlike typical overbearing gongs, this one allowed the MC to top him. Something we dont see a lot of. C) The harem, cause ML is a emperor. When the relationship got really serious ML turned into a one man kinda guy.

So do give this book a read. <<less
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August 5, 2019
Status: c5
This father and son is so heartless... so let pity people around them... >_>
The story-line is great as this go on... well we all can guess as much what going on.. heehee but why not follow to see if our guess is right or wrong UwU
Just that the time-skip in each chapter is doom for us... so u guy need to be well prepare but I guess this might only few start chapter.. (best of luck to u all :D)
The translating is very well done...
Overall,... more>> this novel is pretty interesting... jump in people!! what are u waiting for (*゚∀゚) <<less
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Les Mandarines
Les Mandarines rated it
August 5, 2019
Status: c4
I love it 😍. This is actually my first time leaving a review. Even though there's only 4 chapters it really captivates you. Everyone should give it a try only if the incest don't revolt you 🤷🏾 me I can get pass it.

PS : Sorry if my English is not that good. Its my third language
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Sarah_Jae18 rated it
June 25, 2020
Status: c61
I like this novel but it's not fully translated?

I read the rest on mtl up to ch 61, I have to use a lot of brain power to make sense of the story...😶

you know eventhough they are father and son, they're related by blood but not by soul? bc Qi MingYue's soul is transmigrated? so yeah it was not like they commit incest voluntarily... (yes I think so🤔)
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auroraRMC rated it
January 28, 2020
Status: c70
I wish I could have enjoyed this story more. I have no qualms about the "incest" relationship and think that it's adorable. The smex was also quite heated and intense, no complaints there. However, I always feel like the relationship is very uneven. That is, the ML is much more attached to and loves the MC more. He is very possessive of him and gets very jealous, but I think that it's within appropriate limits, as well as contextually given the MC's body's age. I often feel bad for the... more>> ML bc the MC seems almost emotionless. MC keeps claiming that he really loves the emperor, but then doesn't really think about how the ML would react to his various flirtatious actions and still does whatever he wants to on a whim. He agrees to certain promises with the ML but barely keeps them. Plus he keeps thinking about wanting to top the ML. I could stand it a few times, but in one chapter he mentions/thinks about this like 5 times in one chapter. This story is also quite dark, which isn't bad especially in the beginning bc the ML is OP and then it's all fun and games. But there's gonna be a lot more plot drama and conflicts and strategies later on, and I don't really like seeing the MC keep stretching the limits of the ML's patience/endurance with different men. Perhaps that's just me, but I got kinda annoyed by midway through. Really wish I could have enjoyed this more. The writing was beautiful. <<less
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