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“Kiss me. Caress me and cherish me every day.”

Prince Gyo Seung-wan seduced the Emperor, his father, to survive. Unable to resist his son’s allure, the Emperor engaged in a forbidden relationship with him. On one of those debauched nights, Prince Gyo Seung-wan committed the heinous crime of beheading his father…

“I will fill your hole with my seed. Bear my child and yours.”

Consequently, Seung-wan found himself being violated every night by his younger brother, Gyo Yi-do.

This work deals with mature themes including in*est, coercive relationships, and physical mutilation.

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Alliee rated it
February 9, 2021
Status: c3
Please pay attention to the Tags before starting the story, there is r*pe, Abuse, in*est, GORE etc. Don't read it and give low rating because you can't bear these -_-

... more>>

MC was the crown prince with no backing to help him to take throne safety, so he slept with his father " the emperor " who liked his son because MC looks very much like his dear passed away empress.

One night Emperor wanted to injure and even kill MC after seeing the wing mark on his chest (because the Emperor has problems in mind) so MC had to protect himself by killing Emperor which was the beginning of his falling.


The story is good, chapters are long, translator sama is doing a good job Korean stories are kinda mystery sometimes <<less
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Melidas rated it
February 12, 2021
Status: c3
High five to Thirstseeker team !Thank you for picking up this novel.

Inferno is not for everyone, but it’s not meant to be for everyone.
In my opiniom the author who write these scenes have a point in doing utilize in*est, r*pe, gore etc simply as a plot device. Do not bother with reading if you not comfortable with the tags.

I am agree with Alliee on the above comment. Do not read and give low rating plus negative comments about this novel.

This novel only for those who can read with open... more>> mind and full of curiosity to explore more bl novels.

If you up to dark novel, Inferno will give you all.

To be continue till I read more chapters. <<less
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February 20, 2021
Status: c6
There's a reason why there are tags so I hope everyone who wants to start reading the first chapter go through with the tags first. Please don't go on if you can't handle it, seriously just don't.

*edit: idk how to put the ratings 'cause it disappeared but I'll go back for this when there are significantly more chapters

To be honest, I don't really give low scores in rating novels/fics it's 'cause I mainly score to how I enjoyed it, the plot, and to appreciate the effort given. Basically, my main... more>> rule too is that I won't heavily critique such heavy themes 'cause I knew what I was about to read, thank goodness for tags. So yeah please please understand if you can handle the tags and warnings before you proceed, 'cause this novel's really dark.

I'm currently on the latest translated chapter (chp 6) and I really want to be able to read how it'll go up from here and if there'll be a redemption arc or something. It's really a shame though that I found all these good dark korean bl novels but I can't read more 'cause there were no more updates and I can't find the raw novel for an mtl. Hopefully, more would be interested to translate and share.

(Anyway, I know translations are not supposed to be part of the review but I'd just like to note how I'm thankful for the effort of the translator 'cause yeahh the starting chapters were a bit rough BUT there was consistent improvement in the latter chapters so really thank you~) <<less
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Ricole rated it
December 15, 2023
Status: Completed
Here's a review for this novel ! This novel was darkest ever ! But it was really interesting

Spoiler : until the very end of the story the love was one sided since I read the mtl version I couldn't understand the ending but I know that something bad happened to ML even though ML was really cruel I actually loved his character because he really loved MC and MC was really annoying 🥲 I just wished he also loved ML !
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