The Kiss From Hell


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Even in hell, we will be together until the end.

After losing his mother, John followed his father, whom he had just met, and moved to England. There, he met an angel who shook his life. It was his half-brother Valentine, who he didn’t even know existed.

“Promise me, John, that we will always be the most important thing to each other.”

Valentine had cleverly trapped John, dominating his world, taming him every night with his arms.

As time passes, the relationship between the two becomes much closer, and Valentine’s obsession with John reaches unsuspected extremes.

A day before graduating from high school, an incident occurs that instantly changes the relationship between the two.

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키스 프롬 헬
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SweetLiesBL rated it
July 27, 2020
Status: c5
Translator here~!

This story has in*est, so if you don't like it this is definetly not the novel for you.

The MC, John, is a little 11 year old boy whose mother just died. When his fater (who was absent the kid's whole life) hears the terrible notice, decides to "adopt" (? John (basically letting him living with his family, as John's father has a wife and a child).

This is not like cirendella, so he didn't actually get bullied by his father or his half-brother (they've got different mothers) but John... more>> was actually pretty loved by them. Well, maybe too loved by his brother...

The thing is that when the first arc ends, they're no longer kids, they've grown up and... this is where all the good things starts as Valentine (the ML) doesn't want to be just a brother for John anymore. Maybe it's because Valentine grew up kinda differently than John, but he doesn't seem to care John is his brother (and, well, his family has donde a lot of in*est before too, so that doesn't help). On the other hand, John does care and knows they're doing something bad, but he can't change Valentine's mind.

Also, I need to say, Valentine is not in love but OBSSESED with John, he would probably rather die than not being with John and he's jealous af too but I've read far more toxic stuff than this, that's why it's 5 starts (I don't like most toxic relationships tbh, but I can handle this and I just can't stop reading...).

Anyway, it's a really interesting story, so I recommend this story.


I can't wait to read when John finds out he's not a beta but an omega hehe

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Pavetta rated it
August 14, 2020
Status: c3
Interesting premise. I'm hooked so far.

One thing I was less of a fan of is that it's obvious the author has no idea what rich people are like. (S) he seems to think it means dropping brand names here and there as if desperate to show off that the character's are rich. The nouveau riche might be like that, but for a family that has been wealthy for several generations like the one the MC goes to live with would not be such show-offs. When you're old money it's considered... more>> crass to rub it in other's faces, which is how you can tell the difference between new money and old money.

Maybe that's just a personal thing, but it bothered me because there was a bit of that crassness.

If you're someone who doesn't know about that, it won't bother you. I was just a little irked, but it's a minor thing, and the rest of the story is good.

I suspect some of the bad ratings are because this features in*est. It is clearly tagged, so if you're not a fan of such a thing, then don't read. It's not for everyone.

The only reason this is a 4 star for me is because there are a few tense switches here and there. Getting an editor to clean it up would make this a 5 star in my opinion. <<less
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Somefoolishgirl rated it
April 9, 2022
Status: Completed
Thank you so much to the translator for continuing to update! I did like this novel, it gets interesting but I have mixed feelings about it. It has a lot of aspects that I don't care for, but they are all listed in the tags. For me, this is one of those stories where I wish the leads don't get together and don't work out. I spent most of the 4 books feeling sorry for the protagonist (John).

With that said it is a worthwhile read, it really is, but only... more>> if you can get past the r*pe, in*est, toxic relationships, and many other sad things that tend to haunt nearly every ABO, then you might really enjoy the story. I changed my rating from 3 stars to 4 stars. The extra star is out of respect for the translator's work.


But John doesn't end up with the person who would have been the better choice for him, and I was also just frustrated throughout the 4 volumes because the toxic people just kept winning out, and the protagonist just kept getting a raw deal, even by his (sh***y) Dad and Stepmother.

For me, this book was a tragedy, not a love story, but I don't regret reading it.

Just to be fair, no amount of face-slapping or punishment can make up for certain things. This book is more elevated and real than simple face-slapping so nothing that happens after the crimes and injustices against John (by Valentine, his parents, or the other alphas) can't feel like justice, so nothing feels (to me at least) like redemption. I only see it as forgiveness on John's part.


BTW- I bought the series and read it in Korean. I don't know where to get the raws other than buying them, sorry. <<less
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Y_o_r_u rated it
May 25, 2022
Status: dropped
It's boring. The conversations are kinda awkward, I don't know if it's because of the translation but sometimes it doesn't make sense and I don't even know who's talking.

The novel, the MC and the ML are boring, none of them are interesting, I couldn't get attached to them. MC is a pusher over, ML -- I don't even know what he's supposed to be, his only personality trait is being "possessive" other than that both of them are extremely bland.

This is my review. However, if you want to read then... more>> just read it, what would you lose other than time ¯\_ (ツ) _/¯ <<less
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JaqiONwbqi rated it
February 16, 2022
Status: Dropped
Dialogue is awkward and stunted and you cant tell who's speaking half the time.

Scenes feel disjointed and jump around unnaturally.

Characters are weird, MC is freaked out by MLs intimacy but still deludes himself into thinking its cool with fine reasoning such as "That's why John (MC) regarded their kiss as an act of licking each other, like animals did."...

... more>> really?

Ignoring MCs swiss cheese brain, ML is barely possessive for being an "extremely dominant alpha". He gets jealous a few times, whispers "my MC" to himself and thats about it.

Very dissapointing for something that had a weird but albeit interesting plot. <<less
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ShiinaMH rated it
August 20, 2020
Status: --
Hehehe. Nice! I will wait for them to grow up but still it's kinda cute how a child, who's first meeting his brother from the outside, sticks to him very much and attaches to him willingly and lovingly? Haha so cute.
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Sharapova rated it
December 10, 2021
Status: c1.1
its like ok ok... pretty much the same repeated tropes and cliches. I would complete it if it were in a manhwa form but as a novel it is too boring. The writings are unadorned, normal and dull except lil moments of the ML drinking vinegar and being possevie maybe.

Lil change of mind here it is getting a lil interesting...
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linchinchulin rated it
June 11, 2022
Status: c6
OMG, I can't.

This it's... I have no words.

This is the worst book I have ever reed in my entire life. I'm not kidding, seriously, I wish I was kidding. The cover It's so beautiful, and that's It. Nothing more, I swear.

There are better fanfics out there than this shit.
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nonormek rated it
October 3, 2022
Status: c6 part2
I know there are a lot of shortcomings in the novel but it just takes hold of me and I wish I could just finish it in one go. Unfortunately I don't understand Korean. So I have to just keep checking for updates... poor me, no update for more than a month huhu... Dear translator, I beg you....
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LeniSnow rated it
August 20, 2022
Status: --
I am biased please move along other reviews.

... more>>

Su is pretty consistent with his "I am alone" personality. Even though so many years pass and they treated him well, he don't consider them as family. It's not that he is alone and that they didn't made him belong but it's the MC himself who rejects that with his consistent negative perspective. He is too prideful for someone who thinks he have nothing, and that is why he doesn't have anything. He can't even accept his father's money, talk about selfishness. He doesn't want to accept anything that the house gave him like they're some dirty being who didn't treat him right. It's like he is making it seems like he was abused in that house for all the years growing up. He wanted comfort from his family, but does he give comfort? Do he approach them and tell them what he needs? No, he wants them to be like an esper and know what his needs are. Communication problems is really a popular troupe in this kind of novels.

He is not allowing himself to accept the great things that is being offered, that is why his state is like that. I don't mind the MLs possessiveness because of the MCs personality. And there are bunch of guys who likes MC, What!?! Why? MC halo for sure aside from that there is nothing he can offer. The author sure did follow such a popular old troupe from early 2010s, I mean they did a great job with the writing and pacing than other Korean novels especially with every phase but 4 volume is too dragging for it.
It's like there is food in front of you if you don't eat it because of your pride then no matter how much food you're offered then you'll always he hungry. No one makes you feel alone, it is you who have the power to decide what you feel and to make yourself know and accept that you are not alone.

I like the concept but the cliche MC personality going on to make him pitiful is not really working for me. It's like he is creating his own misery, well we all do.


If you can stand MCs massive grave shoveling, go for it. <<less
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niriaia rated it
January 8, 2024
Status: --
After the time skip its like the author just gave up... disappointing.

The MC never grows as a character, just consistently complains and whines and is just overall a very unlikeable person. Valentine also has no other thoughts or dimension to his personality other than being 'obsessed' with the MC. At this point I was rooting for Joseph since his character actually had some life.

The story before the timeskip was great but after was just boring. Nothing will make you want to turn the page because the story is just... more>> stuck in a point of time and it is just frustrating. I skimmed to the end and I can promise it doesn't get any better.


If the MC was set up in a way like how others described "cinderella" like where his new family didnt treat him well, he was abused, etc. then I would understand why he's always so prickly and claims to be the victim... but before the time skip his family treated him well, valentine also loved him in a sense... didnt do anything to harm him. In fact the whole turning into an omega was also something that happened naturally, valentine didnt induce it nor was there any villain behind the scenes trying to sabotage him so what is he so angry about? and at prom when other alphas targeted him... that was also something that was out of anyones control. It is just part of his trauma. But the MC projects all his misery onto valentine and blames him for it? Keep in mind when valentine and john sleep together due to his heat, there has been a build up of their relationship where theyve kissed, done other s*xual stuff together, it's not completely done out of nowehere.

and after the time skip, valentine returns but his "obsession" is just kinda boring? there is such a lack of action on his part. and john just constantly pushes him away not even giving a single chance despite witnessing how patient valentine has become. And looking back at the feelings they had pre time skip its as if they didn't even exist. theres no attachment, and the chemistry just fizzles out. UGHHHH FRUSTRATING THIS NOVEL HAD SO MUCH POTENTIAL.

2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
December 6, 2023
Status: Completed
I really enjoyed the first few chapters. The set-up and characterizations were good. We were shown their meeting as kids to establish their relationship but it didn't drag out at all. I enjoyed seeing the progression of their relationship as young adults and the aftermath of the incident. And then... I got bored. I really enjoy angsty, wife chasing crematorium novels but John was so gloomy and depressed afterwards, it wasn't very enjoyable reading about it. Then the wife chasing really felt like it was taking forever without a lot... more>> of progress. The smut was strong in this book though!


Summary: John was the illegitimate son of a super rich man who already had an heir in his son Valentine. John's mother dies and he goes to live with them and develops a close relationship with his half-brother Valentine. As young adults it starts to develop into more but before a real relationship is solidified, John presents as Omega and Valentine r*pes him. John is devastated and hides for 7 years, living in misery, until Valentine finds him and pursues him again.

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jade thunder 12346
jade thunder 12346 rated it
September 12, 2023
Status: --
First off, I don't recommend for anyone sensitive to r*pe, abuse, depression, drug use, alchohol use, anxiety, stress, PTSD, trust issues, abandonment issues, confinement, manipulation, objectification or gaslighting.


Huh. 😊

This is a beautifully written tragedy.

Every emotion of joy and loss is written so extraordinarily that you can't help but wonder if the author experienced them themselves. From the loss of a mother who is described and referenced in a way that makes you miss her along with the main character dispite her imperfections, to the horrible loss and guilt mixed with anger and shame that comes with being r*ped by someone he cared about.

That is particularly why it is so hard to read and why there are so many bad reviews. The r*pe, the manipulation, the fear. It's all so well written you feel awful and violated almost despite nothing being done to you. To see a bright kid grow up to be happy with someone he cares about, only for that person to drag him into the darkest pits of hell and force him to abandon all he knew.

It describes his depression, the loss, how he fell into drugs and alcohol to cope. How John went from a pampered rich heir to someone without a soul or penny to rely on. And yet, you also see his resilience. How he never gave in, despite trama dragging him under six years after it happened. Which is why Valentines reappearance hurt and terrified us so much. Because it showed that despite all he went through, it was for nothing.

He was still trapped.

Valentine's side is well written too, but it feels almost hollow after reading the pain he caused.

Again, I don't recommend for anyone sensitive to r*pe, abuse, depression, drug use, alchohol use, anxiety, stress, PTSD, trust issues, abandonment issues, confinement, manipulation, objectification or gaslighting


--Jade ^^
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January 23, 2023
Status: c6.1
I registered an account to give it a rating.

Firstly, it doesn't deserve to have such a low rating, but judging from what I have read, it also shouldn't have a "romance" tag. Simply put, that is a tragedy work.

Not only it's a yandere in*est, it's not a mutual yandere-in*est. The main hero, John, is someone who was abandoned, and every relationship he forms are full of guilt and fear of being alone. I don't know what is going to happen in the future, because I'm dropping it. I wanted something... more>> toxic and warm in that mutually-obsessive dark toxicity, but instead I got very beautyfully put tragedy read.

The main hero just can't win. We see his thoughts and we see him in childhood, so for me it's understandable why he wasn't able to completely drop Valentine (our yandere). John searches for love and friendship, a healthy parent figure, but his mother (who he doesn't even call mom) dies, and his new parents give no sh*t about him, literally. His only pillar of support is Valentine, who uses it as he pleases.

So, if you want something dark, if you want clearly struggling and unhappy MC and a rapist as a ML, go read it. I think author clearly stated how John hates what's happening, he also is gaslighted constantly by everyone and he also!!deludes himself!! Because he doesn't want to lose Valentine. I don't think the tag "weak MC" is right because MC isn't weak, he just has no home, no support and no choice. Everything happening is predestined for John and have is in audience, watching everything happening.


Also the scene that broke me was when John asked Joseph if "he wanted to r*pe him", because John is actively aware that he never gave consent FOR ANYTHING that Valentine did to him. Also we see Valentine use abuse and gaslight techniques on John, and they work! So John stays!! Because they are techniques that are just made for a victim to never escape.

Also, I wanted to cry when John realised that his parents don't care about him.

2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Witchdrop rated it
November 28, 2022
Status: c3.2
This book is really boring. It started off interesting, but after the first time skip, it became super bland.

The pace is too slow and the interactions between the characters are super stiff. Not to mention the characters are also all very, very bland. If they each had a flavor, they would all share the same one: cardboard.

I kept holding out for any progress towards revealing that the MC is an redacted, but even after so many words (the chapters are pretty long) nothing has happened. The author has hinted at... more>> it several times, but nothing has changed—and it’s excruciatingly boring! It honestly feels like the ABO aspect barely even matters at all.

Really can’t recommend this one. You’re better off reading something else. <<less
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October 4, 2022
Status: c6.2
I love the plot even though it is so crazy!!!! The latest chapter was filled with goosebumps!!! Now that Valentine is back I’m not sure what’s going to happen to John !!!! But I knew that Valentine is about to show up at the party!!!! I know this story makes no sense, but thank goodness it’s only a fantasy :) !!!! I love the translations too, it’s so good!!!! Please translator post and update more when you can :) !!

Thank you so much for your work and translating this crazy... more>> novel!!!! <<less
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Bitter wine
Bitter wine rated it
January 5, 2024
Status: Completed

I loveeeee wife chasing crematorium and male lead going through regret phase and then redeeming himself. But this novel was way too long for all the wife chasing. I didn't like MC from the beginning. He doesn't acknowledge the love his new family gave him and he still doesn't want anything from them and acts prideful. And then he gets depressed when he demands to leave and they let him. Throughout the story nothing happens. Just ML chasing MC and then something happens, they breakup and then ML chases him again. The story only needed 10 chapters

1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
April 10, 2022
Status: c1 part1
so far so good, the ML is really a jealousy freak and manipulative wthell

i think he's just obsessed with our pretty MC, he's not in love 😭✊ well typical yandere guy

... more>>

he makes our MC can't sleep without him, always depend on him, I feel kind of scared lmao I think the MC will got hurt so bad later 🤡



anyway is that joseph guy are john's mate??? Cus he can sense the MC pheromones


nah I just didn't like this ML so much although I like his yandere vibes, I just felt he's kind of sus, what if he think the MC as a toy 💀✊ i'll beat the sh*t out of him 😤

anyway I add the male yandere tag cus this guy is already being a manipulative yandere since childhood :D I think it need a 'twisted personality' tag later lol <<less
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kaytiti rated it
August 19, 2023
Status: c11 part1
Yeah crazy story plots. I like and was curious enough to buy the original Korean 4 volumes directly from Ridi... then I guess I'm crazy as well haha! While waiting for previous rare updates, I manage to "read" one volume with Google Translate Photo but was out of patience after a while. Lately the translated chapters were updated more frequently, I'm so happy!
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Lollyholly rated it
January 29, 2023
Status: --
If I could give this negative stars I would.

MC deserves better honestly if I was in his position I would have went insane and ended it all. This entire thing disgusted me no one deserves to be treated like this 🫂.

Reading this made me feel a bit off but thats what I get for adding this into my to read list without checking the tags.
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