Brother-in-Law, I’m Pregnant!


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Having a dark and twisted personality, his beautiful and gentle sister was the only light in his life – but that devil suddenly appeared and stole his light, making him go crazy.

In any case, he cannot absolutely let that devil become his brother-in-law and defile his sister, he must save her from that devil’s evil clutches! But unfortunately he did not succeed, instead that demon found his greatest secret and, violated him….

After discovering that he was pregnant, he immediately decided to commit suicide, but before that, he wanted to tell the devil “Brother-in-law, I’m pregnant”, and see what that devil would do!

What the! The demon said he wanted to marry him???

No! He did not want to marry the demon, although he unconsciously had started to fall in love with the devil…

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redfeathersgirl rated it
January 20, 2018
Status: c32
So far, the MC was very stalker-ish, the sister was dumb, the ML was an a***ole and a rapist. His (ML) so called first love was started just because he saw MC's face and body. And from what I can read from the synopsis, there's future stockholm syndrome too.

Sadly, too much exposure of this kind of thing made a lot of readers desensitized. I'm one of them and shamefully liking it because of the future mpreg and because of the fast translation..

... more>>

Of course I didn't forget about the dirty talk attempts. Flower hole, flower heart, flower wall, stem, mushroom, jade stick, meat rod, meat stick. It's so ridiculous and funny lol!


Edit: I've never been this uncomfortable reading Yaoi in my life. Too much smut, no character growth, and ML just getting worse and worse. Kudos for the translator for bearing this <<less
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February 5, 2018
Status: c32
I... Can't. I don't even know how did I survived reading this until the latest chapter.

ML is an asshole. I repeat an asshole.

... more>>

he's also a raper. Seriously, I was so dumbfounded when he said he fell in love with the MC only when seeing his body.


Not to forget MC. I can only go asdfghjkl tf with you mate?


bro, if you want to kill the ML do make a proper plan and don't just go straight into killing like that. Plus, you yourself know just how weak you are yet still have the guts to do it *insert rolling eyes emoji here* also ITS A FREAKING STOCKHOLM SYNDROME!!! It'd be nice if the ML have some redeeming personality but base on the current translated chapter? Nuh uh. Nada. Zip! Also those dirty talk... I-I don't even feel embarrassed! Tf 😂😂😂 flower this flower that okay bye



But hey, the translator does a pretty good job translating this book. As much as I hate the plot, I have to thank them for translating it. <<less
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Rika_st rated it
June 24, 2018
Status: ch.37
Read this if you want some smut, violence, dirty talking and bdsm. MC is siscon idiot, ML is rapist and his brain is in his dick.

I like this because I want smut. Yes. I know I'm pervert. 😅
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October 1, 2018
Status: Completed
I don't know how to rate this one.. I give 10 stars to the translator who spends an extremely good translation for this novel, but 1 star to the novel plot. At first, when I read others' review before reading this novel, I was sceptical, well, it's a rape novel, which something I don't like, but maybe the rape part is like 1/3 of the story, and there's a lot to see beside rape part... I. WAS. WRONG.

The only reason I keep on reading is because MPreg + Completed tags,... more>> which something I really like. (my brain can't handle MTL anymore, I just need to read something that is already completed, and I stumble this rare gem with MPreg tag with it). Plus its Megane uke (a person who wears glasses is bottom), so I think, it won't be that bad... I. WAS. NAIVE.

OK, enough rant about it, let's talk deeper about the plot, assuming there is a plot..


MC is a poor boy who is hated for life by his parents. The parents literally don't care about him, don't care about his cloth, his well being and they were filthy rich, they only pour their love and dedication to MC's twin sister. His twin sister is a good girl who always stand by his side, which is the only reason why he didn't get out from the house, or thinking to suicide. In his mind, nothing is important besides his sister since his parents treated him like that, he even get bullied in school, and the only person who treated him good is his twin sister. ML and his twin sister is a couple but he knows how evil ML (he bully and beat MC) were, and he tried to protect his sister. ML stumble to his secret, a secret which make his parents detest him so much, and starting from that, ML threaten him and fall...... in love with him (?). And after that, it just smexy, smut, BDSM time


So ML was like..


a douchebag, no.. a scum? no.. a freaking-douchebag-scum-rapist-with-mental-problem. Yes, he is totally bad that I felt so sad for the MC. He thinks that everyone should love him and can't understand why MC (who got beat, bullied, raped, abused by drugs and threaten by ML; ML even make his only ally in his world a.k.a his twin sister to cry) hated him. Dude, you must be so blind or purely stupid to not know this. He thinks MC will fall in love with him regardless shit, so he lied to MC while thinking how stupid MC was. But yet, he loves MC (I can't understand his "love") So, when you read this novel, bear in mind that ML is so childish, narcissistic, liar and somewhat like the MC (?). MC is so lacked in love that he like ML back regardless of how ML has treated him before. IMO, MC need shelter, or someone to love him, pampered him and everything else, but he meets the worst kind of seme exist.. Poor that boy.


Overall, if you guys here for smut, BL, and BDSM tag, proceed cautiously since there is rape, mind break, and everything else you don't want to see in ML on how he treats a cute-should-be-protected MC.

BTW, I really like on how

the author and translator use flowery language to substitute as#h0le, pen*s and etc. Its somewhat poetic and I'm just glad there is no river crab crossing or "The next morning...". 'What the heck happen last night??' situation is not in this novel


Sorry for the long rant..I meant review and forgive my bad grammar. <<less
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chekanalia rated it
February 5, 2018
Status: c32
This author is something else. Kudos to the translator who has made it pretty clear that he also gets uncomfortable with some scenes but plans to finish translating the book. I am disappointed with the fact that plot-wise, this could have gone nicely but it ended up being a smutty, pwp with an a***ole seme and a pathetic uke who is beyond dumb and has no redeeming features whatsoever. The 4 stars I gave were purely for the translator. This is a no-go for a fujoshi like myself... all Danmei... more>> gods must be weeping at the travesty that is this novel. Flower-hole, little jade stem, flower- heart.... tsskkk!!! <<less
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FlowingWater rated it
February 20, 2018
Status: c39
PROCEED WITH CAUTION WHEN READING THIS NOVEL. IT MIGHT TOUCH UPON SOME MATURE AND UNCOMFORTABLE TOPICS. This is definitely not for those who prefer reading sweet and fluffy moments. It is er**ic to a whole other level but violent and dark to another. I honestly dislike and like this at the same time. I applaud the translator for being able to bear with it and translate. I am only able to handle this after years of delving into the dark parts of the internet. This is not worst thing; actually,... more>> anything with mind break in it is not good for morals and a person's innocence.

I am here for the mpreg because it is the only thing I like reading but never appears often. Truthfully, I have a very dirty mind so I am strangely not disgusted that much by the er**ic scenes, but not everyone is like me so be careful. <<less
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greenpenguin rated it
March 29, 2018
Status: c39
I am so frustrated because this could have turned great if it weren't for the characters.

Tbh, I didn't mind the smut and the bdsm but the s*x took so many chapters to finish that it gave so little chapters for the plot.

... more>>

I don't like how both MC and ML developed feelings faster than Flash like dude (ML) how can you say you are already in love when you only just saw his freaking face and body? And bruh (MC) if you want to kill a guy, be sure to plan it out okay? Like I don't know, rest for a bit because you were still so weak from all the sex, give time to PLAN IT OUT?


Also I was cringing with the terms that it feels like the ML was having s*x with plants. 😂


Flower hole, flower heart, flower wall, chrysantemum bud, chrysantemum core, pink jade stem... YEAH and THE FREAKING "HANDSOME COCK" — LIKE WTF?


The only thing that kept me going was because of the mpreg. So I found raws and was kind of expecting some character change..


I just really commend the translator for having the patience and great endurance to translate this. 👏🏻 <<less
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Litayu876 rated it
August 5, 2018
Status: c3
It's only 3 chapters into the novel and I already started hating the writing style (no offense to translator, it' the author's portrayal of the story that I dislike). The older sister is very dumb to the point that her nice nature felt so fake, the MC was a creep and definitely mentally wrong in some way, and the ML is a complete asshole.
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shizaya rated it
April 21, 2018
Status: --
The MC is a hopeless idiot, and the ML is a total asshole....

The plot focuses too much on smut.... and I really hate how rape is normalize here.... and the ML is A total DICK.
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xiin rated it
November 28, 2018
Status: Completed
so actually.. While I admit that you definitely have to suspend reality and lower your expectations (to below zero) with regards to the plot, the whole thing kinda makes sense.

the a***ole ML did actually get a couple sentences explaining why/how/when he fell for MC, and in reverse, I felt that it was the MC that was a little messed up in the head. Well, they both were, but the MC seemed even more so.

read for smut. And creative use of descriptive terms for certain body parts.
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TheLadyWhoLikesBoyLove rated it
December 1, 2018
Status: Completed
Omfg, I dont even know how people could rate this so high. The story is a fucking mess, everything is a fucking mess. It's like you're starig at some dogpile shit. Don't fucking argue with me, I swallowed every fucking complain for every chapter and read it till the end hoping that at some point it could changs and maybe have some little sense. But no! This is not worth anyones time. Only sickos would like this. As I've said dont fucking argue with me and if you like this... more>> story then either you're new to this kind of things or you're just a sicko.

The MC is a fucking sl** retarted sister complex

The ML is a fucking yandere and shitd**k of an asshole

The older sister (shes the most pitiful) wanna know why? Because even without her character things could play out the wsy it could BECAUSE THERES NO FUCKING PLOT HERE OKAY!

The parents, ugh dont even think about those cliche adopted shitty parents. All other characters here are just blank piece of sh*t background. While the MC and ML has their own little world filled with disgusting analogues and moments ugh! Fucking cringy and everything.

This is the firstt time I posted a review like this! I would normally rate 5 stars and rarely 4. But this one I was even forced to rate it one star when it should've been negative 100. The other story I rated were 2 stars, it was about a hermaphrodite who was taken by an enemy country, thought of revenge but fell for the sicko male lead anyway. Fucking stockholm syndrome.

This story left a fucking bad taste in my mouth ugh! If you want to torture yourself then you read it yoi sicko <<less
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Cian-Chan rated it
August 8, 2018
Status: c48
This is one of the novels where I go thinking, "Why am I reading this?" (but reads it anyway)

The MC is stupid. He grew up badly so when someone is good to him, he falls in love with that person.

The ML is a scum. He's a playboy and had a lot of girlfriends (did the x** with them, too) but he fell in love with MC because he has female parts.

... more>> The sister is a white lotus and also stupid (Maybe the genes). The parents are irrational.

The story has many irrational parts that are not explained to be rational (in the fiction world)

I can give a star for the smut and a star for being yaoi. And a star for at least making it not confusing.

I think that people who are planning to read this should at least look at the tags to know that the characters and story is crazy. If people are open-minded (like me), they can try to read. <<less
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March 24, 2018
Status: c39
I want to thank the very beloved translator for the efforts you've done to this story...

but... I freaking regret reading this without any preparation at all!! I can't believe that this was a mind break (I like reading mind breaks I just hate how this story progress, tsk.)

I so hate the MC for being such a reckless stupid thing, I hate the ML for being the biggest a***ole I've ever read this week, and arghhhhh!!! (It would have been okay if the MC is not stupid but arghhhh!! A... more>> stupid and a fucker!? what kind of chemistry is that?)

I can't believe I actually endure so many chapters, and honestly, I was crying the whole time due to frustration and I can't help but to shout at my screen as if it was the at fault for what's happening in the story... *sorry my darling phone* T_T... <<less
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takame rated it
July 20, 2019
Status: c51
Contains a lot of my pet peeves yet I braved through just to look for that mpreg part but... none. The ending leaves us hanging too, and all I learned is that the ML has developed this kink of being called brother -in-law when they are having sex.
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aiceedeebee rated it
September 5, 2018
Status: c51
If you're looking for a quick-read smut then this is just the right thing for you. But if you you want smut with a plot, then you might want to look for something else because honestly this novel (if you can even call it that) will just disappoint you from the get go.

MC is an idiotic siscon who just keeps making mistake after mistake trying to take revenge against his bully only to fall for his rapist bully. Like???? For fuckin srs, bruh?

I hate the rapist bully ML, sure, coz... more>> he a douche, but I hate the MC's sister the most in this story. I dunno, but white lotuses just rub me the wrong way. Could be personal, coz I honestly don't believe in inherently good people who don't look/ask for anything in return.

Lol, all in all I just really read this coz I was looking for a quick read and saw it was close to being done translation-wise (good job with the TL tho! 5 stars for you wwwww), so I just went "why not" and so here I am. <<less
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123abdi rated it
September 5, 2018
Status: Completed
what..... the characters in this are soooooo.... ugh.

disregarding the irrational romance the ending was rushed as hell and left so many plot holes. If the ending hadnt been so rushed maybe the story plot line could have been resuscitated, but it wasn't.... so yeah

If you're looking for a cute HE you're not going to get that. Instead you'll get smut and cringey dialogue that will sometimes make you laugh. The ML is beyond messed up and the MC is probably just desperate for love.

All in All

Not A Fan.
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izayaYY rated it
July 11, 2019
Status: --
Lol... that was totally ridiculous! I have a feeling the author was in a wicked mood when writing this, laughing all the way while typing this story, only stopping to lift a middle finger at the readers.

This story is fake and nonsense all the way. The characters are unlikable and total retards, the plot is unbelievable and incongruous, the s*x is so nonsense that it grows tedious and monotonous, the SM is totally unrealistic and cliche and an insult to the SM crowd and the romance feels totally fake.

Bottom line:... more>> I totally did not take this novel seriously since there is no substance or depth to the characters, smut or story. <<less
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MilkTEA rated it
May 23, 2019
Status: Completed
Was a whole mess, that's all I can say.

But hey I'm not complaining too much. We obviously all came here for the smut. Should be read without thinking too deeply bout it. Could've been way better if there was an Arc about them parenting their future children/child. If there isn't going to be a good plot, cover it up with smut and fluff.
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JohnnyCakes rated it
April 23, 2019
Status: Completed
Oh my goodness.

I only read this because the title intrigued me.

The story is very smutty, and it makes no sense. I guess this is kind of my fault for reading a book purely for smut. I don't even understand what the point of the main character getting pregnant was. If you're looking for lots of smut, go ahead.

I read up to the last chapter and didn't even realise that it had ended. Like what happened to the baby? The sister? The main character's parents? I wish the author elaborated more... more>> on that. I feel like it would've been a slightly better story, even if it did contain a few common tropes/cliches.

I am sorry but, I really hate the main lover. He's just, really creepy and kinda weird. He's a straight guy lusting after a dude, who is basically a female, but is still considered a male because he has a... yea. Also, personally, I dislike leopard print items, and imagining leopard print underwear on the main lover just made me kind of cringe. Just a personal opinion.

The really funny way of kind of censoring the smut scenes was entertaining and cringy at the same time.

I just don't understand.

Also the reason I'm not absolutely crapping on this book and giving it a 1 Star was, I found this strangely entertaining, didn't get bored, and read it in a day. Weird. <<less
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BellMarsT rated it
March 16, 2019
Status: Completed
I remember discussing with a friend the pros and cons of yuri and yaoi. She told me she did not like to read yaoi because it focused more on the s*x than the plot. I disagreed with her and listed many good yaoi novels like Feng Man, Guardian, and The Founder of Diabolism. However, this novel is true to her words, is just sex. The story was not well-developed.

The premised had potential, but the execution sucks. I give it two stars: Translation is excellent! And the premise is great, but... more>> the writer turned gold into coal.

Very disappointed. <<less
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