Beloved Enemy


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GuQingPei, the new director who was poached with a high salary, his first challenge at his new post was to help his boss raise his son!

A rich, hot-tempered, and arrogant second generation princeling best at causing trouble — YuanYang who had been cultured in the army for many years is rebellious and domineering but GuQingPei has the confidence to make him bow down and submit. No one in this life has dared to make him (YuanYang) feel so grievous and troubled! Facing GuQingPei’s treacherous smiles and oppressing advances step by step, forcing him to learn to take over the family business, YuanYang decides to give GuQingPei a profound lesson. Instead, he loses control of the situation and they developed into another type of relationship!

With GuQingPei and YuanYang’s equally opposing and hostile attitude… like enemies….will they look at each other with hatred or will it ignite into a different kind of spark!?

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New procrastination_day rated it
October 22, 2019
Status: c19
I started reading this after watching the extremely good drama (beloved enemy) that was based on it. So far it seems that this is one of the few cases where the movie is better than the book...

I suppose unlike the drama this novel is directed towards a very specific audience, it being very obviously BL from thee start (this element is subtle in the drama and develops more into a bromance later on whith neither characters ever really coming out of the closet), plus overbearing ML and shrewd MC taken... more>> to extremes in the novel (while the characters in the drama version although distinctly based on the Novel seem a lot more human and thus are more relatable).

So far I'll give this story an average rating, because it does remind me a lot of the other BL stories though may rise depending on character development and other elements of the story. <<less
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pinkumilkuu rated it
December 4, 2018
Status: Completed
UPDATE 4/4/2019: I reread this for fun but woah I rate this a 1.5 now. I just don't like the ML, the MC thinks the ML changed but no lol, he's still oppressive and manipulative until the end.

I would rate this a 2.5.

I like the sweet moments butttt there is little character development on the gong. I LOVE possessive and aggressive gongs but this one is not my cup of tea. He's unreasonable and he doesn't listen to the shou from start to finish. Thank god the shou... more>> is likable.


The after time skip is annoying coz the gong is fcking stupid, he doesn't even THINK.
He just assumed that the shou left him for some dumb reason when HE AND HIS FATHER RUINED THE SHOUS LIFE?!?!?! Ugh Like excuse me it's not the MCs fault you're such a kid and your father is a tyrant that ruined MCs life.


Tldr it's HE but a not so good read. I finished it for the shou and smut. <<less
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earlgreyt rated it
February 19, 2019
Status: Completed
Overall story is not too bad, it's a type of enemies/rivals to lovers tale. The MC is honestly what saved the whole story for me. He reacts in a pretty realistic manner to the *extremely* controlling and insane ML. I really enjoyed the MC's personality, struggles, development, and general decision-making. Some of the drama is too contrived but there are enough redeeming moments to the story that the relationship in the end is pretty good. I'm also happy to read about a non-ice-prince ML for once. The rivalry, anger, fighting... more>> between the main characters makes the relationship very unique and explosive. I prefer this to an over-romanticized ML who is perfect.


The ML is so far from perfect, it's actually a bit endearing because of that. However, his extremely spoiled, childish, possessive, forceful, blind selfishness really knows no bounds. The MC is a saint to put up with him. The ML does redeem himself somewhat with his unwavering emotions... but I would definitely reconsider this if that's not the type you like. He completely crossed my bottom line (and the MC's bottom line) a huge bunch of times.


The translation starts off pretty good but deteriorates quite heavily over time. I wouldn't recommend if you don't understand at least a bit of Chinese (there were a lot of parts where I had to re-translate the sentences back into Chinese for them to make sense).

The smut is very creative/detailed but there's a lot of non-con/r*pe and dub-con kidnapping/controlling etc. which is not everyone's cup of tea (I found myself skipping most of it). <<less
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Macabre74 rated it
October 18, 2019
Status: c118
There are so many stories where the ML is a fluffy, innocent upstanding guy - go read one of those if that's what you're after!

Black-Bellied Seme/Gong characters (MLs that we as readers know are manipulative/obsessive/evil/etc.) are FUN to read about! The novel is tagged R*pe so the idea that you're going into this novel unaware that Bad Things Happen™ is just silly. Not every book is for everyone. No fictional book owes you comfort. If you don't like bad MLs, read a book that has a good ML (in your... more>> opinion) and don't downvote an obviously well-written novel for such a self-caused distaste.

Imagine if I gave every novel that, while well-written, had a BL main pairing and I wanted hetero, so I give it 1 star and say 'story was good but it needed more male/female romance'? That's not the author's intention! And in this novel, the author's intention isn't for YY to be Captain America! <<less
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c0c0ly rated it
August 24, 2019
Status: Completed
I dont understand why people give bad review.. Because in my opinion, this novel is great. I reread this novel times and times again. The ML is childish, but strong willed and sincere. The MC is mature and tried his best to cope with his life turn upside down. But both are straight forward in their feeling for each other, save us the drama. I love it. And would like to reccomend it 😊
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June 23, 2019
Status: c41
I know it's a bit early for a review when I'm not halfway through but, I just don't know. The seme is so flipping annoying to the point I actually want to stop reading. This has never happened before. I like these type of enemies become lovers stories but this one is different.

The seme is simply a flipping child about everything through and through. The way he's trying to get the uke is through whining and forceful behavior like sleeping in the nap room when the uke tells him he... more>> can't. If he doesn't want to move, then you are defeated. It's constantly like that so far. Every interaction is a fight and it's exhausting to read.

His unprofessionalism is through the roof. The way he interferes with the ukes during business hours is so annoying to read. He'll force him to stop working just so he can get his way to make the uke do something and it doesn't even have to be sexual. It's usually something mundane. I'm coming out of my skin over all these stupid little things. They just keep adding up and it's too much.

His sexual harassment during work hours isn't even enjoyable and that's one thing I would enjoy normally. His jealousy isn't even cute like it should be. It comes out of left field and he's so paranoid all the time.

I liked their relationship better before they starting having s*x to be honest. Once they start the sexual relationship, it turns into all the stuff I said above with the mixture of a child looking for a parents attention. He turns from this military masculine type man to this clingy insecure child making threats. He's always telling the uke that he can't refuse and that's his argument. He just says it as fact without anything to back it up. I can't bring myself to like the seme at all and that's hard for me.

The nsfw is hot too and the story is fun and I like that but the seme is ruining the story for me and I'm surprised at myself. Hopefully it will get better but I'm actually forcing myself to read this at this point. I don't even know if I explained myself right because I am really at a loss. <<less
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@xiaomeng rated it
May 6, 2019
Status: --
Honestly I found it really interesting at first...I felt it was different in the sense that the ML is not perfect& the MC is more accomplished... but I find the MC too cold hearted... the ML is a bit childish but his sincerity is really touching...... more>>

he was ready to leave everything, even his family inheritance, all his friends even his future for the MC but the MC is always only concerned for his own future even after the two years gap there was only snatches of his thoughts where he feels bad & seeing the MC & his gf together he's so cool over it...I get that his more mature but maturity has nothing to do with love... if u really love a person u will always be influenced by them...& When the ML asks if whether he had s*x wid anyone during that time he actually had...I mean the MC whole angst is shown... everyone thinks the ML is overbearing... but does no one see how deep his love his...I mean he losses much more then the MC... the truth is v can find ppl lk MC everywhere in reality... to find someone who is willing to give up literally everything for u lk the ML is really rare

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J3n rated it
October 9, 2019
Status: Completed
Reading this novel does make watching the TV drama by the same name more enjoyable. Rosyspell team did a great job with the translation as usual. I do love novels with older uke / younger, bossy semes. What irks me the most about most of these author's work is her ukes are a tad bit too whiny, indecisive, loves to jump to conclusions on their own that results in tons of unnecessary, frustrating misunderstanding. Overall still a good read though.
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izayaYY rated it
September 23, 2019
Status: --
From the comments, it seems everyone disliked YY (the ML). But for me, he is the most interesting character because I love reading about obsessional love. YY is indeed an extreme character with extreme tendencies who is ready to sacrifice everything for his love. His type of love is rare in real life but common enough in literature, not only chinese BL. Yes, he is immature, spoiled, violent, overbearing and possessive but it is his flawed character that makes him an interesting (even sometimes endearing) ML and his sincerity in... more>> his love for GQP was touching.

Unfortunately the one he loves, GQP, is his exact opposite and there lies the source of all the drama in this book. GQP is much older, mature, rational, realistic, cold and is only concerned about his work, reputation and future. I actually found his character more annoying than YY, especially his constant denial of his feelings.

What actually kept me reading was the expectation that when the couple fall in love, they would influence each other and their characters would change and grow in contact with each other. Both are polar extremes and I hoped YY would grow in maturity and act less spoiled and GQP would learn to let go, be less controlling, and be more carefree and easy-going. Well, none of this happened. They both stubbornly kept to their own mindset and kept fighting and arguing and this till the end. It is a happy ending but I was not satisfied because it did not seem like GQP loved YY as much as YY loved him. <<less
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Kaylee rated it
September 2, 2019
Status: --

Damn I forgot to click the review star, now I can't give star.

NUMod, why can't we edit the star too?

... more>>

2star. I enjoyed the earliest chapters, but dropped it ard ch 90ish.

I got tired with all the excessive arguments, shouting match, and possessive aggressive behavior, the selfishness and the going with flow cowardice.

But mostly, the arguments..... geeezus, reading all those were making me headached. I dont know, I just got tired reading heated going no where just circling around and coming back the same argument coupling.

Tho the shou ex gong...... his character is too ridiculously adapted (?) with the undeveloped cliche shou. Yet he is or was gong before....

And the spoiled gong...... just imagine a spoiled brat going into his first heat. <<less
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Icycle rated it
August 26, 2019
Status: Completed
Complicated feelings about this book. Engaging characters, and the story interested me enough that I didn't want to put it down. But,


non-consent and abuse are a part of this plot. I actually rooted for the couple, but this is a piece of fiction. In reality, this is not love, and I hope no one reads this irresponsibly.


I give it 4 stars based on how it was written and the story development.
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