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  • The Legend of Chu Qiao: Division 11’s Princess Agent ×
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    24 Series 0 Comments 385 Views 2 Follows Nov 8, 2019 sithkazar
    Here is a list of the stories I made Relationship Diagrams for, along with the links to those diagrams (view the notes for each by clicking "more" under them). I typically make diagrams for stories with complicated family trees and interpersonal relationships. This helps remind me of who a character is in stories with slow release schedules, a large casts of characters, and/or similar names.... more>>
    9 Series 0 Comments 1556 Views 1 Follows Oct 18, 2019 sithkazar
    My most recent obsession in novels. I love that heart wrenching moment when the protagonist has to decide between their past and her future. The first time I came across this theme was in the manga Basara (which I highly recommend as well) and it made a huge emotional impact on me. The defining part for me is whether they can forgive each other.... more>>
    17 Series 1 Comments 1614 Views 9 Follows Oct 5, 2019 littleredblossom
    Decent novels that are a bit realistic. They seem more down to earth and portray what it was like in ancient times. Nice writing style... more>>
    100 Series 0 Comments 14638 Views 8 Follows Sep 27, 2019 kurohamukami
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    Honey B
    9 Series 0 Comments 2577 Views 2 Follows Sep 11, 2019 Honey B
    Completed Romance transmigration and rebirth novels that are hella good!!
    43 Series 0 Comments 10461 Views 17 Follows Sep 9, 2019 Reed12
    Protagonists are females which are badass to the core for me.
    25 Series 0 Comments 1268 Views 3 Follows Aug 30, 2019 sensitivity
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    100 Series 0 Comments 22104 Views 65 Follows Aug 23, 2019 YoongHye
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    1 ~ 16 = Japanese... more>>
    Yato God
    28 Series 0 Comments 12559 Views 19 Follows Aug 20, 2019 Yato God
    the list is in no particular order .... I have not excluded the ones I dropped since it might be your cup of tea... more>>
    85 Series 28 Comments 59990 Views 365 Follows Aug 11, 2019 Stesira
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    Sturgeon's law: 99% of everything is terrible.... more>>