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  • Rebirth on the Doors to the Civil Affairs Bureau ×
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    31 Series 5 Comments 11480 Views 61 Follows Aug 6, 2019 aceclover95
    Novels with great fem protag that I would like to recommend~ for some of the JP ones that only have few chapters translated, I chose... more>>
    41 Series 2 Comments 5932 Views 20 Follows Aug 7, 2019 Kalmaegi
    Mostly fluff to heal the heart from all the recycled melodrama. Short stories are also included. Untranslated works are listed below as a comment.
    Alina Moktan
    13 Series 1 Comments 8966 Views 49 Follows Aug 7, 2019 Alina Moktan
    Highly Recommended This Good Gem Modern Rebirth Novel. It's Everyone Favorite Novel, Addicted Novel with Good Plot, Satisfying Revenge, Faceslapped. 
    Alina Moktan
    45 Series 6 Comments 26232 Views 114 Follows Aug 8, 2019 Alina Moktan
    Recommend Best Fluffy Sweet Novel That Cure Your Depression. 
    100 Series 4 Comments 35374 Views 160 Follows Aug 8, 2019 mrews
    A list for stories with minimum conflict and a lot of fluff and healing with cute children and/or animals. No harems. Contains some BL. ... more>>
    38 Series 0 Comments 4232 Views 14 Follows Aug 8, 2019 BelladonaVeleno
    No Tags
    List of hetero romance (boyxgirl) stories that you have to read again and again!
    13 Series 0 Comments 7124 Views 40 Follows Aug 9, 2019 topsyturvy
    I like slow romance and slice of life stories, calm and clever protagonists and definitely not into over the top cruelty or face slapping.... more>>
    15 Series 0 Comments 7756 Views 28 Follows Aug 9, 2019 inori-chii
    It can be emotionally or physically. You definitey won't find the wishy-washy type here... more>>
    100 Series 2 Comments 39708 Views 86 Follows Aug 10, 2019 Mischief101
    No Tags
    Novels of different genres that contain romance and that I enjoy/enjoyed ... more>>
    24 Series 1 Comments 3078 Views 10 Follows Aug 10, 2019 ironyisironic
    No Tags
    Just a frequently updated list of completed Chinese novels that I've finished reading and enjoyed. All of them fall under the romance category and feature a happy ending. ... more>>
    12 Series 0 Comments 1397 Views 4 Follows Aug 11, 2019 serenahuang
    No Tags
    Turns out, I've only read a few completed stories. 
    30 Series 0 Comments 4848 Views 15 Follows Aug 12, 2019 Hmntlzn
    -> Second chance and transmigration stories... more>>
    4 Series 5 Comments 1442 Views 11 Follows Aug 12, 2019 Shadowdrop
    Raise a hand if you recognize: A sweet/wild/sexy/dangerous/smart/lively/pure Chinese girl meets an overbearing boss/actor/CEO/prince/cultivator/general/demon/'god' of any field, and he falls in love with her. As soon as they have any sort of relationship, the girl becomes a pretty prop, while the guy is the one doing/deciding everything. Male friends? Forbidden! Going somewhere alone? Forbidden! Doing something slightly dangerous? Forbidden! Oh, she talked to a handsome male? She must be punished. In bed.... more>>
    20 Series 2 Comments 3737 Views 7 Follows Aug 13, 2019 Hawk73
    Just the stuff I've enjoyed most. Not everything will be the same genre, but if you have enjoyed something on this list you will probably enjoy others as well.... more>>
    50 Series 0 Comments 4432 Views 8 Follows Aug 13, 2019 Ochads
    All the stories in this list is the stories who had been finished i read.
    88 Series 2 Comments 14720 Views 66 Follows Aug 13, 2019 Ziaoi
    The fluffy romance that gives you butterflies! Easy to digest, simple, and short. But not plotless. Some are deep, some are a bit complicated (but... more>>
    13 Series 0 Comments 843 Views 1 Follows Aug 13, 2019 lilbutter
    No Tags
    No description.
    93 Series 0 Comments 24593 Views 98 Follows Aug 15, 2019 CynicalStrawberry25
    All the novels in this list are fully translated or, in the case of two, close to fully translated romances with a female mc and... more>>
    16 Series 0 Comments 3116 Views 13 Follows Aug 15, 2019 CynicalStrawberry25
    Just as the title says except that almost if not all have a romance with a male lead.
    81 Series 2 Comments 21491 Views 74 Follows Aug 16, 2019 l3umblel3ee
    No Tags
    This a list of my all-time favourite stories. Adding comments in-progress. (May take over a long span of time.) 
    30 Series 0 Comments 4900 Views 11 Follows Aug 16, 2019 Ara_Lucifer
    No Tags
    All completed and fully translated novels that I've read and enjoyed.
    23 Series 0 Comments 1504 Views 1 Follows Aug 16, 2019 YoriMei
    No Tags
    The top percentage of the novels I’ve had the pleasure of reading and enjoyed immensely. No real order, just the personal favorites of someone who... more>>
    10 Series 0 Comments 1441 Views 3 Follows Aug 18, 2019 Kagebutts
    Novels driven by the romantic plot. Easy on the brain aimed straight to your heart!... more>>
    22 Series 0 Comments 6340 Views 22 Follows Aug 19, 2019 Mayumichi
    No description.
    20 Series 1 Comments 4971 Views 17 Follows Aug 21, 2019 Clary_Fey
    All Romance. No BL... more>>
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