Childish Protagonist[ ]

JP (3.5)
187 Chapters Every 6.9 Day(s) 4760 Readers 15 Reviews 12-01-2023
I was a delinquent that died when an accident occurred on a school trip. When I realized it I was the growing son of a farmer in another world. In this world where demons and demi-humans were in the middle of a war, I didn’t have some ability that made me a hero nor did I have magical powers. I didn’t know anything useful.... more>>
JP (3.7)
23 Chapters Every 0.3 Day(s) 105 Readers 1 Reviews 12-01-2023
The Demon Lord, said something like, "Don't get drowned in your power," and then he died.... more>>
CN (3.8)
55 Chapters Every 7.2 Day(s) 1396 Readers 5 Reviews 12-01-2023
Du Yaoyao transmigrated into a light-hearted ancient novel called “My Powerful Minister”, where the ordinary male lead continuously moves up in life.... more>>
CN (4.1)
64 Chapters Every 1.4 Day(s) 289 Readers 3 Reviews 11-30-2023
Yin Bai once thought that Xiao Nian truly loved her. So, she graciously provided her with the best resources, elevating her to a revered position. ... more>>
CN (4)
1 Chapters Every 1 Day(s) 0 Readers 0 Reviews 11-30-2023
“Being Trapped by the Paranoid Dominator as His Wife, I Can’t Run Away Anymore”... more>>
KR (3.7)
6 Chapters Every 6.5 Day(s) 400 Readers 0 Reviews 11-30-2023
“Tell me, Louis. Who is your master?”... more>>
JP (4.1)
90 Chapters Every 2.3 Day(s) 951 Readers 3 Reviews 11-30-2023
Monsters suddenly appeared in this world. Those monster is called “Wanderer”. Just when it seems humanity is in danger of destruction, a mysterious entity called magical girls appears.... more>>
CN (4.3)
153 Chapters Every 2.9 Day(s) 3805 Readers 27 Reviews 11-30-2023
Li Qingzhou, who had been sick for many years, died and was systematically bound to an old romance novel, where he became the villain.... more>>
CN (3.9)
370 Chapters Every 2.3 Day(s) 2351 Readers 28 Reviews 11-30-2023
Li Ran transmigrated into the role of the revered son of a demonic sect.
The system awakened, but its first assigned task turned out to... more>>
CN (4.1)
124 Chapters Every 53.5 Day(s) 4455 Readers 18 Reviews 11-30-2023
GunGun, as a national treasure(panda), was stolen by thieves and skinned. Once he woke up, he had a healthy body and lots of bamboo leaves. But monsters with glowing eyes surrounded him, most importantly they were floating, have greenish blue faces, fangs, and have no little legs?!... more>>
CN (4)
119 Chapters Every 3.1 Day(s) 1075 Readers 4 Reviews 11-29-2023
At the beginning of his transmigration into a book, Pei Jing knew exactly what he should do. Following the generic plotline, he was supposed to take the protagonist, who would face a challenging destiny, as his disciple. He would use love and tenderness to influence him, cling to his thigh, and incidentally prevent his descent into darkness.... more>>
CN (4.1)
44 Chapters Every 1.7 Day(s) 999 Readers 4 Reviews 11-29-2023
Bai Xiaoxi is a young fox spirit who has just reached adulthood. She binds to the system in order to go down to the mountain to look for her master.... more>>
KR (4.2)
90 Chapters Every 7.6 Day(s) 2912 Readers 13 Reviews 11-29-2023
Park Yul got transported to the world of a novel.... more>>
KR (4.6)
56 Chapters Every 9.1 Day(s) 1073 Readers 7 Reviews 11-28-2023
I became a ghost in the horror game [Mystery Exploration Club ~Summer Vacation Nightmare~]. Give me back my body.... more>>
KR (4.3)
19 Chapters Every 1.7 Day(s) 311 Readers 1 Reviews 11-28-2023
First Life.... more>>
CN (4.2)
22 Chapters Every 3.1 Day(s) 781 Readers 6 Reviews 11-27-2023
An Xing was reborn to the time before the truth came to light, and he was still the young master of a wealthy family, and was highly favored.... more>>
CN (3.3)
10 Chapters Every 6.9 Day(s) 273 Readers 0 Reviews 11-27-2023
Fang Jueming fell in love with his not-yet-married Shuang’er sister-in-law and trained him behind his younger brother’s back.... more>>
CN (3.9)
45 Chapters Every 6.8 Day(s) 708 Readers 7 Reviews 11-27-2023
Yin Mingyu 007 worked until she was bald, and still could not afford to buy a one hundred square foot apartment in the first tier cities.... more>>
CN (4)
5 Chapters Every 1.2 Day(s) 64 Readers 0 Reviews 11-25-2023
After being reborn, three-and-a-half-year-old Lin Xi enters the entertainment industry. He thrives and everyone praises his adorable and sweet voice on shows, capturing the hearts of many fans.... more>>
CN (4.2)
117 Chapters Every 43.5 Day(s) 5626 Readers 49 Reviews 11-24-2023
When I auditioned for the Film Academy, the examiner arranged a crying scene for me. I pinched my thighs blue, but no tears came out.... more>>
CN (4.4)
115 Chapters Every 4.2 Day(s) 5680 Readers 41 Reviews 11-24-2023
Once upon a time, there was a beauty who met nonstop misfortune. This unfortunate man hurried to hug a golden thigh… ... more>>
CN (4.1)
70 Chapters Every 7.8 Day(s) 1935 Readers 9 Reviews 11-19-2023
Wen Qing was pulled into an unlimited flow game, and after struggling through the first instance, he received a strange buff.... more>>
CN (3.9)
64 Chapters Every 6.1 Day(s) 636 Readers 3 Reviews 11-16-2023
After the Second Prince of the Ninth Heaven broke the Holy Spirit Lamp, he was then deprived of his Mana, his appearance, and was demoted to descending to the world to experience calamity.... more>>
CN (3.8)
55 Chapters Every 3.5 Day(s) 1228 Readers 4 Reviews 11-08-2023
Fei Bai discovered through his boyfriend’s trumpet account that he had been wearing a green hat. Not long after the breakup, he recognized the third party in their school coffee shop.... more>>
CN (4.2)
290 Chapters Every 11.2 Day(s) 4998 Readers 24 Reviews 11-07-2023
If you transmigrate into a cultivation novel, you absolutely have to fight over opportunities with the protagonist! I can’t be Long Aotian, but I can be the female version of him!... more>>
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