I Disguised Myself as a Maid at the Count’s House


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“Tell me, Louis. Who is your master?”

Elliot Seymour Gladstone, the Count of the Gladstone family. A prestigious nobleman who was not to be trifled with, and a man rumoured for his strong disdain for both men and omegas.

Louis, who was making a living as a street shoe polisher, was almost mol*sted by the owner of a tailor shop one day. However, he was saved by Elliot, who appeared by chance through the curtains.

Fear welled up within him as he gazed at Elliot, but at the same time, Louis’s heart raced.

In a twist of fate, Louis was forced into a situation where he had to disguise himself as a maid in the Count’s household in order to find clues to a treasure hidden within the Count’s estate…..

“Your rut seems to be getting more intense with each cycle. Count, your rut isn’t too far off, is it?”

“The Count… soon in rut?

The news of Elliot’s rut comes as a bolt from the blue.

Louis desperately hides the fact that he is an Omega, which the Count despised.

But his cautious behaviour is in vain, when Elliot reaches out as an Alpha who had entered his rut.

Louis found himself unable to escape from him at all.

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I Got a Disguised Job as a Maid at a Count’s Family
I Got a Job Disguised as a Maid at a Count's House
백작가에 메이드로 위장취업 했습니다
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Glutton idiot
New Glutton idiot rated it
March 24, 2024
Status: Completed
This was an insane fun read and I'm not ashamed to admit I like omegas in maid uniforms.

I love the author's writing style and how they wrote this novel to be so fun that I stayed up until 5 am for two days straight just so I could finish it.


Keep in mind that you can find heavy topics that aren't dealt with properly in a LIGHT-HEARTED novel. They are for light-hearted reading and made for readers to have FUN and not dwell on depressing matters.



Louis, an orphan who was saved by Elliot from being mol*sted was threatened by his orphanage director (?) to find the secret treasure in Elliot's mansion. The novel wasn't about finding the treasure as its MAIN plot but Louis working as a maid. It follows more of a slice of life and I love it.



Warning for lack of consent during Elliot's rut, Elliot had no one to accompany him during his rut and was forced into insane torture every time Louis went to see him, trying to save Louis from himself before he became insane, he turned Louis away only for him, who can't control his mind and actions like a drunken to go and find Louis.



This may trigger people but if Louis, the one who experienced it, doesn't mind it so then please, don't make it your main criticism of the novel. Yes, you can criticize it but don't make it your MAIN criticism as the novel only had ONE non-consent s*x, WHICH LOUIS DOES NOT MIND.



During the few last chapters, I felt uncomfortable with very few of the side characters. It's minor but it was enough to leave me uneasy for a while and considering the fact that Louis was also pregnant added more to this awkward feeling of mine. (Louis was beat up)

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