After Failing to Influence the Protagonist


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At the beginning of his transmigration into a book, Pei Jing knew exactly what he should do. Following the generic plotline, he was supposed to take the protagonist, who would face a challenging destiny, as his disciple. He would use love and tenderness to influence him, cling to his thigh, and incidentally prevent his descent into darkness.

However, the plot took an unexpected twist, and the protagonist still succumbed to darkness. The darkened protagonist personally inflicted harm upon Pei Jing, crippling him, destroying his cultivation, annihilating his sect, and casting him into endless hell.

Pei Jing: “Hehe, interesting :)”

And so, in the depths of hell, he too succumbed to darkness.

Emerging from the Abyss of Ten Thousand Ghosts, the once pristine Immortal in white transformed into a blood-red Asura. He severed the protagonist’s limbs and sealed him in the depths of the sea, thinking it would be the end. However, he didn’t anticipate that it was only the beginning. He was reborn, but in a body that was not his own.

After transmigrating into the book, Pei Jing’s first task was to find the protagonist, take him as his disciple, and search and search. And finally, at a certain street corner, he found him…

Pei Jing’s heart filled with joy. He bent down and reached out his hand to the protagonist, saying, “Young friend, are you willing to become my disciple?”

The protagonist raised his dirty head, looking confused.

However, at that moment, another person’s hand reached out and touched Pei Jing’s.

That person was dressed in black, with a mysterious and alluring appearance. Smiling, beautiful yet dangerous, he said, “Immortal, what do you think of me?”

Pei Jing: “???”

And just like that, he ended up taking two disciples at once. It seemed like quite a lucrative development—but wait, wait a minute, is this development a bit unusual?

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4 Reviews

Today Also I Chug Vinegar
New Today Also I
Sep 14, 2023
Status: c72
A brief introduction to those who were looking for adoption-type plot.

... more>>

Its not.

The 'protagonist' is actually very scum. Motivated by his inferiorities he seeks to 'prove' himself to those better than him. In the first timeline he does so by ruining the MC[Now Ml's] life and Yunxiao. After which, he proceeds to live in his own delusions of self pity and little to no respect for anyone but himself.


It portrays some of the more delicate tropes in Novels and manhuas like bullying, and Transmigrators adapting into the transmigrated world very nicely.

The ML who has crawled back from hell has a very cynical character while MC who is still not ruined by the happenings of the future has a more optimistic approach on things. Kind of like a newborn calf unafraid of the tiger.

In this way both of them compliment each other very well.

I cannot explain much but this article has displayed negativity born out of negativity very well. And I havent read many where its done like this.

The side characters interactions with the MC and ML and Plot is also quite well fleshed out and I like the concept of heavenly ladder collapsing, maybe thats why we cant cultivate anymore : (

Jokes aside, I really like the MC's yellow bird X The phoenix Devine beast ship haha


But what I'm really looking forward to in this novel is the side chapter where the main CP from another Novel of a similar plotline make a appearance here! Very excited



Also, this isnt very similar to MXTX. Those who think so are delusional and haven't read anything else to calm down from their craze. Just because of the walking in the blood rain? There wasnt even any Blood rain except in the most earliest chapter and sometime later in the seventh killing song arc. Calm down please

2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jul 06, 2023
Status: c26
I absolutely adore the heck out of Pei Jing's chaotic good relationship with his friends. He's the typical shameless yet morally-inclined protagonist loved by everyone and I'm here for it. I only seen a glimpse of their bonds with each other but I'm craving for it and hope that the future chapters would give opportunity to reveal more similar situations.

The male lead's Chu Junyu but all we know right now about him is that he's long given up on standing on a high moral ground due to past experiences that... more>> contributed to Yunxiao's downfall from his timeline. <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jul 19, 2023
Status: c18
I'm only on chapter 18, but let me tell you... as someone who has devoured lots of chinese webnovels, reading this one is super surreal. It's like reading an ode to MXTX's three works? You have the 'scum' master who wants to rely on the protagonist who is their disciple, the MC (Pei Jing) is a LOT like WWX with a JC counterpart, and now the ML and the MC are strolling around in a blood rain forest with an umbrella the ML provided hunting a bride-stealing ghost. IT'S SO... more>> SURREAL, because the story is actually really good and the writing is also good and all these really super weird parallels are giving me the novel equivalent of uncanny valley.

Like, I've read a LOT of cnovels, so it's not just me being most familiar with MXTX's works and therefore seeing them everywhere. It's not like this is a fanfic of MXTX's works, which is why I said an 'ode' but like yeah. Surreal.


I've read up to thirty four. It seems 18 is the height of that nonsense and since then there hasn't been any more weirdness. Anyway, so far it's pretty good as long as you can get through the weirdness! <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Aug 04, 2023
Status: c56
Miss MXTX's novel characters? Then, this is one of the best to check out this August. The characters have the resemblance to WWX's attitude with a mix of XL's smile as Pei Jing/Yuzhi and LZ's attitude & HC's umbrella as Chu Junyu.

... more>> Describe:

Amidst the crowd, a tall and slender young man emerged, donning a black robe. He was shrouded in a misty darkness, obscuring his features from clear sight.

An air of cold isolation emanated from him, similar to that of a rigid corpse.

JW: "How could you still be alive! How could you possibly return alive!"

He returned from hell, destined to become a nightmare in this world.

He walked in this world of crumbling order, whispering to himself in the dark cracks,

PJ: "Even if the heavens crumble and the earth overturns, I will exist alongside this universe and this timeline, forever, never dying."


And the story started from the point of view of CJ's in CH1 before PJ's from here on.

Pei Jing is stubbornly disturbing and following Chu Junyu trying his best to learn more about this young man clouded with mystery and influence him in every other way but instead drag himself to deeper misunderstanding.

It was chaotic right now. PJ looks like he already have fallen in crush for CJ who is just doing his own stuff seriously. And they also already met the protagonist of the world WJ.

Hoping for more! <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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