Half a Sect Master


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On the day before his college graduation, Bai Fan’s ordinary life took an unexpected turn. Every night, he would possess an abused child from the past. Gradually, he found out that the child’s soul was still there, but the child would only regain consciousness during the day, and the two could not directly contact each other. They rely on writing letters to exchange information, and support each other to go through difficulties. In a blink of an eye, ten years passed, the former child had grown into the leader of the Black Moon Sect. They are still living the day and the night separately. Bai Fan doesn’t know that the mind of the former child who never met him is gradually becoming twisted.

He hates the injustice of God, he is never going to be able to meet the person he loves. Everyone around him can touch the one they love. He is the only one who has never heard his voice nor his smile. He can only suppress his jealousy. He can only know about him from other people. They are very close, but also very far apart, same as the distance between day and night.

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haine22 rated it
February 27, 2022
Status: Completed
ML (Yin Rui) is YANDERE off the rails :))

He pretends to be docile and delicate to MC, but... ... more>>

for 10 years he's never had direct contact with MC (Bai Fan), so he gets really jealous of the servants, bodyguards and anyone else who interacts with MC. However, since he's also super paranoid he harms anyone that MC praises in their letter correspondence. For instance, there was a pretty maid Feng'er who gave good shoulder massages, so when ML found out he cut off the hands that MC "admired so much". Then he replaces all the servants with ugly ones, but MC is so oblivious he thinks ML has strange aesthetics LOL. Anyways, it only gets worse from there, ML silences a faithful servant who figured out that he's different during the day and at night. He also betrays and imprisons his own father because he wants to secure his own position as a sect leader to protect MC. There was another sect leader that met MC during a festival, I can't remember if ML attacked him though, but I do recall that ML attempts to mu*der this shadow guard that MC really likes. He lies to MC by saying he sent the shadow guard away on an undercover mission haha

Anyways eventually MC brings ML to his world and even though MC finds a cure for ML's eyes, ML still pretends to be weak and blind to keep being spoiled by MC. Remember that ML has a very possessive nature, so he goes and threatens one of MC's friends with a knife (he legit was gonna mu*der MC's pen pal) however MC discovers ML's true nature via the video call that was going on.

Does ML go on the path of redemption? NOPE, in fact after confirming their feelings, although MC and ML enjoy marital-like bliss, there's an extra chapter where MC's friends are worried about him because his partner is so controlling and possessive. In this chapter, MC sneaks out to a business banquet, encounters a woman trying to seduce him but he's so scared his bae will kill her that he runs back home hoping to get there before ML returns. But, even though he snuck back inside without turning on the lights, he's still caught by ML who notices a perfume smell on his body. Cue ML's monologue who has "an obsession to the depths of his soul" and ML acknowledges he's clinging on to MC because MC is his reason to live (whereas he's not the only one in MC's world, as MC has friends and family).


It's HE and there are a lot of comedic moments

For example, MC is drugged by an aphrodisiac (a classic plot device) and he's losing his mind so while his friend was driving, MC and ML were getting all handsy in the back seat making it super awkward for his friend. ML didn't want MC's parents to see him in this state so the friend takes them back to his villa, but with the intention of helping MC recover however MC and ML end up having s*x on his friend's bed LMAO the morning after was so awkward for MC because his friend slept on the couch all night, so MC was like "I'll buy you new bed sheets" and his friend replies "no need, I'll drive you back?" and MC refused because he's so embarrassed LOLOL

Anyways, eventually MC comes out of the closet to his mom Bai Mu (who kept trying to set him up with women) and eventually his mom accepts that MC is gay and with ML who she is fond of. Also, although ML hates his father Yin Nanhan, MC still cares about him so he sends a letter explaining the current situation and delivers wine once in a while.


Other male leads (there's quite a few "love rivals") and tbh this story could have been made into a BL otome game with a bunch of yanderes LOL -
    1. Yang Qi (shadow guard seven) who eventually develops his own personality because he falls in love with MC at night while constantly being tortured by ML during the daytime. Although ML attempts to mu*der him out of jealousy, he survives. When MC/ML fell down the cliff, he though God was playing a joke on him by sending him both the person he loves and the leader he hates to him. Anyways, probably due to all the torture he went through he's kind of crazy; he drugs ML to sleep during the day to "erase" his existence and forges letters to MC because he just wants to spend the rest of his life with MC, unfortunately MC has no idea this loyal guard will do anything for him, so he doesn't trust him (MC only trusts ML, and ML left a secret code implying they're in danger). I think Yang Qi is the classic "second male lead". For example, he can feel "that familiar gaze" when MC looks at him LOL
    1. Lin Shuai, gay college roommate who confessed to MC, was rejected and 10 years later is the successful career guy who is still attracted to MC. He hung out with MC a couple of times, and eventually confessed again, but was ready to let go however he witnesses MC and ML kissing so he snaps and confronts MC with the "what does he have that I don't" and "why does he deserve you" spiel. MC knows this ex-best friend of his has it all - looks, maturity, money. So MC bullsh*ts with "he's younger than you" which delivers a blow to Lin Shuai's ego. Anyways, he goes and gets drunk, drugs MC and attempts r*pe which destroys their fake friendship.
    1. Daddy Yin Nanhan, the classic Evil dad who is a good father to MC. He gets his own extra chapters which reveal how fond he is of MC. So, he thinks MC is another personality of his own son and he finds MC cute and endearing (which explains why he likes to tease MC by asking him to make him wine for his birthdays). He calls ML "my good son" sarcastically, but in his heart he calls ML the unfilial son ('cuz ML backstabs him). Truth is, he's not a perfect father (he's scum lol) and he's mostly bad to the ML - he neglected ML from a young age (he only started raising him when it turns out the other child wasn't his) and he ordered the eight-year old ML to mu*der the servants and the stepmom that abused ML (which contributed to ML's blackening and unstable mind). Although he's not completely evil since he never wanted ML/MC to die and he was really worried when ML disappeared (although in all honesty, he cares more about MC who is cuter than ML LOL).
    1. The Gong family (there's like 3 siblings, I think the second one was MC's body guard/housekeeper for 2 months, whereas the eldest invited MC to his wedding). Anyways, although their interactions with MC was platonic (and they make an otherwise dark story pretty funny), one of them keeps a photo of MC's self-portrait on his phone and he looks at him time to time, so maybe the author almost included a romantic subplot, however I'm so glad that didn't happen because I think MC needs actual good friends LOL
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InfiniteCloud rated it
April 12, 2022
Status: Completed
Got to say, I really liked this novel.

It's not really all that plot heavy, but it's really fun to read.

However, I would warn people though; the ML in this is an ACTUAL yandere.

Unlike many of the MLs in various novels who get the "Male Yandere" tag, this one actually really fits the bill.

As such, it might offput some people.
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Suisui rated it
March 27, 2022
Status: Completed
Warning: ML is a yandere, and an extremely possessive one at that, so if you're not a fan of that, chances are you won't like this webnovel.

However, even in a story where ML is a yandere, there's no r@pe, so that's a huge plus considering all the other stories with similar mls.

Additionally, ML cares about how MC feels, a lot, at least towards him. Though he only cares about MC, so basically everyone who approaches MC and gets his attention ends up either dead or disappears from his side. I... more>> gave it 4 stars since the plot was interesting, there weren't many misunderstandings and angsty situation get solved pretty quickly. It's a low 4 rating though, so you can find many much better stories than this one. It's not a bad read to pass the time since there aren't that many chapters. Give it a try, maybe you'll like it. <<less
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Alymirra rated it
July 4, 2022
Status: Completed
I saw the reviews are not all positive so I'm adding my two cents 😁!

This story takes a very common genre and remakes it into something truly unique and fun to read. The MC one day wakes up in a wuxia world child's (ML's) body at night. Then over the course of the next ten+ years the MC's life is split between modern day by day (8am-8pm) and a wuxia world by night (8pm-8am). Because (slight spoiler) ... more>>

the ML is the sect leader's son

the MC is stuck scrambling in modern day how to read and write traditional characters, calligraphy, martial arts etc to keep up with the ML's learning because he is literally living half the ML's life (12hrs).

I don't want to spoil too much of the story but the symbiosis the ML & MC achieve is quite well flushed out (ie the difficulties of living a life where you have a 12 hour blank space, the communication required, how to keep secrets from the other person when you share the same life/body etc).

I'm writing this at on 3 hours of sleep so apologies in advance if this review was a little scattered.

In summary, give this book a shot! It was such a fun and refreshing read! <<less
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Shizun rated it
February 21, 2022
Status: --
I thought it was a good story, but the pairing just went down hill for me.

MC is alright, but the ML seriously?? First of all way too yandere overboard. 2nd. Hides a lot of things from MC. Gets jealous about anything and secretly removes them.

I shipped MC with the poor shadow guard to be honest. But well....
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blues86 rated it
May 23, 2022
Status: Completed
The first half of the story is intriguing and interesting, but the second half is just so so, kind of anticlimactic. Some of the characters are underdeveloped and the plot just a mess.

I am honestly not a fan of the ML. I read a lot of Yandere ML, but this is just nonsense Yandere. I thought there would be a development in the ML character later, but there's none.
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hypersniper159 rated it
July 15, 2022
Status: c49
The world-building is nonexistent at this point which is a shame since it seemed... interesting since there is foreshadowing that they will meet in person as if that was obvious, it is a romance novel, maybe that's later. The plot/characters are also confusing for me. MC seems okay, just some average joe which is fine but the ML, the author spends just a little time and wording to describe his emotions, it's not like I don't understand yandere, but a little bit of love was enough to make him fall... more>> heads over heels? I wish I could see another chapter of how/what/when/where/why he became a yandere just solidify his character instead of just making a cardboard cut-out and slapping a 'yandere' sticker on it. The plot is just bizarrely confusing? Like it makes sense, it is linear, but it is pointless and feels somewhat random. I feel that this could have been written in 10, 000 words? The rating should be 2.5 but it doesn't deserve to be a 3/5 so sadly 2/5. <<less
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oikawas rated it
August 10, 2023
Status: Completed
Manipulation? Deception? Killing? Threats?... and age gap?! I thought for sure I hit gold. This would've been an automatic 5 star for me but somehow I feel like it lacked something. Honestly the build up was soooo good I had to MTL the rest of the chapters. Then it started being "ah.." around chapter 70.

Yandere being a yandere? Okay. But MC's reaction to everything was so... dry. The revelation didn't even result to any spicy changes to their dynamic. They just felt like wet tissue paper nearing the end.

MC also... more>> pairs well with Seven, Luo Shuai.... and ML's dad. All three of them have some degree of yandere-esque. Specifically, ML's dad who was huge a DILF potential... ahahaha don't shoot me o/ and Luo Shuai who was a face-con with a one sided crush towards his best friend (possessive malewife still smitten years later). Seven's just generally protective and caring.


The author tried to make Luo Shuai unlikeable at the end (non-con) but I never got over the fact that he got hard (inside someone else) just by hearing MC's voice. That was so funny; he's the same guy who did everything to please MC "as a good classmate" asjdahsd literally loser behavior (compliment).


That being said, ML and MC still has the best dynamic together. ML is really sweet towards MC and MC genuinely cares for him too. The "so close yet so far away" and "black and white" moment they had going on at the start of the story... muah chefs kiss. Just wished there was more to it because everything that happened in ML's world seemed like it didn't happen at all.


MC when he learned that ML kidnapped and abused his dad, fired a bunch of servants, physically punished one of them, abused Seven and tried to kill him, drew p*rn of the two of them and then threatened to kill his friend behind his back: oh... (disbelief) (shock)

Me, expecting something to happen: its here!! its here!! he's going to question ML's facade and this drawing might trigger MC's "straight man trauma" leading to a very emotional confrontation that leads to him unearthing his own romantic feelings

MC: why did u do this

ML: because I love you

MC: oh ok (nothing happens)

In the end, it went like: Out of nowhere, I think I like ML... oh sh*t I got drugged by my friend... then ML saved me.. I think I'm in love..

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A Loner Reader
A Loner Reader rated it
June 18, 2023
Status: Completed
One of the few novels I read in one sitting and even MTL'd for.

OK. I'm biased. Because an isekai, sharing one body premise is just one of my dream plot.

I've been wanting to find a novel with the same plot/premise in it.

... more>> Like borderline selfcest. LOL

I'd even want a novel about the MC being the second personality of ML. If you get what I mean.

Like 'Supernatural Movie Actor App' or 'Fake Demon Lord'

I'm in need of these sort of stuff, really.

So off to the novel.

As I've said, I'm biased, so I'll say all the good things.

-Yes, this is a novel with a yandere like all the other mainstream novels out there. (For those that love yandere ml, you'd wanna call the FBI for, like me) (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

-To be honest, I feel like the yandere trope was needed here, if the yandere trope wasn't there, this would've been a harem. MC attract so many bees.

Even the ml's father is one _ (´ཀ`」 ∠) _ (ノ ̄□ ̄) ノ ~┻━┻


-The MC is not s*upid. In the early stage he's even very dependable since ML is younger than him, he takes care, and be tolerant with him in every other way. Since he knows that the body he is using at night is not his and thus he feels guilty.

-The novel focuses on the two's interaction and dependence on each other.

-This is a light read. Not so many drama. There's some face slap but rare.

- Yes. It's HE ^v^

Overall, I greatly love the time reading this and would be very delighted to have more of these types of novels.

Recommend? Of course.

There might be some plot holes I haven't dug with my eyes that wore rose tainted glasses.

But it must be addressed that the fact that the world building, as the other reviewers have said didn't really went into detail. As I've said, it is a short light read. This isn't Xianxia nor Wuxia. This is Danmei.

HAPPY READING!!!♡ <<less
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This person is dying
This person is dying rated it
September 1, 2022
Status: -
Rating: Average

Questionable point: dubious toxic relationship, biased author (explained)

Recommended: Yes


... more>>

This story is mostly slice-of life, there will be a lot of days or activity mention in passing. It's a story of our hardworker MC (Bai Fan) 's journey from normal-riches and weak-strong. And a story of our ML (Yin Rui) dealing with his extreme jealously and longing for him. And also the story of how they finally get together.




Personally the slice-of-life was pretty good. Some events are pretty funny and there are some good face-slapping stuff happen in the modern world part. In comparison, stuff that happen in the xianxia world part can be a bit frustrating as a reader with omniscient viewpoint.

This also explain the questionable point I mentioned earlier.


Long ass explanation:


Are they relationship really toxic? Rather than toxic I felt it was because the author:

    • failed at developing Bai Fan's emotional state
    • too biased towards Yin Rui or maybe they just don't know how to build proper trust between people

Although Yin Rui's jealously was truly dangerous but if you scrutinize he has never crossed some lines

    • he only removed people's with evil intentions (it wasn't obvious at first, also it may only count as evil in author's worldview)
    • he usually only feels extreme jealously towards people who got praised by Bai Fan; he still let Bai Fan to have contact with others, having important or trusted servants and friends, and doesn't hate Bai Fan's family
    • he only removed people from his own sect, he hasn't gone as far doing something to people outside
    • although he lied a lot, but at least he is still listen to Bai Fan. He would still reason with him with his own fabricated logic tho, at least no obvious force

Sure, he's still a bit extreme but I think it was within the range of an abused illegitimate son of a cultivation sect. I think the problem lay more to author's taste/bias:

    • I mentioned earlier Yin Rui still listen to Bai Fan if Bai Fan's just truly serious about something. The problem is, Bai Fan never questioned him too much, always goes along with him; making readers who know everything feel frustrated.
    • Even if he later discovered something, it wasn't everything. Even until the end there are a lot of things that author won't let Bai Fan know. But even if he knew, I think he would forgive him. There are obvious example that Bai Fan still choose to side with Yin Rui's despite finding out the others' secret. In comparison, he suddenly became suspicious, or avoidance if it's another character who does it.
    • maybe the bias is understandable, but author's reason aren't convincing enough. It's half of your life! How can you bypass the change in surrounding, the tension in the air, and the obvious lie? It's just make Bai Fan either an extremely gullible person or an extremely biased person that he even subconsiously hinder himself from noticing.
      (except than that, his personality is okay and has some great and cute points)
    • I rather suspect Bai Fan already developed a crush.
    • Other people who have potential to woe Bai Fan, turned out to be a bigger douche in their own way. So basically, beside family and friendzoned characters, everyone else are sus. This is just sus attempt by author to promote Yin Rui as the best choice out of all douche. (I still like Yin Rui... to some extent)

Short analysis:


Author didn't let Bai Fan to discover all Yin Rui's lie which make it hard to determine whether their relationship is not toxic or that Yin Rui won't be a complete yandere.

I meant, will Bai Fan change his mind if he knows? or will Yin Rui change his attitude if Bai Fan knows? will Yin Rui try to be a better ML if there are better rivals? eh we will never know.


I still like it a bit. And I still low-key recommend it. Especially if you

like modern slice-of-life and doesn't mind the xianxia elements/setting (because the xianxia SOL is not as impressive as the modern one).

Just don't expect good characters development, good love rivals, and or trusting relationship or wholesome one.

It's actually short and an easy read.

And yet I still analyze it so much. <<less
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