Online Dating Boyfriend Is Actually An Alien


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My WeChat friend… he might not be human.

Jian Mei added a WeChat friend by accident. The other party didn’t follow any celebrities or surf the internet, living as if he were in ancient times. Jian Mei cherished this friendship, even if the other party was exceptionally cold and seemed… a little abnormal.

Jian Mei: “I had fried chicken and a hamburger today. What about you?”

The other party: “Nutrient solution.”

Jian Mei: “I usually like playing games and watching movies. What about you?”

The other party: “Assembling mechas and reading  memorials to the throne.”

Jian Mei: ?

In the 26th year of Xingyuan’s establishment, the universe entered an era of rapid development. Lu Xingwang, the third prince of the strongest planet, Stan Star, was weak and sickly. He was criticized by the outside world for his physique. He had a dark personality and never communicated with the outside world.

One day.

Lu Xingwang found that his communication terminal would inexplicably receive strange chat messages.

Although boring, the strange sticker packs and wordy nonsense slowly became his only hope through his dark years.

In the 29th year of Xingyuan’s establishment.

The royal family was in turmoil, and the Third Prince Lu Xingwang was formally established as the crown prince.

It should have been the liveliest of time, but the only issue was that the person who had always reached out to him every day seemed to have lost contact. There was no news from him anymore.

Until a year later.

His Highness, the Crown Prince, unexpectedly saw a missing person report on the interstellar network: “Lu Dazhuang from an unknown planet, your friend Jian Mei is anxiously looking for you. If you see this message, please call us.”

Lu Xingwang: “……”

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xue ge
xue ge rated it
January 16, 2022
Status: Completed
WARNINGs: My first time writing a review (may both be subjective and objective) and a few spoilers.

EDIT2: fixed the star rating, thank u to the person who helped :')


... more>> Okay, so, 4.8/5. One of my favourites that I'd undoubtedly read again.

Throughout my entire reading career, no danmei has ever made me write a review with the exception of this novel of course.

I've started reading this around the second half of November 2021 and completed it the same month. There were only 3-4 reviews at the time, I wanted to write one too but the drowsiness got the better of me right after I finished it around 3 am. Now, that I'm about to read and mtl my way thru all of it again, I am here to share my thoughts and feelings regarding this story.

Let's start with how the very first chapter hooked me. The plot starts with the MC, Jian Mei, living in his old man's village with his fam at the age of 14-15 during a summer vacation, MC helps his old man plant and treat nearby residents with medicinal herbs for free. And then at some point, the old man has given MC an odd-looking advanced mobile phone that he got from the mountains which basically leads our MC into interconnecting with ML, Lu Xingwang (only months olders than Jian Mei), who is a million light years away. This is only the first chapter, I won't say anything about the rest anymore but you could prolly guess what would happen afterwards.

About the progress of the plot, this story has 140 completed ch + 2 extras. As far as my mind could remember, it has slight to moderate slowburn as the first 50 chapters focuses on their growth as young teens who are going throught abrupt yet significant environmental, emotional and psychological changes, especially our ML! This is the stage where the both of them learn to trust and support each other despite the seemingly indefinite distance and large differences between the worlds they live in. The story also has timeskips! (Be prepared for some major and minor twists, prepare tissues too!! I advise you to not think too much of the sypnosis xD)

As for our lovely pair of lovers, after a particular timeskip, look out for their growth both as individuals and as a pair!! Apparently, the two is a walking transparent storage box of dog food whenever they're *****.

So, first with MC. You can see Jian Mei's development through his resolve to go beyond the capabilities of a simple human in order to aid and provide great care for those who are in dire need. He's not of a typical naive character that you'd rather endure than be pissed of with due to his impulsive nature and illogical thinking. He has his own ideals, he stands up for what he truly believes, and isn't easily swayed by those higher than him. But damn, in the presence of LXW, almost everything would just seem to go 'poof!'. Starting from his teenage years, he is already adorable AND embarrassing at the same time (which LXW finds endearing, ahem), please take care of him thank you very much.

As for our ML, Lu Xingwang has been added already inside the box of my piled ultimate Lu (s). This man, is like that one shounen protag where he gets beaten while in his vulnerable state by his foes without knowing that he has this hidden great power the could dominate the lands, the seas, and even the celestial entities. LXW follows that kind of exaggerating process but it isn't cliche with how the author made it refined and less infuriating. ALSO, said cold and distant man who could overturn almost every single thing with a flick of his finger is actually a tender and doting man on the inside... Yes, only when it comes to his beloved.

Lastly, the remaining.2 in my rate comes from the dissatisfaction that I got from mtl-ing (who hasn't anyways) —— either the mtl really just messed up, jumbled and mistranslated some words that ended up into making little to no sense when put together (basically going out of context) or there is a tiny, almost unnoticeable plot hole near the end. But that's fine, one of the expected disadvantages of using mtl. Overall, the MTL is good and readable!!

There is no perfect story, but this one will always have a special place in my heart. I believe that some of our personal preferences and the state/mood we're currently in affect the result of our reading experiences, so I am once again reminding you that this review is solely based from my own perspective. I don't know their official CP name yet but pls, for those who want to eat dog food, witness an ML void of warm emotions suddenly become a pile of honey goo in front of MC, and amazing futuristic and interstellar worldbuilding (helo little mushroom, mist and can ci pin likers) ——then let us read Jian Mei and Lu Xingwang's journey starting from their teenage years to adulthood in ODBA! ੭ ᐕ) ੭* <<less
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Sisithatlikestoread rated it
November 21, 2021
Status: Completed
I just finished it, and my god. I NEED EXTRAS, LOTS AND LOTS OF EXTRAS AAAAAAA

No jokes tho, this has been such a sweet journey! It's definitely sad at some points, however trust me when I say, it's a huge HE!!

The love between MC and ML?? Amazing. It started out slowly when they were 14 years old, however something happened and they lost contact for around a year... I won't spoil things tho! Their relatiomship is just so full of trust, love and respect, I can't even-

Ladies and gentlemen, no... more>> yanderes here, no super possesive and cold hearted ML's here, just pure fluff. This has got to be one of the best ML's i've seen ever! And the MC? Man he's so cute hagdhahsh-

The MC can be a bit naive sometimes, but we forgive him because he has a naturally low EQ and besides, he grows! Especially after

he transmigrates into ML's world and sees the cruel reality and unfairness of it. However just because he grows doesn't mean he becomes different, he still has that same essence in him!!

Like I said, the MC is super soft hearted and cute, but not s*upid!

Their interactions are so adorable and wholesome, especially in their early years. Whenever ML feels like sinking into the darkness and giving in, our cute-ass MC shows up and tellls him some really cute shit!!! So much fluff!! It's truly heartwarming!

The ending was very happy, and I feel super happy for them! I'm only sad we didn't get to read more of them and their life after😭😭 man please give me more dog food, I'm hungry for it😭

All in all, super recommended! I personally very much liked it, and I think many other people will too UwU <<less
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Shortk rated it
March 10, 2022
Status: c27
I know I'm being petty, but the one thing that keeps holding me back is the fact (I know whatever don't take this kind of story too seriously but too bad I'm petty) : you're telling me that the intergalactic world that is a million times more technologically advanced has 9 points out 10 is the EXACT SAME AS ANCIENT CHINA in social structure, conflict, characters, and social/ cultural rituals? *Rolls eyes* really?

I mean even if the aristocracy still existed, why would it look exactly like ancient china? I mean,... more>> all I'm asking is for more originality please. Every single thing is the same, did we cross galaxies or millennias into the past instead? I mean anything is possible yeah... So why couldn't you be a little more original? And sure I understand the readership is Chinese so writing it like this will make it more approachable, but it doesn't make for GOOD writing imo. So for that, although the leads are cute, I would say this is decently written. And just ok. If you're the type not to Care about this, you'll probably like it for the fluffy romance. <<less
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magicmau5 rated it
December 14, 2023
Status: Completed
I read this novel at a time when my brother had just passed away suddenly in an accident, probably only a month or so after the funeral. Because of that, my emotions were in a huge mess, and the amount of empathy I had for the MC because of long separations and other reasons was... well I had enough empathy with his circumstances that I was sobbing throughout a big section of this while reading. Not only that, but I have an incurable illness too. Sometimes I feel halfway normal,... more>> and then sooner or later it gets much worse, to the point at which I don't even know why I'm still alive since it feels like I'm constantly in hell. Having an incurable illness makes you cherish the special moments with your loved ones, and also makes you question why your loved ones ignore you when they know you're in pain. You become more emotional and start to panic when they won't return your messages. You think, did they finally get tired of me? There were times in this novel when the MC really needed someone, anyone who was willing to talk to him and not feel pity, depressed or guilty during a conversation. The ML became that special someone who he could contact in times of need, but because of the long distance between them, the ML was not always available. That kind of distance is so painful for someone who is critically ill, it's hard to describe, but the author handled all these kinds of elements with finesse. I'm really impressed with this author, and I will definitely be reading this again in the future when I feel less emotional lmao. I don't like the trope about long separations but it didn't become a drawback in this novel, but instead a strength. <<less
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Fairlady1996 rated it
November 24, 2021
Status: Completed
This plot novel is good. And there no snu snu in the novel, it a pure straight boy love. Only some gentle kiss and hug. Damn, I want the spicy version. However the plot development is very good. From their contact on ohone, and then when the truth is revealed that MC and ML share the same live force. And then the MC fall in coma, he come to ML world where the difference between kasta of civilians and noble. And the pandemic and how MC struggle to make the... more>> medicine for the pandemic. This is no op MC where he borrow all of the magic item from system. MC really show how he become more mature. This novel shows the reality life, not the op golden system or just ask the ML and all the problems solve by the ml. I really like this novel. The plot is not on romance only <<less
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December 2, 2022
Status: c106
Pet Peeves about this story.

The promotion of Chinese Medicine and other homeopathic treatment. Just something personal to me since my mother insisted on taking Chinese medicine instead of taking Western medicine, which made her illness worse.

But I guess you could rack it up to his cheat ability making the herbs and possibly the methods he uses, 10, 0000% effective and magical.

The author wants to showcase cheap and effective natural medicine that everyone can use in a society dependent on divine power for healing. The catch to healing with divine powers... more>> is that there are some cases where you can't heal the injury. A VERY convenient way for MC to swoop in and save the day with his medicinal concoction. That's fine, Batman gets his utility belt Green Lantern his ring.

What starts to feel offbeat is when he has to tell people to use Aloe Vera for their skin to make it less dry and stuff. I feel like this would work if this divine power society was still in the dark ages, but it's in an era filled with mechs, spaceships, and high end technology. They have people researching different chemical compounds to obtain beauty products that makes your skin less dry and smooth. So whose to say they haven't already researched aloe vera? How in the honest heck would they not know that aloe vera makes skin less dry when us Earth tech plebs in even Western society know about it and are selling it online. Heck my foot cream uses aloe vera. Anyways aloe vera is used to contrast against skin cream that uses those nasty chemical compounds that may cause an allergic reaction.


By the time MC starts working as an intern in a hospital, I'm starting to feel that the author is taking potshots at Western style hospitals when MC starts massaging an old lady and cooking non greasy food for her. The author uses this to contrast the level of care given by the MC versus other doctors and nurses not caring because there's a chief doctor involved.


One other pet peeve. When MC sells his medical herb prescription to treat the cold, (I won't even.... the cold...) the pharmacies rat him out to the authorities saying that he's selling things without a license. FAIR POINT. What bothers me is that MC does it again! LIKE WAHT?

In any case I'm not going to rate it because the relationship between MC and ML is sweet and non -toxic and the author really tried to build a society ruled by divine power. Just wanted to let my pet-peeves out yup. Story becomes pretty Mary Sue from Chapter 40ish and onwards, no one knows how to do anything except for MC and ML occasionally. <<less
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AdalSaira rated it
November 16, 2021
Status: Completed
This is already good and tbh I am the type of person that hard to give bad review, so all my review so far is all good review 😊

What can I say?

I drop this for a while and pick this latter after I calm down. Cause of what? The HAREM!!

Not literal harem (oc, if this really harem I will drop this before I even read it 😂) but more like Gary Sue. The MC invite many butterflies and most of them didn't have many entanglement too deep and then will... more>> be forgotten after a while.


Like seriously, I still remember Cheng Yu, Chen siblings, young master from Golden Town, Yussin, Lu Xinci, etc--i read the MTL from Chinese website so I am not sure if this names is correct or not.


It's okay if it's 1 or 2 with a little bit of drama to make it spicy (tho, I also hate drama genre but life need drama bruh~) but no, the side character in here realize quickly that they will never get MC (the most sensible side chara that I ever read and it's apply to ALL of them, kind of a let down)

MC is kinda OP. Not the OPness where he have incredible power, oh no. But he has wits and intelligent, more so his personality that treat everyone equally. In this way I can tell he is the most purest White Lotus I ever seen 😇 🌺

But the monarchy setting paired with MC's personalities makes me remember a lot about other revenge stories where the MC suffer cause the ori protagonist is someone idealis (idealis means they act according to their unchanging principles but that principles obv more suited for democracy or liberalisme and not monarchy)

But (again) oc you don't have to worry. The plot is not like that at all. Not some disgusting plot with dog blood drama but every villain is purified every time they met MC. As I said it's kind of a Gary Sue.

So it's a slow read with pure MC, enlightened villain, sensible side character, strong backbone ML, and golden tight scattered everywhere in MC's path.

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Blithe rated it
March 5, 2024
Status: Completed
Romance 4/5

World building 2/5

Plot 3.6/5

... more>> Was the romance in this novel better than say, 3/4th of all BL romances out there? Yes. The couple actually built a relationship upon each other's personalities if you get what I mean instead of physical attraction. Such is rare in BL novels.

Was the world building of ML's birth planet one of the worst I've read? Also yes. Forget Ancient China, I get that this is a Chinese novel and that they like adding Chinese elements. Like another comment stated, what I'm confused about is why ML's planet is made out to be a more developed world compared our modern world. Like seriously? First of all, why does monarchy exist in the first place? Also discrimination due to social status, concubines, servants, superstitions etc. Still exist in the so-called " developed " world of the ML. There is also the medical development when the epidemic hit. Sounds like a devolved planet to me. The only good thing about his planet is that they have powers but that doesn't take centre stage in the novel.

What really made me continue reading this novel was the fact that it's not too long and MC's personality. He's cute. <<less
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September 1, 2023
Status: c89
3.8/5!!! Despite the relatively... crazy (??) unique (???) premise, this novel is very down to Earth. I mean, it's basically Slice of Life with a twist to make things a little more interesting. I enjoyed it quite a bit, the characters were done well and the unique premise made the otherwise, dull, everyday life of the MC feel more interesting. It's just that Slice of Life novels have never been my thing (also why I didn't give it a high rating. It's a personal preference thing, not because I disliked... more>> the novel or thought it was of bad quality), so I dropped it in the end XD! If you're looking for a casual read with relatively smooth ups and downs, this is a great story to try. It's very sweet and relaxing. The author also has a way with words, so it's really nice to read the english translation.


SUMMARY -- The MC, Jian Mei, is an ordinary boy from modern-day China. He's suffered from a terminal illness since he was a child, and it's only when he turned 14 that his health started to turn for the better -- allowing him to live a relatively normal life. It's also at this point in his life that he was gifted a cellphone. This cell phone is unique, it seems to operate like your everyday cellphone. But at the same time, it also allows him to connect to a person from billions of light years away. Even more strange, when he makes contact with that person, the phone will give him points that he can use to purchase other apps. As someone who had been lonely for most of his life, Jian Mei became very dependent on this person from far away. And on the other end, a similar phenomenon is happening.

The ML is the third prince of the Stan Galaxy. He's always been promising, but because of an accident, he ended up losing his divine powers and becoming disfigured. Just like this, it seems that he has no hope for the throne. Everyone is eager to step on this once arrogant prince. And though the ML is strong, he's also just a teenager -- 14, just like the MC. He cares a lot about what happened and is on the verge of exploding. It's at this point in his life that Jian Mei first makes contact. The ML doesn't really care about it at first, but as he gets to know the person on the other end more and more, he also forms a kind of dependency.

(This is the state of the main characters. As for other things, they're mostly just extra. The main plot is the romance development and everything else is a subplot!) <<less
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damnmei rated it
August 15, 2023
Status: Completed
I was surprised with how much I enjoyed reading this! The last arc is a bit of a drag, but the rest of the story was very sweet and I really enjoyed the interactions between MC and ML.

MC is a very cheerful and good hearted boy, and his personality makes pretty much everyone fall in love with him because of how innocently good natured he is. Literally people will try to bully him but fail because of how kind and generous MC is, it's a bit hilarious watching the bullies... more>> fawn over him. He's so strong for his backstory, and his optimism is really just so inspiring.

ML has your typical kuudere build, being really cold to pretty much everyone except MC (it did take him a while to warm up to MC too, but once he did he was the most doting ML out there). He went through a lot, and honestly seemed way older than his age at the start, which did take me out of the story a bit. I feel like authors who want to write 14 year olds... just shouldn't haha, I don't think I've ever read a realistic middle schooler, and I also don't care much for it either.

MC and ML do finally meet around chapter

70 or so

and it was a bit anticlimactic for me, but they were cute nonetheless. I was definitely confused by the ending of the story though, the whole deal with the timelines was not very well explained, not that I think it could have made much sense anyways. A bit of a plot hole, but alas.

Overall was a pretty quick and cute read, not sure I would recommend as I feel the plot fell off a bit by the midpoint/end, but I still finished it, was too close to the end to drop it haha! Might revisit if the TL fully completes. <<less
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Akiraaa rated it
November 19, 2021
Status: Completed
I really really like this story. I read the novel on a website and I can say that you will definitely like it. MC's charcter is very pure and kind but he's not the type of naive and just a damsel in distress in some stereotype novels. He may not be as smart, brave, or very talented. His actions brought many things to the people who surround him. The ending is kinda rush though. The explanation of... more>>

how his family knows he's in a different place is not clear to me. It was only shortly explained. But, I guess maybe it's just the MTL's fault Lol.


Anyways, I recommend that you guys read it. The story was light. The story has a bit of tension, Some drama, Family fight

only in the siblings part though,

aliens, magical powers and so on.

That's all, although I still have a lot of words to say about this novel. I hope you'll like this. <<less
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aWangrn rated it
November 18, 2021
Status: c141
After finishing the mtl I had to come here write a review while crying. What fluff? My heart suffered so much I think im sick. Its a really simple story so don't think too deep while reading. The ending was a bit rushed to be honest, could have extended until like 200 chapters and I would still love it.

Sickly and lonely middle school MC and ML meet through a weird phone that connects them being 300 billion light years apart. Pretty angsty in some parts but yes im a masochist.... more>> I was doubting if it was gonna have a happy ending but it thankfully did. MC and ML are kids on the first chapters so of course they act like it. I absolutely love Jianmei and his passion for being a doctor, he is not weak minded at all and literally everyone falls in love with him, very hard not to like him. Luxing had a rough childhood so looks more mature, he is respectful of MC and loves him a lot, he is not a cold or cruel possessive. He is very supportive and caring, could've had more development though.

Binged the whole thing this 2 days after reading the first chapters in Chrysanthemum, the updates are really fast so you can wait for it to be completely translated. I'll definitely come back to re-read it after the translator Ebarle finishes it <3 Really love this story TT <<less
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April 13, 2024
Status: c81
The rating's for the romance it's acceptable since the MC and ML gradually fell for each other..... As for the rest it's... Well just not my cup of tea....

There's a lot of plot holes that can't be fully understood. And there's a lot of things that just don't make sense for me....

And well the MC just felt like an annoying Gary Stu character that's too foolish....

I didn't really feel much growth on him in terms of his judgement and overall situational awareness. To be honest I mostly skipped chapters haha..... more>> that and it feels like everything will just go well for the MC and there would always be someone that would guard him even without the ml. There's not much real independence with the MC but more of receiving goodwill from others because he's a saint?

This novel's jut frustrating to read it was lacking all the intrigue you'd expect from a palace type setting for the ml. There is but it's kinda lacking? Then on the mc's side it all about the mc's life and how he's unknowingly gathering a harem.. ?? Anyway it's a slice of life story. The plot is actually quite interesting just not well executed. <<less
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Fisukisuki rated it
November 16, 2023
Status: c61 part2
I definitely didNOT expect the plot of the story.

It's not as simple as you think. The plot was well through. The emotions are deep. The comedy and fluff are well done. The characters are interesting. And our CP are Intriguing.

Heartaching with the Terminal Illness moment... heartwarming with the Family feels and the feeling between MC and ML as each other sunshine.

Now the unexpected moment where MC is [...]

I can't waiiit to know more of the plot!!! Pray so hard the translation would continue till finished!!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
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Klimintina rated it
June 21, 2023
Status: Completed
One of the best stories I've read so far! A lot of things happened and it feel like while I'm reading this story, I'm really inside the story. It's really good! The relationship was slowburn but it's there! It shows from the very beginning, their journey and how they really want to be with each other. It's fluff! I love it that everything is just balanced! Highly recommended!
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samchon25 rated it
December 14, 2021
Status: Completed
This story is fluffy.. HE!

The plot is slow paced for the romance because the writer want to tell about MC progress and it way too long when the romance began. Maybe some the reader will be bored when you didnt like the slow paced plot.

Actually I found rather some unthinkable when MC goes to ML planet but later the writer will explain why it can be happen.

Like this story but I really think the ending make me a little dissapointed even tho HE lolol
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wangxian0821 rated it
November 30, 2021
Status: --
This so so good!😭😭😭 the chapt 1-50 I abt their interact in online chatting thin the 60-100 is abt the MC journey! Then 100-42 is abt covid 😁😁 really epidemic is everywhere!😡😡

It's really good!😭 u will cry and laugh and annoying!😁😁

I also like the old emperor he Don't care if his son won't mary the concubine or concort.. Bcs he know royal child is not good likes his sons who fight everyday for throne + the harem😑

Is also good that ML's mon is gone😁 bcs she's also like the other... more>> harem!😐 she warn her son always that he can't be frnd with low status or mary low status😐 I pity to the ML luckily he meets the MC 😍 <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
YunMeng18 rated it
November 13, 2021
Status: Completed
The synopsis interest me so even though the novel is not all translated yet I read it in mtl. And ola, it's so good and the interactions of characters are good an reasonable. I even cried during the MC and ml's separation. This one is good and I'm going to to read it again when the novel is translated.
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PhoenixChameleon rated it
November 12, 2021
Status: Completed
I really liked this one, so am glad it got on this list. This novel blends so many different tropes that it has something for everyone: sickly characters, weak to strong, sick to well, Chinese Herbal Medicine v Intergalactic Spiritual power, modern v interstellar, Power and family struggles, betrayals, long distance and online romance, Royalty, alchemy, a pandemic, and more. The MC and ML are both interesting and enjoyable characters to learn about, there is always a lovely, slightly dark sarcastic sense of humor and a comedic undertone despite the... more>> inevitable angst in the story, plenty of banter, angst, and misunderstandings, true love, and more. There's a little bit for everyone to enjoy. I didn't get bored with this novel, which is hard to accomplish. I recommend this if you're looking for something slightly different and enjoyable!


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Du Xiao Mi
Du Xiao Mi rated it
January 8, 2023
Status: Completed
This story is exceptional! I really recommend reading it. It often made me cry though, especially in the early stages. Some people may be dissatisfied with how the story progresses or some characters or some insignificant plot holes, however I don't mind this novel at all even if I usually nitpick everything. I was almost tempted to give it 5 stars but ended up only giving 4 at the end
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