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Wen Qing was pulled into an unlimited flow game, and after struggling through the first instance, he received a strange buff.

System: 【 All inhuman beings will have a good impression of you. PS: ***** 】

Wen Qing asked cautiously: ”What does the asterisks mean?”

System: 【 It means ***** 】

The blocked words are definitely not good at all!

Wen Qing cried: ”Can I refuse this weird buff?”

System: 【 The best hunters often appear in the form of prey. 】

Wen Qing choked. ”Am I the best hunter?”

System: 【 You are the most delicious prey. 】

Wen Qing: ???

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9 Reviews

New WallEyeKnee
Sep 05, 2023
Status: Completed
Lets start with -1 Star because ML is always thinking about ****** I am like please stop. He doesn't go a chapter without mentioning something yellow, put some effort in how to be romantic and stop the s*xual harassements.

I think even the author near the end agree with me someone like Si Kong should be the ML, He's the best candidate with his nature and how he interacts with MC. I am sorry no one can change my mind, I was upset with his good bye.

TOP 3 ML I think

Si... more>> Kong

System 001

Bai Tong

The last arc did dragged out too long too We have I think +60 chapters in the real world just for the MC and ML to get toegether.

MC did start to cry alot and being scared in the beginning, but his growth arc is rather special. He himself never changes but becomes more determined and resolute to go home, no more crying and just try to get through things using his brain. He's rather slow in the beginning but gradually gets better as he has more confidence. I like that type of character development.

Well the harem is a spoiler, I did think it pretty annoying every guy would just fall for MC and want to **** him. Then went on with s*xual harassments. But then you will find out in the end the reason for that.

I think the title should be changed to something related to 'Guide' it makes more sense that way you will know what I mean.

This is a relatively safe unlimited flow game, there's tension here and there. But everything is under control and protection around MC so he will never get hurt. The instances and games are no too complex, well since all the game MC plays are related to the 3, it isn't that difficult to figure out what it's about.

I did enjoy this novel, didn't expected to be almost 300 chapters, I did think it was dragged out in the end. But it's fun reading with the interaction of characters, the comedy is pretty on point. <<less
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Sep 20, 2022
Status: c197
The novel is actually pretty good if you can look past the pe*verted males trying to get at our timid MC. Really pay attention to the twisted personality and male yandere tags because most of the men chasing after Wen Qing can be described like this. I also used MTL for almost all of what I read so far so I'm unsure how good my understanding of it really is but I think I understand the gist of things?

I actually enjoyed the scenarios themselves. I think they were interesting and... more>> with twists I didn't expect at the end. In my opinion, each scenario isn't just a random copy that the MC enters, but they help with world building and giving hints on the gods that seem to control the world and about the world itself. We can see as the MC goes through each copy that he is slowly piecing things together that he learned from each copy as he tries to unravel the mystery of the world.

The MC is a bit of a crybaby so if you hate weak and timid MCs that have a hard time standing up for themselves, this is probably not for you. However, I do appreciate his growth as time goes on and he learns to fight back and stand up for himself. Of course this does not always work as many of the characters that chase him are stronger than him or have some kind of advantage over him in the situation but he doesn't just lie down and accept it and will make it clear that he doesn't want to do anything (not that our twisted MLs care much about that).

I will admit he does cry a ton in the first copy however I'm pretty sure it's because:


In the first copy, the house that the group are living in puts strong negative emotions in people that build up over time, at least that's my understanding from MTL. Some characters experienced anger/wrath, others experienced envy, and we see that MC has I think depression or fear or sadness? I think that's what lead him to cry so much but I may be wrong.


After the first arc he still does cry but it becomes less as time goes on and he grows more and gets used to the world he lives in.

Now our male leads. There's SO MANY OF THEM. And the ones I ship him with the most will probably never have a chance but darn it I really want Wen Qing to end up with someone decent.

The harem tag is there for a reason and it's no lie to say that there's so many people that fall for Wen Qing that I lost count. Not all of them are that bad but the ones who are bad are BAD.

My thoughts on each ML so far. Contains spoilers on their identities and on scenarios so read at your own risk. (Also I don't know if I have their names right because of MTL so after this if fully translated and I read this again I'll probably correct it) :


Ji Yu: Honestly he terrifies me. Truly suits being the king of hell. He's the god that wants to see mankind descend into madness and will do what he can to aid them in their descent. He's a master manipulator and is able to control his speech, actions, and facial expressions so well that he's able to convince you that he isn't bad and is gentle and kind even though you know he's evil. Both MC and I have been fooled by him twice even though I did eventually catch on but still... I will admit though I love Xiao Jiyu, shows up in Rose Castle (?) scenario, so much and I will do anything for this child.

Si Kong: I actually really liked Si Kong since the beginning. I'm not sure which god he is but he's one of the ones that stand on the side of humans. He tries to help them in the ways he can, despite the multiple restrictions there are on what he can do. He's the most trustworthy of the gods and we can see that Wen Qing also knows the nature of Si Kong and thus feels safe and relieved when Si Kong is around.

Yu Xing: I never know what to expect from Yu Xing. He's a god that mainly focuses on lust and love and one that just wants to play games with humans. This makes him really unpredictable because you never know how he's going to mess with the situation. We can see from the first arc that he enjoyed messing with the players' heads and making them doubt him and each other. He could help them clear the task but he'd rather they stay in there so that his fun doesn't end. But then we see him help Wen Qing as well with solving the task so he's not totally evil but he's not good either? Like I said before he just wants to play games. Although of the gods he is the most pe*verted one and sexually harasses the MC a lot.

Zhou Zhou: THE SCARIEST HUMAN MALE LEAD. I swear Zhou Zhou is so unhinged and creepy that I literally cannot with him. He is unabashed in his twisted like for Wen Qing and wants him no matter how Wen Qing feels about it. He seems to enjoy playing around with MC and seeing him on edge... Sometimes I wonder how much of Zhou Zhou that we see through most of the novel is how he really is, and how much was him getting twisted by the first arc...

Bai Tong: Finally a decent ML is introduced! Him and Wen Qing meet when Wen Qing goes to the player living world and then again in the second copy. He's the first person that likes the MC without being super r*pey and forceful to him. He doesn't make unwanted advances and he doesn't sexually harass the MC. He protects him and helps him through the copy. He respects the boundaries of the MC and is seen as a responsible teammate that the MC can trust. I haven't gotten to where he reveals his feelings and I don't have hope that it'll be reciprocated but Bai Tong is at least a light in this cruel pile of MLs.

Oz: Another insane ML, almost on the level of Zhou Zhou. He's also forceful and harasses Wen Qing, but seeing the interactions of him later on compared with Zhou Zhou, he's not as bad kind of respects the MC's boundaries a little more?

Ye Ye: Ye Ye is kinda like a little tsundere who develops a school boy crush on Wen Qing. He thought badly of MC before because he thought Wen Qing seduced Bai Tong and Oz to carry him through a scenario, but he learns that's not the case and ends up becoming friends with the MC. He's one of the decent MLs and I root for you Ye Ye even though I'm almost positive you aren't the real ML. We really see MC's character change when he stands up against Ye Ye when they first meet which is a refreshing change for him.

Xing Ze: Honestly, one of my favourites. Starts off as an NPC in one of the scenarios that is set up to be Wen Qing's friend and is a police officer that is solving a case with MC's help. He takes care of the MC and protects him and doesn't take advantage of him even after figuring out that he likes him and MC is often vulnerable around him. We can see that MC really trusts Xing Ze and associates him with safety. He probably won't be end ML but I really wish it...

Jiang Yan: Our resident crossdresser and flirt. He comes on strong to the MC and flirts all the time but I'm pretty sure he has never been violent and forceful to Wen Qing. They did make out once but that was so Wen Qing wouldn't get caught by Oz and Zhou Zhou. Overall he's been really helpful towards the MC and despite how flirty and frivolous he may seem, he's helped the MC since they met and goes out of his way to protect him, which can be seen when he comes back after scouting the whereabouts of Zhou Zhou, Oz, and Ji Junfeng during the Going Home arc. I also really root for him although it probably won't be him in the end...

Ji Junfeng: At least he's dedicated... Literally turned from NPC to player just to be with Wen Qing which is kinda cute if you can forget he's like part vine monster that wants to lock up MC for himself???


There's more. A lot more. But it's almost 1am and I'm not sitting here for another half hour to comment on them so maybe later. The ones I've talked about are more of the main ones or who left the biggest impression on me. The rest I didn't mention are more side characters from different scenarios that have been forceful and sexually harassed MC so not really worth it to mention...

I have no clue who the real ML is although I do have a suspicion or at least a wish on who I want it to be. My guess is that:


It's actually 001! The system of Wen Qing! We can see that 001 has a sentience that other systems don't have and he helps and is there for the MC when no one else can be. We see hints throughout the story that there's more to 001 than just a regular system and that he may gain a body in the future??? I'm not really sure, this is just my guess but I love 001 so I'm rooting for you too!


Overall the story isn't bad and it's actually pretty god. I enjoyed the scenarios and a lot of the characters but I'm slowing down reading it, possibly putting it on hold because it's just so long and it feels like I'm nearing the end but there's still like, 78 chapters left and I have no clue what's going to happen. I'm just a little burnt out but I'll probably finish it soon. I just wanted to write this while I had motivation to. <<less
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Sep 26, 2022
Status: Completed
Surprisingly decent with actual plot amidst Wen Qing (MC) getting harassed by pe*verts.

Wen Qing - timid and kinda s*upid but he grows on you. Cries a lot in the first game but sort of has a reason for that. Gets better in future games and has slightly more spine. Honestly I feel pretty bad for him because he's constantly getting harassed by the multiple male leads. He's pretty resolute at heart even if he's timid but is dense as a brick. It's pretty satisfying whenever he does use his brain... more>> or lose his temper just because you want him to be better.

The games are decent. I enjoyed reading through them even if they're biased towards Wei Qing (for better and for worse). The first world is the worst but the rest of the world's are pretty interesting.

Romance - If he's a male and his looks are described in any positive way, chances are he will be into Wei Qing. The gamut of men run the range from being nice to absolutely psychopathic. Even some of the nicer ones have a dark side. I'd average three make leads per word although some do overlap. Warnings for most of them not respecting Wei Qing's boundaries and he basically is always kissed against his will. The range of the men and their tropes makes for interesting dynamics though even for the yanderes so nothing too dull. No two yanderes are the same after all!

There's somewhat a reason for the world's and Wei Qing's inexplicable ability to attract.

Final ML


the creator god and also Wei Qing's irl roommate. Everyone is sort of a fragment of him but they don't actually merge. That's why he's so attractive to them because they're influenced by ML.

It's kind of bittersweet. He gets to have a final moment with all of them but I'm pretty sure they're their own entity.


Extras are mostly fluffy slice of life with Wei Qing and final ML although you can tell the author is pretty fond of one specific game world with the two split ending AUs. <<less
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Salted Eggie
Salted Eggie
Jun 30, 2022
Status: c163
Okay, so when I was reading this, there is no harem tag. And slight warning this novel is pack with pe*vert, psycho and neuropathy.

Our MC is normal in personality as he was timid n coward. Just like how when ppl got into UF. Its kinda annoying at first but thankfully its not like white lotus. He's improving tho it is slow. He pretty n cute but not like godlike. Its just he looks enchanting when bullied cuz even MLs said that MC is not the most beautiful.

The MLs hmmm... I... more>> detest n like them. THERE IS TOO MANY. You can see some list on 1 floor comment but IT'S ONLY 1/4 OF IT. Intimate action with EVERY SINGLE OF THEM.

Plot quite interesting actually. It is like mysteries kept uncovered. The system, good, npc, monsters, player, game world and even humans. Plus when you go into nest copy, you can't really predict. Its never similar except MLs being pe*vert all the time.

So why I stop reading? I'm tired. First I hate harem but I dunno I kept reading. Maybe cuz I like MC. Second, all this pe*vert kept getting on my nerves and they're related. They're so creepy that I felt my hair standing.

Beware that 95 percent is about pe*vert things they do to MC. Pah pah. I will absolutely read it but after its translated fully. <<less
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Jun 29, 2022
Status: c24
Just finished the first arc (The Guide) thru MTL. The rating is based on personal preference. Take note that I made this review after reading the first arc.

I was drawn in by the 'comedy' and 'unlimited flow' tags besides 'yaoi.' Unfortunately, it left a bad aftertaste just after reading the first arc. The MC's character is really timid, cowardly, and cries a lot; just from the first arc, I lost count how many times he cried and when he's afraid (or harassed) he's just frozen for the most part besides... more>> crying. Perhaps it's because I'm reading mtl or MC is an idiot (excuse the harshness) but I felt like I was losing braincells.

Physical appearance-wise, he's described as that of a small animal that evokes one desire to protect and/or bully him; tender, white skin to the point you could see the veins, small waist, slender, meaty ass, pitiful (especially when he cries).

As for the ML


I don't know who the ML is. Heck, I got blindsided. I didn't expect there'd be ML candidates. Hell, I didn't even know that they'd get to eat tofu before the ML was confirmed. I even thought there should be a harem tag if it's like this; I'm pretty sure this won't be their last meeting. ML candidates according to the first arc is perhaps 3 or 4 - the 3 gods and 1 fellow human :

1. Yu Xing - bathrobe guy; exudes sensuality, is bold, shameless, speaks with double meanings (ero) usually to MC but surprisingly an active helper to MC in exchange for a bit of tofu

2. Ji Yu - white-shirt; can pull off the teacher aura, two-faced, manipulative, ngl he scares me with the way he utters words of concern but contains ulterior motives; he and yu xing are the gods that relish with mankind's fall; King Yama / Hades

3. Sikong - basketball jersey/shirt; iceberg, can be gentle, stands on mankind's side; MC trusts him more despite being a little afraid of him because Sikong's attitude reminds MC of his dorm head.

4. Zhou Zhou - fellow human with MC, a sunny boy that can maintain his calm when the game started, a leader, but due to circumstances like the game, Ji Yu's manipulation, his jealousy and hatred towards Yu Xing for being so forward with his desires to MC, and his obsessive fondness for MC, he became yandere-ish.

I don't know who scares me most: it's either Ji Yu or Zhou

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Nov 11, 2022
Status: Completed
3*, The MC is a different type of pathetic but he doesn't annoy me. I quite enjoy it?

The novel does eventually get boring and repetitive later (in the final arc) -- the kisses and eating tofu scenes (borderline mature rating) have nothing else to them. The MC reacts the same, reading 200 chapters of him rejecting the steam and advances without any character development does eventually make me feel like this novel has less of a substance. Still I continued reading because I enjoy unlimited flow + wanted to know... more>> how it ends.

Nearly gave up when he starts talking to zhouzhou again in the final arc, I didn't need to read 3 chapters of them not doing anything lol. By the end of it.. every guy in the harem is kinda gross and weird. I didn't like any of them, neither do I like the side-characters who are a little harmful to the MC (unintentionally). Except for xingze (who doesn't get the opportunity to) and jiang yan (who wasn't that bad?).... I think its a bit sad at the end, but grateful that they all get the opportunity to spend time with him once more... <<less
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Feb 12, 2023
Status: --
I love this story ackkkkk. I really love yandere ML (specially if there are many lol) A lot of peopl are angry about the MC being weak and a cry baby but for me its understandable. I love that he is showing emotions and did not adapt immediately like other story MC do. I really cringe everytime the MC immediately solve a unlimited flow at first time (I just hate that they are too op to solve)

I love the mc!! He is a very cute guy! I... more>> dont really like weak MC but this one sit just right for me. The ML are my types. Kinda overbearing guys

I love u harem <<less
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Feb 08, 2023
Status: Completed
Let me tell you this. This novel is the first one I've read the entirety of without really liking the MC. Usually my number one aspect to liking a novel is whether the MC is charming to read about or not. In this novel, the MC starts off as a person with below-average IQ. Even if someone hand feeds him the answer he will not get it. It was frustrating to read. By the end he has a little personal growth but still he is a pretty normal person... more>> with great looks.

However the novel is very well written. Something that stood out is the chemistry the MC has with each ML. The tension between all of them is palpable and leaves you blushing hard. The final ML standing is the perfect match for the MC too.

I do think the ending arc was stretched out beyond its limit though.

Overall, 8/10 recommend. If you're quite patient at the beginning you'll grow to like it. <<less
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Jan 31, 2023
Status: c257
Would have been 5 points, but because of the verry draggy last arc, I had to force myself to continue reading until I see the MC and ML be in an official relationship. In the end, I didn't get to finish until the last chap but I did see them get together. I know in infinite flow and qt genres, the resolution in the real world usually gets rushed but here it isn't. But there's rushed, there's just right, and then there's please end this suffering HAHAHAHA. Srsly though, the... more>> real world arc made me kinda bored although there was a lot of cute moments.

To be fair, I enjoyed reading this a lot. The different scenarios are fleshed out and exciting. A couple of novel logic may have passed me without me understanding because of the MTL though. For those who don't like crybaby MCs, it gets better. The MC may have been so much of a crybaby in the 1st arc because of one that must not be named using voodoo magic and he's still a bit of a crybaby in the next arc but he gets stronger and more mature as he gains experience. The MC often times surprise me with how rational he could be which also surprises the characters who initially encountered him as a kinda useless crybaby.

Moving on to the romance part, you'll enjoy this if you enjoy a character who's usually aromantic and/or asexual. BUT, he does get a lot of romantic and s*xual advances from a LOT of GUYS. And when I say lots, I do mean lots. Nice variety btw. They're also pretty interesting characters.

But in the end, they were all fragments of the endgame MC which does explain why so many guys like him out of nowhere. It's because it's the SAME PERSON. Feels like a cop-out though which is often seen in Chinese danmei (many guys turn out to be one person). If you're going to make a harem, stick to it! If you're looking for a REAL HAREM danmei, read Bird Dude Nie Bufan.


Dialogue? Pretty funny at times. Plot, the different copies build up to an overarching arc so the plot doesn't leave you hanging with loose ends.

Enjoy! <<less
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