Became an Infinite Game Beauty NPC


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If selected as a player in a horror game, it’s either clear the game or die.

Ruan Qing had it worse. He directly became a special player who played the role of an NPC in the horror game, essentially living in the opening credits.

What’s even more unfortunate for him is that his physique is extremely peculiar, attracting the attention of sadists and psychopaths no matter where he goes.

Game 1: [Horror Livestream Room] – A gloomy and delicate victim who can’t bear the slightest grievance – Completed.

Those who owe debts always have to repay them, and once you owe a debt, you will be selected by the horror livestream.

Ruan Qing was the first to be chosen: “…”

After Ruan Qing was chosen, various ways of his death flooded the invisible barrage in the livestream room.

However, when the camera focused on Ruan Qing’s face, the barrage froze, and the previously cruel and heartless comments instantly changed.

[I don’t think he deserves to die. Isn’t it just an insult? He didn’t lose any flesh. Why make a big deal out of it?]

[I agree, I don’t think he’s a bad person.] Initially, everyone said, [Someone so malicious should just die!]

But later, everyone flocked to the Weibo accounts of the people Ruan Qing had insulted: [You can’t even afford grapes, but you dare to eat steak. Do you still have any humanity?]

People who were inexplicably insulted: “??? Are you crazy?”

If you discover a serial killer knocking on your door, about to break in within a few minutes, what would you do? If it were any other host, the audience would probably be excited and want to see various ways they would die.

But if it were Ruan Qing…

[Don’t open the door, Ruan Qing! Please don’t open the door! Run away quickly!!!] Ruan Qing took out his phone and dialed the number of the neighbor across the hall (another serial killer), “Hello, your food delivery has arrived. Can you please open the door and pick it up?”

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New Kuzo rated it
April 5, 2024
Status: c197.3
Having love-hate relationship with this novel.

... more>>

I like how calculative MC are but I hate how every NPC and every players attracted to him. At first, I thought it's because of his dazzling looks and body until I saw NPC/players/viewers still attracted to him despite possessing another person (good looking) in instances or changing his avatar body in main game city. Im abit not satisfied that he can't show his real nature thanks to Out of character feature. It's feel like his nature will always be white lotus. The plots is quite nice. Im sooo satisfied with every ending of instances (up to what I read as I put above). Just that MC have no players to be his friends who genuinely like him in not romantic way but real friendship. Only sub system kinda by his side to help him by betray main system (altho the system also have bit romantic feeling toward MC...........


Also, there is a reason everytime MC like this and that person.


It's so that he can delay time so that phone call or another person come to c0ckblock the person and/or that he want to be heartless where he will die in front of those people and submit his answers to leave instances. It quite satisfying to see their reactions of trying to save MC and shts.

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New pluckaduck rated it
April 2, 2024
Status: v4
im thankful to read this for free, but the writing is so tedious. MC survives by virtue of being a beauty; even if it draws pe*verts and such, the benefits outweigh the cons, bc he can just use their obsession with him to manipulate them to some extent. the descriptions of his beauty are excessive and repetitive. the first arc was definitely the worst in this aspect. the author keeps telling us he's smart and cunning, but I have never been impressed with it, bc it all boils down to... more>> the pe*verts's indulgence for him. that's not to say he has it on easy mode, cuz he is hardworking and not OP, or has the mental fortitude of one, but it's ridiculous how no one can see thru his acting and are all fooled by him... which btw only works bc he's beautiful. I think the details and lore of the instances are interesting, but it could be executed better, bc I could not retain the information at all. I'm not sure if it's just the prose or my attention span, but it's forgettable, messy, and boring and I could not wait for each arc to end. <<less
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Reedii rated it
May 27, 2023
Status: c453
So a few things to note before getting into it:

    • There are r*pe/non-con elements in this story (so far)
    • Excessive descriptions of the MC's unbelievably beauty
    • Expect reverse harem situations where MC's "love interests" are very powerful (there's a definite power imbalance)
    • Obsessive/Yandere love interests
    • Lots of talk of how the MC's appearance makes everyone want to bully him and how bullyable he is
What I like so far:

    • The MC can ACT! He has a weak body due to health conditions, so he pretends to be naive and innocent when he's actually pretty calculating (I'd also ruthless but when he sees ghosts...)
    • I love the amount of world building the author does for each arc (it took the author about 80 chapters to cover 2 arcs for reference).
    • Arcs has me hooked with the mysteries of the each world



MC was brought into a horror tyle unlimited flow game and his role is to pretend to be an NPC in the worlds he's sent to. He doesn't explicitly reveal to the other players that he's a player too, so he pretty much acts on his own.

His current body has been copied from the real world, so it is weak like his real one due to health reasons. He's able to make it stronger once he saves up enough points.









Is it Lunatic Lu?

Is it Su Zhen?

Is it the [unnamed as of yet] player who is constantly wiping the memories of his love-brained clones when they return to him after they die in a world (after meeting MC lol) ? He's actually called.

Is it the System?



MC and System


AHHHH I LOVE THEIR RELATIONSHIP SO MUCH!!! They're so funny! The poor system just wants to do a good job! And the MC just strolls in, refreshing its four views and tricks information out of it!

Poor system LMAO. The moment it says something out of pity (because the MC is pretending to be very pitiful), the MC turns around and goes like "ok this answers my real question".



MC and ML


Currently unknown. I'll come back to this once im 100% sure who it is.



Arc 1 [ch 1 - ]


MC is a poor keyboard warrior/gamer whose identity got exposed.

Love interests: landlord, club owner (?), doctor.


Arc 2 [ch - 81]


MC is a school bully in a high school.

Love interests: classmate, ghost, uncle (?), god.


Arc 3 [ch - ]


MC is a husband (wife) whom is temporarily blind due to an accident.

Love interests: mu*derer, neighbour, principal/teacher, players.

This was actually really interesting, especially seeing how different the MC is when he's not acting! I also like how not all of the MC's plans are foolproof, and that yes, the characters around him do in fact have brains as well. Double thumbs up from me!


Arc 4 [ch - ]


MC is a university student working part time in an illegal bar.

Love interests: manager, dean, classmate, player (s).


Arc 5 [ch - ]


MC is finally able to enter the "players' rest stop" in between the worlds.

Yang mansion.

MC is a lover of a rich young master who died.

Love interests: brothers-in-law, father-in-law.


Arc 6 [ch 160 - ]


Pen fairy.

MC is university student thats a crybaby.

Love interests: professor, classmate.

NGL I was getting really bored in this arc. I found that it was really long but finally picked up at the end.


Arc 7


Zombie apocalypse.

This arc actually got my interested in this story again. We finally get a break from all of those ghost infested worlds with an MC who's terrified of them and plopped into a zombie apocolypse. We get to see more of MC's badass abilities (finally lol).


Arc 8


Gambling casino.

Again, another interesting arc. I really like how people are starting to see the MC for who he is (a brainy, strategizing MC rather than a weak vase).


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aliceramenhead rated it
June 26, 2023
Status: c45

    • MC is proactive, resourceful, self-reliant and just overall very smart in the way he chooses to go about solving/escaping the copies/instances; he's not OP and makes lots of mistakes, but he always finds a way to turn a dead end into a situation in his favor and he never lets his weaknesses deter him or discourage him from taking action and moving forward.
    • Writing & worldbuilding perfectly calibrated for an infinite flow horror story, suitably creepy & spooky vibes

    • Everyone c*mming all over the place every third paragraph of every single chapter because of how beautiful & sexy MC is got old really fast. I hate how much the MC is objectified and sexualized in the story, MC has a cool & interesting personality and the plot & setting has loads of potential but this is what the author chooses to focus on??? I was hoping it would stop at some point because surely even the author would get bored of describing the juicy curve of MC's ear for like the 50th time but nope, 40+ chapters in it's still going and not only is it insufferable but it also drags the story down every time. Speaking of which...
    • The pacing. Oh god, the pacing is HORRENDOUS. Arc 1 is 40 chapters long and I spent the last 15 chapters wondering when it would end lmao. And I'm not kidding when I say this, I think it was only that long because there were so many paragraphs dedicated to describing and fanboying over MC's beauty and s*x appeal. Yikes.
    • The normalization (and sometimes even fetishization) of s*xual assault was completely unnecessary and added nothing to the story except make the MLs creepier and more despicable than they already were (which may have been the point, but still gave me the ick, blegh)

Cool, badass MC and horror elements are A+, but the real horror is that the MC will probably never be able to reach his full potential because he is stuck in a story where everyone (including the author) is only interested in how f*ckable he is TT_TT

(Kudos to the translator btw, translation is smooth & easy to read <3)
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XiaoPingGuo rated it
June 23, 2023
Status: Completed
where is the comedy tag on this??? where is the comedy tag?????

this novel can be summed up like this:

... more>>

first you fight god, then you f*ck god, then you become god.... wait.


as previous reviewers say: read this for a feels good time. because it is. a feels good novel for degenerates. author does a pretty good job at these multiple ml's, because author doesn't let anyone forget about them with her descriptive words when they reappear back into the story after a long absence.

and hey, there's actual meat too! in 2023! jjwxc!

my only gripe is that: my fave psycho!!!! where !!! I felt sad that he wasn't in the story after the casino arc but I like to believe he ascended and became a higher power... (spoiler: he does. but it's not the same : ()

also the way that like. the top 10 players on the leaderboards of the players are actually dungeon bosses who f*cked off from their own instances and went on to mess with other dungeons. I liked the idea, its just that the thought of the top players, who are actually dungeon bosses is.... infinitely funny. <<less
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Tsukihime rated it
May 29, 2023
Status: c253
Rating: 4.5

I'm currently at arc 7 and I'm really enjoying it so far, maybe because I'm a big reverse harem enjoyer. The highlight of this novel for me is the MC. I like how he always get out of difficult situations by using his wits alone. He has a weak body, but his brain makes up for it. I deducted 0.5 stars because the mention of MC's beauty could get really tiring once you read about it for seven arcs continuously.

Anyways, those who loves reverse harem, a smart and beautiful... more>> MC, and male yanderes would definitely enjoy this story. <<less
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KagamiNoBoku rated it
December 3, 2023
Status: --
It was delicious! For me, a fan of yandere (and Pole Shura), this novel was a cup of tea! There are so many yanderes, almost all of them are at least a little revealed (and do not exist just for show. Otherwise, they will create many rivals, but a maximum of 2 will compete, and the rest will appear once every 50 chapters). And they fight each other so well. MC is wonderful! So cunning, smart, charismatic, and at the same time kind!

The only thing I didn't like a little... more>> was that there wasn't enough airtime for the yandere players, and that the Boss Gods weren't allowed to shine. I was so looking forward to their appearance! (Even though I understand that they couldn't appear for a long time, since according to the settings, the game would have been over for MC. But damn it! I really like the ship with the evil Gods!). It's a pity ((

Many people complain in the comments that there are too many descriptions of the incredible beauty of the MC and everyone around him immediately faints from his beauty. That's why I thought that every third paragraph there would be a big paragraph describing the beauty of MC, and that's why I didn't want to read it at first. However, everything turned out to be not so bad! Descriptions of MC's beauty appear a couple of times in a (large) chapter. Yes, it is repeated a lot, but I don't think it's inappropriate. This is done so that we, the readers, understand, and do not forget, why all the yanderes are so obsessed with him. Otherwise there would be comments like "Everyone just falls in love with the MC at first sight for unknown reasons and becomes obsessed with him."

Even though the novella turned out to be large (almost 500 chapters! It scared me), while the chapters were large, I didn't get bored and read everything in one gulp!
In general, if you love yanderes, Shura fields and smart MCs, be sure to read! <<less
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XOXO_ rated it
July 7, 2023
Status: c61
I can't do it. I can't finish the novel. Throughout the novel there are insane amounts of s*xual assault and the MC brushing it off like it's nothing. Like.. what???

I'm going to be so honest... do not trust the 5 stars.. because that's what I did and now I'm lowkey traumatized.

1 good thing about this novel is that the MC is cool and has a strong mentality. From what I read, he's better at solving the horror games than the players. Props to him for dealing with all the bs... more>> happening to him, I know he's tired of the harassment.


Now, while reading the beginning of Arc 1, I was like: okay.. this is kind of weird, but tolerable I guess. Why did Arc 1 get progressively worse the more I read. Why was there so many grown men after the MC??? All he did was speak like??? Hello??? They were so desperate for him, that they did some insane sh*t. The amount of yanderes and weirdness of that horror world was very confusing for me. Some things did not add up. Usually I understand horror novel games but this one I couldn't.



The arc I stopped on was Arc 2. Oh. My. God. It made me insanely uncomfortable. Why was there so many grown players interested in a HIGH SCHOOL FRESHMAN npc. He's a 14-15 yo npc. Also the descriptions of a man ghost groping and SAing a young boy is so disgusting. The thoughts of other npcs around the MC also became more disgusting. By this arc, I can 100% predict what's going to happen. Same thing as last arc, MC is so beautiful that apparently it makes people lose their marbles and morality, and he ends up breaking the game's original plot.


This novel really got me screaming "FIGHT BACK " towards a screen full of words at 12 AM. I am very disappointed. Maybe it becomes better in later arcs, or maybe not. Idk I'm not going to find out, because I lost interest big time.

2/10, would not recommend, thumbs down. <<less
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Mel08 rated it
July 13, 2023
Status: --
I love this story and its characters regardless of the repetitive on certain subject like about the MC alluring beauty. But because of the repetitive action making the yandere tendencies showed by the MLs seems all justified. It as if, this repetitive descriptions on the MC physical looks are actually mirroring the thoughts of these MLs. Showing how obsessed they were with MC.

In Arc 3, the MC was actually camouflaging as an ugly fat person but MLs was really into his vibes and keeps making extra works and attentionto him.... more>> So MC vibes that actually attracted all the MLs making them become obsessed.

So far, the plot is good enough for me to stick waiting for the translator new updates. Thank God the translator update her works everyday!!!! Thank you ! But I cannot leave behind comments.. Like I seriously need to scream in the comment whenever one of the mls are chasing after the MC. Aaaghhh.

All of the arcs are worth reading but arc 3 is hilarious. At every end of every chapters making me either bulging my eyes out because of fear and suspense or laugh out loud because of these lunatic MLs. <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Moon_Aera rated it
October 21, 2023
Status: c195

(Edit 2: GUYS, PLEASE READ THE G*ODDAMN TAG WONT YOU? IF THAT'S NOT YOUR CUP OF TEA THEN LEAVE WTH, it's like blaming... more>> cows for not have wings. End of update)

Don't let the bad reviews down there makes you hesitated to read it!

It was definitely an exciting experience to read this novel! I really has so much fun and the plot twist is really unexpected lol, i've read around 200+ and almost all of 'em are horrors, and this one was definitely my cup of tea!

I really really enjoy every ride and turns in here, and author definitely know how to cause doki doki feeling to my heart, i've read so many good novels and here is one of my most favourites Horror-BL yandere type!

And know this, one thing for sure the plot is awesome! It was really suitable for reading casually at night, the author also knows how to keep me giggling while reading it.

The yanderes here are also yandereing, I like how they fight for MC, trully worth reading, very recommended.

I'm very greatfull that I found this novel! This novel has spice and thrill that I rarely found in other novels.

Idk but I feel like Author-sama is really good at stirring my heart with those "events" and twists! I cannot wait until translator-sama upload a new chapter!

Life has not going well lately so I'm happy to find this novel, whenever I thought of this novel's heartracing moment, I feel like I can still smile on TuT <<less
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Dawnatella rated it
October 5, 2023
Status: Completed
I read it so you don't have to.

The amount of time mc's beauty is mentioned drove me crazy. It's there again and again throughout the whole novel, multiple times each chapter and EVEN THE WORDINGS ARE THE SAME!!!

Ruined a perfectly fine novel.

... more>> The plot armor is crazy here. MC has various skills which he should not have been able to learn given his current background and are mentioned as an afterthought.

Again I think the beauty descriptions take more than 50% of the novel.

The author had to explain things in their notes so expect plot holes.


For all those who started reading it but just couldn't go through it, I present the spoilers. The MC is a God of a ruined world who died saving his world. ML is another God who MC calls teacher and when he found MC died, he created this infinite flow world, put mc's remnant soul there to try and revive it. All bosses and system are part of ML and they kind of know it. All guys who are powerful and crazy for MC stole some power from ML and got tainted with it and essentially became part of ML too. At the end, every suitor combines into ml

7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Wynnfield rated it
June 19, 2023
Status: Completed

Warning : It's non/dub-con all the way till the last arc. Also, this novel uses even more descriptive words than the one with a Aphrodite MC so it gets tiring hearing the same description for over 400 chapters.

The MC is depicted intelligent with a weak body. He spends more time trying to escape his suitors than escaping the horror instances. In the instances, MC always gets the role of a villain NPC who dies first, but his character settings always collapses.

MC takes advantage of being a fake white lotus so much I can't tell whether he's acting or he's letting his inner white lotus take over.


The ML (love brain, only thinks about love) I genuinely suggest adding a comedy tag just for ML.


The MLs always get depicted as pe*verts who forces the MC so I couldn't get a good impression of anyone enough to actually ship MC with someone. Though, it was really funny seeing them lose braincells fighting over the MC.


The arcs are all well thought of, and there is extensive world building in every single one of them. Though some are reused and can get draggy, they are pretty unique and interesting. (Honestly, this is one of the infinite flows with better instance world building.)

All in all, it's good for people who wants to read a feel-good harem filled infinite flow novel.
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
January 16, 2024
Status: c153 part1
This is really good. It's similar to I Rely on Kisses to Clear Escape Games but the game bosses are yandere and the opposite of helpful to the MC, so he actually struggles through his instances rather than breezing through in an instant. The MC also typically plays an NPC that has or can get direct connection to the plotline just like Days I Clear Escape Games Pretending to be a NPC. The MC is weak and sickly but breathtakingly beautiful and highly intelligent so he uses what he can... more>> to discover clues and win the game. I love how insightful he is and how he strives to maintain his character but can still be overwhelmed by his own emotions. He's not a gifted actor but he's better at hiding his emotions than most people. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Racila rated it
January 14, 2024
Status: c152
Why some of you gave a bad review? I can't understand, first thing first, yes, there are MC's beauty descriptions, but it's really not that bad!

Each description is not the repetitive of the other so it's not boring to read at, plus this is a yandere novel, obsessive love one or smth which totally normal when the author explain the beauty to us! So that we as the reader can understand why all the MLs felt like that towards MC.

And it gets better in the latter arc, even I who... more>> come back to read arc 1 (cus I missed this novel even tho it's only been 1 day lol) felt the first arc is a new world.

Maybe we have a different cup of tea but, I, totally into this novel, I'm enjoying the ride, all ups and down, and the update is so generous (thank God), I love this novel so much, i've read a lot of novel for 2-3 years, and this novel is surely one of my favourites (guess who've been coming back to this novel just in case there's an update:D)

Thank you for the translator and the people who have donated, may you live a good happy life.

Pardon me for my bad English as English is not my main language. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
NovelenthusiastIDK rated it
August 16, 2023
Status: c85
This is one of my favourite novels. Everything is just perfect. Arcs are extremely interesting, MC is smart and it's amazing seeing him slaying with that weak body and several maniacs after him, it's as exciting as watching an action film with crazy explosions and car races. Really makes your heart beat faster. Btw I really liked the deity even though he appeared for a second. Edit: I read raws for arc 5 and it seems like author forgot the personality of MC and just made him weak af flower... more>> vase that can't do anything and his eyes get watery and there are droplets of tears on his long ass, thick ass caterpillar eyelashes at the possibility that there may be a ghost somewhere. He was supposed to be acting but it's really not acting if there is no trace of his original personality at any time in the arc. Big disappointment. I know he was supposed to be scared of ghosts but why he suddenly can't do anything now when in the past he at least managed to think logically and deal with it. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Blithe rated it
June 24, 2023
Status: Completed


An intelligent, hard-to-dislike MC who never gives up even in the depths of despair. Even when all odds are against him, even when his extreme weak physique tries to knock him down, he manages to push through and I admire him for it. Like I'm not a fan of weak MCs but in this novel ... more>>

the world is against the MC. His weakness doesn't stem from him.


The author has a great sense of humour. MC will be in the tensest of situations when something extremely hilarious happens. Comedy in this novel is on point.

I like how this BL novel doesn't try to degrade women. The women side characters may not be given the most significant roles in this novel but when one of them appears, they're the ones MC teams up with and they're the ones that help him win.

The ending may have been abrupt but it was a pleasant surprise. Like I wasn't expecting the ending but it wrapped the novel up brilliantly.


Each and every chapter has at least one paragraph dedicated to describing MC's beauty. MC is clearly more than his face but his high IQ and genuine kindness is barely acknowledged in this novel and it irks me.

Pretty much hated the ML. Ok, there are two types of obsessive fictional men, one kind whose actions make your heart flutter, toes curl and grab your warm blanket tighter wishing there were more real men like this. Then there is the second kind, the ones who makes you do the same actions as mentioned before but for other reasons. From how disgusting and creepy these men are. Our ML (s) is the second kind. Crazy is hot if done in the right way but this novel failed to accomplish that.

At the start, the system was showing signs of a good ML, not touching MC without consent, staying by his side when he needed him and in the casino arc he can even be considered cute. But of course he had to turn out just like the others.


The plot was just alright. It had its good moments and its bad moments. What I hated the most was that chunks of the novel just consisted of MC changing from one ML's arms to the other. It really felt like ML was hindering the perfectly capable MC from his plans. ML is more of an antagonist than anything in this novel,

All in all, while there were parts in the novel that I disliked a lot, I couldn't keep my hands off the novel for one second. You'd really want to know how the MC will escape from each dungeon and you can't stop pressing the next button. So I do recommend this novel. <<less
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Lekyea rated it
February 27, 2024
Status: c141 part1
Despite being tagged as such, this is NOT a mystery novel. Established "clues" lead to nothing, and suddenly information is thrown out of nowhere just so that the MC remains the smartest person solving the mystery before you even realize all of the last minute information. The best I can call this is boring. Arcs drag on for a tad (or more) too long and unnecessary characters are given too much screentime just so that the MC adds another guy to his harem. This novel has intellectual characters, sure, but... more>> it doesn't mean that this novel is intellectual. Because things that happen or vital information isn't revealed until the end of the arc, you can speculate as much as you want, but eventually you understand that it's useless and MC will be the one to figure it out before you. This is one of the most taboo traits of a "mystery" novel: not letting the reader come to a conclusion or try to figure out the puzzle themself. The examples I can think of are:


bloody love arc where MC is the culprit. Clues like the phone were just a red herring from the MC himself. (Or rather the npc with his memories) the two clues that MC explains revealed the answer was that he was 1. More tired than usual, and 2. His heart skipped a beat at one of the relevant npc ml's confession. This is s*upid because it's established constantly in the story that MC NEVER gets any rest within the story because he needs to use energy to get him out of sticky situations, and he's not in a safe space enough to sleep. This is true for all of the previous arcs where MC mentions something about how he needs to sleep when he can to use energy for later. There's no reason for the reader to suspect mc's naps in this arc to be different from the other arcs, especially when there's nothing in the text that mentions his tiredness until the very end. The second one is s*upid also because during the conversation/confession, it is not mentioned at all that his heart skipped a beat or stuttered, or had any palpitations until the end when MC already figured out the culprit. Not good mystery at all.

Residential area arc. This whole arc was just s*upid because of the time reversal. It was a missed opportunity to start with time already reversed and the MC retracing his steps to figure out both what happened and the secret of the scenario alongside the reader. The time reversal was pretty pointless and was there to jumble up all the facts of the situation just like the entry of a boss from a whole different other scenario. This arc is s*upid because the reader wasn't supposed to figure out anything really, because in the first place, because of the intruding plot elements of a different scenario, it all lead to nothing and meant nothing and the information contradicted itself because of this. This one can be forgiven because the jumbled nonsensical clues were given earlier, but the idea that characters and monsters from other scenarios could escape and merge with others was never established, and again, this fact was revealed at the end with the climax.


The biggest thing that annoys me are the constant mls throwing themselves out of nowhere. There are player mls, multiple npc mls for each different scenario, and outer world mls (the big lovecraftian bosses at the end and the system (?)). None of them get enough screentime to be relevant because all 100 of them need to share that time to show how much MC is so beautiful, attracting everyone in the entire universe. You'll forget one ML but that's okay, the next one will come in.5 seconds. Otherwise completely irrelevant people will barge in and waste time just so they can have their turn mol*sting or kidnapping or terrorizing the MC.

Yes, the constant description of the MC being otherworldly beautiful every other paragraph is annoying, but it's needed to believe that these gods, powerful beings, and lovecraftian beasts all fawn over him. I don't mind it in this regard, because without all these descriptions of the most capable beings slapping their stick over the skin of his armpits, it would kind of be hard to believe that MC could survive these situations, even if it is by the skin of his teeth. His beauty really is a tool, even if he despises it which brings me to my last point.

MC is the best part of this novel. If there are lovecraftian people fighting for his attention that just means he is a lovecraftian beauty. He's smart, he can act, he stands up for himself, he is kind to the people he feels deserve it, but he's not perfect. He's deathly scared of ghosts to the point of putting himself in a worse situation to avoid thinking about them, he has a tragic past (?), and he has psychological shadows regarding intimacy and relationships (even platonic) because of his trust issues and what happened in the past. To be fair, he is right to think like this because most of the time people DO have only the worst intentions for him, but the important part about this is that there is room for him to grow. MC is the most complex part of this novel (which isn't saying too much but still).

141 chapters, no endgame ML in sight, constant rotation of irrelevant characters, MC still has no power, MC has had no development, nothing relevant has happened, and we are still essentially at the beginning of the story. This isn't a slow burn because there is no fire. There could even be an argument made that there is no plot. There's only all of the nonsensical supernatural elements and the shockingly common assault that happens to the MC that prevents me from labeling this as slice of life. <<less
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November 3, 2023
Status: Completed
It's totally worth it!! I have never been a patient person to complete a whole long novel but this one

It literally like saying me are you sure you want to say this without trying me??

Except for the repeatative beauty description and possessiveness of everyone involved with MC you will never get bored!!!

... more>>
and specially at the ending explanation about his first death, surviving copies and final death scene are just a test for him to check if he chooses to abandon the world at tough time and relies on others to clear his problems and whether he us eligible for being a true god and we all know the ending

And I finally wish MC and ML everlasting love and happiness btw ML was in so much pain for so long I'm sorry for him but atlast he got his ever gentle and kind god❤❤❤❤ <<less
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nirvana0401 rated it
August 12, 2023
Status: Completed
We'll I guess this is not everyone's cup of tea but you should first read the tags before reading the story. Only people who love male yandere and possessive male lead should read this story but it's still really up to you, just don't leave one sided comments when you should already know that the ML is like that based on the tags and sypnosis.
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Crystalesdog rated it
August 11, 2023
Status: c83.3
I honestly cannot get enough of this novel.

The basic premise is that the MC have a peculiar condition where his beauty, instead of provoking thought of worship, instead causes sadistic tendencies in those around him. It's been insinuated from pretty early on that MC has experienced some crazy sh*t in his life which led him to develop crazy skills, IE; the survival skills he needs to survive this crazy world.

We gets shown all the different sides of MC but unfortunately other characters will never see those sides. This is intentional,... more>> (frustrating, yes) but intentional nonetheless. The premise of the whole novel is MC being given a permanent negative trait that are guarantee to f*ck him up, and using everything in his arsenal to avoid the bad ending. All the while other characters realized too late that their "damsel in distress" is in fact the one pulling the strings.

If you don't like the love interests (because believe me, no one does), than rejoice! MC will slap their face by the end of each instance, girl boss, gatekeep, and gaslight his way out of danger.

5/5, minus maybe by 0.0001 because there's an absent of female characters, or lack of screen time for them. Which made sense in hind sight, but I kind of want to see a whole instance where the main boss is a female character that are crazily chasing after the MC with her goons. Higher expectations for someone reading for free— but it will remain for me a wish.

Although there is something I want to comment on


Second arc introduces us to a character called the Puppeteer or some variation of that I don't really remember. And this obviously have some connections with the female anchor in the first instance and the two mysterious characters by the end of the first instance. Li Shuyang is supposedly the Puppeteer, but I'm not getting lead vibe from him?? Seems more like a mystery plot related chara only. Maybe I'm wrong

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Jelly Belly
Jelly Belly
July 17, 2023
Status: c72.1
Oh boy, I am conflicted about this novel. I'll give this a solid 3.5 (rounded up to 4).

This novel is the definition of pretty privilege, everything is forgiven, even death took a fancy on you. But I like that the novel kind of implies that "being pretty isn't necessarily a good thing", kinda have that Tomie Junji Ito vibe, but MC here had a way better ending than her (a tad bit unrealistic but it's an ending I preferred).

I can't count how many times the novel wrote how MC's tearful... more>> state invoke not pity but sadistic tendency. I get it, people are obsessed but having to read this repititively makes me wonder, does the MC has no other likeable traits other than his crying face? lol

MC is realistically human (?), character-wise, the novel had repeatedly emphasize his ethereal appearance. He's not the usual OP and jack of all trades MC, he had weaknesses (eg. physically weak and scared of ghosts).

His pursuers, though were extremely superficial. All of them, well, at least until the arc I read (although... I like Mo ran and Xiao Shiyi, they're superficially cool)

Honestly, this novel is nice for a light read but the obsession with MC's crying face had me slightly cringe, it reminds me of my seventh grade fanfic with limited ideas and vocabulary. I recommend reading it though, the concepts are pretty interesting if you ignore the repititive sentences 👍🏻 <<less
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ylial rated it
July 13, 2023
Status: c160
It's so funny to read and it's interesting since I don't know what will MC do to escape his the yandere and lunatic suitors killers in his weak constitution.

Cons: I feel bad how MC is being bullied by his suitors every time. I hope there's a development where he enhances his constitution so he could defend himself
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