Woke Up, The Love Game Became A Thriller


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Kou Dong was originally a love game live anchor, his goal was to show the audience in the game sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet love. In order to achieve this goal, he made every effort to finally reach the highest affection level for the four male protagonists of this love game which had reached 90%, he eagerly waited for the next day to reach the perfect pass –

Until after a night’s sleep, he woke up inside of the game, and found the four NPC sitting on the head of his bed while staring at him.

NPC1: There is a pair of embroidered shoes under your bed.

NPC2: If you want to betray me, I will die with you.

NPC3: Don’t be afraid, I’ll send this ghost baby to your belly-

NPC4 didn’t say anything and sprinkled a handful of yellow paper money at him ……

Kou Dong: !!!

No, I’m not going to use the goodwill I’ve managed to get on horror game NPCs ah!

Gong: This relationship is really sweet.

Kou Dong: …… It’s just sweet for you!!!

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The_armchair_thinker rated it
September 7, 2021
Status: c120
The description can mislead you to think of this as a shuraba. Well it isn't, it's very similar to Boyfriends turn out to be horror movie bosses or I rely on kisses to pass the Survival game. But here you see a darker leap into the whole obsessive horror bosses aspect. The game is made infinestimally difficult because the characters want to keep him inside the particular episode. And MC is a great, fun character! You do see aspects of favouritism affecting his play but he survives through wit. However,... more>> ML is quite the flat character. He's the cliched 'Young master' who has ego but loves MC.


MC apparently was fated to die very young. But his mother wanted him to live so she did her best to find him shamans, charms, etc. ML belongs to the Ye family who look over this spiritual stuff. ML finds MC interesting when his mother begs the Ye fam to save his son. So he persuades his grandpa to allow MC to be kept there for a year. That's the real life stuff.


The arcs are fairly good. Romance bit is lacking. I found it bland. But the settings and action are really good. Quite conveniently constructed but does unsettle you.

There are mentions where you see that ML stalked MC and is the creator of Dead game. And he apparently does that to allow MC to live. And oh yes! MC lost his memory a few years ago and there are indications that he probably did play Dead before losing his memory.


Overall, a 4/5. <<less
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August 27, 2021
Status: Completed
I read this for the romance + horror but that's not what I get. At first, it's kinda enjoyable as I like to read NPC pampering MC in a horror setting, it makes the experience special and not so scary.

Unfortunately, the author overdid the inception within inception for MC's background story. I was so confused at the last 2-3 arcs. So many questions and none of them answered. I'm still kind of confused even after I finished reading the entire thing + extras.

Btw, the extras are not included in jjwxc so you have to search for it online. For some reason, there are 2 set of extras found. 1 set contains 2 NSFW BE extras (warning-contains noncon and dubcon), while the other set contains 2 normal tying-loose-ends extras.

[Edit-My bad, the... more>> normal extra is included in jjwxc. Not the nsfw BE though]

This is the most confusing novel I ever read and I hope I will not encounter something like this again _ (;3/ <<less
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This was such a fun, comedic yet thrilling ride. I love KD humours and how he manages to even silence the system, the love between father and cub *wink* is so pure*. And it does have a bit of angst mainly regarding the backstory, but the story is so good I couldn't shy away. The horror even when tinged with bouts of dog food is still good, and even though we could use some more fleshing out of the sides, I'll still suggest you give it a read.

Mtl is 70%... more>> readable 20% comprehension and 10% wtf?? <<less
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