My Outside Expression Is Different From My Inner Expression


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Li Qingzhou, who had been sick for many years, died and was systematically bound to an old romance novel, where he became the villain.

This villain was beautiful, but had a gloomy personality and was wheelchair-bound with leg problems….

Li Qingzhou bursts into tears and rolled on the ground crying, “I won’t do it! I refuse!”

System: “Your leg will be fine as soon as you complete the mission.”

Li Qingzhou sat back up: “What mission? I’ll take it!”

The task: Find a lover for the male protagonist’s uncle Liu Bohuai to prevent him from ending up alone.

Then the system sent him into the book and left, but before leaving, it threw a gold finger to Li Qingzhou, however it fell on the wrong person…..

Since then, Liu Bohuai has been able to hear the voice in Li Qingzhou’s heart and see the mood bubbles rising from the top of his head.

[A cold and beautiful demon lord with a heart of gold who is crazy but sick X a cultivated, elegant and noble man who no one dares to mess with and who believes in buddha-like indifference]
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New auroraRMC rated it
July 18, 2024
Status: Completed
Very cute. I keep feeling like the whole chibi thought bubble concept is familiar from somewhere else but I can't remember the other story right now.

Almost a perfect story besides the fact that the MC was completely ignorant of his own feelings at the beginning so the romance took a while to get going. He kept thinking that the ML was attractive and sexy and then got shy sometimes when the ML would interact more closely with him but then immediately turned around and thought about matchmaking the ML with... more>> another girl LOL. It was actually hilarious seeing the ML fuming over the MC's thoughts helplessly. Eventually he couldn't stand it anymore so the ML had to throw out the slow and steady plan and go for the in your face plan but even when he tried bing a lil more obvious the MC just thought he was gay and hated women hahahah. Then when the ML straight up kissed him so the MC couldn't deny it anymore the MC was so scared that he ran away. I guess the MC had never had the time to even think about romance in the past so he couldn't bear with those emotions at all. He does come around relatively quickly thanks to the ML constantly making sure that the MC reflects on himself and checking his thought bubbles.

The ML is really such a green flag here. Ever since he met the MC and found out about his thought bubbles, he would try his best to make him happy and go along with whatever the MC was thinking. Our MC is cute and beautiful too, and their combination after they finally get together is so clingy and loving. Dog food literally everywhere, and the MC bullying all the relatives and friends to make fun of them haha. A lil disappointed that the gold finger has to leave at the end, but glad the MC confesses about himself to the ML. Overall, a very cute and wholesome story. Enjoyed it for sure. <<less
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lyre rated it
May 29, 2022
Status: Completed
It's absolutely hilarious.

The description is rather misleading tho imo. What "[A cold and beautiful demon lord with a heart of gold who is crazy but sick X a cultivated, elegant and noble man who no one dares to mess with and who believes in buddha like indifference]" MC isn't even cold, tho he can't OOC before he slowly changed his image. If you refer it to the book's QZ, well it's kinda like that, but def not heart of gold. He's gloomy and def blackened after the past trauma/life experiences.... more>> And I don't think ML believes in Buddha too, he just use the beads to calm himself, which is rather ineffective since he had the "golden finger"

Anyway, the story's pretty short. No drama, MC is a typical winner in life after he transmigrated into the book world. The highlight of this story is the chibi MC being silly and comedic, and ML just indulge him completely. In short, pure comedy! It's really funny when ML listen to the chibi and misunderstood and became all depressed over nothing. Laugh myself off really.

The cons, well it's too illogical, the technology was way too advance, and too out of timeline (it became too futuristic). Tho I don't really mind, but I know some people will complain bout it. So if you're critical about this topic, bout the story making sense or not, I'll tell you to stop reading to avoid unnecessary complaints. Lol. <<less
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qeesa rated it
June 8, 2022
Status: Completed
This is one of the most adorable danmei I've ever read. I don't care what anyone says, the premise that ML could see a chibi version of MC expressing his inner thoughts so freely while MC looks serious and cold is absolutely lovely and adorable and I can't stop loving it.

One of the funniest moment was when MC looked calm and humble but ML saw his chibi version wearing glasses and chains and rings while smoking and trying to look badass but it was just really adorable and ML almost... more>> lost it. It's gold.

Now, story-wise, it's okay. It's good! However, it's pretty much similar to other transmigration novel with the dramas and dog-blood-plot and the like, with a bit of twist of ML being able to hear MC's thoughts and see how he actually is through his chibi version. Another twist would be that, usually it's present-day-MC being transmigrated into futuristic interstellar world, but this is the opposite of that. This is also the one and only reason for author to use as base for MC's op-ness.

For the characters and main CP, I have no complaints. I love MC, he sounds like such a fun friend you'd hang out with if you want to do something fun and crazy. He's very cheerful and wants to do a lot of fun things, but he needs to stay in character, which is to act cold and gloomy all the time. Everyone thinks so but since ML could see his real self through his chibi, ML simply found it endearing.

The progression of their romance is really cute. It's basically business-partners turning into real-life-married-partners. They have fun together with MC's siblings and ML's nephews. All in all, it's a basic cute story that I find to be pretty healing when you're in a bad mood.

The only other novel with similar setting (ML being able to read/hear MC's thoughts) I could think of is "Transmigrated into A Big Shot’s Cannon Fodder Little Pampered Wife". That one is a tad bit more depressing than this one though, and some people might find it to not be their taste as it was more dub-con. This one is just refreshing, consent is given very enthusiastically, and both MC and ML are very sweet throughout.

Would absolutely recommend for you to read this! <<less
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Lalala45 rated it
June 28, 2022
Status: Completed
Mtl'ed it and it's easy to understand.

It's really hilarious. And yes, MC's inner thought is really childish, but cute too...

The main thing that make the story less interesting is that MC is OP in AI. Met with Du something, WON. Participated in AI/robot competition, faced with genius A, B, C, WON, WON, WON. Met competitor 1, 2. WON, WON. It's a bit predictable

I like that the conflicts were solved fast, but it's just... I dont know, um, to many conflicts and villains? ('-')

  • MC's uncle and his wife and his wife's family
  • OriHeroine's adopted brother
  • OriHeroine's rival in love and their families (Chu family)
  • MC subordinate's rival in Robot AI (supported by Chu's)
  • MC's opponent in Robot AI competition
  • Competitor in AI car
  • OriMale Lead's mother and her new family
  • ML's second brother (actually ML's cousin, but adopted by ML's father) and his wife.
  • Competitor in driver-less smart car
I am glad that MC didn't enter entertainment industry (strong point)

I am also glad what happened to MC's cousin "Li Hongjie ???". He had evil parents, he knew they were evil and wrong, so decided to go abroad and not finding fault with MC, and still had contact with Granpa Li.

The translation is also great, but I hope they don't make the chapter into parts (T-T)
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Wintercreeper rated it
March 19, 2023
Status: c73
It's enjoyable for the first 40 or so chapters, after that the Gary Stu components are so overboard that I get second-hand embarrassment.

MC suddenly develops smart cars that are better than anything ever seen. Still fine by me.
Then he develops robots with an AI that's simply impossible to make. It recognises people, can have flawless conversations, makes jokes, and even diagnose minor illnesses, and so on.
If that isn't enough, he's good at programming games as well.
Of course he's a business genius on top of that.

That goes way too far.

Cannon fodder become increasingly braindead and all in the same way, it's basically identical no matter who it is, a constant repetition just with different names.

And I'm really not a fan of how MC's character changes when the romance starts.

Why does such an intelligent man suddenly play games like pretending to be hard to get?
Why the constant blushing, squirming, and overall acting like he's 12?
His whole characterisation is like he's a Shojo heroine, not a successful, highly skilled adult man.

I don't know what happened to the story, it started out solid enough, why it went so off the rails, crashing straight into middle school fanfic territory, is beyond me.
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Dianille rated it
August 11, 2022
Status: Completed
It's alright I guess? The antagonists were f*cking s*upid though. I don't like the Author's obvious racism towards foreigners, especially black people. It's so f*ckin obvious from their exposition, but they tried to mask it as nationalism 🙃
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dday0425 rated it
August 26, 2022
Status: Completed
This novel is a good blend of romantic and comedy. It's a light-hearted story with uncomplicated but enjoyable plot. The pacing is just right, not too fast or slow. The characters are lovable and unproblematic (except for the antagonists ofc).

The interactions between two protagonists are also very sweet. Despite the plot direction is somewhat predictable, the story is so cute that I don't get tired of reading it at all.


I really like the arc about the robot competition. The three robots are adorable.

However, it's a minor disappointment that the author chose to only briefly mention and include the "spinal cord repair liquid" as a reward. Given its significance as the MC's unfinished work and regret in his past life, I think this research deserved more exploration in its own dedicated arc.


Moreover, the author has done a wonderful job with character settings.

The MC is a person who looks cold outside (as in the original's setting) but is actually adorkable inside and is very imaginative. This contrast adds an extra layer of cuteness and attractiveness to his character. His inner monologues are also fun and amusing, adding a fresh feel to the story.

On the other hand, the ML is a typical doting lover slash powerful president. He's sweet and capable. His understanding and good communication skills, aided by his mind-reading ability, create a unique and interesting dynamic with the MC. It's surprising that such an outstanding man fell for MC that fast, but anyway, who else can resist such a cutie? Lol

In any case, this is the first time I saw a male lead with mind-reading ability. It's really interesting, and I found it to be quite convenient for forming and maintaining relationships.

P.S. This is probably one of a few novel that has no side couple, apart from the original ML and FL, which is really rare. It's good though, since the focus are always on the main CP who is entertaining enough. 😆 Great work!
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JustAki rated it
July 20, 2022
Status: Completed
Mtled this and I got what I wanted.


It's cute and it's unique due to the fact that MC

did not need to follow the plot as a villain but do his own things.

What interested me the most is basically how MC, in his thoughtsand as well later on, sets boundaries with his female friend. Communication is still the best, friends.

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Psychoutre rated it
June 28, 2022
Status: c72
MTL'd and it was easy to get the gist of what happened in the story.

Honestly this novel caught me at a good time, had no life pressures or anything so I was able to read this in good leisure - otherwise, I probably would have dropped this like a hot potato 20 chapters in.

I first wanna give a shout out to the author for giving us glasses-wearing gongs, THANK YOU. And it's a nice twist to have the ML being able to read the MC's thoughts.

Reading the novel, I was... more>> interested enough to follow through MC's AI tech ventures, etc but honestly, the plot has been quite repetitive in regards to cannon fodders and antagonists. Substandard.

I'm also quite bored of the romance between the MC and ML. MC's inner character is kinda what I try to avoid with MCs in general.. The whole, naivety cutesy type. I think I was only able to hold on because I like reading his interactions with his younger siblings. They're so cute. Anyway, it's the same formula where MC clearly has feelings for the ML but is too dense to notice, and the interactions after they start their romantic relationship is stale at best. I'm not expecting fireworks or anything but if the novel had my heart monitor it would have been a long flat line. <<less
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rorowingaway rated it
February 5, 2023
Status: c113

    • I REALLY ENJOYED IT A LOT ZTHE DRAMA WAS ON POINT so was the romance mc':ms old life was quite miserable cos his health was red danger zone and he was not able to complete his research nor find the solution to heal his legs and health BUT he got transmigrated into one of the novels he read AND ALSOO the system was not forcing etc let the MC and ML find love as it goes and fnd solution for MC to heal legs also one of the best systems ive come across frm the novels ive read uh huh and then
    • the MC is basically chaotic and funny as hell and ML is well he faced a lot too and is very doting to MC THEIR PAIR IS THEEE ONEEE really enjoyed it a lot
    • jus tht the too HUGH OP TECH was kinda annoyin tbh well~ other than tht its quite good also im annoyed tht the author keep sendin the bad chtrs to africa like for what? Africa is a beautiful place OK? Anyways
    • it was an enjoyable read plus I mtled most of the story anyways its ez to understand and read so give it a try
rating: 9/10
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Princesst rated it
November 9, 2022
Status: c29

Its a very good series a tragic past that made me cry to funny protagonist to cute siblings. Best series ever


... more>> MC (who was biological researcher) died in his world. Then was attached with a system. System told him to make the male lead's uncle fall in live and get married, thus mc's job was to be a matchmaker in return MC who was crippled both in org world and now would be able to walk. System also advised MC to not to let his persona fall.

Then org owner had just saved ML (protagonist uncle) from a car accident to get his help in buisness world


MC: MC is smart. A genius on his own. He pretends to have gloomy personality, but he don't shun other peoples like org owner. He just act the part of having gloomy personality. He a very smart person and love food, anime, manga, novels. (And also ml's body)

ML: ML is very smart too. He had a cheat he could see MC emotion It was a chibi version of MC that would act cute and melt anyone's heart. That's how ML got interested in MC and helped him in business world

ORIGINAL OWNER: The org is quite pitiful in my opinion he was lost and kidnapped as a child then was dropped of at the orphanage in another city. There he was bullied and ended up having only org FL as a friend. His personality also turned gloomy. Both of them went to same school from elementary to high and then in high school org ended up cripple to save org fl. He was found by his family at that time.

Then later on his parents died and it left a scar on his heart

Then he somehow ended up being obsessed over FL and even died in plane crash isn't it too much. And he only became villain. I dont know what to say <<less
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KaoTheCow rated it
August 26, 2022
Status: Completed
This novel should get more attention, the plot is smooth sailing and funny with the whole "golden finger" situation. The main cpl interaction is cute and sweet~ ML is very doting, he does get attracted to MC early on. But I think it's fair, if you one day saw someone thoughts and seeing how they react to things, I would get interested too--especially when our MC is so cute in his chibi form.

The ML did tell MC about it later, MC also told ML about the system and how he was not from this world too, they both were quite shock. But still accepted each other. When the ML said that they were "A match made in heaven" ugh my tooth ache


Mtl is not hard to read, so I was able to understand most of the story. The ending was decent? I felt like it was kinda rushed, but maybe it's because I wanted to see more of their future life tgt wuwu. All and all, very lighthearted, enough face-slapping.
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June 29, 2022
Status: c83
Cute and I like the romance even if it’s a very slow burn. Business takes more part of the story. It was alright at first but then MC is just too OP talented in anything that relates to coding. I’m ok with him being talented in AI related researches cause of his achievements in his previous life but game dev is a whole other field, and I find this too too too OPness a major turn off. Face-slappings were also very mediocre. So I skipped those parts but they take... more>> a major part of the narrative so I’m just dropping here. Ciao. <<less
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Kassandra rated it
February 24, 2024
Status: Completed
This is a hundred percent 5/5 for me.

It's actually unexpected that I would love this as this has been in my library far too long because I'm afraid it's not written well and will be full of embarrassing scenes. I judged that I'll feel secondhand embarrassment based on the description. On the contrary, it's not secondhand embarrassment I felt but just cute.

Today, I took the courage and tried to give this novel a chance. Fortunately, it didn't disappoint me as the romance really hooked me. I love the couple so... more>> much that I pray they'll be together in all of their lives. They're just so sweet and cute together. A match made in heaven.

Their romance wasn't too slow nor too fast, it's just right. I love their little dates, especially the tree house one. Their daily interactions would drown you with sweetness.

As for the female and male lead, they do have a presence at the first half but it gradually descreased at the latter half. Which is nice because I don't like them being a light bulb to the two. For the villains, all of them got their own retributions.

Ending is also good, I can't help but want more when I reached it. T■T This is a goodbye but I'll always remember their love story. <<less
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luhyung rated it
April 13, 2023
Status: c44.1
Very cute MC. At this point ML is clearly in love with MC but I have no clue why or when ML fell in love with MC. If not for the very coincidental accident where the golden finger ended up with ML not MC, this entire story wouldn’t be possible. Also ML seems to enjoy having misunderstandings if not why would a decisive, domineering president hem and haw instead of openly chasing MC, and then get jealous because he conveniently cannot hear any of MC’s plot related thoughts and therefore... more>> cannot tell MC is not interested in women.

Would read because it’s cute but I did skim through most of it. And as someone who studied com science, MC’s explanation to the professors about his innovative AI tech is wonderful but without substance. It’s fine for author to spend a paragraph on it but it’s superfluous when it’s more than that. <<less
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GoldenTiger0 rated it
December 17, 2022
Status: Completed
Although we know that MC is a transmigrator, but after receiving the memories of OC, it's like a fused version of the transmigrated MC & OC. What happened to OC is described as if it happened to MC. I like how MC tried to make up the regrets of OC by bonding with his grandpa and siblings. Although it's never told that OC had regrets other than not getting the heroine but the family photo in his bedroom speaks otherwise. The siblings are so endearing.

The MC enters this world to... more>> find a life-partner for hero's 3rd uncle (ML) so the focus of the story is not on the OgFL and OgML, although they're not without any presence. It's funny how at start ML considered himself senile cause he started seeing the bubble above MC's head.

MC as the villain always got involved in the scenes between OgFL and OgML in which OC was involved too. But that soon reduced its frequency as the ML confessed to MC. Although it's not mentioned, but as the ML and MC cross different stages of love, MC's involvement as the villain is reduced.

It's obvious what ML fell for. The duplicity of MC.

One thing is that MC is quite lucky such as the time when he received his first new subordinate.

I'm surprised how there's no attempt of kidnapping of MC when it's evident who developed the three No.1 robots, cause many scientists and researchers receive government protection to protect their lives. The protection was only given to the robots...

If you're looking for fluff, luck, OPness, it's your cup of tea. <<less
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listlessreader rated it
November 24, 2022
Status: Completed
Pretty funny and cute. I probably enjoyed the first half of the story the most, and then my attention waned a bit towards the end.

I was first attracted to this story since it had the "cold/cruel villain outside but actually soft/expressive on the inside" trope, and I generally enjoy stories where the protagonists take on the role of a villain unwillingly. That's why I liked the beginning part the most and didn't maintain the same interest towards the end--after a while, the whole villain role wasn't really relevant anymore, and... more>> the female and male leads don't really play a role.

I did enjoy the career aspect of the story; it's interesting to see how MC's power builds up throughout the story, even if he is pretty overpowered. Everyone else (or at least, the antagonists and cannon fodders) simply doesn't stand a chance. They just get face-slapped, and that's all they're there for.

The relationship between MC and ML is pretty cute. I enjoyed the curiosity ML had for MC and then slowly falling in love with him. It was pretty funny to see MC completely unaware of ML's feelings for him, insisting on finding a match for ML instead of taking a step back and seeing where ML's interests really lie. Gotta love low EQ protagonists haha.

It's a lighthearted story and pretty fun. Wish we could've seen more interaction between MC and his siblings! LHY and LXS are adorable. <<less
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Fisukisuki rated it
October 31, 2022
Status: Completed
Read 21 chapters of translated version, the rest are MTL because I can't hold it anymore!!!

The novel theme is sooo cute okay!!! ML can see, hear, and watch MC's thought. MC's thought in form of Chibi version sooooo Adorably Cute!!!

I Love how we can also understand ML's feelings with how he hold his Buddha bead bracelet. He's not buddish, but he know about Buddhism to calm his heart.

... more>> The rest of the story are Great!

I Love how well advanced the technology in this novel ear even though it they're supposed to be in 2010. But they don't overdoing it. They show how they can make Robot and Driverless Car, and in a way it make sense, because with how MC learn as Genius in his past life, and we can theorized as long as all the stuff he need to make all that exist in his new world, he can make them perfectly!

While the ending about how to heal MC's leg, it was helped by the System as Reward. Everything didnt just suddenly happen or exist and people ignore the weirdness, but because the System helped. The Author really thought everything!

Love the Family moments too. How MC interact with his new siblings and how they grow closer. And how the OG!ML wasn't an Idiot, Silly sometimes, but not Idiot. Written as someone who raised by ML and know how to listen to him, and not being Cliche like trying to fight against him or become enemy to MC just because MC get close to ML aka OG!ML's Uncle/Parent figure.

And the OG!FL is also a Nice Good girl. Not taking much role, but not Neglected by MC, and she herself also don't bother MC. They're simply Good Friends. I like how MC while know how to not get too much close to her, but also know his role is FL's dearest friend. So it's Pretty Good non cliche relationship !

The Faceslapping are Great! It's another You attack first, we Counterattack. Not exaggerating things. Very Well Done!

2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Onyo.onyo rated it
June 25, 2022
Status: Completed
This story is so cute, even I think MC skill too OP, for this cute novel plot I Will forgive it. What I like is that revenge and face-slapping to children is not excessive unless they commit to committing crimes such as attempted mu*der and r*pe. Because sometimes I get stressed with novels if the face slaps are too much
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yuukiouji rated it
June 23, 2022
Status: c113
It's a cute story. One of the cutest things is the little inner version of MC/his little running thoughts that ML can see. It's adorable. Also, I'm jelly of ML's care and love for MC. I WANT THAT (even if it may not be quite realistic, oh well, this is fiction and I'm so here for it.) The story has a lot of business-tech aspects in the sense that it focuses on MC's achievements throughout the story, so it can get a little bit slow there, he essentially dominates a... more>> lot of industries. There's also a lot of faceslapping, if you enjoy that, you'll get lots. Overall, a cute story and the cute little inner version and thoughts of MC was my favorite, followed by MC/ML's relationship. It's a 4/5 because I was looking for something light, fun, simple and cute, it's not "wow" or anything fancy. It's good to pass the time and I enjoyed it lots so novelupdates score is a 5/5. I definitely plan to re-read. Thank you to the translator for sharing this lovely work!! <<less
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Rubyspecs rated it
June 6, 2022
Status: c87
Yay! I am all in for the plots where ML has mind reading skills. One of my favorite tropes. The whole situation becomes so hilarious and amusing seeing ML become all speechless, surprised and dumbfounded on hearing mc's inner monologs in contrast to his outer appearance and personality.

  • One of the rare novels where MC is not an orphan or with his family dead in his previous life so as to eliminate his longing for his relatives if he gets transmigrated. He was brought up in a loving and caring family and he bid them farewell properly and was able to embrace his new identity in the new world with new family members.
  • The romance and dynamic was so satisfying, cozy, warm with lots of dogwood being fed to us, and it was slow paced and fulfilling.
  • Aaaaah! ML I'd sooo God damn sexy, how he slowly, gently approached MC and ate him up lmao. And how he always created an ambiguous atmosphere when he tried to confess.... ah *nosebleed*
  • And plot was also engaging with side characters having sufficient screen time and their relationships clearly portrayed in the novel.
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