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Ji Chen Ai has always wanted to be a good person until he was physically disabled for some reason.

When he is being neglected by his parents, Ji Chen Ai just smiles. When he is being bullied by his brother, Ji Chen Ai just smiles. However, when someone pushes him and his wheelchair down the stairs, Ji Chen Ai can’t smile anymore.

But why is it during this time, that something came out suddenly and tells him that he must be a good person?!

System: Our goal is — No! More! Bad! People!

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TheLadyWhoLikesBoyLove rated it
February 2, 2019
Status: Completed
I have a fever so am not gonna right a long review. Just want yall to know that this one is a great piece, the development of romance is so cute. The dramas are fine. The plot is nice.

5 stars

highly recommend. Dont listen to bullsh*t review that will give this low rating.
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GoldenTiger0 rated it
February 15, 2019
Status: Completed
Seriously, I agree with the comment. This story is too great and even the big villain is pitiful.


... more>>

Past Life: Ji ChenAi (MC) dies and his soul goes into Zhou YuQin's body, who suicides. JCA and Zhou YaoYun (ML) meet, interact, mutually support each other and finally fall in love. ZYY has a system Xiao Qi with whose help ZYY saves people, gather positive energy and cures JCA's legs. ZYY's real family's two aunts sell off JCA to prevent their feelings. JCA meets Ben JiangCheng (2nd ML) who was also sold by his family. BJC comes to treasure JCA after he knows that ZYY's family was behind JCA's plight. After that, JCA dies under torture of the organisation. Under loss of JCA, ZYY turns a little crazy and actively inserts evil so that he can gain positive energy from it and upgrade his system the fastest. XQ reaches level 10 the highest and ZYY uses the skill of turning the time back and asks XQ to accompany and protect JCA.


MC's falling in love is gradual and he's good at hiding his abilities. MC discovers the original body's situations slowly and turns things on right track along with his familial relationships. But I find both ML crazy after they recover their memories yet still it's a good read. <<less
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periperi rated it
February 17, 2019
Status: Completed
I must say that this is not a romance novel.

The premise itself is very unique, with the doing good things part to get points and upgrade the system to get rewards and interesting abilities. The unique part is that the "doing good things" bit is not what one would think. It actually involves more bloodshed than one would think. Almost ironic. It's a driving force for MC, who died and entered another person's body, to get back his ability to walk.

As for MC and ML, they were apart for like... more>> half the novel and just somehow ended up together in the span of 1 chapter towards the end. Firstly, the identity of ML was not clear to me at the beginning and it bothered me so much I had to peek at the back before continuing reading. So for those who are the same as me, ML is

ZYY, MC's younger brother after his rebirth. There's no blood relation.


I do like the characters and how the system worked and MC's journey itself. Overall, I enjoyed the novel and it was relatively easy and short (compared to other novels). Just wished the romance part was more satisfying. The ending itself was a good HE so it's 4 stars for me. <<less
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rhianirory rated it
February 21, 2019
Status: Completed
not a bad little novel with a lot of secrets and a system, but not that great, either. the romance is... well, there are hints when they live together but then the ML is gone for the middle part of the novel and he comes back and seems to be different and I didn't like the last part of the novel as much as I liked the first part (it was a 4 until 3/4 of the way through). the ending was very different from what I expected and overly... more>> complicated when compared with the rest of the story, and some of the stuff seemed thrown in just because it could be. and that one guy, the MTL kept calling him Beijing City but I doubt that was the actual name, annoyed the every loving h*ll out of me.

suddenly there are multiple timelines and multiple versions of the system and the MC even loses his, which I thought was crap. I also didn't like how the story seemed to switch protagonists 3/4 of the way through from the MC to the ML.

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housyspecial rated it
February 17, 2019
Status: Completed
Really loving and touching novel. Nothing that bring tears but it was very heart warming knowing that such deep and touching love still exists, at least in the novel.

A few dramatic scenes but main character and main lead resolves it nicely.

System owned by main character is very humane and humorous. Gets along well with main character.

... more>> Our main character isn't soft but he isn't malicious in getting revenge for the people that harmed him & his friends, just the right amount of revenge.

Very satisfying to see people who did bad things get retribution. Huge applause for the author for that! <<less
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Yaoi.Loving_Pervert rated it
February 11, 2019
Status: c4
I'm currently reading the raws via Mtl and I have to say this book isn't disappointing! Well there isn't any romance yet but I'll clearly recommend this book to my friends (except that my friends don't read BL and they don't even know about it QAQ)
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Tintl rated it
July 10, 2019
Status: c8
This novel is Truly unique. The plot isn’t driven by self-benefit, but a desire to do good.

MC was saved from death to make his current world better and less cruel. (I dont think there will be any world-hopping in this novel)
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Piqa rated it
March 27, 2019
Status: c1
This story is touching. The plot is good, but some things are never get explanations. For example, where does the system came from?

The support character are also very poor. Why cant they have their HE? Btw, they are not dead, but....... read it :)

Translations is good. Good job to translator. Hope this will continue soon, coz I cant understand few points in MTL.
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