The Sickly CEO Asks For Hugs Everyday After Obtaining The Ability To Read Minds


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Shen Yu was looking forward to divorce, but unexpectedly the Bingjiao CEO suddenly obtained the ability to read minds!

“Rui-ge is the love of my life!”
—— ‘Dog man still doesn’t want to mention divorce. Is he waiting for me to blow off his head?’
Feng SiRui: Does he want to kill me just to get a divorce?

“Rui-ge, I belong to you, both physically and mentally. Can you not leave me?”
—— ‘If this dog man dares to touch me, he will be in tomorrow’s headlines.’
Angered Feng SiRui: Can’t I see my own husband’s body? “As you wish, I will fulfil you.”

—— ‘Quickly take that white lotus and get away from my sight’
Helpless Feng SiRui: How can I, when I only have you in my heart?

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Wolvelyn rated it
September 30, 2022
Status: c70
Even though it's supposed to be comedy, I don't find this very funny.

Let me put it into another perspective;

The MC is essentially a poor guy who is forced into a loveless marriage, neglected and ignored by his husband, abused by his stepmom and his stepbro, disliked by his in-laws, hated by the media, have a lot of enemies and a third party who wants to steal his husband, trapped by his marriage, has to act lovely to please his husband.

... more>> I just don't find comedy in his misery.

The ML is so dislikeable.

The book doesn't explain why the ML can suddenly read the MC's mind. And why the ML? The power balance already tilted towards the ML at the first place, and now that he can read mind, It's like putting a pair of wings to a tiger.

Because of this, the MC can't hide anything at all, the privacy of his mind is invaded. And the ML just shamelessly listening to MC's thoughts without saying sorry. It really left a bad taste in my mouth.

ML is

not worthy of this power at all.

His only advantage is his money (and that one is also mostly inherited by his parents).

At the core, the ML is a selfish, cold, jealous, and prideful guy. Why do I say that?

    • Because he knew the MC wanted a divorce, so the ML didn't agree to it just to spite the MC.
    • He's been married to the MC for years yet never cares enough and surprised when he finds out that the MC has been abused and is not exactly willing to marry him.
    • The ML was so disgusted with his arranged marriage that he doesn't even bother to get to know his husband yet he's so jealous and forceful that he even changed MC's script by force.
    • Not only that, he just let the white lotus
      lingering near him (ML) and let the canon fodder smears the MC (Although later, he changed).
    • ML can't even protect the MC from his disgusting family, what even is the use of him?
I honestly don't find this character appealing at all, and I don't understand why this trope is so popular in China's web novels. Do they find this kind of moody, oppressive, and forceful guy attractive?

The fact that until the end, the MC still doesn't like ML but is forced by the ML to have a wedding is such a slap in the face.


It's like the author wants to shove real relationship problems under a rug and calls it "CoMedY".

Plus the ending is so rushed and the reveal of ML's mind-reading power is so bland and anti-climatic. The side characters are 2d, uninteresting. The story is all over the place with many plotholes.
    • MC suddenly good at hacking,
    • MC is actually a hidden martial arts master,
    • MC used to be in the military,
    • MC is actually a wealthy family's lost heir,
    • MC knows many language
    • MC used to be abused
The story only mainly focuses on the ML's reaction to MC's inner thoughts. The ML never changed until the end, he kept being forceful and uncommunicative. He said he would change but the novel end abruptly before it happened.

MC has a system but it's so useless, and it seems like the system trapped him to become with the ML.

It's obvious the author suddenly loses interest and just wants to wrap up this story quickly. Overall, it's just another mediocre badly written story. <<less
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Lucy666 rated it
September 17, 2022
Status: Completed
I don't know where to start from. This story has characters so unlikeable I feel like dropkicking everybody to hell and then drinking some bleech to forget about them.

I don't know about previous tls but currently dummy novels is translating it and their good quality tls are the reason this story gets an extra star from me. This doesn't even deserve the two stars it got. The plot is all over the place, the MC is a king of all trades, can hack like a pro, somehow got back his... more>> special forces skills back after "3 years of prisoner training".


I strictly feel like the author didn't think about it when they wrote everything. MC is somehow the lost child of the richest family in china. We get no explaination about how that happened. Was his 'father' the son of the richest man? Had he been adopted? Nobody knows anything. All of a sudden the step brother who abused him suddenly has to call him uncle. I'm sorry, I'm bad at blood relations, can somebody explain what's going on?

Then there's MC's past life where he was both a special forces soldier and an actor who was successful in his career. For the entire story I was like "how does that even work?" And then we get one line about how he retired from special forces and turned to the career of an actor and then died of liver cancer.

Also, is nobody going to talk about how apparently there was another transmigrator who had followed MC? He even remembered that MC had saved his life in their previous lives and in this life, he proposed to him.


The ML is so hateful. He's arrogant, selfish and just the kind of person I'd hate the guts of both in and out of the screen. He commits cold violence towards the MC for three years of marriage, doesn't feel guilty about anything he did to make Shen Yu's life worse than it already was, actively tries to control MC's life and commits a lot of financial abuse. He's a billionaire and yet his nominal husband doesn't even have living expenses to survive on.

Old man Feng is also very irritating. He found an abused child and felt pity for him so what did he do? He threw that abused person towards his cold, unfeeling grandson to get abused some more. Oh but at least he gives the abused person a villa to live in! How helpful! Even if he basically doesn't give a damn about how the "person he saved" is faring, especially in a forced marriage with his grandson who hates his guts.

ML suddenly fell in love with MC so now MC has to reciprocate? ML tells him one day that he loves MC so he suddenly deserves a second chance? We are not going to talk about all the abuse and hate MC (and more importantly, the og Shen Yu) suffered just because he acted tough?

And it's clear that MC is very affected by all the hate he gets, he just hides behind a vicious persona he has to keep up due to shitty system drama. He almost cries about it while drunk. It's literally so easy to get his goodwill just by treating him with a little bit of genuine affection! And the ML doesn't care about any of that. I know this was supposed to be a funny novel but I'd rather MC just left these dog men behind and lived his own happy life maybe travelling different countries.

The most pitiful, however, is still the OG Shen Yu. He's seen as a villain by everybody, doesn't get to live a life at all, suffers enough abuse to give up on life and he has to create a tough persona for himself just to survive. He doesn't get any sort of reprieve either.

Ranting about the story aside, the plot is a mish mash of clichés and while I love clichés, the way they have been used here make no sense. It's not logical, even if we waive away a lot of things as "artistic license". Nothing makes any sense. The characters are puppets and have no soul. The characterisation is so bad I have to second guess whether I read everything correctly.

I did MTL but the MTL was surprisingly easy to read. The reason everything felt all over the place might be due to the MTLs but of course, the progression makes no sense either, considering that the ML is too busy being an as*hole about the things he hears from MC's mind to actually fall in love with him. Don't tell me "the story was too short" because 70 chapters is not short.

Tl;dr, A badly written story full of clichés that are arranged in a way that makes no sense. Hateful ML, hateful everybody. The story gets two stars (one extra star) because the translator at dummy novels is translating it well, so at least you won't have to suffer with the grammar even if the plot makes you suffer enough. <<less
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Renrenn rated it
September 4, 2022
Status: Completed
Translator here~

First things first, update schedule is every Thursday and Sunday (Xinghe wants us to be done with this quick)

Secondly, I know some of ya'll might not like this sorta thing with lots of plot holes... but like what I said in DC chat 'the more holes the better' ah... I mean... This novel might not be everyone's cup of tea, but you can try it out? My translations might not be too good since I keep forgetting what words to use in English. My Proofreader UM3 is waiting... more>> for me to translate the chapters instead of MTL-ing like Xinghe. Personally my Editor Xinghe doesn't really like it much and she said there's too much holes... but I really love this novel from when I first found it a while back so I hope you guys give it a chance.

Sometimes English words are kinda hard... I forgot the word shrimp once and I had to explain what a U shaped crab was... If anyone spots any mistakes in the translation, please don't hesitate to point it out in the comments section on Dummy or DM me on discord. I'm YuQiChen in the Dummy Sect DC chat. <<less
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September 3, 2022
Status: Completed
Liked it! ٩ (˃̶͈̀௰˂̶͈́) و definitely worth it! One of the few novels where I never had the urge to check when it would end! Read it in one go, I think it has a good length ~\ (≧▽≦) /~

Plot (?) : ... more>>

Basically, what’s going on is, apparently MC transmigrated into the originals‘ body at some point when he was already married to ML (I think? Tbh some points I didn’t really understand, maybe bc of mtl, maybe bc I didn’t pay much attention ^^‘) He has a system, and he has to stay in character (love ML deeply, be villainous bc OG is the villain in the novel??) and he’s Waiting for divorce as well as the money he’d get from the system (hence his inner thoughts). ML got this mystical power to listen to MCs inner thoughts (sometimes, even through phone calls?) and yeah, he’s not happy with what’s he’s hearing ¯\_ (ツ) _/¯

The original plot was prob, like we are all quite familiar with, villain is together with ML, but ML didn’t like him at all, the is the childhood friends who’s always “bullied” by villain, so ML will hate him more etc. End: ML gets together with that childhood friend, villain dies an ugly death.

So yeah, MC is quite convinced that ML will forever protect the childhood friend (White Lotus) and so always scolds him in his heart (which ML hears and is not satisfied with). ML wonders how MC can think think so, since there’s nothing going on between White Lotus and him, but yeah, slowly distances himself from white lotus.

Plot points (?) :

  • ML suddenly can hear MCs thoughts and wants to know what MC is planning next (since he kind of finds out he’s acting as a bad person on purpose, that he wants a divorce (which maybe hurts his pride? Haha idk why he just suddenly decided that he had to do whatever MC didn’t want him to do^^’)
  • MC participates in variety show about harmonious couples traveling on fixed budget. Contrary to what he thought, ML accepted to take part.
  • White Lotus is jealous so also takes part. His partner already kind of saw through him, that he’s planning something not good
  • Everything ends well I guess, he has some hot topics on Weibo, but that was solved pretty fast
  • He participates in web drama, and can show off his skills? He teaches others etc, and the half brother of ML is the second main male lead~ so they play together
  • He takes leave to participate in variety show again. They basically rely on MC to pass, but in the end White Lotus team wins (of unfairly)
  • MC hacks to prove that White Lotus bought votes, stuff happen, anyways I think he got the price money in the end haha
  • Filming again. ML is always “bothering” him there, Investor appears.
  • I forgot a lot ahh I think MC and ML went to banquet by MLs family, ML buys their family heirloom back for MC
  • MLs half brother helps family get hair, turn out OG was the grandson?? Son?? Of another super rich family who was lost years ago (and here I wonder how??? I don’t get how and when that happened. Apparently they were trying to find out if MC is a fake or not with DNA test... but huh??? Nvm I just didn’t understand haha)
  • Stuff happen, ML confessed (also that he can hear his thoughts) and yeah, cars are driven (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and they do the marriage ceremony... again?? (Or not? Idk) and and yeah, Happy End haha

Some things that I cannot understand^^’

  • How did ML fall in love haha not that I care that much, just wondering sometimes ^^’
  • Most importantly!! What’s the point of the second CP!!! (;_;)they appeared at the end, OUT OF NOWHERE (the ML half brother and the MCs... nephew?) maybe I’m biased bc I don’t like side CPs, but I just thoughts they were really random. MLs half brother helped with the hair right?? And then suddenly they kissed and made out or something... (;´༎ຶu༎ຶ`) / whyyyy

Anyways, yeah the read is definitely recommended~ I hope you enjoy it as much as I did ٩ (˃̶͈̀௰˂̶͈́) و <<less
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Raukatau rated it
September 9, 2022
Status: Completed
Decent light read with cliche plot, arranged marrige between rich CEO and actor. Ending a bit rushed, it feels like author didn't know what to write after MC and ML get together.

It is all fun, but one thing I can't get out of my head - so what about original Shen Yu from the book? I feel so sad for him. No one cared about him, even author didn't bother give him some closure.
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Perry_08 rated it
March 1, 2023
Status: --
I was waiting for the angst and redemption arc of ML but it didn't happen at all. ML never realises his mistakes or regrets them. He is such a selfish jerk till the end. Almost vomited when he forced the second wedding on MC. Which braindead author thought this tr*sh is actually worthy of being ml??
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Fisukisuki rated it
May 6, 2023
Status: Completed
It was FUN novel. Don't read it for seriousness. It was just for fun and some epicness.

MC is consistent with his desire aka money and divorce. But people keep giving him trouble. So it's not weird for him to do "FCK IT!". It's still fortunately works with his 'vicious character setting'.

The story not simply black and white either. Sure those things doesn't get explored, but it wasn't exactly plot hole either since we can guess it more or less.

I'm talking about the hidden reason why Grandpa Feng is good to Shen Yu from the start.

But also the ML's Half-brother who can't act evil like common theme in many other novel because MC is just too strong and powerful. The Half-brother have common sense. 👍


I also pleasantly surprised by how things between MC and ML revealed. Didnt expect that but it was truly happiness! (O´罒`o) ♡

Sure this novel is not perfect. The ending does feel rushed. But it wasn't bad either. But I still like many things from this novel so I don't want to give this novel just a 4 stars. It was truly Fun! I Enjoyed it and Loved it!
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June 14, 2023
Status: Completed
The first 50 chapters were paced adequately for a short novel, but after that it’s like the fast forward button was hit and the translator had to fill in plot hole gaps with speculations in the notes if the reader wanted to keep up with the various time skips. Even dealing with the “villain” of the novel only equated about 100 words overall, with random speculations that honestly made no sense.

If you want a somewhat humorous and fast pace read, this novel works.
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May 11, 2023
Status: c27
This novel has some really interesting characters and interactions. However the ML makes me so incredibly mad every time. If he just spoke about things for once, and clarified that he wants to make the marriage work and throw away the white locus he wasn’t even aware he was having an emotional affair with... haaaa but no. He is extremely uncommunicative and is driving me up a wall while I read.
Why can’t he just say: “Stop your cute act in front of me and let me see your real... more>> self, and start this marriage again”!

Also the villain system the MC has made such a hole for him to lie in 😂😭☠️ <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
PasserByS rated it
August 24, 2023
Status: Completed
At the near end, it basically went to 40 to 100 real quick. Seems like the author just want to quickly finish this novel resulted in mediore ending.

Like others says, ML is a real douchèbag. He likes MC so he deserved a second chance? Typical narcissist behaviour. Like if you want a second chance, repent and reflect. Don't expect someone to give it just because you're a handsome billionre. From what I read, he just imposed his feelings on MC onesidely. At least I expect some heartfelt speech and apoligizing... more>> towards MC. But nooo

And MC can do anything. Literally anything. So it's quite boring.

The only saving aspect of this novel is mc's monoluge towards Ml. Like yass baby gurl, call him dog man, he totally deserved it. And others charaters are mindlessly 2D. Like someone says, we didn't get any info about how MC became the lost young master. It was just thrown in there to made MC loooks good.

All in all, 3.5 out of 5. <<less
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stellar_soul rated it
September 15, 2022
Status: Completed
Pretty decent read. If you just want to read something light and not think much you may enjoy it. Just don't think much when reading. Definitely not the best, not the worst, but is alright. The shou dissing the gong in his head while acting sweet is pretty funny, I love the gong's reaction too. But the gong's love for the shou kinda came from nowhere. His yandere mode kinda caught me off guard though (I know it was stated in the text that he is a yandere repeatedly by... more>> shen yu), his thoughts and actions didn't really scream yandere to me in the beginning.

I don't really love the Gong though. Like, I like him and his reactions, but I can't really love him. I understand his circumstances and bias against the shou, but man to accuse him

of tampering his car brake, which was only mentioned in this 1 chapter in the beginning and none in other chapter beside this accusing scene, and no closure on wtf was going on,

without evidence and not knowing his family circumstances despite having been married for 3 years.... that is something.

Honestly though, there are a lot of obscure points in the story that I doubt whether there was a missing text from the site I read it from.


For example, our Shen yu was said to be a celeb before transmigration who died from liver cancer, so how is it that before transmigration he was also a special force soldier who had been in army for 10 years?? Where does he also get so much knowledge, he was even able to do high level hacking???

Also, how does Shen yu suddenly being part of that Shen family work??? So in the beginning it was said that his father (who had a company and is rich but then died) married the stepmom who. However, he then had DNA test to prove that he is the uncle of this Shen feiyu guy. And this SFY had a grandfather, who I infer supposed to be Shen yu' s father because SFY addressed Shen yu as 小叔 (father's younger brother). So who is the dead father??? Or does the author mean that this dead father (or maybe shen yu's mom) and the grandpa are siblings, making Shen yu and Shen feiyu' s father cousin??? I am assuming the very rich Shen here is from the father side because of the surname and how SFY address shen yu, but can grandfather's sibling's son be called 叔叔 I am not very certain.

When did shen yu revealed that he is a transmigrator??? It was hinted that he had revealed it at some point because the gong had said that it was "their first marriage" with literal double meaning. I mean the gong knows he had secret because of the mind reading had revealed that shen yu knows a "system", but when was it revealed in the end?? and how did he get the mind reading ability so suddenly 3 years into marriage with shen yu???

How does Feng laoyezi know Shen yu's backstory? What's up with Feng jiahe? I thought he was kinda hostile but he ended up nothing much like a kitten? And his CP was so abrupt and brief, and came out of nowhere I was ???. I don't know, anyway I thought too much despite saying to not think much. These plot holes couldn't be filled by my brain alone.

The mind reading reveal was kinda anti-climatic for me though. And the jump from c66 to c67, I was super confused. Like, what? Why do they suddenly hold a wedding, then suddenly he won an award???


The villains are easily solvable and pretty s*upid. Pretty quick face slap. Just that I wish to know more about the white lotus' ending, the author just hung on him like that. Overall, a decent read. Just don't think too much about the plot holes because they are *many*. <<less
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hulkmaster2.0 rated it
November 26, 2023
Status: c70
This one was pretty entertaining, esp towards the beginning. I will say the ending was a bit rushed. I would have preferred it to be a bit longer so the author could flesh the story out more. The funny parts were very funny and it's a pretty quick read. If you are looking for something light, you'll like it but if you prefer stories with in depth plots and story building, this one isn't for you.
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ntww12 rated it
August 16, 2023
Status: Completed
Utterly disliked this novel.

ML is a scum. Treated MC badly because he was pushed into an unwanted marriage. If he realized his mistakes I’d be okay with the story but he didn’t. Acted like an overbearing domineering b*stard throughout the story and even the love confession was something forced onto the MC.

Did not feel any hint of romance between the two leads. ML did not even properly respect MC’s job. MC seemed so forced into the relationship.

... more>> Hate the system as well.

There’s a BG version of this story which I liked better as the ML there at least tried to understand the MC and I could feel the romance. This one just s**ked. <<less
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neoidt rated it
February 23, 2023
Status: Completed
HEEYY LİSTEN! This story is really good.

I swear to God 😭 I don't understand why people with low ratings do this.

I'm laughing every second, MC and ML perfect match. I can't wait to be able to read the next sentence, This novel is really beautiful. I'm so glad I started ignoring people with low ratings. Please start reading this without worrying about anything!!!!

Many thanks to the author and translator.<3
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