He’s Pregnant with the Major General’s Fish Cub


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The little prince of the Empire suddenly became a mermaid. Since the fish’s tail appeared, he had been hiding it carefully.

Until he was hit in the head by a book, he foresaw an unknown (fake) plot—

In the book, he was gloomy and vicious. In order to obtain the throne, he didn’t hesitate to hook up with the youngest and most promising major general of the Empire and ruthlessly abandoned him after his success. Later, he was driven off the throne and locked up by the vengeful major general. He not only exposed his fishtail but also conceived the major general’s cub?!

Little prince: ??? He wouldn’t be with him even if he was cut into fish fillets!

Later, he really became pregnant with the major general’s cub..

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Melange rated it
December 3, 2021
Status: Completed
This is a pretty short and light hearted novel about the young prince MC who suddenly became a mermaid one day and was startled to find that a prophetic book fell out of the sky.

The book foretells the future of his tragic fate with the handsome young general ML, with whom he has had little contact prior. Nevertheless, this doesn't stop MC from thinking about all the R-rated scenes from the novel every time he comes into contact with ML.

Which ordinarily would be fine, except...

... more>>

ML can read his mind so he has no idea why the prince is always thinking some crazy perverted thoughts around him?! He's obviously not a criminal or a clothed beast so why does the prince always think things like that?

Centuries later, they discover that the novel was actually a danmei fanfic one of their great great great great grand nieces wrote about their relationship.


It's short and sweet if you're looking for some uncomplicated fluff. <<less
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Estelle_star_QAQ rated it
December 4, 2021
Status: Completed
Please, before reading make sure to throw or keep your brain out, and Don't read this if you're searching for 'realistic couple' or any realism.

Onto the review!

The whole thing is really cute, albeit a misunderstanding galore (don't worry, the misunderstandings are rather cute and funny and leads to the pair getting closer). The protagonist is actually cute and the ML is good too (nothing too unique, the usual interstellar general but friendlier and less scary).

... more>> The overall dynamic between the two of them is cute, very cute.

Best to read this after reading many bullshits with love triangles and generally everything that gives headache.

  1. 5/5; very cute, very funny, funny side characters.
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Shimozuki Yue
Shimozuki Yue rated it
February 22, 2022
Status: --
As everyone says, it's indeed a very fluffy novel. The misunderstandings gave me second hand embarrassment that I almost cannot read on as I kept laughing and hiding. This is one of the novel that the age difference was suitable, necessary, and acceptable. Yes, the MC is really cute, but depending on the person, he can be really annoying, judgemental even. Of course, it's only in his inner monologue and he was never outwardly rude nor personally malicious, so he's a proper human. But ML can hear his thoughts. It's... more>> very funny but if it was a different person, MC would be punch the light out of him, at least for me, if someone kept jumping into conclusion about me, I would end them in annoyance. So really, props to ML. He was the older one, and it really shows. He was mature, understanding, and reliable. He was tolerant of MC's antics even though sometimes MC sounds like a fickle scumbag in his inner monologue (as he assume he have plenty of fishes, and he would remember how the him in the book would seduce these guys, not that he would himself.)

There's only one scene that was used as comedy that I didn't like.


It was when the 'mermaid egg' that the emperor was incubating for years fell and broke. The emperor cried, 'his egg', and momentarily lost composure as he broke down and cry.

Yes, it wasn't the real egg as MC is the mermaid. Yes, the emperor was such a scumbag and a neglectful father (pls add that he thought MC wasn't his real child. Idk how he treat his illegitimate child tho). Yes, the emperor is such a useless monarch.

But really, how could anyone laugh when someone breakdown and thought his child just died. He incubated that 'egg' for 23yrs thinking it is his son. The netizens didn't know, so yeah they can tease about the emperor crying for his egg (the meaning of slang intended) but I'm kinda disappointed that MC and ML, who knew the situation, was acting embarrassed for the emperor's reaction just because it was public.

Idk, maybe the author wanted the whole thing as his karma, or at least the start of his karma as he would later discover MC's identity but I really just don't agree with the comedic tone of the scene. It's like laughing at someone who just got miscarriage and shaming them for their reaction.

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Joy45h rated it
February 20, 2022
Status: --
A cute story. Both the MC and ML are adorable. At first I thought the MC was a noble and elegant person but as the story progresses the little prince starts revealing his true nature - CUTE !!!!

About the MCs parent, I love how they didn't whitewash the king. In usual Danmei, the father regrets and then the family reconciles but here that's not the case

... more>>

so the gist is the mermaid princess comes onto the humanland to concieve a heir and ends up falling in love with the prince. Later the prince tells the princess that he will have a fake marriage with a noblewoman to inherit the throne but she will always be his first family and priority and asks her not to leave him. By this time liya (princess) had already laid a egg (yinuo) . So she is disgusted with him and breaks up. Panicked the prince steals the egg to have liya change her mind. This ends up in revealing the liya's identity as a mermaid and she captured by the prince's fiance. Liya escapes after killing the fiance but she had already been tortured and suffered from a huge wound on her tail. Later she falls into eternal sleep due to trauma



the prince finally regrets it and then enters into a contract (white) marriage with queen delan to exterminate his fiance's clan and raises the egg for 23yrs as a sideffect he often gets cold stomach and poor health. Unknown to him queen delan (liya's best friend) exchanges the egg when it was still 5yrs old. Liya had once told her that their were people who were hunting mermaids. Queen delan was worried that the hunter was actually the king. So she raises little yinuo in stead of liya


The king tries to blame queen delan for seperating him and yinuo. Yinuo cuts him off by saying that if it wasn't for him liya would never enter into coma. So he himself is to blame here

They don't reconcile till the end. Later liya wakes up but even she was quite annoyed with the king and let alone reconcile she dosen't even agree to meet him. The kings spends rest of his days in regret

About the royal family yinuo had three royal siblings.

the eldest princess :

She was born to queen delan but she has a different father, it's not the king. She flees away from the kingdom to become a star thief

The first prince and princess lily :

They were born from a one night stand. They don't have a close relationship with yinuo but still care about him as a family. The eldest prince wants to inherit the throne but later decides to become a idle prince because being a king is too troublesome. Princess lily wants to follow her mother's example and make a harem of handsome boys for herself (the fanfic author is her descendant) . She has face blindness and always ends up falling in love with yinuo at first sight only to be told that he is her brother.

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Fujaiya Sumyoshi
Fujaiya Sumyoshi rated it
April 13, 2022
Status: Completed
A hilarious lovestory between a meraid prince MC and Major General ML

The Prince is ignored by Father king since born cause he thinks little prince isn't his son.

Little prince suddenly gets enlightened by plot God through a book and knows people and situations that he needed to deal with and take control of. ML can hear MC's thoughts (only his), and is fascinated by how the MC reads the smut book where ML and MC are continuously "playing". Eventually, the ML gets "affected" by the MC's inner monologue and is... more>> attracted to him

The plot is genuinely exhilarating. It doesn't disappoint because everyone gets HE (except for the mom Li Ya)

All in all, it's a good read <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Roxasfleur rated it
September 4, 2022
Status: Completed
Binge reading this until I got crossed eyes. The story starts as confusing, with no background on aboslutely everything. Like how did MC suddenly becomes a mermaid. However, the loose ends slowly get wrapped up and the ending is perfect. Def a nice read!
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Iluvstorys rated it
July 5, 2022
Status: C25.1
I love it. I think the r*pe tag is referring to one episode of technical dubcon where the MC was drugged and entered estrus, but his being a mermaid is a big secret no one else can know about and technically he initiated it... although his consent does not count... but at least it won't be traumatic for him. I mean... its not actually okay, but it is sort of implied that leaving it alone is not an option and a partner must help him through it. The ML was... more>> basically the lesser evil in this scenario.

My favorite quote so far:

"Chasing a wife on the crematorium also depends on the situation. If you succeed in chasing the little prince back after torturing, forcing and imprisoning him... I honestly think he should see a psychiatrist. That is Stockholm syndrome, and he needs to be treated."

The author seems to have a relatively sensible outlook on what is and is not acceptable. Any actual noncon only happens in the book the prince is reading... so at least the ML has forced himself upon the MC <<less
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wangxian0821 rated it
June 29, 2022
Status: Completed
I don't know how to make it spoiler andI apologize for my English, this is not my native language.... and thank you for translator and editors and sponsor and the author!😍😍😍y'll the best


EMPEROR AND PRINCESS LIYA) SO SAD BCS THAT TIME THE EMPEROR STILL LITTLE PRINCE WHO NO POWER AND FIGHT FOR THRONE SO inorder to take the throne he will married the noble lady at the time he already had a lover the mermaid princess, but he's weak and s*upid so he said I just fake marry her then after I become EMPEROR I will marry u but the so called fake fiance found it and take the mermaid princess liya then tortured her until she almost died then she run to her bff told her everything then when the emperor found that his lover run away then he took the egg their child he thought his lover will be back if the egg with him but he didn't know that liya is already in coma☹️ the emperor didn't care abt his another kids ofc he thought they're not his childs since the first first is not her real daughter and the frst and 2md prince and princess is one night stand and the MC thought he's not his son he only care abt the egg he thought the egg his son but he didn't know that the egg is fake when he found out that the MC is he real son with his lover but it's to late, high I feel sorry to the emperor even thou he's Scum but he really love liya and their son but he s s*upid 😑 in 23yrs he didn't found out that the egg is fake.




at first guys u will feel annoyed with Zhang yu the Octopus 😂 yes the MC he's fiance so he cames to take him away and marry him but it's to late the MC he already fell inlove with the ML😂 even he take him into sea but then he realised that he can't make the MC happy so he give up when the elders thought that MC entrust, and he needs to many (like harem) they want find young and handsome man or girls to give to the MC 😂 they thought the ML can't handle it alone but zhang yu said to them don't do that our little prince already got entrust and Yue Zhan help him😁 the elders admire Yue zhan (ML) (like no wonder he's young admiral General he so strong) 😂😁



don't worry abt the tag#r*pe it didn't happened 😁😁

and the #misunderstanding!😆😂 u can laugh and fell embarrassing 😂😂😆 <<less
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Evalanche rated it
February 8, 2022
Status: Completed
I liked it~

**Spoiler Alert

There's romance, comedy, mermaids, zergs, royals and nobles, star thieves, fluff, comedy, mpreg, small cloud and cat... annnnddd did I say comedy?

Anyways, I laughed many times because of the yellow book and the ML's mind reading, I've never thought that these plot settings would be so PERFECT... I love how only the dirty thoughts were conveyed to the ML (in the beginning) and I LOVE how the ML was not disgusted being fantisized by the MC is such an erot*c novel-style detailed manner... instead he seemed to... more>> get used to it pretty fast (well not exactly, but he ain't against it either). Anyways, I just love this plot setting.

The MC is very lovable. At first, he seemed like an elegant and noble prince but as time goes by, he showed his true colors to the ML (by his thoughts) and believed himself as the only awakened son of the planes. I LAUGHED SO HARD AHAHAHAHAHA

Anyways, I love them. The only complicated part for me was the MC's parents' relationship. <<less
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ylial rated it
March 19, 2022
Status: c43
It's really funny and I find the MC lovable instead of spoiled. Will temporarily stop since I find the succeeding ch's a little monotonous.
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
mikumiku_100 rated it
February 17, 2022
Status: Completed
Okay, I admit it doesn't have the best plot and not so flesh-out characters BUT it's selling point is the romcom xD.

It's the type of novel you will read to destress or waste time out of boredom. It doesn't have much conflict and kind of straightforward and silly lol.

If you're looking for fluff, mermaids, mpreg, and comedy, this is for you UwU.
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Monicas rated it
January 30, 2022
Status: c37
Fun and light story.

The MC is cutie with fun personality and the ML unexpected is not cold and headstrong but the opposite.
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