After Being Preached by My Senior Martial Brother


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After the Second Prince of the Ninth Heaven broke the Holy Spirit Lamp, he was then deprived of his Mana, his appearance, and was demoted to descending to the world to experience calamity.

The Second Prince, who had now no talent and no appearance, became the younger martial brother in Miaoxian Mansion, and started the path of cultivating immortals with fear.

At first, everyone bullied him, and only the cold and taciturn senior brother treated him well.

Later, he learned that the senior martial brother, the same as him, had a deep fate with immortals. Unless his soul left his body, he would become his Taoist Companion.

His heart was happy. Until that day he witnessed the senior martial brother commit great treason and as he held the Master in his arms.

With a piteous cry, “Miaomiao…….”

The cold face showed a gentle look as well.

That was the Master’s nickname.

The Second Prince no longer expected the senior martial brother to see him, but he did not expect the senior martial brother to be desperate and begged him, “Xiao Qi, save the Master, only your life can be exchanged for his life.”

After coming back, the Second Prince didn’t even evade the sword and died under it.

In a trance, he saw the senior martial brother’s disbelieving expression.

With his body dead, he returned to heaven.

The father of the Ninth Heaven raised this scarred man. The Second Prince asked for a heartless bead. After years of suffering, it was better to be a merciless and loveless immortal.

It was just that, it didn’t occur to him that his senior martial brother became the only devil in the Three Realms.

He didn’t know until he died–

—that the senior martial brother was covered with blood and tears. He knelt on his knees and could not stand up from the sycamore tree and fought madly with his fragmented soul.

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New SirhcSidhe rated it
March 2, 2024
Status: Completed
The summary really doesn't give the story its credit. In fact, this is a lighthearted comedy, with a few bittersweet moments thrown in. The senior martial brother (ML) is a true psychopath who solves all his problems by killing the offending person (plus any bystanders, while stealing their things). The demoted heavenly prince (MC) is fully aware of this true face of the ML, and behaves like any sane person would -- by ignoring half of his words, giving no weight to half of his actions, and offering no resistance... more>> in trivial matters, like one would treat a silly, aggressive child. This makes for hilarious interactions between the two. <<less
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YoriMei rated it
February 20, 2023
Status: Completed
If nothing else please read this part because the summary does this story a wild disservice by being much more dramatic than it actually is, the story is genuinely a rom-com:

The main character Feng Xuan, is sent to earth to follow fate and undergo his love calamity and then return to the heavens where he can go back to his carefree life of eating and sleeping. Using what he knows from the fate book, he tries to get along with QZY until his eventual death and return to the heavens.... more>> Romance and shenanigans ensue.

Theres no bullying or betrayal, the aforementioned scene of QZY hugging his master doesn't happen in the story, FX DOES know that QZY will become the demon king from the start, this isn't a wife-chasing crematorium story, QZY doesn't like anyone except FX and vice versa. Hell, FX doesn't even ask for that heartless bead, his father was the one who asked and planted it inside of him whilst FX was passed out.


But nonetheless this was a really fun story that had a cute couple. Feng Xuan and Qi Zhuoyu have really nice chemistry together, FX's a charming but very lazy and vain little guy who has a strange train of thought that genuinely made me laugh. QZY is a little more typical, "tall, dark, handsome, cold, psycho blah blah blah" type guy but he's also like a seven year old kid who must be the strongest on the playground. He has his own moments of childishness and it's hilarious watching QZY purposely make trouble with FX and do stuff like mess up FX's paper crafts because FX wasn't paying attention to him. The plot is there but it's mostly there as a background for the main CP's romance journey. As for said romance journey, it's mostly just comedy and sweetness, though the scenes of QZY desperately trying to get back FX made me tear up here and there. Also just to explain, the fate book is only a guide and shows what the original Xiao Qi's ending would have been if FX did not come to earth with his memories as a god intact, he doesn't actually have to act like Xiao Qi (and honestly never does a single time in the entire story).

The biggest problem with this story would be that there's a lot you just have to roll with. For example, FX and QZY are basically soulmates, predestined lovers, and have an 100% compatibility rate so they get along very quickly and QZY seems to have more patience and care for FX than normal from the start. Remember how I said the plot is mostly just background? The reason for that is because QZY is so overpowered that quite literally nothing is a threat, in fact there is no threat, QZY can literally solo-kill gods and demons as a mortal cultivator. QZY is also a bit psychotic and remorselessly kills and steals at will, nothing is described graphically and it's seen as comedic but just know one-off side characters drop like flies. As for FX, as much as I like him, he's quite literally useless. He sleeps, eats, goes shopping, makes witty commentary and follows QZY around, thats literally all he does outside of a few plot events.

Overall it has its flaws but if the story manages to click for you, then this was a fun read with a really cute couple. It's an easy to read story about a picky, vain but sweet little beauty and an intimidating, psycho but total wife-s*ave senior brother. There's also a side story about FX's parents that is equally as cute, his male mother is also a beauty with a strange train of thought! It's genetic!! <<less
32 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
April 20, 2023
Status: --
Looks serious but its a totally rom com type of novel I really enjoyed it but since it has still chapter I want to give proper comment when the translation are totally finishen hopefully
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Ireadbl rated it
February 19, 2023
Status: c3
I thought this would be a more serious novel based on the summary, but so far the tone of voice doesn't seem very serious. It makes me skeptical that I will like it.

MC says he has to follow the fate book cuz he's being punished to be mortal, but he's OOC so much. He told the senior martial brother he was having a nightmare and when his senior bro asked what it was about he tried to lie and say oh it was about marrying you. Then Senior bro was... more>> offended but then never really questioned it afterwards? What? That's not suspicious? MC is supposed to be a mortal in love with Senior bro.

Oh man if you were looking for a xianxia experience this wasn't it. Modern sentence after modern sentence. <<less
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