Eternal Tale


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【Light-hearted and humorous + No female lead + No knives + Survivalist protagonist】- caution, this story is engaging.

Chen Xun traversed into the vast and boundless world of cultivation, awakening the Immortal Ascension System, which unexpectedly granted him a companion, a long-lived spiritual beast.

I, Chen Xun, have no interest in fighting or killing, nor do I wish to provoke anyone. I only want to travel the world with my old ox and witness all the worldly splendors. However, one day, I inadvertently discovered a secret….

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New zhanxian rated it
July 9, 2024
Status: --
This is a story about two life long bros broing it out.

Not counting the heavenly distuburances from their breakthroughs, and a few short fights here and there where they flex some of their power, the duo stay extremely lowkey until about chapter 140, ... more>>

the duo make a big move to save an old friend from an ambush, then they realize that they are strong and that there is wisdom in robbing and looting. Still wanting to be virtuous, they come up with a plan to hunt down and rob villians.... only to be unable to find actual villans and thus give up their great plan to go around robbing and looting by chapter 150.


I disagree that they 'become arrogant' later on, they are pretty arrogant from day 1, albit in a kind of naive way. It's part of their charm. As a pair of buddies, they really like to swagger around and brag to each other but they are genre savvy and know when to duck out of a situation. My favorite scene so far is when the duo were just hiking through the mountains, and

saw an injured female cultivator fall in their direction. the MC quickly determines her cultivation level, realizes there is nothing good coming out of colliding with a person of her status, and then dips out before the girl can even be given a name by the author. What happens to her? Who cares! Not the mc's problem

. The story is full of all kinds of funny little moments like that. <<less
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Twilight Enigma
Twilight Enigma rated it
October 23, 2023
Status: c38
If you're someone who loves cultivation stories but is tired of arrogant young masters, face-slapping, and old grandpas coming for revenge this is the novel for you.

Eternal Tale is a calm almost slice-of-life story. The protagonist isn't a mu*der hobo who goes out of the way to kill people for the smallest slight but doesn't hesitate when he has to.

The story mostly follows the escapades of Chen Xun and his ox and their interactions with the world around them. There is a system but it's not overwhelmingly present. Overall a... more>> great story so far give it a try. <<less
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RajSanthosh rated it
October 2, 2023
Status: c30
I only reached 30th chapter, But felt like I have read many chapters...

MC and his cute ox are the protagonist... Both are basically immortals with unidentified system.


they get points every year. MC adds his points to strength, then speed and something that will make plants grow, then spiritual energy...


This novel has a promising start... I am pretty Glad that it didn't have normal Xianxia troupe.
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the_black_gift rated it
April 1, 2024
Status: c89
This is fundamentally a great novel about the protagonist and his companion experiencing the world, growing more mature, knowledgeable and powerful. I've read similar novels with a concept of eternal life, but the authors always end deciding to throw away what makes their novel so good and try to combine their novel concept with other stuff to make their more interesting, creating an inferior imitation of an inferior and generic plot.

This novel sadly has as of chapter 88 a similar issue.

Normally the protagonist is steady and cautious and utilizes his... more>> endless lifespan very well.

However as of novel there is a plot development of war between Qian nation where they reside in and the neighboring Wu nation. I've no idea what the problem with the author is, maybe he took the wrong pills, but the protagonist gets fired up about fighting for Qian nation, risking his life in the battlefield.

There are a couple issues with this.

1. The battlefield is by far the most dangerous invironment the protagonist would go to, if he is unlucky he encounters a powerful cultivator who one hits him. This is totally breaking his character. It makes no sense to be cautious of small dangers in comparison only to throw yourself into the most dangerous place happily.

2. There is no honor to be had in this war. No people are starving and there is no reason for war. Both nations (as even stated in the novel) top dogs are just greedy for the resources the other country has, willingly causing the death of countless people just to fulfill their greed. If you want to be a useful disposeable human resource then you are not valiant. You are either s*upid or a masochist.


The author has created some plot development which hinders the protagonist from going to the war which I'm glad about. This would have ruined everything this novel is about. I hope the protagonist will never go to the battlefield.

Still, for breaking the protagonists character so badly I have decided on 3.5 stars. Falling to 2 stars if a similar incident happens in the future and going up to 4 stars if it remains the only part where the author badly messes up.

Great, the protagonist calmed down and realized they don't need to participate in such battles for benefit.

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onlycrimson123 rated it
January 9, 2024
Status: c64
This is by far the best novel that I have found on this site, and the best I have read in years.

I don't have much to say in this review as I enjoyed every aspect of this novel. The character interactions, the realism in the setting, the main character, the plot lines, everything.

I would recommend this novel to everyone.
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H0NEYBEE rated it
January 2, 2024
Status: c730
It started off very well.

It was a very interesting story where the main character was just enjoying life slowly, was truly low-key and, overall, it was a very fun read.


... more>>

their small realmwas destroyed


which was awesome. It was incredibly dramatic and fun.


The higher world was also interesting. Highly bureaucratic, profit-driven - basically an anarcho-capitalist mega world.

I'd never seen anything like that in a xianxia before.

The main characters staring a garbage-recycling factory was fun too.


But somewhere alomg the way the story lost its interesting elements


the main character went to the wild world - basically a xianxia wikd west which is incredibly carbon cupy cutout for any xianxia world where you kill anyone you meet, he stopped being low-key and began acting arrogantly, the appeal of enjoyment of new things disappeared and the whole story became a drag.


So I don't feel like mtl'ing further. Maybe it gets better but I don't have the determination to slug through the whatever this story has become. <<less
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LittleMonsterKawaii rated it
December 9, 2023
Status: c60
An "immortal" MC that actually acts like one, is likable and kindhearted but decisive and doesn't covet what doesn't belong to him, truly a rarity (tired of those pseudo kindhearted but actually hypocritical MC). Add to that an adorable ox, and you've got a relaxing, wholesome and fun-to-read story.

I greatly recommend giving it a try.
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prakx_rj rated it
April 3, 2024
Status: c20
I generally love xianxia novels but this is one of the favourites. I love the slice of life part of the story instead moving from one country to another and slapping young master faces or going into secret realms every 50 chapters. This novel has decent action and good comedy. Worth reading!!!
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gegehehe8686 rated it
March 29, 2024
Status: c100
I like it. Very light hearted and fun. I prefer fast cultivation novels, but this is a good read.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
March 23, 2024
Status: c97
This is one of my favorite novel so far, unlike most cultivation novel protagonist who are full of ambition and detached something something and arrogant. The MC & the ox are low key, cheerful, and carefree. (Granted, the reason might be that they are practically immortal and has infinite time so long as they are not dead). But anyways, if you got tired from arrogant main characters, this is for you.


From what another reader commented (The Hamster) he/she claimed that it got bad and the MC & the ox became standard arrogant mc

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