Ascending, Do Not Disturb


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You think too much, cultivation is not like this…

When Kong Hou steps on the path to cultivation, she learns that all xianxia stories are full of lies.

A relaxed cultivation story.

Kong Hou: a traditional musical instrument like a harp. The female protagonist’s name.

Associated Names
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Chớ quấy rầy phi thăng
Flying Up Without Disturb [Drama]
Wù rǎo fēishēng
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New quacky.q rated it
May 6, 2024
Status: Completed
How many times have I read this? It's light, fluffy and cute.

None of the annoying villains or repetitive plots




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charysa rated it
December 30, 2018
Status: Completed
I've read the entire story in the raws, and enjoyed every minute of it. This is a xianxia world that I would like to be in, where the orthodox sects are the good guys because they are filled with *good* guys, none of that edgy hypocrites crap. Where cultivation means also cultivating your virtue, and naturally weeds out people who are out for shortcuts to power. Where people can still be flawed and have interpersonal or inter-sect conflicts, but still have that bottom line that they won't cross.

I also loved... more>> the characters in this. Not just the MC and the ML (who are adorable characters themselves), but the supporting characters are all well written too. The MC's sect, her master and sect brothers/sisters are all hilarious every minute they're on screen. The other "rival" girls in the cultivation world are all unique from one another, none of them being a stereotypical caricature, and several of them even undergo *character growth* through the story.

The only ones who are sort of one-dimensional are probably the villains, and even then, we get hints of the complicated backstory that caused the villain boss to become what he is (or perhaps he was always that way and the sob story is just his own rationalization).

If I were to say there were any flaws with the story, I would have to say that the second half isn't quite as strong as the first half. This author's strength is in her character building and slice of life story telling, which is what the first half consists of.

Afterwards, the string of misunderstandings between the MC & ML (where one or both are silently pining for the other) and between them and their masters, became a bit forced as it went on. But at least the misunderstandings weren't drawn out for *too* long, before they finally got together.

The stuff after that concentrating on a "main" plotline dealing with the villain boss feels very rushed and haphazard though. It feels like the author was running out of ideas and just wanted to rush to the end. So you had all these skips and cheats to quickly level up the MC, so she and ML can have the final showdown with the villain boss. It honestly did feel hamfisted, and I would have been more comfortable with just a timeskip, honestly. However, the quality is not such that I'd take off a star for the overall story, which I still liked. <<less
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RealmSpirit rated it
October 17, 2019
Status: c79
I'm literally sitting here dying from waiting for this novel to update.

You would not believe how fluffing good this novel is!

Before I read this, I was like meh, sounds okay... But believe you me.. You're gonna be hooked on the fluffiness!!!

So much fluff~ so much cotton candy~ all rainbows and no fluffing dang tear jerking and frustrating drama!!!

To the father, son and holy spirit!!



So happy I could cry!!

Love the MC.

Love the ML.

Love the Plot-sama.

Love the Author-sama!

Love! Lovveeee!!!

100 spirit points to author-sama, plus the additional 10 points for the fluffiness!!
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[email protected] rated it
October 21, 2018
Status: c3
Why on earth people vote this one star when it's barely starting. Anyway, I've read 3 chapters so far and personally think it has potential. First, because I'm a fan of the author (to be virtuous wife amd 8TT). Though, the translator has emphasized earlier that this novel will be the author's breakaway from her usual storyline. Second, it's well translated with glossary and pictures. Third, regarding the plot I cant say much because currently, the MC Kong Hou is still a child and she's taken away from the palace... more>> (good for her bcs she's not loved by current dynasty emperor) by a cultivator due to Karma's debt. But I like the MC personality because she looks like a sweet child. Even after her family have been wiped out by current emperor, she still maintains her carefree personality. She doesnt think much when other people bullies her, which makes the bullies angry. Anyway, I'm looking forward how the story revealed. <<less
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Shio rated it
February 21, 2019
Status: c20
I have to agree with aeiru28, Kong Hou is such a good child, you will want to pet her head. She didn't have to sell meng/fake cuteness. She is cute because of her earnest and hard working attitute. The more I read the translated chapter, the more I like the characters. Both MC and ML are 'rich, genius' sect member, so they can be really oblivious about stuff. While their common sense are a bit skewed, their intention is still good.

Read this novel for relaxing pretty realistic cultivation world, where... more>> relationship is more important than saving face. Note that this is not action xianxia. This is more to slice of life with eastern cultivation fantasy. <<less
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hiohbye rated it
January 6, 2020
Status: c101
MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE NOVEL. Will purify your soul. I developed diabetes because everything is so freaking sweet. ML and FL are absolute angels, villains have personalities, no dog blood dramas or white lotuses or green tea b*tches.
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Reindeer rated it
May 4, 2019
Status: c32
I never thought the day would come but I FINALLY FOUND A FEMALE MC NOVEL THAT HAS ABSOLUTELY I COULD NOT COMPLAIN ABOUT! For literal YEARS I've been searching for female MC novels that could satisfy my unreasonable standards. Ever since I've read Rebirth of the Malicious Empress, I've fallen in love with the idea of what it would be like to have a great novel with a female MC. The female MC was definitely GREAT in Rebirth of the Malicious Empress, the Male Lead just had to be one... more>> of those pushy, oppressive, acting all mysterious type. That literally ruined the novel for me and I was never able to pick the novel back up again, even if I still think it deserves at least 4.5 stars.

Now this novel here, is the real deal. The MC is PERFECT. She's highly relatable and understandable, fun, ADORABLE, endearing, and overall cute. She's more of a little sister than waifu material. There's a strong desire to protect her, and also a strong feeling of reassurance that she is well equipped enough with wits from reading cultivation novels (no, this is not a reincarnation story, cultivation novels really do exist in this cultivation world lol). She's quite mischievous and knows when to restrain herself when dealing with others, she is literally wary of triggering flags that happen in the novels she read.

The novel as a whole itself is phenomenal. The world building is well built upon the foundation of other existing cultivation novels. The world is basically what would happen if the worlds in other novels calmed down and actually progressed as a society. The world is peaceful, no sects, so far, who have death grudges with each other. There's a friendly balance with the top 10 sects. They have prisons and punishments for criminal cultivators even. The biggest surprise actually is that, minor spoiler,

those with 5 elements are actually treated as more important than those with 1 element affinity. It's now common knowledge that those with 5 elements are stronger than those with lesser elements. They only need to nurture them and they become very strong in the higher stages. Because of that though, they are now harder to find than those with 1 element. Balance or something.


The biggest thing that made me most relieved is the Male Lead. I've scoured the land for an acceptable one and FINALLY, I have found it! Who could've thought that the perfect male lead was those who are just like Raizel from Noblesse! (It's a Korean manhua that ended this january. You will not regret reading this past the initial chapters that probably didn't receive proper editing) The type of guy who's probably the strongest person but can't use his powers because of injuries from cultivation, and with a guard that has really great reactions to whatever unbelievable thing to him happens.

Overall, it's one of the best currently translated rn imo. It still has a small amount of chapters but they have all been enjoyable so far. I really recommend to anyone interested in either cultivation or shoujo novels, this novel might surprise to know of the what the other genre has to offer. <<less
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Demonic Reader lv 451F
Demonic Reader lv 451F rated it
February 14, 2019
Status: Completed
Good in the first 2/3 of the story. The author is efficient in buiding world and characters. But she has almost no idea at all in xianxia, cultivation methods and development, fighting scene.

So this love story, slice-of-life, novel finally is developed into ''great drawing of the snake before adding legs to it' painting.

Yes, slice-of-life love story, not xian-, nor action-. The final act is even forced-down-the-throat ending. No cultivation. No ascending. No magic. No action. Only forced end.

Author's writing is good. The translator is great. If not the combination is... more>> next to perfect, this novel would get at most 2/5 stars. <<less
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Roxasfleur rated it
August 14, 2020
Status: Completed
Saw author Yue Xia Die Ying - Immediately read

Saw translator DreamsOfJianghu - Immediately read

Both never dissapoints me.

To be a Virtuous Wife was the novel that started ancient chinese novel for me. Still can't believe how far I've gone in reading chinese novel lol.

Anyway, this story is as expected. Freaking good.
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MangoGuy rated it
November 11, 2019
Status: c86
Well, this one is like the Kingsman among the James Bond series of movies. When cultivation novels are trying increasingly harder to make themselves stand out among the crowd, Ascending literally ascends beyond the rest. It's unique selling point is it's simplicity.

A simple tale of a Mary Sue female MC who gets to cultivate. A simple tale where the plot follows our heroes roaming around the world in search of rare medicines for the male MC... Who is sick.

So obviously, right off the bat... This sounds just like the regulation... more>> stuff. Except here, the world of cultivation is a friendly and miraculous place to be!

You have Noble cultivators who are quite upright. You have characters who are inherently good and, more importantly, fun. While he world setting is a major positive, the characters who fill up this world are the actual butter of this novel. Well written characters who all have something to offer to the experience.

The dialogues may sometimes feel redundant and too much postering, but considering the MC is from an imperial lineage, this was bound to happen. Eitherway, it does get annoying and I can this only give this a 4 star rating.

Beware. This is an easy paved cultivation novel which is more about fluff than about typical cultivation stuff. However, the romance theme in the novel is excellent, as it actually organically deals with a much older person falling in love with a kid, and the implications. As I said, the characters and their interactions are the clear winners for this novel.

This is Mango approved.

EDIT: After completing this series, I have decided to bump it up to 5 star rating. Hugely Mango approved. An excellent ending with nice foreshadowing. A truly unique and fun series. <<less
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Dianhua rated it
July 5, 2020
Status: c154
I wrote this while only few chapters away from the ending. If you enjoy a fun but heartwarming cultivation novel then you will enjoy this. I definitely liked this alot that I binged in 3 days from beginning. Here are the strong points for me

1. The relationships

The ML and FL romance progression is adorable. The ML has cultivated for 300+ yrs and the FL is only 16, 17 for 80% of the novel but experience a "speed up" when she cultivated in pocket world kinda thing so she's around 120+... more>> yrs old later. However, despite the age gap, their relationships are not awkward or problematic at all. The ML spend most of his time cultivating so his emotional intelligent regarding.... life in general is no more experienced than FL.

Their relationships start out as traveling friends who find each others interesting, grew into familial care, into realizing they have a crush on each others. The FL innocent optimism helped him learn to be more humanlike and enjoy life.

There are many cute moments between their interactions. The couple treat each other with respect and despite ML being this super powerful swordsman, the FL do not fall behind him or rely on his power.

2. The world building/humor

While many cultivation novel portray sects and cultivators as cutthroats, this novel FL's sect is lovely. FL master act like her father, her senior act like brothers, her peers are nor jealous or want to drag her down because of her talents but see it as her bringing honor to entire sect. They prioritize familial bond and loves foods but they are not weak despite not training 24/7. You truly feels like the sect members are important to the FL's life especially since she was someone who lost her blood family at young age. The ML's sect, while have a more cold, training maniacs reputations, also have caring seniors who look out for him.

There are many sects that specialize in their own genre. There's dynamics between small, big, and non-sect cultivators. It is interesting to read about them in the travel between them through FL/ML journey. I love that there's food sect that specialize in cooking. The story has serious moments but also light hearted tone because FL is bright and likable person.

3. Female support characters

Often times, webnovels female support characters are given this over the top villain roles so the FL can look innocent and just but I think this novel did fine job portraying women. There are not b*tchy backstabbing rival. The closest to a "rival" is more like a friendnemy who feels competitive with FL because they're both pentad spirit and praised as prodigy and beautiful women. Their rivalry is at most trying to outdo each others with nicer clothes but they're still courteous with each other and never actively try to sabotage the other. The FL have good relations with her sisters in sect and often send gifts to them from cities she went to. There are no love rivals, and women who hit on/fantasize about ML back away and respect them as soon as they realized he's taken. Female cultivators are serious, diligent just like men. There are no discriminations between gender. Even when they are carefree like people in FL's sect, they are not the stereotypical "catty popular girls."

I really do like the positive interactions between women and not making them catty women who are just trying to tear down each other.

The only tic I have is the lookism (spazzing over people just because they're pretty, emphasizing how pretty FL/ML) get written alot. I feels like after a few times, you kinda get they're attractive people. But this is just minor writing details for me. It is nothing major and seems like common thing in chinese novel to focus so much on attractive, powerful, perfect people. <<less
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Peniparton rated it
March 20, 2020
Status: c123
Kudos to the author of this ? Novel for bringing originality and something new for us to appricate

Finally we get MC who is not an "assassin" "doctor" or infamous business woman ? (Tears of joy) I love how normal she is abeit little lucky but overall she has a relatable personality so I can understand how people love her unlike most of other novels (esp transmigration) where the protagonist is either cold indifferent or is white lotus ? Seriously how can you have a harmen of men chasing after you... more>> when you are totally a bit*h ? So imagine my happiness when we get cute MC and let's not forget about our male lead here he is good too (thinking MC is best tho❤️) I love how he helps her in cultivation rather than letting her relay on him all time. He is not an overbearing macho man instead is gentle and considerate (we need more ML like him) also the side characters is well written we do have other female who are jealous of MC but it's nothing overboard like killing each other type or snatching the ML instead it's very practical (normal woman type) more like they admire her and want to complete her (looks wise ?)

Let's not forget our dear translator thank you for your hard work I have no complain whatsoever either in terms of update or grammar ?? It's very well written so whoever wants to give it a try you should. It's a breath of fresh air. <<less
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
MeimeiXgreetsXNiangniang rated it
January 4, 2020
Status: c101
Everyone has given their analysis so I'm just gonna say, if you're looking for fluffy, cute, carefree novel to read with cultivation as a side dish then this is for you. Follow our blessed and ever so lucky MC, Kong Hou, on her adventuresin the cultivation world. Together with the friends she picked up along the way, you will see her unique, perhaps naive, sometimes defying common sense interactions in Ascending, Do not Disturb!
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Shimatta rated it
February 3, 2022
Status: Completed

The author's take on the cultivation world is different than the usual "Strong bullies the weak". In this story, strong protects the weak. All the top sects are united. There are no secret manuals or cultivation techniques. Top sects publish scrolls or books about best cultivation techniques, pill refining techniques and so on so that nobody has to fight over them. Disciples of different sects share their experiences with one another to improve each other and help to get a breakthrough. Gender discrimination doesn't exist. Nomad cultivators and sect cultivators... more>> live in harmony. Inside secret realms, disciples from different sects help each other and share treasures. Basically, the cultivation world of the orthodox sects is united and peaceful. Also, the fated one, the hero to save the world is not a guy but a girl.

MC has a high EQ. She is kind and adorable. She is hard working and self aware. She knows her strengths and uses them well. She is obsessed with cultivation novels and often compares the cultivation world with the books she has read.

ML is the usual stoic type. He is sick and is traveling the world in the hope of finding medicinal ingredients that could help him. But in fact he wants to travel because his death is near. He meets MC and he starts to change. He starts to realize that only cultivation is not enough. There are so many good things in the world. He changes so much that his master and elders hold a meeting to discuss whether his body is possessed by some soul. Basically he changes from an indifferent cultivator to a good person. His character growth is probably the best thing about this novel.

It is one of the fewest Chinese novels I have read in which the elders of the MC and ML were more enthusiastic about the relationship between them than the MC and ML themselves.

It is one of the novels where the female protagonist isn't a damsel in distress but can handle everything thrown her way.



Apparently an average looking person is not a match for a good looking person. This point is mentioned over and over again.

I really don't like how MC emphasizes that ML is so good-looking that he deserves good things and blah blah blah. It's like if ML was bad-looking, she wouldn't have spared him a look and he would not have deserved anything good at all.

The whole story is about looks. A medicine master does not treat good looking men. An elder only gives gifts to good looking youngsters. A girl gets jealous of MC because MC is as good looking as her. Some person is not deserving of MC because he has average looks. It was funny at some times but later it feels author overdid the "good looks" thing.

Sentences that emphasizes good looks can be found in every other chapter. For example:

"You are so good-looking. Anything you say goes."

"She did have tolerance for good-looking juniors."

"The female yao disliked women who were better-looking than her even more than she did ugly men."

"Those women were s*upid. They had beauty, but were all fooled by average men."

"Men who are not good-looking enough will have no one to admire them even if they have many faces."


The main focus of the novel is romance and everything else is there to fill in the gaps. The romantic or sweet interactions between the lead characters are written in detail and the author has tried to make them as fluffy as possible. But the actual plot of the story is just a blur. MC is a music cultivator but we never she her practice music. Important things like this is just left as background. When the lead characters were traveling, everything was fine but as soon as they stopped, every thing was chaotic. Also the story has abrupt change of scenes and things are not explained properly. Some characters just come without any foreshadowing and become the focal point of the story all of a sudden.


Although this story portrays a fairly healthy relationship between the lead characters but it seems that no matter what, the author really couldn't stay away from turning it into an indirectly unhealthy relationship.

Gui Ling is one of the apprentice of MC's eldest shixiong. He gifts a hairpin to MC for saving his life. ML sees this and tells MC that the hairpin is ordinary, antiquated and makes her look older. Such petty things. So laughable.

I honestly think this kind of conduct is extremely harmful to both of them as well as MC's relationship with other people. I don't think ML should judge someone's gift in such a way even if the other party was his love rival. MC is a friendly girl. She can form friendship with as many guys and girls as she wants. Just because ML doesn't care about friendship and treats his only one friend as air doesn't mean MC should do the same. He glares at any guy who peeks at MC. MC didn't have a family when she grew up. The members of the sect are family to her. But he even gets jealous when MC is close to her shixiongs. Just like most of the Chinese novels, ML is shown to be petty here, trying to monopolize MC. When will Chinese novels stop portraying such childish actions of characters as true love? This kind of habit is glorified in almost every other Chinese novels. Everytime I hope to read something new but it usually doesn't happen.

I am not saying that authors should write perfect characters or perfect love story because that is not possible. What I am trying to say is Chinese web novels lack novelty. Literally every other lead male character has the same personality: cold, indifferent, handsome, possessive, manipulative and so on. If only few novels had such characters, it would not matter. But if every novel contains such lead characters, it's a problem. This kind of twisted character and twisted relationship have become mainstream in Chinese novels. It's sad and frustrating that many young people might idolize this as the standard. <<less
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August 23, 2019
Status: c130
I love this novel! The MC's sect is hilarious they are one of the top ten most powerful sects ranked 10th. The reason they are in last place?

... more>>

every one in the sect is known for being somewhat frivolous and they like to shop and play around, so on the way to the sect competition where the disciples go to fight in a tournament with other sects to determine rank they basically played around so much on the way they forgot about the tournament so were auto ranked last as no shows. ? None of the other sects underestimates them though because they can still fight they just lack the ambition to do so. Even though the MC is a genius none of them are jealous, because of the lack of ambition, so you will randomly see her senior brothers and sisters come up and encourage her saying 'sect revival all depends on you' ?


also her master literally has no fate with money ? Their mountain peek is hundreds of thousands in debt and every time he gets money he ends up having to use it for his disciples ? It's a well known joke around the sect that he used all his luck to get three good disciples (they are the most promising in the sect) so he can't get money or treasures. He will literally go into a dangerous hidden land with like a 99% mortality rate and come out without a scratch but no treasures, while the other 1% that survived are filthy rich. He's a really good master though, just literally no Fate with money <<less
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honeybunny55 rated it
August 14, 2019
Status: Completed
I love Eight Treasures Trousseau and To Be A Virtuous Wife. I did not think I would like this story at all, and that's coming from someone who loves cultivation stories. The summary was just too boring to catch my eye, and I read somewhere this story is quite different from the author's previous works.

Gotta say, I'm so glad I started reading it. I. Am. Hooked.

It is just so refreshing to read. I've gotten so used to reading 2048585784929110 chapter long xianxia novels with the same, contrived villains and same... more>> pampered female cultivators who hate the MC for no reason other than to give the story some one dimensional drama that I have begun to get really bored of these types of webnovels, despite the fact that they're usually my favorite genre.

This one is just so fluffy and cute. The MC, despite seeming innocent and naive, is actually quite clever and smart. She isn't totally weak, but she isn't totally overpowered either. I find that many of the things she says are well thought out and she isn't very impulsive. The ML is this awkward man who doesn't quite know how to deal with the MC. Their relationship is so cute and adorable that I feel like I need a hit of insulin because I just developed diabetes haha.

The side characters are interesting, and I love how Splendid Cloud Sect acts. I love that they're the black sheep of the top ten sects, and I love that the story constantly talks about how there isn't always one right way of doing something, and that seeing it from another way or incorporating new parts to your own way of life can do you a lot of good. It's just very refreshing and can definitely be applied to real life.

Anyways this story is just the right length in my opinion and also refreshing and just all around fun to read. I'm really glad I finally bit the bullet and began reading it.

Edit: I finally went and finished this story reading the raws.

I have to say, this was one of the stories where, when it ended, I felt really bittersweet about it's end. The ML and MC are so cute together, and I wish I could have gotten a few more extras just on the pair and their future and what would eventually happen to them. I really loved this story and I felt sad that it ended, but also happy that the MC and ML finally got together. The two are really just so cute together. But for those who have read her previously translated novels, this novel is definitely different compared to those two. But that isn't a bad thing and the story stands on it's own compared to her previous novels as well as other cultivation novels.

Anyways, 10/10 recommend this, you won't regret it! <<less
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sleepingjay rated it
July 28, 2019
Status: Completed
cute lively MC x blushing maiden ML

MC and ML are super cute. They're both naive about the world, in different ways, and learn from e/o.

It's also a pretty refreshing take on the xianxia world. This world is what ours is: information sharing, everyone peacekeeping to avoid another great wars, etc. I like that this shows humans actively learning from the mistakes of predecessors.

MC's sect is particularly likable, although they're the odd one out of the major sects.

... more>>

They're essentially "friendship is power", but with elders and older disciples actually carefully managing things so that everyone's united and their sect has good relationship with others.


The plot is so-so. It's enjoyable to read but there's nothing particularly surprising about it.


And the latter part gets a bit hamfisted, with MC being the "son of destiny" and the diviners sect being Dumbledores.

There honestly wasn't much tension when it comes to the plot itself. Author also doesn't seem to even bother; the final fight was full of jokes, so I assume the author intended it to be light-hearted.

The best plotline is when MC goes to the mortal world and fights against the epidemic curse set by evil cultivators.

I also wasn't too pleased about the way MC and ML is the only exception in the cultivation world when it comes to romance. Almost every other romance mentioned has a tragic ending, and other people also hold a "this won't last long" attittude. What annoys me is that MC and ML is pretty much the only exception bcs they're fated to e/o. It's sweet but when you start thinking about other characters it just becomes sad. The author dropped the lesbians part on a sad note and never picked it up again, so it's very likely they become like "everyone else who has a tragic end" and MC/ML remain the only special ones.

The fact that MC is so lucky and happy makes it difficult when you get attached to minor characters lol. Because MC is the rare exception, and most likely the only exception.

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Fantasy-Magician rated it
June 1, 2019
Status: c40
Fluffiest Xianxia story I ever found, and that says something after "My Disciple Died Again" and "Jiang Hu road is curved" from me.
    • The MC is super lovable and easy to relate with. She was a princess of fallen dynasty but she doesn't feel grudge or strong disastifaction with her life. At most she is upset no one trully care for her after her mother died but she overcome that as soon as her whole sect is hell bent to pamper her to their heart's content. The funniest running gag about MC is how she often mention about how she used to be an imperial princess for a few years until her people overthrow her incompetent Dad, and she spoke of it as if it's no big deal.
    • Her sect, Splendid Cloud Sect is possibily the best sect I ever find in Xianxia novel. There's no pointless competitiveness, their students are super carefree and enjoying their life to the fullest. No one is jealous of MC's talent, if anything they're more than happy to encourage her to bring honor to their sect and also worried about her being too diligent.
    • MC's path of cultivation isn't without obstacle, while she is more talented than most and very carefree we learned along the way that she does have her problem.

      She has an inferior complex for being the daughter of an incompetent emperor and ashamed of how her family fail to take care of their people. While she doesn't care about her old status, the condenscending treatment she received from current ruler of her former dynasty did a number to her and she wasn't as indifferent as we thought.

NOTE: The world setting of this novel is quite different than common cultivation world, this is no dog eat dog world. It's like a modern world version of it. The history mentioned in the story confirms that after their equivalent of WW, the cultivators wised up that large scale conflict and fighting over resource commonly sees in other cultivation novels are bad ideas in the long run. So in Kong Hou's generation, it's understandable to keep your resource to yourself but it's heavily discouraged to fight for resource. In fact, it's said repeatedly "safety first" in different occasion by senior members of sects. So yeah- you'll be surprised by the trully civilized world of cultivation.

Evil cultivators is more like terrorist than demon in this world. All in all- so far this story deserve my 5 stars!
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Victuuri Road
Victuuri Road
December 13, 2018
Status: c11
The protagonist is a very lucky child. Haha ≧∇≦

She's a sensible and easy to please kid. Not a black-bellied poison mistress, two-faced lotus or a green tea binch. She's genuinely nice and sweet! I love how easygoing things are in this novel.
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Aeiru28 rated it
November 10, 2018
Status: c6
I really like this author, after all I am fan of her stories. Like her another stories, there is no backstabbing plot. The MC too is a bright, carefree, really lucky girl that make you want to pet her.

Even the ML at first want to protect her from the evilness of world and doesn't want to make the bright pure girl sad

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tedy2004 rated it
September 25, 2020
Status: c92
The novel is alright, I liked the adventure, the characters. But for me, idk, in the middle chapters it started to get... boring. Truly I felt like the author too didn't have any more ideas or started to not like the novel that much anymore.

In the beginning most of the times was the FL's narrative, but.. now? rarely, which is regarded as the mysterious FL who changes some times, this is only my own opinion though. And the ML, he is... likeable only if you are in FL's shoes, you'll... more>> get it in the mean time maybe or maybe not since you have your own opinion.

The novel was good for me in the 01-60 chapters and... then... OK... novel. I recommend it, I really do, it's just that the novel became not to my liking anymore because of author's rush which in my opinion I started to feel it where she had her reasons for this to happen.

Good day, isn't it? <<less
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