Ascending, Do Not Disturb


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You think too much, cultivation is not like this…

When Kong Hou steps on the path to cultivation, she learns that all xianxia stories are full of lies.

A relaxed cultivation story.

Kong Hou: a traditional musical instrument like a harp. The female protagonist’s name.

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02/14/19 Dreams of Jianghu c20
02/07/19 Dreams of Jianghu c19
01/31/19 Dreams of Jianghu c18
01/24/19 Dreams of Jianghu c17
01/17/19 Dreams of Jianghu c16
01/10/19 Dreams of Jianghu c15
01/04/19 Dreams of Jianghu c14
12/27/18 Dreams of Jianghu c13
12/20/18 Dreams of Jianghu c12
12/13/18 Dreams of Jianghu c11
12/06/18 Dreams of Jianghu c10
11/29/18 Dreams of Jianghu c9
11/22/18 Dreams of Jianghu c8
11/15/18 Dreams of Jianghu c7
11/08/18 Dreams of Jianghu c6
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New RabiezMonkey rated it
February 17, 2019
Status: c20
It's a good story. Our MC is adorable, kind-hearted and have a strong will. Readers will like her so much

Until this chapter 20, I still dun know who the ML is. and I'm too lazy to MTL so I decide to wait for the next updates...

Hope that the translator group wont drop this story.

The plot so far is very heart-warming. No scheming and everybody around the protagonist are get along well. This kind of story is definitely good for our leisure time...

5 stars
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Demonic Reader lv 451F
New Demonic Reader lv 451F rated it
February 14, 2019
Status: Completed
Good in the first 2/3 of the story. The author is efficient in buiding world and characters. But she has almost no idea at all in xianxia, cultivation methods and development, fighting scene.

So this love story, slice-of-life, novel finally develops into ''great drawing life-like snake then add legs to it' painting.

Yes, slice-of-life love story, not xian-, nor action-. The final act is even forced-down-the-throat ending. No cultivation. No ascending. No magic. No action. Only forced end.

Author's writing is good. The translator is great. If not the combination is next to... more>> perfect, this novel would get at most 2/5 stars. <<less
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[email protected] rated it
October 21, 2018
Status: c3
Why on earth people vote this one star when it's barely starting. Anyway, I've read 3 chapters so far and personally think it has potential. First, because I'm a fan of the author (to be virtuous wife amd 8TT). Though, the translator has emphasized earlier that this novel will be the author's breakaway from her usual storyline. Second, it's well translated with glossary and pictures. Third, regarding the plot I cant say much because currently, the MC Kong Hou is still a child and she's taken away from the palace... more>> (good for her bcs she's not loved by current dynasty emperor) by a cultivator due to Karma's debt. But I like the MC personality because she looks like a sweet child. Even after her family have been wiped out by current emperor, she still maintains her carefree personality. She doesnt think much when other people bullies her, which makes the bullies angry. Anyway, I'm looking forward how the story revealed. <<less
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charysa rated it
December 30, 2018
Status: Completed
I've read the entire story in the raws, and enjoyed every minute of it. This is a xianxia world that I would like to be in, where the orthodox sects are the good guys because they are filled with *good* guys, none of that edgy hypocrites crap. Where cultivation means also cultivating your virtue, and naturally weeds out people who are out for shortcuts to power. Where people can still be flawed and have interpersonal or inter-sect conflicts, but still have that bottom line that they won't cross.

I also loved... more>> the characters in this. Not just the MC and the ML (who are adorable characters themselves), but the supporting characters are all well written too. The MC's sect, her master and sect brothers/sisters are all hilarious every minute they're on screen. The other "rival" girls in the cultivation world are all unique from one another, none of them being a stereotypical caricature, and several of them even undergo *character growth* through the story.

The only ones who are sort of one-dimensional are probably the villains, and even then, we get hints of the complicated backstory that caused the villain boss to become what he is (or perhaps he was always that way and the sob story is just his own rationalization).

If I were to say there were any flaws with the story, I would have to say that the second half isn't quite as strong as the first half. This author's strength is in her character building and slice of life story telling, which is what the first half consists of.

Afterwards, the string of misunderstandings between the MC & ML (where one or both are silently pining for the other) and between them and their masters, became a bit forced as it went on. But at least the misunderstandings weren't drawn out for *too* long, before they finally got together.

The stuff after that concentrating on a "main" plotline dealing with the villain boss feels very rushed and haphazard though. It feels like the author was running out of ideas and just wanted to rush to the end. So you had all these skips and cheats to quickly level up the MC, so she and ML can have the final showdown with the villain boss. It honestly did feel hamfisted, and I would have been more comfortable with just a timeskip, honestly. However, the quality is not such that I'd take off a star for the overall story, which I still liked. <<less
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Victuuri Road
Victuuri Road
December 13, 2018
Status: c11
The protagonist is a very lucky child. Haha ≧∇≦

She's a sensible and easy to please kid. Not a black-bellied poison mistress, two-faced lotus or a green tea binch. She's genuinely nice and sweet! I love how easygoing things are in this novel.
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Aeiru28 rated it
November 10, 2018
Status: c6
I really like this author, after all I am fan of her stories. Like her another stories, there is no backstabbing plot. The MC too is a bright, carefree, really lucky girl that make you want to pet her.

Even the ML at first want to protect her from the evilness of world and doesn't want to make the bright pure girl sad

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