The Otherworldly Adventures of a Super Naive Girl


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A heroine character transmigrates and gets busy expanding her golden halo of MC-ness.

A villainess character transmigrates and gets busy changing her cannon-fodder fate.

A side character transmigrates and gets busy stuffing her bottomless stomach. She holds a divine sword in one hand and a little bun in the other. She’s obedient, adorable, incredibly clueless, and frustratingly tightfisted with her words. So what does she do when she spies a cute blonde?

Feng Wu: “Please marry me!”

Ming Xi: …

A hilarious story about an overpowered airhead in a world reminiscent of Coiling Dragon. This particular tale has an interesting mash of tropes.

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An Oddette’s Otherworld Odyssey
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Artorias rated it
April 4, 2017
Status: c614

Just finished reading the final chapter of the raws that came out recently so I decided to give my thoughts. This is definitely one of my favourite Xianxia/Xuanhuan stories, the MC is a very lovable character and the supporting characters are also great. The villains however are mostly braindead and all of them are pretty much cut from the same cloth. The writing style is very comical and the multiple reincarnated protagonist plot is very interesting. Unfortunately for some reason the author decided to end the story in a rush, the story seemed to only be about 1/2 to 2/3 finished when suddenly a couple hundred chapters worth of content were crammed into a 3 chapter summary and the novel ended with multiple unresolved plots. While extremely disappointing the rest of the novel is definitely a great read and would rate everything except the ending 5/5.

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Aeiru28 rated it
May 19, 2017
Status: --
This story really make me smile, especially with our sprout dull naive MC, and when I said naive, she is really naive.


And she always said Master said this... Master said that... It's make me want to pat the ML.


The plot too is interesting with some likeable side characters.

But sadly, like the previous reviewer said, the ending is too abrupt. It is just summary of event... or maybe because the MC didn't participate its, but still...
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June 26, 2017
Status: c614
I finished reading this novel this morning, and I can honestly say that the reviewers before me did not lie. Rather than saying the ending is abrupt, it is more accurate to say there was alot of cramming in the last 6 chapters. I had read the reviews so I was expecting it. The cramming wasn't as bad as I feared though. So I give the ending 3/5. After all, it was still good and only left a few things unresolved.

As for the story, it took an unexpected direction. There... more>> were devils, demons, ghosts, and blood rituals. I was thinking cultivating schoolgirl plays in forest of magical beast. But I forgot that MC is a FORMER cultivator. She's living in a CD world now. It should have been obvious, but cultivating was out. Nonetheless the world setting was very well put together. The only thing that baffled me was those special chosen, world shattering individuals. This threw me for a loop at the end as well and I was left to wonder about power dynamics. For that, I'm taking 1pts. Story Setting 4/5

I actually liked all the characters. Even the villians were well handled. Reading this novel, I learned that there are better ways to handle annoying villians in CN. Up until now, most authors treated them two ways: drag it out or instant fodder. In this cn, all the vilians don't die. Some actually live until the end. And that's ok. Because they aren't hitting the MC's face every chapter. All the characters, good or bad, reappeared in multiple arcs. Allies and friends are treated the same as the villians, but with more development and screen time. Rarely do people just disappears.

*shrugs* The few that did can only blame the ending

Side Characters 4/5

This story revolved around the FL chasing the ML and making him her baby's father. I really liked the relationship between the FL and ML. Both characters were sincere and loyal. The MC is very pure. The ML has the ability to recognize the pure of heart. This becames pretty hilarious later on as he continuously worries about her being cheated. As for when she is chasing him, the entire pure-hearted characteristic leads to some pretty embarrassing situations for our male lead. Their allies and friends converge to help the MC get her man and dish out some pretty interesting advice. On the other hand, we are shown rather than told how much they like each other. However, I do wish the auther wore the FL transition in her feelings for ML as more than her baby's father. Main Couple & Plot 5/5 <<less
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August 10, 2018
Status: c25
Second translator here.

It's an easygoing story about a pretty simple and straightforward girl. There're bits of humor sprinkled throughout and the face slapping isn't too ridiculous. I feel like a fish where sometime the line slackens and I lose interest then out of nowhere I'm reeled back in and I can't help but be hooked again. It's a fun read with entertaining side characters. I especially enjoy little Tian Ke, he's such a mini grown-up! I'm really curious about the "Villainess" as she doesn't seem like a your stereotypical villain.... more>> The only downer is the large amount of names. Ugh.. So many names. It just kills me. <<less
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libraryrocker rated it
April 10, 2018
Status: c4
I love this story with the fiery burning passion of 10, 000 suns! ! ! So I was super happy when someone picked it up again.

I adore the MC and the devil baby.
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koco2018 rated it
February 15, 2021
Status: c211
I'm enjoying the novel, however the author really skims and skips on the finer details. People's appearance, their age, basic information about the individual----> it's all either not there, barely touched upon, or sprinkled over many chapters. Like, I want my bios pronto, if the character shows up I better have a description to imagine a character within a reasonable amount of chapters. I'd understand if the character is mysterious but they aren't. I'm serious when I say there is little to no information available.

Ming Xi has blonde hair and... more>> the appearance of a moon god..... okaaay?

The little bun has blonde hair (It was white in one description) and dark eyes.... okkaay?

Feng Wu has dark hair (It was light brown in one description) and dark eyes.... okaay?

Jier has red hair and red eyes.... tf do you understand? Even the main characters are summed up with a single hair and eye color.

To hell with ALL OTHER CHARACTERS. Even the characters that show up constantly. The most I know is an occasional rare hair color, a icy temperament, a curvacious body, flirtatious eyes.... I'm starting to doubt if this is normal? or.... I'm pretty sure this author is skimming on appearance descriptions.

Feng Wu is not so naive as she is pure. She understands animosity and won't tolerate it if the other party attacks with murderous intent. Naive people wouldn't understand and would be a pain in the ass to read about. She is holding her own and depends on herself as well as relying on those she trusts. I'm grateful she isn't like "kill people who insult me" or "I'll forgive you for trying to kill me". And instead deals out punishment appropriately as she deems fit. Her master truly raised her well, but without common sense... haah. thank god for Jier.

You know.... the plot is all over the place, truthfully it isn't a well-written story. I thought it was the translation at first, like mistranslating or cutting out bits of info deemed unnecessary, but you can't cut what isn't written in the first place.

It's a cultivation story? right? But besides listing off the "magician, swordsman, pharmacy, etc." sections, nothing else is talked about, no cultivation rankings, no qi-gathering training, no detailed lessons... She has a history class where she "listened intently" the teacher admired her student motivation, AND THAT WAS IT. WTF is she even attending that "AmAzInG" school for? It's a complete letdown, this isn't a cultivation novel.

Occasionally we read about a fireball, an earth wall, sword aura, god level artifacts, a contracted beast, necromancy, light magic, magic shields, spacial rings, inner qi... Like, this is a mix of SOO many different genres, am I wrong? Is the story not in an ancient Chinese setting with cultivators trying to become immortals and family clans that are ranked imperial officials? because I thought it was, but it's clashing with a westernized adventurers guild with saint magic and blonde princes... There are small worlds with ancient god tombs... but also virtual worlds with a vrmmo setting... The original FL is a transmigrator, the original female villain is a transmigrator, Feng Wu is a transmigrator......

.... This is what I honestly assume. The author was a novel addict, they liked these tropes; "I transmigrated into the villainess of a popular novel!", "Quick transmigration system: Female lead", "I fell into the game world of a VRMMO?!", "Powerful young miss and her little bun"....... No joke, I think the author was a novel addict who wanted to combine the tropes they loved and did so in a fashion that led to this "The Otherworldly Adventures of a Super Naive Girl" story. The tropes clash so much the world-building SUCKS, the characters' descriptions are neglected, the plot armor is god-awful. YET I STILL READ ON, BECAUSE IT ISN'T UNBEARABLE AND I LOVE FENG WU'S INTERACTIONS WITH JIER AND MING XI.

I'm only reading for Feng Wu, Jier, Ming Xi. I love and adore these hilarious characters, but the surrounding story is undeniably pathetic, so what the hell. I don't regret reading this, I regret tolerating the story just to see more of Feng Wu's character. WHY MAKE A SUB-PAR STORY AND PLACE A GOD-TIER CHARACTER IN IT.

If I haven't summarized this enough, the story is written to flow smoothly, but all the world-building details are left out. Sometimes a scene will be detailed enough to envision it, but most scenes give the bare minimum and your imagination must fill in the details and connect the dots.

I'm still waiting on Ming Xi and Jier's ages to be announced. All I know is that Feng Wu is 14 and Tian Ke is 6. Isn't that annoying, we don't even know the character's ages and their descriptions are lacking. How am I supposed to properly fantasize? <<less
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sassyzoe rated it
April 12, 2019
Status: Completed
Finally completed this!

The ending was "summarised" so it may seem rushed. But just as well, I was pretty happy to know what happened without the minute details.

The romance was quite gentle and innocent. I was keen on continuing the story because of the unconventional personality of the main character, Feng Wu. She is naive and a little slow, because she's very pure at heart. I suppose the male lead couldn't help falling in love with her.

This novel is like a shoujo anime... complete with the school settings, friendships, petty rivalries,... more>> and even mannerisms (eg. when Feng Wu "blinks", the cute weird-looking wise-cracking animal sidekick who likes to sit in her hair etc)

I started with the translation (thank you translators for introducing such a cute story!) but it'll take at the least, a couple of months before the whole 614-chapter book can be completed. I can't read chinese very well so I installed "Read Aloud: A Text to Speech Voice Reader" chrome extension so I can have it read to me. The raws for those who are keen -

Enjoy! <<less
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Mino Micha
Mino Micha rated it
July 3, 2018
Status: c18
This is a very stress-free story, it's also very addicting! But even though it doesn't have any really heavy topics (in what I've read so far), it can frustrate you anyway! (a good kind of frustration, the one you make when you see someone make a s*upid decision and can't do anything to stop it)

You just can't help but adore the MC and her baby! I especially adore the baby! If only real babies are like that... It's a story that puts a smile on your face (because it's... more>> simply hilarious!)

I've only read until chap 18 (thank you translator-sama) and am currently planning to torture myself with mtl just to read more, that's how good it is! <<less
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autumnscarf rated it
November 14, 2018
Status: Completed
This is a cute love story with a lot of adventure and mystery, but it's not a story with a power couple or a strong female lead. The real MC is the ML. Of the three female leads, we don't get much of Zi Cheng's (the original story's FL) perspective, and Ailin/Irene (the 'villainess') is a good problem solver but isn't on screen much. As for Feng Wu... she has a lot of cheats, but pretty much either can't or doesn't use them to win the high stakes fights. Hence... more>> the real MC being Ming Xi (the ML), especially in the latter half of the story.

The worldbuilding is great. It's a fun universe with a lot of magic and mystery built into it. But there's also a lot of slag family drama and vicious love rivals. A couple of these arcs were good... most involved your run-of-the-mill face slapping and plotting to bring down the FL.

There have been a few comments about the end of the novel. I didn't find it rushed so much as that Feng Wu pretty much stopped doing anything useful about halfway into the novel, so wrapping everything up the way it was wrapped up made sense. This story would have been better if it was written completely from Ailin's perspective. <<less
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August 30, 2020
Status: Completed
it was an okay read.

not too good nor too bad.

though, if I had another chance id have rather not gone to read the whole book-nothing memorable nor truly interesting goes on.

... more>> i went in expecting a lot but came out very, very disappointed.

warning ⚠ spoilers ahead.

yes, it does have a 'mash of tropes' but there is no point since it's not even well executed. It's not that the MTL is bad, but that the story is too plain. At the very least I would've expected it to at least be funny, but nope there is no humor involved-at all.

honestly im not even a fan of the main couple-like they didn't make me feel like there was even crazy love. im not even sure at what point they got together... like she just kept verbally proposing and he kept rejecting, they go fight together multiple times-not much romance at all then bam! suddenly they together.

there are plenty of plot holes and even weirder things that make absolute no sense. for one, why was the elf king in the body of the woman the MC transmigrates to? because yes, if it was the MC then yeah it would make sense since she has a very very pure soul and this aura around her that attracts plants/beasts and well duhhh elf king=king of the forest lol ? anyways id believe it then but why the original body? Also she can see a lot of things others cant like those spirits etc but why? why does she even have that aura that makes plants and animals like her? where did she even come from? her origin?

ngl IMHO the 4 star and 5 star ratings are exaggerated. <<less
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MidstNost rated it
August 4, 2020
Status: c89
I like how the title says the MC is a naive girl but really, she actually has more common sense than those generic female leads in other xuanhuan novels. She's also not those helpless damsel in distress just waiting for her ML to help her, even if she's described as 'innocent', 'clueless' or 'naive' she wouldn't hesitate to retaliate and even kill someone who tries to harm her.

MC does not have an annoying personality, +1. She reminds me of Shen Ying from MMDYA (because of her cluelessness towards xianxia) but... more>> less lazy and much kinder. And like Shen Ying, she acts more like a mob/background character rather than a true protagonist, as said by the synopsis. She still remains as OP as ever, though not many people can see it and only see her as a plain and silly young girl. She remains powerful throughout the novel, but we rarely see her get a chance to actually 'show off' since she doesn't really bother with fighting that much. Only if she gets actually harmed then she would fight back.

There would also be characters as special and unique as the MC, some would even be considered more amazing and cooler. All of them are transmigrators from different worlds with different experiences. But what does that have to with her? Her one true goal is to eat, eat, eat and live happily with her baby. It's a feel-good type of novel, and I absolutely love it. She really has no care and would treat every person equally, even if they are a powerful master with godlike powers or an old stranger.

It's more focused on adventure and childcare rather than just romance, which is a BIG plus. It's also a breathe of fresh air after reading all those xuanhuan novels with nothing but revenge and face slapping (although there's no problem with those and I actually like those tropes, it's still nice to find something new sometimes.)

Now to the problems:

-I'm not that satisfied with ML (?) Like I'm grateful he isn't the super cold iceblock type or the rap*st harasser type who can only show love through sexual harassment.

But that one incident where the MC having a baby got leaked and got her in a scandal, the ML didn't even try to defend her. Like I know he doesn't have to but he should've atleast tell his 'fans' to not bully the MC because his fans were angry at MC for confessing to him.


-So many green tea btches like Alan duo, Fu Yi or Jasmine or whatever trying to provoke MC for shallow reasons. Really, it feels like the MC is much more of a heroine than the 'heroine' itself because she attracts so much aggro. I wish she stayed more like a side character, as the novel's synopsis stated and not be bothered with these witches.

-The murder/mystery arc has poor execution and pacing. It's like the author trying to milk it out. Some parts of the story also gets stale. I liked the virtual reality arc though.

-The heroine's personality is sooo fake yall. I actually like the villainess more than her.

-Ji er would've been a better ML. <<less
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HaruKoiUta rated it
April 3, 2018
Status: c3
Thank you Justreads for translating the 3rd chapter ?

I really love the story so far and was really glad to see someone pick it up! I hope you can continue to translate the story even if the updates would be very slow ? I would comment on your site but didnt find a comment section so I will comment here instead! Thanks a lot for the update!! ?
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kari rated it
February 3, 2021
Status: c228
Surprisingly good!

The MC is naive, but not an idiot or an annoying goody two shoes.

Story is good, light-hearted & engrossing

... more>> Negative:

At times I wish the story had more of her side tho... also, I get that we have a simple minded protagonist, but why can't she improve/adapt her life skills and learn some common sense!!

(ノಥ, _」ಥ) ノ彡┻━┻

It's too long so I've kinda read some RAWS & summaries before ditching this novel, despite liking it. Maybe I'd have read it if it were fully translated. But MTL is too much of a bother. <<less
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April 30, 2020
Status: c460
I was reading ahead with the raws.


The murder/mystery arc is hard to swallow. The execution is poor, the set up nonsensical to a degree that pulls you out of the story because you see it coming from a mile away, and the build up is just meh because all the relevant clues are force fed to you through conversational exposition.

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Aska.has.ORD... rated it
April 19, 2019
Status: Completed
Done MTLing this. Great read but for the rushed ending. I would have loved to read more of Feng Wu's life

after marriage. But heeey..


Defintely worth the time I spent reading thus instead of working. Hahaha. I like the idea of putting mostly all popular story trope (no angst.. Thank you) in just one book.

I reccommend this to all who are looking for a relaxing book to read.
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Ukimi rated it
November 7, 2018
Status: Completed
Finished MTLing the story after a week and I absolutely love it!

... more>>

Having 3 other world travelers made everything more interesting as we get to see their POV.

The MC stays simple and pure from beginning to end, which I really appreciate.

Irene really reminds me of the MC from HSSB in regards to being the "villain". She works hard not to become cannon fodder and does everything she can to prevent Zi Cheng from becoming "God".

I didn't really expect Zi Cheng to be so heartless, only caring for herself and pretending to be nice to gain favor from others... *sigh* I thought she would have more character than that. Seems like she's the white lotus type :/ But I can't really blame her for doing what she does bc she's also trying to survive...

The 4th traveler surprised me but I'm happy he was able to prevent future disasters from happening :)

Though there are some unanswered questions like the blood family, ancients, virtual world, etc. but I guess its alright since it doesn't deviate from the main plot? I also wonder what happened to their other friends : (this will forever a thorn in my heart.

If anything, I wish we had more pov from the other travelers, especially Irene, I love her.

1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Czarinananana rated it
June 19, 2018
Status: --
This is one of the most stress free story. Sure, some suspense here and there but none of which would make you choke your phone. I love the MC. The “Villianess” is okay. She’s more realistic and reasonable than a certain annoying person...

The Heroine... Have you here of the saying “tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are” ? Had the author not defaulted her character as “good” I say she’s a hypocrite bit*h who’s borrowing a knife to kill. The sl*t basically surrounds herself... more>> and is currently making an Avengers of Most annoying 2D antagonist. I don’t like her. She’s the most unnatural than anyone. I can’t stand people like her. She disgusts me?

aside from that, the story is flawless- well, it’s not perfect but you get the point. Enjoy?? <<less
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wethairdampskin rated it
October 11, 2020
Status: Completed
so cute, I like the whole journey, I really love the lead's character, the arc is interesting and not draggy, the side chars are likeable too. Read it, don't hesitate.

i mtled the rest of the chapter after I caught up with the translation, it's not that hard to understand the plot and dialogue.
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melomarl rated it
August 12, 2020
Status: c223
just like the synopsis says, this has an interesting mash of tropes and the premise was really good! Combining 3 transmigrators at the same time: an FL, a villainess on tha path to counterattack and a passerby/cannonfodder.

Alas! This was fated to be another web novel ruined by its length but we're suckers for them anyway.

What got me to MTL this after finishing the current chapters translated (c170) is none other than the airhead MC. It's refreshing to see an MC without an intentional sharp tongue and scheming mind. In... more>> the world of web novels, I think the plot is already overlooked by readers desensitized by the current tropes.

Unique MCs in a cliche plot can earn a glance already. But still, I stopped at c223 and decided to read the spoilers instead huehuehue

If you're in it for the fun, go ahead and read this :) <<less
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summerspring rated it
May 1, 2020
Status: c162
yes I like this. If you are here for baby interactions then there isn't much in the beginning and I don't know if there will be any in the future. The MC is quiet for the most part but very powerful. I do not know if she is the most powerful in this world. But this is an interesting story concept
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