Lady Cultivator


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The challenges a female cultivator has to overcome on her life journey are countless.

She mustn’t be lacking in talent, cultivation techniques, medicinal pills, and magic weapons. Otherwise, her cultivation would progress too slowly.

She also mustn’t have too many emotions, weaknesses, kindness, and greed. If she has too much of them, she would soon greet death.

Moreover, she must look neither too pretty nor too ugly. Although she mustn’t be s*upid, she also couldn’t be too intelligent.

Being a female cultivator, Mo Tiange naturally has to face those challenges. Nevertheless, being orphaned from a young age had toughened her tenacity and resilience. Neither having what were deemed as waste spiritual roots nor limited resources could deter her spirit. Staying as inconspicuous as possible but never letting an opportunity go was her daily life. Follow Mo Tiange as she embarkes on a journey to survive and achieve immortality in the harsh and merciless cultivation world …

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UberJew rated it
March 23, 2019
Status: c96
I'm extremely mixed, but ultimately disappointed in Lady Cultivator. There is some excellent writing here about poverty, lack of privilege and want that is cut with deep, deep misery.

Unfortunately the re-introduction of the romantic lead acting not only as the male savior to save the main character but the third male savior needed to save her from a single disaster and also having not just gotten ahead of her but two entire tiers of cultivation ahead of her combined with the author's semi-routine digressions in the omniscient narrative voice about... more>> the weakness of women finally convinced me to set it down.

It's pretty clear that she's not actually being allowed to star in her own story. That happens all too often and I was hoping that it wouldn't be the case, but I can read the writing in the wall and am not interested in a neverending sequence of interesting chapters separated by episodes of making her helpless and suffer until a man comes around to save her.

No matter how well written those interesting chapters are. <<less
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Fantasy-Magician rated it
June 24, 2019
Status: c178
Basically a quite realistic fantasy for cultivation, the main character Tian Ge is very relatable especially in the beginning when she was a child and later on a pre-teen embarking on beginning of her immortal journey.
This story deserve five stars for the following points

  • MC's Luck stats
    Like any main character she is lucky however, author manage to write a story where the MC doesn't really have a heaven-defying luck like in most Xianxia novel out there. I can honestly say MC's luck and bad luck are quite balanced, even after some super luck she got like any MC it always followed by not so lucky moments where she really have to work hard to get herself out of trouble. It's very RARE her fortune come effortlessly, and it SHOWS how much pain she has to go through.
    The most prominent example is how her cultivation advance, it takes months and years for her to reach next level and she fails too. Every step she takes to level up always need proper preparation and calculation. Which is shamefully absent in most novel of this genre with OP character.

    Legendary birth talent is given, she has pure yin constitution and as anyone familiar with this genre it's not a good news for her. The danger is very real in this novel where she was kidnapped as a child once and almost r*ped when she was a teen because of it. Even now, she has HUGE trust issue because of her constitution.

  • MC makes mistakes like a human being.
    She is NOT a reincarnator or anything, she is smarter than average but it was explained later on that it's common for cultivator to be more enlightened so her sharp mind is a side effect and not all natural. It's both cultivation and logic at play. However, it doesn't help her inexperience, naivety and occasional clumsiness. Even the reader can not spot what she did wrong sometime before other character points out her wrong. Which is also rare because this happens often enough and come from more experienced character around her. She is also get distracted at times when something catch her attention or she is tired. Which make it easier for us to symphatize with how human she is.
  • MC doesn't save everyone
    She does have friends and family she value greatly, however as time passed she become more jaded and less naive. Not that she become more vicious and heartless, but she is very logical in calculating pro and con in life saving business no matter how much she likes someone. People she is willing to lay her life for can be counted in one hand up to this chapter.
    She is by no mean a messiah, she only save people she know she can save without getting herself killed. She is certainly not a role model of chivalry.
  • The summary is quite true
    Never being ordinarry but not so average people can walk all over you is described as an almost impossible multitasking so difficult to achieve. And Tian Ge really TRY hard to achieve this by all means. Unfortunately for Tian Ge she tried to be ordinarry in a group of prodigy so once she went out of her sect she tried all over again to build a so-so appereance. It's proven that what she did works to her advantage that she manage to escape some calamities this way.
  • Male Lead isn't a domineering male god

    Natural talent wise, the ML that later on revealed to be Qin Xi (Qin Shaojing) have above average talent but not heaven defying genius. While he is afflicted by typical EQ defficiency, it's not so bad to the point he didn't get what he feels for Tian Ge. He has insecurities about Tian Ge because he is over a hundred years older than her and deeply disturbed by their compatible body alignment affecting sincerity of their feelings towards each other.

  • A perfect novel for beginner reader of Cultivation genre.
    Author put a lot of effort explaining everything about cultivating and the world building. Such as general rule of looting corpse, which happen to other novel but never explained that apparently in cultivation world if you come across dead cultivator what they have is yours to continue your own cultivation path and other cultural gimmicks.
    This novel also emphasize strong use of pill for each stage of cultivation and highlight it's totally okay to dope yourself to reach the next level.

    All in all this is one of the best novel but underrated, this is perfect for reader who don't want to see MC who got everything easily with heavenly luck.
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Noxidian rated it
January 16, 2019
Status: c98
[spoiler free]

Even though the main character is a girl, Lady Cultivator focuses mainly on her cultivation progress. We follow the journey of Mo Tiange through an exciting and satisfying narrative as she levels up. The story is uniquely angled to give readers an understanding of the problems of being a female cultivator, which is often manifested in sexist undertones. Satisfyingly, the author addresses all the nooks and crannies of her lifestyle (except her period, lol!) and rarely leaves readers wondering about a certain plot hole or inconsistencies in detail.

Tiange as... more>> a main character is likable. She isn't your everyday shoujo heroine that goes out of her way to annoy readers by being annoyingly self-righteous or demanding a hero to save her from all the disasters she puts herself into. There are still a few tropes here and there, but they are rare and insignificant (plus the cute, fluffy moments with the male lead more than make up for it.) Tiange, like any person in real life, makes mistakes and learns from them. Within the first 100 chapters, we can already see some tremendous albeit reasonable growth in the development of her character.

There's quite a lot of dark undertones in the story that send eerie messages about not trusting strangers and staying out of other's business. Story wise, Lady Cultivator can throw in some real crazy surprises for the reader. I like what Lady Cultivator has so far, and I think it is pretty underrated. The romance starts off a little late compared to most novels out there, but it is still nonetheless exciting and adorable. I'd recommend wholeheartedly! <<less
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frostcrystal rated it
March 14, 2019
Status: c106
This story is a bit like how harassment is for a woman. It has long stretches of daily life in which the protagonist lives out her life in contentment; and then WHAM the author brings down a sudden surprise plot event that completely changes matters (usually for the worse).

I definitely wouldn't recommend this for anyone wanting a quick and easy wish fulfillment story. It's quite realistic about the trials of being a low-ranked cultivator; the main character worries about money, death, and her own safety quite a bit. A number... more>> of characters seem like good people and then turn out to be bad; a few villains seem s*upid and turn out to be smart. In the process of growing up, the main character has to slowly develop her discernment about these things, and her adolescent mistakes have huge consequences.

On the other hand, it's also quite well put together. The main character develops slowly and the seed of the romance is there more or less from the beginning. It feels to me like the author has really thought this through.

Honestly, the weirdest part for me is actually how the author/narrator is very occasionally glaringly sexist. Everything will be completely normal, and then she'll drop in things like "but all women are emotional after all, which is why most female cultivators were weak", like wha?!? Isn't this undermining your own story a bit? The lousy cultivator gender ratio is already explained by women being second-class citizens, isn't it?? <<less
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Kurobito rated it
November 16, 2018
Status: --
This story is different from any other cliche female lead story where:

female lead = romance + revenge + face slapping + OPness + transmigration + reincarnation

I was hooked by the story even though it's a little slow as MC is only a young girl. Maybe in the future MC might have romance or whatnot but for now she focus and dedicate her life on cultivation. Some people might feel that the MC might be a Little crybaby but she has reasons to and I find it still at an acceptable... more>> level cuz she's only 10 years old and still new to the deceitful world.

Overall I am excited with the progress so far and hope the translator don't stop translating it. <<less
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GingerMessiah rated it
August 7, 2019
Status: c125
As a male reader I was originally quite pleased to find a more serious Xianxia setting for a female heroine.

I really liked the way the author made us understand the dangers of the cultivation world for women. Some might claim the author is sexist and look down on women. But Yun Ji is a female author. There are some misunderstandings between the readers and the author. She wanted to explain women are less ruthless and more soft hearted, whilst men were more decisive so that was why male cultivators were... more>> stronger and reach higher level than their female counterparts.

Bad points...

I am not sure what the other reviewers were reading. The heroine had so much luck it was unbelievable. She was saved time and time again by people. Her ancestors were throwing gifts out like freebies. She was born with special constitution and special immortal roots. Next thing forget about the special constitution and she had entered cultivation deviation wrecking her Dantian, meridians and so on. The ancestor helped her rebuild everything again and created a new special body. It was also because the ancestor gave her a new cultivation technique in the first place that led to her cultivation deviation.

The heroine was very s*upid and tell people things she shouldn't. The only smart thing she did was steal a jade slip that would help her concoct a very special medicinal pill. But even this backfired and she ended up harming her childhood friend/cousin and her husband. In addition it hasten the death of her uncle who used his final essence to save her life.

Her fight scenes were terrible and with such a special constitution you really expect her to have more power in her attacks. There was simply no excitement.

Not a strong female lead. More serious but still at the mercy of helpful male friends and family relatives, drag other people down, get tonnes of luck and powerful/good magical tools/weapons/techniques etc.

Really disappointing but still worth a read. <<less
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Loislalion rated it
February 1, 2019
Status: --
I bloody love this series. So well-written (or well-translated) when compared to other female-lead stories. Not to mention, the heroine is a gentle but battle-hardened and cultivation focused underdog (or is she? Dun dun dun). I love her mindset (smart, polite, level headed quick thinker, confident at times and unsure at others) and find her sooo much better than those female leads that pretend to be feisty and independent, but in actuality, are mentally/physically/resource dependent on their male leads and are also controlled or restricted by them. That isn't the... more>> case for our female lead here. She has her own independence and ability to make decisions for herself (under a certain limit of course, MC still has to listen to her Sect or cultivation seniors). The male lead doesn't exert any real direct or indirect control over her whatsoever (he has the authority to, according to sect seniority, but he never uses that power). Any influence he has on the MC is limited to the capacity of a kind senior martial brother. How f***ing refreshing is that?

The male love interest here is unique, to say the least. The love story here is actually much better than any other Chinese romance novels on this site. Why? Simple. Because its tantalizing and leaves your heart lurching at the sign of any possible new developements. Much better than those dumb romances where the "black hearted prince" pinches MC's ass and fondles her breasts as signs of love and affection *retch* I'd rather read something where MC proves his loyalty and endearing affection with guiding words and kind gestures instead of lavishing gifts and 'pampering' the MC's every whim or need. Her love rivals are many, but the individual ones high lighted aren't reduced to the point of being wretched idiots. However, love isn't the focus of this novel. Yet, it still manages to take my breath away in anticipation or glee. The romance is slow and well deserved. Reading this novel made me realize how low a bar I've set for romantic stories, so after I caught up with this series, I immediately went to my reading list to delete a few crappy offenders.

The only possible complaint I'd have here is that the novel is locked with spirit stones at Qidian, but hey, gmails are free. Just sign up a half dozen times with your main account's referral code and bam, 200-300+ spirit stones easy. I just sign up for a new account once I run out. Each chapter has a high spirit stone cost of 10-14 stones, but you'll realize that the chapters are lengthy enough to prove worthy of it. Anyhow, I really recommend this series. It's wonderful and well-written. I even cried and shed tears a few times while reading it. The stakes are real, the development is good, the gains are great and the emotions are heart rending. The translation is eloquent and written at a native-level of English (99.98% perfect). What are you waiting for?


P.S. There's no transmigration, reincarnation, cunning or cold female with little emotions/stunted EQ, romance is not the forefront and no OP system/OP relic/ez OP bloodline. MC is dealt with a mixed hand of cards. It might work out, it might not. Either way, OP relied on her own hard work and is humble enough to gratefully recognizes help when its given. We love a refreshing Queen in this room of stale air that is female tr*sh lead novels slash testosterone fueled xian xia genre.



Okay, well, she has a few OP resources and run-ins. Not too OP but still pretty big. Also, I've quit Qidian. Its easier to just read this series on pirate congregate sites.

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December 23, 2018
Status: --
I'm just posting this to let Insanityplea know that he didn't read the description properly. All it does is describe the challenges a female cultivator faces, and the necessary steps that need to be taken to survive those challenges. You had a problem with a certain line.

Read it carefully...

"Moreover, she must look neither too pretty nor too ugly. Although she mustn’t be s*upid, she also couldn’t be too intelligent."

That's describing the ideal female cultivator needed to survive in the world. Nowhere does it say... more>> that our MC reaches that ideal.

Try to really understand what you're reading in the future. <<less
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hiohbye rated it
November 13, 2018
Status: --
It's hard to say how much I love Yun Qi as an author but her novels have never disappointed me, so I'm rating this 5 stars in advance with what I've seen so far. No sappy romance and a strong female lead? Sign me up~
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drollawake rated it
November 10, 2018
Status: c101
Edit: At the time of writing this, the novel was not tagged under the romance genre so I reviewed it accordingly.

I wanted to like this more because of the synopsis. On one hand, she's not one of those supposedly badass female MCs who turn out to be powerless compared to their cold, creepy, and controlling love interests. On the other hand, it's just a milder (and blander) version of that: she's independent most of the time but it seems predictable how she'll get out of the most dire situations due... more>> to the novel having a romance to develop.

And she doesn't have the spunk or smarts to remain likeable to me when she turns out to be another damsel in distress. For those familiar with IET's novels, it's like he tried to write a female MC with the same wooden personality as his usual male MCs but with damsel in distress moments and more romance. Caveat though: the translation hasn't caught up to where most of my complaints are directed at so judge it accordingly.

I thought her unique bodily constitution would motivate her to work smarter and be more ruthless but it turns out to be a device for such damsel in distress moments. This could have been the female MC version of A Record of A Mortal's Journey to Immortality (not an IET novel I know) but it doesn't look like that will happen from what I've read so far. The fact is that male MCs get chased by people far above their level all the time but you hardly see them getting rescued and subsequently set up with their savior (s) unlike female MCs.

I also did not like how the writing makes it obvious who her potential love interests are. Can't an author write frequent scenes of friendly interactions with members of other s*x without the MC getting flustered or rescued by them eventually? The more lighthearted teasing scenes are also pretty jarring in an otherwise serious and cultivation-heavy novel. At least the synopses of the usual female MC novels that I disparage are upfront about the potential for romance, whereas here it felt like a bait-and-switch. <<less
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LNOnlineOtaku rated it
January 14, 2019
Status: c97
Shameless translator asked for reviews. Anyways, overall pretty good, properly represents the cultivation stuff and doesn't give the MC s*upid luck, also shows the hardship of female cultivators.
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Gsichtselfmeter rated it
January 23, 2021
Status: c356
Impressive, it is just a change of view but it feels very fresh. I give it 5*, not because "women need to be supported", but because the world is vivid, the characters are likeable and story is suspenseful and awesome to read. I am really happy I found this novel!

As always there are also things that bothered me, but they didn't detract from the reading experience:

  • Many things/tools/treasures are one-time-use only, i.e. they get forgotten. Overall the author does a bad job at tying the loose knots.
    • Authors, please don't add arbitrary deadlines and then forget about them!
  • The author went the tragedy route early on and then suddenly decided to pamper the heroine
    • I really wish some plot developments would have gone darker (the MC not getting rescued as a little girl, maybe her almost getting r*ped and then stealing her assaulter's cultivation (as is mentioned by her ancestor), some more cruel tragedies and developments,...
  • The novel is sprinkled with random bouts of "Ai, women don't have it easy" in a "tell, don't show" way. I would have liked the author to better incorporate those into the story.
    • This is similar to how a peasant in a farming novel wouldn't suddenly go observing that "the socio-economic act of labour is harmful to the development of society" and then moves on to tiling their field again.
  • The romance is weird. There is almost nothing for 1.900 pages and then suddenly it develops into 100 pages of love, only for the protagonists to separate again. I don't find it bad, and it fits the immortal style, but still, it threw me a bit off.
  • I would have liked for a better description of how male and female cultivators differ (the magic arts, the design of clothes and tools,...)
  • The cultivation itself is not described in detail. I always thought that female Yin-cultivators should have troubles with fire-based Yang, but here the heroine happily goes around playing with fire
    • Her Yin-body doesn't play any big role and doesn't seem to offer her any benefits or help her in cultivation
  • What happened the the heroine being enamored by good food? Why did she stop roasting meat?!
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speracles rated it
January 14, 2019
Status: c97
A slightly more realistic view of cultivating... Surviving without OP stats, hiding gender without romcon moments, constantly worrying about money and resources, an inability to avenge wrongs...

I am enjoying the story from the perspective of "what is it like to be a side character in someone else's xianxia novel, " or at least that's how I am reading it, regardless of the author's actual intentions. I love underdog stories and I like fantasy that is somewhat grounded in reality. This fits into those categories so far.
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fixerbacta rated it
January 14, 2019
Status: c97
Can't really understand the bad reviews, until chapter 97 the story is very interesting, a smart MC (which you have the privilege to see change from a naive 8 year old). Also not your overpowered character but still one with unbreakable determination to push forward, also a lot of the good elements of cultivation while avoiding tropes and seriously the first novel with a female MC that doesn't have some over obsesive guy in the background ruining her character and the novel. So guys go on and read.
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Nytri Vespira
Nytri Vespira rated it
April 24, 2021
Status: c357
oh I reaallly loved this one definitely has the best female protag among the novels ı read (xianxia, wuxia) at least for me, story is progressing slowly if you're looking for classic overpowered protag or face slapping you can't find it in this one, this is a cultivation story with a decent female protag (really what is wrong with the main characters of this kind of stories like the one who calls the antagonist bit*h for playing with many man and later on like she didn't said anything creates herself... more>> a harem) and while saying cultivation story I mean it, this one is mostly about cultivation, romance is not the focus and although ı said protag is not overpowered she is not easy to bully either, she is weak at the start but she knows how to stay low and grows stronger with time so if you're looking for a cultivation story with a decent female protag I recommend this one among the ones ı read (which is quite a lot) this was the best one ı found but if you're looking for a more fast paced and action focused one ı recommend the author's other novel phoenix destiny <<less
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Carrotflower123 rated it
September 4, 2020
Status: c356
In my opinion this is a great novel that you should definitely give a chance
The writing is excellent, the plot's paced well (a bit slow at first though)
The character building is really good - even side characters have their own pasts and stories, like Nie Wushang
The romance was kinda slow and a bit strange, but as it goes on it flows a lot better
The story really improves as you keep reading
Some people might not like this, but definitely give it a shot because if... more>> you can stick through the beginning chapters this is really amazing <<less
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AnastasiaTh rated it
September 14, 2021
Status: -
Tbh the reason I'm writing the review right now, it just the way the romance built up is ridiculously too nonsensical.

Well... At least it's not a domineering/overbearing typical cold ML (in ch100+) just some man with communication issue but hey! Why do you think many people hate those kind of damsel in distress or self-righteous heroine and domineering overbearing ML?

Because they always think they're right and others must be understanding for them while they never consider others' opinion when they say they did. Haha.

In short, they have communication issue.

... more>>

What I want to say is they don't deserve each other at all, the combination of two is really not suited and easy to fall apart, if not bc of that blood oath I'm pretty sure they would someday tired of each other.

Just imagine, a man who does everything by himself, doesn't explain his action and take it for granted that his lover will understand and not be aggrieved by his silence, with a woman who is a typical people pleaser but suspicious in nature also stubborn and never reveal her true mind.

They somehow manage to compromise by blood oath and got some reassurance so they only arguing once.

Without that blood oath, how long do you think they last before it worns out after countless argument and fight with different mind frequency of theirs?

Also, ML is pretty excusable on how he comes to like her but for MC, nah, admit it everyone. She doesn't like ML at all, it just some kind of dependency bc of lack of love and she mistakes it as love which then turns into love for real (or they said).

After that those lovey-dovey act is just.... hmm no comment.

But again, I understand that author didn't deepen the romance much just a little accessory to resolve some crisis MC may encounter.


More, I agree with the most review saying she HAS that much luck after one or two misfortunes, at least the author tried her best to balance it and I appreciate that.


But I feel bad, she just collapsed like the whole world collapsed together with her when she was schemed against by that master I forgot his name instead when she was kidnapped in her childhood, like her mentality is getting more fragile instead of getting stronger. It is bad omen, as if saying HEY I'M SCARED MY CLOSEST PEOPLE WILL ABANDON ME which miraculously cured only by few words of her lover. If it could be solved that easily a thing name inferiority complex is long gone.


Anyway, even tho I criticize so much it's not to the point I give up halfway. It's still worth to read for its xianxia. <<less
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luckyneko rated it
April 1, 2021
Status: c100
A slice of life tale about the hardships of a lady cultivator pretty much sums up this story. The author takes her time building up the characters, but with such heavy emphasis on cultivation the tale becomes a bit dull. My biggest gripes are that the story is just exceedingly slow paced once she gets to the sect and the fact that the MC really hasn’t ventured outside of her sect so worldbuilding is a lacking as of 100 chapters. Ideal for those who are looking for a more in-depth... more>> cultivation tale, but will likely be a bit dull for those looking for a fast-paced action-romance. The romance is slow build and definitely not the focus of the story.

Translation Quality: very good

3.5 stars <<less
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xairs rated it
May 14, 2020
Status: Completed

... more>>

Probably one of my favorite Chinese XianXia novels. It's not the best written out there. This actually has A LOT of flaws but the plot is very intriguing, the world building passable (sometimes good even) and I always, always appreciate some character growth.

It still has your typical XianXia cliches but it's not as offensive and one thing I really like is that the MC and the people around her aren't always the winners in every situation (just maybe close to it).

I appreciate that the "cultivators" and "immortals" here are more in line with what the chinese ideas of them. Cultivators pursue immortality and so with their long lives and the, admittedly, cruel reality of competition and fighting for opportunity so they ascend the ranks their "humanity" is often skewed and can be indifferent and sometimes downright cold to the pain and suffering of everyone else. Death is practically their companions in the cultivation world when everyone is fighting for scarce resources. This, I think, is something that most XianXia novels fail to portray. While I don't expect complete apathetic killers who have no qualms about taking lives (because there is that question of a "clear heart and sound mind"), I also don't think excessive clemency fits a cultivator, especially those who have lived hundreds of years.

This is a pretty lengthy novel so it's hard to break everything down but it is 100% one of the better XianXia novels out there. It's the author's 1st work so I'm going to check out her later stories. Hopefully the writing has improved.

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