Seoul Object Story


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Humans, once the masters of Earth, were losing their place to the inexplicable phenomena known as Objects.

And this is a story about becoming an Object and living worry-free in the Seoul of such a world.

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New Myssoferia rated it
April 6, 2024
Status: c206
This is supposed to be horror novel but I got diabetes instead. Please God I need Mini Reapers in my life. Theyre so adorable 😭

Ahemm... Taking passages that depict the novel accurately.

"The Objects clearly appeared on earth to grant a wish... "

... more>> "Then why are the Objects so cruel?"

"... perhaps humanity's wishes would be this ugly."

Seoul Object Story bring SCP-esque tales centering around an Object born from a dying researcher wish called Gray Reaper. In a world that various Object ranging from harmless to disastrous keep being born, humanity tried to learn about these Object, either to eliminate, utilize or contain them. Growing desensitized by Objects that doesnt do any harm, humans becomes lack of caution towards Objects, thus tragedy was born. Sometimes due to greed, sometimes ignorance, sometimes just pure unfortune. The story progressed through these tragedies, presented through various PoV, from victim, passerby, perpetrator, recurring characters and of course Gray Reaper.

I jumped to this novel prepared for a heavy story, but its fairly light thanks to Gray Reaper. Rather than reincarnation, like I said Gray Reaper is more of an entity born with a dying man memory. Even with those memories, It act like a child or newly born Object. Gray Reaper has mischief and playful personality, act on impulse and driven by curiosity. Such contrast compared to other PoV lighten the atmosphere of the story. Its like im prepared for a bitter coffee but found out its actually a coffee milk. Of course I love milk. And it get sweeter and sweeter with cute antics of researchers that grown attached to Reaper and adorable mini reapers that act more pure like Gray Reaper if It doesnt have past memory.

Heh, enough with the diabetes inducing element. Fluff and comedy aside, this story is combination of horror mystery and action fantasy. On one side, the Objects performing bizarre and grotesque phenomenon running rampant, on another side Gray Reaper battling other Object that poses harm to it's comfort and attached humans. Sometimes through brute force and sometimes through puzzle because the prerequisites to kill them cant be done through force. <<less
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New BadassPanda34 rated it
March 30, 2024
Status: c17
Extremely promising start with fun characters and an interesting world, reminiscent of the world of SCP Foundation.
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D0M1NV5 rated it
March 3, 2024
Status: c50

This novel has been in the top 5 of Novelpia for months now. Though it hasn't been picked up because the premise is quite unique, I believe it actually adds to the charm. Also, the art is fantastic. Perhaps the best I've seen. Despite the otherwise underwhelming title, it is actually a beautiful story, crafted as to questioning what makes humans, "humans", and what we would do when we are no longer at a dominant position.

Now, to the summary:

Imagine yourself looking out the window of your house and seeing... more>> grotesque sights. Imagine yourself smiling and clapping while your colleague is ripped to shreds and eaten to death right beside you. Imagine desperately keeping up the pretense that, yes, you are still the apex predator. Why? Because you are human. But unfortunately, humans are no longer at the top of the food chain.

In a world overrun by beings known as "Objects", humans struggle desperately to survive amongst these behemoths. Some of them work as researchers who try to discover more about these mysterious entities while others try to take advantage of the unfathomable powers that these Objects possess. Greed, curiosity, and desperation mix into a maelstrom known as humanity.

In this novel, our MC is one of such researchers working at Seoul Research Institute. While taking care of an Object called "Cute Puppy", she is unfortunately caught up in a terrorist attack, thus getting blown to pieces. Her last thoughts were how she wished to be reborn as an Object; free to play, eat, and rest to her heart's content.

When she wakes up, she finds herself... changed. Smaller. Unable to speak. A different pigmentation. She is no longer human. It is an Object. It is a God of Death. It is the Gray Reaper. Join our MC's story, as it traverses through Seoul and lives out a (hopefully?) worry-free life. But as we all know already, that won't be the case anyway.

Now, onto my personal thoughts:

This is definitely a stand-out novel. Not only is the writing beautifully done, but the seemingly simple premise holds much deeper meaning than one may think. There is a reason why a novel "charts" well, especially when considering that this is a nomance (no romance) and the MC isn't some male chad nor is it an FMC to simp/thirst over.

Right from the very first chapter, you are left hooked. The way the author builds up the racial hierarchy between Objects and Humans is beautifully done. Such an abrupt, yet impactful, moment sets the tone for what the story will be. It is not some feel-good slice of life. Nor is it some power-tripping, Young Master bit*h Slap genre. It is simply... human. Through the medium of entities known as "Objects", humanity's nature is all so glaringly highlighted. Whether good or bad, we can discover what makes us, well...a living, breathing person. That's one of the most beautiful things I find about the novel.

Now, to talk about our MC. It is an overpowered Object, who was once an Object researcher. When she was human, she desired to be an Object. Why? Because they seemed to live far too comfortably at the expense of the human race. She also wished to live pleasantly, free of the horrors that the world brings. Luckily for her, she does become an Object. A small, mute, gray entity with the power to whisper death into all living things. Though the Korean calls it the "Gray God of Death", for the sake of being COOL, we have TLed it as the Gray Reaper. It is overpowered, as it has the ability to see the weaknesses of Objects. And of course, humans are nothing but fodder to it. However, it still retains its "human nature", thus telling a story of its interactions with both Objects and other humans. While its development may seem slow at first, it will quickly pick up the pace! So I highly recommend you keep reading.

The action, psychology, and slice of life is stellar. Every part is meticulously crafted and it's clear that the author breathed "life" into their characters. Everyone has a different mindset, purpose, and manner of speech. As a result of this, each character stands out in an unforgettable manner. Definitely one of the better novels I have read or TLed when it comes to developing "character" in a world. If you wish to read something similar, I recommend Omniscient First-Person's Viewpoint! Lastly, the action is done, not in a fantastical and vast manner, but in a rather subtle yet slightly terrifying way. It leaves you on the edge of your seat and makes you wonder just how powerful the MC really is. Definitely a novel that one could craft theories for those who like to do such things!

Anyway, all I can say is to try it out! You'll be hooked on the first chapter and you'll keep at the story chapter by chapter because each one is meaningful. There are no filler plotlines. Every arc is targetted towards growth. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves reading! Because it is a fantastic piece of writing, before anything. Now, onto my last "ratings":

Plot: 4.5 Stars (Still in the early stages! It is slowly building towards the overarching theme)

Characters: 5 Stars

World Building/Setting: 5 Stars

Writing/Storytelling: 5 Stars (NU, for the 6th time, I ask you to make a 6 star rating possible)

Entertainment Value: 5 Stars

Overall: Bro, do I really need to say it? I wrote an entire essay about how good it is. Just go and read... <<less
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Sareza00 rated it
March 30, 2024
Status: c108
In a world where humanity has lost its position as the apex predator, mysterious entities called "Objects" have emerged, threatening humanity's existence. These Objects possess diverse abilities and personalities, remaining largely enigmatic despite ongoing study. They pose various threats to humanity, from overtaking territories with strange abilities to functioning as killing machines, yet their ultimate purpose remains unknown. The concept of Objects somewhat resembles the origins of monsters in the "Hunter" genre, adding an intriguing layer of mystery to the narrative.

The story revolves around a researcher managing an Object known... more>> as "Cute Puppy, " existing in a precarious balance where a single mistake could prove fatal due to the seemingly innocent yet grotesque nature of Objects. Caught in a terrorist attack, the protagonist sustains severe injuries, leading her to reflect on the unfairness of life and expressing a desire to reincarnate into an Object with a leisurely existence.

Fast forward a year later, and we find our protagonist transformed into a Grey Object, a humanoid and child-like entity with eyes resembling fireflies and the appearance of a young girl with a grey complexion. Despite lacking the need to eat, she retains the ability to taste food and possesses senses distributed across her entire body. Despite her intelligence matching that of a human adult, her personality resembles that of a child, exhibiting playful and mischievous behavior akin to a cat.

The narrative paints a dark world where human selfishness persists despite the looming threat of Objects. Corruption plagues the government, greed taints researchers' pursuit of Object powers, and conspiracies lurk behind the scenes, raising questions about humanity's survival amidst thirty years of Object-induced peril.

Despite the grim backdrop, the protagonist leads a leisurely life, wielding overwhelming power to steal Object abilities in a diminished form and possess an ability to obtain knowledge on how to "destroy" any entity easily (though quite ambiguous and sometimes feels like a riddle). While she maintains her humanity and aversion to trouble, she exhibits ruthless determination when protecting her loved ones from Object threats.

What sets the story apart is its diverse cast of characters, each offering a unique perspective shaped by interactions with the protagonist. Additionally, the protagonist's ability to create alter egos, such as the Golden Reaper (each different color Reaper has a different set of abilities—originating from the main body—and diverse personalities), adds new elements to the series, injecting moments of wholesomeness amidst the darkness.

The series offers an engaging read with each arc presenting intriguing scenarios reminiscent of SCP-esque tales, resonating with fans of the SCP Foundation. It explores themes of morality and mortality, portraying the protagonist as a flawed yet compelling figure who navigates a world teetering on the brink of destruction. Despite embodying the role of the "God of Death, " her reliance on human emotions underscores the symbiotic relationship between humanity and Objects, adding layers of complexity to the novel.

The novel is immensely enjoyable and entertaining to read. With numerous arcs, it ensures the story remains engaging throughout, never allowing a dull moment to creep in.


Also, I just wanted to illustrate her immense power. If I were to classify her according to SCP standards, initially, I contemplated designating her as an Apollyon Class due to her near-impossible containment and her ability to teleport and phase through solid objects. Additionally, her possession of a "Domain Expansion" type ability, enabling her to manifest her dreams and exert influence over reality, elevates her to a god-like status. However, upon further reflection, I realized that her dependency on the emotions of sentient beings, which serve as her source of power and sustenance, necessitates a classification adjustment. Thus, I should classify her as a Keter-Class entity for the time being.

PS. For some reason my other account's review isn't appearing, so I'm using this alter account of mine. <<less
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ShiraGaia rated it
March 3, 2024
Status: c209
I LOVE this novel very much, so much that I consider this as my top novel in 2023. The story is a perfect blend between cute, scary, and unsettling. It also has this element of mystery in each arc, making you want to read for more every chapter.

Now, story is set in a world where anomalies or non-ordinary things labeled "objects" exist in the world. These things are either a benefit or a detriment to humanity (basically an SCP-like world, where monsters with unique abilities are contained in a facility... more>> to protect humanity). Our MC is unfortunate to get caught in a rally about objects-related and died. Before dying, our MC made a wish to become an object and so the "Grey Reaper" was born.

Starting chapters are a bit confusing for some readers because of the unfamiliarity of the world the MC lives in, however, be patient and you'll be surprised with a lot of creativity of the "objects" and how they interact with the world and the people. The more you read, the more "dire" the situation of fhe world truly is, perhaps a certain "Grey Reaper" would do something about it? Who knows? Keep reading to find out.

Now, for the characters, MC herself most of the time appears to be emotionless but in her mind, she's quite talkative, like a certain White Spider (looking at you, Shiro). One of the highlights of this novel are the "other Reapers".... What do I mean by that? Read the novel to find out. It has elements of action and the way the author made it unique is by how each enemies that the MC has to deal with, has their own unique way of fighting, making you want to focus on how the Reaper deals with them. And for the side characters, they appear from time to time in certain arcs, trapped in their own trials and tribulations. They will play a role in future arc so better pay attention to them.

Its no wonder that the novel is as of the moment, one of the most popular novels in Novelpia right now (currently 18 in Life Picks). Dont be intimidated by the TS (genderbender) tag, it has no romance or any of that kind (beside the side characters ofc).

In conclusion, its a novel worth 100% of your time:

> great scp- like story

> perfect blend of cute and horror

> adorable MC and the other Reapers

> a good amount of mystery to be solved

> a story easy to follow

12/10 go read it now! <<less
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Conceptualized rated it
March 6, 2024
Status: c6
This novel makes me so curious. It has a pretty interesting concept, and the way people and even objects act towards the MC makes you wonder what it is exactly with him that makes even some objects fear him. I want to read the next chapter to find out what happens next but it isnt unlocked yet 😔
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