Omniscient First-Person’s Viewpoint


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I, a mere con artist, was unjustly imprisoned in Tantalus, the Abyssal Prison meant for the most nefarious of criminals, where I met a regressor.

But when I used my ability to read her mind, I found out that I was fated to die in a year…

and that the world would end 10 years later.

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전지적 1인칭 시점
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New RightArmSlayer
April 21, 2024
Status: c191
OFPV is a unique and exceptionally well written story while it may appear slow paced at the beginning or initially seem typical as you continue reading the author skillfully expands the narrative without overwhelming the reader with a block of information the characters are interesting and have their own goals and ambitions and the worldbuilding is masterfully crafted with a unique setting I honestly have never seen before which is refreshing.

Finally, if you're considering giving this novel a chance I suggest reading until chapter 35 before forming any judgments it's... more>> in this part where the MC showcases his capabilities <<less
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New anonyzaki rated it
April 20, 2024
Status: c189
Set in a dystopian world, the story follows the journey of the protagonist, a con artist who finds himself unjustly imprisoned in Tantalus, a notorious Abyssal Prison. However, his life takes an unexpected turn when he encounters a regressor and discovers that he is fated to die in a year, with the world itself facing imminent destruction ten years later.

The novel expertly blends various genres, including action, adventure, comedy, fantasy, harem, mystery, and supernatural elements. The author skillfully incorporates these genres into the narrative, creating a unique and engaging reading... more>> experience. The story's pacing is well-balanced, with a gripping plot that keeps readers hooked from start to finish.

The characters in Omniscient First-Person's Viewpoint are one of its greatest strengths. The protagonist, a seemingly minor conman, is accompanied by a diverse cast of individuals, including The Millenia Old Vampire Progenitor, The Dog King, and a Regressor. Each character is well-developed, with distinct personalities, goals, and motivations. The interactions between the characters are dynamic and often humorous, providing moments of levity amidst the intense storyline.

The novel's world-building is immersive, with the author gradually revealing details about the dystopian setting throughout the story. The protagonist's ability to read minds adds an intriguing layer to the narrative, allowing readers to experience the world through an omniscient first-person viewpoint. This unique perspective enhances the story's depth and offers thought-provoking insights into the characters' thoughts and motivations.

While comedy is a prominent aspect of Omniscient First-Person's Viewpoint, the novel also delves into serious and profound themes. The story explores topics such as friendship, love, sacrifice, and the consequences of one's actions. The author skillfully navigates these themes, creating emotionally impactful moments that resonate with readers.

The translation of the novel is of exceptional quality, maintaining the essence and nuances of the original Korean text. The translators at Genesis Translations have done a commendable job in bringing the story to an English-speaking audience, allowing readers to fully appreciate the intricacies of the narrative.

In conclusion, Omniscient First-Person's Viewpoint is a highly recommended web novel that offers a compelling blend of action, adventure, comedy, and fantasy. With its well-rounded characters, intriguing plot twists, and thought-provoking themes, this novel stands out as a gem in the web novel scene. <<less
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VirginSlayer rated it
June 18, 2022
Status: c203
I was the one who suggested this novel to get picked as it deserves to be read by a much larger audience. All I would say it's been truly enriching experience for me personally. I would recommend you not to let the cover mislead you and not let your preconceived notions of "Harem" dissuade you.

Winner of 2021 Novelpia Universe Strongest Web Novel

Contest Ranking: 3rd in Life Picks

... more>> Genre: Fantasy, Misunderstanding, Harem


I was unfairly imprisoned, but there was a regressor. After reading her thoughts, she says that I will die in a year. In 10 years, the world will perish.

... GG life spoilers.

That's how the novel begins.

The protagonist of the novel has mind reading skills and knows what the other person is thinking. MC's name isn't revealed till 100 chaps iirc but his traits are crystal clear so you can picture him clearly. The unique aspect of this novel is you see the dystopian world depicted through MC's eyes. Thus the title Omniscient First-Person's Viewpoint.

He uses this ability to get a full scholarship with excellent grades from elementary to secondary school, but he was caught on an illegal gambling site. The protagonist was then dragged and tossed into the abyss of Tantalus as a sanctioned first class convict, where only heinous criminals are imprisoned without a trial. There he meets the Dog King, Progenitor of Vampires, and the Regressor.

In reality, the main character was only a scammer who knew how to read minds.

After meeting the Dog King, Vampire and the Regressor he pretended to be sent to Tantalus as a military instructor.

The work is critically acclaimed for its lifelike side characters, author's narrative and the dystopian worldview. Instead of simply dumping info about the world, the author drops clues here and there throughout the story which the readers need to piece together, which is pretty intriguing in my opinion.

You are expected to read the journey of an intelligent protagonist and charming female leads. We didn't even know the name of the MC until 100+ chaps but his traits are so clear you can picture him clearly.

Don't get dissuaded by the cover and have patience with this novel just like LOTM it takes a while to get going since author tries to set up the dystopian worldview. The author's immersive writing style and insights in so many different aspects is worth reading and is truly enriching experience as you gain some wisdom out of it. Even the 2nd cover of the novel has a deep insight of what's to come in the upcoming arc.



The Protagonist: His name is revealed at the end of 100 chapters long prologue iirc. He describes himself as a scammer or an actor acting on the grand stage of this dystopian world. All his actions initially were mostly geared towards his own survival and avert the future. At the end of prologue. He begins to care for the bonds he forged and believes the foundation of those relationship was built on lies. So since he deceived them, he judges that he isn't their comrade after breaking out of Tantalus he disappears from their lives.

The Regressor: At the time of the start novel she is on her 14th Regression and MC who read her thoughts more less decides to live in moderation and avoids getting killed.

The Dog King: Ruler of the dogs and just like dog she possess innate loyalty and affinity to humans. She never accepts any requests that indirectly or directly harms humans

The Progenitor of The Vampires: Silver haired girl on the color. She is a primordial being who lived for 1200 years. Who just is wasting away without a will to live as she can't even kill herself. Her heart has stopped beating, and she became apathetic. She is literally the female version Yu-Jitae from Kindapped Dragons. It's only with the help of the MC she is able to piece her heart together. MC is the only one who is able to make her heart beat, albeit temporarily.




The structure of the magic system is well thought-out.

There will be political struggle involving the MC in the future chapters, and which helps drive the plot further.

Well portrayed worldview.

Also, the way the author sheds light into MC's background is intriguing.


Final Verdict: It's a must read.

At the time I'm writing this review I didn't catch a wink. So I'm rather stoned to the core. But I do recommend to read this novel till 100 chapters at least before deciding drop or not. Because the first 100 chapters are basically prologue set up to add depth to the plot, characters, worldview is a foreboding to upcoming arcs. <<less
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DrVanilla rated it
August 6, 2022
Status: c85
First of all, I see a lot of readers confused about the title of the novel and even calling it a ripoff when they didn't even read a single chapter- this novel isn't related in any form to ORV.

The MC of the novel has mind-reading skills and knows what the other person is thinking. Combine it with the rest of the title, the novel's name fits.

Our MC was found a criminal without any witnesses or evidence, in a court with no jury and got thrown to the abyss. He survived... more>> the fall and he meets there 3 women- The dog king- Really cute so far, she acts like a dog in regards to both being loyal to humans and listening to commands (best girl friend as expected of a dog)
The Progenitor of Vampires- a typical cold vampire and a hot-headed regressor.

He uses his brain and mindreading skills and pretends to be a military instructor and befriends them.

The novel is slow but gets better as the plot progresses. While we aren't even on 1/4th of the novel, this is nothing but a gem.

10/10 mc
10/10 characters & their interactions
10/10 plot & world-building <<less
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siufei rated it
June 19, 2022
Status: --
Omniscient First Person View is a novel that is filled with wisdom. Reviwers claim that author might actually be a Regressor because this many insights in so many different fields while he is just undergrad student is remarkable

Harem tag is there but there romance is subtle and sub genre at best.. As it leans more towards friendship and how they could avert the tragic future.

Main Protagonist came in 4th MC pole of the year behind likes of Frey Raon Starlight and Ferzen Von Schweig and his ability to read mind... more>> is true charm of the novel. <<less
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ShiraGaia rated it
April 2, 2023
Status: c365
This novel is quite different from the others, I must say. Don't be intimidated by it though as this will take you on a wild ride on our MC's life and how he deals with the problem sorrounding him.

Story is about our main character whose name is unkown (would be revealed later), a con-artist who was imprisoned unjustly inside Tantalus (an abyssal prison), where the most dangerous criminals are taken. There, he meets a regressor. Using his ability to read minds, he found out that he would die in a... more>> year and that the world would end 10 years after. Knowing all this information, what do you think will our MC do? And is there a reason for his unjust imprisonment? All365 will be known further in the story.

The fun of this novel is the MC himself and how he uses his occupation as a con-artist and his ability to read minds to deal with occuring problems. The way he uses both is endearing and so amazingly well-done that you just admire how he's able to pull this off even when the odds are against him.

The heroines on the other hand, are all unique as they all have their own mysterious past like the MC. Some glimpses of their past reveals how much it drives their actions and the way they act even if not much information is revealed towards the readers.

But if you think about it, what actually led to the end of the world? All will be revealed slowly but surely.

Story porgression is slow compared to the other novels as it takes time to establish the situation of the plot and to familiarize with him and the heroines. This one is VERY popular in Novelpia, being one of the top 5 most popular novels.

In conclusion:

- a very manipulative but amazing MC

- mysterious but alluring story

- a lot of plot-twists waiting around the corner

-unique heroines with different personalities

10/10 worth your time <<less
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Monomololo rated it
September 24, 2023
Status: --
I have to wonder if I'm reading the same book as everyone else reviewing.

They all say that he survives through trickery and deceit, but so far all the times he's avoided death have been entirely coincidence, and if anything his "wit" (idiocy) has served to put him in circumstances that he never would have survived barring absolutely insane plot armor.

For example:

... more>>

When he discovers that the regressor hates the government, he immediately says he's a government agent, and then when she (understandably and predictably) tries to cut him in half (like he just watched her do to a government golem), he flails his arm and through a one in a trillion coincidence deflects the sword swing of a master swordsman wielding a legendary sword, one that was also invisible.

Even falling into the prison would have killed him if not for the government wanting to increase the number of prisoners (for some reason).

Add that to the super strong character who literally acts like a dog and follows his orders without a question, and it's hard to see his continued survival as having anything to do with his own capabilities.

Hell even his mind reading ability is just something he was randomly given by luck, if anything he's about as blessed in life as the literal time traveler, and that really blunts any admiration one might feel for his accomplishments.


So yeah, the sheer level of luck and plot armor driving this story is mind boggling.

That said, the story is well written and the translation is well done, even if some of the comedy is a bit off putting. A better read than many other stories.

However, about a hundred chapters in and the story's still in the prison arc, which is starting to drag. <<less
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readerx10 rated it
September 17, 2023
Status: 400+
Spoiler Summary

This is not a review but summary of story until 240 chapters. It's full of spoilers but it's proper summary of the story.

I can post a review but the story changed a lot after Abyss and Author wrote it so beautifully that it became a different novel altogether. To explain this I think summary is necessary.

... more>>

This story is about an Evil force wanting to destroy the humanity and whole world and a Regressor fighting to stop it. They may want to reset or perform some mass cleansing. Think it like Nazis getting so powerful and delusional that they think that whole Humanity is tr*sh and they want reset.

Regressor is a girl without talent. She is a normal village girl tasked with saving the world. When she does she goes back in time so she is numb to pain and emotions in general. Final boss is called King of Sin who is a female boss and weild all the power of humanity and demon gods, well demon gods here are just pioneers of humanity who discovered concepts like Electricity, Blood Transfusion, and other things, they are called demon because church don't want humans to get this knowledge.

Anyways in each timeline Regressor dies without any damage on the King of Sin. Why so. Answer is below lol.

Now in this Regression she met MC who is able to read minds. He is a big shot hiding as a small time crook. He is different than Regressor, he is talented to learn anything but his body is weak. His power is unique just like Royal family of few countries of humans. But he is not some Royal but King of Humans.

Every beast has their representative in this world, a King who guides them. On land King of Humans defeated others in past forcing them other kings to walk on human form as a form of subordination. But problem came in form of religion or God. Some one from Heaven didn't like the King of Human who had the ability to learn anything humans do and do it even better. God didn't like the power King of Humans, just think of it as being a Dev watching one character getting too OP. To tackle him it sent Saintess to defeat him.

Saintess was the first Apostle of God. God religion which is based on Christianity says human has ability to do good and only focus on goodness and be better but King of Humans want them to remain as beasts and even accept mu*der and bad things. Due to this conflict few people did came together with Saintess and fought with King of Humans and he as per some agreement decided to accept his defeat.

Humans who defeated him broke his crown and got his powers to some degree. They became the current Royal families. King of Human died and just like other beings, when one king dies another born so future Kings were born but they were weak. They had ability to read minds and learn anything but their body was worse than average and they had limitations on their growth and due to this every new King just live their lives as a common person.

But this changed when MC met with Regressor. As plot progresses MC understood that King of Evil or King of Sin in future is a King of Human just like him as she uses power similar to him. He also came to understand that in previous timelines he died in Abyss or something happened like Evil group draining his power and so on. Also there exist a user of Holy Sword who has power to change shape and possibly daughter of previous King of Humans, so it's likely that Nazi like group captured King of Human and transferred the power to that woman to create a weapon of destruction as the woman will not have will of king of human to prosper the humanity. They basically created the King of Sin to execute whole humanity by drawing the power of King of Humans.

To stop this possible future MC is on a mission to get back his powers as King of Humans and best way is to get technologies of Demon Gods. MC is able to learn their techniques even better than them and his goal is to create even more such Pioneers so that humanity can get stronger which inturn will make him stronger.

Now this novel is a three way War. One side is King of Human and Military State where no Royalty exist and is willing to serve him as he gave approval to their empire as good. Other side is Evil Nazi like group who is hidden in shadows, even in 200+ chapters little details could be found, we don't even know the name properly. And on third side is Regressor who sided with Church to find and kill the Evil Nazi like Group.

King of Human and Military accept humans as beast and due to this both good and bad aspect of humans prosper, it's such a big difference that Military has all kinds of Modern tech and other kingdoms are around 200 years behind. And since he is now the fiancee to Tyr even Vampires are accepted as Humans and become his power. And King of Dogs and King of Cats are also with him. He is very powerful but still Regressor broke up with him because she wanted power of Church to use the Saint who can see future and defeat the Nazi like Group and stop formation of King of Sin. Church and Vampires are enemies and even King of Humans that is MC and Church are enemies. And as it happens Military State and Church are also enemies. So there is are very good dynamics now.

A lot of mysteries are still covered with Haze, a lot of world still remained to be explored. Even with 200 chapters it feels like the start of Journey. If First Part was escape of a Smart low level Thug Hughes from Abyss by using monsters like Vampire Ancestor, Regressor, and a King of Beast, now the Second Part is an epic of the King of Humans Hughes breaking the locks Church placed on Humans and unlocking power of Demon Gods for whole Humanity while fighting against Church, Nazi Like Group, Regressor, and even all the beasts and humans in power who are scared of King of Humans getting his powers back.

Also, one more thing:

Some people here said that he is weak and such. I will say that he is not, he is powerful is a different sense. MC is a beast in form of human. For him Saint is as good as a mu*derer. Both have potential of humanity.

He is not a manipulator but wants every one to live their lives to fullest and die while achieving their full potential. If he feels that someone lacks something he will try to full the gap. He will not stop a terrorist from planting the bomb if he don't have power to do so, but he will motivate victims to do their best to escape while trying to make terrorist his errors and if failed will try to kill them to save himself and others. And due to this unique trait of him everyone, both who loves him and hate him respect him. Yes he is not a Superman or God like being, at best he is like an Elder who want others to do their best and in return they help him without any issue.

So while MC is increasing his power by learning Electricity and other powers of Demon Gods his main power is still the relationships he has with other. Even if Regressor is on side of Church and Church wants to kill him she wants him to live because he gave her hope to break the regression. He is weak but he is a King of Humans who want humans to prosper and try to guide them to the best of humanity and due to this many comes around him naturally and he also become enemy of some who rejects him altogether and wants to kill him.

In the end he is a social beast. He is scared of death and other things like other animals. He is not a powerfull Alpha Male who will match in front of arrows without a sweat but he is a leader of monsters who will hide behind them to plan and order his monsters to fight with anyone who is his enemy and the enemy of humanity.


If you like this summary do check this novel. Abyss prison arc may be slow burn for some but the moment he comes out and fight the Military State whole story switches gear. Pacing is so great and I will recommend to read MTL as it's just fine and understandable. <<less
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pomoli rated it
December 11, 2022
Status: c80
Excellent so far, all characters are well developed, the setting is surprising for the genre, some kind of dystopia with a catastrophe looming ahead, with every day comedic interactions.
It's potentially harem but it's the kind I like, where there is no rush, and author seems to take his time to develop interactions between characters, and the MC doesn't seem to be harem seeking either. He's also well made as a character, a petty scammer, but quite mature and quirky as we see the story through his eyes. Somehow it feels like there is more to him than what he is letting us know.

Translation is also good, with a few exceptions like using improper modern slang like "boomer" instead of "old geezer" at some point. Thankfully this is rare and we didn't get horrors like "sus", "mid" and other "on god" in the middle of the story, which would have been the best way to get me out of the immersion.

The only (huge) con is the atrocious translation pace recently, something like 2 chapters a month, which would mean that the story will catch up to advertised chapters (330) in 2035+ at the current speed.

edit : translation pace is now correct!
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sareza rated it
January 5, 2024
Status: c188
Let me dive a bit deeper into this story summary. Picture this—within the intricate fabric of existence, each individual unfolds a narrative that's as unique as a fingerprint. It's like everyone's got their own story, and it's not just any story, but a complex tale that blends the shades of good and evil, painting the protagonist's journey through life.

Now, regardless of the moral hues that color these tales, each being takes on the central role in their own unfolding narrative. They're the star of their own show, you know? But... more>> here's where it gets interesting. As the sun sets on every story—whether it's a virtuous saga or one dripping with malevolence—a universal truth emerges. Every narrative, no matter its nature, is destined to reach its conclusion. There's this grand design, this shared destiny, where the diverse stories interweave into the collective culmination of existence.

It's like this intricate tapestry of life, where each thread is a unique story, and yet they all come together for this grand finale. The denouement becomes this epic, shared destiny, where the different stories harmonize into the grand conclusion of existence. It's kind of like life's way of saying, "Hey, we're all in this together, folks!"

This KR-novel is hands down one of the best right now. In a sea of regression, hunter, and cliché garbage, this series takes a refreshing approach. The author nails the regression genre while keeping things unique. I'm loving the character interactions and how the growth is crafted. The world-building is solid, not too deep, and easy to follow. The power system is well-designed, but what really stands out is how the author avoids info-dumping. Settings are explained uniquely without dragging on, and it's entertaining. Overall, unique plot, well-crafted characters, and great world-building without getting too complicated. <<less
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FailSquid rated it
February 2, 2023
Status: v1c19
This is a very good story with a lot of potential-good plot, great characters, nice humour and after every chapter makes you feel intrigued to see more.

Unfortunately its translators seem to have binned it off because the consistency of translation is zero at this point. It’s really a shame when good novels are limited by the translators. I’m really interested in this novel so I will have to mtl it from somewhere.

All in all, I’d recommend this to most people and you should definitely give it a try, but stay... more>> wary of the unfinished translation. <<less
11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Spooktism rated it
August 6, 2023
Status: c78
Brilliant. I'm sick of reading novels where the MC is OP, is somehow a saint and everything magically works out. This novel provides a unique and memorable MC, a deviously intelligent man, who's characterisation carries the story. The novel has amazing world building through interesting text, not just endless, boring scripts of knowledge.

Perhaps what draws me in the most about the story is the non-stop action. Each chapter leaves me wishing for more, and I scroll past endless updated stories to check this novel for updates everyday.

This story may not... more>> be for everyone. But if you're looking for fine dining, this is the cuisine. <<less
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Pratt_42 rated it
July 16, 2023
Status: c60
Omniscient First Person Viewpoint seems to be an intriguing and entertaining novel with a smart protagonist who relies on his wits rather than brute strength. Set in a prison, the story focuses on the relationships between the small cast of main characters - the protagonist, a regressor, a vampire, and a dog king. Their interactions are highlighted as a strength, being described as adorable and humorous.

The protagonist in particular is noted for his charming and comedic personality as a bit of a scumbag who manipulates others through his mind reading... more>> abilities. Despite his questionable morals, he comes across as likable. There's an overarching mystery around his unknown past and the doomed fate of the prison that adds exciting plot points to unwrap.

While the limited setting and small cast could be seen as drawbacks by some, they allow for rich exploration of the characters. The focus on psychology and wits over action and fights also makes it stand out from other novels, though some may hope for more action eventually. Overall, Omniscient First Person Viewpoint sounds like an eccentric and cleverly written story with a strong character-driven narrative. For those looking for something more lighthearted and relationship-focused with a smart but unconventional protagonist, it seems worth checking out. <<less
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February 11, 2024
Status: --
4* stars.

Honestly by NU standards this deserves more like a 6 out of 5. This series is easily one of the best KR webnovels I've read on novelpia. It has everything: originality, solid worldbuilding, natural character interactions, smooth show don't tell writing, they're all perfectly delivered. All the good stuff about it has been covered by others already. However, there's 1 thing that doesn't quite suit my taste: the story is told from MC's unreliable narrator 1st person perspective, his inner thoughts lead the readers to believe he's chaotic neutral,... more>> but he only performs good deeds and has never done anything harmful to his girls. This creates a disconnect between my expectations (chaotic neutral) and the reality (chaotic good).

First, let's talk about the good thing about being chaotic good. The MC has the power to read minds, but unlike the stereotypical mind reader protagonist who despises people because he can see their hidden ulterior motives behind the seemingly good intentions, our MC's the complete opposite. His ability to read minds enables him to acknowledge and embrace the complexities and contradictions of human nature. Thus he becomes highly empathetic, allowing him to comprehend and relate to people's innermost desires, and he helps them fulfill them. It's as though he should be a bad guy given his power but he isn't, because he can transcend the usual concepts of good and evil.

If you like that kind of chaotic good MC good for you, I do too. But this kind of protag should not also be used in conjunction with being an unreliable narrator. If he's an unreliable narrator while also being good, it becomes predictable and loses its impact, so when it comes to the girls you can pretty much predict he will never make any sketchy moves that could harm them, so what's the purpose of being unreliable? I get it that this protagonist type, where everyone thinks the MC is bad but he's actually secretly saving the world, is very popular on Novelpia, like Egostic from Obsessed Villain or Frey from Main Heroines, and that's okay if you're aiming for the mainstream pia readers. But, having a good character who is also an unreliable narrator at the same time? Author, you need to choose one, you can't have it both ways.

If you want to do both, rather than just another misunderstood chaotic good protag, MC should have been chaotic neutral or outright villain, a physically weak con artist who uses emotional manipulation to gaslight and control the powerful female characters. It would be much better imo. You can check out Barbarian/Outcast Writer and Regressor Instruction Manual as examples, they have scummy but weak MCs who rely on tricks to survive.

The combo of unreliable narrator and chaotic good just doesn't work for me. But still, this series remains one of my top picks on NU. And I see this more as a rant than an objective review, so take it with a grain of salt. <<less
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sinbadw rated it
August 21, 2023
Status: c88
Omniscient First-Person’s Viewpoint is easily one of the best written web novels I've read thanks to its masterful use of "show don't tell" storytelling and exceptional character writing. Rather than relying on dry exposition, the story unfolds naturally through engaging character dynamics that are a joy to follow.

The author expertly employs environmental storytelling and expressive dialogue to reveal details about the cast and world without needing overt explanations. The prison setting is used to great effect here, developing characters through their interactions within its enclosed walls.

These characters truly shine as... more>> some of the most well-crafted and human I've come across in web fiction. Their distinct personalities, philosophies, and histories make every conversation utterly compelling. The protagonist's mind reading ability enables clever insights into the mental state of other characters too.

The story wisely places intricately written exchanges between this endearing found family at the forefront. Action and plot progression take a backseat to the sheer entertainment value of watching these wonderfully realized characters play off each other through lively banter.

Overall, with its devotion to showcasing captivating characters over plot contrivances, Omniscient First-Person's Viewpoint displays storytelling prowess that elevates it to one of the most engrossing web novels I've had the joy of reading. The novel's commitment to nuanced interpersonal dynamics makes it a must-read. <<less
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boroboro44 rated it
May 27, 2023
Status: c107
the MC is wise, shameless, kinda edgy sometimes, a man with the ability to read minds in a kind of neo dystopian world with magic and modern technology combined, deemed a criminal by the authoritarian state, so he is sent to worst prison there is where he meets the people in the cover

he's good with people as he's accustomed to tricking people, he's not the strongest, just the average dude.

i like his monologues, it's hilariously philosophical.
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LeafMan rated it
February 17, 2024
Status: c164
At firist when a reader stumbles upon this work they might think that this is a copy of omniscient readers viewpoint, fortunately it has basically nothing in common with the work, I catch myself often refreshing the pages of chapters to see if the next one is loaded because this is one of those works that has a interesting premise, and with that premise actually delivers.

Every single character is overflowing with personality with worldbuilding that makes sense which slowly coaxes you into the world without overbearing you with information, it... more>> feels natural and makes sense in the contexts of the conversations.

Overall this is a good story, with a good plot, and good characters <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
azizJ rated it
July 9, 2023
Status: c100
Omniscient First Person's Viewpoint in my opinion is a masterpiece of a novel. While it has an amazing world what truly stands out to me are the masterful character interactions and well established characters. I loved all the characters in this novel especially the protagonist. His use of psychological warfare is amazing. I also appreciate how the story incorporates a detective story aspect where the MC uncovers the truth behind everything through his detective skills and mind reading ability to delve into the regressor's mind the protagonist himself is shrouded... more>> in mysteries about his past which adds an intriguing layer to the story <<less
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LordMashiro rated it
April 18, 2023
Status: c32
Brilliant novel.

Unique setting, characters and execution of storytelling.

It was a clever choice of the author to start the story with the main characters in a prison secluded from the outside world. We are given ample time to flesh out the main characters in this setting, with all of them familiarizing with each other and forming interesting dynamics, while we simultaneously constantly get tidbits of information about the outside world which increases its allure and mystery for when they eventually escape the prison. The lack of any irrelevant side characters such... more>> as prison personnel also means that literally all of the character interactions will be between main characters only which keeps the story from getting boring in an otherwise slow-paced first arc.

I adore the characters. They are all incredibly distinct whether it is in their design, history, powers or personalities which makes it super fun to see them interact. Despite the novel having a harem tag and the main characters being like 1 guy and at least 3 girls starting in an isolated setting, there's been like zero interactions of a romantic nature so far which I find very refreshing given the many other interesting ways they interact.

The dystopian world-setting is very well-done. You get an idea of how dark things are in the outside world based on the info you get from the characters or their backstories. I also love the way the MC's witty and somewhat carefree personality balances some of the dark elements of the story. It also makes me very curious how he will act during very serious / emotional moments. <<less
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Kleini rated it
November 10, 2023
Status: c74
I absolutely adore this novel! It quickly drew me in with its cast of intriguing characters trapped together in a prison setting.

The protagonist is a total scene-stealer. His cunning use of mind-reading abilities to manipulate those around him makes for such entertaining psychological games. Yet he still has a moral compass and relatable backstory that endears him to the reader.

The other main characters - like the vampire progenitor and the crossdressing regressor - are also charming in their own ways. Their interactions are the heart of the story. The dialogue... more>> is witty and reveals so much about each character's motivations and personality.

The overarching plot revolving around averting an apocalyptic future adds great stakes too. Uncovering those mysteries with the protagonist makes me feel like a detective!

I'll admit the setting is a bit limited so far, but the author has clearly put immense thought into the magic system and world building. Even confined to a prison, the creativity shines through.

Some might be put off by the lack of intense action so far, but I'm enjoying the refreshing focus on wits over brawn. And I have a feeling exciting battles are inevitable once they break free from the prison.

Overall, this is a truly stellar read. From the quirky characters to the gripping plot, it draws you in and leaves you eager for more. I can't recommend this gem enough for fans of intelligent, character-driven stories. This will surely top Childhood Friend of the Zenith as my favorite among the novels translated by Genesistls! <<less
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Hosh rated it
May 2, 2023
Status: c37
Now this one is a bit different from Genesis TL's usual choice of novels. Academy Transmigrator novels are my guilty pleasure. But this is pretty darn refreshing.

Anyways, I'll get the few cons this novel has out of the way first. The setting and characters are really limited. So far, pretty much the whole thing takes place in a prison and it seems like it'll stay that way for a while. There are only 4 characters in there and while others occasionally appear. They either disappear in a few chapters or... more>> aren't actually present.

On the bright side, all 4 main characters are likable and their interactions are super adorable. The protagonist is a Lee Kiyoung type. Aka comedic scumbag who still has a human side Aka one of the most likable MCs. There is a lack of action due to the protagonist being (like Lee Kiyoung) rather weak and overcoming challenges with his wits. It's really cool but I hope that either changes or fights happen between characters other than him as unlike RIM, there isn't much action from the other characters to balance out the MC's distaste for combat. <<less
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Galath rated it
October 31, 2023
Status: c112
This novel is really catchy, understanding this world and the cahracters through the MCs point of view and hability makes everything more interesting and enjoyable, making you want to read more and more. Also interactions between MC and the rest of the characters are pure gold.
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