I Got Caught After Flirting with the Wrong Person


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Fei Bai discovered through his boyfriend’s trumpet account that he had been wearing a green hat. Not long after the breakup, he recognized the third party in their school coffee shop.

The senior brother is handsome and tall, but it looks like… he’s not a 0.

When Fei Bai thought his ex might be doing zero for love behind his back, he became angry. He decided to take the initiative to seduce this senior brother so that his ex-boyfriend could also experience the taste of wearing a green hat.

The sky’s the limit. Fei Bai successfully seduced the third party. He walked side by side with this senior brother on the campus and bumped head-on unto his ex-boyfriend.

He thought the moment of revenge was coming, but in the next second, he learned that he had flirted with the wrong person. The senior brother beside him was not the mistress but the former president of his father’s company!

Fei Bai originally planned to apologize and run away, but he didn’t expect to be blocked in front of his home the next day.

The man he called senior brother pressed him against the wall and said in a low voice, “You are so good at seducing people. Who would let you go?”

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karwasama rated it
August 16, 2022
Status: c120
I liked this novel overall! There were a few gripes I had with it, as with any other novel, but in general the plot was fluffy and funny, and it was pretty much what you expect from the summary - not twists or turns there. While there is a bit of angst in the middle, it's still relatively light and intermixed with the fluff.

The MC is very cute, naive, and childish (not in an annoying way) but also very kind. He's a 19 year old computer science student who is... more>> working on an app designed to help kids with autism. This is eventually what leads him and the ML to interact - the ML is looking for a tutor for his sister with autism, and a professor at his university recommends the MC. I thought his open-minded and understanding approach to helping the ML's sister was admirable (also kudos to the author for writing about this well and in a non-discriminatory way, which is sadly not common in East Asian media (speaking as an East Asian myself)) and their interactions were absolutely adorable!

The ML's sister backstory made me sad/angry -

she's an illegitimate child of the ML's family. Her stepfather abused her (what a piece of tr*sh!) leaving her with a lot of trauma. The part of the novel where she's scared of a toy wrench because her stepfather (a car mechanic) used to hit her with one made me want to beat that son of a bit*h up, and when the ML's sister started saying "don't hit me" during a thunderstorm because her stepfather was more likely to abuse her when it rained because he would get less customers... gah, I wish I could break that bastard's leg. What a horrible excuse for a human being.

- but it makes me happy that she and the MC could bond.

The ML is a 28 year old CEO (of course LOL) and an alumni of the MC's university. He's the teasing sort of gong and generally likeable. It's cute how early he fell for the MC despite acting like he hasn't, which is kind of funny considering how h**ny he is for the MC all the time. Their relationship is definitely a slow burn, but I liked that their mutual feelings developed gradually. The s*xual tension between them was *mwah*, even with it being accidental on the MC's part most of the time, and I thought his attempts at seducing the ML were hilarious (if I had a nickel every time the MC bought food and gave it to the ML pretending he made it, I'd have two nickels, which isn't a lot of money but it's still weird that it happened twice LOL).

However I still had a few gripes, as mentioned earlier. The first is that I couldn't find the car scenes LMFAO, which made me sad, but on a more serious note, I thought how the ML acted after the reveal (which was around chapter 80 ish for those of you who want to know) was annoying.


Actually, this goes even before the reveal, but I thought the conscious decision of the ML to treat the MC as a child was irritating. I mean, I'm okay with age gap, but I thought that his actions because of that decision gave off a holier-than-thou impression. It may just be because I don't like these types of interactions/MLs, but the constant referral of the MC as a "child" was a bit much.

It got especially annoying after the reveal, where the ML decides to teach the MC "a lesson". I'm not saying the ML doesn't have the right to be upset - he absolutely does considering that the MC approached him with ill intentions and was trying to use him. The MC apologizes and tries to cut off contact, but the ML decides that he's not going to let the MC go and "keeps" him, fully knowing that the MC actually does have feelings for him. This isn't done in a malicious way or anything (again, the angst is still mixed with fluff and humor) but then the ML purposely goes to a club (where he's going to be "attended" to) and lets the MC know. This is to teach him that lesson and make the MC realize he does like the ML after all, and all I can say is really? You know the MC's ex cheated on him, and you're going to do something very similar to him again? Yeah, the MC and the ML aren't dating at this point, but it just felt bad to see the MC doubt himself and get upset. There were much better ways to get him to recognize his feelings, but no, the ML had to choose the one option that would reinforce to the MC that the ML is just "keeping" him and that he has no right to be upset (here comes the angst!).

The ML doesn't actually do anything and comes home to the MC shortly after, but the "lessons" that occurred after the reveal irritated me. Not enough to make me not enjoy the novel, but still something I thought was worth ranting about.


Anyway, I liked this novel overall. 4.0/5.0 stars from me :) <<less
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hybridiris rated it
September 5, 2022
Status: c91
I mtled this novel 2.5 stars. I did not finish reading it.

About the story

MC found his bf cheated on him and decides to get revenge on him. In the spur of the moment, he meets someone who he suspects is the one who hooked his bf away. He decides to hook up with the person who made his bf cheat instead. As he gets to know ML, he realizes he's really decent until he finds himself attracted as well. The novel deals with a long arc of their budding... more>> relationship through the misunderstanding until about half way through when their relationship changes. The rest of the novel involves them getting together for real.

About the MC

The MC is the reason why I stopped reading this novel. The novel does not have bad writing but the author's characterization has me up in arms. MC is described as a charitable person who goes to take care of children with special needs. He also likes and cares for his grandma who stood up for him when he came out to his parents and was rejected by them. His characterization with these points are to setup the fact that he is compassionate and kind. However when he encounters his cheating ex, instead of blaming the cheating on ex, he's all of a sudden impulsive and committed to starting a relationship with the person that took his ex away. There is absolutely no brain cells and logic involved with this hair brained idea. He's petty and uses a lot of little kid tricks to try to attract ML's attention. I find the characterization of someone like this a bit too OOC. He lies in a lot of small ways like buying cookies for the ML but takes the package away and pretends he baked it himself. He lies really poorly and gets caught quite a lot. I think both his EQ and IQ are tremendously deficient. It's hard for me to equate someone who has the compassion to work with special needs children to be so devoid of EQ and also be so willing to live a lie for a prolonged time just for a single chance for revenge. The author for comedic effect created a character that has such opposing sides without setting up the reason for why he always tries to lie and thinks he can get away with it. I don't blame the author. I just read this novel casually and it's my own fault I don't like people who lie. I thought MC only lied on one thing but as the lies pile up even if they are tiny cute lies, I really got more and more annoyed with the MC. A lot of people will just find his behaviour cute and coquettish. It's my upright personality that can't handle this MC so don't let my description deter you from reading.

About the ML

ML is some years older than MC and much more mature so he sees through all of MC's little tricks and seductions. However he still finds himself appreciating MC's honest efforts to help his young sister. ML gradually falls for MC but the way the author writes it is a bit like he still sees MC as a child. And of course why wouldn't he? MC is very childish and coquettish all the time in front of him of course he would see that. I did not like the relationships dynamics between MC and ML. I don't actually think they have a lot of chemistry emotionally. I think the author conveyed the physical attraction well but really bungled it on the emotion part. Attraction and desire are not solid foundations for a relationship and because that's all was described, I did not buy that ML fell in love with MC.

Why I dropped this novel

I couldn't stand the continual deception from MC's side and I also couldn't stand how ML had to "punish" MC for the deception instead of doing the adult thing and having a heart to heart talk about this situation and or even asking for a do-over. MC was incredibly immature but ML is also not very mature in his approach. Maybe they are both imperfectly made for each other. I think most people will find this novel kind of cute and fluffy. It's just not for me.


If you want a cute MC who is super dense and makes a huge misunderstanding that causes comedic moments and fun times with an older ML who dotes on him, then this novel is for you. If the parts I mentioned disturb you, you may react similarly to me when reading this novel. If what I've mentioned doesn't matter to you, I'm sure you'll enjoy it. <<less
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Bb_me rated it
August 12, 2022
Status: --
Early review, so don't @ me if this is pretty vague or something bcus most of this review is basically an assumption, okay? ;D

Basically, Fe Bai (MC) stumbles upon his boyfriend's secret side account with a post of a hand and expensive watch together with a caption of "A gift for my baby". Fe Bai, thinking that he is being cheated on by his boyfriend, decides to stay in his room for a couple of days before he was reluctantly forced to go out by his best friend and an... more>> email prompt from the library to return a book he's borrowed before the agreed deadline.

While he's standing on the library coffee shop, a senior student accidentally bumbs into him in which Fe Bai notices the same watch as the picture his boyfriend posted (W/N: the watch hasn't been publicly announced so only a few people have it). Fe Bai filled with determination for revenge, decides to seduce who he thinks is his boyfriend's lover. Which he successfully does, even before he actually tried to. (Like dude low-key checking him out even before Fu Bai notices him)

Truths w/ some hypothesis Ig:


Luo Yusen is the boss of the company Xu Xiangcheng (who I'm assuming as the Mc's ex bf's father) works at, and he (XX) seems to have without permission taken the watch the company has been working and probably gave it to his son (Mc's bf) then he (bf) proceeded to give it his new lover and then posted it on the internet.


    • Why does the Luo Yusen (ML) have the same watch as the ex-boyfriend's lover?
Only people that are high-positioned in the company could use the watch before it was publicly announced, and coincidentally, LY is the boss of the company thar currently made the watch. So Fe Bai thinking Luo Yusen was his ex's lover is justified.

    • Who falls in love first?
Probably ML. Like on the 2nd chapter he was already checking out MC and the 3 "dings" coming from the watch solidifies his feelings. (Basically, there was a feature added on the watch to detect if you're falling in love or something). <<less
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Kassandra rated it
September 4, 2023
Status: --
I like the premise/settings of the novel but I didn't expect to see a brain damaged protagonist.

He's a pushover and dense as f. Don't even get me started at the way he just assumed the other person is the third party. There's many doubtful points but he just can't f*cking see it.

And that Zhong Ying (blue hair), can't they make at least a decent character? What's with the physical harm this character is doing? Is he hit in the head? It's quite obvious he is the third party. Even the... more>> lack of details are burning my brain cells. And what's with the ending? The suspense of the truth reveal fell short. Just so anticlimactic and lackluster. <<less
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Fisukisuki rated it
April 6, 2024
Status: c95
Pretty Enjoyable! When the MC intentionally or unintentionally try to seduce ML, and then ML tease him back, the s*xual Tension was Heavy! But the Sweetness was Lovely!

ML was such a Lovely guy that time. But then... The truth revealed.

And us readers feels scared with what ML doing as sort of 'Punishment'. It's Not that Terrible. After all half the reason was for Protection. But it still Bittersweet. And us Readers afraid if things could get worst. It shows Flaws in ML. Of course MC wasn't blameless, so don't make... more>> MC like a little Sad victim here. I still like both MC and ML Equally!

If anything it's interesting how MC handle his 'Punishment'. His inner conflict was Sad but not so Depressed. His Intimacy with ML still keep going without us feel it was a Reluctant act. But of course we have to remember again that he's still Sad. And the worst part is, sadly they may still keep this situations going BECAUSE MC still not aware of his entire feelings toward ML.

Man.... Their relationship both Complicated and Not totally.

I pray this Knife moments would soon end...

It's not bad... But I still prefer when they're having Fluff... 🙏🙏🙏 <<less
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