You’ve Got The Wrong House, Villain


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As if it wasn’t enough for me to be reincarnated as a child in the slums, I was taken to a city of crime and became a test subject.

But then, when I saw the man that came to destroy the research institute, I realized that this was the world of an angst-filled reverse harem novel.

While living a relatively normal life after escaping from the institute, the heroine of the novel moved in next door.

From the looks of it, I might be the heroine’s neighbor extra.

Originally, the heroine was to save the unconscious and fatally wounded villain and in return, be subject to a fanatical obsession.

But, why. Why is the sub-villain collapsed in front of my house?

The sub-villain, Lakis Avalon, was the king of the underworld and the very same frightening man that I had met at the institute before.


I took a moment’s glance around then I kicked the man’s body away.

You’ve got the wrong house, Villain.

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집 잘못 찾아오셨어요, 악역님
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174 Reviews

Jun 15, 2019
Status: c20
I don't understand why this novel has such a low rating despite its great plot. For me, it's definitely worth more than a rating of below 4.5 and the translator is definitely trying her best to let us have a more comfortable time in reading the story.

As always, Koreans are very talented in making common british-styled nobility novels into a unique plotline that no one has ever thought of before. They make a very generic plot have a twist that makes the story different from the rest, like this particular... more>> novel.


The MC is a poor soul who had no parents at a young age and lived in the slums. She was sold and was used as an experiment, later having super powers. The MC is not a Mary Sue, she's a level-headed, cool woman who will only panic inside her head (though that also rarely happens) when there's trouble occuring.


The ML was supposed to be villainous supporting character who fell in love with the heroine after she helped him heal his wounds, but instead went to the wrong room (the MC's room XD) Where in turn the MC healed the ML because she didn't want to ruin the heroine's life. (MC and heroine are friends in this story)

The ML's attitude towards the heroine in the novel and the MC is totally different. In the novel, the ML was still very prickly and cold even when talking to his beloved heroine for the first time. But with the MC, from the moment the ML woke up, he was very respectful and he doesn't guard himself around her. It makes you realize the difference of his level of affection from the heroine and the MC when they first meet.

Sadly, I can't provide spoilers since I don't understand Korean, so we should always be grateful to translator-nim who's trying his/her best to provide translations to us for free. (I love u translator-nim! XD)

Don't be fooled by the low rating! This is an awesome read! <<less
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May 11, 2019
Status: c20
the rating should be a solid 3 for me. is ok. The translator is giving their best, which is a plus (it doesn't mean is great, but c'mon guys) you can at least follow what's happening, and it gets better as chapters pass. But the story is not quite that awesome. Maybe nice to kill time. The plot does not begin as typical as I thought, the start is cool. The MC has super powers yay (which soon becomes a tad boring), her friendship with the female lead is also endearing. And damn Lakis is entertaining lmao there is some weird sh*t about him you'll find out soon enough.

But it got, you know, this ''wow the MC is so beautiful and cold everybody loves her because her dark hair and pale skin, and-" you know well the rest, plus powers, which is kinda of a bummer for me. I fear she is very mary sued. (Yep, she freaking is.) for no apparent reason everybody loves her cold mean ass. She is reasonable enough, but the way people perceive and treat her is a bit too much. And


she got this double life where in the mornings she nicely works at a cafe and at night she is a kick ass punisher. In itself is a good ideia, but it seems like the author is trying to give too many attributes to one sole character when you see how the idea was executed.


she's got no struggles, hence she is not relatable. And there is not much development per chapter.

But srsly props to the translator. That sweetie is giving their utmost.
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Jan 10, 2020
Status: --

There are 2 kinds of Mary Sue in my dictionary. The one I can stand and the one I roll my eyes at every single chapter.

MC is the second one. Not her fault but the author's.

... more>> The author's "voice" is so annoying, too many information. This is the classic mistake of speaking instead of showing. It shouldn't be POVs because there's no difference anyway, it's all the author's endless rambling. It's taking out the characters personality. It's all author.

The author is giving explanation for every single thing, there's nothing left for the reader to imagine. <<less
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Jan 18, 2020
Status: c25
MC seemed cool in the beginning. I love me a heartless and morally ambiguous character. But as she befriends the heroine simply because she reminds her of her dog in her previous life, and then saves the ML just because "she wants to do a good deed" is just too much and OCC. And the way the relationship between the MC and ML is developing is just weird. They touch and she somehow feels emotions and gets addicted? That's.... just weird.
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Dec 12, 2019
Status: c20
I started out intrigue with the premise but I became bored and tired of it quickly. The POV jumping is annoying, but I hate it when the story stops to tell you it's jumping POV. And at a point in the story, the MC becomes very inconsistent. She's described as emotionless but makes a bunch of decisions based on her feelings of affection or mood. She makes these impulsive decisions based on whim. I don't think I can wait for this issue to be corrected.
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Aug 05, 2020
Status: --
If I could have, I would have given this zero stars. It's rated far too highly.

This is something I would only read when I'm super bored or feel like having a minor mental breakdown. Here are some of the problems that is the reason for this:

    • Clunky p.o.v shifts
    • Lack of good descriptive language
    • A far too conversational tone
    • The images
The way the point of view changes is ugly - it causes a horrible break in the text when it tells the reader whose p.o.v it is. (Not to mention there is not much difference the new p.o. vs given.) If you want many different p.o. vs, then just write in third person or have special one-off chapters from the p.o.v of another character.

Honestly, the fact that the descriptive language isn't that good shouldn't surprise me, but I seemed to at least hope the author would use some language skills... As you can tell, it was a misplaced hope... This leads on the next issue with the novel, the tone (made worse by the first person narrative).

You may be wondering what the problem with the conversational tone is, so let me tell you. It makes the writing feel as though it was written by a three-year-old (seriously, my eight-year-old sister can do better than this). If any of you have tried to write a diary when you where younger, that is what this piece of text resembles. What makes this worse is the fact that we all know that first person can work well in writing, but is ruined by how the protagonist is 'talking' to the reader. Perhaps if this was a film, script or manhwa of some kind it could have worked, but it didn't because this is meant to be a (well-written) novel.

Next we have? Ah, yes. The images. That was the last straw; the part where I couldn't stop myself from saying f*ck this shit. (I'm not going to apologise for those who hate swearing - it's that bad.)

This is a novel right? Right?

Drawings can be used in novels well (read Remarried Empress to understand), but even this wasn't done well. More than half the chapter feels like it's been filled up by manhwa drawings and if the author can't set the scene to the point of having to use images, what they doing writing? Just become a proper manhwa artist. Or is the translator translating a manhwa into a novel form? We may never find out.

Also some things which may count as spoilers, but I highly recommend you read:


There's love at first sight (*cough*lust*cough*) which I personally hate because of all the obvious reasons. (It'd take forever to finish this if I explain the s*upidity of love at first sight here...)

The MC, Yuri, almost has too many attributes added to her character. Orphaned, was homeless, was a lab rat, reborn, cold, has super powers, leads a vigilante double life and somehow gains emotions back from feeling up Lakis (the ML). Again, perhaps this could have worked by properly showing how these characteristics tied up together, but with the author did it, it may as well have just been a list. These are all shoved at the readers to process almost with no care whatsoever - it's one thing to the next. Definitely could have been written more eloquently.

There's also a problem how Yuri is described as 'emotionless'; this becomes an increasingly inconsistent trait as she takes impulsive decisions based on her mood or the emotions she is currently feeling. Some reader may see it as 'character growth', but the problem with this is that she was like since the start. Would she save a troublesome guy to help a friend if she was really emotionless? I don't think so.

I'm also 100% sure that the whole touching the ML part was put in to have skin ship between the two characters. It's quite creepy and weird.

The author really has to stop adding random traits they find interesting.


Well done for those who have read thus far. I thank you for reading all this and for any who are interested: I know what changes to make for the novel to work (with the above issues solved) so get in touch if you are interested enough (hint hint original author, if you see this).
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Dec 24, 2019
Status: c86
So far, I really like this novel, especially the MC. The tags say 'calm and cool protagonist' though she's a bit different from the other characters that fit this description.

Pretty early on it's revealed that she's literally emotionless

She's not irrationally calm like a robot and disassociates herself from everything that happens around her. She isn't selfish or egoistical, and it's obvious that she still has some EQ and can imagine how others feel.

Depsite knowing how the novel turns out, she acknowledges that her existence already messed up the time of events and doesn't rely on the novel too much. (Which I think singlehandedly puts this above most 'reincarnated into a novel' stories)

Also read some reviews concerned that the MC is OP or a Mary-Sue. Personally, I think she's rightfully strong but not overpowered. Considering the nature of her 'powers' it's not completely overpowered since there's others like her. And the MC's 'charm' isn't unreasonable either. She is actually aware of people ogling at her and shoots down their attempts, I think that saves her from being a Mary-Sue.

Aside from the MC, all the other characters are very humorous and entertaining. The heroine isn't being avoided like a plague by our cute spider MC, so we get some fun interactions between them.

The ML is funny to watch as he is slowly falling for our little spider MC. Although our MC's charm isn't blinding, prolonged exposure sweetens your heart. But if you didn't catch it in the tags get ready for some yandere action from him :)

All in all, I think this is a pretty good KR novel so give it a try! Happy reading~
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May 15, 2020
Status: c64
Aahh where should I start with this amazing novel??

First of all, just a warning to new readers is that this is a slow burn romance. So patience is key when it comes to novels like this but it really pays off in the end. After 50+ chapters of teasing and playing around this ship, the author finally gave us some lovey dovey crumbs and it feels absolutely glorious lol.

I've seen plenty of people who dropped this since they got bored since nothing romantic is happening but I digress that that's... more>> the best part since the author allows the novel to have pacing that gives a lot of moments for characters to develop and get to know them. This one is heavy in plot and mystery, and not a basic story line that revolves around the romances between the main leads but an actual plot plenty of mystery, fantasy and action.

Another thing I liked is the friendship between Yuri and the OG Heroine. I just love women loving and supporting other women and proves that you don't need to pit women against each other to make a compelling story. The 2 of them have all my uwu.

Also on a hilarious note, I love how Yuri is disappointed in meeting the characters she liked in the novel, since they're not that great once you remove the rose tinted glasses the novels painted them to be XD. Never meet your heroes everyone lol. <<less
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May 18, 2019
Status: c12
I'm really liking the plot and the MC at the moment

The translations are a bit subpar, but they're not horrible. You can see that the translator is trying.

It might be too early to tell, but I'm getting some MC-is-super-op vibes. Hopefully it won't turn out like that.
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Apr 25, 2020
Status: c34
I tried, I really tried because this is rated pretty good but I just couldn't get into it? The premise itself is quite interesting but like, it just fell flat which is kind of disappointing. It doesn't help that some parts are just confusing in part due to the translation and in part due to just the author deciding to be vague af. Don't get me wrong though the translator seems to be doing their best, but some phrases are still a little confusing. The author on the other hand... more>> is kind of failing on creating an interesting story. I might come back a another time to try and push through to see if it gets better but at this time I think I'll just stop here. <<less
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Knightly Reader
Knightly Rea
Aug 12, 2020
Status: c90
So the major complaintes I have seen about this novel are the MC "inconsistancy" regarding her "emotionless state", the way touching the ML semes to act like a drug, everyone liking the MC/her being a MarySue, and the way the book was writen. Here are my thoughts.

1) The way I see it her emotions are more dulled than gone. Its almost like they were sealed off. She can still recognise context that used to make her feal something but can not feel the way shs used to. This seams to... more>> manafest in all of the test subjects as a general apathy in almost everything. The exception being the obsessive impulse twards people deamed their own. MC differes from the other test subjects because she recognises her own state as broken or incomplete. It also seams like her emotions were more thouroghly sealed off than the later test subjects. At first she is only interested in surviving but as she meats people that remind her of her old self (previous life) she gravitates twards them because she craves to be complete (note this is moere instinct than emotion). As time passes more of her original personality starts to come back and she starts displaying more emotions as the ML seams to act as a catalist that weakens the "seal" that has been placed on her emotions.

2) At this point the ML has ginuin concern for the MC's emotionaly and physicaly (he only really gets angry when she puts herself in harms way). Over time as the MC starts to feal more she does start to care about the ML but she has a hard time identifying what those feelings are. Once she does figure it out she recognises that she is not at a place where she can have a healthy romantic relationship and questions whether she actually likes the ML for who he is or if she would like anyone if touching them let her feal again. The conclusion she comes to is to acept/act on her fealings for now but not to cross a line. So kissing and holding hands but nothing more. The ML respects this.

3) I think it is important to note that no one but Anna marie likes the MC right off the bat. They take intrest in her, then ovserve her, then kind of have a crush on her while denying that it is a possibility. In short they make it clear why certain charicters would take intrest in and later like the MC (also the "like" is not always romantic. An example being the original ML and her employer who like her but not romantically). The Original ML of the book, his grandfather, and the banished knight all noticed her because the MC looks like a dead relitive/friend. After observing her for a bit the original ML thinks of her as a kind person, the grandfather thinks of her as a replacement of his lost daughter, and the knight has a hughe crush on her because she keeps rejecting his advances and is smart. The alchamist guy he was originaly only interested in using her to get to the original male lead but starts to have a crush on her when she saves him. In short people liking the MC is not really for no reason and they all have diffrent reasons for liking her. She does however get dragged into the plot a lot for contrived reasons. But contrived reason is better than no reason. Based off of this I do not think the MC is a MarySue.

4) The book does have a bit of a "conversational tone" where it looks like the MC is talking to the audience at some points. This is a common ocurence in many foregn language novels and does not translate well into English. Kind of like refering to yourself in third person. Its considered "cute" in Japan and it just sounds kind of crazy to english speakers because that is not a part of our culture. The second translater to pick this novel up is really verry good and while the translation might not be perfict it is a very good quality (sorry first translator you tried).

In short it is a interesting enough novel with a uniqueish plot and it did manage to make me care for some of the charicters. Probably not toping my favorits list anytime soon but it was an interesting and engaging read. <<less
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Jun 22, 2020
Status: c76
Let's be honest, if you're here you probably already know what this story is gonna be about. There's at least a few dozen other Korean webnovels similar to this one with the "reincarnated in a reverse harem book" trope smacked onto it. What makes it largely different from others is that it's actually being translated frequently unlike those other ones with 6 chapters in before they go MIA. In short, this is an enjoyable read with frequent and good-quality translations.

First, the positive points. The female MC, Yuri, is independent and... more>> strong. She's strong enough to be on the same level as other main characters, but not OP enough to rule the world twice over. The original characters including the heroine aren't two-faced b*tches like they are usually depicted in Korean webnovels, and Yuri is on good or neutral terms with the book's characters.

Now, moving onto the biggest flaw in this story: the romance. The romance just does not make sense. It seems as though the author put unnecessary, unexplained plot devices in the story just to move the romance along.


Yuri is written to be an emotionless character, literally. However, whenever she makes physical contact with the male lead, Lakis, she suddenly gets all of her emotions back. Since Yuri likes the sensation of getting all her emotions back she touches Lakis' hands and body with any opportunity she finds which is honestly creepy behavior. Keep in mind that she starts engaging in this type of behavior within the first week of meeting Lakis while he is heavily injured and unable to move. Lakis also feels some kind of way whenever Yuri touches him similar to some kind of marijuana drug, so he welcomes the physical contact as well. I'm sure this is all going to be explained later in the story but right now it's just a ridiculous excuse for the two leads to get all touchy-feely with each other. What if this had happened with another male character? Would she have garnered feelings for them instead if they had this mysterious phenomenon to help them out?

This issue is even brought up by Yuri in chapter 71, but of course it's all glossed over once they start getting some steamy action five seconds later. If Lakis had appeared in front of the heroine's door he would have fallen in love with her like he did in the book, but because Yuri had taken care of him instead all of those feelings were pushed onto Yuri. I also find it strange that other than Lakis, the three other male characters are having romantic feelings for Yuri as well despite her having no discernible personality whatsoever. These other male characters only started interacting with Yuri because she coincidentally happened to look like a dead person they used to know. See the pattern here? These characters have some kind of "reason" to love Yuri whether it is because of a mysterious phenomenon or because she looks like their friend's dead mother. The author deems these plot points necessary to move the story along because otherwise, Yuri would probably be living forever alone due to her distinct lack of personality.


Honestly there's a lot more things about the romance I can point out but I think I've ranted enough. The romance in this story makes me suspend disbelief and leaves me tilting my head wondering if the author has actually been in a relationship before. It also kind of scares me that we are 76/182 chapters into the story and yet it feels like not much has happened yet. With that said, the flaws aren't enough for me to drop the story with the sole fact being I don't have many Korean novels to choose from since I don't read or speak Korean. This story is still enjoyable once you dumb yourself down a bit before reading the newest chapter. <<less
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Oct 16, 2019
Status: c15
I absolutely love the main character Yuri. She’s quite unique for a female lead in this genre. She’s smart, cool and knows what she wants. On the other hand the male lead is very endearing in a kind of cute way.

Not thaaat much has happened so far but it is a fairly good read so far.

The translator working on the story right now, Miss Ruby, is top class and never disappoints with quality. Updates are pretty frequent too.
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Dramatic Squirrel
Dramatic Squ
Jan 20, 2021
Status: c136
First of all, the translation quality is amazing! Rubymaybe does a fantastic job with translating novels, so it's never confusing when reading. Then there is everything else about the novel that is great. While the apparent male lead, Lakis, seems to be toxic he has managed to avoid doing anything that would be considered criminal, at least towards the female lead. It may change but, for the moment he actually cares about Yuri's opinion a lot so, yeah he has yandere tendencies but, he hasn't actually hurt or isolated Yuri...... more>> yet.

Yuri is also a brilliant character. A strong female lead for sure, she can take care of herself and others too. Some of the other side characters may be a bit annoying (there are two male characters that come to mind with this), each character tends to have an endearing aspect to their personality that makes them interesting and useful to the whole story of the plot.

Then there is the plotline, which is engaging and suspenseful, and wonderfully written. The tension between the test subjects and the rest of the people brings tension to the plot while we wait to see how people react when everyone finds out the identity of the test subjects. And the mastermind of the incidents isn't clear-cut so it's bound to be engaging regardless of who it is since it won't be predictable. <<less
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Sep 26, 2020
Status: c104
Amazing, phenomenal. It’s not a serious story if that’s what you’re looking for. The MC is op but it’s fine for me because the story isn’t super serious, and it isn’t about her facing off against someone. If she was going up against some great enemy I would be bored because I know she would win but this is a love story so it’s fine. A problem is that I only care about the MC and the male lead and maybe Anne-Marie. The side characters are boring for me. I... more>> personally don’t mind the POV shifts. The MC is described as emotionless and has times that she breaks off from that but that is also within character. If you pay attention, she is not emotionless, they are just very dim. She is apathetic. Any show of emotion she does have is usually related to her past life. She likes Annmarie because she read the novel and she reminds her of her dog in her past life. She likes Genos because he was her favorite character in her past life. The premise is that she feels emotions when she touches a certain guy, I don’t mind it, but if you think that’s too cringe I get it. It’s not super plot heavy nor is it very serious, so if that’s not your thing don’t read this. The story revolves around our MC and the male lead, and it’s mostly about their interactions and them falling for each other. They may have instantly been attracted to each other but they are rather slow, but not in a way where they are embarrassed about it and pure. It’s more like they don’t feel a need to go super quick. <<less
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May 04, 2020
Status: c62
First, before I write my review of this novel. I warn you. This novel is a slow. Burn. Romance. The content of what happened in the story is pretty relaxing, and the thrill of romance is like a drop of a snow that melt as fast as it fall throughout the story. Such a tease, really.

The novel is well written. The slow pace of the story was felt like it made to test your patience. What come after that is beyond worth it IMO. I AM SQUELING. At every interaction... more>> between our very unusual Yuri and the Vicious but adorable Lakis come up.

The latest chapter is so lovely and yet the cliffhanger is making me dying with curiousity>< <<less
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Mar 05, 2020
Status: c45
I don't understand the low rating.

I actually like the mystery regarding her scientific experimentation and the parasite in the ML body. It could also explain why they have this weird touch sensation when they come into contact with each other. (They both hold jewels fragments or something that the researchers found and researched on)

I like that she is slowly changing the plot but doesn't seem to care a lot about keeping track to the true plot line and just rather live her life without any troubles lol. Which makes... more>> her personality really nice and interesting. She isn't weak and rather strong and brave. Very clever too.

The ML is super cute and his yandere side is coming out. Super cute that he stills pretends to be weak from his injuries and earn the MC's care. Then turns ruthless to other men around her lol. He doesn't seem unreasonable like what's mentioned in the original plot. If anything it could just be the parasite annoying him and increases his bad behavior or something.

The FL and her sister are actually genuine people. Not some White lotus B or Green tea B. Which makes the story all the more better.

People rate this low because of the obsession of skin contact between the MC and ML but I got over it by thinking it could be the fragments that was stuck into the MC's body during her experiments and inhaled by the ML.

Give this novel a chance and keep a clear mind since the mystery has yet to be solved. I do understand the "touch" plot is weird and a little uncomfortable but make mends with it and continue with the plot to discover more about the ML and etc. <<less
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Jan 05, 2024
Status: Completed
dont listen to the reviews who only read to ch <100 or completion. the story starts off so strong, but suddenly you realise there are 10 chapters left and a dozen questions unanswered PLUS a whole new plot introduced.

dont read the 2020 spoiler threads, the uneditited mtl'd, cherry picked spoilers dont do this story justice.

what I love about the story is how lowkey lakis is: as OP as he is, he lets yuri do her thing and doesnt take away from her agency. hes as respectful as yandere MLs come.

another... more>> great thing is how logical yuri is. shes everything you could wish for in a main character. she isnt dense, doesnt exaggerate her emotions or reactions, and is an anti-hero that plays to her own goals.

sadly, there are so many more things to be disappointed about with this novel (spoilers ahead) :


1. who is the bug in laki's head? this question goes unanswered for the entirety of the story, because nobody but lakis knows anout the bug and he just kinda accepted it as normal because of his powers. is the bug just a coping mechanism from his days at the grave, or is the bug something more?

2. why does arachne look like selena? we sort of vaguely get confirmation why, and that its because selena got absorbed as a ruin fragment and somehow eventually this ruin fragment got injected into yuri, but ehhh... it still leaves us wondering how that happened to selena exactly, and why. which brings me to my bext point.

3. dominic crawford. how the hell did he arrive at the conclusion to use heretics to strengthen his power? we get that whole talk between him and kalian, but it wouldve been more interesting to hear from dominic's perspective or even a flashback to the moment he decided to use heretics, how he came into contact with that kind of research, selena's involvement, and the moment he came into contact with milliam. it all got condensed down to a couple paragraphs of a confrontation between him and kalian, which leaves a poor taste in my mouth.

4. ending ships. there doesnt need to be any, but its quite weirs that the author vaguely gestures at potential relationships between genos and siren, and odin and anne-marrie. it felt so half assed and random too, tbh. its a stretch if you think about odin and AM, but it's completely out of left field for genos and siren. and then the author dumps this subplot because everyone moves on in the last five chapters: yuri and the homies move to the west, genos and damon are playing detective, and we hear nothing about AM.

5. tatiana. the whole tatiana subplot felt so convenient and condensed. shes a close friend of bastain, influential in the north, investigating the whole heretics shenanigans dominic got going, and happens to be arachne's contractor they she never bothered to look into because she's lazy. for such an important person who reads as vital to the heretic subplot on paper, we mostly just see her bickering with bastain and thinking about how suspicious things are at the crawford mansion. she couldve had at least a dozen more chapters dedicated to whatever the heck she was up to. yuri wasnt the only one lazy, so was the author.

6. and finally, my biggest issue w this novel: the fact that the novel isnt set in the past, but in the future??? and the author decided to drop this bombshell on us in the last 10 chapters??? and decides to make the side stories all fluff and NOT a whole detective yuri quest line about wtf this means??? yuri doesnt even care, she says "huh, ok then. thats weird" and then lakis destroys the place and she stops thinking about it. its actually so mind boggling and tragic that such an interesting plot twist was introduced at the end of the story and not explored further. its SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO upsetting. and THIS is why these ch20 reviews shouldnt be trusted, because this ending will absolutely piss you off. nobody is gonna read this review anyway, hope everyone who goes off of early reviews gets as upset as I was with the ending lmao. dont always trust mtl spoiler threads 💀💀

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Dec 29, 2020
Status: c129
I loved it. I like reading romance but sometimes the fluff gets in my eye with the novel being all about the characters lovely-dovely world. This one has a unique world of its own and I can feel the characters are only a part of that strongly structured world not the focus of it. Ofcourse we have a FL who realizes she is a character in a novel but still comes off as a normal person in it. It was wonderful how strongly the author built this world. The dynamics... more>> of this world is set up already before the naration starts, additional plot twits or characters does not show up out of nowehere whenever the authors need them to prolong the story. Everything is decided and we observe how these characters already having their own worlds effect FL&ML in their journey. It is not rushed but carefully threaded.

I also love how mature and realistic the FL is. Hearts dont appear in her eyes out of nowhere and eveything turns into a pink bubbly romance suddenly. Rather she knows what she wants and has realistic reactions to their romantic development. The characters and the story has consistency in that sense.

The translation is also excellent. I read Lucia in there before and as always it has been a fantastic read. Thank you for your hard work, I really love it. <<less
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Jul 04, 2020
Status: --
Well... the tag is shoujo... I dont know what I expected...

If you have the heart of an old crone lady like me, you'll find this super cring-y
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