Living As the Villainess Queen


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‘I want to travel to a place unknown to the many…’

It was a passing wish to the weary and tired Eugene and she’d not think it’d ever come to pass… but it did.

She opened her eyes and found she was sent to a novel-like world she wrote in passing and became Jin Anika, the scorned queen notorious for her ruthlessness and undeserving of her status.

Queen Jin only sought and desired to see the destruction of this world — the villainess who met her untimely and miserable end at the hands of her husband, Kasser, the reigning king of the Fourth Kingdom.

While struggling to survive in the unknown world, King Kasser visited Eugene and demanded that a contract be fulfilled and come to fruition.

“Three years ago, we made a deal.”

It turns out the Queen was under a contractual marriage with King Kasser. The ultimate price? To bear him a child.

“A… a child?”

“Yes, my successor.”

Associated Names
One entry per line
After the Last Trip
When the Last Journey Ends
마지막 여행이 끝나면
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102 Reviews

New rageouss
Dec 08, 2023
Status: --
insufferable MC, annoying to the point of death. Since CH1 she complains how this is totally different from her novel, she then acknowledges that perhaps it's not quite her novel; 10 chapters later she again gets confused on how things are different than 'her' novel. And the worst part is she NEVER does anything about it, she doesn't give a flying f*ck about her life, her fate; then why tf would I give a f*ck? Everything is just sooo f*cking forced, it's so obviously trying to copy what the same... more>> writer did with Lucia.. But this MC is not f*cking Lucia, there's no trauma that makes her actively plot her own demise, I mean seriously nobody wants to read a novel with 99% of it's drama being MC refusing to cooperate in changing her life, or simply lying for absolutely no reason.

Seriously! This FL has the audacity to lie to ML every chance she gets to create misunderstandings for no reason

how could this possibly be her novel anyway, she literally does not know a single f*cking thing about the world! 99% of her POVs is her being confused. <<less
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New crystaltae
Nov 27, 2023
Status: c336.2
It had a good start but as the chapters kept increasing the plot unfortunately did not. I have read the 300+ translated chapters but truthfully felt like half the chapters could have been axed because of the fillers. The sm*tty scenes were repetitive the MC that came across as smart at first became boring, arrogant and naive.

Kudos to the transaltors for doing a wonderful job seriously just stuck with the novel because of translation.

There are varied opinions about it I feel if you are in your teens and early twenties... more>> you will like it but if you are in 30's older you will find it bland and dragging (just my opinion). <<less
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Dec 23, 2019
Status: c6
The real deal here is the translator. Hands down to her/him. An excellent translator of a book with a beautiful concept is a real killer. Even with her/his other works the translation is always well done

it is the same author as Lucia

The book Lucia is a gem but this book im afraid can break the record of its predecessor.
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Aug 23, 2020
Status: c114
I've read too many of these types of isekai stories and this story has one of the largest plot-holes I've ever seen.

1. The MC wrote the novel she transmigrated into, so how come she knows absolutely nothing about the plotline, characters, or important scenes that may occur in the storyline?

2. The MC is too OOC, almost every one in the castle knows she's acting completely different from before.

3. The MC is too chill with the fact that she needs to get pregnant with the King's child and eventually give up... more>> child custody to the King. The MC is absolutely clueless about what to do with the "contract" and is just going along with the King.

4. For more than half the story, the MC is either confused or more confused. Perhaps this is a portrayal of a "realistic" MC, but to me, the MC is just really bland and boring because she does nothing to better her situation.

5. The ML is your typical domineering cold CEO-type of man that is lustful for MC's body. There's nothing new here. <<less
101 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Dec 29, 2019
Status: c24
MY FINGER JUST SLIPPED AND I DID A s*upid SIN, I ACCIDENTALLY GAVE THIS A 5 WORTHY STARS NOVEL A MERE 3 STARS. Someone help me how to change my rating?!?! (Please message me. Translator-nim 미안해요 ㅠㅠ)

So far, I LOVE this novel. But it's still too early to give Stars (just kidding, my finger slipped and I give this novel 3 stars, HELP). I'll edit my review next time. If you ask me about my current rating for this novel, then it is a FULL 5/5!!

I was not reading... more>> this novel because of the smut/mature content, but for the plot. Yes, for this very interesting plot. Why so good? Ugh :') I like it very much.

The characters... yes, I think I will like our MC & ML. I have a high hope for our MC Eugene (Jin Anika), since Lucia* is the best, cool, and strongest Female Character that ever existed in a josei story.

*) I just found out that the Author was the same Author as Lucia?! WOW. So that's why I already liked this novel eventhough the story is just started.

I came here because I saw the translator wants the readers to make a review? Actually, I never left a review under mature novel (HAHA). What I want to say is, Translator-nim, please upload the chapter faster!! I can't wait to read the rest of the story!!! Translator if you saw my review please give me a like so I know you've noticed my WISH.

BTW, I'm really curious with the tags "Cute Childern" and "Jealousy". I really want to read the "Cute Childern" part as soon as possible! And hoping the Jealousy part won't ruin their relationship.


Thank you for translating this novel ♡ <<less
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Dec 17, 2019
Status: c3
My interest got piqued as soon as I saw the cover plus the smut tag. XD

mehehe I love reading smut novels, and apart from that the MC getting transmigrated in another world really hooks me. Aherm! Also yandere guys //>_<//

I'm not used to writing reviews since my mind was always in turmoil lol. But overall, I like this novel and hoping for the translator to not drop it.. Pretty pls.

ps: y don't u just check this out?

hmm :)
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Mar 18, 2020
Status: c31
Quite boring so far with little plot advancement or character development. I don't know if the chapters are split in translation, but if they are split, it's doing a disservice to the story given how slowly anything happens. I enjoy slow burn novels, but the first 20-some "chapters" basically amount to the FL sitting in her room going "???" about everything - even though it's her own freaking book - and other characters being: "Oh, she's different. Why is she different?" That's not slow burn, that's just a quagmire. The... more>> smut is also pretty bland thus far. I'm dropping this until more chapters are released to give time for actual plot to happen. <<less
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Dec 26, 2019
Status: c7
I am crazy for this novel to the point that I wait patiently everyday for translator-nim to release chapter! The world setting is unique which make this a standout from all other transmigration novels. The MC is realistic so far so everyone can relate to her. There are also points which made me laugh hard. You see, I have been searching for so long for a book like this and very very grateful that I found one.

p.s. Did anyone find the raws? Cause I can't
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Nov 22, 2021
Status: c99
Does giving a 2 star feel a bit harsh? No. It is exactly that.

I wouldn't say this is bad writing but it felt plain like your normal, average ikea hotdog instead of nice proper restaurant food. There is not one interesting character, they are soulless and dull.
-Even though I couldn't feel anything for the characters I was reading for the plot and after chapter 93, I thought this felt like chapter 20 AT MOST in the case of story development. Well, there are monster attacks and such but they... more>> feel completely detached from the main characters' relationship. ML goes kills them and then comes back. That's it. Nothing interesting happens.
-MC is too damn slow. The author uses this slowness to create unnecessary drama. I wish at least ML had a character but he is only described as a protective powerful king.
-The romance is unexisting, still in chapter 99, the couple only had s*x, talked like 3 times, doesn't know each other properly, and can't have absolute trust. They are "flirting" a little and that's it. I wouldn't call that love, it's more like s*xual hunger.

I generally write commentary chapter by chapter but for this novel, I couldn't comment much and in the end, the comments turned into complaints:


#3-Wait, how can she openly ask who's Marrianne?
#14-Hell yeah, you should always go with memory loss excuse in an isekai situation.
#23-So the Praz thingy fell in love with her soul first ay?
#24-A-oh she has woken up the beast.
#29-Give her a break...
#48-It's bothering me that he only visits her at night to do you know what.
#52-Abu is the best character. Period.
#60-I mean... girl you can help him...
#63-Don't write unnecessary flattery my boy. It'll get them suspicious.
#66-Wait how can she tell him that she kinda remembers her relationship with the princess. That doesn't make sense author! She suppose to be forgotten even her powers and you aren't gonna make Kasser question this? Bullsh*t.
#72-Verus my boy, yes the queen is the one who should defeat the larks.
#86-She needs to open the old memories topic to Kasser. She's being a dumbass. Nobody is gonna blame her for Jin's doings, they see her as a different person already. It wouldn't be a nice choice of author if Eugene stays hiding Jin's memories.
#87-You're already making a mistake by not telling him Eugene.
#91-Nothing's happening in this story...I'm planning to drop it.


Why drop it after chapter 99? :


When she lied AGAIN and said "None of my memories has returned." I snapped. Like I said in chapter 86 commentary: She needs to open the old memories topic to Kasser. Nobody is gonna blame her for Jin's doings since they already see Eugene and Jin as different characters. The author only uses this to make uncreative drama later on. It's already chapter 99 for fuc sake, at this point the couple must trust each other to death. Even tho the new story arc opened with Rodrigo it'd be a pain to read this further.


It might feel like a decent story because of its writing style and translation but it's exactly 2 because there are definitely worse ones. <<less
22 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Apr 18, 2020
Status: c55
For the moment, I don't get the 5-star rating, I am giving 3 stars more for a promising novel that I hope will evolve in something more, than real quality.

In more than 50 chapters, nothing has happened apart from the initial setting of a transmigrated woman finding herself in a new environment, realizing she was a very bad person and meeting the hot male lead. There is a bit of world building with magic and dangerous creatures which is intruiguing but both the MC and ML are shallow and don't... more>> have a clear personality or characterization. Sure, there is smut and I enjoy s*x scenes as the next average reader, but it's not that they are particularly hot or engaging, it's the usual kind where the woman basically lays motionless on the bed while the man does all the action. So, after their first night together, they are falling in love because... because I guess the s*x is good and oh he/she is so beautiful... that's very deep and well constructed.

Honestly I keep reading because I want to find out the mistery behind the MC's previous body owner. She was evil, but I least there, there is a bit of plot to unravel. <<less
22 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Aug 03, 2020
Status: c10
I don't know if the MC is s*upid or the author is s*upid, but this is s*upid.

MC inexplicably transmigrates into the novel she has been writing, as a villainess queen. Ok, nothing new. What is new is that MC is doesn't know anything, despite being the one to write the novel. So far, she had been in the novel for 3 days, and he has just locked herself up in her room, thinking. Thinking about what, I don't know. Not thinking about the plot, because she is still inexplicably confused,... more>> despite being the author. And despite being the author, who should know each characters personality and motivations like the back of her hand, she acts so OOC that literally everyone in the castle knows, making them wonder what the hells is happening to her. She got s*upid, thats what. And of course, ML met the new MC once and is already starting to have good feelings towards her. Maybe it was something in her eyes. It must be the confusion. <<less
21 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Dec 25, 2019
Status: c8
So far, this seems like a harlequin novel gone wrong. It feels like the author is trying to figure out the story as she goes than a well thought out plan... we know that the MC transmigrated into a villainess in the book she wrote the day before but why was she a villain????? the reaction of the inhabitants of the palace seem a bit unrealistic and her reaction to her own transmigration is to lock herself up for 2 days and not eat... Im like brah, you're the queen,... more>> just call for the servants and ask them whats up and since you know you're heading to death why not play the amnesia card?? Even if you're hated, no one is willing to hit a smiling innocent face. Sell meng and hug a thigh??. Its too early to hate it so thats why im giving it a 3 <<less
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Nov 23, 2021
Status: Completed
One of the amazing novels I have read. The characters, plot, smut, story flow everything is great. The world built is amazing. The imagination of the author is too good. I loved the novel "Lucia" too. Its from the same author. If anyone hasn't read, you should give it a try, its one of the best novels I have read. Lucia is completely translated to english too. Special thanks to the translators.

FL is great. She is not over powerful, she does everything she can within her limits. I loved her.... more>> ML is the best. I love him. He was just perfect combination of everything.

Premise -

It starts with our FL transmigrating into a novel she has written as a queen of a kingdom "Annika Jin". (In the original novel, she would be the villain and her husband, the ML would have killed her.) She is found in a desert and brought back to the kingdom. The ML (king) will be very angry with her behavior in the beginning. Since she wont know anyone she will claim that she has amnesia. Later as story flows, they get closer and both fall in love.

I love spoilers. I am going to leave a lot of them to anyone who wants. Enjoy.

Building of the world -

There are 6 kingdoms and 1 Chengdu (Holy city). Each king has a special appearance and power. They are also something called as "rak", its like an animal which attacks the kingdom during a certain period of the year. The king and its warriors protect the kingdom.

6 kings - They have special hair and eye color. Our ML has blue hair and blue eyes. There are also other kings with green, red, gray, silver, dark color appearances. Each of them have a special power called as "praz". The raks are very scared of this power. The rak has a special core which only the king can see and they will get destroyed if you destroy this core.

Annika - They are a special existence who have special powers too. Their power is called as Ramita. They are also distinct looking. They have black eyes and hair. They get special dreams when they are 8 to 10 years where they can see water. Some see lakes, ponds.. Etc. More the water, more the ramita power. The kings can only marry annikas because normal people wont have the power to give birth to the prince with a strong power like praz. All annikas will be residing in the holy city.

Sang-je - Kind of like a holy person. (Similar to a pope). He will be in Chengdu (Holy city). It will be considered a special place because the raks never attack this place. And the people's belief is that its because of him, god has blessed this place. So it is always at peace unlike the kingdoms who have to fight with the raks.

Wanderers - They will be known as illegal migrants. Sangje would have issues a order to kill them without allowing them to open the mouth as they will curse. But they will be just normal people who know witchcraft. Their life will be very miserable.

Mara and its followers - It will be something like an illegal cult.


FL - Yujin (Eugene) / Annika jin


Initially our FL will be shown as she has transmigrated into a novel she has written. But thats not true. The FL will be the true annika jin. When she is 3 years old, she will be kidnapped and due to some magic rituals her soul will get exchanged with a girl in korea. So she grows up in korea as Yujin and then she transmigrates back to this world when the fake Annika Jin performs the ritual again and it backfires. Her mother will be from a special powerful family who will know witchcraft and also have special powers. One of their powers will be to see the future. So the novel she would have written in korea will be the future of the kingdom she sees in her dreams, so its not out of imagination.

When she comes to the world, she tries to adapt to the new world. The fake Jin will be a follower of "Mara" and be involved in other illegal stuff and she wouldn't have consummated their marriage, so the FL will think that may be to keep the body as virg*n was one of the pre-requisite to this and she decides to break it and consummate with the king. After this they both will get closer and gradually fall in love. She later tells the ML everything about her past later in the story. She will be the strongest annika. Her water will be the sea. So its unlimited.

Sang-je calls them to the capitol in the name of checking up on her, but it will be more like an order and she also meets her family then. Her mother will have special powers to see a soul of the person. After the kidnapping incidence she will know that it isnt her daughters soul inside her body but she will not known how to remove it so she would be in long term depression because she would have lost her daughter. When the FL meets her she will be very happy that her true daughter has returned, she tells her everything and that is when the FL realizes that she is the original annika Jin.

She will come to know that Sang-je is not planning to let her go back to the kingdom hence she makes a plan to escape from there. She tells her family about the truth about the sang-je. They help her. On the way she realizes she is pregnant. She meets with the ML and returns to the kingdom. After that all the kings meet and after knowing the truth, they go for war. She doesnt join as she is pregnant. But she helps in the end. Its there in the FLORA related spoilers.




The main villain. He will be the biggest and strongest rak in the world. Long long ago he will come across a annika and she takes care of him and that is when he realizes that annikas power can make a rak stronger. So he makes a huge long term plan. He will create something like a god and become a messenger of god and make annikas like priests who will pray to the god by giving their power. But it will be the rak's body receiving the power to become strong.

A kings praz is something which makes a rak fear by instinct and they will have to marry a annika so he will make a rule so that only annikas with very low ramita power can become a queen. And after they complete their job (giving birth to an heir), they have to come back and serve the god (him). He make make the annikas existence as divine and make them hate the king and make them seem like a rude monster. The ramita power will be able to make the kings praz stronger too, so he will make so that their relationship will just to give birth to an heir and nothing more so that they dont notice this.

Whenever a rak becomes really strong, all other small raks will be scared of it so they dont come near it, so only none of the raks attack the holy city, but he will make it look like a gods grace. After certain period, they will also be able to transform like a human. But its only the appearance. They cant talk and their eyes will be red. So he ties a cloth around his eyes and communicates via telepathy with everyone.

When the kings discover this, they will be shocked and very angry. They declare a war on him. He is killed later by the red king and the ML (blue king).




He is a wanderer. They find him when they go out of the kingdom to perform some sort of prayer. So they will decide to execute him as per the rules. But the FL will stop them as he will still be a kid of around 15 to 16 years. He will be very grateful to the queen so he decided to tell her all about them and their powers.

Initially long ago, there will be a witchcraft family and in order to prove themselves as powerful, they open a portal to another world and the raks come over to their world and destroy their world. They will be very guilty and punish themselves to wander around the world as to pay for their sins.

After speaking to the queen, he will decide to change the fate of their people and get rights to live in the world. He will become the chief of the wanderers.




Its a rak. I loved it. When its a small baby it comes across sang-je. It wont be afraid of him so he decides not to kill it and they both get recused by the annika and sang-je finds out about how annikas power will help them as I have explained in the spoiler above. Finally after sometime he will run away from sang-je as sang-je will become very powerful and dangerous. He comes across the wanderers. They make a pact, they will use their magic to keep it safe and in turn it will provide its body as a medium of magic to keep their community safe. Since the wanderers will be considered illegal they will be hiding by casting a spell around their village. The rak becomes a medium for it.

Its almost like a human, its very playful and funny. It really likes the wanderers and becomes like a family to them and protect them. The mara followers which will be in the kingdom is something it does to get information and resources. It never hurts anyone. After Adrit becomes a chief it will start travelling with him everywhere and meets the FL and ML. It gives out a lot of information of sang-je during the war which helps them a lot. I loved the way it interacts with the kings and FL, its very funny.

After sang-je is killed, the holy city wont have anyone to protect it. Without sang-je (strong rak), it will be prone to attacks from other small raks so it will accept to being a medium again to protect the holy city but in turn it will ask the kings to make sure the wanderers can live freely from then on and can live in the holy city too. The kings will be shocked by its condition asking for the safety of the wanderers. Until then they will only be considering raks as a existence they have to eliminate to keep themselves safe. It will be the first time they see a rak trying to protect humans. All their thinking changes after that.


Annika Flora / Original heroine as per the novel


She will be powerful as a annika but she will be from a poor family. As the fake Annika Jin will be very rich, she will be abusing her always so she will hate her. Sang-je will make use of this. As annika Jin would have run away from the holy city, he will tell her that she is evil and has to be brought back. She will learn witchcraft and become strong. She will go to the kingdom to bring the FL and her plan fails and she gets locked up. But mara takes her away using a spell to the wanderers village.

She is very hostile to them in the beginning but gradually she understands them and mara tells her the truth about sang-je and she finally understands the truth and decides to help the kings during the war. Sang-je would have created a barrier around the holy city so the kings wont be able to enter the city, she will learn the witchcraft to go to holy city. They would have got to know that the raks can enter the barrier. So she practices a spell to control the raks and summons them from inside the holy city and when they enter, the kings make use of the gaps and enter along with them.

But the spell will be very dangerous and she loses her mind. She will hate annika Jin so she goes to the kingdom and bring a army of raks. She asks her to kneel and beg her for forgiveness else she will release the raks. The FL will not agree and will summon the annika ramita power (a huge sea wave of water), all the raks will turn into seeds. Flora will accept her loss. The sea summoned will be so huge that the whole kingdom will be submerged but it wont cause any problem to the people. They will be able to breathe and carry on normally, only that they feel submerged in water. This water wave will be so huge that it even reaches the holy city to help the kings. When Flora comes to the kingdom all the raks she summoned before will go berserk after she disappears and this sea of water will turn all of them to seeds and this help the kings a lot.

In the end, the FL will tell her about the soul changing and she finally stops hating the FL and decides to use the knowledge of witchcraft she learnt for doing good for the people.


Fake Annika Jin


She will be 9 year old girl and from korea and her family will be more partial towards boys so her life will be bad. One day she meets with an accident and she wakes up in a new world as a 3 year old child. She will be kidnapped and will be taken back to her home. They will be very rich so she will be happy. Only problem will be her mother, her mother will know that the soul is not of her original daughter so she wont accept her. This starts scaring her that someone will discover her secret. Every annika gets a lucid dream with water, but she never gets it. So she lies that she got a dream but her description will be wrong so Sang-je and original FL flora will know she is lying.

As time goes she starts developing a twisted personality. She will fall in love with a holy knight Fides. But he wont accept her so she will be very mad. She will want him to surrender to her. So she forms a pact with Sang-je. The MLs kingdom will have a treasure. It will be the most biggest seed of a rak. Sang-je will want this treasure, so he tells her to get this treasure and he will handover the knight Fides. So she proposes a marriage with the king. He accepts and they get married.
She goes to the kingdom. She will be a very cruel person, killing people if they offend her and extremely rude and spending tons of money on mara followers. She will be interested in Mara because they will be involved in witchcraft. She will want more information from them so she buy lots of books related to witchcraft. She will be planning to open a portal to the other world again and get only the ramita power back. But the ramita power will belong to a soul of a person. So it backfires on her and our FL comes to this world.
When she goes back to korea, many days she will be in confusion. She wont know if it was dream or if it really happened where she transmigrated to another world. She will become obsessed with it and she keeps researching on it and later she ends up getting crazy.



Sang-je is killed and wanderers settle in holy city along with mara protecting them. ML and FL will have a son Roheed. They will also have a daughter Rakis. She will be a annika. She will be the first princess who will be born and also a annika. No kings would have given birth to daughters before.


There are a lot of characters I love - Abu (Rak of ML), red king (he is super funny). FLs mother and many others.

Its a really good novel. Dont miss it. Also check out "Lucia". <<less
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Dec 27, 2019
Status: c8
For those who are here for the smut.. Read. The. Prologue. I pray for the translators who will be translating those scenes in the future... may you not die from nosebleeds? lol

As for the quality of the story.. so far so good. The ML seems alright so far. He's being a good king and treats his servants and subordinates well. Whether or not he's a good husband is too early to tell.. the MC too, since it's only upto ch 8 atm.

I have high expectation on this novel though.. since... more>> it's the same author as Lucia. Lucia readers knows what I'm talking about fufu~? <<less
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Dec 16, 2019
Status: c3
In this novel, the villainess transmigration plot we all know and love gets some new seasonings in the form of desert settings. The pacing is a bit slow and leisurely, with more descriptive paragraphs than the genre average. This should raise the literary quality of this work. However, I find myself missing the melodrama you usually would find at the beginning of villainess transmigration novels.

I suspect readers will feel the novel has high quality, but that they are getting comparably less plot for each chapter.
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jun 08, 2021
Status: c170
at first I thought that this novel has plot holes. But as I read more chapter I realize that its not a plot holes. In this novel you gotta read lot of chapter or you'll left thinking the author make a mistake in her writing or author beeing inconsistent. I see ton of people give this a low rating cause they thought this novel was inconsistent? But I think thats only because they only read abit of the chapter. The relationship of both character are abit rocky at first but... more>> they still have healthy and respectful relationship. I think this novel are the same author as Lucia? Both novel give off that misunderstanding of inconsistency writing, but overall I really like this author writing style since its easy to read and not boring. I might like this more than lucia in term of world building <<less
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Sep 15, 2020
Status: c102
The beginning of the novel was indeed interesting, however, it soon becomes mundane and it starts to become too informative and slow-paced that it's boring.

The MC, Eugene is not interesting. She's supposed to be relatable but as an author, who supposedly wrote the book, she's rather too simple and bland. There's one too many things that she does that often make peoples' heads spin and it seems like the author is trying to figure out the events of the story as well. The plots all read like they were written... more>> on the spot and weren't really thought out--although there's nothing wrong with that--the amount of filler in each chapter is quite astonishing. It's almost on par with that of Xuanhuan genre themed novels.

Her personality is supposedly mature but she reminds me more of a teenager/ just turned 20 adult. She's quite arrogant, dense, and foolish. ;] As for the smut, I can say that it's nothing new or exciting. I feel like Underneath The Oak Tree is a better read and has better smut scenes than this novel. It almost makes it seem that because the ML and MC slept together, they fell in love with each other's bodies. The romance is very little at the moment it's almost like a subplot with all of the explanation that happens and super long and sleep-inducing thoughts Eugene has.

In the end, it's a below-average read with okay smut written. If you are bored, probably wasting away while waiting for updates, this will be a good book to grind down on (when it's completely translated that is). The pace is even slower than a snail's. But if you're looking for some good fluff with great pacing, this book isn't for you. Oh, don't forget the questionable Eugene, that adds no flavor or spark to the story really. <<less
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Dec 09, 2020
Status: c131
I really love the novel from this author (the same as Lucia).

Hope someone will resume the translation.
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Dec 27, 2019
Status: v1c8
Ohhh My GOD???

This one is from the same author as Lucia, the story is interesting and definitely elegant smut scene.

Worth to read
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Feb 11, 2020
Status: c19
The story is intriguing. I love the characters and how they interact. The chemistry between ML and MC makes me grin a lot LOL. At first, the prologue blew my mind away and from there, I have been a fan. Eugene finds herself inside the villainess character of her novel (which she didn't even know where the ideas came from. This is where magic begins) and met king kasser HER HUSBAND!

Appreciation also for the translator ying yu. I am a translator before and I know that for every novel translated,... more>> the translators use their own words and their own techniques in writing to relay the author's ideas. Ying yu, you can reach places believe me with a talent like yours.

To the author, you made a masterpiece. <<less
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Jan 08, 2020
Status: c12
I read the prologue was surprise w/ R18 content ? So far I really enjoy it, though Kasser (ML) and Jin Anika/Eugene (FL) still in the cold war stage but it has potential. Though, I find it weird FL cant remember anything for a novel she wrote by herself, but I'm still in early chapter so perhaps more will be revealed later :)
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Dec 22, 2019
Status: c4
It’s to early to give it five stars so I have given it four. ps This is my first time writing a review so bare with me.

The fist thing I noticed right off the bat is that the literary quality of this novel is very good and author did a good job. Speaking of the author, it’s the same as the one who wrote Lucia which for me is the best korean novel so I have high expectations of this. The ML and FL don’t have a much of a... more>> good relationship right now but I’m sure that will probably change. Also I’m hoping this novel though being a smut novel doesn’t focus a lot on s*x as that was the case with Lucia...... however the story does have potential and it’s a new setting then most novels which are based in European settings. The translator is also doing a good overall I would say check it out it seems good so far. <<less
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