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Lucia grew up not knowing she was a princess.

But when her mother died, she entered the palace and had the chance to see her entire future in a dream.

In her dream, when she reached 19 years old, she was auctioned off to the bidder who offered the highest dowry. Her life became miserable from then on.

When she woke up from her dream, she was determined to reshape her future, realizing that she had plenty of time before the crucial turning point.

Thus, she begins her journey to change her dark future.

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New Karolin_is_a_pengiun rated it
April 20, 2019
Status: c63
I really love this story!

Most of the time I start a novel and wanna stop reading after a few chapters, because the plot and the MC becomes utterly ridiculous.

Not with this one!

The main character is a strong woman, but not to the point where it's too much. She's humble as well and not a goddess like beauty (a plus point in my eyes), while still being pretty. She's a bit self contious too, and afraid of being tossed away by Hugo. That makes her a more realistic character in my... more>> eyes. Thanks to her dream she also has a lot of knowledge and can think logically. I like having a reasonable and independent MC.

The ML is a tyrant and has many faults (the way he treats people and kills like it's nothing) but he treats Lucia nice and wants to pemper her. His backstory is flowing well with the story and overall he's not over the top. A pretty realistic character as well

The plot is building up slowly and while having many different story arks, it's not a harsh transition between them. They're fitting and the flow of the plot is nice. There're also many little references to precious chapters, which makes the story cohesive.

Last but not least the smut: Their relationship at the start is build upon their s*x life which causes A LOT of smut! I like reading the s*x scenes, tho they're sometimes not that well described (the poses and movements). That's the reason why they're hard to imagine.

I'm just gonna continue reading bc I CAN'T STOP. IT'S WAY TOO GOOD! <<less
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New Kurobito rated it
April 14, 2019
Status: c59
At first I was hesitating on reading this one as I've been a bit disappointed with some kr novel or even their manhwa. However, this novel prove me WRONG!

Level of smutiness: 100%

Plot: 100%

... more>> Character building: 10, 000%

This one is the one novel that I won't mind reading it again starting from chapter 1. The romance isn't so illogical like some cn/jp/kr novel where love at first sight. It takes time for both parties to open up their heart and that is what makes me excited. It does not focus one the MC or ML perspective only but also their supporting characters making the novel feel so alive.

Overall, this is the second best novel after the first kr novel "light and shadow" I read. <<less
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eseul rated it
May 27, 2017
Status: c77
I'm the translator for this and I read the whole novel. The length is about 64 chapters long with a couple more epilogues and side stories. Honestly, you can't properly review this book until you finished reading it because I don't want to spoil it. There is so much character growth and it's one of the rare novels I see so much dimensions of love. There are so much they talk about through a comedic but serious way. I'm really happy to translate this story because I want to share... more>> this with everyone. <<less
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one_with_the_force rated it
September 8, 2017
Status: --
There are a lot of plot problems with this novel. Most of us grow in a society with non-arranged marriages and even a smaller percent of the population are actually royalty and don't understand the importance of bloodline, the reason why kings marry off female courtiers, etc and why Lucia is really just a lazy bum who acts like she's on a vacation for the rest of her life.

... more>>

First take a look at Lucia's mother, Amanda. Amanda snuck Lucia and herself out of the castle and decides to hide in the country's capital, probably only a few hundred miles/km away from the imperial castle. Yes they were able to successfully hide in the capital but that also implies that the jobs that they did were not outdoors because outdoor labor would risk them being found by the members of the royal family which also implies that they probably didn't do any hard labor. The arthor writes that Lucia and her mother lives with some foster family for a short time and then her mother dies from a plague that spreads throughout the city. Lucia is later found after Lucia delivers a letter written by her mother, before her mother is about to die to the royal family, which results in Lucia to be brought back to the castle to start her supposedly new dream as noted by the synopsis. Lucia then reenters the imperial court as a courtier except she does nothing a courtier would do and instead hides in the castle like she is leveling up her sneak skills like she is going to be a master thief. What is most impressive is that her sneak skill is so high that she even manages to be invisible during church service, a public function that all royalty is pretty much required to participate in. In fact, Lucia's sneak skills are so good that she is even more elusive than a WIMP, Weakly interacting massive particles (quantum physics), and since there is no Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in that day in age, no one but God, aka the author, is able to prove that she exist which is what literally happens; She only shows herself when the writer says so; More details will clarify this fact later.

What the people around Lucia perceive about her at first is that she seems autistic but Lucia, being the legendary-tier thief that she is, doesn't do anything about it. I don't know about you but having autism isn't really going to help you in finding a spouse. Maybe you can argue that there are many stages of autism but the fact is that the rumors of her having autism have already spread and she makes no effort to disprove these rumors, like showing up at social events and actually holding a conversation with anybody.

Lucia is also born out of wedlock, which means her mother didn't marry the king, no church-held ceremonial service took place to declare the union of Lucia's mother and the late king (unless the church does postmortem marriages) which means she is a illegitimate child, aka bastard child, which means she isn't even a princess but at most a legitimized bastard. To be clear, being born out of wedlock implies that Lucia's mother isn't even a concubine, wife, or consort of the king.

Let's just assume that the king gave out the title in advance, well he's not dead at the time he receives the letter but he obviously can't marry a dead women unless the church allows a union between dead people which could be done in some religions, Lucia still had opportunities to go to meetings, festivals, balls (dance events), and even church service to show off herself; The importance here is to show potential suitors that she isn't autistic but nope, Lucia is too busy leveling up to be a sorceress leaving the rumors of her being autistic well in circulation. Maybe the king married Lucia's mother in their last seconds? But that would mean that Lucia would have to be present at the wedding which is held by the church which is a pretty big event since her father is literally the king of the kingdom and would give Lucia a huge amount of presence/publicity. Maybe said event does happen but Lucia acted like she was autistic which lead to the rumors of her being autistic? To be clear, said event might not of happened, I made it up to fill plot holes but the author does state that Lucia seems autistic at first when she enters the castle.

I know females act reserved when it comes to romance but there is a clear line between acting reserved and not even telling people you exist and the latter is what Lucia clearly does at her stay in the castle. I'm not sure how anyone is suppose to find her if she hides in her room all day. Maybe if Lucia does some singing, some prince might come along and at least hear her singing which would be a pretty good start even if she can't sing well; Rapunzel reference for those who don't know. When it comes time for her to be married off, she is disappointed that her brother, now the 9th King of Hesse is going to marry her off to some hedonist count after said count won the auction. The fact here is that even if the king was still alive, the current king is the 8th king of Hesse and Lucia's father, would still have to marry her off. Lucia's father might not use an auction system but the fact that he wasn't able to find any suitors means that either he was too busy, no suitors wanted her, or Lucia couldn't compete with the competition, or a combination of said options; Maybe she is waiting until the internet to be invented so she can just use dating sites? Her brother marrying off siblings in his court is proper and something he is required to do anyway, unless you think that Lucia can just leech off the royal family forever or maybe she really is trying to be wizard; If you're going to be a wizard, you better be a F-ing wizard. As stated earlier, her brother and potential suitors all think she is autistic or rumors of her being autistic make it really hard for Lucia to get arranged with suitors that are par/sub-par so she has to settle with the worse of the worse, some hedonist count. If her father, her brother, and suitors knew that she was not autistic that would greatly increase the chances of them trying to find a good match. I don't know about you but I'm pretty sure you would use a reporting agency when you are about to purchase a car from a re-seller and this is exactly what the bidders do, they ask around for the historical equivalent for CarFax and probably learn about rumors of Lucia being autistic, not a very good trait for your children if you ask anyone. Maybe if Lucia actually appeared at social events which would build her presence/popularity, and also serve to disprove the fact that she is autistic then none of her problems, problems that she caused herself, would of happened. Also, if Lucia's mother did not take her out of the castle then Lucia would of had time to educate herself, be known among peers, advertise herself, and maybe even get a suitor to ask for her hand in marriage in front of the king.

I feel like the novel has no consistency. The author makes Lucia's value during her time in the royal castle next to nothing by giving Lucia the curse of silence, it's like the same curse that happens to the Islamic version of Mary Magdalene (True fact and you can read about it by Googling the search phrase "First Miracle of Jesus in Islam", make sure its the Islam version because the numbers don't match in the Christian version) except there is no talking baby Jesus and Lucia's curse also comes with autism, Thanks God!

Lucia spends all her time doing nothing and just relaxes all day and just expects handsome men to come ask her hand in marriage. It's like she read Sleeping Beauty and expects something similar to happen to her; Fun fact, the original version of Sleeping Beauty and variants include either the prince having s*x or raping the sleeping princess, maybe Lucia is into sleep fetish?, which results in the sleeping princess bearing children so maybe she expected that too; Disney wasn't even born yet so the G-rated version doesn't exist yet or maybe it does exist and she hopes that the G-rated version happens to her. She clearly does nothing to change her fate while at the castle despite the synopsis saying she does something; Maybe she does some closed-door cultivation while in the castle to become a Taoist Immortal? Anyway, no surprise later when all her dream of just chilling and relaxing every day for the rest of her life, her foster family were clearly Timon and Pumbaa from Disney's the Lion King, "hakuna matata", It means no worries for the rest of your days; is crushed after no one really wants her and when her brother tries a last resort option of auctioning her off to be married, far better value than just having her eat, sleep, and do a good job at being a liability, the next thing you know, she is all healed by some divine being (cure for autism found!), she suddenly changes her behavior, gains a ton of awareness, and actually has an ambition for self-improvement. I wouldn't be surprised if she uses her legendary-tier higher invisibility to sneak out of the castle since it seems to be a hereditary trait/skill. The story would also be more believable if Lucia died from the thought of marrying a hedonist count and someone transmigrated into her body thus dramatically changing her character because this is what exactly happens.

There is also the option of being disowned by the royal family and marrying a lowborn aka commoner. The number of suitors may increase, obvious fact that commoners greatly outnumber royalty = more suitors, which means she can pick from a larger number of suitors but why give Lucia all the presence in the world when she is among the commoners and none when she is among royalty? Maybe she can request her brother, Lucia's brother is now the king and has the authority to request excommunication, to be excommunicated by the church, because no one ever sees her at church which is a very valid cause for her excommunication, which would allow her to marry a commoner because excommunication also is also a acceptable clause to disown and exile someone.


If you're wondering, there are a many cases of high profile princess and princes revoking their own titles to marry lowborn/non-nobles and still end up with happy lives with no one intimidating them:

Princess Mako of Akishino (Japan), King Edward VIII (England, abdicated from the throne)

Just to prove that I'm not biased, Emperor Akihito and his son Naruhito, former is the current ruler of Japan and latter the crown prince of Japan, married commoners but they are a male and they still kept their royal status. Lucia was very far in the line in succession, that's if females were even in the line of succession at all. The only point to keeping her royal status is to the ease of marrying other royalty. If she doesn't intend to marry royalty, then there would be no harm to just revoking her title to marry a commoner, the royal family would just formally disown her, and both sides can go on with their happy non-overly dramatic lives.

Bonus content:

https://www. Youtube. Com/watch?v=_Kmh4BbJPz8

The linked video is literally how drastic how Lucia's fate changes <<less
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Liri rated it
July 29, 2017
Status: c50
This novel is a pure diamond, absolutely perfect. I have never read anything as great and I would say, in terms of sophistication, it is on par with novels like To Be A Virtuous Wife and Mei Gongqin and others.

The premise is very similar to Doomed to be Cannon Fodder, an innocent girl tries to escape her terrible fate by intervening with history and thereby altering the course of her life. However, unlike DCF, there is no comedy, there are light-hearted moments but the novel is very mature, not... more>> dark but the tone is definitely more serious.

I really like the story so far, everything about it is perfectly made for me. The chapters are long, the content is mature, as are the characters. They are not stereotypical versions of themselves, but each of them has their flaws. Lucia is small and frail, she is the kind of rabbit you want to embrace and protect but she is also very strong. She takes things into her own hands and makes the best what she can and displays as much agency a woman in her situation can, which is empowering in her own way. But especially the male lead has few vices, but not so bad that you think he is disgusting but more like, room for improvement. Generally, it just makes it more interesting to read.

If you are looking for a novel with depth, then this is definitely something for you! I greatly recommend it! <<less
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yuki1029 rated it
July 12, 2017
Status: Completed
First time doing a review, please excuse my english, not my first language.

Seriously, this novel is a gem. I love how there is a reason for every turn of events. My worst enemy, "Mr. Plot Hole", is unable to show himself. Hurray for that.

The flow of events are quite realistic, the characters are quite lovable.

My MVP are as follow:

1. Demian (the adorable son)

2. Hugo

3. Roy (your sacrifice is fully appreciated)

The duke's family is quite intriguing. So many plot twist, so yummy!
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extremelypokeable rated it
October 22, 2018
Status: c60
Poor world-building explained through equally poor exposition. Basically just a trashy harlequin novel through and through. The heroine goes "I promise to never fall in love with you" to the horrible douchebag of a Duke while she's already been blushing and drooling all over him, and then of course she immediately falls in love with him and has to reprimand herself 200 times a day about expecting anything from him. I really hate this kind of wishy-washy, weak-willed protagonist who can't even keep a promise to themselves.

... more>>

And the Duke falls in love with her because she has a magical v*gina. A long list of coincidences leads him to find out how incredible her hooha feels. That's it. She's not skilled, not particularly beautiful, it's not even really her personality because she does a 180 part-way through when she stops pretending to be a doll. Just because she's super cute when they do it and she has the v*gina of one of those pure white lotuses.


The author also has zero understanding of how s*x and v*ginas work. The smut scenes are a mess and I tried to skip as much as I can after rolling my eyes at the first scene between the leads. <<less
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cocolot13579 rated it
August 25, 2017
Status: c13
To be honest I really want to like this novel the set up is what I look for and the writing along with that the MC are pretty good. There's only one problem, it's a problem that many Asian romance novels have but none the less it sticks out especially in this novel. The male lead is a domineering pushy asshole. He for me has all the wrong traits.

1. He Is a play boy who abandons women when he gets tired of them

2. Even though I can sense a tragic... more>> backstory with his family coming it does not justify his lack of empathy and strait up bloodlust


3. And this is what is colouring my opinion the most. He does not care about the feelings of the main character. On their first night married he in my opinion strait up raped the main character. He took advantage of the fact that she was drunk and docile to take his pleasure never stopping when she was immensely scared and in pain and (I think this is just the writer not understanding how virginitys work) leaving her bleeding for DAYS afterward. Not only that he then left for a month and came back and in the first five minutes of being back with the MC immediately wanted to have s*x again.


So to conclude only read if you like your men to not care about your feelings or needs at all! <<less
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caelumsidhe rated it
June 7, 2017
Status: c3
Review as of Ch.3

The MC is not your typical protagonist. She's not whiny or annoying and she isn't the complete opposite either which is a very strong woman. She's a "normal" girl who has genuine feelings. She gets confused, scared, and happy. Her decisions are somehow believable considering her circumstances. The story isn't predictable. I was truly surprised by the big revelation at the end of Ch.3 although considering the male lead's actions, perhaps I shouldn't have been surprised about it.

Anyway, I'm glad that I got to know this novel... more>> and I will definitely be following Lucia's story. <<less
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Shenshen rated it
October 31, 2018
Status: c63 part1
Love this novel !! Although at first the romantic part was a little bit force you'll see the development. The characters aren't perfect but you will love them. Particularly to the ML and FL.

The ML at first was a topnotch asshole and a huge flirt who love to sleep around with anything that has two legs (tho its female only) and a person who doesn't know the word COMMITMENT. But after he married the FL you can see that slowly he's changing while he's heart is getting stolen without him... more>> realizing it.

And I love the part that after he got married he stop seeing all the green tea bitches that he had.

While the FL at first is a docile like a trembling cat she tried to brave and be shameless by offering the contract, you can see that she started to fall to the ML but is keeping her emotions intact while being oblivious that the ML itself has fallen for her too. Her character development is a little slow given that she needs to be on guard all the time and trying save her own future.

And not but the least the SMUT PART!! Oh gosh the way that the author write the smut scenes are really descriptive and hot. Really recommended! 😁😈 <<less
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puffiness123 rated it
June 11, 2018
Status: c10
I wanted to like this novel but it's pretty boring. She acts all helpless and victimizes herself.

... more>>

She received memories of her future life at age 12. Despite having those memories, she didn't do anything for 6 years from ages 12 to 18. Instead there is a time skip that she basically wasted her life doing nothing then the story starts again at age 18 where she goes after a duke, stares at him for 5 days at a party, somehow he becomes interested in her, and then they get into a contracted marriage. I wanted to like this story but the main character is pretty weak, has basically no sense of self, and is boring. There's also a lot of s*x scenes. The plot and world building is pretty bad.

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lumiere rated it
June 18, 2017
Status: c6
It's an amazing story! Really amazing! And the main male character is so damn s*xy!

I love his charming yet cool attitude. He's a beast in gentleman clothing (at least that's what it seemed to me♥).

As for the main female lead she's as described, she isn't overly strong and not overly weak, she isn't a genius but she is smart. You can really relate to her, and her decisions are ones I would make myself. Most importantly she doesn't make you feel cringy at all!

This story got a grown up vibe... more>> to it, it's not erotique but the love story is certainly a grown up one. So hearts be ready♥♥♥!


By the way this got an early marriage between our MCs and this element is what makes me wish I could read korean : (since I want to eat up this story to the bones ♥♥


To be honest this got to be one of the best historical love story ever, and I really recommand to read past the first chapter (as it's only the prologue). It's 100% worth the time.

And a special thank you for the translator who not only found a wonderfull novel but also translated it amazingly! <<less
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Drenlith rated it
December 16, 2018
Status: c48 part1
Came for the smut, stayed for the story, the pace of the story with progression and character development is just right for me, even later on, even thought I was the one coming to seek for some smut content, got irritated a bit with the long smut scene because I wanted an emotional progression between the characters. Quite a lovely balance between romance and naughty smokey content.
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justinekang rated it
February 22, 2019
Status: c90 part2
I actually quite like this novel, and I feel a bit guilty about it after reading some of the other reviews LOL. But, well, it's still a pretty good read. (A bunch of spoilers ahead as I'm discussing this and I'm too lazy to add tags, so read at your own risk.)

First of all, the romance between the leads. There's hints that he's interested in her beforehand (he DID agree to the marriage proposal after all, though whether he accepted because he was interested in her is debatable) but... more>> their relationship is pretty much solidified through s*x. (I laughed at extremelypokeable's review that described it as her magical "hooha" and I can never stop thinking about her vagina with a different term ever again) Honestly though, as I was reading the novel, I didn't feel that it was unnatural. It's one of those romances where the leads sort of just gradually fall in love with each other (emotionally, since all this is happening in-between massive bouts of s*x) until one day you're reading it and you realize it has somehow become normal for the two to be extremely affectionate in public, and you just pause and go, "how did we get here?? the s*x was too good I guess (her pu**y be fukin LITTT" Whether or not this invalidates their relationship is up to you, but I'm personally of the opinion that it's fine. His love for her is definitely real at this point, and it's definitely based on more than just her magical hooha. They took a different path, but they still ended at the same destination. Isn't that fine? Her magical hooha is still her, so it doesn't matter if he wouldn't have begun loving her if she hadn't had that f**kin out-out-of-this-world vagina. Idk, again, it's up to you what you think. I kinda got off track LOL but their relationship/romance is honestly pretty sweet to me. He's pretty much the typical male lead -- possessive, good at like everything but emotions, over-protective, etc etc -- but he has an interesting backstory that was a maybe little predictable.

On to the female lead. I quite like Lucia actually. There were some reviewers that disliked her because she doesn't really do much or is a little passive, but not everyone can be a go-getter type A personality. (Also I relate so hard with not wanting to go out/interact with people/do anything other than my own thing so I can't fault her for that LOL.) Lucia might not fit the modern idea of a "strong woman, " but imo she's quite mentally and emotionally strong. She falls in love with Hugh (very predictably, despite all that sh*t of "I'll never fall in love with you!" But come on we all knew that was gonna happen the moment she said it we knew) but that is realistic. Who isn't going to fall (at least a little) in love with a man they regularly have s*x with, that doesn't treat them like sh*t, and also shows moments of care? The important part is that she doesn't show him that she's fallen in love with him, as per the agreement. (The amount of resolve she's shown so far for this is to the point that I'm pretty sure (and hoping) that it'll be Hugh that confesses first, or at least brings it up first) I think my one of my favourite parts of her personality is her willingness to believe that Hugh has reasons for the things he does, unlike the typical female lead who's dumb and stubbornly does the things she wants to do (that are quite obviously stupid things to do) without considering the thoughts and feelings of their significant other. Like COME ON WOMAN, A RELATIONSHIP IS A PARTNERSHIP, A TWO-WAY STREET. Lucia very obviously wants kids but she's willing to wait for her partner to be ready to have kids before taking herself off her weird form of birth control (which leads me to the thing I MIGHT dislike most about this story but more on that later). SENSIBLE. THOUGHTFUL. MATURE. YES. Beyond that, she's not a mary-sue (though they are my guilty pleasures -- I have a lot, unfortunately). One of the FLs I like most on this site.

The magic stuff feels kinda just... jammed in there sometimes, but it's not really a huge part of the story (kinda but not really?) so I didn't mind it too much. The smut is pretty good, but requires some suspension of disbelief. (Exhibit A: MAGICAL HOOHA) Honestly, I wasn't expecting much in the first place so anything above like middle school fanfiction is okay.

The only thing I've really disliked about this novel is something that hasn't/might never happen lol. There's hints that the f**king annoying doctor (go aWAY) is secretly drugging Lucia so that she's able to have kids again (v complex backstory behind this, but basically Hugh is a special snowflake and can only have kids through this special requirement that of course Lucia has somehow stumbled her way into meeting). Obviously, "secretly" implies no consent/prior knowledge from Lucia or Hugh. Anyways, from typical manga/novel logic she'l get pregnant for the drama and there'll be a reconcilation and yay happy ending but if this happens I'll be pretty unhappy. Like, the story will be so much more beautiful if both parties come to a consensus about having children. I just feel bad for the kid if they happen when one of the parents isn't ready. Right now, Hugh wants kids too but because of the misunderstanding/lies over the special requirement thing he doesn't want them, but... Idk. I think it'll just be more character growth if they both make an informed decision because that'll require them actually opening up and talking, both at their own pace, which makes things that much more meaningful.

I f**kin wrote an essay again WHOOPS but yeah I might add more to this in the future <<less
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SovietWeeb rated it
July 9, 2018
Status: c34
I normally don't like female romance stories. But I do like female MC's and always have issues find stories with Female MC's that aren't all about love and romance.

This story is no different sadly. The story has lots of nonsensical things happen and the one trait that always appears in female Romance stories is in this, Of course I'm talking about having a Douche Male Lead.

Don't know why. But this is so easy to find that it's annoying. This dude isn't really nice. You get moments when it's just him... more>> and the MC and you might think " Oh that's sweet" or " Aw he's not that bad of a guy" Then you start remembering that he is an asshole that will just use a girls body and throw her away as soon as he's done with her or shows the slightest bit of affection to him. He kills families without mercy. A Nobel that did something he doesn't like not only loses his life. But so does the Wife and Children and it's not needed.

I honestly don't get this. Is this something that woman actually enjoy? Having a d*ck of a man being your lover? Cause I know my friends that are girls wouldn't even associate with someone like that.

The thing with the MC reliving her life seems interesting. Except it's so badly done. It's shown as a dream making it feel a lot less special or cool. It would've been so much better if we got a chapter or two of her spending her days in her original life. Showing her regrets or anger, Then one day she wakes up in the body of her 12 year-old-self. The story doesn't even do anything of interest like having the MC react in a funny way or her having issues just keeping balance after suddenly turning into a 12 year old with such a different body such as the Center of Mass or that her muscles aren't as developed or that her legs are shorter. There is potential here for funny or interesting stuff. It's just the story takes this scene as nothing more then a passing moment

to escape her previous fate. She never tries doing anything differently like trying to be more social (Remember she has the mind of at least a 40+ Now) She does little to nothing with this knowledge. In fact, She doesn't even seem like she's lived through a life of trials and errors. She has no hate for the Count that bought her. She doesn't want to get back at anyone that wronged her or even take care of people with malicious intent that she knows from her previous life. It get's to the point where it doesn't seem human. She doesn't even really have that much of a motivation to do anything besides just live somewhere else and is even willing to marry to a Duke she knows to be a d*ck. Kind of defeats the entire purpose of wanting to escape her previous fate.

I think the son of the Duke should've been a girl instead.

Hell, I think the idea is fairly interesting. But have her instead of just reliving her life almost the exact same tell she's 18. Have her have a little sister that was killed in her previous life due to whatever reason. But in this life she stops that from happening and is able to live with her sister she wasn't able to do before. I think the story should've started before the mother died and the MC saves her mother. She still ends up being entangled into politics but now she's taking care of her mother and making sure she lives a nice life for the struggles she's gone through

. It's just eh. I feel the story has potential to be good but is just so generic. Kind of a disappointment. Hell, I thought the story was pretty good tell the love interest appeared. I like the idea of a not wanted Princess sneaking out and socializing with commoners. I like the Norman Character and wish we got more of that. I can even see a different story where Norman moves away and has the MC come with her. Both Norman and the MC now live together and as time goes on. Have her have to be careful and not have the Royal family find her otherwise she will be taken back. Hell, it'd work best if she was actually wanted by the Royal family. I really just like the Norman character and if this was a Yuri novel then I'd put them together. <<less
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ppomv rated it
September 20, 2017
Status: c14
This novel is worth taking a chance on. The characters aren't unbelievably cliche. The story does a great job at not revolving every aspect of the narrative to our MC. There are details that are relevant to the world but not only to Lucia. The author does a great job at facilitating those moments. MC isn't a modern person reincarnate (always a plus!) and isn't completely clueless about her begotten circumstances. She's a slightly cynical and naive character that's rare in f/m stories. And the snusnu is on point. Hehehe

Reply... more>> to one_with_the


Of course there were princess that revoked or removed themselves from royal lineage but this doesn't apply to Lucia. She has no support from her father, no one to teach her the rules or powers she has as a (pseudo) princess. She grew up as a Commoner and her dream-future husband certainly didn't help with educating her on these aspects. How would Lucia be capable of going to the king and asking for those privileges? With no support or anyone, not even the general servants in the castle know about her, how could she get an audience with the king to even ask for those things?

I agree with the point about her "sleeping beauty" ideology but I don't believe that she expected her father or half brother to be generous to her future marriage. It's why she eventually came to the circumstances of clumsily seeking marriage with the male lead.

And as a final note, cliche as this sounds, this is a work of fiction. The author didn't claim this novel to represent a realistic historical narrative. There isn't a need for the novel to lend itself to historical accuracy.

7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Lovelywuju17 rated it
March 17, 2019
Status: v95
This is a great novel if you like mature, smut, devoted love content. You could see the developing character in each of the people. Especially for ML. You will love him so much. Yes, it's like typical OP ML, but he has a flaw as well, he's awkward, he's trying his best to express himself to other, technically only to his wife, Lucia. They both are a cute couple. Love the smut scene it was so addicting and just typical josei genre. This is my favorite novel all of the... more>> time!

I recommend you to read this!! <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
earlgreyt rated it
November 17, 2018
Status: c67 part2
While this is in the genre of 'trashy Harlequin romance, ' the plot and characters are surprisingly gripping. There are plenty of twists and turns with the characters and motivations. I was definitely surprised by the ML's family/bloodline background and some of the worldbuilding.

I did not have any hopes for either the MC or ML in the beginning because they started out cookie-cutter. However, both surprisingly break out of their molds. Their interactions actually feel pretty real and the ML doesn't have the stereotypical "cool 5ever" mask over his dialogue.... more>> The MC also doesn't go out of her way to bend to the ML's preferences, so it's quite entertaining to see their relationship progression.

The ML goes very quickly from an arrogant/cold/alpha male stereotype into a helpless regular guy trying to figure out his wife.


I do agree with other comments that the MC could have been way more active towards her own future in the beginning. However, if you're able to make it past the slow start, the MC unexpectedly starts to shine. She's very relate-able because of how low-key she is and how simple things like walks in the garden please her a lot more than expensive gifts of jewelry etc.

The smut/s*x is very very plentiful. (To the point where I started skimming/skipping because I was too eager to find out what happened next in the plot.) Good/bad? <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
fan63 rated it
July 25, 2017
Status: c10
Clearly this story shows the development of many new aspects of its characters. Each has determined that this is a marriage of convenience. But I feel this arrangement may bring them much more than they expect. I look forward to reading the rest of this novel.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
minar rated it
February 28, 2019
Status: c92.1
Wow, where do I even begin?

The pacing of this novel is wonderful, never have I found that things were being dragged out or becoming unnecessary bulls**t. I love Lucia's character (definitely one of my favorite character of all time in novels). She's the perfect character of someone who has knowledge of her future and acts accordingly so that she can ensure her happiness. She's not a sword wielding, karate chopping femme fatale but she possesses social skills and knows how to maneuver around politics, people and conflict. I enjoy how... more>> perceptive and considerate she is as a person. She's not overbearing and despite her quiet and seemingly docile nature, she does not let the Duke have his way with her (or anyone for that matter). She has a very classy method of telling people off and handling the petty high society. She's assertive, sensible and knows where to draw her boundaries and is alarmingly very aware of herself and her surroundings (another reason why he fell in love with her). My favorite part of her character is that she's straightforward and doesn't jump to conclusions and causes stupid misunderstandings (very common trope and fatal flaw of many female heroines in this genre).

The transformation and character development of the Duke from being around Lucia is so precious. I love how he goes from a

playboy with total disregard for women's feelings to becoming completely wrapped around Lucia's finger. He's literally your typical cold, super smart, super powerful ML but when in front of the FL, he is literally a puppy trailing behind her with his tail wagging. She could ask for a pint of blood and he would willingly chop his own arm off for her.

Oh and the smut... cannot forget about that. It is definitely really hot and quite abundant. Contrary to what some reviewers might think, I found that Hugo was already smitten with Lucia as soon as he saw her.

Physically, she is already very different from the women who throw themselves at him. She's not an attention seeker, and has an innocent and pure charm to her that contrasts the women he's used to spending time with. Her timid yet blunt and straightforward way of speaking was something so completely alien to the Duke that before he even knew it, he is eating biscuits out of her hand. Honestly though, I didn't feel like his relationship with her was forced through s*x. I found that s*x was a huge part of it, but the novel surprisingly spends a lot of time on dialogue and exchange and through that, you can see many times over that Lucia is always surprising the Duke in the way she converses with him.


I love the relationship between the ML and FL, it is very fluffy and very romantic.

As with most 'fantasy' novels, you should read it with some suspension of belief. I found that the novel does a good job world building (despite some reviews), but it does use the convenient excuse of her dream of a future to provide exposition and explanation for why she has the personality and interests that she does now, how she judges other people as well as respond to certain events etc... For example,


She easily sidesteps the drama some of the noblewomen try to start because she knows what type of person that person becomes in the future as well as she has knowledge and background of how one should behave in a political setting despite her young age of 19. This is because in her dream, she lived and saw herself in a parallel universe and learned from her past mistakes.


All in all, I found this to be a perfect blend of plot, character development, smut and surprisingly... a lot of fluff. The translation is also really well done, making it a very enjoyable read. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
The Lazy Slug
The Lazy Slug rated it
August 21, 2018
Status: --
My honest opinions are: this novel definitely deserved a 4.5+.

I don't know about you but, trust me, in novel sites like this, it isn't particularly Earth-shattering and heaven-defying to find something like a commoner suddenly turning out to be noble (it was revealed in one go, yeah, but it's not like it's the focus of this story). If you stick a little around in NU, you'd find things even more shocking. lol

Even with the low rate and opposed reviews here and there, I hope you would not completely shut yourself... more>> off of this novel's good points as well. I highly recommend this!!

Reason are as follows:

PS. Please bear with me as it will be long.


To start off... indeed, there were slightly ambiguous phrasing at the start of the novel, leaving some details loosely hanging about. Not sure if it was just originally like that, or some problems with translation [PS. The translation is really good, mind you. But as someone who also knows a few languages, misinterpretations cannot be avoided... more like, there simply isn't a good enough term for it in another language].

Going back to that "ambiguous phrasing"... it isn't really much. At some point, I made a justification of it myself. For example: about that part of MC doing laborious tasks at the start because she had no attendants but everything about her body still coming out soft and 'perfect.' For this, my answer came off as perhaps because of that 'poison' plant she ate that was cleansing her in hindsight. Or another: indeed, that casually mentioned part of her autism (in my brain that time: if it's not needed and would just be brushed off anyway, why bother mention it? It puzzled me a while as to its significance but, after some time... I guess it was really just nothing. But of course, I haven't completed the book yet, so I'm not sure). Others include some confusion in the MC's "past life, " the hanging end with Norman, etc. etc.

^But of course, I think things like that are only if you want to nitpick the story. Because, so far, as I read on, my confusion on these things were indirectly answered. Of course, it might just be my imagination supplying the details, and getting this piece as a possible explanation of another etc, but what author would offer everything to the reader in a silver platter? I think dropping it here and there was acceptable compared to directly referencing it.

So... rather than focusing on these tiny details, I'd like to integrate them to look at the full picture.

First things first, I think that the development wasn't too nonsensical or fast paced. Some people would say that it was just there to "move the plot" (eg. MC "dreaming"... that is one heck of a detailed dream after all, MC being "sneaky" and eventually meeting ML, MC being "brought to the palace" etc) but for me, it really wasn't the case. It didn't appear too forceful and, more often, actually acceptable (or maybe it's just 'cause my level of what's acceptable or not had already been dulled after reading lots of isekai/transmigrated stories LOL HAHA).

True, arrange marriages in this day and age seemed non-existent and royal bloods are rare. But if we overly constrict ourselves to nonfictional things, there would be no such thing as fiction. And stories like a super overly genius assassin with an accessible space in her head wouldn't exist. The setting and some rules on the matters of succession, the attitude of the King, the laws about illegitimacies were also explained in the story so it's not like you have to constrict yourself to modern setting as basis for this one.

But to criticise the book just because the MC was "lazy" and just had "sneak attacks" or "waiting for some miracle", as you come to read this novel, my opinion of this MC was far from it. If she was lazy and really lacked determination to change her course, she wouldn't have even thought of sneaking out and befriending the novelist, finding a friend and giving her a chance to earn money by herself.

Not sure if it's just me... but I hope one would also consider the premise of this story. Consider MC's background (of course, she has a "noble" background from her mother's side but not one knew that), the King who can't seem to think well, her place as the 16th princess, high society, etc, and one could somehow understand her actions and nature at the start. I do not blame her for being unable to do anything to prevent some things. Other readers are probably not used to it because we are often given MCs who can somehow get their way around here in NU but, for me, this MC's behaviour was believable given the circumstance.

If there's just one fast-paced part of this novel, I dare say it's just the romance.
But who am I to complain? It is smut for a reason. (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

At least we were also given the chance to see their feelings grow later on and not just smack dabbing like the others.

Yes, some might say this novel started with physical and sht, but the character development that came after that was something that I laud for in this story. The dynamics of the characters, especially the protagonists, was something I adored. It gets a bonus too since we get some insights from both male and female protags. If I could, I'd also like to just back this two and yell at them for being idiots. Then again, where's the fun in that? Settling your feelings by yourself and time was part of development too. And they were heading in the good direction, so it was unnecessary.

Yes, the male was notoriously known for his playboy ways. He is "impure, " "really evil." But if you judge a man's love just by his carnal past, I am in no position to admonish you (because I was once in that phase) but please think again. Him treating his wife was good. Him respecting his wife was good and being loyal to her like a do- lion was also good. I will not judge people on their tastes of partner, but this couple was good because I feel like they really care and love each other despite the heavy/mature drama going on (eg. the contract and all, etc).

I am not one who will deal with trifling matters. It's too stressful dealing with such things. ML's past love adventures were his past, nothing to be done about it. But now he had MC, it was good how much effort and thought he's really putting in with her. Considering her feelings, and breaking loose ends, for someone who grew in an unfavourable environment, he is learning.

Other than ML, the other characters were really lovable, the MC and the butler more so. HAHAHA I love her way of simply unconditionally loving people. You can say it selfless... or selfish. Take your pick. But for me, I love her kind heart. She isn't someone I can hate. Some love her like I do. Some might think of her too docile. Some just enough... I will not hold you off of that.

PS. Why do people assume anyway, that just because you've been wronged before, it is absolute that you must revenge? Well, true, I still read novels like that but sometimes, I also feel like that kind of thing is pointless. It's tiring and too bothersome. And for this story, I think it fits that the MC isn't vengeful. Besides, it's not like these evil people will not get their just desserts anyway.

So to MC, I can only say one thing (which I've said before) : I think her character fits perfectly given the setting and plot. The way she's written was so consistent (in fact, I daresay almost all characters are) so they were easy to understand, and I like that. It fits the development well. I am eagerly awaiting for more.

If there's just one thing that I still had a hard time accepting: perhaps it's the ML's brutal ways. Surprisingly, rather than the usual MC being vengeful and sht (yknow, after being treated harshly and so), it's actually the ML this time. lol I already had considerable experiences reading stories like that but still! I did not mind the ML's past... escapades, since he is already rectifying that as we speak. But I hope there is some improvement on the bloodlust as well. He isn't a bad guy, just that he's overdoing it. I don't think there is absolutely no room for negotiations that his more often complete "wipe out" would be considered justified. If you don't understand what I'm talking about... read the novel ;) ;) But, of course, you have been warned. lol

PS. I am still hwaiting for that capital comeback and Norman. lol But with the arrival of Damien... I wouldn't mind a few more Northern "countryside" arcs. HAHAHA


TL;DR I really love the development. I love the story, and I is pretty much good as it is. Their past might be "brushed off" and given in one go at the start, but the development in the middle was really good... of how the two MCs are trying to learn and be good to each other (more like MC taming ML hahaha). There wasn't any pointless drama... just enough to give us some depth of the characters and their principles.

I think one good factor that lead me to say this is good is because there are already plenty of updates to read about. I was able to grasp the development than just the pillow talks every now and then. For those who are just starting, I can say that there's a higher chance for you to love this than those who caught only a glimpse at the start. Please give it a try.

Overall, it's a good read. I did not regret catching up to the latest update even with an exam in a few days. HAHAHA Someone slap me please LOL <<less
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Suzaku67 rated it
June 1, 2018
Status: c27
Interesting novel so far, I feel like it has a lot of potential. Please note I'm a dude who is reading this while that may not seem to matter, it is josie after all. The story does have a fair but of s*x which I wasn't really into however the character development along with the plot kept it interesting.

The story goes, A girl named Lucia who is raised a commoner has a great dream depicting her future. It will be a hard life with little joy and much betrayal and... more>> sadness. She lives an entire life in her dream predicting everything that would happen and living it. Her life follows the dream, using what she has learned she makes changes in preparation of diverging her life for the better. In her dream she becomes recognized as a princess and lives a lonely secluded life until she is sold at 19 years old, upon a new king rising to power. In light of that event, a damning event which would set her on a crash course for her most hated future she diverges. At 18 she has prepared and approaches a man of high prestige and nobility, offering herself in marriage. This man, a duke is tempted by her odd personality which seems mature, cute but with a very obvious desperation which he cannot figure out. <<less
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