The Villains All Fell in Love with Me After Rebirth


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Ji Ling transmigrated into the world of a book and has become an 18-year-old aristocrat of the same name in the Interstellar Empire. In order to get another chance at life, he must play his role perfectly, love the Imperial Emperor without second thoughts, and act as an obstacle to the shou. He has to use his own sinister schemes to bring out the shou’s noble perfection.

He worked hard to play his character…

Towards the main lead, Imperial Emperor, love without second thoughts and sacrifice his life for him.

Towards villain number 1, Duke, repay evil with good and get his cooperation in dealing with the main shou.

Towards villain number 2, Marshal, sacrifice himself to help both of them and get his cooperation in dealing with the main shou.

Towards villain number 3, Speaker of the House, give heart and soul to help each other to get his cooperation in dealing with the main shou.

In order to deal with the main character, he used all available resources and gathered all available forces. Every time when the main shou was forced into a wall, he’d “fall short one step” and let himself be mercilessly slapped in the face. In the end, he was turned into a “victim of his own schemes”, becoming the scapegoat of the shou and dying to save the male lead.

Just when he thought he could finally leave and enjoy a good life…

The system said: The world collapsed after you died. Now sending you back to the initial point when you first transmigrated. Please do the mission again. Friendly reminder ~ both male and female villains have been reborn, please work hard and continue your efforts. The plot must be brought back on track. I have high hopes for you!

Ji Ling had to do the mission one more time, just that …

Villain Duke: How could anyone not love such a cute little thing, hiding his soft heart under a pretentious facade?

Villain Marshal: He is not as arrogant and domineering as he looks. In fact, his heart is brighter and kinder than anyone else.

Villain Speaker of the House: You are my faith, my everything. I am forever willing to stand by your feet and clear your obstacles.

Ji Ling: You all shouldn’t love me. I love His Highness. I will always only love him alone!

Male Emperor: What a coincidence, I love you too.

Ji Ling: … I have a sentence ****, and I must say it now.

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Acidelia rated it
February 19, 2020
Status: Completed
While reading this, I was fully immersed in Ji Ling's journey. The pacing was right for me to be able to enjoy all the dogblood moments and action this novel had (which was admittedly a lot more than I expected).

For me, Ji Ling wasn't your standard silly MC. For the most part, MC's system was absent so, he relies on quick ideas in his attempts to complete his goals –when he isn't obstructed by the love interests possessiveness and large brainholes, he's often able to use their misunderstandings to... more>> save his tofu from being eaten. Though sometimes innocent towards the interests intentions, I attribute it to the MC trusting the original text too much to inform him of the other characters. Besides the drama and action, I especially enjoyed the more sombre scenes the MC exhibits towards the climax of the text.

In regards to the love interests, let's just say you either love them or hate them or forget about them... Still the suspense on who the ML would end up being was fun.

(The spoiler has more in-depth review of love interests with spoilers. Don't read if you want the fun of guessing who the ML is, which tbh is the bulk of the fun.)

When the novel the MC transmigrated to was revealed to be flawed, I thought "well that explains why the interests had faulty reasoning for liking the MC" I think the author tried to word their reasons differently but to me, it was still dog blood logic.

Besides that, Carlos definitely deserves his Villain #1 title, sometimes I'm sympathetic towards him, but then I remember he has a terrible perception of love - the worst amongst all the interests.

And in that sense, Jing Sui to me was a runner up in terrible view of love. I was really rooting for him in the beginning - he was the original ML and when chasing the MC he displayed the standard signs of a ML. He was domineering, heroic, pampering, and sometimes roguish –if MC wasn't very against being with him you really would ship them.

Brandon needs to be downgraded from interest to support because where was he and what did he do in the novel??? I'm mostly joking but I'm also really not because Brandon lacked any aura or presence in the novel for me to even muse him as potential ML Still, I respect him because he was the least blinded by love, and he was the only character able to cleanly let go - so I think his happy ending is well deserved.

Wen Yan who wasn't in my radar until halfway through actually got me to root for him and the MC as brothers... He's always been the underdog, and he doesn't really stand out until you stop comparing him to the other love interests. Besides ML, he's the one who shows more care and thought for the MC through his actions. He was the spare-tyre in this novel, and the one I wished the most to have a happier ending. Someone please write an AU based on their senior-junior CP...

I could see why Ning Yu ended up being the ML, he never misunderstood or romanticised the MC and was the only one who attempted to understand him. Still doesn't stop me from wishing for either a friendship ending or alternate lover endings.


Overall: 4.8/5. <<less
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Mmailah rated it
March 17, 2020
Status: Completed
The other reviews are already really accurate so I'll just share my insight.


I, like many others, completely understand why the Ji Ling chose Ning Yu. The sum it ip, here's what kind of love/emotion each male love interest had towards Ji Ling.

Jing Sui - regret

Carlos - possessiveness

Wen Yan - guilt

Brandon - protectiveness

Ning Yu - curiosity and understanding

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Cannon Fodder
Cannon Fodder rated it
February 23, 2020
Status: Completed
Another gem novel.

The summary threw me off a bit and I stumbled through the first translated chapters thinking it was a fast-wear. To my pleasant surprise, it wasn't and I was pretty skeptical if it would work out. But man does this work out.

The author beautifully crafted the setting and situation of Ji Ling (MC) from the beginning, but it wasn't an information dump to me. I really enjoyed reading it and really slowed down to understand everything because it was interesting. For me, the whole novel was paced... more>> pretty well and is the perfect length: it's not unnecessarily long or too short.

Ji Ling's (MC) is portrayed as simple, naive (not s*upid) and kindhearted... basically, a Mary Sue, but there is a touch of complexity to his character as well. When he sets his mind on something, he will stubbornly continue on that path and it is what keeps him going throughout the novel.


For example, his overall goal is to just go home and nothing will keep him from doing that. Kinda sad for his suiters but on the other hand, when Ji Ling likes someone he goes for it lol. *wink wink*


Ji Ling can be unpredictable sometimes and catch you off guard. I especially like it when he pulls reverse Uno cards against the villains and protagonists. He's also pretty sharp sometimes and you'll see it pretty early.

When the characters start acting abnormal, he immediately picks it up and realizes that they're reborn.


Basically, give him some love and sympathy. You can't help but light a candle for him sometimes.

As for our pseudo-harem, I have to admit that I did root all of them at least once. One thing I like is that there are parts throughout the novel where it flips to their preception and thoughts so you can understand them. They all had their moments to shine (some more than others) and they have the individual characteristics that give them a charm. However, it was a far stretch when they gave their reasons for falling in love but it still makes sense. Some just a tad more reasonable.

(Not going to review all their characters and will not spoil too much because I want you to read it. Everything falls into place and the ending becomes much more satisfying and sweet when you read it yourself.)


But lowkey had my eyes on Ning Yu since the beginning. He cannot escape my rotten radar.


Overall, I highly recommend. It's not perfect but it really keeps you on your toes throughout the novel. I will continue to follow this novel even though I finished it. Great job to the translators. Five Stars. <<less
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spicychicken rated it
February 18, 2020
Status: Completed
Recommend it to ppl who loves dog-blood plot. Novel happens in an interstellar universe where the MC transmigrated in a noble obsessed with the Emperor. The MC isn't dumb like it normally is in QT but he also isn't smart either. I guess he's could be described as smarter than average. Not an OP MC but he does make some moves that caught me off guard _ (:3 」∠) _

The novel make it seems like it's gonna be a harem but don't worry it's 1v1. Would've liked a bit more interaction between the ML and MC tho 。゚ (゚´ω`゚) ゚。

Finding the ML was hard!! I didn't know who it was gonna be until the later half of the novel. I also found the reason for them liking the MC pretty weak but ʅ(◞‿◟)ʃ. Still a pretty good read tho.


No, the emperor isn't the ML :3

ML = protagonist shou/Ning Yu/Gabriel

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Efu-sama rated it
March 1, 2021
Status: Completed
I never like a harem story. But this novel really plucked my heartstring. One thing I have to absolutely say about this novel is: The ML who ended up with the MC is absolutely deserving and the best!

In fact, this harem novel is really sad. Because all of the harem member (MLs) here are equally sincere, and love the MC dearly. It's really sad for the other harem member who ended up alone in the end.

However! The MC here is also miserable and sad. The MC didn't deliberately seduce the... more>> MLs, he didn't even act like a white lotus. He sincerely just want to go back home to his world, he really never have any thought to live in the novel world, and he always act sincerely trying not to hurt every people in the novel because someday he will leave.

In the end the harem members who got reborn really are making trouble for him. Forcing him for one to another, forced his kiss, forced to touch him, etc, when the MC is still an 18 years old boy who really didn't want to be loved by a guy at all! I feel sad and frustrated for the MC, and somehow felt enraged towards the MLs who shoved their love towards the MC despite how many times the MC has hinted and even said outrightly that he doesn't like them, he doesn't want to be with them. It's so frustrating.

Regardless, the harem member still are miserable. Because they truly love the MC. Perhaps the only fault is that the fact they had to exist in the same world at the same time. If only they existed one by one at different era and different world, I think all of the harem members are actually deserving.

Such conflicted things make me sigh and felt very sad. At one side I got so frustrated for the MC who got forced for the ML's love despite he clearly said he doesn't like them, but at another side I got sad for the MLs because of their sincere feelings.

Still, in the end, the main lead, the main ML who ended up together with the MC is really the perfect one. Even from the first time the MC got transmigrated the ML already recognized the disrepancy of the MC's actions and has always been very curious towards him. MC (thought) that his acting to become a vicious and bully cannonfodder is very good, yet actually in the face of someone with a real 2 faces, his acting was miserable, LOL. So, the main ML was like "You call this being vicious? You call this bullying? What a joke! I thought you were a kind tsundere who hide your good deeds instead~"

The main ML is the FIRST ever and the ONLY person who notice every single disrepancy in MC's actions, and even guess that the MC is so distant despite his friendly nature... like he's not from their world at all, like he would someday disappear (What a jackpot, LOL). He is is very good In the FIRST time the MC got transmigrated, the ML is the only person who ever sincerely save the MC, be kind towards him, while everyone in the whole world abandon the MC (Including all of the other MLs!), while the MC was at his lowest time feeling scared and sad. At that time the main ML had appeared like a prince in shining armor, the only person who didn't hurt the MC and save him instead.


The main ML didn't have that much of screen time, but every time he appeared, he always teared down the MC's disguise and give him freedom, making him act as his true self, getting angry and annoyed without pretence outrightly in front of the ML. If you pay attention to the novel, since the earliest chapter, everyone has always been described as good looking and extremely handsome, but only the main ML that the MC has ever worship for his good looks when they first met, and only the main ML that the MC has ever been sincerely praised as kind and good person in the first time the MC got transmigrated. In fact, even from the first time of the world, the MC and ML have already got a good opinion towards each other, it's really sweet.

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YellowNoodle rated it
February 22, 2020
Status: c89
Guys it's so good but I couldn't finish it because I loved everyone QAQ. (Those moving descriptions man. That hURTED.

Ji Ling's journey is very well written because the author pushes and pulls readers on which Gong is going to get the precious "angel falling to the human realm" "or treasure" lmao.

I dont know what the ending was but I read a spoiler from someone downstairs so it's all good.

However, there were some parts I sped read through because it was... hmm, how to say this, frustrating to read? Because the... more>> MC is a slight above average boi and not super duper op, after his "drama" was acted out, things went stale and flat before throwing readers to another gong lmao. The stale and flat parts were basically MC freaking out and hating how everyone's gay for him. That's not bad but the author's constant use of it is. Maybe it's just emphasizing how much Ji Ling is "straight" but it gets to a point where I was like, I get it, let's skip this part because it basically says the same thing.

I also wanna point out how useless the system is. Like extremely useless. Ji Ling doesnt even need the damn thing.

All in all, it was pretty good, but not my favorite because I can't choose one gong lol. However, the ultimate winner defiantly deserved Ji Ling more than the others.

Adieu and enjoi


P.s. I like Carlos

Probably cuz author focused more on him and he actually got to a point where the author describes his huge package ;)

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periperi rated it
March 22, 2020
Status: Completed
4 stars

I'm not into harem or non-consensual in any form but this plot was kind of intriguing. Glad that it's ultimately 1V1 and I was rooting for the ML the whole way. As for the other guys...

... more>>

Ya I didn't like them at all. Except Wen Yan. He was the least... forceful. I thought Carlos was the creepiest (he gave the creepy uncle vibes). Jing Sui just couldn't take the no and Brandon just faded off into the background. Boy I was rooting for Ning Yu the whole way. I just kind of wished they had more loving scenes and MC had more chance to show his feelings than ML. I liked that the author showed the POV of the other characters to kind of show us what they were going through instead of some nonsensical blind love (but still, nope, don't really like the rest). I just feel that out of everyone, only ML really respected and understood MC, actually gave him the space he needed to sort out his feelings.


So why I took off the one star,

understandably for a harem book is because the other guys that I didn't like had a looot of screen time. Maybe if Wen Yan had more screen time it'll be fine but nope, the creepy overbearing dudes get the screen time. A lot of non-consensual stuff goes on. MC chastity remains in tact but he kind of gets kissed by pretty much everyone. Okay ML kind of also does that kissing bit, but he's not overbearing or super forceful like the rest (but ya, non-consensual is non-consensual no matter what but at least he doesn't try to go overboard like the rest. Am I bias? Probably.). I just want more fluff between ML and MC.

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petalfy rated it
June 16, 2021
Status: Completed
I personally never write reviews, but I just love this story so much. It is most definitely one of my favorite danmei novels, and my favorite story of this authors. Says a lot, as the other works of this author are also absolute gems! The translation is absolutely excellent, to the point that I almost didn't want to MTL because I was afraid of reading this story with downgraded quality. Despite my concerns, I decided to go ahead with MTL and honestly have no regrets.

The MC, Ji Ling, may not... more>> be to everyone's liking. I would describe him as more of the innocent type, he just wants to get his mission completed so he can go back to his original world. It was fun watching him try to keep the plot on track, albeit failing miserably due to everyone being reborn.

A rundown of the love interest candidates, from worst to best, in my opinion. Warning, major spoilers coming up:


Brandon is a supporting male in the original story, and also managed to stay one throughout the entire plot of the novel. He is just plain and bland, in my opinion, with not much presence at all. Personally, he shouldn't even be a candidate in the first place, as he's just a supporting character at best. Also, kind of strange that he automatically gave the MC an angels halo just because he saved him once.

Carlos is the main villain of the original story, he's the most possessive of the group. Personally not the biggest fan of him, as he's too overbearing and obsessive. I can see why he's the favorite of so many people though, as he fits the possessive love interest cliche. I believe he was mainly loved by the main characters dependence and trust in him during the previous life.

Jing Sui is the ML of the original story. Nothing against this candidate, he's just so... not to my taste. His love for Ji Ling seems to just be based off of the guilt he has towards him, because Ji Ling sacrificed his life for him in his previous life. Overall, he's a domineering, powerful emperor with not much substance.

Wen Yan! Serious second lead syndrome with this one. I just came to adore him during the late half of the story. At first, I didn't think there was much to him, as the author mainly focused on other love interest candidates, but I was moved by his dedication to the MC. I just loved him, especially during the modern arc when everyone went to MC's world. I hope he finds his happiness.

Ning Yu is the MC of the original story and the love interest/ML of this novel, I was rooting for him since the beginning! He is also the rebel leader, Gabriel. He genuinely fell for the MC, while the rest were all influenced by the guilt of their past life. All of them seem to heavily romanticize and idolize the main character, explaining and misunderstanding everything he did with their old knowledge. Ning Yu, on the other hand, grew interest in the MC after discovering his real self. They had the best interactions and I really enjoyed reading their scenes together. I was so happy when the 1v1 ending ended up being between Ji Ling and Ning Yu.


Some ending spoilers!/ What happened to the ML's at the end?:


The MC and the five love interest candidates all ended up in the MC's original world and continued their fights and pursuits there. Eventually, MC chose Ning Yu. Carlos and Jing Sui both dedicated themselves to work, Wen Yan is pursuing some sort of project in the gaming industry (don't really get what's happening here, MTL is such a drag), and Brandon moved on and found a boyfriend to live a normal life with. I'm glad that he could move on, since his love for the MC was never sincere love to begin with. It seemed that he was just protective because he discovered MC's soft interior.


Don't let the negative reviews get to you, especially if the particular review was from a person that hasn't finished the novel. If you love dog-blood drama stories, you'll love this, I promise!

Conclusively, this novel was a wonder and I would 100% reread it once the translation is complete. I can not recommend this novel enough, and I hope others will give it a chance as well. <<less
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rkrk rated it
September 3, 2020
Status: Completed
Usually I’m not a big fan of harems as while I enjoy all the characters being fond of the MC, I’m not fond of the inevitable heartbreak that is often super dramatised and dogblooded

That said, I really enjoyed this journey with this novel. This story basically takes place in 3 parts, and without any one part, it would feel half assed, or incomplete.

The author puts in a lot of care into writing and justifying why this ML is the best fit for MC where you hardly feel indignant about the... more>> ending, because they would also conclude the personalities of all the other MLs without really neglecting any of them

okay, maybe just one. But he also made a choice to pursue his own happiness which is an interesting way to spread out the decisions that each ML makes


Naturally, it does has its flaws too. In it’s typical dogblooded fashion, in the first part where the MC has to redo the world again, and everyone is aggressive going for his ass, it got a little repetitive and drawn out for a brief moment. And because the MC is often just super helpless, with a system that’s just like “uwu....?????” It gets tiring to read. Maybe I’m just not a big fan of overly possessive characters and that whole arc just reeks of it from everyone.

Reading about everyone’s regrets about the MC from their POV, and slowly piecing together the story about what actions MC did in his previous run was also fun though my heart ached a little.

The MC is really cute too. In his eyes, he’s a foolproof actor who executes his plot points flawlessly. However in reality, he’s just a fumbling idiot, willing the plot to move on. In the first run, most of the MLs were too caught up with their own goals and motives to notice the awkwardness with the MC, with the exception of the main ML, who also goes with the plot but is intrigued by the MC. Whereas in the second run, nothing goes his way anymore, because all the ML reprocesses the MC’s actions and reinterprets them to however they like, effectively turning the MC into a saint LOL.

When it was continued beyond MC somewhat completing his rollercoaster of a mission, and him returning to his own world. Along with him comes the MLs, whose soul replaces characters in the MC’s world. It was not too surprising but it was a pleasant take.

I really liked it that all of them eventually finds out that they’re from a novel, and takes some time to process it before accepting it maturely and deciding to do what they do next.

The modern world was a fun read, seeing the MLs adapt into their environment. Also learning not to act like they’re from a lawless land like in their previous world, it was a neat change, honestly.

For the most part, all of the MLs are pretty respectful of the MC which I really enjoy. Being possessive and forcing people all the time gets really boring and irritating real quick. After losing the MC twice, they also decided on their way of wishing the MC’s happiness.

I ended up rooting for all of them, and I wouldn’t mind an extra for each of their route on a ‘what if, ending

Of all people I didn’t expect me to sympathise so much with Wen Yan, since for the most part he took a seat in the back burner and watched things from the sidelines. My heart ached so much for his circumstances and pining but mad respect to him. He’s pretty much the second lead in this modern world arc, giving me severe Second Lead Syndrome...I just want him to be happy

I feel bad for Jing Sui and Carlos since they pretty much end up alone with their jobs for the rest of their lives (maybe) but they also know that Ji Ling (MC) is super kind and will feel sad for them, so they no longer pressure the MC after he makes his final decision and wish him happiness, and protecting him from the shadows.
I’m super glad they didn’t decide to force MC, especially with his family because that’s super easy for them but they’ve decided to keep supporting the MC.

Brandon on the other hand, after coming to the new world, decided to lead his own life. And eventually gets a lover. Although I’m usually not the type to like when anyone moves on from the MC, but I’m also glad that this was one of the options. He’s living a good and normal life with his lover and that’s nice.

I just finished the final part of the novel so that knife is still so deep and raw.

It finishes off wonderfully with Ning Yu (our main ML) ’s POV on Ji Ling’s first run of the world which just shows off Ji Ling’s awkward acting and the reason why Ning Yu likes him. We saw all the other ML’s in the beginning of the story, I really wasn’t expecting it but yay!

It left me wanting for more... but it also ended on such a good note I just feel so torn. My heart feels so empty now. Gosh.

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puu264 rated it
June 29, 2020
Status: c94
I hope the translator could keep their interest of this good novel as I know each chapter has a quite long word count. I can't wait to read the extra chapters UwU

I like that the MC still being truthful to himself and maintaned his aim while he transmigrated.

I like how the author dig emotional development for each harem members so we could see how each harem members might become the ML in this 1vs1 HE.

I ❤ this author. Each n everyone of their work is so recommended
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MJK rated it
March 30, 2020
Status: Completed
I love this novel everything is good! Although ML isn’t one that I hope?
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ylial rated it
March 6, 2020
Status: Completed
I love the story though there are times that I get pissed with d indecisiveness of ji Ling, it is still within d scope of story since he is only 18y/o in his real world. The story is coherently written and not jumbled despite the bits by bits info (since the scenes that happen in the 1st arc/1st lifetime are flashbacks). Ji Ling ended up with least I expected male chara (I didn't even ship them together). Around mid story (50++ chapters), I felt a lil disappointed with the ML... more>> but eventually I realized that he was good for the MC (ji Ling).

Ji Ling and all the male chara's have been together for 3 lifetimes.

It actually has 101 chapters including the extra. <<less
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Landfill123 rated it
November 14, 2020
Status: Completed

I kinda felt bad for the ML's that didn't get chosen. But I guess what they felt for him was never really "love"and the one they liked is only a persona. They thought they saw through him, but only the real ML did which is Ning Yu. I actually had my eye on him all throughout I read this. I was shocked but not really¯\_ (ツ) _/¯

I also get second hand embarrassment from MC from time to time... it was hard to continue. I just sucked it up and kept reading... It was quite worth it.


5 stars because IT IS GOOD and this is one of the first BL works I've read. This and some other novels are what made me a fujoshi. Due to that, I also ventured into other forms like manga, webtoon, audio cd's, etc. This has a special place in my rotten heart.

Not for everyone. But if ya'll have time to spare, just try reading this and decide whether to keep going or not.
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July 8, 2021
Status: --
Meh. Built up a bunch of the villain relationships just for the male-lead to be the LEAST built up relationship. The End ML barely had any screen time or development with his relationship toward the MC. It felt like it came out of left field and was super unsatisfying. And he was my least favourite ML too. And calling him a ML is a bit of a stretch considering he wasn't really a ML until the very end. He felt so dull and two-dimensional compared to the rest of them.... more>> He's just... boring?


Good story otherwise, enjoyed it up until that point. Totally thought the end-pairing would be the Emperor ngl, since he had the most screen time + spent the most time with the MC. He did go a bit psycho though toward the end.

Oh well. What a pity. <<less
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midnightblues rated it
June 2, 2021
Status: Completed
I just finished this novel under MTL and can I just say that this story is amazing and blew me away? I've never ever read MTLs because I can't get over the weird sentence structures that don't make sense half the time, but this novel made me so desperate to continue that I read through all the MTL chapters at one go for the first time ever - and I don't regret doing so.

This novel is one of the most wonderful ones I've read so far, and the second half... more>> of the novel from around chapter 40+ onwards is when things started to get interesting. It started off a little slow but the pace quickens a lot around this mark.

Not gonna lie, I almost dropped the novel at the start because I couldn't get over the odd reasoning for the 4 MLs' sudden love for the MC (Ji Ling) after their rebirth in the second life. It just... didn't really make sense how their guilt could turn to blind love? (Jing Sui's makes some sense to me but the rest... not really).

BUT when you get over the reasoning behind this and just read on, the plot starts to get more interesting and we find out some twists that we didn't expect

such as Gabriel being Ning Yu; Ning Yu actually being suspicious of MC's 'acting' from the start etc.


Some people may find the MC's actions a little wishy-washy but you have to remember that he is a literal teen in this (barely 18) and has been transported to a weird world with life and death stakes all alone by himself, with only a (kinda useless) system to support him. He also doesn't know what else to do to return to his original world other than follow the mission task given by the system, which is to stick to the original novel and play it out. In that scenario, I doubt many of us would take much risks and not try to follow the mission task until we get more information.

I would say that some of my favorite parts start from chapter 70+ onwards,

which was when the MC went back to his original earth/world and the MLs transmigrated there as well. I also love modern day scenes in general, so seeing the book characters having to adapt to the modern (or ancient earth, to them) earth was really interesting.

More spoilers about the ending here:

It is a 1v1 ending, not a reverse harem ending. I really love that the main ML is Ning Yu in the end, as I have always enjoyed the interactions between Ji Ling and Ning Yu/Gabriel. Compared to the other MLS, the interactions MC has with Ning Yu/Gabriel has that snark and fun banter, and that is always fun to read. I've always been rooting for Ning Yu/Gabriel, so the fact that they ended up together makes me so happy. How Ning Yu pursues Ji Ling in the segment makes me squeal and they are so cute together.

The last 2 chapters of the novel were amazing too - we get to read from another character's perspective and I wished that it was much longer

(and also include Ning Yu's POV from his second life)

Overall, this novel is definitely one that I will reread (and wait for the real translations to be out to fully enjoy the novel again).

5/5 will recommend. <<less
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summerspring rated it
June 18, 2020
Status: Completed
I have been in the sick habit of reading things that make my heart hurt and DAMN.

This is a emotional roller coaster. It starts out light and funny and then sucker punches you. My heart. My brain. I love this writer T^T. Even though this story hurt my soul I am glad I stuck with it and read it all.
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EatAssss rated it
April 28, 2020
Status: Completed
Okay so overall I had a good time reading this. If you are into yandere's or into dog-blood plots this is probably something you should read.

so for the good things, I was very pleased with the characters, a lot of them did somewhat bad things but the reasons behind them you could somewhat sympathize for or at least make you understand why they were doing it. I did not end up hating most of the characters and mostly only felt sad or was annoyed with them. For me it was... more>> interesting to try and find the male lead and I thought it was Jing Sui or Carlos I was pretty satisfied with who ended up being the male lead. The main character is entertaining and pretty good. I enjoyed how committed he was to his goal, I still think he is somewhat of a gary stu but hes obviously much deeper then that, at least later in the story.

However there are some problems I had with the novel.i think the main issue was the suitors reasoning for being in love, usually with obsessive characters there has to be a pretty good reason however I found that a lot of them were lackluster, like Gary Stu reasoning. I think Wen Yan's made the most sense according to his character and I think Jing sui's was good however Carlos and Brandon's was like ???? I didn't think theres made sense

the last thing I had problems with was the male lead. I think the male lead was introduced (as a suitor at least) late.


Ah what to do Ning Yu. Honestly it was a nice suprise that he was the main lead (even if it wasnt to surprising) however he was exposed to be Gabriel around chapter 30 but he wasnt going for Ji Ling (he was just kinda being a playing with him) but that already kinda made me think :/ of him. He later confessed but it was pretty late and there wasn't as much time to develop him and Ji ling relationship with each other or at least to the full extent it could of. It made sense that Ji Ling chose him but I feel there love was rushed in the last few chapters. I feel like Ning yu should've been there more in the second life, and the seed of love should've been Stronger

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puffiness123 rated it
April 25, 2020
Status: Completed
It's beautiful.


MC transmigrates into a book, pretty much all the love interests are possessive or yandere. MC ends up picking the person he loves. It was the ML I wanted MC to end with so I was happy.

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Sonu rated it
March 12, 2020
Status: Completed
The translation quality is really good. The plot line is also good.. well.. at the least Ji ling kept me entertained. I cried many times while reading this novel. Ji Ling is described as the most gentle but the most ruthless person as well. You will understand when you read it till the end. After completely reading the novel, I felt so sorry for Emperor Jing and Carlos. As for Wen yan... I don’t know what to say. Brandon was basically a supporting character. Having him is also as good... more>> as not having him in the novel. Also, the system in this novel was the most unreliable system I have ever seen. Well, at the least Ji ling wasn’t a s*upid MC.

Ji ling was with the main shou Ning yu in the end. Really unexpected for me!!!! Ah!!!!

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lizbestraume rated it
October 21, 2021
Status: Completed
i have reread this novel so many times because it's THAT good. a masterpiece. I will forever be in love with it. for a dog blood drama lover like me, this is definitely my cup of tea!!

... more>>

I'm happy to discover that ning yu is the ml. at first, I didn't pay much attention to him... he was supposedly the shou after all and I was only curious about jing sui. but then starting from the scene when jiling kidnapped ning yu, there was something mysterious about him that pulled me in and I was always thrilled to read their scenes LOL I shipped them like crazy even when I thought ji ling and ning yu would probably be best friends at most...



i'd say this novel was an excuse for the author to prank her readers and she did a wonderful job at it, haha. the title deceives you to think that the candidate for ML would be one of the villains. and then you read the summary and see that the ML of the original story also falls for the MC. it's kinda confusing but the title kinda leads you to still believe that ML will end up with one of the villains. and then this is supported by carlos dominating the first few chapters... followed by jingsui (who seems to steal most of the screen time). that's when you start having second thoughts, "ah, ok, maybe jingsui is the ml." despite his problematic behavior. wen yan is obviously the second lead material, and so is brandon (that guy is simply hopeless). but then, BAM. MC ends up with ning yu, who turns out to be more charming than expected!! LMAO


anyway!! it won't hurt to give this a shot. I personally enjoyed the storyline and never found any dull moments. even if I did lose quite a lot of brain cells mtl-ing the story, it didn't make me love it less. I was surprised to see some people actually dislike this... hands down one of the best danmeis i've ever read!!! <<less
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