A Wave of Exes Came Looking for Me. What to Do?!


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Bai Yue Sheng is a Transmigration System clerk, each of his tasks he completes to the 100%, for each one he has gotten the best scores, after he finally passed seven, eight, nine… okay, an unknown number of worlds, Lord God gave him an opportunity to be promoted; the requirement was only to live on an ordinary way for 20 years at his original world.

The requirement was easy, Bai Yue Sheng accepted the task, but he could have never imagined that, just after he settled on planet Earth, his “exes” would actually break through time and space to chase him down!

Bai Yue Sheng: As a 10/10 slag, how do I break away from the siege of this bunch of mental people… while also living 20 years of an ordinary life?

Author: hehe…

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New cherryblossomsinsummer
March 19, 2020
Status: Completed

I have no complaints, absolutely no complaints! Everything was so good, the twist, the characters, the settings. Although since I've read the author's previous books, I already suspected that the MLs would actually be soul fragments and it ended up being true. But when it was finally revealed I f*cking cried.

This novel also contains a lot of spoilers from Need to Propose to Seven Men. Ahh, I really miss Chu Mu Yun. I hope the translations will be picked up again soon :")

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New holachica rated it
March 13, 2020
Status: --
Um... not bad... I guess. I don't totally recommend, but its a good quick read.

Wish Lance got more love, though. Also the initial emotional unavailability of the MC kinda pissed me off a bit. Also I kinda just felt bad for the MLs, 'specially Lance and Neil. It's like the author just gave them a tragic backstory and then never compensated them for it. They just keep suffering.
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December 12, 2017
Status: c2
From the two chapters i've seen, this story is very interesting a good read.

The translation is also good, 1 chapter every three days (i think).

There's about 64 chapter and times by three...192. Forgive me if I'm wrong, so in about 192 days or 6 months the translation will be complete... Work hard translator!

.... and your hardwork is very much appreciated ;)

Thank you for picking up this story, i'll be looking forward to more updates.
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Fundle rated it
April 29, 2018
Status: Completed
Very Well done! I've read the entire thing an I know this story has a great plot twist. This author is very good at making weird personalities and matching them. Well worth the read through the raws.

The premise of this story is just like the main story. Our smart MC is done with all his transmigration missions. He just has just one more easy world to finish before he can get his hearts desire (plus all the power riches and glory). Just stay unnoticed for 20 years. Unfortunately all of... more>> his exes from his past worlds have come to put in there two cents. The "easy" mission is not so easy when your Luck is way to good. Your looks are way to good. And your mental exes are chasing you. No I do not want to be a model. No I don't want your million dollar inheritance I suddenly gain from an uncle. No you can not kiss me in public, I'm trying to teach a class here! Stop trying to kidnap me and bring me back to your palace!

Life's tough when your too perfect.


This is not a harem novel! Though its still HE.

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Maiasia rated it
December 7, 2017
Status: Completed
Similar to a good deal of other "quick-wear" where the multitudes of gongs are all shards of one, this one differs in that the gongs come to the MC instead of vice versa. Interesting concept, but when it comes to the backstory between the MC and each gong, I wished the author had actually been like all other authors and shown it instead of talked about it. I wanna say it would at least flesh out the relationships between both characters instead of making it look like (as it does... more>> right now) the MC is promiscuous (he obviously doesn't know they're all one and the same) and fickle in those relationships, flitting from one lover to the next, life after life. I mean, so far it's only been 26 chapters and we've already gone through the backstory of 4 (I think. I don't remember the exact number, it could just be 3) of his past lovers and are currently in the backstory of another. Come on, some of the backstories were interesting. Even if they were the same generic troupes as many other "fast-wear", I would still want to read more about them. Then again, I just looked at the number of chapters and I suppose you gotta sacrifice something if you want to finish with such a small amount of chapters. It's like the author summarized 4 arcs into one or rather it's like reading the last arch of a "fast-wear" where everything is finally coming down to the conclusion. So don't be fooled by the 3 stars I've given it. It's actually 3.5. 😉 White Sky Translations is doing an awesome job translating this story. No complaints there (5 stars to them 😆). My contention lies in the lack of chapters equaling lack of depth in this story. I'm not saying it's a bad story, I'm saying show and not tell.

EDIT: I've change my scoring to 4 stars cause I really do like this novel. It is getting pretty exciting, but my complaint still stands. I wish there were more arcs showcasing the relationship between MC and each of the ML's. I would really love to learn more about them. <<less
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Shas rated it
December 10, 2017
Status: c2
The MC is a person who wants to live in peace, achieve his mission living 20 years without insidents, but has a damn good luck level S that makes even while he walks he finds money, but as he should live normal, and that normal does not include being rich, not have a rich lover, must give up despite his love for money, basically suffers from being too exceptional
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dona rated it
May 30, 2019
Status: Completed
Well...I recommend this if youre in the mood for yaoi and have nothing else on your list.

Now for my rating... heres my problem with it:

    • MC hooks up with different ML in each world he transmigrates to, sleeps with them, acts like a lover and discards them without notice. No word, and expects them to be fine with it. You cant even call him a badass character, this is total as*hole territory.
    • He claims to have high EQ but is totally baffled when his past lovers chase him and demand explanation for his actions. Why sleep with them if youre just doing a mission? It annoyed me so much. Like can you keep it in your pants for once??? And those he doesnt seduce still end up falling for him... because plot.
    • His attitude at the end was a total turn off. All throughout the story he was a logical, strong and independent character but in the end becomes a spoiled, acting coquettish.. yeah nope.
    • The ending was bad...

      All the MLs end up into one body.. wahh so convenient, saves the trouble for MC to choose one lover -.-

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ResidentialPsycho rated it
November 18, 2018
Status: c25
The combination of tension and comedy combined with deep backstories makes this an inviting and engaging read.

This is a hilarious series where an MC attached to a system and is a veteran of nine worlds is struggling to get a promotion. For this task, he has to live an average life on Earth for 20 years. Sure, his Lucky S Physique causes him some distress, but this mission gives him the impression that it's too easy to really make sense. And then... his overpowered obsessive exes start showing up, one... more>> after another, invading his world all willy-nilly, quickly turning this into the most difficult task he's ever faced.

The MC is not a slut. So far, four exes have appeared so far. In each world, he only every loved one person. He only ever got married once, and spent that lifetime in unconditional love with that person. Once the MC left that world and assumed he would never see his husband again, he moved on, but he literally waited centuries in another world before doing so... At that time, it wasn't really his choice to get into a new relationship either. For the other exes revealed thus far, they were largely one-sided toward him. Even when he chose never to fall in love with anyone again, he was still only with one s*x buddy for one lifetime. One world, one lifetime, one love. He was loyal to each one. He's much cleaner than a lot of people in today's world, who might even sleep with different people within a single decade. The only problem is that now, which is probably thousands of years after he's been separated from some of them and never expected to see them again, they all showed up in the same world that he's inhabiting. To him, these people all suddenly just popped out of the grave... For these exes, it's only been anywhere from a couple of decades to a few centuries since the MC disappeared from their worlds, which is far less than it's been for him.

The exes include the loyal, innocent type of ex, the yandere ex, the overbearing ex, etc. It could be taken as a bit of a satire with yaoi. Each of these men could be the ML of another BL series. They're all capable, and each one is powerful enough to destroy the world and ruin the MC's promotion... Here, though, they all get mixed together in a crockpot of hell and hilarity, making the MC beg for them to quit showing up on his doorstep.

The poor MC has to struggle about how to deal with each one of them. One, he genuinely loved. Another, he only thought of as a business partner. Yet another was abusive, and the MC has seriously considered killing him. He deals with each one as an individual person and tries to treat them all fairly. Unequivocally, he asks to end the relationships he had already considered to be over. Unfortunately for him, the only means he can use to make them go away complicates things.

As a transmigrator who never belongs in the world he visits, he has already cut himself off from love, but none of the exes approve of this. For such an uproarious series, he and the exes all show a significant amount of character depth and development.

Although the MC thinks he just needs to behave himself for twenty years, his true task appears to be more along the lines of saving the world from his exes while maintaining an average life and remaining unknown to most people.

Anyway, this is a great read. Although this is tagged as a yaoi, it could be read as a shounen-ai since there aren't any explicit s*x scenes. Even if you don't like BL, this is a fun read and worth checking out to laugh at the torment the MC has to suffer through for his past relationships and choices. <<less
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LoneSoul rated it
December 8, 2017
Status: c2
Based on some... spoiler I've read... this seems to be a good stories with a lot of laughter coming our way.

... more>>

I do have to admit the spoiler is not much since it basically has been written in the summary. However, I can't wait for some...*ehem* fujoshis and fudanshis out there who is capable of reading the original raw to spread the love (spoiler to be exact)


In any cases, I've read the two chapter that is translated and CAN'T wait for the next one to be uploaded.

Thank you translator! If you need some help in editing, I may be of some help... just so I can read it faster... <<less
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IrregularPerson rated it
April 10, 2018
Status: c6
It was alright at first, thought it was going to be interesting but character development is shallow. The main character is OP, cannon fodder are definitely abused, if not dominated and taken into a realm of pleasure. The idea of multiple lovers was interesting but they really do show up one by one, this isn't an outer worldly, wide variety harem I was expecting. The sensual scene weren't too great either. There was also a bit, too much world building of worlds that will never be explore beyond things mentioned.

Each... more>> harem member has inclusive chapters and the main character deals with them differently. <<less
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Ophiuchus rated it
September 8, 2019
Status: c64
Hi! This is my first time writing a review. I hope you enjoy. Good day!
When I review a novel, I usually use this personal criteria.
☆☆☆ - Plot, character development, setting, and etc.
☆-Translation quality.
☆- Personal enjoyment.

Overall Rating:
The plot was very interesting. I've read a lot of transmigration novels, but this novel got me intrigued just by reading the summary so I decided to give it a try. And it did not disappoint~! It got me really fired up into reading and had me hooked up.... more>> (So much that I finished it within a day! (≧◡≦) /) The character development was okay. The MC was a fun person, was not a pushover and witty. It was hilarious to see the MC react in some situations. I really enjoyed the MC's interaction with the MLs (and his internal dialogue with his system.) Although, I wish the author would have given all the MLs equal amount of backstory and screen time. (*Cough*Neil*Cough*) Because I feel like some fade after their arc.

There are also parts in the story that got me confused. It started as fluff, light and had a funny element which I greatly enjoyed, but at the end part, it was a bit dramatic and it has slightly felt like a bit rushed end to me. Nevertheless, it was a good and satisfying read! The chapters were not too long and not too short either. And the best part is that..


It had a good ending and the MC didn't need to choose between the MLs, as they practically shared one soul. So all is well. (⌒▽⌒) ☆


The translation was great! Did well on explaining some parts and very informative. Thank you for translating! ♡♡ ★
Love it! (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡ I had so much fun reading this novel. I recommend this to those who love fluff and light hearted novels with a dash of drama and slight smut. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did ♡♡ <<less
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Rukachi rated it
December 30, 2018
Status: c43
At the beginning, I had my doubts. It kind of feels like QWTFD but not. BYS cracks me up because I emphasize with him so much. I don’t think he’s that much of a scum. He’s spent whole lifetimes with each of his men and thought that they’d never see one another again. Not only that but those were always “roles” he played, so it’s not unreasonable for him to have less intense feelings. He does care for them though, which is evident in their interactions.

The storyline got much better... more>> as the author unveiled the other perspectives and backgrounds of the various males. So far, I like GongYi the most.


I love that BYS is helpless around him and can’t read him lmao. Finally, our scum shou has met his match. I also agree with some other readers that GY should be the “real” ML and that the others are shards of him.


My fave characters are JM and Ah Jiu. These poor side characters, forced to eat dog food. I have my eye on JM though haha.


He’s likely another shard haha.


the translations are absolutely wonderful. Thank you White Sky Translations for picking this up! <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mynbns rated it
January 8, 2019
Status: --
Very good!!! A yaoi comedy novel hahahaha😂😂 You will not regret reading this. Though I wish there are more chapters. I mean, its like the whole novel is compressed thats why you cant help wanting more. Cant help wanting to make each of ML's arc longer to read the whole story what happened to them. This whole novel seems like a the conclusion/ending arc, you know, its because it only little introduces the MLs or what happened in their past (i wanted more of their arc, I wanted the... more>> complete story of each😭), so it only has a little interaction and it lacks depth😭😭 but still this is a good story. And at first I thought this would be a harem, but completey not. Just a misleading notion what it says about the MLs waves and attacks😂 well it is an HE so if you didnt totally analyze the story you will fall for the twist. <<less
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procrastination_day rated it
November 21, 2018
Status: c26
This story is not bad, average in quality, I'd say. Which means it's worth a read provided you not looking for an epic story.

The stetting has a little twist to it as is shown by the summary.

The protagonist is a little different however fro what you usually find in these kinds of novels. HE describes himself as 'gives his boddy, but not his heart' kind ow man which so far has stayed true and looks to continue on like this. He's up for having flings and sexual relations, though he... more>> keeps to his principles and stays true to who ever he is with in whatever world, this ends as he enters the next... Only in this last mission is he forced to face reckoning for his past relationships, which he doesn't do very honestly. Instead he desperately tries to hide all of his exes under the bed so that they stay unaware and don't meet each other (haha). Anyway, the MC is highly task oriented and it is only now that the MC has to come to terms with whatever guilty conscience his past relationships awaken within him and what he does to his exes in order to complete his current task.

The MLs although all are very formidable overpowered capable of overturning heaven and earth and seem to have the general quality of possessiveness, if to varying degrees of severity and obviousness. They do have varied backgrounds and so far distinguishing habits and personalities that aren't overly cliché (note overly). Following I mention one last thing that I have put as spoiler just to be safe.

Not all of the exes have been lovers to the MC though all of them have had s** with him.


The sexual content: though not very explicit it happens often and is frequently alluded to. There are also mentions of rape.

The System: The system is a common feature in multiple transmigration stories and sometimes they are a pleasure, and other times they are a great annoyance hence a section dedicated to it. In my personal opinion this particular system is not very disruptive. It does not have a cliche personality which is a +. Though there are some interactions between the MC and it that hint at background stories that are so far not terribly elaborated on and likely make up a part of a previous series. Though faintly interesting it also comes off as a bit irrelevant to the story. More on the systems personality:

The system is Straight for one, which comes in a little conflict with the MCs interests making their interactions a little funny at times and above all feel fresh. It must be said that he doesn't come off at all as a homophobe. He also seems to like lolies though at this point not much more can be said. He's intelligent in terms of calculations offering his services on this front and occasionally noticing aspects of MCs lovers that MC has overlooked.

Overall. A good system with a non cliche personality that isn't overly intrusive or annoying.

Story telling: Though it's an interesting perspective to tell this sort of story from, since the. backstories of the relationships between the MC and ML are all in the past, whatever trials and tribulations they may have gone through are ultimultly summaries very quickly which hampers the impression into the love story which is why this story only deserves an average rating from me. This said, it is a testament to their pasts that I feel a little moved even when reading these highly abridged pasts.

Translation: Very good, I have absolutely nothing to complain about aside from the occasional typo. The English comes off as English with just a dusting of Chinese expressions that come through in some of the dialogue, but that takes place in a Chinese (story) setting. <<less
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pinkumilkuu rated it
November 19, 2018
Status: Completed

  • Plot:

    I like system + multiple dimension + multiple versions of ML plot points and this is satisfying

  • ML:

    I like the different versions of our ML, they're all overbearing and obsessive, too bad there's little exposure to each of them.


  • Progression of the story: ending was rushed, hope the "revelation" and resolution of the problem was expounded more. MC accepted it too fast lol.
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December 8, 2019
Status: Completed
This is a nice quick light story. The first few chapters got a bumpy translation but it got smoother after chap 6.


While im all for OTL ships, I expected to have a polyamory so it fell short on my expectations


I enjoyed the novel but it doesnt have a lot of payoff on the last few chapters.
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March 20, 2019
Status: Completed
Another great story from this author!

I’ve been avoiding this one because “harem” is one of my most disliked categories for stories. Although I theoretically believe polygamy can be healthy, it has been my experience reading harem stories that the descriptions of the relationships either feel emotionally abusive because they are so inherently unbalanced, or the characters are written not as believable people but in order to fulfill all of the author’s fetish fantasies. After thinking about it some more I determined that even if I am theoretically fine with the... more>> idea of harem, it isn’t the type of story I would like to read about because I prefer more concentrated fluff. Therefore, I have made a conscious decision to stay away from stories that even have the hint of harem.

However, while this story has many of the elements of harem the underlying premise is that it distinctly is not because none of the characters (including the MC) want a harem. Technically it isn’t even harem, but like “Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do?” it feels ambiguously like it is. In particular, this story made me ponder the question “is it morally acceptable to be in a romantic relationship with someone that is truly in love with you even when you only want companionship?”

Like the author’s other stories all of the characters have personalities and flaws shaped by their distinct circumstances. Even the flaws of the MC are understandable and you sympathize with his struggles. The characters and their interactions are really the highlight.

This story is rather short because it jumps past the transmigration missions, which means that as a reader you probably need to be familiar with the genre. Of course I would like if this story was just like all the other transmigrations stories and follows the MC through all the worlds. However, the author’s decision to skip it and explore it through reminiscence is brilliant because it gives us an accurate portrayal of the MC current mindset while still demonstrating how they were shaped by those events. Unfortunately the short length of the story also made the conclusion seem rushed, but it didn’t bother me too much.

Finally, I don’t usually call out translators in my reviews because I love and appreciate them and don’t want to in any way discourage them from stopping. However, if the quality of the translation breaks my immersion in the story then it is a problem. Granted, the quality of these translations are perfectly understandable and will probably only bother people who are sensitive to grammar (like me), but I really wish that such a great story had an editor to clean up all those pesky two-letter words (on, if, in, or, etc...). Regardless, thank you translator for making this story available for the less-talented! <<less
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BillionJellyfish rated it
March 17, 2019
Status: Completed
A new twist to the old system transmigration plots!

Instead of an arc to arc transmigration story, this novel immediately delves into the sequel of what happens after completing all the transmigration missions.

A more in-depth summary with (SPOILERS) :

The MC is a slag shou that sleeps with a different person in each world. After completing all the missions, the MC gets a chance to be promoted to a manager, which allows the MC to choose which worlds to transmigrate to, what missions to complete, and even travel back to a previous... more>> world. The prerequisite to being promoted is to live like an average human on Earth for twenty years. In the course of these twenty years, the MC is visited by all his previous lovers from the worlds he transmigrated to! Like this, the MC needs to figure out how to pacify all of his ex-husbands, ex-fiancees, and ex-boyfriends so as to not fail his promotion.

The ML in the novel is actually all of his lovers in the transmigrated worlds combined. Due to the MC's past (which I will not spoil), the MC have a love-hate relationship with the ML. The ML is your typical OP iceberg face type of ML that will only smile at and spoil the MC. There are also many smexy scenes throughout the novel, but unfortunately, these scenes are generally vague. Personally, I would have preferred more explicit details (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).


Because the novel focuses on the after story of system transmigration, there are only brief snippets/summaries of the worlds the MC transmigrated into. It would have been better to know the full story behind each world, but then again, this novel is a fairly short work, so it can't be helped. The ending is a bit rushed as everything is explained in the last couple chapters and suddenly the MC and ML is back together again, so I'm a little unsatisfied by the sudden ending. Overall, the novel is very interesting as it attempts to show the after story of system transmigration novels, so I would recommend ya all to give this story a try. There is not much angst/drama, making this novel a relatively relaxing read. After finishing the novel, I am left wanting more. <<less
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ikitty03 rated it
March 9, 2019
Status: c25
The story give you a headache. He has to do mission but why does he need a lover over and over. Why can he's ex lovers come after him from time and space. The story make no sense. Mainly about the ex lovers and not the ML. Idk why people give it 5 star. I am not onto mission games. This isn't even yaoi. Yaoi means s*x scenes. It doesn't tell it.
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puffiness123 rated it
February 3, 2019
Status: Completed
This story is beautiful.


There's a lot of jealousy. The male love (s) is possessive.



It made me cry, especially the chapters near the end.



There's a happy ending.

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owlzeyes rated it
January 26, 2019
Status: Completed
umm I liked it. I really wish we could've gone deeper into the past world's story or like give full flashbacks to all the past worlds. Overall it was alright. I thought it was a good enough story. But I did get kind of bored later on and had to force myself to finish it. The relationship between MC and his system is pretty funny/cute. I really liked the storyline of the past worlds and kind of want to see it in other novels too. Anyways the story isn't super... more>> amazing but pleasantly enjoyable. <<less
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Otaku Jelly
Otaku Jelly rated it
November 18, 2018
Status: c50
Was meant to be a quick review~

At first, it does feel like your standard 'world hopping' story. But it has its own charm where it comes into its own.

The story moves along very quickly, there's also an abundance of cute, fluff to get excited over.

... more>> I'm happy that the MC isn't a pushover. Even though there's a ton of ex-boyfriends turning up left and right, the MC isn't always head over heels, or as a complete ass.

Give it a go? It's a fun to read. (.... great translation is apreciated)

Should be noted: The end contains spoilers for Need to Propose the Seven Men What to Do! <<less
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