Befriending The Most Powerful Person


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Shao Ci was bound to the ‘Befriending the Most Powerful Person’ system. After crossing through, only then did he discovered that as long as a more powerful person emerge, this unscrupulous system will immediately change the ‘capture’ target….

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Haraftranslation rated it
January 23, 2018
Status: c281

Unlike other world hopping stories, this novel focuses more on the romance (mainly ML's perseverance XD) and interactions of the characters. Also, I just want to add that I like how adorable the protagonist Shao Ci can be. :D

I realized lots of reader have questions on if Shao Ci will actually end up with anyone. I decided not to miss the opportunity to clarify this and rate this novel too while I'm at it! ≪3

Is this going to be a harem?

No. It is not a harem. :) It just seems like it is. :D Please don't spoil too much. ≪3 I want to make it a surprise! Thank you! ≪3

Will Shao Ci end up with ML?

Don't worry, he will. :)

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Arisana rated it
January 22, 2018
Status: Completed

An enjoyable read. Fast-paced, really really good and different from other 'fast wear' stories. Just a little warning because this story has r*pe in it, the only thing that I did not like. But still, the arcs were written well and the plot twists, gosh, the plot twists. Also, the MC was likable. He's cool but he wasn't too OP. He's a hardworking MC, someone you'd probably want to protect (heck, I wanted to save him from his misery a lot of times).

SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER!!! °˖✧◝ (⁰▿⁰) ◜✧˖°

... more>>

I just finished reading this book and all I can say is don't overthink too much while reading this story. The ending will make you go insane... like WTH, seriously?! And it was kinda abrupt. Like, 'that's it?!'

The targets, most of them, were crazy; yandere level 999. Not the cute kind of yandere like in other stories but the ugly and dark side of yandere. You will love them and hate them to hell. This has mature contents like r*pe and gore. I can tolerate gore, and torture but not r*pe. My favorite targets; Yumil, Edwin, Kevin, Xavier (gosh, Xavier's so adorbs, I cried for him).

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Falconzoro rated it
January 18, 2018
Status: c8
Interdimensional genre which is totally my cup of tea. I just love multiple realms story especially QWFD. I just read a couple of chapters and quite bewildered by how quick ML fall for our MC. I mean he just meet MC, then bamm, he monologue said that MC is the only person he love and care about. Quite strange how ML which is describe by others to be indifferent and cold blooded can 'fall in love at first sight'?Edit- after a few more chapters ahead, I dont even know which... more>> one is the ML. The system is really pit father. It will change raider as long as MC meet more stronger person than previously. A few intimate scene with them too. <<less
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CultivatorBunnyLan rated it
November 9, 2018
Status: Completed
I just had to make an account in order to leave a review.

This story is quite fast-paced. The MC (Shao Ci) is really a darling cinnamon roll. He's weak whenever it comes to food. 😂 And the system is quite shameless (≧∀≦) ゞ (Thigh hugging at its maximum. 😂) I'm just a reader who really enjoys the books. I don't really care or rather choose not to pay attention whenever other authors are creating scientifically wrong/impossible scenarios, etc.

I just really try to enjoy the story. This story is really... more>> good for me. The other arcs may have some shortcomings but over-all they're still good.

It's like QWTFOTD but the targets are super yanderes. Like the: "I will chain you with me so you can't leave me." Type of dark yandere. AND THEY ARE IN EVERY ARC!

And yeah, there's an explanation why the targets would immediately 'want' our MC and it's because of:


It's probably because he has a cheat called 'healing' given by the system. The MC can heal himself but he can also heal other people from injures, etc. But! It only works on humans. It means that if the target considered by the system is a non-human organism then they will feel some sort of attachment and desire towards our MC once they are healed. (And other factors as you go deeper into the story.)


~ I won't consider this as a spoiler since it may also serve as a warning to you, future readers.

There is a r*pe tag

There are certain arcs where the MC is forced by the 'yandere' target. There are also some arcs where the MC was 'done' by the target while he was unconscious.

Why? ↓

('Cause he's been unconscious for hundreds of years due to *beep beep beep* and the target just went 'insane' from waiting for him to wake up.)


If you're uncomfortable with this one, you can stop right now.

Still, the novel for me is a good read.

—● Shao Ci (the MC) does end up with the ML. ●— This is not a harem novel but it does appear so at first, but the explanation is at the end of the book. ↓

The ML's 'appearance' and 'identity' is only finally shown at the end of the novel, cause this is like QWTFOTD the MC's real world is set in the 'future'


If you think you have what it takes to read this then go ahead my fellow readers. ♡ I hope that you will emjoy this novel as much as I did. I will certainly re-read some arcs. ♡ So thankful for the translators who are willing to take this up. I'm supporting you. ✨ <<less
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earlgreyt rated it
September 14, 2018
Status: Completed
Picked this up after getting addicted to QWFOD/quick transmigration novels. The setup is very different from QWFOD (which was all about revenge/face-slapping). Our poor MC just wants to successfully complete his task of cozying up to 'the most powerful person' in his vicinity.

The MC is the earnest type (like in "It's Actually Not Easy Wanting to be a Supporting Male Lead" which I recommend more) but also lazy. He's extremely going-with-the-flow and accepting of whatever the system wants him to do, which can get a bit frustrating when you want... more>> him to stand up for himself for once.

This is NOT a harem novel (the ML's identity is the ending spoiler!) and MC is weak through his stomach and is warmer to the ones that treat him to good food haha.


Pretty much every system target that the MC is "assigned tasks" for falls in love with him and chases after him. They definitely fight over him while the MC's own feelings toward all of them are just lukewarm; most of the time he basically treats them as his job/assignment (because they are). Also the vast majority are really intense yandere/obsessive/crazy MLs.


Some of the story lines and worlds are done pretty well, esp. the first mech one (bc the MC is so awesome in that one!), and there are dozens of plot twists upon plot twists.

As for the ending... it's a happy ending, but I wouldn't put too much hopes on it... just enjoy the worlds as they come.


Shao Ci's "first world/origin" and the relationship he had with his family could have been more satisfactory, as in it didn't feel like it had that much impact on him even though he supposedly had that shadow on his heart for a long time. It really fell short of the events in some of the other worlds.



I wish there were more epilogues or something. TBH the ending was so abrupt; I was pretty disappointed because it felt like a complete cop-out. There were a bunch of hints regarding the ML's real identity with ice powers, mirrors/lakes, and certain eye colors, but in the end, it felt like the author couldn't think of a good way to end the series and just picked the most abrupt/ridiculous ending ever...

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Algorithm rated it
March 18, 2019
Status: Completed
for all you male yands lovers out there, if you dont mind the quality; that's what your main enjoyment is going to be based off of. If it's not something you're into, you're most likely going to dislike it. But


this novel has a fetish for mothers dying after the birth of the protagonist lmao

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dona rated it
February 14, 2019
Status: c8
wow that was so bad. It’s like the story was written by a 13 year old trying to imitate transmigration stories. But obviously failing. Plot so flat, characters so boring and generic. Don’t bother with this one, you’ll waste your time.
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Victuuri Road
Victuuri Road
May 7, 2018
Status: c1.7
It has been months since the last update but I still faithfully wait for more translated chapters.

Shao Ci is adorable... the blush plug-in is useful especially if you want to capture your man's attention. I love the flow of the plot.
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Caffae rated it
March 27, 2018
Status: c1.7
It's a really interesting type of system (I haven't read the raws) from what I have seen so far (pretty short).

Essentially it's a pretty innovative 'System' type story, where the system targets the strongest character the OC has met, giving them relevant missions to hug that golden thigh. The system provides expression packages to endear the OC to the target.

It's cute as the translator puts in these images to portray the current situations.

... more>>

So far the OC has just switched 'target' from an as*hole essentially to a pretty nice but cold guy.

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Riellana Louella
Riellana Louella rated it
September 24, 2019
Status: Completed
I really like this, no, the word "like" is an understatement, I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been a fan of dark romance stories like this ever since I remember. I would recommend this to those people who likes dark romance AF, but if not, then this novel is probably too much for you, and wouldn't suit your tastes. These worlds plot are good, although, some of the arcs' ending will probably make you teary. The yanderes' here really lives up to their title, you could hate some of them at first,... more>> I don' know if it was just me, but even though I could have negative emotions for them. It slowly fades as the story progressed making me adore and love them. I even pity and sympathize to their endings, like "this isn't it, they are aren't suppose to die like that, why is it so unfair?". Overall, I love of all the yanderes' that has been introduced into this novel, but Ling Moqing is the person that stands out *sobs*.

The only downside that I could find is it ended abruptly, like it would leave you with a feeling that something was missing.

Ps: I advise you to prepare your mind if this is the first time that you've encountered a novel like this, as I've said earlier, it's dark asf, and includes tags like dark elements such as "r*pe" that may put others into uncomfortable situation. Have a good day and have fun it reading. <<less
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Yuki Chan
Yuki Chan rated it
July 10, 2019
Status: Completed
I recommend reading this with a light attitude and for fun. Don't take it to serious, and you will have a great time. Also, if you can't stand heartbreak, don't get attached to characters.


    • Harems
    • Yanderes
    • r*pe
    • Imprisonment (I think, it's been to long)
    • Ninjas with onions
Please don't leave bad reviews because it has these things. It's in the tags. Review on the writing, and enjoyment. If you can't enjoy it because of these things, don't read it.

Though these points may spoil you, it may convince you to read or not to read the story.

I read this a long time ago, and may not exactly remember the experience, but I have to say, I remember it to be refreshing, and generally satisfying. (In a way that it wasn't a cliff, but it also wasn't detailed at the end, it was unique and that shocked me.)


    • The MLs are not the same people in the next world (Even though I wished I could see some of them)
    • The MLs leads are very interesting, and I liked them, sad to not see more of them.
    • This was funny, and a good read to binge.
    • Some of it made me cry
    • This is a harem (because the most powerful keeps changing.)
    • At the beginning we see the MC cold and indifferent and a bit clever, he changes dramatically... (see next spoiler, because this would spoil it even more. (

Kinda a spoiler for the ending


    • ... he seems gullible soft hearted, and maybe even

      innocent, but after finishing it, I feel it was all an act to stay in character, or stay close to his target. In the end, though he had his cold personality back, he wasn't indifferent anymore, but didn't stay for love. In which I don't know if it was disappointing, or for the better.

    • The author actually shows the MC at the end not hesitating to complete his mission, and even appreciating his experience, (which was a first, I was like wow, he was happy with his time, and now going home.)

I remember writing a review before, but might have refreshed the page and lost it, then gave up on writing it, in frustration, that review was better written, and more detailed but oh well.

I MTL so I may be missing some of the plot, and even misunderstood the story, some of it was confusing at times, like what was happening in the end, but I feel like the story got across to me.
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AliceNekotani rated it
March 12, 2019
Status: c18
I'm very confused but truly invested in the story, there's not much in aspect to action since the whole novel revolves in the relationship of the main character and those golden thighs.

Translation is great and could continuously be read without problems. Great work Translator-sama!

Now what I'm confused about is not only the aggrievating pain on who the hell the ML is but also who the flipflops are the people the others are talking about. Who's Edwin, Xavier and Etc.??!! Am I missing something? (•́ㅿ•̀)
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
obsidianne rated it
March 6, 2019
Status: c18
Good fast paced read. 2nd story I mtl til the end.

You will love this if you like super dark and gorgeous yandere type ml. As well as if you like imprisonment play type stories.

Also, this might cure you of your love of imprisonment type stories... I actually felt very tired for mc's poor soul a few times.


Edwin 😭😭😭💔💔💔 this was my fav and most heart breaking pairing ever.

1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
rhianirory rated it
February 7, 2019
Status: Completed
very fast paced. I don't mind the gore at all but I didn't like the repeated r*pe and the ML is scary AF (as in cuts off your legs so you can never leave him scary), so this wasn't a good fit for me. I don't mind dark stories and I can handle possessive, but ML is just psychotic. The writing was pretty good and most of the worlds were interesting, it's just that the ML is really, really twisted and you will either like him or hate him.... more>> I didn't like him. Personally, I only read to the end to find out the truth behind everything. I'm kind of surprised I made it to the end in all honesty. This lost two stars because of the r*pe and the ML's actions. <<less
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ColaArcie rated it
June 5, 2018
Status: c44
The story is interesting and this kind of novel is what I wanted to read *episodic *have system... But Im having a problem to know who is the real ML.... In other chapter I like the antagonist to be the ML and sometimes the other male character... I'm a kind of confuse. *sigh. There is also a story that I don't like the male protagonist. *sigh

But still I want to read it until the end to answer my questions and curiosity.

PS. I would like to recommend the "Quickly wear the... more>> Face of the Devil" and "Heroic Death System" these are also good and my fav episodic novel... <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ResidentialPsycho rated it
June 9, 2019
Status: c19 part1
This is a hilarious yandere-filled life-or-death action story. I have only read the first arc so far, but it was suspenseful enough to read in one sitting. The first arc involves a post-apocalyptic zombie world, and the MC has the power to heal, which is great for support but terrible for offense. Thanks to his system, he has to jump to clamor favor with one guy after another, which changes based on who the system considers the strongest. So, basically, he has to suck up to the toughest honcho around... more>> and work with them in the hopes of protecting his miserable life.

Although a number of yanderes have appeared already, they each have different personalities and behaviors distinguishing them from one another. I enjoy it when two or more yanderes encounter each other because it's always a cue for something to explode, whether it's metaphorically or literally.

The MC is pitiful but still cute. His actions are all reasonable, and he just wants to survive and avoid punishment from the system.

So far, I really enjoy this series and have high hopes for it. <<less
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