Cannon Fodder Counterattack System


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Encountering a car crash, the King of Silver Screen, Ye Sinian, was bound to a Cannon Fodder Counterattack System.

After reincarnating for hundreds of lives, he has finally earned enough “travel expenses” to go back home.

However, he didn’t think that the system would suddenly malfunction, making returning back home from then on hopeless.

With the shackles of a millennium broken, Ye Sinian aggressively counterattacked!

Reversing fates while hugging the mentally ill* Lord Gong, he walked towards the apex of humanity!

*Mentally ill – Schizophrenic

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Pàohuī nì-xí xìtǒng
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28 Reviews

New alixiae
May 27, 2023
Status: c24.2
Edit: Ok.. I'm currently on arc 3 and the translator is Travis Translations.. It's back to being decently well-written!! I don't get it.. Foxaholic translations have always been very good, but arc 2 was so horribly done, that now I'm wondering if it's the translations that were bad.. Or else, it almost feels like a different author wrote arc 2.

This novel... it's probably the most confusing non-MTL novels I have ever read. I know it's definitely the author's confusing writing, not the translator because I've read most of other foxaholic... more>> translations and they are fine. This novel, especially this 2nd arc which I'm currently on, feels like the author's notes of important plots instead of a well written novel.

And the author would just pop up a name out of nowhere that's given to the MC for when he's working in the company w/o any mention of it before. I've had to read the comments left by other also equally confused readers after every chapter to piece together everyone's guesses of what is going on. It's almost unbearable to read.. But I shall persevere!!!

I really really hope and pray that the arcs after the 2nd would be more intelligible. <<less
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Oct 30, 2017
Status: Completed

** When I did this review, I have finished the raw version including the extras. But as the translation continues, I will still be reading for clarification and I would continue to support translation version. After all MTL is not the best but enough to learn the main story. I am thankful for the translator who started to translate this novel because if they didn't I wouldn't know of its existence. **

Okay here is my start of review:

I really like this light novel. First time reading it from the translation,... more>> I liked it. Actually I got hook from the summary and sink when I started reading the translated version. I know a lot of people compare or do similarities from Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil (QWTFOTD). I see it. But of course there are differences between the two.

Ever since I start reading QWTFOTD, I fell in love in this genre. Seeing how the MC and ML live through different worlds and finding each other in each stories. At the same time you see clues of the actual main story. Like who is the ML or what MC doing here being transported to many worlds (unless is been specify liked QWTFOTD as to what the MC who really is and why he is being going through the worlds).

I also agree to @18Yuki at some he/she claims. I noticed that most the worlds they went were a lot of interaction a.k.a romance between MC and ML. As for the actually stories of different worlds, background and creativity I cant not say for sure. I read it all the way thanks to MTL. MTL is not really that great... but is enough for me to understand what is actually going on. Whether is acurate or not, is somewhere in between.

I am mostly and highest here for their cute romance lovey-dovey scene and hot steamy honey pot scene... *cough cough* *ahem* story between MC and ML.


The differences between QWTFOTD and this novel are:
* QWTFOTD is virtual world, while this novel is based on real alternative worlds.
* MC of this novel can get pregnant and have kids (from what I can understand to one of the world in story).
* The reveal who is the system is quite nice.
* ML origins and who he really is quite cute and hilarious (to me).
Spoilers a head are you sure you want to spoil it?

Are you really sure????100% sure???Fine! Here it is!** Spoilers **
ML is real name is [Adam] (Probably different if its translate but that was MTL gave me). ML is also the system that give MC the task before it 'malfunction' to manual mode. But his actually origin that he is a TREE. That's right a TREE. Want more spoilers??? On your own risk!ML is been alive for years as for how long, it didn't really specify. But probably thousands of years after all he is a tree. He himself doesn't remember when he start to have consciousness. It did say that ML see the changes to where he was planted. He was planted or moved (I don't know which is it) in some small town in the country side. As for MC he was living as a child there because he was sick and his parents were busy from work. His grandfather was the one taking care of him. That's where they first meet.
I'm not going thought the details but it is quite sad and yet heart warming, So looked at it your own risk from the raws.

* MC tries to be the same character as the body he takes over. (Tries).

Also that's what I understand from MTL. If something wrong and right, I will correct it when the English version is finish. <<less
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May 07, 2019
Status: --
I wish people would stop comparing EVERY SINGLE fast wear transmigration novel to FOD. These novels stand on their own. Seriously. /Vent

Aside from that, this is an enjoyable read. The translations are slow, currently it’s only focusing on one arc but there’s potential for the story.
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Oct 25, 2017
Status: c65
Review as of Chapter 65 (Arc 6) : Similar to Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil but less is said about the actual system, it focuses more on the romance although each world's events feel shorter despite taking about 15 chapter for each arc. The world's aren't as creative either, usually either modern or ancient setting but it has more interactions with the characters the QWFD as the MC usually has a form of family.

... more>>

Worlds: Modern (apocalypse), Modern, Ancient (3rd gender; Ger (male who can bear children)), Modern (school life), Ancient (cultivation, martial arts), Modern (different planet, Entertainment/Film/Movie), Beast (can change from human to beast form), Ancient (Imperial family conspiracies), Modern (paranormal, ghosts), Modern (dystopian? I read somewhere it's described as Hunger Games/Btoom style, explains system more and ML's identity)

MC & ML's roles (MC's role & ML's) : Son of man protag seduces & General, Adopted Foster Son of ML & Company CEO, beautiful Ger & disfigured War Hero, Abused-son-turned-Underworld-boss & hired-spy/teacher-turned-lover, Master & Disciple, Movie Production company President and Actor, Protag's cute little brother (liger with wings) & Mermaid, brother of a white lotus & Emperor's brother disguised as a priest, college student who can see ghost & ghost general, ???? (Don't know about the last chapter)


Personally, I prefer Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil more, but this story has more interactions and cooperations between the MC and ML. Some arcs are more interesting, others are a bit dry. I enjoyed the 1st, 3rd & 4th arcs the most because of the interactions between the MC and ML and the events in it but a lot of the details is lost in the MTL version. The one thing that vexes me is that the MC is supposed to be the King of Silver Screen yet his talent in acting is rarely mentioned, sure he has to adjust to his new roles and identities but so did Zhou Yunsheng who is a hacker, comparing the two novels QWFD's MC (Zhou Yunsheng) utilises his talent most and best. In the end the title is unimportant to the story, only perhaps a potential ineferable reason for the MC's adaptability.

Admittedly they are 2 novels with similar premise but different focuses, but if you liked Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil, or BL/Yaoi/Danmei novels with capable protagonists, then you will enjoy this novel. <<less
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Feb 20, 2018
Status: Completed
Went ahead and read the whole thing in the original chinese. It's the closest story I've found so far to the pacing and feel of QWTFOTD. Though, of course, it's not exactly the same. The main difference is that QWTFOTD is focused more on action and has more suspenseful plots, including the overreaching meta-plot. This story is more focused on relationship development, which (slight spoiler) is also related to its different meta-plot. It's less about the suspense and action and more about the romance, which is nice on its own... more>> for someone just as interested in the BL parts. <<less
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Oct 20, 2017
Status: c1
I'm writing this review after reading the first chapter so take this review with a huge grain of salt.

... more>>

This is like the reject version of Quickly Wear The Face of the Devil.

Maybe I've been spoiled by the good writing, characterization, and translating quality of QWFD.

More like, given how the premise begins, it's incredibly unlikely I'll care about the character. I have no idea about his motives or what rules he has to abide by in order to escape the system before the story dumps you into a world that the MC has already lived before. The lack of clarity drives me to not want to read this story after the first chapter.

I'm also the type of reader who gets annoyed at being bombarded with translator comments in between what I read. Maybe you like it? Maybe you don't. But consider yourself warned that they'll be there.

I hope I'm wrong about my assumption but I'll wait until a couple more chapters are translated to really assess.

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Jul 26, 2019
Status: c3
I should probably give this novel a higher rating but the MC and ML fall in love so quickly and the story is not that interesting. Maybe it will get better farther into the story but if a story doesn't have a good intro some people will stop reading instantly.
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Oct 27, 2017
Status: c2
First, I think this story is really promising. I love stories with this kind of genre. I think its unique and different from QWTFOTD. (For the rec. I love QWTFOTD, and love is an understatement) But guys, (directed to those with negative comparisons. Peace, please~ <3) don't compare those two stories. They just have the same 'theme' going on but they tell their own unique and different stories. Both have its own story to tell and both authors have different ways of telling it. I'm looking forward to... more>> reading more. Thank you so much to the translator for this. :) <<less
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Feb 18, 2021
Status: --
Just like what someone upstairs said, some people would be disinclined to read the story further even if it gets better just because they get disuaded with the intro. I am one of those that belong to this group.

And can I just say that I get tired with the same features of an MC always being 'cute, ' having the appearance of a bullied rabbit that generates an itchy feeling in your heart?! Like seriously. It would be great if it was used well but if not, it just gets... more>> annoying and repetitive. <<less
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Oct 24, 2017
Status: c2
Well, it might be a tad early to rate and review now..

But I just love these kind of novels, so I would like to say this novel is pretty good! :)

It's kind of similar to QWTFOTD, but it is still interesting nonetheless.

... more>> I'm looking forward to more~! Do give it a try x)

(The MC is also badass and purely gay just like the one in QWD... hahahha xD)

Well, the translator notes in between might not be to some people's liking, but I'm fine with it. I don't have to go down and up constantly to decipher some Chinese slangs and idioms haha, that is kind of troublesome for me. <<less
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Nao Otosaka
Nao Otosaka
Nov 15, 2020
Status: v1
This can be considered one of the older QTs, so as compared to the recent QTs (from earlier 2017 to current ones), this plot could be considered a 'mess' (if subtly put). Back then it was a new concept so it def had caught fire (hmm... if we were to go by the popular comments) but if I were to compare it some of the current popular ones (I checked the rank list for this) like, FOD, Everyone knows I'm a good person, then it seems pretty lacking. I'll just... more>> point out the pros and cons of this one.



  • OP MC
  • OP ML
  • Good plot
  • A variety of characters to act as the perfect "cannon fodders"


  • OP MC: It left no room for character development. What I mean to say, is that, moderation should have been practised. Like initially, the character could hv been introduced as someone relatively weaker, then his/her gradual growth could've been shown, or, instead of laying down all his cards (which made the story pretty much predictable), it would've been better if he opened them up gradually (like FOD and good person).
  • OP ML: Intro is pretty much the usual trope, "cold, stern-looking ML". Though the plus point of this one was that he was secretly a "tsun" and his inner monologue was quite hilarious. Now, onto the con. I won't nitpick about the character, but rather I'd say the process of falling (in love) was a bit too fast. (or more like there wasn't exactly any "process"there) He just fell for the main character in one fell swoop within the first two chapters and their sex-life didn't seem gradual at all. This is because though they did the 'deed' after a few chapters, but their love story lacked a crucial thing, that is, "interactions". I know QTs are, like, relatively shorter BLs (one-shots) so stuff aren't too descriptive, but if it lacks in main character interactions, then it becomes boring.
  • Plot: Now, I would say those are quite good "pointers" not a plot, because basically, the author just seemed to put together all her "pointers" into sentences w/o interlinking them. It lacked that emotional element which made the plot seem pretty "dry". Maybe, they (the author) were trying to shorten the arc, so as to not take up too much 'space' for the other ones, but that's what made it so "dry" and "lacking". But apart from that, it's storyline/the "pointers" are pretty "unique".
  • Side characters:They seemed pretty brainless to me. Like there's no logic/reason for their actions, they just did what they did. Even the "supposed protagonist" of that act seemed pretty s*upid and blinded. They were pretty much cannon fodders, played by the "OP" MC, so that seemed pretty boring (and their actions were completely "predictable" too). Actually, by the basic intro of the plot, and the MC's OPness, you can pretty much figure out the direction of the plot, so even while reading the first arc, I wanted to call it quits.
  • Translation quality: it was bad. I won't be lenient on that comment. I couldn't keep up with the plot with the way the characters just got mixed up. It was difficult to figure out, so for that I deducted 1 star.

Apart from the translation quality, the other deducted 1 star is for all the cons as mentioned above.


I gave 3 stars because I have yet to read the entire thing, so I won't seem biased (not to mention it's just the first arc, who knows whether there would be improvement or not). I'll just read the entire thing and then edit my comment regarding the same later. <<less
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Jan 22, 2022
Status: Completed
I like that the author acknowledges that the ML is a Mentally ill /Schizophrenic.

Me rating the arcs.-

... more>>

1) - Zombies (7*) - MC so active, virgin/innocent ML and the villain gave me complicated feeling.

2) - Business/school? Modern (7*) - MC play lil bro so well, dual personality ML (I would like it more if MC redeemed the side villain)

3) - Ancient world with ger (9*) - MC being a good and jealous wife and ML being a good husband and has a scar on his face (I would have liked it more if they had kids)

(to the villain- so u see~ REBIRTH IS A CURSE~)

4) -Modern high school (7*) -MC attracts everybody, ML has to work hard.

+ Did the org. FL feel SaD? : Really?

FL is gonna f**k the org. ML (the bully) and she really felt sad? For org. Mc's death?

+ scum father

5) -Martial arts (9*) - Master (MC) x Disciple (ML)

(To the org. FL- U went to Brothel??!! _under_ Irritation??? Everyone tried their Best One By One??!!! Wtf aren't they just after her body? She was Sad and Happy?? Didn't want to Let go any of them??? WOW! Girl! WooooooooooooooW~~~~~~ I hate-Reverse harem and Harem ~~

Like Dude how will u explain urself when u have kids)


ML's spoiler-


ML is the system * my mind blown*

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Nov 01, 2021
Status: Completed
The title specifically says "Counter Attack" dah dah dah.

But the counterattacks really disappointed me. The romance is okay, but I came here because I expected a great face-slapping novel.
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May 25, 2019
Status: Completed
so this story is sorta pretty good. I was definitely more invested in the arc stories then in the overall story and the real world and why this all happened (even got bored and skimmed the real world arc and most of the in between arcs scenes).

i do love the individual arc stories, the thrilling drama and face-slapping, and the development between the our MC and ML. ML is like most cold looking powerful MLs out there, but he definitely has his unique cute moments. My favorite is in the... more>> first arc since he is completely stumbling around in love.

Our MC is also pretty likable. He does remind me a lot of Zhou Yunsheng from QWTFOD, but at the same time is different. I actually really enjoy the way he goes about the worlds to counterattack. His methods are in line with an Emperor Actor who gained some skills over a hundred worlds. Most of his skills comprise of stellar acting to manipulate those around him and doing his own stunts so to speak.


MC doesn’t even have any major fight scene or any moments where he is OOC (except the arc where he plays a reclusive, shy abused high schooler and transformers that into a cold, detached beauty that can pummel you and becomes the boss of the underworld)

but for those worlds where he does play someone who fights (zombie, martial arts, beast, and hunger games worlds), he is not an OP fighter and uses other aspects to win battles (water abilities, No major fight scene and OP disciple, traps and brother, and plants respectively). It’s usually the ML who is the OP strong support that beats up MC’s enemies for him.

Even when he does make grand accomplishments, it is because he is supported by a group of experts.


Basically, MC’s primal skill is manipulating the impression of himself on others.

Now my issues... sometimes the MTL is so confusing the story doesn’t come through and I have to go to this story’s spoiler page just to understand the arc I just read. This is most prevalent in the ancient world and martial art arcs. Though the modern arcs pretty easily understood, I go back to check the spoilers just to make sure I understood the story. But other than that and the anticlimactic (in my opinion) final arc, this novel is really good!

Since I personally didn’t like the ending, I won’t say you must read ever arc in order and finish the novel. The arcs aren’t necessarily linked (except the first 2, very subtly) so you can jump around. And each arc I think is capable as a stand-alone story so it’s not necessary to read the final arc unless you wanna know who our ML is and why all this happened (or read spoils).

arc list is below (I’ll also star my favorites and maybe add a phrase of what I like (?)) :

  • Zombies *** - (virgin/innocent ML)
  • business modern *** - (unique hidden dual personality ML)
  • ancient world w/ ger 3rd gender *** - (MC afraid protagonist will steal ML)
  • modern high school - (MC attracts all, ML has to work for it)
  • wuxia (martial arts) - (MC accidentally sets up lots of pits for himself with ML)
  • New world Entertainment industry - (ML acting skills vs MC acting skills)
  • Beast Society (mtl: orc...) *** - (mermen)
  • ancient world w/ royalty drama - (fujoshis)
  • modern college w/ ghosts - (ML x MC idiom: “old cow eating young grass”)
  • Alien hunger games - (story setup, 2nd couple)
  • real world - (ML internal monologue)

so try it out! It really is a pretty good read!

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Aug 09, 2018
Status: Completed
Surprisingly amazing. For the past week I've been quite into (again) FOD-like stories, so BL fast wear has been my jam. Here I gotta comment first about Cannon Fodder Cheat System, which isn't up on NU, but is probably in my opinion even better than FOD. Aka they're almost the same premise, but with a less complicated but much more vague backstory, and slightly more smut? Though I'm not totally sure about that. I did find the arcs slightly more interesting, plus it was longer lol so I'm pretty sure... more>> there were more arcs in the first place. Thus, that is definitely one of the ultimate favorites.

CFCS has been on my reading list for forever, and I definitely didn't expect it to be this good, or else it wouldn't have been lounging there for so long. There were definitely a few new worlds/arcs in here, which I was pretty interested by. Especially the animals one and the ghosts one. I'm not quite a fan of either of those genres, but CFCS pleasantly surprised me with those. Actually, while reading the summaries, I wasn't too invested in several of the arcs, but when actually reading it the story definitely made me really invested. No regrets. Similarly, I was iffy about the tree demon ML backstory, but when I actually read it, I started crying all over the place. You get invested, man. I'm pretty damn happy about the final chapters showing how they're living when they get together in their ultimate forms, esp with the epilogue-esque chapters. Though I would have liked, as in most of these fast wear stories I guess, each arc to have a bit more about their ending. Though CFCS was already pretty good about giving a little more details about how they leave each arc.

Much love for this story. Recommend with enthusiasm and trees. <<less
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Jun 01, 2018
Status: c8
A great novel! Similiar to FOD even though if I were to compare them I would pick FOD as one of my favourite novel. I'm so desperate for the translation tho. The story is interesting and worth it!! I also love the MC and ML character, the smart and witty one, really well done! I wish someone pick up this novel : (
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Jul 08, 2022
Status: c83
Dropped the novel halfway through. Started off sweet and promising, but got boring after a few arcs/worlds.

It's not a face-slapping quick transmigration novel so much as a I'll just find my lover and maybe give the original plot a nudge (and somehow everything goes super smoothly and the villains all caused their own demise). It just became way too repetitive and the original plot serves as nothing more than a backdrop.

And at least MC gives nudges to the original plot to fulfill his mission of overturning his body's original fate.... more>> The ML is completely removed from the original plot (except from one world where he is was the original ML. But even when ML is involved in the plot, he doesn't do much regarding it either. <<less
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Sep 07, 2021
Status: Completed
A fairly general QT. It's short (compared to the 200+ or 1000+ chaps QT) and well-written. MTL was easy to read and surprisingly, I didn't skip any arc. Overall, it did hold my attention. Getting revenge is the second priority and falling in love/ romance is the first priority.

There's a bit of a background for MC and ML that readers will realise only at the end. It's pretty sweet.

MC was a god actor in the original world. When he is about to be killed in a car accident, this system... more>> whisks him away and forces him to complete tasks in order to return home. After completing numerous tasks, MC is suddenly given manual control (not of the system but everything else). This is where the story starts and how MC-ML romance progresses.

ML is super possessive and v enthusiastic in bed. Their shared past story will make u def love ML.

This story is for all QT lovers. Maybe it doesn't have anything new or exciting to offer, but the novel reads like comfort food.

T/L rating - 5/5 <<less
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Oct 04, 2020
Status: c18
I don't know if it it was one the author's part or the translator's but I just could not read anymore of this mess. Part of it seemed like the characters (almost all of them) just seemed to switch personalities with no explanation. And part of it was the way the sentence was structured and the words used (which the translator should have tried to make it flow more smoothly). I was able to understand the basic storyline but the little details of the story was incomprehensible to me. I... more>> stuck it out until chapter 18 and just could not stand it anymore. As soon as I tried to get into imagining the story in my head, a sentence or other would take me out of it. It was an uncomfortable read. The plot was interesting, I just wish the author/translators had done better. <<less
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Jun 08, 2020
Status: c28
The only thing wrong about this novel is the fact that there are too many scenes in the novel of the enemy doing s_x and like wtf why would we want to see the enemy do that and there are many unnecessary stuff that the author kept adding about the enemy and like it bothers me so much that I decided to skip them bcz it's getting annoying.

When will this get updated ugh
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Jan 09, 2020
Status: c17
This story is okay. I read quickly wear the face of a devil before this so now it just feels like a knock off. Im not trying to offend anyone, if I had read this first I'd probably like it better than the other. The plotline is good though so im going to keep reading it and see where it goes.
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