Everyone Knows I’m a Good Person


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Shi Qing’s task was to be a protector.

It was only after transmigrating to various worlds and eagerly counterattacking the villains there that he realized he was the biggest villain out of everyone.

– A king that liked to conquer other worlds

– A Film Emperor that had a malicious personality

– A Blackened Young Master with deviant intentions

– A Schoolyard Bully that was overbearing to others

Afterwards the gong that initially despised Shi Qing discovered:

– The Machine King that seemed like an invader was really a million-year-old baby

– The Film Emperor that seemed malicious was secretly helping upcoming actors

– The Young Master that seemed to harbor deviant intentions was a pure-hearted young boy

– The Schoolyard Bully that seemed overbearing was secretly in love

In the end….

The entire world: He’s such a good person!

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Toàn thế giới đều biết ta là người tốt
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171 Reviews

Jul 05, 2020
Status: Completed
All I can say. This is dog blood fluff!

Warning im im go post so many spoilers and its mostly from the notes that I made while reading and its unedited (• ▽ •;)

... more>>

Arc 1 im an invader


Mechanical king MC x ability user ML

The mechanical race is a robotic alien race that destroys planets for the sake of it.

I loved when the MC said let's make a baby! Hahahaha

ITS SO SWEET. Its so meng hahaha. MC was an OP race. The ML thought he schemed the MC but the MC schemed on him aswell. ML was guilty about it but the MC was just trolling him all the way. Even when the MC went back with the ML to earth and pretended to be a weak white lotus because of his 'heart'. The ending was really sweet tho, since their unborn child will be born after the MC dies, ML decided no make letters and recorded Messeges for their baby. Its so funny how the baby woke up with androids holding balloons awww with dad and papa loves you <3 ahhhh my heart!!!

Arc 2 Gloomy Film Emperor


Film emperor MC X new star ML

MC has Cong**ital insensitivity to pain (CIP) so he likes to eat ghost peppers. So much misunderstandings. ML is frivolous and overbearingly clingy. He schemed at the MC but in the end he got well played. The ending was actually pretty nice. Made me laugh too. In the ending both were inseperable and ML would do everything for MC. His last words were do you still remember his step bro (who ML believed MC liked but actually not lol)

“Shi Qing, let me ask you..... Do you remember Chen Rong (step bro) ?”

Read more BL at chrysanthemumgarden. com

Shi Qing turned around and laid on his side to look at Jing Yuanqi. “Who is Chen Rong? I’m too old to remember.”

Jing Yuanqi smiled contentedly.

“I’m... relieved.”

Pfftttttt hahaha while the fans were crying over how old they are and about their fairytale love story was (w/c was pretty sweet) these two are just aww so adorable

Also it was revealed in this chapter that the ML from arc1 is the same person here in arc2 ooooo



Arc 3

C33-C46 (being MTL ed)

Spoiled Prime minister's son MC x 9th prince ML (turned emperor)

ML is definitely an M

Also MC ripped the emperor ML's clothes cus he's super thirsty (aphrodisiac) but dang MC u go man hahaha so aggressive

Arc 4


School bully MC X poor school boy ML (actually a yandere)

Ahhhh so cuuute !!!! The school bully is actually a person of justice! His overbearing strength can handle the other delinquents (his subordinates / younger brothers 16)

Fem lead likes ML and ML is ok with FL while orig villain likes FL and is jelly of ML in the orig story

What happened in this arc is

Fem lead likes ML while everyone thinks MC likes FL but ML thinks MC likes him and is jelly of FL so he (ML) keeps MC for himself BUUUTTT actually MC just likes to protect the weak which made the ML pretend to be weak cus ML likes the MC

ALSO!!! its also funny that FL thought both ML and MC fell in love with her and she cant choose. For her MC is male god #1 while ML is male god #2


ML and MC confessed their love for each other, FL saw it and she actually wanted to protect their secret! Shes actually a super decent and nice character!!! She was worried so much that she lacked sleep and pulled her hair in worry cus she knew how prejudiced highschool and china is! SHE EVEN FOLLOWED THEM IN THE TOP UNI JUST TO SEE MC AND ML'S DOG FOOD. She studied super hard so she can eat dog food!! I love her hahahaha im also very happy shes there during ML and MC's wedding (shes also happily married <3) this is a miracle where an FL in a BL has HE im shookt

Arc 5 I am the great devil

C57- C62

Vacation world!!

Devil MC x Taoist ML

No challenge here but its really nice to read. MC and ML went around to help people. The first people they helped was a couple, two highschool boys that genuinely love each other. One of them committed su*cide because of the pressure while the other one was left alone, he made a deal with devil MC to have their wedding (the little mermaid was mentioned cus the dead walks while having the pain of stepping on knives but even there was pain, they were so happy and willing to go through it) later at the ending it was shown that the living partner died of old age, adopted a son and took his partners name and had grand children, both partners reunited at the bridge of reincarnation where the other partner waited. Awwww!!

Other people they helped was a ghost doctor, he cured all the dead souls in the hospital and the ghosts signed a contract with the devil MC to give a part of their life for the doctor to live again till he's old with his family

Arc 6 scientific researcher

C63- C74

(Son of a duke and has a title of Marquess) Scientist/researcher MC x military officer ML (turned crown prince)

What is this dog food

MC didn't even try! Hahahaha

Arc mermaid siren or kraken


Mermaid siren or kraken MC x golden dragon ml

Arc 8 jealous of master's master (???)


Master MC x disciple (demonic cultivator pretending to be mortal) ML

Master x disciple
Orig master abused ML => ML killed master => ML reincarnated back and stayed to know why MC was kind when he became mortal => MC discovered ML was practicing demonic cultivation => ML tortured MC => ML discovered the 'truth' (MC fabricated that he (mc) was the one who told his (mc's) dad to wipe ml's memory (that can only be removed if he cultivates to become an immortal) so he (ml) wont be sad when he learned that ML killed his (ml) whole family, also MC showed how MC helped ML when he (ml) grew up. Also MC was cruel to ML because MC wanted ML to be mortal to keep the sealed memory) => ML was super guilty and remembered all of the bad things he did, and realized he was so wrong and everything made sense now => papapapapa (MC took advantage of meidan) => MC dismissed ML from being master and disciple => ML conquered the demon realm in 10 days => ML came back to form an alliance with the demonic realm and human (?) Realm => HE => 8K Yrs later ppl talking about MC and ml

Hostility reached 669/100

Also my god host (mc) hahahaha control yourself xDDD poor baby system. This arc mentioned 'toys' hahaha host you are loving the very dom ML and the kinkyness (from what ML learned in his prev life) hahaha

Arc 9 uncle loves me again

Arc 9 uncles loves me again
Adoptive dad/uncle ML x adopted son/nephew mc

Its ok, kinda weird. Theres a mini MC on mc's shoulder that shows mc's true feelings cus hes a frikin tsun (ML is the only one that can see this)

Arc 10 the young master in the rich and rich nest (?)


Hohoho slow bd*m
Tied MC using curtains hoho and used blind folds. Whip play on ML (what an M ಠ‿ಠ)
Master MC x servant ml

Only son of a prominent family turned into a business tycoon turned emperor turned president (at the ending) MC x unimportant son of a prominent family turned general (turned marshal at the ending) ml

Arc 11 ferocious boss in the last day


Boss MC (beast type, charming fox, tail is invisible and cant be touch expect for ml) x ML (absorption type? Can be all and can null others attacks)
Zombie apocalypse setting. People can get abilities. The beast type has one weakness and its when their animal parts are touched they become powerless

Hostility reached 800/100

Arc 12 the sovereign in the xianxia


Mortal bone sect leader MC x immortal sect uncle ml

This story is really hard to translate ughhh so many terms. Anyways MC tricked everyone (ml) ? In saying his life extends if he cures people thats why he created the path of being a 'pharmacist'

Arc---- :The Holographic World in Memories


Gong yu - the boss in the first holographic game that MC be friended in real life is actually the main system that hosted his world hopping to save his life!!! All of the worlds were MC and ml's games! MC was the author! ML waited for many yrs in the game when MC disappeared. Turns out he was shot and forcefully taken out of the game giving him. brain damage. When he recovered bhe fought his uncle in rl and became the chairman but he still likes playing holographic games turns out he was unconsciously looking for ml

Real world

‌MC and ML are at the game world and theyre finally reunited, a happy ending.m Many years later in the real world MC can be seen with a tall handsome man which is ml. Turns out they managed to get him a body as well. And they lived happily ever after


Tldr HE <<less
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Oct 25, 2020
Status: c69 part2
So this one is one of those rare good QTs where the ML isn't a shit-heel, and the MC is actually into him (or good s*x -- it's a bit hard to tell, sometimes).

I think what sets Everyone Knows I'm a Good Person apart from other QTs of its ilk (other than the ML actually being a Decent Human Being) is that, while Shi Qing has to keep "in character", he's really only interested in doing the bare minimum. He doesn't mind putting on a white lotus act to get... more>> his man, but he also has no qualms with throwing that mask out the window for anyone but his man, which leads to some funny situations where an antagonist will know the truth about Shi Qing's true scheming nature but no one believes them.

Another thing is that Shi Qing never really hides how absolutely thirsty he is for the ML, and while other stories have used keeping in character as an excuse to justify s*xual assaults (barf), this one steers... mostly clear of that, while also keeping the ML extremely respectful of Shi Qing's autonomy.

However, that leads into my main criticism: sometimes Shi Qing's schemes do... veer into slightly dubious consent. Especially because, for whatever reason, Shi Qing sometimes chooses not to be upfront about wanting to have s*x with the ML (even when I don't think he'd necessarily be out of character to do so) and instead constructs an elaborate scheme to get some.


For instance, in the emperor/prime minister's son arc, despite wanting to sleep with Shi Qing, the ML holds off because he (erroneously) believed that Shi Qing wouldn't be comfortable with the idea. Instead of actually talking it out, Shi Qing instead chooses to drink aphrodisiac to get ML into bed. So, uh, yeah, definitely dubious consent here, but in a weird twisted way. Shi Qing also does something similar in the entertainment arc (he gets himself drunk to initiate s*x with ML).

Meanwhile, in other arcs, Shi Qing is extremely upfront about wanting some from the ML (the grim reaper arc/the school bully arc/the alien invasion arc being just a few examples, though Shi Qing was also a bit forceful in the alien invasion arc, so there's some dubcon there as well, but I digress). So it honestly feels weird that some arcs the author just decides to throw that out for some... what? comedic punch lines? That aren't even that funny.


Regardless, she never devolves into true s*xual assault territory, and the dubious consensual bits are fairly... mild in comparison to many others, so they aren't a huge issue for me. They do exist though, and often with very minimal justification, so just a heads up.

Oh, and the face-slapping bits aren't that bad. Shi Qing really only retaliates against those who directly goes against him, and face-slapping is definitely not the focus of this story. It's fun when it happens, but no real elaborate schemes here, other than Shi Qing's attempts to get the ML into bed, that is.

TLDR; Pretty decent, fluffy QT BL that's actually quite entertaining to read, and definitely nowhere near as icky as others of its ilk. Some weird writing decisions, but overall a good time for those who like QTs. <<less
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Oct 04, 2020
Status: --
All arcs are rehash of the same "MC makes ML fall for him by being spoiled and shameless" story. The only thing that changes is setting.
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May 13, 2021
Status: c128 part2
In the first couple arcs, this was easily one of my favourite Quick Transmigration novels (and you should read it just because of that!). Those arcs get a 5/5 easily.

The premise is the usual, transmigrate over into a horrible person and white wash the hell out of them, trope. Of all of these that I've read, this one (initially) does it the best without breaking character and it's very satisfying.

However, more and more of the later arcs is just:

    • Shi Qing transmigrates into some super spoiled domineering brat.
    • But it's okay! Because he's "sticky, soft and spoiled" also he has really, really soft feet, so even if he likes to kick ML in the face (??) it doesn't hurt! Because have I mentioned how soft and delicate he is?
    • Also, even though he's the most annoying brat in the world, everyone finds it adorable because of his looks and accent (?) and you know what, he deserves to act like a spoiled brat (for some reason), because he's soft, and sticky and spoiled. Or something?
    • Also, deep down, like really, really deep down, he's actually a kind-hearted, super annoying, spoiled brat!
    • BUT even though every description of him is essentially "he is a spoiled toddler", ML still wants to screw him... which is concerning in and of itself.
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Sep 07, 2020
Status: c56 part2
A reminder to myself: this is a comedy novel. A typical concept executed in an excellently unique way. There's something about the way the author writes this story that draws me in. It flows in a relaxed and fluid way with just the right amount of exaggeration; the punchlines never fail to catch me off guard, even when I see it coming.


  • MC: charming rascal. He's a guy with no pretense, he embraces both of his good and bad sides with pride. He bends more easily than play-doh. Never in my wildest dream I thought I'm gonna find a white lotus endearing. Yeah, he's wilder than my wildest dream /sigh
    • Spoiler

      MC is the shou. He's a power bottom haha

  • ML: There's not much known about him so far.
    • Spoiler

      Every protagonist of the worlds has a defining characteristic, these characteristics are the 'defective' personal traits of ML

        • 1st Arc: Yin Mingzheng [righteous]
        • 2nd Arc: Jing Yuanqi [frivolous]
        • 3rd Arc: Yu Chennian [hard-working]
        • 4th Arc: Zhuo Junli [possessive]
  • System: an innocent cute system, mostly only showed up to let the reader knows when the mosaic happens and to emphasis how much of a wicked little devil the MC is.
  • Side Characters: so far there're only one-dimensional cannon fodders. They are there for the sake of advancing the plot or romance, and to adds glory for MC. I haven't found any memorable side character.
Romance: A really fresh couple dynamic. Moreover, both the MC and ML's characters have different personalities in each world.


  1. Side Plot: excellent. I'm in awe even from the first world. Even when using a popular trope, the author adds her own twists into it to keep things fun.
    • Convenient coincidences, and quite a lot of the problems are solved rather illogically, but it's not really rare in QT.
      • Spoiler

        This issue is really apparent in the 4th Arc: Schoolyard Bully

  2. Main Plot: This is actually the only thing I'm not satisfied about this novel; the lack of depth of the actual main plot itself. The MC managed to figure out some of the way the system works, but there's no explanation how he even found out, and there's no signs of him digging out more information either. But hey, it's a comedy.
    • I'm hoping to see more snippets of the MC's actual and honest thoughts, not the characters he's playing as. As it is, the work resembles a collection of AU short stories more rather than an adventure of world hopping novel. Sometimes the story of the side world just goes on without the MC's inner thought ever appearing, and suddenly the ML's animosity drops 30 level without any major event.
    • I need something substantial. I need to know more of the MC's pasts and thoughts. It's been 4 worlds already. I wish to find out about these things through foreshadowing rather than information dumps. I don't wish to see the author treats the 'real world' the same way she did to the other worlds.
All in all, it's a fantastic work. Definitely recommended to read.

27 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 08, 2020
Status: Completed
Finished this with mtl and I have to say that this MC is one very intelligent, neutral chaotic character. I had such fun with this as the ML always seems to have a hole in the brain and is played around by MC. Te highest hate levels was in the xianxia sect master arc 1000/100 but it was just a blip but in one of the other worlds 600/100 was the highest and the magnificent way he turned it around. MC always has to get the rejection level down to... more>> 50/100 within a month and in some he keeps going to the very last second. I would say I truly enjoyed this novel and most of the arcs were top tier. <<less
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May 08, 2020
Status: c63
So far so good. This is the first time I am giving review and updating the review while reading the novel.

The goal of the MC is to clear the negative value of the male lead towards his person. The main thing is, before he started QT, MC cheated a golden finger from his system, which is that the MC will be the most powerful person in all the worlds he will transmigrate in. So he became the last boss in all the worlds. So the negative value is most of the time, exceeding even 100 points, LOL.

These are the following arcs:

ARC1 - MC is Alien invader x ML is most powerful earthling

ARC2 - MC is film emperor x ML is new actor

ARC3 - Imperial drama where ML is a prince and MC is son of Prime Minister (ML here is a bit M haha)

ARC4 - MC is school bully and ML is the bullied white lotus (one of my favorite arc since the ML here is yandere, yummy!)

ARC5 - Vacation World; MC is Devil x ML is a monk (The fudge!!! I cried a bucket on this arc and not because of the MC or ML but because of the passerby characters. So pitiful. T_T)

ARC6 - MC is marquis villain researcher x ML is baron bodyguard of this researcher


I am confused


I've finished 2 arcs but I am still not clear as to who between the MC and ML is the SEME/GONG. As their s*x is not detailed, you only get snippets like waist aching etc. But here is where I am confused, the ML always complains of waist ache, but the MC that is always the one to woke up late. So which is which??

Okay, I found the answer why it is confusing. ML is the Gong. But the system of MC thought that MC is the gong all the while because the MC is the one to take initiative and press down the ML all the time. LOL ^¬^


I will update my review once I finished MTLing this. It is quite easy to MTL and the pacing is very good. Try it yourself ^¬^
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Oct 17, 2020
Status: --
The first 50 chapters were pretty good, but then the plot got somewhat repetitive. Even with the changed settings and ML's personality, the occurances can all be described in this sequence: MC is tranmisgrated into a "bad" person, ML thinks MC is a bad person -> MC displays to ML that he's a tsundere and misunderstood within the span of a few days, ML tolerates MC's flirting -> MC and ML falls in love. The MC's quite literally perfect as he never fails and his plans work exactly as he... more>> intended, the ML's personality does change a bit so that's one good thing. I wish there was more character development, but sadly, this novel's more geared towards comedy and thus the interactions between the MC and ML are just MC flirting with ML and ML falling for the flirting. Additionally, the author's take of "comedy" is mostly just making side characters act exagerately angry/shocked/happy/confused when the MC or ML does something. This novel does have its serious parts but, honestly it would probably serve as a light read. <<less
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Jan 25, 2021
Status: c62
Dropped on Ch 62. While it began hilarious, by now it's become boring. After the first three arcs, the system didn't even give the guy missions anymore. Like most stories with this theme, the male lead falling for him was NEVER a requirement of the missions but that's what made it interesting.

Now he doesn't even have missions and his self-given goal in every world is just to snag the ML. He always plays the same types of characters, and the male lead is the same predictable type. Even the world... more>> subplots have gotten boring and are increasingly non-existent and lazily put together. More and more as the story goes on, what made it unique has grown redundant and boring. <<less
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Nov 16, 2020
Status: c75
Between 2.5 and 3 - some brilliant ideas drowned in self satisfied rambling about an egotistical lazy tyrannical MC

it's fun than his gold finger assign him as a nemesis, and it's even interesting that he manipulates his way to undo the bad opinion previously earned by his original host - it's also great that the ML is the not the same (yet the same supposedly) - so there's a lot of variety in the ML character (but not so much in their interactions in the end ?)

the really bad... more>> point is that the MC is really not so great, and he becomes more and more of a caricature : needs to be fed and carried, manipulating people through his multiple lies and white lotus manœuvres - so maybe it's described as cute. I find it tiresome and boring

the other disappointing thing is that other than conquering new incarnation of the ML (and somewhat implicitly jumping him after that) - there's really nothing going on - no plot, no resolution of any kind

the fact that they come from a good story that were great enough to become real, got lost somewhere : there's no more story !

so good bits happens here and there (the vacation demon lord had few nice things) with interesting ideas, but mostly it's rather inconsistent with disapointingly long and empty auto congratulations part about the MC greatness (how boring) and a dumb down ML who's going to end up as the half servant /half lover of a quirky bully <<less
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Jul 25, 2021
Status: --

Oh my this is a really good quick transmigration novel. I love the MC, he is quite smart and flirty and he is always so calm like lol sometimes the task seemed so difficult and he was still all calm and indifferent, just enjoying his days peacefully while the system (and the reader aka me) worry over him.

The MCs task is to decrease the enmity value (?idk what it's called I... more>> forgot) , most of the times the ML absolutely hates/resents MC at first and MC has to decrease that value and make ML gradually like himself.

The first arc is absolutely brilliant. It's really a different kind of setting and I really enjoyed it. It was well thought out and I had so much fun reading it. It was also really funny at times.

Infact, all arcs are really interesting and always have something unique about them. I never got bored once while reading it.

And unlike many qt novels where my poor heart just suffers again and again cause of unreasonable angst, this one is pretty smooth sailing. Sometimes there is angst (and I cried in one arc) but since we readers know the inner story (and the MCs thoughts which are absolutely hilarious) its not too stressing.

The pacing in the arcs is done really well. Not too fast and absolutely not slow. They are also very well thought out.

My fav arc has to be the first arc though.

So all in all, if you enjoy qt novels I am sure you will enjoy this one as well.

Edit: I completed it just now and am depressed cause it ended. Now I have nothing to do except going and re-reading it. <<less
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Aug 24, 2021
Status: c157
I absolutely love this novel!

It's one of the novels that I constantly come back to in hopes that another arc has finished translation. Bear in mind, I've also read the MTL. This novel is just that good! The only think that I'd like more is if the novel was a bit more detailed? Like I just want this to be longer alright. It's a shame that the author doesn't have many novels with the same premise + happy endings : (

The MC is just sooo cunning! I love him.

Although, I've only finished the last arc just now and don't remember all the arcs elaborately, here's a short description of the arcs:

Arc 1:

Futuristic world with a ML who's the military general while the MC is the king of an alien species.

The MC just bullshits his way through the whole arc and I loved it! It was just so creative


Arc 2:


The MC was a pretencious film emperor while the ML was also an actor in the same set.

The MC dodged the metaphoric bullet and white washed himself so creatively *chief's kiss*


Arc 3:


The MC was a minister's son while the ML was an unfavored prince.

My absolute favourite so far! I've read this thrice!


Arc 4:


ML was the study god while MC was the bully.


I loved the FL (?) Or the girl who thought she was secretly liked by them but ended up being their fangirl.

The time I was reading this the translation wasn't fully done so I had to read the MTL and then I read this again! It was just that good.

Also, this gave me like slight same vibes as 'my enemy and I were transmigrated 10 years after getting married' (can't remember the name of the novel now lol)


Arc 5:


Demon king MC and priest (?) ML

This arc was sweet and made me tear up for the doctor but I guess although it was memorable I like it but don't particularly love it? Still a great read.


Arc 6:


MC was researcher and the ML was the bodyguard.

Great read. Like it but don't love it. I will probably re read it soon though because the premise was interesting.


Arc 7


Skipped this arc. Sorry : (


Arc 8:


Shizun MC and shixiong (first martial student) ML


Same vibes as 'its not easy being a master' and 'scum villains self saving system'.

It's angsty and I loved it! ABSOLUTELY RECOMMENDED.

If the MC wasn't actually acting and it was all read I would've sobbed. As it is, I cried a lot in this arc. MY ABSOLUTE FAV


Arc 9


ML was the adopted uncle. Not blood related. MC was the spoiled nephew who chased stars to make him jealous.

Very cute. Loved the little Shi qing on his shoulder that mimicked the 'angel and devil' idea in most places.

Absolutely Adorable.


Arc 10


MC was the only son of a prominent family in a dystopian era base (?) While ML was one of the many cucubine (?) Son's of the other prominent family.

Very interesting. I would've loved it if it was more elaborate? But it was a great read though!


Arc 11

just finished it!

It was amazing. The vine really was the MVP.

The MC is a base boss in the apocalypse while the ML is an op prisoner turned lover.

MC also has a cute tail. And some dubious tail petting descriptions between the MC and ML lmao.

But yeah, absolutely loved this arc as well. I also loved Xuanxuan HE IS ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE and really hilarious. I shipped him and vine although it's impossible lmao.

I've read some of the arcs so long ago but I still remember the arcs so vividly. That alone should be proof enough that this novel is absolutely amazing. The translator also does an amazing job with the translation. I just have so much love for this novel.

This just hits all of my sweet spots! I love cunning MC along with clever plot twists and unique plots points!

My favourite work of the author. Looking forward to more amazing works from them!
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Jul 24, 2020
Status: c31
Damn its hard rating this novel

On one hand, I really like it. The MC`s shameless yet clever personality suits my tastes, and the plot is smooth flowing and interesting. There isn't a lot of world building, but I suppose that's forgivable since the objective of the QT is based on one person.

At the same time though, it really conflicts with my morals... Maybe I've just read too many of those MC transmigrates to enact revenge for cannon-fodder, but this is exactly what this novel feels like: The backstory of the... more>> original cannon fodder who was sacrificed for the sake of the plot, except this time around, the story is told from the point of view of the MC and ML. So as much as I enjoy seeing how the MC comes up with his tactics, I also hate the fact that uninvolved bystanders sometimes just get dragged into the process. Innocents aside... I wouldn't say that I exactly pity the villains. More like I'm kinda conflicted with the fact that although they're both technically evil (because the original meant the bad things they did), one side is guaranteed a definite win through exploiting the other. Might just be me though, since I don't see anyone else having this problem lol.

Kinda the same problem with romance. I like it cause there are times its cute, but there are also times where the situation would seriously be considered s*xual harassment if it weren't for the fact that both sides are secretly complying.

Don't know if I will continue it... its good but I feel so uncomfortable reading it..... :p <<less
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May 18, 2020
Status: c27
This is one of the best world hopping story I've ever read! I've read a lot of world hopping stories and most of them are either too quick or lack the fun that I'm looking for. But this novel has it all!

I love the MC who can be really shameless when he wants to be and how he does his missions. His thoughts about the ML and the System are hilarious, especially when the System gets flustered. His relationship with the System is funny and will make you feel pity... more>> for the innocent System.

The ML is

The gong. There is the second arc that will make you confused about who the shou or the gong is but the ML is, without a doubt, the gong though he will make you think otherwise. There are times when he's more shameless than the MC though, and it will definitely show in the second arc. I like the confusion about who the shou or gong is, and frankly I don't really care who it is, but the confusion is really entertaining.


The System is

A system who is scared of it's host. It's so innocent and it's a baby. I pity it because it's host is too shameless. Be prepared for the mosaics.


The MC is

A really strong, smart, manipulative, funny, and shameless kind of MC. He's good-looking and he seems to be able to guess how to solve the problems in each world so it kinda makes him appear OP but it's so good that you'll just want to read more to find out what he'll do next. I admit I've been fooled by him myself several times already. He's good at making up stories, you'll either laugh in disbelief, or cry with the others until he shows that he was lying all along.


Everything about this story is really unexpected and will keep you up on your toes. <<less
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Nov 29, 2020
Status: c59.2
Not bad but first arc is best. All the remaining arcs are repetitions of the first. It becomes quite boring. ML is often interesting but MC is very very flat. MC ruins story. There's no conflict, it's very fluffy etc. Just not for me.
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May 19, 2020
Status: c1
Finished reading. Every arc has a happy end and the final ending is also very touching (and happy). I cried a little. The ML is so precious. However, in some of the arcs, he can get on the yandere r*pey side (the MC being excited about it on the inside while struggling on the outside). You can also say the MC is manipulating him to reach that stage while keeping his own character setting, but I don't know. Personally, I'm used to it in BL, but some may find it... more>> triggering, so just in case, three of the latter arcs start the MC/ML relationship forcefully. Other than that, I'm very satisfied with the novel and the MC.

The MC is a very interesting character - overbearing CEO type, good actor, manipulative, seductive. He's an enthusiastic shou (bottom), but in some arcs, he has to follow settings that don't allow him to exhibit his enthusiasm. He had to be a straight dude in the zombie arc for example. He realized the ML is the same in all worlds early on, cause he's sharp like that.

Overall, I liked the novel and marathoned it. <<less
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Aug 25, 2021
Status: c1
Good story just can't get into it. I have a hard time getting into stories where the story is written as if the act is the real MC but we know it's an act. I find immersion difficult and since I know none of the feelings and challenges being written are actually real for the MC. If the MC is acting but it's written where their real self is still apparent to the reader then it's fine. I can still bond with the MC since I know their actual thoughts... more>> and feelings throughout the act. <<less
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Jun 06, 2020
Status: --
Oh my gosh, loool. I just finished Arc 2 and I just had to write this. I really liked arc 1 but arc 2 just sealed the deal.

Omfg finally!!! Reverse UNO card!!!! Hahahaha

... more>>

Lol ML knew MC and his step bro were brothers and that the step bro was a fake white lotus. But the ML wanted MC to be jealous...

But MC was like nah.... and went and reverse uno on his bullsh*t

And pretended he (Mc) actually liked the step bro instead and ML was like wtf

Parts google Google translated:

Ml: You were f*cking thinking about that sl*t this whole time? That ugly White Lotus who has been scheming against you?"

Mc: Don't slander A'rong (MC step brother)

Mc:....A'rong is simple, and can't see what kind of person you are. If you don't apologize to him I won't let you off

Ml: he is simple?!! He is simple ?!!! he is simple?!!!!

He, (Ml) by all countless means is considered a powerful person.

But he was defeated by Chen Rong (MC step brother) that white white scheming b*tch


I loved this part because a ML is actually feeling jealous AT a white lotus and actually raving inwardly and outwardly <<less
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Jan 16, 2021
Status: c54
I liked reading quick transmigration novels but as I read more, I realized that the ML never fell in love with the MC what they felt was superficial, they loved the personality the MC "made" for them. I guess this type of novel is not my cup of tea anymore.
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May 07, 2020
Status: c3
I'm just writing this review so that people aren't deterred as much from starting a new novel with no reviews like this, but I honestly see so much potential!

This MC is one of the few I've seen who just... goes for the goods from the get go. Many MCs of transmigration novels hold their supposedly "straight" identities close to their hearts for as long as possible, to the point that it's kind of ridiculous. The way the MC for this novel conducts himself is thus admirably unique.

Even from the very... more>> first bits of dialogue, wherein the MC tricks the naive newbie system into giving him a golden finger, you can tell that this MC will be one smart cookie indeed! Join me in hunkering down to camp for new chapters~ <<less
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