Beloved Husband


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Yan Jing Ze encountered an accident while escaping with his lover, was accidentally parasitized, and was involved in reincarnations.

He was lost in reincarnation and almost couldn’t wake up, but if he doesn’t wake up again, his dear will be doomed!

So at certain critical moments, the phoenix man who squeezed the bamboo horse, the scumbag who framed the learning God… they all became sober, no, they were “pierced”.

Various scum gong began to spoil their beloved shou crazily.

Story of the amnesiac gong, Yan Jing Ze, transmigrating into multiple worlds as the scum gong of his beloved wife.

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Sủng Phu - Quyết Tuyệt
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126 Reviews

Aug 24, 2020
Status: Completed
10/5 It was way better than I expected!

It is a really nice QT story. It follows a very simple but very effective formula: MC wakes up in an unfamiliar body with no memory whatsoever, sees ML, falls in love, gets Original Owners memory + some future events (OO is always a scum to ML) and does Everything to get a HE with ML. That's it.

What makes it stand out is that there is no conflict between MC and ML. MC always clears up misunderstandings and is generally very respectful towards... more>> ML. ML is his top priority and he never forgets it. (There is a scene where he is in a meeting with some Very Important People (and he is basically a nobody) and he realises that someone is bothering the ML. He just gets up and leaves, no explanation given).

Both MC and ML are a defined characters, so it is really easy to get invested in their relationship.

Another thing that this story gets right is that arcs are exectly as long as needed. Some arcs as short as 9 chapters and others are as long as 24 chapters. No needless draggind out.

Also this story has the best final that I've ever read. It explains everything in a very satisfacting way. It is perfect.

If asked what I didn't like in this story, I'd say that the first arc is kinda meh. It is still ok, but nothing more. My problem with it is that there is no conflict in it whatsoever. Starting from arc 2 and till the end is it a joy to read.

In conclusion: highly recommended, give it a shot. There is a good chanse you won't regret it.

P.S. It is super easy to MTL. Even my limited english was enough to understand everything. <<less
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Oct 16, 2020
Status: Completed
This is definitely not one of this author's best works. The overarching plot was unclear, poorly developed, and not even introduced until the last few chapters, at which point it still left one wanting.

Instead of thinking of this as a QT novel, it's better to think of it as 12 separate short stories, where the gong's name happens to be the same. Each arc starts off with the amnesiac MC transmigrating into the body of a scum host, but because of this, he doesn't really have a set personality except... more>> for the fact that he proclaims "I'm a genius!" in the beginning of each arc. As for ML, his personality is completely different in each arc, his name is different every time, and he's basically just a different person altogether.

Plot-wise, each arc is fairly straight forward and 100% fluff. MC and ML get together quickly in nearly all of them. No drama, no angst, just fluff.

I guess if you're looking for something to pass the time, or just looking for pure fluff, then this novel is fairly decent. However, there are definitely better ones out there. <<less
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May 29, 2020
Status: c2
I’m in love already. It hits my weak points: POV of the gong, QT, doting hubby and cute shou~
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Flying Jade
Flying Jade
Apr 30, 2021
Status: --
Even if the story is somewhat passable, the writers skills are subpar. It's easy to get tired after a few chapters fur to the endless, repeated exposition.

The plot is nothing new, just the usual troupes and stories you can find in other QT novels.
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Jul 30, 2021
Status: c257
Ok... this is really overrated and while it is not bad, it's also not really good. Here some facts you might want to know before starting.

  • This story has 12 arcs and they do not interact or connect at all. There is no foreshadowing.
  • MC has always the same name but different bodies.
  • ML has always different names and different bodies
  • MC always "wakes up" and knows he transmigrated but has no memories. Neither his own nor of the original body.
  • MC will allways gain his memory instantly as soon as he sees ML. Usually this happens in seconds or minutes after he transmigrated. No amnesia suspense.
  • MC will always fall in love at first sight, feel that he entered this world because of that person and identify himself as a scumbag and just entered at a important point to change his love history.
  • The whole sense and connections of those 12 arcs is dished out in the last 3 chapters.
The first arc was ok but then it felt like copy paste. There were no surprises. MC is always too OP. You would think that at least the face slapping would be good this way... but nooo. I had moments when I felt like "hell yeah, know give it to them" only for the writer to brush over it in one sentence.

Basically there is nothing deep... more>> cause it's really 12 short stories with about 20 chapters.

In other infinite QT stories there are some growing connections between the worlds. Like someone starts to remember or powers that grow but this one has really none of this. It's 12 arcs in different settings but without much change. I felt entertained enough to make it to the end but will never again read any of this. <<less
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Jun 10, 2020
Status: Completed
It's the second longest bl qt I've read. Second to QWFOD.

... more>>

ML came from immortal cutivation world. When ML ascended to immortal realm he met MC. MC is a weak chicken back then.

MC is a soul born outside of the worlds. He went on repairing worlds to worlds until he met ml. MC became find of ml, but died. He divided his soul. To save the dissipating soul of ML and reincarnate in many different worlds.


I like the arc where MC, is a second generation rich man who hired a substitute for his white moonlight. The villain in that arc pissed me off to much.

There were also some boring arcs and the transition is very repetitive. But I like some arc where they were in ancient time and theres a sneak peak of how the future generations veiw their ancestors.

Most of all, I didn't expect that this novel is long. I didnt check total number of chapters. Thought it's just 150.

But it was satisfying.

ML is not just some s*upid naive Shou. ML here is so domering. And MC is a total love brain.

(˶ ❛ ꁞ ❛ ˶) <<less
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Apr 06, 2021
Status: c121
This is currently one of my favorite novels. It's campy, it's fun, it doesn't take itself too seriously, and it's full of love and affection. Although Beloved Husband isn't particularly plotty or dramatic, the protagonist's earnest sincerity and wild antics are hilarious and heartwarming as he tries to clean up the mess he transmigrates into so that he can pursue and dote on his love interest.

There's an interesting take on transmigration in that there is no character progression thus far; both the protagonist and the love interest are completely amnesiac... more>> in regards to past lives. The protagonist comes to the same revelations each arc, and goes through the same thought processes each time.

The best way I can describe this is that it's like watching a video compilation where you take a golden retriever, put it in a series of obstacle courses, and put its owner at the end of the obstacle course. On the grand scale you're watching 50 minutes of a dog running obstacle courses over and over, but there's a lot of joy in seeing the cuteness of the dog as it knocks over everything in its eagerness to get to its owner. In this case, the dog is the protagonist and the owner is the love interest.

It's a refreshing take on world-hopping stories. Both characters are absolutely infatuated with each other, and it's taken for comedic effect as everyone else stands around baffled at the turn of events. It's a nice, funny, dog-food-stuffed story that's well-paced and makes me extremely happy with each chapter. <<less
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Jun 03, 2020
Status: v1c4
So far, the story is set in modern times and it's about a boy (with no memories of his past life) transmigrating into the body of a scum gong with his OG! Memories and a bit of the future to take care of his wifey. It's only four chapters so far but it's cute and they're currently making money for each other, honestly, it's adorable.

We'll see how it goes when more chapters come in.
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Dec 27, 2022
Status: c16
I don't usually rate novels I drop, but this is an exception because my issue is not with the story, but with the writing itself. I'm giving it an extra star since it's a dropped novel.

I don't understand the high rating, I could barely make it to the end of the first arc because the writing is on the level of a middle schooler. It's basically a middle schooler's essay on "if you were a bad person, what would you do to not be bad and to change bad things... more>> in society?" BL version.

I understand that slice of life does not need major conflicts, but this one reads like a news broadcast. Just happenings stacked one after another like a checklist. No character, no world building, no emotional connection, no continuity, no flow, nothing that usually keeps me reading in a slice of life novel. I thought once they got together it will get better and that the author is just giving a quick summary of events to pave the way for more focused character interactions once that was out of the way, but getting together did not change anything. What happened was basically "and they went on a honeymoon trip, did what couples do, felt happy, and came back." That literally was it. I did not expect anything explicit, but I at least expected the emotional connection to be built up and described. Something more tangible than a couple of lines listing a summary of events.

In fact, it doesn't even feel like a relationship, it's just the MC doing things unilaterally, with the ML as a background character the MC is doing things for/with/about with no real interaction. Even the snippets of interaction you do get felt like soulless sentences wedged randomly between other sentences to say "look, they're in a relationship, " without bothering to write an actual relationship.

Don't get me started on the characters, every one of them is a one-dimensional inconsistent cardboard cutout. The way they react to "conflicts" (if they can even be called that) does not make sense at all. An example of a "conflict" is coming out:

    • Grandma is an old woman who lived in a village her whole life and doesn't know much about the world. The MC basically told her that in other countries, men can become women and two men can get married. That was basically enough for her to accept her grandson becoming a "wife" and that conflict was resolved in a couple of lines.
    • The sister who saw him waiting for his partner at the university entrance exams was told her brother is with a man, and said "but he's a man, " and got an "I'm not blind, don't tell our parents yet, " and that conflict didn't even get explored. We don't know how she felt or what she thought other than her initial shock.
    • The father is a traditional patriarchal parent who got stereotypically angry. It was enough to tell him that the MC will stop giving him money to support the family and that his younger siblings can give him grandchildren for him to completely accept it, and that conflict was resolved in a couple of lines.
    • The mother had the stereotypical "it's my fault you grew up like this" reaction, and was told "I like men by nature, don't overthink it", so she stopped overthinking it immediately and that conflict was resolved in a couple of lines.

That's just one example, all the supposed conflicts and events work like this. A conflict or an issue pops up like going to the next item on a checklist without any buildup, the MC says/does something that makes it disappear instantly, and that's that for this issue, on to the next.

The extras are basically just face slapping. The cheapest way to design conflict. Characters specifically designed for face slapping that don't need any kind of depth to exist, and predictable petty interactions. <<less
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Feb 03, 2021
Status: c51
Lemme just savour this moment. For once... for once we have a top protagonist.

Okay now onwards we go.

It's fluffy and I just needed to read about a cute and healthy relationship where they both love and pamper each other. So sweet. Combined with a quick transmigration and a doting top protagonist, it's exactly what I wanted.

healthy consensual relationship + caring top protagonist = An enjoyable story.

An entertaining read so far.
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Jan 22, 2021
Status: Completed
Ok this is such a great read, and for those people who might think that they just fall in love so easily in each arcs like love at first aight needs to finish this story to know that they have actually fallen to each other a long time

... more>>

our MC here is a unique soul that can control the power of chaos which like is responsible for repairing and creating worlds then he goes to a cultivation world where he meets our ML and he talked to our ML and the ML became his first commutative partner they stayed with each other for a hundreds of years and when our ML planned to have a companion our MC suggested himself and also the MC is a bit of a narcissist. After that a bounty hunter attacked our couple when the MC’s body was at its weakest, and also the MCs body is a pheonix and he has a human form the MC killed the hunters that hurt our ML but eventually his body died he was planning on going back but another soul was born from chaos and always attacked he turn the soul into tiny pieces and was planning to go back but forgot about the passage of time not knowing hundreds of years have past our ML killed people because of grieve and used his soul to seal the world and our MC came just in time when his soul was almost dissipating and was planning in escaping with him but the parasitic chaos soul attacked and that explains the first chap. And there are still details but you should read yourself

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Aug 07, 2020
Status: c170
Ok so I mtl'd the novel cuz I couldn't wait to know what happened after ch 16... it is a very cute and fluffy quick transmigration novel. The MC and ML always fall in love with each other at first sight. And then the MC finds that the original owner of the body was too much of a scum to the ML and strives to treat the ML with all his love. Tbh if u like happy and want to think that the world is beautiful go for it. In... more>> my opinion I loved it sure, but I would have loved to see the process of hem falling in love (that's my personal opinion). But well whatever, I read it till here and used up my last few brain cells so I am stopping here. I don't know how much time it will take for the translator to catch up (probably years) but I will be dropping it till then. <<less
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Jun 19, 2020
Status: Completed
257 chapters?

At first I hesitated because I usually read novels that has at most below 100 chapters or somewhere between 100-200 chapters but still gave it a try.

After reading 9 chapters...

... more>> Only 257 chapters? Really?...

I don't know about the "Love interest Falls in Love first" tag because the ML already liked the original owner but when the MC transmigrated, the MC already liked him the moment he saw ML.

I'd say they fell in love at the same time because the ML first fell in love for the original owner not towards MC.

There's no instant couple here, even though they like each other and be like "please go out with me" and then they go out now. There's nothing like that (It took like 7 chapters at most)

They get to know each other more then eventually became a couple!!!

MC is caring towards ML and I liked it very much.I hated the original owner so much that I wanna slap him nonstop if I ever got the chance to see him in person like literally.

ML is muddlehead for love and that he knew that the original is using him for money and like ML doesn't care as long as he (original owner) talks to him.

MC isn't that powerful like other MC with golden finger that gives him millions of moneyz a mansion and power this and that. It's like something the original owner already had (maybe a little enhanced).

There's no possessiveness here. The MC totally (Like 100%) cares about ML, he doesn't force him to do that and this. ML is not your everyday bottom, he is submissive (not in any way it is harmful) and like totally also loved the MC. He is very selfless and caring while an obedient kid towards MC.

Perfect couple. Reading this made my day as what I literally keep seeing in others novels are Seme Male Leads where their possessiveness is literally getting on the nerve (also harmful) and are filled with f*cking dub-con and non-con scenes.

The ending was incredibly satisfying but it was painful for me as I got incredibly attached to this novel it may seem like long novel but the chapters aren't really long I finished the novel idk maybe took me a week.

Each world, the MC doesn't remembered anything at all (nothing) not even his name or what he came there for. Then, when he saw the ML, memories will come to his mind (MC kept saying I must have came here for him every first chapter of each arc hahahaha).

Please read this I highly recommend this

President X Pianist And the 1st arc is my favorite out of all of other ones
Major Spoiler below this spoiler is deadly click at your own risk please and don't be mad if you did read it and just try to read the novel and see what actually happened in the novel

IM warning you don't blame me and say I didn't


The Original owner is actually the MC

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Sep 19, 2023
Status: Completed
A good story but just keep in mind...

This is more of a casual read for me. Everyone will have no memory when they hop worlds, so just think of them as short and simple oneshots, but MC will have similar advantages. I don't think the plot is very big.

But overall, I did enjoy reading this.
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some lemonade
some lemonad
Feb 13, 2023
Status: Completed
  1. I love this story. I read the sequel before this one and loved them both. Both are QT novels, not too many problems, not meant to make you cry. Comedy is good. * English is not my first language.

    Obvious information:


    MC instantly falls in love with ML in all worlds.

    ML is always in love with the MC.

    Every time he sees ML, MC gets memories of that world.


    The novel has 12 arcs, in the sequence:

    Arc 1

    Phoenix Man: 1-17

    (University) student x young worker


    Original is a poor college student. ML works to pay everything for the original. MC wants to change that and take care of ML.


    Arc 2

    Genius Slacker: 18-39



    ML is in love with the original who just wants to humiliate him. MC arrives and kicks his "friends" ass.


    Arc 3

    The Star: 40-50

    Actor x film director.

    Arc short and boring. I don't remember much.

    Arc 4

    The Emperor: 51-72

    Emperor x general.

    It's the cover arc. I expected something better, but it wasn't bad. Forgettable.

    Arc 5

    Little White Face: 73-100

    Zombie apocalypse.


    MC wakes up as a kept person. ML just wants to protect his lover but MC is very powerful (inside).


    Arc 6

    The President: 101-124

    CEO x musician.


    Original is a rich man who searches for his childhood love, but ends up destroying him. ML is a musician with social phobia, very passionate and cute.


    Arc 7

    Rogue Scholar: 125-151

    Old world.


    (Old World) ML is a young man hated by his family, who only realizes this when the original and his family deceive him. MC wants to write.


    Arc 8

    Mine Owner: 152-176

    Marshal x young master.

    The arc I liked the most, I don't know why.

    MC wakes up as a marshal in the future, who is about to get married. I love that he changed his mind about the divorce as soon as he saw ML.


    Arc 9

    Rich Second Generation: 177-198

    I was a little sad. Young rich master x CEO with a bad mood.

    Original is obsessed with ML's nephew, but ML loves him. As soon as he wakes up, MC decides to love ML for life! (The next ones too).


    Arc 10

    Demon Sect Leader: 199-215

    Demon sect leader x shadow guard.


    Yan Jingze pretends to have no power, while saving people (including his lover) and teaching them how to live.


    Arc 11

    Educated Youth: 216-232

    (1960). Educated youth x poor orphan.


    Original is a lazy man who takes advantage of ML. ML is an orphan who has 4 difficult siblings that he needs to take care of. YJZ decides to educate the brothers-in-law, taking care of ML.


    Arc 12

    Senior Brother: 233-257

    End arc. It explains why the MC keeps reincarnating and also about the ML. It wasn't bad.

    • Spoiler
        • MC has always been the original owner. But he was "controlled" and hurt the ML, but he always managed to regain control.
        • The memories of the future never happened, but that's what would happen if he didn't change the future.
        • Yan Jingze and ML's souls are connected.
        • ML's name is Su Moxiu, he named himself and also gave the MC a name, Yan Jingze.
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Dec 21, 2022
Status: --

God, this book was horrible to read. Honestly, I just don't understand how people can like this book. Although I don't really want to bash people for their bad tastes, but seriously, what is wrong with with you guys? If you really like this book and think it's the best thing in the world, I honestly advise you to check your... you know...

  1. First, the writing skill of the author is at a grade 3 level, and I am not even exaggerating.
  2. And then the plot... the goddamned plot. If you have read a few Chinese webnovels, even without reading this novel, you will find out what the plot is going to be like. You know, the usual stuff: MC is a genius, MC falls in love with ML, ML and his family aren't doing well, MC decides to change that, MC starts earning money, MC must eat meat and vegetables every day and ensure ML eats meat and vegetables every day, MC helps ML have a good future. ML is a simpleton who thinks the world revolves around MC. Does this ring a bell? Yeah, the above-mentioned plot is more or less what happens in this book. The thing is, even if the plot of a story is the one I just described, an author who is imaginative and has good writing skills can still make the reading process enjoyable. There are tons of cliche books out there that are still fun to read simply because they are written properly. But this one is clearly not that kind of book.
  3. Third, side characters are just there to fill the gaps. In fact, MC and ML are also there to fill the gaps, just that the gaps they fill are a bit bigger.
  4. Fourth, conversations between characters include sweet nothings and more sweet nothings. They are bland and don't hold any meaning at all. Even the dialogues that primary-level students have to write on a given topic for an exam would be more meaningful than the conversations written in this book.
  5. Fifth, world building. Nil, none, zero, blank, null. In a cheap book like this, isn't world building too much of a luxury? That's why, no matter how much MC and ML fill the gaps, there are too many, so the story leaks everywhere. Did you just smell something bad? That's this story leaking!
  6. Also, I feel personally offended when the words "husband" and "wife" are used, by f*cking fujoshis, when writing BL couples. Ugh, I feel offended on so many levels, I can't even explain.
  7. I myself am a translator, and I know how hard translation is. That's why I can and must say that if the translation quality was better, the novel's quality would have increased by a notch. The change between past and present tense, bad sentence structures, ugh... I'll stop here.
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Oct 21, 2022
Status: Completed
I enjoyed most of the arcs, there was only one arc I was completely bored with and didn't like (1970's arc). Each arc was complete, but I probably enjoyed the first 2 and the shadow guard arcs the most.

I liked how the author explains and connects everything in the end. There is a reason for the love at first sight and no previous memories.

Not to sure I will read this again completely in the future, it is long. Maybe some of my more favorite arcs I would read again.

If you... more>> have time to spare and like op MC, fluffy sweetness in bite size stories, then I suggest giving this a try.

Translation was great, there was only a couple of parts I didn't understand and wished for a TN, and very few typos. <<less
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Sep 12, 2022
Status: Completed
1v1 HE Super Pampering Gong vs Super Loving Shou

If you want to be washed by honey the whole time this is the novel you need to read. There are not much love conflicts because yes eventhough some conflict happen it is never between these two because they love each other at first sight. Everything is smooth sailing for these two but I still love to read so I can get cavities. However there are times when I skip some stuff that I deemed boring and redundant especially at the end... more>> of every arc, because eventhough I like seeing them lovey dovey I don't want to read solely about that, which will inevitably happen after all conflicts finished and theres 3-4 chapters more before the end of the arc. <<less
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Aug 18, 2022
Status: c1
Actually I've known this story for a long time, but I always stop myself from reading it because at that time this story had a very low rating (Range 3.8 or 3.9 which didn't even reach 4) and at that time there were so many negative review about this story.

But now that I've read it, I finally understand why the ratings and reviews of the stories keep increasing. This is all because the story of each arc in the novel is very good, some even have the potential to be... more>> developed into a long/new independent story.

The lack of the story itself may lie in the lack of a sense of the quick transmigration itself??? I mean, I understand that the author wants to develop his own feature story, because as we know stories with quick transmigration theme mostly have the same pattern.

But I personally feel that it makes this story more like a short story rather than a quick transmigration story.

This is because from the beginning the MC himself never remembers the events or adventures he has experienced in each world, thus making each arc feel disconnected and making it seem as if this is a short story with the theme of reincarnation, but at the same time they also using transmigration formula... and this make the story itself have no sense of quick transmigration at all.

Even the completion and explanation of the story about why MC can experience quick transmigration and why MC always fall in love at first sight every time he enters a new world/new arc is also explained very briefly, which making the main conflict of the story itself like another quick transmigration story.

This makes this story seem to have no core or main plot at all, which ultimately makes this one of the biggest flaws in the story <<less
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Mar 21, 2022
Status: Completed
Not bad.

Every single arc except the last one starts from chapter 1 as MC has his memory wiped. If you starting reading from the 11th arc you would not miss anything.

Arcs are standard worlds, cultivation, showbiz, 1970s, intergalactic, business etc. A few of them were actually quite enjoyable.

Most annoying part was how the author spent a paragraph (or more at first) on describing how the MC discovers he has eiditic memory. Every arc we read "he realized... he never forgets what he reads! He must be... a genius!1!1!" And how... more>> he realizes he traverses, realizes he loves the ML at first sight, and realizes he was a scumbag. Almost the exact same words are copy and pasted each time. Each arch is better read standalone or else you'll start to feel the repetitiveness.

If you have nothing to read you can get some entertainment out of this though. <<less
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